Planetary Meltdown From Formerly Frozen Methane, If You Are Not Alarmed, You Should Be


Dane Wigington

Our planet is changing at blinding speed toward a state of existence that will no longer support life. If there is not a complete course correction in regard to human activity, total near term global extinction is a mathematical certainty. Industrialized/militarized civilization has virtually no regard for the natural world, it has no regard for the miraculous life support systems of our once thriving biosphere. There is one form of anthropogenic activity that stands out above all others as the epitome of human insanity, climate engineering
aerosol spraying
Our planet is in total meltdown, the ongoing global geoengineering programs are making the situation far worse, not better. Rapidly thawing global methane deposits will very soon determine our collective fate if the releases continue.

Methane leak

As formerly frozen methane hydrate/clathrate deposits on sea and lake beds thaw, the methane migrates to the surface where it can be temporarily trapped in the ice. As global ice deposits melt and recede, more and more methane reaches the atmosphere. In the photo below, methane is temporarily trapped in the ice.

A recent and extremely alarming phenomenon has been occurring in Siberia. Thawing permafrost  is also releasing vast amounts of methane. In some regions subsurface pressure buildup from releasing methane has created massive methane blowholes.
Atmospheric methane is virtually skyrocketing past pre-industrial levels. As methane releases, it fuels "climate feedback loops" that trigger even more methane release.
methane chart
The warming and thawing of methane deposits is now so profound that extremely alarming releases are now occurring in regions where such phenomenon has never been seen before. The 30 second video below is one example, this incident has just occurred in Ontario, Canada

Industrialized civilization in its current form has done horrific damage to Earth and is the primary contributor to the runaway warming that is now occurring. Climate engineering is the pinnacle of industrialized insanity and is fueling the overall planetary meltdown, not mitigating it. If we remain on the current course, "Venus Syndrome" will be the final destination. We must all summon our courage and make every effort to raise critical and credible awareness of our common plight.

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  1. Renee says:

    Hi Everyone,

         I do believe we already have energy devices available NOW that could help solve a huge piece of the global warming crisis, provide the potential energy source for the restoration of our planet and also provide the world with FREE, clean, limitless, renewable and sustain energy.

    Dane I would love your opinion and any feedback.

    I know of two companies in the US working on mass production of these devices. One is Cherokee Investments / Industrial Heat (who are the same folks out of Raleigh, NC) who bought the Andrea Rossi Cold Fusion / L.E.N.R Low Energy Nuclear Reaction) device for $11.6MM and the other is Brillouin Energy out of California, who even explain their device on their website's homepage saying,

    "Brillouin Energy Corporation (BEC) is developing breakthrough proprietary technology that produces large amounts of commercially-usable heat energy at very low cost. This new source of clean, green energy works by combining the hydrogen in ordinary water using a safe, controlled process. Devices built with Brillouin Energy technology will be able to take the place of fossil fuel burners in standard heating equipment. No hazardous wastes or carbon-based gases are created."

    Since the North Carolina folks are now planning to work with the Chinese and use their devices to clean up brown sites (polluted properties) for HUGE PROFITS of course, and Tom Darden who is the founder of both Cherokee Investments and Industrial Heat spoke at this year's Cold Fusion conference and had the balls to say, "That our world doesn't have a cheap energy availability problem, rather a pollution problem," unlike the rest of the conference speakers who see the potential of cold fusion devices as the tool to liberate humanity by providing free, clean and limitless energy to the world, I clearly see Brillouin Energy being the first access point to the public being able to purchase cold fusion generators for both home and commercial use globally.

    However, I feel the US will be the last to benefit because and I see the global power control structure who profits by selling/forcing petroleum products on the world, will never allow these devices to be assessable in the US, unless snuck in on a Sovereign Indian Reservation.

    However, they are elsewhere and they are in use and working. I believe the general public is so dumb down that when they hear, see and read about these devices producing limitless energy from hydrogen based devices, they don't even realize that hydrogen is in WATER.

    The good news is Toyota is releasing all on their International Cold Fusion Patents for free and will be available as open source.

    In Liechtenstein, The Nanoflowcell Company, are producing the most incredible cars and car commercials, for the most incredible cars imaginable, where their 2.22 minute mini-movie commercial is A MUST SEE, for THEIR SALT WATER POWERED CAR, the QUANT e-Sportlimousine

    Which Features:

    -Unlimited Power Source

    -Has Zero Emissions

    -The Technology, Isn't Just For Cars

    -920 Horse Power

    -Operating Voltage 600 V


    -Runs on the Most Essential of Liquids

    -SALT WATER!!!!!!

    And since these Cold Fusion / L.E.N.R Low Energy Nuclear Reaction devices produce limitless, clean and free energy and if Tom Darden of Cherkee Investments & Industrial Heat is also correct, that his $11.6MM investment into this technology, can also clean up the most polluted sites on the globe, can't the world be possibly saved and move towards positive, sustainable change, if only WE THE PEOPLE and the PUBLIC become educated that these technologies exist and demand their release for the universal benefit for the world and all members of the human family?

    Can you imagine the resources one human being could produce for themselves without going anywhere, by having a high quality 3D Printer, powered by a cold fusion generator that runs on cold fusion and produces a free, clean and limitless energy supply.

    Finally, Dane how can we strategize and demand the release of this technology to save the planet and all of it's life forms? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Renee, there may be technologies that help on some fronts, but the immense inertia behind the damage done will not disapear. We are far past the point of no return in regard to the planet recovering to what we have known. This being said, we must expose and halt the geoengineering programs in order to have any part of the Earth’s life support systems left, this is the single greatest leap we could take in the right direction. We will then have to cross other bridges as we come to them.

    • Renee says:

      Thank you Dane,

           My heart is absolutely broken by the climate crisis. I seek for answers every day so my three children can survive this insanity. I know you are completely right in your assessments. When I think about the impossibility of just getting one of the two companies in the US producing cold fusion devices, to find it within their hearts to deliver the technology to save the world, is about equal with our chances of the NATO countries and the power structure behind them, to stop geo-engineering and agree with us, because we said so. What are we going to do? I hated it when Guy McPherson said, "Just prepare to die" and I hated him for saying it, but I am just temporarily at a loss for how to stop these murderous bastards. I occasionally believe, after trying everything I know how to do to wake people up to geo-engineering, that it may be easier/faster to show them FREE ENERGY, CLEAN ENERGY available NOW and get them to DEMAND IT, to benefit themselves, which helps the world. If ever I can assist you in anyway when you are in the SoCal area, please do not hesitate to call upon me at anytime. Thank you for everything that you do every day, as it feels like the weight on world is on your shoulders and the fate of humanity as well. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Renee, I have had private meetings with Guy McPherson, I believe Guy has abandoned his sense of honor due to agendas and pressures that we can speculate about. We are all needed in this fight, you, I, and all the rest of the dedicated activists that are marching with us in this battle. McPherson does not know how all will unfold, no one does. What matters is that we stay our our post and continue to sound the alarm, every day counts.

    • Renee says:

      Guy McPherson is a gutless wonder, no doubt. I will keep strong, carry on and help you battle on, in all ways. Thank you again.

  2. Rodster says:

    Dane, I find your work fascinating and I enjoy and am saddened each time I watch your videos on or most recently on
    I have forwarded all of your videos to a friend who believes in Climate Change but is skeptical about Geoengineering.
    I have one question and it's related to your interview with Sean on SGTReport and he wanted to followup after the interview concluded but obviously was too late to ask.
    With regards to commercial aviation playing a role in spraying. Is this something they know about? Are we taking about the major airline carriers like Delta, American Airlines, FedEX, UPS Air freight as well as international air carriers? Is the respective Gov'ts involved? Are the Airlines spraying voluntarily or is this mandated by The US Govt and World Govt's?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rodster, thank you for your support in this fight. In regard to the commercial carriers, they are absolutely involved and we have up close photos of the retrofit nozzles mounted just behind the engine exhaust. We have film footage of the spraying and turning on and off. I will have a short video out in a week or two covering this issue. Project “cloverleaf” appears to be an outline for using commercial carriers, we can speculate on the presure from the government.

  3. Renee says:

    Well the Indian Hills Golf Course Methane Gas Geyser has made it to the Canadian local news. It is now causing states of emergencies to be declared in two municipalities. Officials have closed the road to get into the Golf Course. Here is a link to a video that was captured of the news channel story,

  4. Bob says:

    I was just reading about overpopulation, and the driving motives behind eugenics in our world.  After reading, it seems to me that it's not necessarily that our world can't sustain a population of this size, with the basic needs, food, water, shelter.  My thoughts kept going to, the manner in which humans live right now is the real killer.  I guess one could argue, 'then that means we are overpopulated'.  Well, I do see some point of that, but if we were more efficient with everything, if we didn't waste so much, if we weren't such penultimate consumers, then the sheer numbers wouldn't be the core issue.  What was the latest data on food waste in America alone? It was close to 40%!  So close to half the labor and resources going into the current method of food production alone, is for nothing.  I betcha the use of fresh water is off the charts in terms of waste.  I know we are wasting ridiculous amounts of electricity, every day.  We burn fossil fuel engines, which are known to be grossly innefficient.  Its some ludicrousort percentage of unspent fuel that goes out as exhaust.  What if an engine utilized each and every drop of gas, and was able to utilize 100% of its power creating potential. 

     If every man, woman, and child, counted by the latest census, was given a quarter acre to live, it would be roughly 1.8 billion acres of total land.  They say there are 15 billion some odd acres of arable land on Earth  For me, a quarter acre is more then enough, especially if permaculture  techniques are utilized.  We monoculture farm, most food products.  The bottleneck appears to be how much land is needed for animal meat production and consumption, and the resources that uses.  Firstly, how much animal protein is actually needed for the body to be in prime, physical shape?  The numbers vary I know.  What I do also know is most of us humans consume far more animal protein for our own good.  We over do it by a long shot.  If we all became more disciplined and educated, especially regarding animal meat, we could save the earth a lot of trouble.  Oh and by the way, I enjoy a good hamburger now and then, but I limit it and the portion size thereof.  No one needs to eat a pound of meat in one sitting, or even a half pound, or even a quarter pound for that matter.  We have no discipline.  Most are slovenly because they eat to much of the wrong stuff.

    I know we also should employ better discipline with our breeding habits, but its our way of lifestyle, I think more then the raw number of people.  


    So what do we do? For starters, live within your means.  Educate yourself on nutrition and become disciplined about it.  Be happier and content with less.  Do not go into debt, as best you possibly can, for that beholdens you to someone else, and they are getting a better deal.  This whole Keynesian economics thing is crap for you and me.  If we continue to consume useless, unnecessary 'stuff', waste ridiculous amounts of everything, then, yes, I guess we are 'overpopulated'.  Yeah, overpopulated with 'sheeple'.

    Sure, the anthropogenic activities of the industrial age have put us in a real pickle, but it's the activities, it's the blind goings along with what they tell us on tv, advertizing, entertainment shows, that are really killing us.  Let's change our activities, instead of going to the easier solution, of just killing us all off.

    We need to learn what grace really is and live with grace.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, certainly we are all living way beyond the means of the planet. In regard to sustainable populations, it must be remembered that it has little to do with “elbowroom”, but rather it is a matter of available resources. “Available space” means nothing.

    • Bob says:

      Hi Dane –  I have to say I agree with you, I admittedly wrote that post too quickly.  My point is that we are despicable  in terms of our use of resources that if we didn't waste so much, and didn't have a desire for so much frivolous, disposable garbage, and used our knowledge in a better for all way, and also went back to quality, durable construction, then we might not be so short on resources.  I know it's drastic, unrealistic change, and that's why I think we are going to face a crash of biblical proportions, but I am not entirely convinced it the number of humans.  Sure it's something to discuss, like we are, but I see our actually activities that have been the primary factor.  If that makes sense.  At our current use age rate AND population numbers, yeah, very doomed future.

      Fantasy situation here: if we didn't waste, if we all lived lives of harmony with mother earth, didn't treat the ocean like a dump and lived intelligently and with discipline,  within our means ( basically curing our disease of consumption), would the sheer number of people still cause our dire situation?  I am not 100% sure.


      Thank you so much for what you do Dane.  You may not like getting praise, and I certainly don't wish to embarrassing you, but you are a true hero to me, and I bet many others here.  Sincerely,


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Thanks for your support Bob, I feel the same appreciation toward you and all the rest that are helping to turn the tide. In regard to population, there are numerous studies in regard to population sizes which the planet could actually sustain. WIth current technology, the numbers are far lower than what most of us would like to believe. This being said, all your points about conservation are completley valid. 

  5. Civil quiet infers the answer to the proposed enforcement is YES. Wall Street loves it when everyone agrees. So just say YES…
    Pay special attention to the dialog beginning 21:02. There are some good suggestions at the close of the video.

    LOOK UP New, Full Documentary

    • Bob says:

      'He who does not forbid what he can forbid is viewed as assenting' .  In other words if you know about and do nothing, you are saying it's ok.  I myself do not agree with the logic behind this, but THEY do.  In my mind it's a twisted way to dodge blame and take advantage of others.  And, according to THEM,  if you are too dumb or apathetic and get taken advantage of, then you deserve it.  'For he who would be deceived, let him be deceived' .  I have posted this before, because I have always been interested in origins of terms, the origins of law, etc.  and have realized the real powers that be, really do live by these maxims.

  6. Melody Meachum says:

    @JR – beautiful tribute to your mom. Sounds like she was a biblical saint to her last days on this earth and a VERY aware person on many fronts for her 94 yrs.

    Sending my sympathy, but also know you rejoice that she has her heavenly reward.

    • JR says:

      Melody; Thanks she was and tough as a nail and very faithful in the Lord. With only able to have up to a second degree education in Texas very sharp as a two edged sword. She was by no means any ones dummy being led by the love of $$$ as the lowlifes in power here in the good ole USA….Very down to Earth…Thanks again and anyone else I miss with same….

  7. Laura Hefner says:

    it's been a grand dance of naïveté  & denial , all of the poets ,all of the composers ,  this world was born of love , beauty , truth & light .  I & others have seen & heard , felt & known such a nurturing planet . As it dies so does our hearts & spirits . Through amazing experiences I have come to love , honor & gleefully look forward to the profoundly etherical life after this one . My soul is saddened , earths light grows ever dimmer,  cruel monsters are devowering all that is life giving . I will continue, with love , to help bring to light that which is so dark , and I will do this by holding one precious hand , & reaching out for the next . Thank you All for Love , Thank you All for giving your best – with love

    Thank You

  8. JR says:

    Today 6/22/15 approx. 6:15 a.m. this earth lost a warrior who was my mother of 94 years old. She knew what these lowlifes were doing destroying God's good works and blessing for mankind. On the other spectrum Heaven gained someone precious and a big heart for people. There is a big celebration going on up there further than what we can see with the normal eye or can ever imagine. These scum will pay one day as they will be judged I've said and it is written. We don't mock our Maker and get a free ride. As it's said, pay now or pay later. These lowlife are nothing but punks and will always be punks. I don't care how much power they believe they hold, period. Our weather and climate being destroyed every day here in Southern New Mexico. Why would they change now after approximately 70 years doing evil in our skies? 

    • Frank says:

      My condolences go out to you JR. I miss my parents deeply. My father was the one who started to wake me up over 40 years ago. He knew back then that the power structure was nothing but evil. He fought for freedom in WW2 and found out later it was all lies. It is time to put these parasites in there place and we will concur them by our words of wisdom. I miss my mother very much as her words always give me strength. Peace and Love to all.

    • JR says:

      Hey Frank; If you come back and read post my condolence as well. To all who still have your folks cherish, honor and respect them. Today here in Southwest, New Mexico our rain clouds are being demolished with much SAG Trails. Years past remember when someone would die it was as if automatically it would rain. One of my mom's last words to me was that God's Garden also needed water. What a trip huh? To all, please have no doubt these lowlifes will pay the ultimate price in fire and brimstone (the majority I would say). We all have to be strong as the dross is being removed and tempered. Yes we are going through longsuffering right now but without Him we can do nothing, We are observant of our surroundings and sounding the Alarm for all to see and hear. No Fear, He made all….

  9. Malcolm K Foster says:

    I have just today received a reply from my UK government representative in connection with my recent letter to him stating that I have witnessed what ARE undoubtedly the signs of geo-engineering in the skies above us in NW England, along with photos taken and links to Dane's latest videos. I have expressed my alarm at this.

    Unsurprisingly, he states that "The Department of Transport says that it is not aware of an other matter or aerosol being ejected from aircraft, other than normal exhaust products.", that it is done in certain other countries  in the form of cloud seeding, as weather modification techniques. Also, that this has been regulated since 1977 by international agreement under ENMOD –  a treaty forbidding the use of environmental modification techniques in hostile circumstance.

    I can now sleep soundly in my bed knowing that what I have witnessed on several occasions has been a figment of my imagination, ie, I am seeing things! He may believe all that but I don't.

    Mankind is undoubtedly facing it's biggest threat to it's existence yet.

    • Barbara says:

      Malcolm, that means they can spray us as long as it's not considered a war! Crazy, I live on the south coast and the last few days we have been sprayed night and day. I have written my mp but we all get the same standard response. 

    • Excerpted from: Environmental Modification Convention – Wikipedia

      ["The Environmental Modification Convention (ENMOD), formally the Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques is an international treaty prohibiting the military or other hostile use of environmental modification techniques having widespread, long-lasting or severe effects. It opened for signature on 18 May 1977 in Geneva and entered into force on 5 October 1978.

      The Convention bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. The Convention on Biological Diversity of 2010 would also ban some forms of weather modification or geoengineering.[2]

      Many states do not regard this as a complete ban on the use of herbicides in warfare, such as Agent Orange, but it does require case-by-case consideration.[3]"]

      Environmental Modification Technique

      ["Environmental Modification Technique includes any technique for changing – through the deliberate manipulation of natural processes – the dynamics, composition or structure of the earth, including its biota, lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere, or of outer space."]

      Complete text:

      There is no enforcement action stated in any existing "law". Thus the Convention is a toothless lion. Just as designed…

  10. Karen W says:

    Indian Hills Canada is very close to our great lakes.  I am wondering if this is why there are "ice" balls floating on the Michigan lake during the winter months lately?  I am very concerned.  Dane, would you be able to shed some light on this please.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karen, the “ice balls” are another issue completely,  but no less concerning. See the attached link.

  11. Karen W says:

    Another award winning article Dane.  Thank you again for you hard work, and for others who share their information on this comment section.

    God help us!

  12. ray says:

    good afternoon,
    does the actions of the pope as of late, speaking of climate change help or hurt your cause of geoengineering?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ray, in regard to your question, geoengineering is not my cause, rather, I am completely against geoengineering. The fight against climate engineering is not just my cause, it is all of our responsibility to help expose and stop climate engineering. Regarding the pope, he has at least correctly stated the urgency of the climate situation, as was expected, he completely ommited any mention of geoengineering. Overall, it is helpful that more people realize the planet is in meltdown, this will make it easier to get the point across to them that climate engineering is making the meltdown worse, not better.

  13. Renee says:

    Fantastic post Dane. I am going to add this, that the Indian Hills video is awesome for multiple reasons.
    1. This is happening in a major subdivision complete with it's own golf course.
    2. The methane release is turning a golf course water feature into a Yellowstone like attraction, complete with geyser like effects and the smell of gas.
    3. The local municipality, first thought a gas pipeline had ruptured and that this was a phone call fix away to the local gas company.
    4. They were soon told that no gas pipeline was buried there.
    5. Now they have declared a local state of emergency.
    6. Anyone reading this and everyone that we know, can imagine what this would be like, if it were happening in their golf course community or their friend's golf course community or simply, in a golf course community near them.
    7. We could all imagine the panic that the residents living there would feel.
    8. We know that news like this, would travel quickly by word of mouth to all the surrounding communities.
    9. We can imagine what would happen if a couple more of these start exploding in neighborhoods elsewhere.
    10. We can see how the public panic would spread like a wild bush fire, if similar events are forthcoming.
    11. We can see how this event should be on every news network's, news feeds and isn't.
    12. We can also, cut and paste the text below, into an email to our friends and family, in a friendly forward of Dane's last email about these methane releases.
    My example email is below. (Thank you for reading).

    Email Subject: Golf Course Closed by Methane Release- State of Emergency Declared
    Indian Hills, Canada, in a high-end, major subdivision complete with it's own golf course, a methane gas release has made a boiling geyser out of a golf course water feature, shutting down the course and causing a state of emergency to be declared by the local government, when they realized that no gas pipeline was causing this and it was NOT THE GAS COMPANY, but in fact, mother nature. Can you imagine when more communities and cities are affected like this, what kind of hell, public panic and chaos is going to happen? Shouldn't this be on any new network's, news feed????? Of course it should……..
    Indian Hills 2015 Gas Eruptions
    Newspaper Reports on Methane Gas Release Closing Golf Course
    Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2015 17:17:27 -0400
    Subject: Planetary Meltdown From Formerly Frozen Methane, If You Are Not Alarmed, You Should Be

  14. FreedomRanger29 says:

    This one is for Marc and everyone else who is sick, i have done alot of research on what to take and have arrived at what I believe is  the ultimate cure all. Dont laugh because it is simple. it is what the military uses to clean soil of nuclear waste radioactivity. It will clear any radioactive metal from the body. i have been taking it fo 6 months and am symptom free. What I have been taking is simply a teaspoon of baking soda in water. It increases PH of the blood killing all parasitic pathogens, even destroys cancer and binds with radioactive cesium and barium it can even purge uranium. Baking soda and water is what the US military used at rocky flats to clean the most polluted square mile on earth. Baking soda and water has kept my life symptom free, I started with sodium sulfate and epsom salts but discovered baking soda in the process. It would be this simple if you think about it especially for those so called "job providers". Research it yourself. I will be back with the pages and research.

    • Marc says:

      Hey Freedomranger29. Marc here. Can it really be that simple? Baking soda a good detox? I'll look into that, my friend. Thanks for the tip.

    • BaneB says:

      I have been brushing my teeth with baking soda for over 40 years.  It beats the toxic toothpaste.  Good to know it has another cleansing effect inside the body, too. Thanks for the info.

  15. Frank says:

    As we repeatedly have one mass extinction event after another Fukushima, Gulf oil spill (Corexit), and the many hidden events most never hear of. We all are in the 6th mass extinction and most people have no clue of the short time we have here on planet earth. I inform others that are awake in my opinion, of the grave event coming soon.  some laugh others are scared.Most look for major events that shock us all and that will happen soon enough. 

    What most live by is the premise of Out of site out of mind. Most can't handle the truth until it's too late. Then panic comes into play. I have been in situations where I have seen people panic in large numbers, that is not pleasant. The site of panic is total fear and no sound judgments. When the masses panic that is what the power structure calls there end game. They will retreat into there holes in the earth and watch there grand plan unfold.

    We all still have time to change there plan but it will not be pleasant. If we all awaken enough of the masses to what is being perpetrated on them for many years, we have the means of disrupting the parasitical elites. The final justice will be catastrophic to many but at this late hour in time all I want is justice to prevail.

    The parasitical elite have many advancements in technology that are hidden. What can be unleashed on us all is mind boggling. That is why we have to inform as many people as we possible can daily, of just one crime and that is climate engineering. If we all try to reach critical mass that is our only salvation. 

    I implore all of you now that the comfort zone is about to end. The days of watching your favorite tv program or playing golf will be short. If you live in the city leave now for rural land. Stock up on all survival supplies and a filtered water source. We all must divide our free time to inform others and to invest in our family needs. We all have heard many authority figures cry wolf before and all that does is form complacency to us all. There are many pieces to the puzzle that the power structure uses, our only salvation is to inform as many people about Geoengineering. I thank Dane and all of you for what you do, you all are true hero's. Peace to all 

  16. Dennis says:

    As we continue to sound the alarm, I wonder if others are experiencing the angry reaction from people who don't know? I have believed for some time now that everyone knows something is wrong. Lately, I find that when I tell people about geoengineering they no longer scoff and laugh, they get visibly angry. I think it's because they knew all along that those were not "contrails"; but always had the comfort of not seeing the destruction. Now, the decimation is unavoidably noticeable.

    They aren't mad at me, I know, but they are mad at themselves. Mad because they now can connect "anthropogenic" climate change to the jet spray. As a previous poster stated, they are telling you the truth when they say manmade global climate change. This, as I daily refine my message to reach more people, is my new approach.

    "Man is absolutely changing the climate, but it's not what you've been told. As much damage as WE(yes, we have blame) have caused through  industrial society, it is nothing compared to what is going on over our heads. Please, look into geoengineering."

    Short is best, then I hand them a flyer and walk away. I have learned the hard way, being unfocused is damaging. Damaging to our credibility, but not our sincerity. At the end of the day, as Dane so often says, they will have their collective heads ripped out of the sand at some point.

    The "pretty" sunsets are no longer so pretty, they are ominous. The BS mainstream media excuses are now not so easy to accept, thankfully! I believe we are at that point now.

    I tell my seven year old, yes it breaks my heart to tell him any of this, but he deserves honesty; we have three battles.

    One: We HAVE to reach critical mass. This is by far the easiest.

    Two: We HAVE to stop the spraying. Second hardest part.

    Three: the hardest battle of all; We HAVE to find a way to FIX the damage that has been done.

    I find myself thinking so often about a song that came out in the 1990's by Roger Waters, Amused to Death.

    "We watched the tragedy unfold

    did as we were told, we bought and sold.

    It was the greatest show on earth,

    but then it was over.

    We oohed and aahed, we drove our racing cars,

    we ate our last few jars of caviar.

    Somewhere out there in the stars

    a keen eye looked out and spied the flickering light,

    our last hurrah.

    And when they found our shadows,

    Grouped around the TV sets.

    They ran down every lead,

    they repeated every test.

    They checked out all the data on their lists.

    And then, the alien anthropologists,

    admitted they were still perplexed.

    But on eliminating every other reason,

    for their sad demise.

    They logged the only explanation left;


    I know I'm preaching to the choir, but this will not be our fate. Not if we turn off the TV, stop buying the cheap Chinese Walmart crap, stop feeding the BEAST. Just stop!

    At the end of the day, I choose to be that which I hope to see. More kind to the environment, more honest with those around me, more compassionate to the less fortunate. We only have that which belongs to us, our conscience.

    Dane and so many on this site are doing the hard work. Society, whether they know it or not, owe Dane and all of us their gratitude. I only hope we will see the day.

    Best to all, Dennis

  17. Michel B says:

    We are told that the good guys won the war in 1945. If that is so, where did they go? Because it seems we are being attacked by someone who is connected into all power centers. I am not convinced that the victors were 'good'.

    I am not convinced that the losers were the 'bad' guys. If the bad guys lost, where did all the current bad guys come from? From 'our' side it seems.

    I'm phrasing these questions in a deliberately naive and simplistic way so as to carefully approach a very touchy subject. Basically, I wish to know exactly how we ended up in this dilemma right now.

    We know, we just simply know, that these schemes are being hatched by 'bad' people. You cannot wreck a whole planet without escaping the label of being 'bad'.

    If we don't know how and who got us into this current situation, how do we fully know how to stop it? How did history actually progress to this point? Is the history we have been taught the correct version? Did it really happen as it has been explained?

    I fully doubt we know the correct version of history. So, if we don't know the correct version of history, how are we to understand the present state of things? If you think you can appeal to the current authority to make this better, it means you do not understand who has written history and who pulls the strings behind the curtains.

    I hope someone asks me some pertinent questions so that I might further broach this subject. Someone asking me questions will justify the extremely controversial replies I might give. We need controversy now, more than ever, if we are to shine a light on those who are behind all these machinations.

    • joshy says:

      I think there are no difiniti e good guys and bad guys. I think bad guys have good traits and good guys have have flaws. That being said, i agree that we must have knowledge of the past in order to combat the present. There are wealthy and powerful elites that have enough pull to change the world as they see fit. That being said and past events aside; our world will be an estimated population of 9.8 billion by around year 2045. Even if there are no famines, outbreaks, wars, mass murders, our Earth cannot physically support that many humans. The people in power are aware of this and there are documented “depopulazition” programs designed to recede earth’s population to a whopping 50-150 million people. With this knowledge coming to light, it makes one wonder what else the government could have done/ is still doung. Bill and Melinda Gates build 30 million dollar seed vault in the arctic in order to save crops for “future diversity”. Why would he do so much in his life time unless he knew an impending doom was upon us? Oh by the way he was sponsored by the same Rockefeller foundation that funded the majority of Hitler’s WW2 campaign. This again is public knowledge and documented fact. So what do you think you can infer from this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Joshy, I would agree with you that we will not make 2045 or anywhere near it with the current population, let alone a larger one. In regard to no “bad guys”, I must disagree. 

    • Bob says:

      What is the longest running organization, corporation, in the world? With historical , worldwide longevity for roughly 2000 years? Has it hands in Every power center, arguably actually run them through 'fronts'? Has the most extensive historical information and wealth?

      Why do we only think legal entities, like countries, rule the world?

    • Bob says:

      I know the activism and legal measures still need to be on the entities more local, like the folks actually funding the aerosol and electro-magnetic programs , but the root of the money and deceitful evil should be known also. Just pulling the dandelion leaves, doesn't kill the plant,  right?

    • Marc says:

      Michel B, actually it may behoove you to read up on "Operation Paperclip" at the close of the second world war. Well over a thousand top German scientists and engineers were absconded with by the "victors" (the U.S.) as the  "spoils of war" . Meaning they were inducted into American military/industrial research and contributed, in ways we can only imagine, to the subsequent sophistication and advancement of American military and aerospace technological capability. Apparently this was done for three primary reasons: to keep them out of Russian hands, 2) to prevent Germany from redeveloping it's military might and 3) as a reward for the American victors and hence, a windfall of scientific expertise for future American defense contractors.

        So, to return to your opening questions, I think the issue of good guys and bad guys in this war is convoluted indeed. There is even some considerable evidence that the "CABAL" (Rothschilds, the Elites, Banking Cartels, etc.)  created the war for financial gain and strategic geopolitical objectives. I really do not think it is as simple as "good guys" vs. the "bad guys" Hitler, Nazis, etc…..

  18. Roma says:

    In New Zealand the spraying has become more intense, both long spreading trails and shorter brighter ones.  Recently we have had severe flooding in different parts of the country all described as "worst in 100 years", "worst flood ever", "unprecedented flooding".  Two days ago  there was a massive snow storm in the South Island with widespread power outages. According to the news report "Local farmers say the problem is that the snow is incredibly dense so its extra heavy".  Local resident says "its been bringing wires down pulling them right off the posts, as well as downing trees".  The news reporter said the snow is "heavy and full of moisture". Artificial snow?   Thank you Dane for your brilliant and informative site.

    • Wyatt Berry says:

      That sounds like some of the artificially nucleated ice storms from the Northeast this past winter.

  19. Frederick says:

    Today I flew into Singapore from Hong Kong and was shocked at all the chemtrails I saw en route. 

  20. I grew up in South Florida and visited last month as I now live in the Mountains of North Carolina. Last month during several days going to Fort Lauderdale beaches I saw no Sea Gulls at all flying up and down the coast line as I normally would see. I grew up there and that void was shocking. I have asked friends and they have noticed same yet no press is publishing this extinction. Spent one day on Jupiter beach going north and the same void existed, quiet surreal and shocking. The winter after the Gulf Oil Disaster I remember seeing something I never noticed on Florida beaches. massive amounts of Sea Gull feathers washing up at the waterline. This certainly was the after affects of the disbursements chemicals used to mitigate, but made much worse, The BP Gulf disaster. The gulf stream flows around the southern straights of Florida from the Gulf of Mexico and goes up the east Coast of Florida before heading out to the North and East up to Iceland. The Sea Gulls have become the Canary for species extinction right under our noses yet "It's not Observed and Discussed" ….  Our Modern Material Science has been dummed down to such a great extent. Over Rational and Non Intuitive….  The age of Aquarius is upon us and It's suppose to be about, Reversing all this Material Madness, About a time of " No More Secrets ", when they continue to abound, with Geo-engeneering leading the way, a program of Modern Day Fascist " SS / Secret Science ". When a Government body and Corporations conspire to perpetuate this Material Madness. Direct your Light, Stillness Practices and energy in a good way to Nature and these many species that are suffering the consequences of our Ignorance and mediocrity. Changes this by first Changing our Attitudes, Hearts and Intuitions. Attention  Intention  Integrity  Intuition   Be the Change  

  21. Kim says:

    The Doomsday Clock is at three minutes to midnight and counting, with climate change at the top of the list – instead, geoengineering should be at the top of the list. I have been sick with many of the chemtrail sickness symptoms and had gone to many doctors looking for answers before I knew the cause. Now I know. Once I became aware of what was happening, the pieces fell into place. 

    I wake up every day and wonder how can this be happening?  It is just so wrong.  The articles are now coming out about what Dane has been saying all along about the 6th great mass extinction.  I'm left wondering, is there really any way to reverse this, or is this really the end?

    It appears that the reality is the latter.


    • tim says:

      Hi Kim, If you don't mind me asking, I was wondering what signs, symptoms, and health problems you are having…so that I may be aware and recognise any problems with mine or my families health. Thanks, Tim

    • Kim says:

      Hi Tim – my symptoms pretty much mirror those listed by the doctor in Dane's June 20th posting, with the worst being severe chronic headaches and shortness of breath. I didn't put it together until a landscape contractor told me about the geoengineering a couple of years ago and I thought finally, I have an answer, this is why no doctor that I had come across had a clue.  

    • john says:

      I know a few days after they spray really heavy we get crazy tired for days st a time. My girlfriend was getting very strange and extremly irregular heart palpatations thst she had to gi to the hospital. Oddly enough a aquaintance of ours mentioned one day while driving city transit that she whilr workng experienced these same heart issues and shes never had health issues and is
      fine shape. both instances ended up with no explanation as to why…..
      infine shape. Both indtances

  22. PatSF says:

    Make peace with your maker! Sorry to say but humans are just like a virus we take consume and destroy we give nothing good to planet earth unlike other species who have developed a symbiotic relationship with this beautiful planet!

    The elite know this and think they can survive in bunkers foolish people!

    Now begin to think/look in the opposite direction, one thousand years in the future. The population of the earth will reverse itself, small pockets of humans will survive, isolated by ignorance, and distance. In two thousand years explorers will examine the shells of our current lives, hoping to understand why.

  23. Diana Moss says:

    The wizards of propaganda are working 24//7 to convince the public that down is up and up, is well whatever you do don't look up.  Every day there is less and less news and more and more crazy, nonsensical entertainment smooze.  When there is  a serious discussion of anything to do with climate change the only thing that is mentioned is CO2.  A few days ago  I had an online discussion on a prominent website, Truthout.Org where we actually discussed chemtrails.  He was a commercial pilot and is well aware that what we see are not contrails.  My point is that this was the very first time that I am aware of where a discussion took place where others could read it.  I kept expecting the whole conversation to be deleted but we kept it going for a couple of days after the original article was posted.

  24. vickey says:

    Appreciate seeing the photos of distortions upon our Earth Mother.  I was fortunate to have an association with a wise Shawnee Chief who also stated there wasn't much time left for our civilization and said before its over, "we'll all be shaking in our booties!"  So we ain't seen nuttin yet! Unfortunately most of humanity appear to be in a comatose state, unaware of the events leading up to our extinction. What cha gonna do?  Me, I stay in present time, observe all that is, love all I can, while looking forward to the day the Earth Mother will be cleansed from the fleas upon her surface with chain saws, bulldozers and spraying jets, that destroyed her surface. 

  25. Jamie Lee says:

    You’re being told/shown/proven without a doubt we are in the midst of a planetary extinction event that will end life as we know it..
    ….. and your reaction is what???
    Speak out like there is no tomorrow.
    …because there may not be very soon.
    Activate like your life depends on it.
    ..because it does.
    Challenge everyone you meet to wake up so our children will have a chance.
    …or suffer having to see no future for your children because you did not act when given this news.
    This is our collective wake up call. Answer the phone.
    Be heard. Be persistent. Get busy.

    • SueC says:

      Dane,  Can we forward a link of this to everyone one of our representatives in Congress, to the Whitehouse, and to all NEWS stations? Do you have any problem with us doing that? I think they need to be bombarded with calls, letters or emails in droves from the public. I did hear that in Utah I believe it was, a huge fortress was built underground complete with all live sustaining facilities and guess who it was built for?  You guessed it, the few elite worldwide calling all the shots for power and control over the world in their New World Order agenda.Sound far fetched? Think about it We have  GMOS' in our food poisoning us, chloride poison ing us in our water, Geoengineering of our skies.  This is an orchestrated plan .to eliminate masses of the population only they are playing with fire here messing with mother nature. It is no different than what HITLER did wanting to have a new world order of one superior race only he did it with sending people to concentration camps to be gassed. That will be next declaring martial law and rounding up individuals for all the FEMA camps they have set up inthe US. Why do you think we have all the militarizing of the police etc?  Prepare yourself people and act, do something like writing your congressmen for the blind is leading the blind in all aspects of our society but there may be leaders who would see the light if put in front of them.. Let's hope…     

  26. keith whittington says:

    I saw David Suzuki's name at the end of The Methane Time Bomb, which convinced me that dissembling clathrates pose, potentially, the fastest and greatest threat to Earth's life forms, maybe all.

    Dick Cheney sold the idea of the "1% chance of a threat".

    I wonder what the line is in Vegas.


  27. Paul Donneky says:

    Can't the gas be captured and used to power cars etc ?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paul, methane is escaping over vast regions, there is no technology even remotely close to being able to deal with this situation.

  28. Cori Gunnells says:

    Thank you once again for compiling the facts and an easy to understand post outlining the dangers that are present, and rapidly unfolding before our very eyes. It must not be ignored. 
    Another example – Extended weather forecast for Fairbanks, Alaska – 

    This afternoon, June 21, 2015
    Scattered Thunderstorms 
    High: 84 °F
    Low: 52 °F

    Isolated Thunderstorms
    High: 84 °F
    Low: 54 °F

    Areas Smoke
    High: 82 °F
    Low: 55 °F

    High: 82 °F
    Low: 56 °F

    High: 80 °F

    • Ryan Wells says:

      What are the normal average temperature for that area of Alaska this time of year

    • PLT says:

      It should almost never be in the 80's in AK, and certainly not so early in the year.  The average high in July (hottest month) should only be in the low 70's.  Also, the lows should be below 50 F. 

    • Tim says:

      It was in the 60s in Barrow, AK Friday and Saturday. This is almost unheard of. Barrow is on the North Slope on the Arctic Ocean. Average high is probably around 40 this time of year.

    • Bob says:

      Just checked a Fairbanks website and average high Temps , in July, their hottest month, are around 72 and average low Temps around 54, so these highs are way above average, and this is just June!  These temps are obviously the result of engineering.  
      Ever notice weather reports hardly ever focus on the northern pacific?  I thought most all our weather here in the states kind of originated in the northern pacific.  I know they keep it off our screens at home because we would see their handiwork and would question more.  The only time I have ever seen them discuss the 'goings on' weather wise, in the northern pacific, is too create a rare, yet, to them, believable, reason for some crazy abnormal patterns in Alaska or the Pacific west coast.  It's all theater.  It's word magic.  They use a word that could have multiple meanings and contexts.  They use your own appeal to authority, to get you to believe it the way they want you to.  The whole time knowing all along what they really meant.  To them, they were telling the truth.  We were just too dumb to not know what they meant. Plausible deniability? 
      Here's word magic.  Man-made climate change.  They admit it, they blame it on "man", they tell they truth.
      They just don't clarify who the 'men' are, and get you to believe it is you.  When they know full well what is going on, and that 'they' were the ones that did it.  Its the ultimate long con.  
      I am not saying we don't pollute, or aren't contibuting, but not to the levels they are, not even close.
      We should be up in arms and telling everyone you can.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bob, though I do agree with you that all of our efforts at this time s hould be toward exposing and halting climate engineering, the other effects from anthropogenic activity should not be underestimated. As I stated in the article in question, industrialized society has decimated the planet, climate engineering is the epitome of this devistation. 

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