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Pacific Northwest Off-Coast Spraying


The assault on the planet and all of us continues. This satellite photo is typical for what now occurs day in and day out in the North Pacific and elsewhere over the oceans in addition to what can be seen intermittently over land masses. They are shutting out our flow of moisture and shredding the ozone layer. The toxic particulates blow inland for us all to inhale. Those that think the spraying hasslowed or stopped are sadly mistaken and missing the larger picture. They have only altered the “experiment”.

The relentless heat in the US west is likely connected to HAARP facilities (there are now multiple installations globally) as the jet stream patterns and stationary high pressure zones which continue to be extremely unusual and unnatural.
If we all work together, perhaps we may yet be able to expose and bring to a halt this most insidious crime against all that lives and
breaths. Are collective futures very likely depend on it. Short of nuclear catastrophe, there is no greater or more immediate threat to us all.
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5 Responses to Pacific Northwest Off-Coast Spraying

  1. Donna Lynn says:

    Why do they spray where it is already cloudy on a daily basis (pacific northwest)?  What is the reason? It's not to block out the sun, since there is no sunshine. So there must be another reason…


  2. Marcia Barlow says:

    We are being sprayed daily here in the Portland, Oregon…Vancouver, Washington area as well.  There are no clear days that go all day long.  There are a few days where sun appears briefly then is gone.  Today is the silver overcast with rain.  I must determine what is in the spray as my eyesight is fading rapidly now.  I need to know how to test and who can be helpful in this.

    Is this the work of the NWO people?  Is this the way the Pacific Northwest is to be turned into a wilderness, ala Al Gore?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marcia, the motives behind the spraying are many, and much bigger than Al Gore. The presentations on the home page of geoengineeringwatch.org can fill in more of the blanks for you. Thank you for investigating.

    • Leona Course says:

      I see chem-trails or spraying all the time here in WA!

  3. Nicky Pemberton says:

    I live in Vancouver BC and over the last year there have only been a few days with clear blue skies all day. Typically, a bank of haze is visible over the west coast and it blows east, so by noon the whole city is covered in a white haze. Is this the reason for the high UV levels? I got a very bad sunburn last fall, playing tennis between 6:45 and 8 pm the last week of September. The burn is still visible across my shoulders 6 months later! It's very weird to get sunburned in the evening during the fall. Has anyone else experienced this?

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