Revealed: The Men Who Own and Run the U.S. Government


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  1. Jeff Cooper says:

    Propaganda fed to us on a continual basis have all of us blind to the critical issues we are facing. Regardless of your party, if we continue to argue about Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton the crook, gun laws and the like, while behind our backs our government has been chipping away on our constitutional rights and giving away our sovereignty we are all doomed to a life of enslavement. We cannot let the government continue to erode our second amendment rights and disarm us. We must hold politicians accountable for just going along with this cabal and for facilitating this atrocity on humanity. 

    • Ariel says:

      Here in the US, I think we need to start with the legalized lies that were created under OBAMA the great liar. In 2013, the 1948 Smith Mundt At which previously made it illegal for our elected representatives to lie to us was reversed. The only purpose for this is clearly nefarious and evil. We should first be focusing on this law so that we have a basis to go after the liars criminally.  Also, for those who do not believe – ask them why this law was reversed in the first place. 

  2. Concerned Citizen says:

    This is from the Zeitgeist movies. Highly advisable watch for all!

  3. Jeff Griffin says:

    Hey guys, I know that we are commenting and trying the roulette casually with people that we think might consider this idea, but we are in the eleventh hour here. I am in Atlanta and we were inundated with aerosols today. I, on my lunch break, was really pissed at the patterns that I was watching. Guys, being mad and commenting on websites and social media isn't cutting it. We are fighting  for our children and OUR survival here. 
    This, as Dane has shown in this video, has gotten much worse folks.
    our rights are being signed off in executive orders from your president week after week. Chiseling away at our constitutional rights to fight this unfathomable arrogance of science.
    We have a president that we cannot fully prove citizenship and his qualifications to be our president. We have a new candidate that is under multiple federal investigations and "some" still consider this to be an acceptable qualified candidate??  Seriously?
    What has this country become??
    I hope this has charged you a bit and shaken you out of your dream. We need to wake up folks. Posting comments on social media isn't enough, it's time to act. We are edging in to the point of masses of people not being able to survive. This is serious!
    What will you do?

    • bija says:

      Jeff…you are absolutely right!! I read the most informed and intelligent comments on this website, but if all this creativity and intelligence that I see represented here cannot or will not join together in action, then the bufoons will pass the baton to the usual suspects, a rogue's gallery of demons and criminals. It's hard to even fathom that the herd is considering another Bush or Clinton, let alone the malicious king of comb-over! Philosophically we are united, but we face a huge geographic hurdle!

  4. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Oh wow, finally something connecting all the dots for the sheeple lost in its tracks. I hate to put it like that, but really…! Understanding the inner workings of "money" and the whole financial banking "machine" is absolutely critical to make any progress, not only in the battle against climate engineering, but to make any move in the right direction in any endeavour of human life. I saw quite a few documentaries on the subject, many quite lengthy, but this one is really well put together, and concise enough not to discourage average joe from watching. Way to go Dane!! 

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