Pacific Hurricane Blown Apart By The Climate Engineers


Though some may think that the obliteration of a hurricane is an act of benevolence, it is only a demonstration of power by the power brokers. Many in Hawaii, including officials, have been pushing back against the climate engineering programs. Was hurricane Iselle initially aimed at the big island as a warning? Was Iselle then blown apart at the last moment to make clear that the weather makers can turn destruction on and off at will? We cannot know the answer to these questions, but it is certain that the very rapid and complete disintegration of this hurricane just before it made landfall is extremely anomalous. There are patented processes and materials specifically for hurricane suppression, the US government has repeatedly stated its interest in hurricane manipulation, why should we doubt that such manipulation is reality?  My sincere gratitude to “The HAARP Report” for this excellent 5 minute video analysis on the unexplainable demise of Hurricane Iselle.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Marc says:

    Every day I wake up here in St. Louis, Mo. only to realize the geo-assholes have shredded our skies yet again. Very few clouds appear to be “legitimate”. They just don’t look right, they don’t resemble the clouds of previous years or decades. I stand outside my workplace and watch jets leaving ghastly bright chemtrails over our city. What’s so bizarre about this geoengineering crap is that they apparently don’t give a damn whether anyone down below notices their scheme. They spray out in the open all over the world while governments remain aloof and we are left to wonder why there has never been any formal public disclosure about what is obviously taking place. I only hope and pray that those of us who “know” will expand in number exponentially in the coming months and years to the point where public outcry will create a voice that must be acknowledged by these diabolical sons-of-bitches.

  2. Janet says:

    Check out this video and hear what Harry Kim, our very respected and well loved former mayor and long time Civil Defense director, has to say about how the storm bounced off the island – in a very unexpected & never observed before manner:

    “Holly Hannah!” indeed!

    I live on the Big Island and it felt like an attack and seemed to be a very effective ‘exercise’ ….. 2 storms directed at a very vulnerable place, the first one would blow everything down and the second one would flood the whole state …. the earthquake!, very under reported …. power, phone, internet, cell phones all knocked out …. Puna is an area full of people who ‘think outside the box’ and believe in sustainability and the poor, infirm and govt check people ….. the air felt poisonous and many people felt ill, again, very under reported so far …. the geothermal power plant ‘release’ … Governor Neil Abercrombie made an appearance just before the storm hit bragging about his close connections with the FEMA guys and proud of his position on the Council of Governors, and just plain too joyful and confident ….. it was an election weekend …. schools closed Thurs & Fri, but everybody back to work and school on Monday!?, move on, nothing to see here, get back to regular life, now! …. the under reporting of the real destruction of the Puna area… and at the same time flooding across the US and the incessant flood insurance ads

    Yikes! I’ve got a front row seat to this thing. ….
    let us pray. blessings and thank you for this site!

  3. me says:

    Just a bit of nostalgia, in the Strategic Arms Limitation (SALT) II treaties the major powers all agreed not to use weather warfare against each other, no mention of domestic use. The Tesla Scalar Unit was in play at that time,they could create a standing columnar wave and stall a storm front indefinitely. Few heard that several uninvolved countries filed suit against the U.S. Russia and others for stealing their weather.

  4. JT says:

    Not even 2 hours after a light rain, they started spraying heavy and continuing today, there blowing out our monsoon rains! You can see it, big clouds build and just totally fade out before your eyes. I took pics of this. Yesterday, I saw what others have been saying, a trail that ended in a big ball like cloud, right over our house. Its insanity.

  5. Olivia says:

    Thankyou for this analysis…i am hoping that the gov’t activity at some point will become so transparent that every man woman and child on this planet can see what is going on, and there will be a collective demand in Consciousness for this evil to STOP. I am certain we will come to that point, and before it is too late.

  6. Truthbetold says:

    Isn’t Hawaii where Mr Obama claims as home?

  7. MMD says:

    PS; Check out the SBX…Sea Based X Band radar. I think there are six of the f*****g things floating about.

  8. Bella_Fantasia says:

    My appreciation for a very interesting video. Lot’s of strange activity going on as pointed out by the HAARP Report. At least this radar looks like clouds.

    On our TV weather “forecasts” the radar looks like animated green blobs over a an animated map. The same motion is repeated every few seconds which does not actually show anything meaningful or directional. Last week we were shown a perfectly round green blob that was described as heavy rain of about six inches falling. It was indicated we would be in the downside shadow of the rain, and would not receive much at all. They keep coming up with new never-before-heard-of explanations. The six inches of rain fell apart too, just didn’t happen. Nevertheless, summer in Alaska has been dark gray and cold with much less rain than predicted. They keep trying though.

    Thank you again, Dane and others, for following this. I’m thankful for your dedication every day in the fight. I was suspicious of these two hurricanes from the start. It had been 22 years since Hawaii had experienced hurricanes. This does seem to be weather warfare being waged on us. The hubris of the “weather modifiers” is breathtaking.

  9. Linda Evans says:

    Fascinating…it was definitely very strange when Iselle just dissipated. We thought they were targeting Hawaii w/ these hurricanes to punish the islands like they are punishing CA w/ drought, and then it didn’t really happen. Mysterious …and part of their agenda to keep us totally off guard and confused? To make us doubt our own reason and sanity?
    Thank you for sharing all of this….it helps a lot
    And yes, they are trying to bring us to our knees in CA because we have been rather free, independent, questioning, testing constraints a bit…they would like to corral us like Israel is corralling Palestine…so pathetically sad & cowardly…and yet every action has a reaction at some point

  10. Jo Ke says:

    Hi there, even if there were chemtrails over Hawaii island, it would be hard to see if the east side of the island were covered in rain clouds. Also, remember, we have been having an ongoing volcanic eruption for over 30 years now which means that our skies are filled with volcanic haze and thus are not as clear as before especially on the west side of the island so chemtrails would be hard to decipher with all the volcanic haze in the sky on certain parts of the island.

  11. annoyomous says:

    We are from Hawai’i. We appreciate your knowledge especially about HAARP and chem trails, as we are all too familiar with that. As far as Issell breaking a part, it is a high possibility that are extremely large mountains broke it up. We have two of the largest mountains on earth from sea level. We have a high respect for our mountains as in our culture they are revered as the high temple of the gods. so all in all, we like to think that regardless if it was a man-made storm, we’ve got the mountains on our side 🙂
    just a thought 🙂

  12. They are spraying the heck out of Los Angeles today. Also there strange looking black clouds below the white/silver clouds moving very low from the ocean inland. I would like to think they are rain clouds but I’m afraid they are filled with some kind of chemicals that turn them black like Puffs of charcoal dust.Thanks Dane for all your tireless hard work and valuable information you provide for us.

  13. Summer says:

    The HAARP hurricane has a face on it. Looks like burns from the Simpsons. THIS IS HARRP NO DOUBT!!!

  14. Tim says:

    Is any weather real anymore?

  15. v peltier says:

    This business of keeping the drought and fires going in Northern California sounds like you are being punished, Dane, for your tireless fight against GeoEngineering.

  16. Mel sewell says:

    Fascinating to have a real demonstration of the effects of GeoEngineering. Thanks

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