Radio Frequency Assault On Planet Earth’s Life Support Systems


The clouds reveal an otherwise silent, lethal and constant assault on our biosphere. The extra low frequency (ELF) radio waves that are continuously bombarding the entire planet can be seen and easily recognized in cloud formations. The threat posed to the entire web of life from these frequencies cannot be overstated. My thanks to those who put together the 6 minute video below. The footage is exceptional, compelling and shocking. The total hindrance of Earth's life support systems can and is pushing us all over the edge. Its time to make our collective voices heard, climate engineering must be exposed and halted or we will soon enough have nothing left to salvage of our once thriving planet.
Dane Wigington

37 Responses to Radio Frequency Assault On Planet Earth’s Life Support Systems

  1. Addie says:

    I keep posting most of everything I find on this site.. to Twitter, thank you for the links u are providing to make this very easy. I wish more people would do this, the overall populous, is very uninformed of this crime against humanity

  2. Nicole says:

    There is in fact something that each and every one of us can do. We can act like proper human beings. And while the ship is most definitely going down, we can stand on the bow with dignity and honor.
    Write the reps in your state (and all states!) who monitor air quality and aerosol in the atmosphere and tell them to help stop Solar Radiation Management Aerosol Spraying.
    Complete list of email contacts per state via this link:

  3. Scott says:

    I have seen a huge increase in spraying (I live in Central Florida). Since the primary nano particles appear to be composed of Aluminum, Barium and Strontium among others, I wondered if anyone has considered that this makes everyone breathing this stuff into a living antenna. Typically living things are not harmed by an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) unless they have medical implants like pacemakers. However, if the elites really do plan some huge depopulation action perhaps one or two high altitude EMP blasts striking living antennas would do nicely leaving general physical infrastructure intact minus electrical components? If this theory is correct, I don’t think the pilots and others doing the spraying know this and have been fed some story that the spraying is for some BS benevolent reason when the reality is they are just killing themselves and their own families. I am not a scientist but I believe this theory has some merit and would love to hear from those with a physics and or chemistry background to hear their thoughts on this idea?

    Thanks for such a great site!

  4. Mark says:

    I posted this on a different page here, but thought it would provide some extra information for those visiting this page also. I compiled the CDC leading causes of death for the past decade or so, then plotted the trends. This is a link to that plot -

    It shows a definite increase in respiratory related deaths, and also an increase in deaths from diseases that have been linked to aluminum poisoning.

  5. Gloria says:

    I intuit this engineering is more covert than we realize. I have seen these chemtrails being spread behind and above a solid cloud cover in Portland, OR. You can see them when the clouds move and change. I have also seen them at night when we sleep!!!!!

  6. Audrey Lundgren says:

    What can we do about this except ask for Divine Intervention!

    • Linda N says:

      I agree Audrey, we need God to intervene, I have been asking Him, it will stop

    • shaine says:

      God, whom I very much believe in, is going to do NOTHING, except let us keep killing ourselves, and each other!!! EXACTLY what He has been doing since the beginning, and will continue to do… just as it is written!!! Wake up!!!!!!! We were givwn free will!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Barbie says:

    Yes. All this technology is being used for evil purposes. Now they have added a laser based device to their “bag of tricks” in weather manipulation! There is really no safe corner of the world anymore. EVERYTHING, ( including Fukushima), is coming together and bringing humanity to the point where only Divine intervention can ( and will ) stop this rapid, and well orchestrated descent…..”in fact, unless those days were cut short, NO flesh would be saved”….Matthew 24: 22

  8. Ellie says:

    The weather underground forecast for today in Vermont had been “clear”. Now partly cloudy… Yesterday was a rare day under the kind of June skies I grew up with; clear blue with natural fair weather clouds, a sight that lifts my spirits and spreads a sense of well being through every cell in my body. Today, at 8:40 the spraying is already underway. I have so many ‘designer cloud’ pictures. Time to make another video! I continue to talk about this and have extreme reactions from intelligent folks: either outrage or denial.

  9. JR says:

    Hello; 6-27-14, 5:00 p.m their at it mostly east & west flight patterns but the sky is just as the pic. on this post. The trash is flying eastward from the Mesilla Valley, New Mexico-USA towards Roswell, Portales, Clovis with heavy winds being produced in the mix with what has to be a HAARP-EMF’S, etc., whatever weapons they are used to. All in the name of research, hmm? These wind are not a norm and they start as soon as they begin their ops. God Bless HIS people folks…

  10. Danielle Daniels says:

    And by the way? Where are the voices from EPA; Greenpeace; Sierra Club and obvious others? Is it such a big problem that they are too overwhelmed? Or were they organized associates in this from the beginning. Honestly, I am one individual who is sick and tired of the spraying. And sick of having to just sit by and take it! How can I help?

  11. Danielle Daniels says:

    I think it is so out of control that they have no choice but to keep spraying. Too much evidence now. I live in Northern Wyoming and used to swear that I would never leave on account of the low spray factor. Now it matters not. I have watched the skies for years and now notice an all out assault! They want something to happen very quickly now.

  12. Observer says:

    What has happened are all the gmos, poisons, additives, mercury, fluoride, rfs, emfs, etc. have had a cumulative effect on us as human beings. Their early efforts to dumb us down include vilifying iodine necessary for our mental and physical strength, and all the nuclear bomb testing. Along with the proliferation of nuclear power plants, cell phones and a toxic diet, most people no longer possess the energy or brains to identify and battle the evils. This is EXACTLY what they want. To fully grasp the origins of this atrocity it is also necessary to study what is occurring in Fukushima now.
    See Fukushima Diaries and also All of these nefarious events and programs are synchronized for our total subjugation.

  13. Sharon says:

    I noticed several planes overhead spewing chemtrails. It was a nice sunny day and now it is magically clouding up. As in time and time again, our weather will change and it will rain tomorrow. You are correct- less insects this summer. Less birds also. Of course most people think I am crazy about the hum, the chemtrails, immunizations and so any other subjects that are being covered up. Of course people won’t listen to all of this because they do not want to face the facts. Notice nothing is being said about Fukushima and its continued mass leakage? No environmental studies? Sorry I said too much. Thank you for reading all of this.

  14. JR says:

    Hello; All day here in the Southwest part of New Mexico, USA (Mesilla Valley) our rain clouds were bombarded and broken down to nothing. I’m talking big rain clouds with the sky erased with these stupid chemtrailers doing what they do best. No doubt they have done sold their souls to the Evil one. Good night to all….

  15. Steve says:

    Great video footage and song to match! Thank you SoCal Skywatch! We need a thousand more like you. Here in Quebec, Canada, the Sunday and Monday which just passed were absolutely horrific. The densest chemtrails I’ve seen here in 3 years. At least 50 separate trails all day Sunday. Monday, more of the same, with the background opalescent smear extremely dense, and even some of the uniform repeated waveridges, as in this video. Everything but the freaking kitchen sink! I ID’d many of the flights (using as commercial airline stuff, God I wish those pilots would grow a conscience! They cannot be ignorant of what they are doing. They are going to have to choose between a paycheck and their own families health. It is indeed a
    spiritual decision, and a spiritual battle, in the endgame. Here’s an musical offering:

  16. Mc Darrison says:

    Can’t even open the windows indoors, if i do i can taste the metallic air on my lips immediately, and my eyes begin to water my nose itches and i bring up saliva constantly. And i wondered why the last several years these strange hay fever symptoms keep appearing, even in times when there is no pollen, and I’ve studied horticulture so i know about pollen. power to all of us. thank you Dane the Don.
    Blessington x

  17. JR says:

    Hey Andy; I’ve lived just a few miles from really high pressure gas lines for years coming from east to out west for years, gas lines it’s not. We are talking at least 600 pounds of pressure in each line. So don’t bother believing that baloney. These gas lines are 36” or bigger in size no less. We are talking a few lines buried next to each other. I never heard humming when I was standing over them above ground or near them off highway. I worked in the industry for 13 years. If you did not read one of my posts of 3-13-14 Las Cruces, New Mexico-USA was lit up in a flashing-pulsing green light every few seconds over town after much chemtrails in days prior of this event. This went on from the sun going down to the sun coming up next morning. I don’t recall the humming otherwise I would have noted. I know the humming exists though because I’ve picked it up in my home and other areas around Las Cruces, NM. It’s turned on and then off is effect. They must be working on our minds and equilibrium. On another note I just received a written response from my U.S. Senator for this state telling me my concerns over get this, (contrails) not chemtrails is of no concern because they are not harmful to me or environment! Everyone get in contact with our people in Wash. D.C. or your state. You will get the same reaction no doubt, you know?! Thanks….and God Bless All….

  18. James C.Y. says:

    Hello from Kitchener Ontario Canada where the chemtrails and wavy clouds have become too common.Maybe it has something to do with all the new cell towers that have popped up in Waterloo Region and environs.Two neighbours whom I have tried to tune in to geoengineering tuned me out.That seems to be the prevailing attitude with too many people. You can get 15000 idiots to a sports game but not one would show up to protest geoengineering. Our newly reelected lesbian Premier’s first order of business was to raise the gay pride flag at Queens Park to kick off gay pride week.A letter to my MP-Albrecht was likely shrugged off as wacko ranting.Did I mention that since I have started webbing this type of info the chemtrailers have X’ed and figure 8’ed my neighbourhood.Will the Cosmic Gods or fiendly Aliens save us.The jury is hung on that one. All we can do is keep our personal matrix strong and be the best person we can.The NWO parasites have already beaten the majority. Our Father Who Art In Heaven… ARE YOU LISTENING? or is this how your big Cosmic Play is supposed to End.When the Birds stop singing its over!Dying is just the begiining of our next level of learning anyway. Make our future the best we can.Be a friend to yourself and those you touch. Have a nice day whatever that is for you.

  19. vickie says:

    Just what can we do about it??? I hate the government!

  20. Becky says:

    great music selection. I too have used the lyric and music of this song (For What It’s Worth) by Buffalo Springfield, to help people WAKE UP. slow but sure, people will come around

  21. Andy G says:

    I would like to know if any studies have been done to connect HAARP with chemtails and the HUM. I live in central Florida and this HUM is quite bothersome. It can be heard inside the house late at night. It is supposed to be caused by ELF, VLF radio waves. Another theory is large volume natural gas pipelines.

  22. Angie H says:

    I feel frustration because of the constant assault and because most people do not even realize it and do not want to believe it if you tell them. However, I did manage to convince some people, so I will keep telling. I know that it is a difficult thing to believe but in my case I sensed for a long time that something was not right but I just could not figure it out. It helps if I can provide the information from reliable sources when people ask the questions. There is plenty of scientific publications also discussing the issue. I think that soon enough it will be clear to everyone what they are doing and they will need to stop. I hope…

  23. Bonnie Flynn says:

    It is so frustrating. I tell everyone who will listen but I feel such resistance from most people..they don’t want to believe it so I think they just let it go in one ear and out the other. My question is what can we do to get main stream media to investigate this and tell the general public. Most people don’t do research on the Internet like I do …they are too busy with all their activities.

  24. Pamela says:

    This is awful–and this is an understatement. People don’t want to believe this happening, so they stay in denial.

  25. Guillaume Demers says:

    We are not allowed to ‘pick our poison’ anymore… chemtrails for everyone is like opium to the masses…

  26. Raymond Woods says:

    This is the year 2014.I do believe that people all over the world are reacting to their sub-conscience minds of what the environment is trying to tell them. I believe its the fear factor that is holding them back from the reality of what has actually happen to our planet, that’s why our government and main stream media are working around the clock to distract and control the minds with false flag and control chaos event’s of the world.

  27. Guillaume Demers says:

    Heavy metals are not vibrating on our cellular level as music would, all airborn human produced poisons must be stopped – our brains depends on it!

  28. Glenn Trauth says:

    I live in LA and this is an almost daily occurrence. And what is really crazy, is that millions of people think this shit is normal!
    California is drying up. We have a had a low off the coast for over fourteen months, with no end in sight. This year, I think that it has rained three or four times and not for very long. It is not natural what is taking place, but many think it is and never give it a second thought.
    It is a mystery to me how so many can be of the opinion that there are no such thing as chemtrails, when all anyone has to do is simply look up.
    People do not even know a real cloud from a man made one. This is truly disturbing. It speaks volumes toward the mentality of the general public and is highly suggesting of the chances for the survival that we all face.
    It also amazes me that the ones behind all this manage to find individuals to recruit who will do their bidding for them. This only goes to show the serious levels and methods of mind control that is being inflicted upon an unsuspecting population.

  29. Jerome Saint John says:

    YES-The Vile In Chemtrails Is So Bad & We Been Breathing It Into Our Brains For YEARS! A Variety Of Metallic Nano Particulate Fills The Bodies Of Anything That Breathes – ‘They’-Mostly Use NEXRAD To GET The ChemClouds Positioned And Agitated For The Storms ‘They’ Make – What Will Happen If/When One Day ‘They’ Reset The NEXRAD Dials [Change The Frequencies] And ZAP US!! – Oh- Well Hey – ‘They’ Would Not Do That To Us. I Hear This Answer A Lot-I Truly Hope You Are Right — In My Humble Opinion – This Nefarious Activity Has To Stop NOW Before We Have NO Future Generation That Is Compromised With These Deadly Toxins. How It Will Stop Short Of Divine Intervention [That Is My Hope!] I Don’t Know Because All Elected Officials Have Known About This For Years And EVERY ONE REFUSES TO STOP IT – They Answer To Their Controllers Not Those Who Vote Them In. That’s Why They Almost Always Will Approve What Oppresses People And Not That Which Is Beneficial And Life Affirming For The Population. Pray/Hope For Divine Intervention-Peace And Good Will For All Beings.

  30. Barbie says:

    Yep! Less insects, birds, ocean life, etc.,etc…Most are too busy and /or in denial to notice the environmental warning signs. We have reached the tipping point. Short of divine intervention, we are not in a good place..

  31. Earth Angel says:

    Great choice of music for the video! Someone/someTHING? has a death wish for the planet…Start screaming- everyone needs to Look Up/Wake Up-FAST! Thanks for another great post.

  32. Joy Sebastian says:

    When HAARP is on birds are silent

  33. carol freiberg says:

    Thanks for posting.Anyone else notice the lack of insects around?This spray is gonna get us all eventually.Not sure how people don’t see this geowhatever program going on DAILY.The spraying is getting more obvious and destructive every day.Keep looking up,good people,and tell everyone you know about this insane experiment while there is time.

  34. Ginny Hunt says:

    People Grab shoulders and pull head out of fanny while there may still be time.

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