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Russel Blaylock on Population Reduction


14 Responses to Russel Blaylock on Population Reduction

  1. Nicole says:

    This website is so amazing and it’s nice to check in with the “sane bunch” – this is my touching stone, when all else is upside down there are those who are in the know and able to understand each other. Thank you Dane!!

  2. Michel B says:

    When I first watched a Youtube clip of a recording of George Bush Snr talking most enthusiastically about the NWO, saying “and we will be successful”, I wondered how they were going to achieve it. Now, after learning about Geoengineering and Monsanto’s aluminium resistant gene technologies I can clearly see it. I do not believe Geoengineering was ever intended to improve any climate problems, but was always intended to be a weapon against ‘enemies’ within and outside countries’ boundaries. I believe every harm they can do is greatly desired by the Elite. I don’t believe they are in any panic about reversing the runaway climate change that they have instigated. If anything, they are in a panic to achieve their aims as quickly as possible, which means being as destructive as much as they can get away with. Creating a world that is so toxified, in every ecological niche, in every single part of the biosphere, that no one other than they, the Elitists, can do anything to help themselves, is the aim. I can imagine the old ones amongst the Elite want to see this happen in the world before they die so that they can die with that big evil grin on their egos. They are indeed psychopathic and everything is a game of power to them. For them, nothing else is worth doing. They are not amenable to any appeal that we ‘neural typicals’, or ‘empaths’, might want to offer to them. Their value system is entirely ruled by that narrow bandwidth of emotions confined to the reptilian part of our brains: anger, glee, exhilaration, boredom, aggression and even some depression are the hallmarks of their Personality Disorders. Knowing that they must perish like everyone else, they wish to live on in their deeds of creating a system of control. They may well achieve this control to whatever large extent, but the next stage of (d)evolution will have them turn on each other when there is no other enemy to conquer. There is no honour amongst thieves or psychopaths. For a solution to this collectivist dream, also look at FreedomForceInternational.org.

  3. Adelle du Plooy - 13246152 says:

    I am a first year university student in South Africa, BSc Agri Plant and Soil Sciences, and I am hoping that I will be taught eco-friendly/earth-friendly methods of sustainability. We use prepared water at home {reverse Osmosis and Ozonation) because the water out of the tap is so chemically treated you can smell it.

  4. Alan says:

    It is hard to understand why we don’t take matters like this more seriously. Allowing the addition of a toxin to drinking water is so absurd that you would expect mass demonstrations and enabling politicians voted out.

  5. Caron says:

    Thank you for posting this video and thank you, Dane, for your tireless efforts.
    Knowledge is power.
    When I first began to realize just how pervasive the lies, how deep the rabbit hole was, it was heart-sickening. I felt so enraged and betrayed. NOTHING is as it seems. But once you get your feet on the ground, then, my friends, you find your resolve. We are the 99%. But we are no longer children. We are no longer victims. We are the 99% and we are 7 BILLION strong. Wake up. Look up. Become savvy. Question everything.

  6. teresa says:

    Along with Alzeimers we get Lou Gehrigs ALS, Autism, ADHD, and Parkinson`s all from metals in food, air and water through chemtrails activated with infrasonic frequencies.

  7. Karen Strong says:

    Sense not spence … Technology programs .. Another annoyance .. Putting words in I haven’t written ….

  8. Karen Strong says:

    I agree .. Why can people not see what is happening .. Is it so hard to believe, that they can’t cope … Truth is truth .. Nothing else .. All we can do is prepare ourselves the best we can .. The hands of a few, in their utter arrogance, are destroying our home … And they are getting away with it because human nature wants to believe that humans couldn’t possibly do this to each other …. It’s just too easy to dismiss it with … Mmmmm they are nutty and of course it’s a conspiracy theory …. My eyes have certainly been opened but I’m glad I am in the know over this .. It certainly makes spence to me .. As New Zealand is being battered by a storm as I write this …. They are too frequent now and so much more ferocious world wide .. Arrogance power greed .. Heaps of Hitlers running amuck …

  9. wes muncy says:

    If you are in Humboldt co. be sure to attend the showing of the movie “LOOK UP” sAT @ 5:00 & 8:00 PM at the Arcata Theatre Dane will be there.

  10. Tammy says:

    Thank you for posting this video….keep up the crusading… Never give up

  11. DubhBairn78 says:

    Are you the 100th monkey? Once we get the 100th monkey; we can start to wake and overthrow all that is killing us and making us dumb.. Please please wake up. Truth is stranger than fiction and truth is NOT crazy. My dad retired military intel used to say things about chem trails in the 80’s.. it has been done for a long time now and so we are seeing effects of the initial research.. Ie. cancer rates, breast growths, birth defects, autism etc etc… It is only now that we are taking time to say we see something.. because now they have the commercial airlines on board with it.. so you see it all the time.. Here in TEXAS we get chemtrails almost weekly, sometimes daily.. I believe this is what has caused the massive drought here.. back in 2004-2008 we had normal weather.. now we have droughts and tons of rain and we are still in a stage 3 drought.. water is getting scarce. We will be moving in the future because the water will be gone from here in the near future. The cities are already fighting over it and trying to plan where they can get more…

    Be prepared.. when the dow spikes it only means inflation and with no real way out.. so please wake and take time to get educated in politics and bio warfare..

  12. Christina Sarro says:

    Amen to that!!

  13. john miller. New Hampshire, U.S.A. says:

    Time to get out and get active. Time to kick some political ass, and punish them..

  14. pam washburn Humboldt County says:

    My dad beginning to loose his mind to demensia. Very sad. Im sure chemtrails didnt help the matter.

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