“Rain of terror: Egypt to crack down on ‘fake’ weather reports”


Dane Wigington

The unfolding planetary climate collapse is accelerating by the day with covert global climate engineering operations further fueling the overall process. In an ever more desperate attempt to hide the climate engineering assault from their populations, governments are taking draconian steps to completely control the flow of weather related information. Egypt is the latest glaring example of the crackdown on any and all "unauthorized" weather forecasts. Excerpts from a new report from The Guardian, UK, are below.

Donald Trump may routinely rail against the “fake news media”, but Egypt is going one better by cracking down on “fake” weather reports. 

Meteorological authority prepares draft law to ban unauthorized forecasts.


Egypt is… cracking down on “fake” weather reports.

The head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has said it is the only government body authorized to make predictions about the country’s weather, and is preparing a draft law to ban unauthorized forecasts.


… a draft law… seeks to punish anyone “talking about meteorology”… without consent (of the Egyptian governmental agencies)…

… it reflects the government’s view that it has a right to regulate any and all information, even information that should be a product of apolitical scientific analysis.


The head of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority has said it is the only government body authorized to make predictions about the country’s weather, and is preparing a draft law to ban unauthorized forecasts.

The country (Egypt) has experienced some unusual and extreme weather in recent weeks…

From the illegal federal “gag order” on US  National Weather Service and NOAA employees, to the new weather information crackdown in Egypt, global power centers are increasingly desperate in their attempts to hide the climate engineering atrocities from populations. In the coming days, GeoengineeringWatch.org will publish statement from our legal team that address the US government's escalating efforts to muzzle weather forecasters. Global “climate intervention” programs are mathematically the greatest and most immediate threat we collectively face short of nuclear cataclysm. Exposing and halting the illegal geoengineering operations is the great imperative of our time, this effort will take all of us. Sharing credible data with others is key, we must reach a critical mass of climate engineering awareness with the general population, this is the only way forward.

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  1. Lumaaqahü says:

    @Rebecca and Daniel Dill… Jan man! That's the spirit! Ya gotta carry the light of the Creator in your heart. This is essentially a spiritual battle.

    the End is coming soon which will lead to the New beginning .

     Hang in there and be strong in faith.

    how did your resistance go Miss Rebecca?

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Lumaaqahu, may God bless you brother! It's wonderful to hear your true words! There is a GREAT AWAKENING coming sooner than we know! All the world will see and feel the beauty of it! Peace will prevail, Love to All!

  2. Martin Landeros says:

    I am in California and was at work . Sitting in the passenger seat . Yesterday . 73 fairly cool. I'm not lieing I felt the hotness of the sun on my leg . I won't lie to u it was like I felt a hot hot light bulb on my thigh I jumped so hard and yelped. I swear I felt the burn enough to scream  my boss was like wtf . I had to put a towel over me. I always wear hats and sleeves but still burned me thru my pants.

  3. Paul Vonharnish says:

    "The military spends more than a billion dollars a year to clean up sites its operations have contaminated with toxic waste and explosives. These sites exist in every state in the country. Some are located near schools, residential neighborhoods, rivers and lakes. A full map of these sites has never been made public – until now. Enter your address to see the hazardous sites near you, or select a state."

    The Department of Defense and Environmental Pollution agencies agree that it’s much less expensive to ship these materials to Syria, Yemen, Nicaragua, or some place where lands and people are more disposable…

    Bombs in Your Backyard – ProPublica


  4. neil says:

    Fortunately (at the moment), there can be no covering up the increasing number of freak weather events such as this one in Rajasthan, India. Note how officials state 'they have never experienced such storms' in living memory: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-india-43987209 

  5. Clare says:

    Many of you talk about people with their heads buried in their phones,  but how many of you are out there on the streets speaking to people as much as you possibly can or at the rallies that are arranged in cities near by you? I went to another local rally that we organized and there were only 8 of us. I made huge posters and I often stand on the highways by myself outside of the military base in Edmonton Alberta Canada or outside the oil refineries in the same area when people are off work or at lunch times. And even though I have health issues and physical limitations I am physically out there speaking with people so if you are not out there and educating others then it is used to say that others have their heads buried in the sand. We need to get out there and fight as a force United like the Palestinians are doing! Get out your community and get educating people and get organizing protests. Almost every country is taking part in this nightmare but the u.s. seems to be leading the way and controlling most especially our country of Canada which is Despicable. Please all of you who are awake, get out there and wake people up.!

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Clare, in Maryland my friends and I ARE out there spreading the news of our corrupt government's doing in our skies! So the message is getting out!  However I would still like to know who gave these idiots the permission to do to us whatever they please! I for one hope these idiots are found out and get punnished for their crimes! And thanks to Dane Wigington, the truth will get out! I mean, how can America be so blind?

    • Steve Thomson says:

      Good for you, Clare! God bless you and strengthen you!

      I have given out and posted up hundreds of my 1-page

      photo and facts flyers over the last 7 years. Keep at it! One glorious day everybody will finally look up, wake up, find out, and speak out!!

  6. Pedro says:



    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.
      In the part two, they introduce the ideas of jacque fresco, and he is not a solution but rather a tool of the system to lead people to believe that if we rid ourselves of money, we will be save. And that is not the case. Money in the wrong hands creates slavery, in the right hands, can create prosperity. Also he talks about human nature and human behavior, and this is not correct. The problem is centered in the human condition, which has been shaped, through social engineering, by the psychopaths of the ruling elites since long ago, to create a specific type of (anti) culture that is very close in many ways, to a society that functions as if in an induced trance of secondary psychopathy.
      Also the central buildings in Fresco's cities ( cities which are in reality prisons – look with attention to the projects, "roads", etc.. ), are build in the shape of eight-pointed stars. Research about the symbolic meaning of these stars. Also some of the meanings of the word "Venus" are very interesting indeed.

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Comrade Pedro: You nailed it down with this comment: >

      "The problem is centered in the human condition, which has been shaped, through social engineering, by the psychopaths of the ruling elites since long ago, to create a specific type of (anti) culture that is very close in many ways, to a society that functions as if in an induced trance of secondary psychopathy."

      Television and moving "film" exposures have mesmerized modern man into a complete cognitive stupor.  Early silent films and cartoons producers, used hundreds of frames "pictures" for each scene or sequence, then fanned them at various speeds to create the illusion of movement.  Certain persons became aware of the hypnotic effects of this method very early on, and now we have frame by frame subliminal messaging to enhance the effects.  The sheeple continue to addict themselves to the thrills of morbid mind entrainment, and the beast simply moves from audience to audience… No one wants to admit we've morphed into adrenal/dopamine automatons…

  7. joe S says:

    To all out there…   I have beginning, 1995 in San Francisco/Oakland, CA area noted this now:  The Geoengineering negative beings are very clever ,more than in 1995 to mimic natural cloud patterns.  And the Local websites for San Francisco weather daily and 10 days out  never agree on the data. I can say there  are sites that are 100% off(different) than others of same days and times.   Of course the fake reporting and fake weather data is intentional done to confuse the mass of people. so, when those of us who know and spot the Geoengineered clouds and lines, et al, the ones  who you tell about the artificial clouds will mostly think"Your are a nut case or??'" I have seen that years ago  in the sky… all before 1990…Yes they do not put the time factor of when natural clouds were. …Joe, San Francisco, CA  

  8. Sandy Patrus says:

    The weather forecasters are always calling for rain here in Santa Fe, NM, but of course, no rain ever comes.  We also had the driest winter on record this year.  We have many, many trees in our neighborhood and field faucets scattered throughout, so my husband, who is the caretakers here, with his helper waters as many trees as they can reach but now the city is putting water restrictions on everyone.  I don't know how much more we can take with this weather manipulation…there is no normal weather anymore.


    • marta says:

      black tarps and mulch on top means need less water


    • JR says:

      Hello Mrs. Patrus, from Southwest New Mexico 5-3-18. The rain clouds coming in from the east into Mesilla Valley are being super demolished by the lowlifes working with SAG/SRM. Little by little people are waking up to such practices if even on a one to one basis. It's really obvious to anyone who opens up mind and eyes. Once the seed is planted they can no longer disregard what is obvious of such works. If they do so, they disregard with free will. The people doing the spraying as I've said in past are working for the Evil One, they do not represent Good works. The drought is induced by man made, no if, and or buts. The deceiver has blinded the eyes of many… 

  9. Rebecca says:

    well, the end (aka a New Beginning) draws ever closer. there were 3 small earthquakes south of San Antonio yesterday. it’s been cloudy and off and on sprinkling. it seems like they let the sun come out on the weekends but during the week it’s dreary. for may 2nd in south texas it’s pretty cool out…………and windy. it’s ALWAYS windy now. 

    • Jeanette S says:

      Oakland CA It has been cool, windy and sunny with "haze" in and out.

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Rebecca you are so right! There is a new begining going to arrive!  Oh my, it's going to be AWSOME! All the truths will be exposed and those responsible will be held accountable for their crimes, just wait and see!

  10. Gary Cristani says:

    How can you see anything if your head is buried in the sand.

  11. Ron Marr says:

    And how is this different from America's news agencies preaching the same mantra across the country, 'That alterative news is bad for democracy.

  12. 'a' simple horseman says:

    The phrase "the walls are closing in" comes to mind. One little chip at a time and they all fell down. Locally is a could place to keep clean and safe. Globally is the way we must think. As a life long "weather buff" this article really pisses me off.

    • Pat says:

      Everyday I miss our planet's beautiful normal weather. We know longer have hot summer  sunny days, cooled down by cleansing thunderstorms.Spring has come this year with days that begin with blue skies and in a short time they are white. Rain is cold instead of warm spring rains in Ohio. No congressmen or women will address this even when asked about it. 

    • Rosy says:

      "Walls closing in" sounds absoluetly correct! Whe  I was a child I dreamt of being locked in a cemetery and the brick walls kepth getting taller and taller and the clouds above the cemetery became cloudy and and ominous and kept coming closer and closer to the tombstones and I could 't get out of the cemetery as the gates were locked from the outside.  Reminds me so very much of the weather lately as the clouds come on extremely quick, heavy dark grey and hovering closer to the ground than I have ever seen. To me this is an ominous sign of something big and dangerous coming, and there's nothing I can do about it. No one listens or believes me to look up to the heavens. I get laughed at.  

  13. Dog says:

    @ Rodster – I think for several possible reasons:

    1. Most people fail to scan or even notice what is outside of their immediate environment, including what goes on above their very heads;

    2. Therefore, they wouldn't know what an "Aerosolized" cloud would look like;

    3. And, they would not notice a recent phenomenon, that of "normal"-looking-clouds that have trails descending from them, which I never remember seeing before, but are becoming common on some days.

    If they already don't discern the whited -out sky and totally-unnatural cloud cover that exists on many days (which is corroborated by people on this website, world-wide), then they probably won't notice any other anomaly when they DO look up.  This is a very critical issue.

    • Marie says:

      Sad to say, and i know it's been said before, but it seems that most people have their head looking down at their cell phones. I went to the mechanic and was waiting in the room and the only 4 people in the room were all looking or playing with their cell phones! I leave mine in the car all the time. In fact it's a cheap Trac phone and it stays in a metal can most of the time so i can't be tracked. I only take it out now and then to text which is rare too cuz i only have 2 people to text to.  I don't think the masses will wake up sad to say.

  14. Dog says:

    @ Rodster – I'm afraid this is for a few of reasons:

    1. Most people don't spend nearly enough time scanning the environment that exists beyond their immediate field of vision (in so many ways!), which includes what is above their very heads;

    2. Therefore, they have not been able to correlate what an "Aerosolized sky" would look like, relative to what they see when they DO look up ;

    3. Nor do they notice the recent phenomenon of "normal-looking" clouds, which are exhibiting streams of downward-trending trails, which I do not ever recall seeing before – if they can't discern a completely-whited out sky from those "normal" clouds, or real clouds produced through "natural" weather, then there's little hope of them understanding what Aerosolized Clouds" are…

    Over time, the way the sky looks now becomes the "New Normal". This is one of the main obstacles to be overcome.

  15. michael whelan says:

    Just seeing the Poison in the sky in those pictures tells you all need to know about the weather in Egypt. Thanks for all you do Dane.

  16. Susanne says:

    Where did you read that about the egypt meteorological authority and the weather, there is some source disclosures missing. Thanks for your answer.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Susanne, the full article / report was hyperlinked in the post itself (blue highlighed verbiage in GW posts are hyperlinks, click to open), here it is again, FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/rain-of-terror-egypt-to-crack-down-on-fake-weather-reports/

  17. lawrence LB says:

    Same ( clouds ) aerosol as we get here in Los Angeles.

    Was supposed to rain today but of course heavy spraying killed it. 

    Massive low thick wide trail yesterday mornying. I now believe it when they say they want to lay down 20 million tons 20,000,000×2,000=40,000,000,000 lbs of aluminum. I use alum at work that is a lot of alum. especially if it is aerosolied. If I am off by a factor of ten it is still huge. Who is paying for that. Who is making mo ney on that? 40 billion pounds or 4 billion pounds who has the capacity to make and distribute that much? Is this real.

    How much is dumped on the forests of canada?  A million pounds? Over a year, year after year. Lets say they spray LA -southern california with 1 ton every other day (150 ) I can see that being a decent guess. 2,000 lb x 150 days = 300,000 lbs of alum. aerosol dumped on roofs, roads, lawns, blown around by freeways, ocean breeze, coating the hills with dry brush, mountians, draining into the ocean. What numbers do you come up with?

    • Marie says:

      The scary thing is and what i worry about since i live in the country with a small forest surrounding my house – is that the aluminum in the sprays can spontaneously ignite and cause a fire. I am in Western NY and finally tonite it started to rain, not the normal heavy rain that we used to get many yrs ago, but a fine medium rain.  It's been doing it for two hrs now. I hope it keeps raining cuz we are very dry here and need rain bad. As it is i have to ration my well water. I live alone so i only flush the toilet once a day and i use very little water for a bath. If we have a drought this summer which i have a bad feeling we will – i will have to only take a bath once or twice a wk. I have a shallow well. Oh, and it just dawned on me i don't hear any frogs in the pond next door. Maybe it's too early i don't know, but last spring i heard them. I do hear lots of tiny tree frogs tho and we do have a fair number of birds here. I have some flies in my house now, but i see very little other bugs outside and certainly no lady bugs which we used to get 15 yrs ago.

  18. DawnSki says:

    For what it's worth we have enjoyed three beautiful moon rises in a row sans the hazy reminder of what goes on daily. Good old fashioned moon  and clear sky. Thank you Lord!!

    • Jeanette S says:

      I have been noticing bright moonlight here almost all the time. at night no "cloud" cover, atmosphere deteriorating and therefore the reflected sunlight is way brighter even with partial moons. at least the heat is allowed to escape? Perhaps there is a brain among them somewhere?

    • Marie says:

      I went back outside at 3 a.m. It had only rained some for about 3 hrs and then it stopped. I remember when i was 12 in 1960 it would normally rain about every two wks and it would be a soaking rain for 2 days with lots of thunder and lightening. Don't people even wonder now why it doesn't thunder hardly anymore? So it's very foggy out here now on top of the hill. I had forgotten to wear my mask and i got about 12 steps out and shone the flashlight up in the air and oh wow…thousands of tiny particulates swirling about. I could see the fog too, but the nano particulates were INSIDE the fog and i could see both. I ran back inside and got my N95 mask and put it on to go back outside. I wanted to check on the duks. I feel so bad for them as i have to give them the ground water that my sump pump puts out and i'm sure it's full of aluminum, but what else can i do? So this also means that when we eat those eggs the aluminum is inside them too i figure. It seems we are being hit from all sides. It seems that tonite dated 4th, 2017 the particulates are super numerous. I've rarely seen them this abundant. I just wonder if it's easier to see them in the fog with the flashlight as other times not so numerous.

  19. virginia says:

    And the Sphinx in all of its majesty sits and thinks: What fools these mortals be.

    • Jeanette S says:

      the gods see all no matter how much their eyes have eroded. payback is a comin'.

  20. Mark in OZ -MN native says:

    Egypt's 96 million people have relied on the water of the Nile for millennia. The upstream Ethiopian  "Renaissance dam' ( currently under construction) will seriously threaten Egypt's way of life and hostility is growing in the region as a result.


  21. Sadie-Kay says:

    What might an honest weather report look like? 

    "We awoke this morning to north-south roll clouds being fed with carbon and nanoplastic. By noon the US military planes were spraying quad pipes of aluminum, barium, etc. until the sun was a hazy whitish-blue." 

    When was the last time I saw a golden sun during the day, I cannot recall. It's a hazy whitish-blue these days.

  22. Paul Vonharnish says:

    For Immediate Release, May 23, 2017 Lawsuit Targets Trump's Climate-change Censorship

    “WASHINGTON — The Center for Biological Diversity today sued the Trump administration to uncover public records showing that federal employees have been censored from using words or phrases related to climate change in formal agency communications.

    Today's lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Washington, D.C., seeks to require four federal agencies to release climate-censorship records, in compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. The Department of Energy, Environmental Protection Agency, Department of the Interior and Department of State, have failed to provide records requested by the Center or indicate when they might do so, violating deadlines established under the law.” [End quote]

    Complete page:  http://www.biologicaldiversity.org/news/press_releases/2017/climate-change-05-23-2017.php 

  23. Heidi says:

    Thanks, Dane for sharing this alarming report.

    In CA, a 'combating fake news' bill has been introduced. 

    Excerpt from the NaturalHealth365 site, https://www.naturalhealth365.com/vaccines-fake-news-2536.html

    "The bill, titled “SB1424 Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan,” would target not just social media but any website, blog, video, email message or other online communication.

    The essence of bill SB1424 is this:

    Any person operating an Internet site in California would be obligated to develop a strategic plan to verify any news stories shared on the site. The plan must also have measures to mitigate the spread of false information by using fact-checkers to verify the stories and provide outreach to social media users. A “fake news” warning must be placed on any news story that contains false information."

  24. CHUCK S says:

    What is terrifying is that governments all over the world it seems are in on this; US, Europe, and apparently at least Egypt. How many countries are spraying? What if any central controlling bodies are there that are responsible for this world wide spraying?  This could be a huge, horrendous fight !

  25. Barb E says:

    Just goes to show that the more people that wake up, the more they want to hide the truth, not only here but in all countries around the globe. Too bad they can't "hide the sky" because we all can SEE exactly what they are doing whether they tell us or not.  Pretty soon they'll be telling us we can't "look up" or we'll get arrested.

    • Sadie-Kay says:

      Who looks up anymore? Everybody is buried in their phones these days. Hopefully, a few more folks will look up and wake up. Soon!

    • Dennie says:

      "Too bad they can't "hide the sky" because we all can SEE exactly what they are doing whether they tell us or not.  Pretty soon they'll be telling us we can't "look up" or we'll get arrested."

      And a B-I-I-I-G "Ay-MEN" to that!!!

    • Chad says:

      Its only a matter of time. Then when it implodes and collapses,  all true hell will break loose, fema camps and all. Eradication soon to follow like they did 99 percent of my native American ancestors. Im the true 1 percent! God bless you all and keep spreading the TRUTH!

    • Daniel Dill says:

      Barb E, I agree!  We in Maryland had one clear day on May 1rst. However on May 2nd. today here they go with the poisoning in our skies again! Once again, who gave these idiots the permission to do this? So much for climate change! Well I hope al gore will finally look up and take notice of what these idiots are doing! I don't want to hear anything else about climate change untill somebody adresses this issue, so SHUT UP AL GORE AND LOOK UP AND TAKE NOTICE,YOU PUPPET !!!

    • Marie says:

      There are two different kinds of people in the world. The ones like us who look up and see the spraying and the fake clouds, and the others who if they do look up see what we see, but it doesn't click in with them. They just think it's "normal" and think nothing of it while we on the other hand are outside in the dark shining our little flashlights up in the air to see the nano particulates and we are so concerned that some of us may wear a mask while outside. I seriously doubt tho that many people will wear a mask. I bet it's like less than one percent. I do while in my yard and when out in public i breathe into my sleeve or a hand mask made out of a bandana with a mask hidden inside it.

  26. Vicki Scallo says:

    The more they try to hide it…..the more apparent it becomes.  Have faith all…..we will win this fight.  Thank you Dane and Jovyde for all of your dedicated hard work and effort on behalf of people who cannot or will not see.  Love and respect to you all.

    • Stacey Boudreaux says:

      Ditto.  Amen.

    • Chad says:

      People are so indoctrinated and brainwashed , the cognitive dissonance will be nearly impossible to overcome.  

    • Daniel Dill says:

      I hear you Vicki Scallo, America is waking up! And when they do,that's when these FOOLS will hear from us! Thanks to Mr. Wigington and other brave folks the awakening will begin! May God Bless you all!

  27. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    Major Arctic Warming Event Predicted For the Coming Week
    by robertscribbler on April 30, 2018
    It’s been consistently, abnormally, warm in the Arctic for about as long as any of us can remember.  But during recent years, the changes — caused by a massive and ongoing accumulation of heat-trapping gasses in the Earth’s atmosphere — appear to be speeding up.  This week, two major warm air invasions — one issuing from Siberia and another rising up through the Fram Strait and extending north of Greenland are expected to bring locally 10-20 C above normal temperatures and accelerate early season sea ice melt in an already reeling Arctic.
    Consistent Warmth, Record Low Sea Ice
    The farthest north region of our world has just come out of a winter during which sea ice extents consistently entered never before seen daily low ranges.  With the advent of spring, sea ice measures have rebounded somewhat from winter record lows.  However, according to Japan’s Polar Research Division, we are presently experiencing the second lowest daily sea ice extents since consistent measurements began. Meanwhile, Greenland during April saw an odd early bump in surface melt.
    Overall, the pattern has been one of consistent abnormal warmth. And over the coming week, a number of warm air invasions will infringe upon the typically cold early May Arctic — testing new boundaries yet again.  …  Warm storm effects including gale force winds and waves of 8-12 feet will provide added effect to above freezing temperatures in impacting the sea ice throughout the Fram Strait and northeast Greenland region. Increased insolation due to sunlight spreading over the region will also add to the overall potential for melt.
    maps & graphs


    • Dennie says:

      Will someone please forward the robertscribbler weather news to the Egyptian government?  I'd really like to see those idiots get royally pissed off having their noses rubbed in the truth.

  28. Rodster says:

    How can anyone not view those pictures and see clouds that look aerosolized?

    • chris says:

      Couldn't agree more. Doesn't matter where you are on this planet…skies are saturated in chemicals, all for our good, of course. We've had days of overcast skies and periodic rain, here in the NE. It finally cleared around here at about noon. Then came the tankers…one after another dumping toxic chemicals on the insects.

      How is it that nobody notices? They're waaaay too busy checking in on their smart phones. They're addicts and they cannot wrap their heads around anything that resembles reality. They are the casualties of a sick culture that's been imposed upon them.

      We need to be skeptics and always ask the important questions. Whether it's Rodster or Vicki….question everything and share it with everyone you know. People need to be awakened! It can happen.

    • Chad says:

      People watch too much tv, music, and smartphone or computers. Too fantasylanded out to see reality and melting clouds, colored clouds, etc. Oh how pretty the idiots say without questioning the color and reasoning for the colors. CONDEMNATION WITHOUT INVESTIGATION, IS THE HEIGHT OF IGNORANCE!!!!!!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Rodster, I know, right?!  Yet I missed it at first wanting to know what odd weather they've been having and will we ever know?  Looking again, it was so obvious, and people there all the time taking photos. 

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