Shasta County Update On Heavy Metal Contamination, The Legal Ramifications


Dane Wigington

On July 15th, 2014 a group of experts testified environmental heavy metal contamination (likely a direct result of climate engineering) before the Shasta County Board of Supervisors in Northern California. On June 30th, 2015 a group of citizens returned to speak in front of the board in order to confront them about the Board's inaction on the verifiable contamination. In this latest update, Northern California's ABC station, KRCR, has done their best to spin the actual testimony of facts given in 2014 by experts and County representatives. The 2+ minute video below is the latest TV news update.

In 2014 Shasta County Air Quality representative Rick Simon admitted in his testimony before the board that the current air quality testing equipment is not capable of detecting any air particles in the range of those in question (nano particles).

"We measure for PM-10" , stated Mr. Simon (PM-10 means 10 microns which again are particles exponentially larger than the heavy metal nano particles in question. It is not possible to detect elements that are astronomically smaller than the currently used testing equipment is designed to detect and Simon knows this. The smaller the particle, the more dangerous it is for the environment and the human body because it is then much more bioavailable).

So why is KRCR implying that the Shasta County Board of Supervisors has followed through with their responsibilities to investigate and disclose a public health hazard? This is simply not true. Here is the unvarnished reality, Shasta County officials have not done anything to investigate or disclose an indisputable heavy metal contamination (that state certified lab testing proves) which is a public health hazard (REGARDLESS OF THE SOURCE). They claim that this issue is "not in their jurisdiction", again, not true. This governing board has been given test data to prove the presence of the dangerous heavy metal contamination as far back as 2008, they have done virtually nothing to investigate or disclose this critical health threat to Shasta County citizens. There is currently a team of 6 US attorneys and 2 Canadian attorneys (and other qualified professionals) that are focused on this contamination issue. The legal consensus of this group of legal professionals is this, that county public health and safety agencies have a mandated, legal, and moral responsibility to disclose any and all public safety threats. Again, for over 7 years, no investigation and no public disclosure has taken place from Shasta County officials. As the verifiable heavy metal contamination continues to take it's toll, and the reality of this contamination can no longer be hidden, the question of legal liability will certainly be the primary focus of a justifiably outraged population. The 2014 edited testimony of experts is below. 

Here is the full original article "Geoengineering Investigation Demanded By Numerous Experts". 

35 Responses to Shasta County Update On Heavy Metal Contamination, The Legal Ramifications

  1. Brook says:

    Dane, the only option at this point is to sue these board members.  You have to talk to people in a language they understand, and losing their cushy public job is what they fear the most.   Good luck. 

  2. Kudos to the wise people, such as the scientists, pilots, and doctors, who spoke before this Board.

    I am a former science teacher, who is carefully observing and still trying to understand. In GA, the bases of pines and oaks are cracking and caving in, first.  They contain more fluid, which resonates in the aerosolized atmosphere saturated with pulses steered by HAARP.

    Our eyes are fluid-filled organs.  Many people are developing farsightedness, which is shortening of the eye.  The mainstream media is cranking out books and articles on blindness.

    Eventually, paid minions may not be able to read orders on their iphones and special supervisors, to even see their screens.  Militarized states, around the world, may not be able to use their mountains of heavy equipment.  But can they still push buttons?

    If there ever was a time to be a peacemaker, I think it's now.

  3. joy says:

    The Board members are just like surgeons who remove the wrong leg – too bad, so sad. What are you gonna do about it? THEY DON'T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOU BECAUSE THEY ARE PROTECTED FROM DAMAGES THAT HAPPEN TO YOU! We may think it is their job to protect us, but their only job is to collect a paycheck. Good luck on finding attorneys who can get past the international laws that protect all the people involved who are doing the deeds – at least until 2017…

    • Marsha Gill says:

      They are ignorant of the fact that they themselves are injesting this crap along with their families.  They are subjecting themselves to the same illnesses as they are permitting the rest of their community to injest. 

    • Nicole says:

      The jokers in these positions are at at greater disadvantage than the sheeple of this country. They are jaded when they realize that their questions also go unanswered by the power structure. They sit motionless, drooling on themselves, wondering why they can't seem to get any action. It takes them a great deal of time to come to terms with the fact that they are useless, and they don't have a response for that – so you don't hear from them again.

  4. Frank says:

    As we approach another July 4th Independence Day. What I feel as a Veteran is pure betrayal by my Government, that always took more from me then they ever gave back. Now what we have become is a country that is on the brink of collapse that the power structure perpetrated. Our first amendment rights have been torn apart and victimized by ruthless parasitical judges and lawyers for the good of there own pockets. 

    I am not proud of what we have become and as our last rights are gone forever, speak now for the ones that can't. To our fallen brothers and sisters who have tried to speak the truth and were imprisoned or worst. The lies continue by the parasitical elites as our country and world collapse. I thank Dane and others for the ability to write my words without being censored. 

    I do not proudly fly my flag anymore for what symbol it has become. I thank all the veterans and others for fighting the oppression we all are under. This July 4th I fly my American Flag upside down which displays that we are in distress. I love this country and respect the flag more than you know. Read in the link below about why the flag is displayed upside down.

    • Ernesto Andrade says:

      Blessings Frank, Well done I admire your courage to stand out of the Rest and at Least do Something about it Which is Honorable and Sets an Example for Others to Follow and to Let Everyone Know that Our Flag Represents a Whole Nation United In Freedom and Respect and Love for Each Other Which is Always Ready to Defend it; Again Well Done Brave Soldier and May God Bless You and Have Mercy of Our What's Left of This Once Great Nation I Pray. 🙂

  5. Ray says:

    Good work as always Dane,

    Unfortunately aluminum nano particles are more difficult to detect, but not impossible, the 'electrostatic potential' of a volume of air can be measured, the aluminum particles will show a higher capacitive charge per volume than 'clean' air (78%nitrogen, 21% oxygen – and trace).  The greatest difficulty is obtaining samples at various altitudes – specially fitted aircraft can fly to predetermined altitudes and geophysical locations, but flight time is not cheap.  Electrostatic detectors are available, but baseline data would need to be established first, with known concentrations of aluminum nano particles and some 'Standard Air' at various pressures simulating different altitudes.  No matter what, it means volunteer work, and finding a financial resource.  It is not impossible.  The problem after this is accomplished, is finding a court of qualified persons willing to listen.  The courts still don't see the aluminum connection to Alzheimers, and other illnesses that are caused by biotoxic aerosol application.  Most still think we are conspiracy nuts.  Who would believe that our precious Uncle Sam could ever do such a thing – preposterous!  The courts, and local counties have this attitude and say "it's not in my jurisdiction".  

    I live here, on this wonderful planet, and it is my Juristic Obligation to make sure the facts are known and understood.
    And the courts remain blind.  I offer this, there is a bar against all knowledge, and that is 'Contempt prior to Investigation'.
    We have to break this conspiracy nut problem – or else it just won't matter – we won't be here on planet Earth.

  6. Cori Gunnells says:

    Thank you Elle, Lori, Sally and all others who took the time to attend this meeting and make our collective voices heard. The elected officials seated and hearing your testimony, rebukes and requests should be ashamed and firmly placed on notice that their denial of your rights to protection (health and safety) will not go by the wayside… even if they slam the door shut. That door will fall down. 

  7. Karin Six says:

    The family farm is your true source of independence.  Our forefathers knew this and therefore rushed to provide us land.  What are we doing now?  Hoping for handouts.  Take control…  Grow your own food.  Barter within your community.  Set up and support your community so that your community will support you if needed. Communities can even support each other.  If all communities see heavy metal poisoning and act together then that is power.  We get back to what we truly need.  No dependence!  Independence Day!!  United we stand, divided we fall.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karin, yes, I agree with the merits of the family farm, but we must stop the climate engineering madness or very sooon the land won’t produce anything.

    • Zack says:

      Where I live it's almost impossible to grow organic lettuce unless you like sickly yellow lettuce.

  8. Peter says:

    Thank you so much for this update, just to know people are still demanding answers gives us hope. Dane you are such a hero to humanity! Everyone also check out this Fox Report, regardless that the FAA continues to lie about geoengineering this is really an amazing segment.

  9. BaneB says:

    An additional comment:  the term "believers" was utilized, to further marginalized the citizenry concerns.  Knowing the scientific facts about Geoengineering is not the same as a faith based religious movement.  Mainstream media in general are not to be trusted, period.  Comment in my regions weather for today:  at 5 am the temperature was 73.2 degrees Fahrenheit.  This is unusual.  The humidity level is like living in Mississippi.  We have had triple digit temps for the past three plus weeks.  I think we are suffering from another odd Geoengineering experiment.  The weather control psychopaths are pumping moisture northward into Utah and Nevada through Arizona from Mexico/Baja and further south.  This moisture in the firm of sick looking cumulus clouds is being abruptly turned to the left (west).  This places the canopy over Northern California.  Also, this cloud cover is being directed into the Pacific Ocean atmosphere.  This moisture is getting into the ridicouslu resilient high pressure from the backside but no Pacific moisture is coming into it at all.  This cloud canopy over us is not cooling us down but rather is trapping in the heat and humidity.without providing relief from our drought.  I also call your attention to the bizarre behavior of the Water pattern in the Pacific off Baja and the striations fanning out in a semi circle.  I use Intellicast and its animation gives a clear picture of this area of the planet.


  10. Diane Maupin says:

    We live in Fall River Mills California; Northern California. Every day we see thick blankets of aerosols covering our beautiful valley. Every evening and every morning the horizon is bright orange and the artificial clouds are dark gray tinged with pinkish orange. I feel like I'm living on another planet, I've never saw this as a child and I am now 65 years old. My husband and I are very upset about the control the government has over this agenda to say the least! We try to educate the local population as much as possible about this situation, however many people think the recent sunsets and sunrises are beautiful and are getting photos of/or are painting the "mysteriously colored" skies. This agenda is happening right before everyone's eyes, as they say, "in plain sight" but they still don't get it. If I may quote a scripture: "They have eyes but do not see. They have ears but do not hear." I am saddened by this truth…

  11. BaneB says:

    Right now at 2:30 in the morning we are having lightning and thunder, and an inadequate rain sprinkle.  Everyone is on pins and needles because it is a powder keg in Northern California.  Three digit temps for three weeks, a dying eco system full of dead trees. And nano aluminum contamination, is a recipe for conflagration.  The town of Covelo came close to burning down last Sunday from the embers if a grass fire.  Two homes and a barn burned.  This is the kind of destruction being caused by the Geoengineering psychopaths.  This is the stuff of class action lawsuits.  The federal agencies involved, the corporations such as Raytheon, the university participation a such as Stanford and Cornell to name two players, NASA, NOAA, the Pentagram, the Navy and Air Force, et al, must be called out and held accountable!  At daybreak, if I hear the CalFire helicopters, I will know there are hot spots in the general area of Round Valley, California.

  12. Mozart says:

    I live in the mountains of NM after a heavy rainfall we noticed a green film in our dirt ponds I took samples of the water and took the to be tested, what came back was quite telling:

    51 mg/l of AL…that's correct there is no decimal.

    Maximum level of the EPA for drinking water .02 mg/l

    Wake up people

  13. Irene Parousis says:

    This made me so angry, I like what the man at 1:31 said to  them about getting ear muffs.  I'm sorry for those who put so much effort and believed in these bureaucrats, what a disillusionment!

  14. Karen W says:

    Boy one year later and it looks just like the rest of California's board attendees.  People are so frustrated with the way this government is performing they give up.  But to let it just happen is a crime.  We the people need to take the steps in recalling these boards and senate members, along with the Governor.  Our Constitution is being shred right before our eyes.  This evil agenda is all about money and power, and with this a total genocide against it's people.  If you haven't looked lately you may see that we are Not, I repeat, Not being run by the Constitution, but by foreigners who want to take this country down, and they are doing a great job at it.  Seems to me we need a few good men with honor and ethics to start a revival of the 4th of July!  We are under attack.  Take the blindfolds off and join Dane and others in getting our land back from these villains!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karen, though there are certainly foreigners in the loop, there is no shortage of American criminals running this country into the ground.

  15. Tim says:

    All that testimony and this is it? What a waste. As long as this is done in the name of National Security, nothing will stop it. Obama made it clear that climate change is a National Security threat.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Tim, reaching critical mass of awareness is essential. Once enough military personnel realize they are spraying their own, the game will change. 


    • Tim says:

      They do know they are spraying their own but being told it is for the good. See Wimbledon is in record heat, Alaska record heat, Oregon, Idaho, etc etc….Warm water is making it to the arctic. I know Guy was being a jerk to you but he is on the right path with his extinction talk. Really sad stuff.

  16. Earth Angel says:

    No wonder there is such a panic to 'fast track' the TPP through this 'government' we have in place..the vast number of those who blatently serve evil for a paycheck is incomprehensible.. worthless f#*ker$ they are, aren't they?!

  17. Diana Moss says:

    The response of these elected officials is a perfect example of what the entire country is experiencing.  I would want to ask each of these supervisors personally how much they are paid under the table to remain completely unconcerned about the health and welfare of those who have asked for their help.  Is a Class Action suit against the board possible?

  18. william says:


    • Listen to every word this gentleman says in this video. The 10th Amendment is also germane to States Rights…
      Jerry Day – Government Will Not Save You From Corporations
      Citizens need to shove "governments" out of their way, and refuse corporate control of their lives. Government should be a facilitator of civil freedoms, not a corporate army of dictators and slave masters.

  19. Maria says:

    Great great work!! Thank you su much.

  20. Patrick Haley says:


    Thanks so much for all that you do.

    Have you discussed, or can you talk about, a treaty of some sort, that is being fast tracked by our Government, that once in place, will effectively eliminate the ability of various groups, to sue the government.  One group which I've heard about, includes thousands of pilots and flight crew, who are being poisoned with the compressed solar radiated air that is pumped into the planes, as they fly through the heavy metal laden air.  I'll do all that I can to spread the word.

  21. Barry Eisenberg says:

    It seems like the only way to get their attention is by bringing suit. Maybe a suit in the billions would get their juices flowing.

  22. Nikki says:

    As we see more fearful, ignorant, lackadaisical leaders each day in the U.S., this is certainly no surprise. 
    There are simply two types of people in the world… those who are good, and willing to ACT , and cowards. 

  23. David says:

    Those lawyers willing to help will be necessary.  It makes me think of details in the TPP agreement that allow multi-national corporations to go outside country's laws to an outside legal tribunal and if that tribunal sides with the corporation they can override local laws.  How can one work "within the law" when so-called "higher" laws are created to protect the super wealthy and large corporations?!  I suppose they have to play along enough otherwise all semblance of justice would be lost, but it seems even when local people are able to pass a law the system just bypasses it a few years later.  It's very frustrating.  Do we boycott products and refuse to shop?!  Then we put each other out of work until the economy stabilizes under something other than consumerism and financial services/banking.  It's just disgusting.  What about scientific inquiry??  Why not just look into this and prove nothing is wrong, if that's what the believe?  Either they don't care, or they were threatened because CA has enough $ to run these basic tests the public requested!  I know it's a lie generally because all academics and scientist do is ponder, inquire and talk to each other to fill their days, otherwise what else do they do with their time??  Where is the innate creativity and curiosity to look at the climate/weather and then try to discover what's going on?  Instead we are told what isn't possible, or what isn't happening yet without any proof or data to show the public's fears are unwarranted.  That is breaking the faith of society.

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