Sky Criminals, Chuck Norris Speaks Out On Climate Engineering


Internationally recognized martial arts champion and celebrity Chuck Norris has yet again shown exceptional courage by continuing to publicly address the critical climate engineering issue in an extremely direct, articulate, and forceful manner. Mr. Norris has previously addressed the power structure's attempt to silence anti-geoengineering researches and informational sites.  Now, in the article below, he continues his examination of global geoengineering, and publicly states his warnings on this extremely dire issue. Let's hope that other well known personalities take a much needed example from Chuck Norris's unyielding moral fortitude. I wish to extend my deepest regard and respect to Mr. Norris for his steadfast and courageous effort to take a critically needed stand for the greater good.
Dane Wigington

Sky Criminals

Exclusive: Chuck Norris Examines Geoengineering "In Skies Above Us"

Source: WND, article by Chuck Norris

Country legend Merle Haggard, who died of a lung infection (double pneumonia) on April 6, sang in his song, “What I hate”: “What I hate is looking up and seeing chemtrails in a clear blue sky today.”

Several months ago, I wrote a column titled, “Why are geo-engineering researchers being stonewalled?” In it, I gave an array of evidence from scientists that geoengineering and, specifically, covert chemtrailing is taking place in the skies above us and unbeknownst to us.

For those who are unfamiliar with the subject and stratospheric lunacy, let me reiterate a few definitions:

Geoengineering is the artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems through two primary technologies: Solar Radiation Management, or SRM, and Carbon Dioxide Removal, or CDR.

CDR technologies include “bio-energy with carbon capture and storage, biochar, direct air capture, ocean fertilization and enhanced weathering,” according to Wikipedia.

SRM technologies “seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming. Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfate aerosols.”

Stratospheric sulfate aerosols “create a global dimming effect [that] has made them a possible candidate for use in solar radiation management climate engineering projects to limit the effect and impact of climate change due to rising levels of greenhouse gases. Delivery of precursor sulfide gases such as sulfuric acidhydrogen sulfide (H2S) or sulfur dioxide (SO2) by artillery, aircraft and balloons has been proposed.”

Chemtrailing is the “public’s term for the classified [covert] and ongoing artificial modification of Earth’s climate systems using reflective nano-materials (aerosols) to reflect sunlight. The aerosols are dispersed via jet aircraft trails that expand into reflective artificial clouds.”

Camp Verde, Arizona (3:20:16). Photo credit: Levin Rutherford

Geoengineered skies in Camp Verde, Arizona. Photo credit: Levin Rutherford

Sarah Zielinski, an award-winning science writer and editor, wrote a piece in December 2015 for the Smithsonian, titled, “Airplane Contrails May Be Creating Accidental Geoengineering.”

In the article, Zielinski explained, “Geoengineering involves the manipulation of an environmental process in such a way, usually deliberate, that it affects the Earth’s climate.”

Zeilinski cites Charles Long from the NOAA’s Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, Colorado, who reported at a press conference this past week at the American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting in San Francisco: “This haze is caused by airplanes, and it is gradually whitening blue skies. We might be actually conducting some unintentional geoengineering here.”

Many other scientists would say – as we shall see in a moment – intentional geoengineering.

Long went on to explain, “Its existence demonstrates yet another way that humans might be altering the climate system, and you can see this with your own eyes.”

I know, because my wife, Gena, and I have seen it in the skies over our own Texas ranch.

Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research concluded, “It seems quite possible that [Long is] seeing something that’s real.”

Long still calls the haze “a mystery,” but at the moment primarily blames air traffic exhaust and other aerosols as the most likely culprits of those particles.

But is the origin of it all so unintentional and innocent? Or are there deliberate sky criminals who are also chemtrailing above us with other chemical agents?

Long himself is puzzled how certain areas around the country like one in Oklahoma have significant sky whitening yet don’t get as much known air traffic.

When Snopes was investigating the recent accusations that NASA was spraying lithium (the anti-manic psychiatric medication) into the atmosphere and, hence, onto Americans, the liberal fact-finding website even had to confess that, “Buried among the tinfoil were a few actual facts: it was true that a 2003 study examined the feasibility of mass vaccination by air.”

The actual 2003 abstract from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a part of the U.S. federal government’s National Library of Medicine – a branch of the National Institutes of Health, reads:

The feasibility of using aerosol vaccines to achieve mass and rapid immunization, especially in developing countries and disaster areas, is being assessed on the basis of current available information. The aerosol mode of vaccine introduction, which best follows the natural route of many infections, may first lead to development of immunity at the portal of entry, and may also induce a more generalized defense. The recommended optimal way of introducing an aerosol vaccine is nasal breathing, which is more suitable for geriatric and pediatric populations, permits use of greater antigen volumes, and allows easier monitoring of results. Technical requirements for ideal aerosol vaccines and delivery systems, possible adverse effects, and cost-effectiveness are other issues addressed. Several thousand human subjects have been aerosol-vaccinated over a period of many years in Russia with live-attenuated strains against many diseases. Extensive field trials in South America with aerosolized live-attenuated measles vaccine have also been successful, and excellent results have been reported with pilot projects employing inactivated or live-attenuated aerosol influenza A vaccine. We conclude that aerosol immunization seems a promising method of vaccination. Although some basic information is still lacking, this method has already been used successfully in large populations and has therefore passed the phase of initial feasibility evaluation. [Emphasis added by me.]

Over the past 13 years since the study, does anyone think it’s possible that such mass vaccinations or immunizations have occurred by air in trial locations in the U.S.?

How many plane-dropping chemical cocktails have already been sprayed around the world in the name of securing public health?

When the heads of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention publicly sound the alarm that the Zika virus is “scarier than we initially thought” and the mosquito transmission ranges have increased from 12 states to 30 in just weeks, does anyone think there’s discussion of the NCBI 2003 study?

Whatever the intent or justification, and whether or not the purpose is for mass vaccinations or some other devious plot, if you don’t believe there’s some smoke-screening in the sky trails above you, I have a London Bridge to sell you in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.

Supreme among the evidence for the smoke and mirrors in the skies above and in halls of Washington is the work of Dr. J. Marvin Herndon, an American interdisciplinary scientist who earned his bachelor of arts degree in physics in 1970 from the University of California, San Diego, and his Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry in 1974 from Texas A&M University.

Herndon wrote an article that was reviewed and published on Aug. 11, 2015, in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, titled, “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health.” Again, the abstract from the article says it all:

The widespread, intentional and increasingly frequent chemical emplacement in the troposphere has gone unidentified and unremarked in the scientific literature for years. The author presents evidence that toxic coal combustion fly ash is the most likely aerosolized particulate sprayed by tanker-jets for geoengineering, weather-modification and climate-modification purposes and describes some of the multifold consequences on public health. Two methods are employed: (1) Comparison of 8 elements analyzed in rainwater, leached from aerosolized particulates, with corresponding elements leached into water from coal fly ash in published laboratory experiments, and (2) Comparison of 14 elements analyzed in dust collected outdoors on a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter with corresponding elements analyzed in un-leached coal fly ash material. The results show: (1) the assemblage of elements in rainwater and in the corresponding experimental leachate are essentially identical. At a 99% confidence interval, they have identical means (T-test) and identical variances (F-test); and (2) the assemblage of elements in the HEPA dust and in the corresponding average un-leached coal fly ash are likewise essentially identical. The consequences on public health are profound, including exposure to a variety of toxic heavy metals, radioactive elements, and neurologically-implicated chemically mobile aluminum released by body moisture in situ after inhalation or through transdermal induction.

Interestingly, on Sept. 2, 2015, just two weeks after it was published, Dr. Herndon’s entire 16-page scientific article was suddenly and completely retracted from the journal based upon only two chemical composition questions and an overarching explanation with no further explanation than this: “The language of the paper is often not sufficiently scientifically objective for a research article.”


It’s time again to wake up, America. I’m not Shakespeare, but something is definitely rotten in the state of Denmark.

Or as another music legend, Prince, who just passed away this past week, sang in his song, “Dreamer”: “While the helicopter circles us, this theory’s getting’ deep, Think they’re spraying chemicals over the city while we sleep? From now on I’m staying’ awake, you can call me a dreamer too, wake up, wake up.”

(For further information on geoengineering and its related subjects, I encourage you to go to

Source: WND, article by Chuck Norris

123 Responses to Sky Criminals, Chuck Norris Speaks Out On Climate Engineering

  1. Kat Lopez says:

    if all people and agencies of the environment joined forces, this would end immediately.

    all the groups out there, the air, water, the non gmo-ers, the vaccines, the this and the that -all come together for a peaceful march we would create massive awareness. No violence, if we are violent, they know how to handle us, if we are peaceful and united, they dont know what to do with us for we are not playing at their game.  Got it? thanks!

  2. Jack says:

    I have a friend who is personal friends with Mr Norris and just visited him a few weeks ago for Chuck's mothers birthday. When I showed him the article you published he laughed it off as he is a non believer. So I ask him to get an opinion straight from Chuck, and his response was, " he just told me he caught a lot of flack from that article and walked off" it seems the government has there ways to shut people up! But I move on. Jack

  3. Lee Harrison says:

    "Flu Like Symptoms" "Couldn't finish his flight/Emergency stop"…




    Thinking about Michael Jacksons Doctor and what happened, look out Prince's doctor! They may try to cover up Prince's MURDER "FROM" Geoengineering Insanity with pills from his doctor!

  4. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    I am very proud, that famous actors & celebrities, are aware of Climate Engineering! As we all know, these famous people like Chuck Norris, have extremely busy lifestyles, but to be able to recognize and take the time to discuss GeoEngineering is wonderful. Hopefully fans of these celebrities, will begin to listen & believe what is actually unfolding with the biosphere. I am a big NBA (National Basketball Association) Fan, I am sure several people have heard of Kobe Bryant, guard for the Los Angeles Lakers! Kobe recently retired two weeks ago, from playing for 20 seasons. I would be delighted to have the opportunity if ever possible, to inform him about GeoEngineering. Kobe has two little daughters. I'm sure he would be very concerned about the health of his daughters and condition of the planet, for the future!

  5. michael says:

    an update on the comment section on chuck's blog there

    i was banned today and all my days worth of comments which were referencing facts or just personal discussions i was having with the other users on the thread have all been deleted (except for my last 2 which were just me raging at the auto comment censoring engine that disqus uses)

    this is without a doubt a deliberate act of censorship cause the mods didn't like the information i was providing , i am not the only user that was being censored there as well , you can go there and see other's comments talking about the censoring going on there and see just how mny comments of mine were deleted….

    i don't know what to do about this (i've already emailed the wnd to appeal the ban but that's obviously not going to happen) , i can't make comments on that site anymore , but i would encourage others to go there and express your discontent for this blatant political censorship , i also wonder what the man chuck himself would think if he found out the mods were censoring public discussion on his blog……

    • Nick says:

      Michael, thank you for your info. I`m now so much confused, why they are approved on "his" blog publication about chemtrails and after that do censorship…….From now I don't have the confidence in the WND and ignore him….

  6. JR says:

    All day over Las Cruces, New Mexico the SAG/SRM sprayers were up there. They were building their whited out feather like web over and over into it. The sun going down people who know no better believe those are clouds up there with false coloring affect, purple like. Fifty miles east is El Paso, Texas and the skies are clear there! Talk about brainwashing us over and over for quite some years now, on other subjects too. Lord Have Mercy……..

    • Yes says:

      They spray the streets of El Paso down with agent orange etc two to three times a week with sprayer trucks, at about 3:00am.

      I don't think they need chemtrails there with their fancy hose trucks.

      One of the drivers sprayed it too close to me and I started having seizures.  For six months.  This happened last October and only in the past two weeks have the seizures stopped.

  7. Cliff says:

    I think it is fantastic that Chuck Norris and many others are recognizing the irrefutable obvious truth of chemtrails and many other things going on that will soon lead to destruction of the worlds people and our food supply. I hope that all people will wake up (soon) and at least "know" what's going on before it is too late. But the source of all these evils must be recognized as well. Who ever controls the worlds money supply controls all politicians (except for Trump, and unfortunately the commie bunny sanders) The worlds money supply has always been firmly in the hands of the Zionist bankers. Fact, not fiction. Control banks, media and politics go along for the ride.

  8. hadenuff says:

    Time To March On Washington  WHO WANTS TO GO

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Count me in! I will be there no matter what day WE choose and I will stay as long as needed to stop this insanity. I'm not kidding! I am In!

      Critical Mass of Awareness has been achieved! This is the next step.

    • Tom says:

      Only if I can bring my darn pitchfork!

    • patti says:

      I would like to go.

    • FRANK LOWY says:

      I am 95 years old, a pilot since 1939.I would join a march at DCA.Would love a million more to join.

    • cj jacoby says:

      Count me in. Make our voices heard now – before we are no longer permitted to speak!


  9. Rick L. says:

    Living in the Livermore Lab area in California we have been sprayed relentlessly for weeks even well in the night at times. When I mention it to people around here they are oblivious to it. I see this geo-engineering world wide in videos and pictures every where. My guess is it's so common to have these trails in the sky all the time, it appears to be nothing but clouds to most everyone now. It's as though these trails are just pretty clouds to have in the back ground. And being distracted with their hand held little toy's doesn't help matters one bit. What's it going to be like in ten or twenty years? This world will be in a real dire condition for children that are going to grow up and be adults then. Really kinda reminds of the days when DDT was sprayed directly on children in the 50's.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Rick L.,I think you are right except not all are pretty, in fact many are ugly, some looking like pollution, brown, but many shades of grey or mauve and oppressive looking.  I think many have forgotten what skies used to look like.  It is as if devices took away memories.

      And, yesterday the news mentioned that "they" are seriously considering putting street lights-stop/go-into the sidewalk, at ground level, as so many have been hit by vehicles while crossing the street texting or diddling with devices!!!!  I mean really, how are these people gonna recognize what is happening to the planet if they are so focused on a device they get hit in a crosswalk?!?!  Natural selection at work here?

    • stephan says:

      hey Rick L. and Rachel – It is amazing where this is going – here's a short tragic comedy

  10. Marvin says:

    Astonishing but not surprising information about spraying vaccines.  Apparently the human population is being subjected, unwillingly or unknowingly to the largest science experiment in history.  Just who are we supposed to hold responsible if we're not happy about being a lab rat?   

    • Talbot says:

      Holding someone responsible begins with identifiying the perps.  Who do you think has the power required to access the skies with deadly, poisonious mixtures?  Who do you think has the power to shut down environmental agencies and media in the face of such massive pollution?

      The military-industrial-complex are the only ones that have sufficient power to pull this off.  At minimum, this is a crime against humanity …… but would it be more accurate to describe this as an act-of-war on our society?

      What's the correct method for dealing with crimes against humanity or acts of war?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Coal fly ash is plenty bad enough.  But "live" vaccines? If this involves live egg medium, I am Very Allergic to that and not allowed to take flu vaccines because of that.  I may have a lot of uncommon disease conditions, but I'm not the only one, my rheumatologist told that so many with autoimmune diseases have serious trouble with vaccines including nearly all of his staff.  I am not swollen twice my size and having anaphylaxis, so…..?   But, I have had a rash for more than a year now, of unknown origin.  Also, if lithium is true, it is toxic to me and to many if not most.  If on lithium, they test your blood all the time to check for toxic reaction, not uncommon at all.  I am not by- polar, not manic, but was in a situation in which it was tried on me in the '80s.  Did not make me lethargic at all.  Quite the opposite.  Was the weirdest drug, affected my coordination.  I could not toss a ball from one hand to the other, that kept blowing my mind.  Reminded me a bit of what LSD is like.  I felt wired as in high energy, and trippin', and kept seeing so many colors, strange images.  Perhaps it all, if sprayed, is diluted by the time it lands on us?  There must be some kind of data base for all ER reports.  Would that be a way to track this, measure where and spread of,  and effect? 

    • inex says:

      that is real simple who we hold responsible – the elites that have scammed the cash from the masses (they are obvious by now), and they think and truly believe they are entitled to it all and there is no need for us in their eyes.. so what is the next logical step? to , of course, do away with the rest, now that the heavy work has been done.  there is a certain 'group' that feels so entitled and privileged and they do NOT like to work what so ever. they do not like to get their hands dirty. (it's clear who that group is by now)  it seems to me, they are done with the slaves (have to keep a few around of course to serve them – makes sense)! 

      you are so right, we are lab rats in, what I perceive to be,  a well disguised prison. We are tossed enough crumbs to keep us distracted and also believing they look out for our best interests! yeah right!  time to turn the tables is the only thing left to do, because if we don't right now, what's the point? ? ?  – 

  11. Phil says:

    Hi Dane,  I had a question from someone who is new to the geoengineering issue.  He is wondering exactly what is causing the oceans to be acidified and the soils to be alkalinized.  I thought it would be easier to ask an expert life yourself, instead of trying to answer it for him myself.  I would appreciate your response.  Thank you for all your continued effort in this critical battle of our lifetime. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Phil, in regard to your quistion, indecations are that the geoengineering/SRM occuring over the oceans is likey also utilized for ocean fertilization. Oceans are already obsorbing more Co2 on their own which increases acidity (100,000,000 tons of Co2 is released into the atmosphere every day from anthropogenic activity), ocean fertilization would thus force this process to even higher levels ( since we cannot do precipitation tests over the ocean, we cannot know if the materials showing up are the same as what we find over land). About soils, if the precipitation is laden with aluminum oxide nano particulates, the normal acidity of the rain (approximately 5.6) is pushed toward alkaline. In normally acidic soils, the loading of the soils with the contaminated rain can push the surface layer of the soil toward a higher pH.

  12. Dawnski says:

    Thank you to the local newspaper for running an article about my sons Bee Conservation senior project. May the community participate in pollinator pit stops here in Race City USA. Flummoxed to find a photo today submitted by a local artist, member of the big Baptist church in town we first visited and was shooed out of and by golly I certainly was vocal about my prayer request before they did so, and yet same said paper has his photo of our water tower taken with a stream of toxic "vapor" appearing as though it is blowing steam. Yes Cotton Ketchie, I am steamed every time I see toxic activity in our atmosphere that is harmful to our planet, our children, our existence. I do not understand how a grown artist adult is unable to see the toxicity for what it really us. Or does and funds it humorous to share publically what people have no clue they are really looking at.  . .I hope you came to this site as my contact suggested and the research speaks for itself, if not the Holy Spirit.

    • Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

      Dawnski, I love the approach you have taken. I believe Cotton has read your comment as well as mine. Critical Mass of Awareness is upon us!

  13. The globalisation of bad food and poor health: Sustainable development or sustainable profits
    5th April 2016 / Global / By Colin Todhunter
    The proportion of deaths due to cancer around the world increased from 12 percent in 1990 to 15 percent in 2013. Globally, cancer is already the second-leading cause of death after cardiovascular diseases.
    In India, government data indicates that cancer showed a 5 percent increase in prevalence between 2012 and 2014 with the number of new cases doubling between 1990 and 2013. The incidence of cancer for some major organs in India is the highest in the world. Reports have also drawn attention to rising rates of breast cancer in urban areas, and, in 2009, there was a reported increase in cancer rates in Tamil Nadu’s textile belt, possibly due to chemically contaminated water.
    The increase in prevalence of diabetes is also worrying. By 2030, the number of diabetes patients in India is likely to rise to 101 million (World Health Organisation estimate). The number doubled to 63 million in 2013 from 32 million in 2000. Almost 8.2 percent of the adult male population in India has diabetes. The figure is 6.8 percent for women.
    In India, almost 76,000 men and 52,000 women in the 30-69 age group died due to diabetes in 2015, according to the WHO. The organisation reports South-East Asia had a diabetic population of around 47 million, which is expected to reach 119 million by 2030.
    A new study in The Lancet has found that India and China continue to have the largest number of underweight people in the world; however, both countries have broken into the top five in terms of obesity.       Full article here:

    • Rodster says:

      China has become more Westernized especially in their diet. The were known to have healthy veggie based diets, now they have moved on to a more meat based diet and IIRC, they have McDonald's and even KFC in China.

    • Bruce says:

      "Nutrition and Physical Degeneration" presents examinations during the 1920's and 1930's conducted by Dr Weston A. Price and his wife who traveled the world seeking out isolated indigenous groups to study their diet and health.  Price found 14 different diverse tribal diets which provided almost complete immunity to tooth decay and illnesses by consuming only natural foods without the refined and devitalized offerings of the western diet which, when introduced, led to malnutrition and poor health. 

  14. Troy - VAXXED Coming to a Theater Near You says:


    I hope you will be able to see this movie. Let's spread the word everyone. Click on the tab Screenings and see if is playing at a theater near you.

  15. ED IVANISKO says:

    I remember in 1994 (at our newly purchased house so this is an accurate tme marker ) hearing large jets flying overhead all night long and thinking they were military as we are not on any busy commercial airlines flight paths . The unusual cloud formations would be there as I had never observed before and when any one back then theorized about what may be happening , they were labelled  " conspiracy theorists ". Now there is blatant day time grid pattern flying with obvious particulate dispersal from these mad "scientist" driven robo- pilot pieces of shit and the
    "theories" have "evolved" to what's in that crap coming down on us ?

    Humans are doomed and the earth will be a better place ( after a few million years of healing time ) when we are extinct

  16. Rodster says:

    Ecuador to hike taxes, sell assets to fund quake rebuilding. So if the Geoengineer's were perhaps behind this, guess who benefits?

  17. Linda says:

    Thank you, Keith for the Prince song and gut wrenching photos. No words……..

  18. Bob says:

    Great that a well known voice is coming out and being clear about this subject.  Hurray for Chuck Norris.  Hurray for all you do here Dane to expose this ugly, ugly situation in our history.  

    Just wanted to mention.  Here in Northern Vermont, getting snow at 37 degrees and rising.  Yesterday, they sprayed the skies heavily.  A detail I noted was the planes were spraying near to the existing artificial cirrus clouds using them as cover.  What I mean is at first, in the morning to early afternoon, the planes were more sporadic, but towards late afternoon, the skies had hazed up pretty good, but not fully blocked the sunlight, and thats when the big trail makers seemed to come out.  The horizon to horizon ones, with big wide spray ribbons.  I noted they were hitting the western sky hard to block the sun.  In less then an hour, the sky was thick and uniform gray/white.  Now we have snow today!  Almost 3 inches, and its 37.6 degrees and still snowing.

    Gee thats peculiar…


    • Bob says:

      Update – 3 hours later, now 39 degrees, still snowing…I guess physical laws have changed…

    • Dennie says:

      It's in the high 50's today, was in the 30s in some spots around the San Francisco Bay Area yesterday, and it's projected to be in the high 80s this weekend.  Weather Whiplash, no question, except one:  Who's questioning?  Not nearly enough people. 

      My cousin in Fort Lupton, CO has had a sinus infection for 2 months.  Her daughter gets bronchitis.  I told her it could well be a fungal infection and to see if she can test a few essential oils to make sure she wouldn't get a bad reaction and add a drop of either tea tree, oregano, rosemary or eucalyptus essential oil to the saline solution she's using as a nasal wash.  Antibiotics probably won't do much to stop a fungal infection and they're really rough on your body. 

      As for me, oh yes, I have plenty to deal with.  I'll need to move from my house and find another place that doesn't have the problems with leakage and air flow.  I will have to lease, probably, and share-rent elsewhere while trying to locate a house that works for me.  God help us.  This is what the toxic metal sprays are causing in my life!

  19. Killer Dana says:

    Amador  County  California  Spray  Alert  !

    This  morning  when  I went outside  @ 07:05  the  Chem  Pilots  were hard at it laying in more Poison over the town of  Jackson and Sutter Creek …. 

    Looks  worse than War  Zone  in Amador County Today .

    Thank  You 

    Jerry Brown ,

    Your  Brain   is   Dead  from all your  Gmo's  ,,,,,,   Governor .  




    • jim Reed says:

      I want to emphasis, those in the Military, ie pilots now,

      are the arrogant ones, not as the WW2, Korean.

       They will not listen to the citizens.  We inform each other.


      Un fortunately for us, the weather IS  modified by the chemicals.


      They are going to "Hell  bent on destruction."

      The rest of us are in their way… 


      More lettting it be known, and those who do not listen, so be it.

    • JF says:

      Heavy spraying today again over Southern California. Sky is now a white milky haze.

  20. Ok, let's bring it home a bit: My 1 1/2 year old grand nephew has had an intractable case of pneumonia since late December. The medical ghouls have treated him with prednisone, Clindamycin, Amoxicillian, and other modalities, but all for naught. At this point, no doctor has even bothered to do a PCR blood panel to determine what sort of bacteria are present… Do they just want this child dead?

    In the last three weeks: Four persons I know have acquired bronchial pneumonia, and all have suffered an extremely slow recovery. I happen to exist in Minnesota. This IS biological warfare against the civilian public, and the delivery systems are well known…

    Persons doing this don't give a damn about anything but a pension and a paycheck. We need serious lawsuits against "government" agencies, and direct confrontation with the companies who deliver these poisons for profit.

    18 U.S. Code § 229 – Prohibited activities

    Complete text can be found at:

    Also see: Industry "Weapons" for Earth's Depopulation

    • renate says:

      Thank you this information Paul Vonharnish. It's all there isn't it. What the people need is a legal document they can file themselves using the Post Office by register mail thereby having a legal file number. It doesn't cost much to register mail,.anyone can do it. We need someone who has the smarts to create a legal doc with wording & instructions for lay-people to follow, (fill in the banks) This way we can get the people who don't have much money to do something and start suing those involved. Documents should be designed to address a no border situation "like doctors without borders" You will never go to court because they will never response, (we have all the patents) then you file a "default" against all of  them's something we can do……..

    • Dennie says:

      Wow, Paul, hot diggity dog, what a gold mine of info re everything toxic that's been allowed to continue on Earth.

      One of my students is a physician at Kaiser Permanente health care.  She was educated at top schools in Australia.  What a world of difference between them and us– we're just sooo much less well-educated and dare I say, so much less of a heart here in the U.S. compared with people there.  She agreed that the first thing to do to stop all the cancer is simply stop all the toxic crap allowed here right now, pesticides, herbicides, plastics, EM radiation, ionizing radiation in any form.  It's GOT to GO.  American physicians haven't heard of Physicians for Social Responsibility– amazing to me. 

    • Steve says:

      As a solution why don't the public just refuse to pay their taxes to their governments in questions who are poisoning them? As our taxes are funding these a**holes. No money no planes!?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh my Paul, that poor baby and his parents, and you too.  Is baby in hospital?  Why no blood panel??!  Is anyone jumping up and down screaming about that?  Does the wee boy have a high fever?  Why on earth would they treat him with prednisone?  Makes no sense.  Go to another hospital NOW.  Dear Lord, what that baby has been through already with all this!  That he is still alive is a testimony to his strength!  Wherever that baby is being treated and by whomever-sucks!  Go elsewhere and fast!  The only way prednisone makes sense to me is if something they gave him caused an allergic reaction and swelling from, further obstructing his air ways.  And, hospitals themselves are germ factories, dangerous places to be.  I've had pneumonia 6 times in my life, the first time I was 5 and very very nearly died.  It was in conjunction with measles.  A well known deadly duo.  Pneumonia is exhausting and painful.  And extremely uncomfortable.  Sleep is difficult.  Sleep in hospitals is almost impossible.  My youngest grandson was 3 and a half when he got pneumonia with H1N1 back when H1N1 was the new scourge.  He recovered and was out in 4 days but had to use an inhaler for 2 years or so, off and on.  He is fine now, 100%.  I'm saying there is hope, but maybe not with those doctors.  Take his records and scans and go.  Do you know if either of his parents has an autoimmune disease?  Get their medical background too.  Like clues in a forest to follow, to document against what may be found next.  Like some air quality report.  They live near you?  Has the little one been at home?  Was he vaccinated?  My profound condolences to you and his parents and so much sympathy/empathy for Him!  Just breaks my heart. Whether or not this is "all" due to geoengineering is besides the point.  Obviously we live in a soup of poisons and no one cares.  People are beginning to really get that, and given getting it, makes geoengineering less of a leap for the previously blissfully unaware.  Like a springboard.

      Your laundry list of ills-too true all.  I have something I've been intended to post regarding environmental contaminants, mostly of the agricultural sort, and the affect on all, especially babies.  Cornell is useless, a government pet.  But I can't seem to stay awake.  So tired, not enough air.

  21. Ed Bee says:

    My thanks to Chuck Norris for being a fictional as well as a real-life hero. I pray for Dane's and his protection for exposing the truth, and hope other big names will come on board to publicize the insanity going on.

    • Dennie says:

      Yes, Ed.  They can't ALL of them start winding up "car crashed" or "pneumonicided–"  MUCH too obvious.  We have also had cases of pneumonia in San Rafael, CA– where'd it come from?

  22. Danny Whitley says:

    Good on you Chuck for speaking out, let's hope more people in the public eye have the b@lls to raise this issue. Crazy weather here in Plymouth, England today, hails and snow showers this morning. No coincidence then that they were spraying our skies all day yesterday. I have been telling as many people as I can on this and I do think the message may be getting through to some. All the best to Dane and everyone who is working so hard on this very important issue, you have my utmost respect.

  23. Cathy says:

    OMG! I had NO idea! But being ex-governMENTAL, I should have known. We are only told 1% of truth, the rest is lies. Thank you so much for this eye-opening article and for all you are doing to make us aware of what's going on.

  24. Thank you Chuck Norris for speaking out about Geo-Engineering. We need more people in the public eye to speak out about this subject, we are all doing our bit to get this out there but famous people have a bit more clout when it comes to something like this. So thank you Chuck Norris for your bravery and courage.

  25. TNGeoWatch says:

    we all need to pray for chuck for speaking out.

    the tone in this article is crap. 

    But it is getting Google hits. Even mighty Google can't prevent this search!! 


  26. Tim says:

    I feel like the only one sick from this spraying. I am disabled from it and if they don't knock it off, going to have to sell everything and live in a tiny house somewhere. I am so angry at these people. 

    • CJ says:

      Tim, I think some of us who have very sensitive constitutions are feeling the effects right away and getting sick. You are not alone. In normal life, before all this evil began, I worked hard to maintain auto-immune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's) and chemical sensitivity. I'm here in Western Norway and yesterday running errands with a colleague during the lunch hour I got completely knocked out. I taste the chemicals right away and my lips start burning.The sky was milky after 3 days of spraying. It tasted like a cross between a petro- chemical and a pesticide…maybe Ethylene Dibromide. I had to come home, shower and take remedies with my lungs and dosed Alpha Lipoic Acid every 2 hours . Also, I noticed in th last week my stomach is swollen up like a basketball. Today, there is no spraying however, the air is stilled saturated with chemicals..I have a mouth-full and my thyroid is swelling. Leaving for Germany next week and I hope  it will be better there. My new reality is life indoors. I'm pinching myself that this is really happening…welcome to the Luciferian system of the NWO. Hanging on by the Grace of God…CJ

  27. Erica, biochemist in FL says:

    Hi Dane,

    I admire your work and your call for people to share this knowledge. I have spent countless hours listening to your radio shows and reading every article I can on your website. I thought that since I have a BS in Chemistry and a higher sub specialization in biochemistry that my friends and family would listen to me. I've started this mission, to which I must admit I feel is my purpose at this point, and it's incredible how intelligent people will trust reading one "skeptic site"  on the issue and not use their common sense by just looking at the huge x's and A's in the sky. It's true that the spraying has become less obvious in some ways, as planes now link their contents with existing clouds. It's still extremely obvious to me as the wisps , the milky white sky, and the haze exist daily. I was listening to NPR this morning(another frustration as much of my peers and family don't believe the MSM would fail to report something if it was credible and persistent) and I heard the new number of citrus affected by greening is now thought to be 80%. I'm curious to know if you think this staggering number is due to Geoengineering, similar to the tree dieoff from fungal infections and extreme UVB rays? Also, as a chemist, what can I do in a lab that may be of some use to the data that is collected and used as evidence? Are people collaborating in this way? 

    Thank you for all that you do. I know you didn't ask to be the leader of this movement, but you are doing an incredible job and without your work I would still be trying to figure out the WHY of the spraying. Now, because of your hard work, I can use my time and energy to  focus on the END of the spraying. 

  28. leo says:

    I tell everyone I know and most of them believe this is happening. They can see it themselves…I live in NH and it is quite aggravating to watch these spineless fkg air force clowns spraying us like rodents. Anyone who is complicit should be in prison  or death row starting with fraud barry….anyways thanks to patriots like Dane more people like me are aware of this criminality. The comments here are great too

  29. Anthony Enright says:

    Chuck Norris Thank You for being alert on this subject the Military has been experimenting on the service members for years now. Thanks Again

  30. Jeff says:

    I just shared photos that I sent to Dane and the team of the spraying going on over metro Atlanta with my brother, who is an attorney here in Atlanta. I finally had the opportune time to approach him with this information and the photo evidence along with the information and videos on GEW. He was shocked when I showed him evidence and the Canadian filing that is underway. However, I was amazed at his response. He was shaking his head in heart felt grieve of the information. Then, the response came that I didn't want to hear. He said that he couldn't think about this, it's too big to fathom what the results could be. He told me that if he focused too much on things like this, it would ruin his sense of well being and he wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

    I told him welcome to reality my brother! These are the things that we have to face if you want to continue your complacent disconnected existence outside of reality and you are one of the people that we need in this fight!!! This was a partial victory so far and I am going to continue the push to get he and his colleagues on board in the fight, but this is the unawakened populous that we are dealing with. It's okay to applaud everyone doing their part and I commend those who see this, but it's time for all of us to move into those uncomfortable conversations with people and do everything that we can to move this forward. Every voice and every victory is paramount in the awakening of the whole of the public. Please, everyone do what you can!!

    I pledge to find any of my brother's attorney friends to join this fight and organize here in Atlanta. I pray that all of you do the same in this fight. ALL ARE NEEDED TO WAKE UP THE MASSES!!

    please help the cause!!

    • Nancy Jones says:

      Great work Jeff.  The attorneys need to hear "Remember no one believed that the Germans were gassing thousands of Jews either"  We Americans could be next….

    • Greg Mann says:

      Good on ya Jeff – I get the same thing here in Brasil – I don't want to think about this!! Or the "why would they do that"? People are sheeple all over, but at least in the N. Hemisphere there are people who are not so outside the loop of events as to not get on board in one way or another!

  31. World War III Has Begun / Paul Craig Roberts / April 25, 2016
    The Third World War is currently being fought. How long before it moves into its hot stage? Washington is currently conducting economic and propaganda warfare against four members of the five bloc group of countries known as BRICS—Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Brazil and South Africa are being destabilized with fabricated political scandals. Both countries are rife with Washington-financed politicians and Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). Washington concocts a scandal, sends its political agents into action demanding action against the government and its NGOs into the streets in protests.
    Washington tried this against China with the orchestrated Hong Kong “student protest.” Washington hoped that the protest would spread into China, but the scheme failed. Washington tried this against Russia with the orchestrated protests against Putin’s reelection and failed again. To destablilze Russia, Washington needs a firmer hold inside Russia. In order to gain a firmer hold, Washington worked with the New York mega-banks and the Saudis to drive down the oil price from over $100 per barrel to $30. This has put pressure on Russian finances and the ruble. In response to Russia’s budgetary needs, Washington’s allies inside Russia are pushing President Putin to privatize important Russian economic sectors in order to raise foreign capital to cover the budget deficit and support the ruble. If Putin gives in, important Russian assets will move from Russian control to Washington’s control. In my opinion, those who are pushing privatization are either traitors or completely stupid. Whichever it is, they are a danger to Russia’s independence.
    … the neoconservatives have been driven insane by their arrogance and hubris. In their pursuit of American hegemony over the world, they have cast aside all caution in their determination to destabilize Russia and China.
    By implementing neoliberal economic policies urged on them by their economists trained in the Western neoliberal tradition, the Russian and Chinese governments are setting themselves up for Washington. By swallowing the “globalism” line, using the US dollar, participating in the Western payments system, opening themselves to destabilization by foreign capital inflows and outflows, hosting American banks, and permitting foreign ownership, the Russian and Chinese governments have made themselves ripe for destabilization.
    If Russia and China do not disengage from the Western system and exile their neoliberal economists, they will have to go to war in order to defend their sovereignty.

    • JR says:

      A good watch (doc.) is "Confessions of An Economic Hit Man", made in the USA….

    • Dennie says:

      Great info, Susan.  I'm glad to hear on this terrible evening that the other countries of the world are not going to go along and bend to the insanity– hell, WE don't even want it any longer– when WILL "they" get it?  All right, all right, I know– probably not without a lot of banging over the head, if ever.  Let 'em go farm potatoes on Mars.

      "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins was a fantastic expose of how The System works and should be required reading for every kid in high school, sophomore year.  Much more useful in preparation for real life than Catcher in the Rye, I'd say, haha!

    • Thank you, JR. Yes, I have been reading John Perkins for many years now. Another brave soul!

      And Dennie, thank you! Let's hope there are other courageous 'Dragon Slayers' who will stand up to the ratzoids hell bent on destroying the planet!

  32. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Please support this Amazing Hip -Hop Hope Dane  Wigington sees it too and I hope you give your support music gives power to the message and awareness ,scientifically proven I wish you would recognize that on this ste Wigington all of you plz view the link below               

  33. Tag says:

    Chuck Norris is, and has always been, one Class Act.  The wave is growing and a flood of knowledge will follow. 

  34. Earth Angel says:

    Fabulous article Chuck! Excellent points made. God bless you and the other courageous celeb's that have been speaking out against this atrocious criminal behavior. You will help us reach a wider audience. Thank You sir, and thanks to ALL who are lending their efforts in this fight for ALL life on earth!

    • Earth Angel says:

      P.S. Chuck- Thanks for highlighting the most suspect circumstances in which they retracted Dr. Herndon's excellent paper. Does it get any fishier than that??!  Pulling a great scientific paper such as that in only 2 weeks?!!.. I couldn't believe it!  Clearly that wasn't enough time to even determine if it was flawed data- which of course it wasn't. They really blew their cover on that one. Glad I made hard copies of it BEFORE it was retracted- and I have shared them FAR abd WIDE!!! And continue to do so!! Take THAT you jerks in academia responsible for pulling the paper. 

  35. Come on Chuck, everyone knows that science is GOOD for us….. Just look at how SCIENCE is being used to control those damn pesky Gypsy moths: > 

    GMO poison to be carpet bombed across 10,000 acres of Western Washington to kill moths –

    It's always those damn gypsies causing trouble… Let's kill them all…

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Thank you, Paul.  Kill the moths (and who knows what else along with them) while introducing GMO insects, like the mosquitoes that likely caused the Zeka birth defects.

      I hate "biotech".  All the world is a mad science lab.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Yikes, it's worse than I thought!  Spraying bacteria because invasive moths could ruin the environment!  Never mind Hanford or the electromagnetic war games.

      Some days I just can't take it all in.

    • bija says:

      I'm right there with you Bella and Paul! Today we awoke to a weather alert advising us to stay indoors due to the poor air quality from dust stirred up in our recent high winds – especially young children and the elderly.  So what is the military response to this alert??? Of course,  spray the crap out of us! Did anyone notice. Nope!

      Thanks to Chuck Norris for caring more about the TRUTH than about fame or money. I understand his son just directed a movie called AMERIGEDDON that is also stirring up some controversy.


  36. Paul Fowler says:

    A trio of true heros  . We can only hope others will follow.

  37. JR says:

    Chemical Laden skies over S.W. New Mexico big time. The aerosolized sky was obvious to the trained eye, with the strong winds and dust to accompany. Our windy months are February & some of March. The month of April was for rain in past, which of course these lowlifes are destroying our rain clouds. This crap was blowing East of I-10, good evening. Thanks Chuck, Dane, and all against SRM-SAG/aka/Chemtrails…..worldwide!!!

    • George says:

      Here in Gladstone Australia they spray to stop the rain for the local foreign corporations.

    • Michel B says:

      Hi George, I have worked in Gladstone, at both Aluminium refineries and at the Coal Port Authority. At the time I did not know about geoengineering.

      It's good to hear from you. We need more people from around Australia to lend their voices here and tell us what they see. We know people in every city and most towns know all about this crime in our skies. Let's start to shout it out and enumerate our observations!

      I'm from Brisbane and I never see a day without some degree or type of geoengineering in our once deep blue skies.

  38. michael says:

    wow i had no idea you had already talked about this publicly before , way to live up to the legend chuck , it takes a lot of courage for someone in your position to speak out about this……

  39. Melanie says:

    Thank you Mr. Norris for helping to spread awareness on this dire issue. We are all very grateful you are on board with us!

    Sincere gratitude to you, sir.


  40. donna ford says:

    Dane, a good friend is on the board of a group fighting uranium mining/reclamation, and a recent awakening to geo engineering got her to ask me why there has been no EPA law suite or study pertaining to "chemtrails" As a PhD and a veteran of these types of actions she claims that is how they have won their fights with big uranium. I had no answer for her….


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Donna, this type of legal action is exactly what our legal team is working on now. The reason it has not happened yet is because no major environmental group has shown even a shred of courage in regard to facing the climate engineering issue. 

    • donna ford says:

      Don Hancock at SRIC works with the environmental law center at UNM in Albuquerque and may be of some help to cross all "T's" and dot the "I's" in regards to the process. They have been very successful suing the EPA.

  41. MarlinGuy says:

    Kudos to Mr. Norris for having the guts to acknowledge his awareness of what's happening over all of our heads. I'm in my 60s. I'm a conservative & have great respect for God's creation. Apparently there is a breed of humans (or sub-humans) with nothing but contempt for anything alive. I pray that we ALL become aware of 2 things: (1) we all depend on this little blue globe, (2) something is definitely NOT right in the skies and (3) it's been going on full-throttle since at least the early 90's. This is NOT about politics and we'd all better unite under the "it's nice to be able to breathe" banner or our kids (and theirs) may not survive this all-out attack on humanity. I remember blue skies, and I fear that my children and grandchildren may never see them again.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “MarlinGuy”, yes, all need to unite in this most critical battle. In regard to how long the aerosol operations have been going on, they were first deployed on a significant scale in the mid 1940s, FYI link attached.

  42. Cori Gunnells says:

    People need to know about this, and share this information:
    Ice Nucleation using PSEUDOMONAS SYRINGAE ~ Is it no wonder people are rapidly getting sick with 'respiratory infections' immediately following heavy spray days? This is no coincidence. 
    The climate engineers are recklessly and desperately 'attempting to hide' the warming of the Earth – using ice nucleation. The serious consequences and outcomes of these highly toxic ice nucleation aerosol programs are now quite suddenly making us sick (often acutely and gravely), killing vegetation and other forms of life, and reeking havoc with Earth's natural climate systems. We never gave consent for these programs. It must stop! ~ Cori 
    "…Pseudomonas syringae bacteria turn water into ice at temperatures above a normal freezing point. P. syringae pulls off its COOL trick by rearranging nearby water molecules, researchers in the United States and Germany report online April 22 in Science Advances. This chill ability makes the microbes useful in making artificial snow at ski resorts.
    Researchers knew that a particular protein on the microbes’ membranes was somehow responsible for making ice form. The team found that this ice nucleation protein, inaZ, acts as a MOLD for ice crystals. Alternating water-repelling and water-attracting parts of the protein tug nearby water molecules into an orderly, icelike arrangement. Once arranged into an ice-promoting formation, water molecules can quickly disperse heat energy.
    Understanding how P. syringae freezes water could inform science beyond the slopes. In gardens, the bacteria can wreak havoc on frost-sensitive plants. And ice-forming bacteria play an important role in climate by affecting patterns of CLOUD formation and PRECIPITATION, the researchers say."

  43. Seattle Portland says:

    I sadly and unwilling accept that Mr. Norris will be quieted (threatened or killed), like so many other celibates that speak out.

  44. Keith Arnett says:

    For those interested in hearing Prince's song dreamer referenced above.

  45. Rodster says:

    It would be nice to see Chuck Norris attend one of Dane’s conventions in Redding, CA.

  46. Surely, what we all have to understand is that it is not only celebrities that have to speak out. IT IS ALL OFF US THAT NEED TO MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD!

  47. TNGEOWATCH says:

    Reports like these about the animals dieing.

    And these about ISP issues nation wide.

    With the run away green house event in it's early stages we all need to look inward and get right.  Then look outward on how to make a difference and save what we have.

    Dane, I would of made it to your Earth Day event but I stayed home and limited my carbon footprint and emailed local weather and news personalities.

    We all need to reduce our intake as fast as we can.  

    One person at a time reducing consumption will make a huge statement over time.

  48. Tina Mott says:

    Thank you Chuck Norris for giving this horrible issue voice.  I live in upstate NY and the spraying goes on for 4 days straight!  Then a break of 2 days and they are at it again!  I don't even want to go outside for fear of getting sick!  How very sad!  Our basic freedoms are being affected!  Spraying is being conducted in every state I visit, from NY to NC, to SD, GA, CA!!  Just so disheartening!  We need more Chuck Norris's

  49. Greg O. says:

    Thank-you Mr. Norris for your article.  Your commitment to this dire issue will help expose the global cover-up.  I've enjoyed all aspects of your career over the years.  Selling my power stretcher many years ago was a big mistake for my flexibility.  Great tool you gave us!  Thanks for all that you have done and thanks again for sounding the alarm on geo-engineering.

  50. While America Debates The $20 Bill, China Moves Closer To Gold
    Tho Bishop via The Mises Institute,
    … China…taking important steps to distance themselves from the dollar. Earlier this week, Reuters reported China taking the bold step of launching a yuan-denominated gold price.  Reuters noted: “As the world's top producer, importer and consumer of gold, China has baulked at having to depend on a dollar price in international transactions, and believes its market weight should entitle it to set the price of gold. The new benchmark may not be an immediate threat to London, but industry players say over time China could set the price of the metal, especially if the yuan become fully convertible.”
    … By trading physical gold in renminbi, China is slowly chipping away at the dominance of US dollars….The gold reserve on the China balance sheet has almost doubled since 2009. By holding gold, and moving away from a US-dollar centric system, we actually require less US dollars.  … in spite of Ben Bernanke’s assurances to the contrary, it is clear that China still sees gold as money.

    • Rodster says:

      As Dane has said many times in the past that none of that will matter if we don’t have a planet that can support life. Slowly but surely we are destroying our biosphere, poisoning our water, the air we breathe and turning our oceans into garbage dumps.

    • Rodster — Of course you are correct. None of this will inevitably matter. However short term, the death of the petro-dollar will provoke world war. After that…?

    • Greg O. says:

      Hi Susan,

      Thanks for all of your posts.  In regards to China, Russia, India, Iran, etc., and the gold standard, check out Jim Willie-dollars death sentence (April 2016) on YouTube.  He even briefly mentions geo-engineering.  Greg O.

    • AK says:

      The destruction of the dollar is a game changer and there is no guarantee that the power structure will still be in control to continue these demonic programs after the dollar has collapsed.

    • AK — Hmmm… nice thought!! The death of the petro-dollar might stop "these demonic programs". To continue the insanity they would have to have the SDR in place. Any recent announcement on timing news from Lagarde…

  51. The Most Dangerous Divergence
    Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog / April 25, 2016
    … Millions of upper middle class professionals have bought into the establishment propaganda. They actually believe the Federal Reserve is infallible and can keep stock prices elevated for eternity. Despite conclusive evidence the Fed failed in 2000/2001 and again in 2008/2009, the willfully ignorant stock market participants are putting their faith in highly educated academics whose insane monetary machinations have led to a global recession and global debt levels imperiling the worldwide global economy.
    The last remaining threads keeping the country from imploding have been the rising stock market and the home price recovery. Both recoveries have been engineered through Fed easy money, Wall Street fraud, and mainstream media propaganda. Neither is based on a solid foundation of free market true demand. When the bottom gives out, it will drastically impact the upper middle class and people who pass for rich in this day and age. When the tide goes out for the third time in the last sixteen years, millions will be revealed to be swimming naked and in debt up to their eyeballs.
    The dangerous divergence will then take a nasty turn. The bottom half of the 1% will now be as angry as the 99%. Any attempt by the establishment to further screw the nation by bailing themselves out will be met with violent disapproval. The country is a powder keg. The upcoming election is guaranteed to inflame opposing factions. A stock market crash in the next six months would sow the seeds of financial, political, and social upheaval not seen in this country since the 1960s. The established social order will be swept away in a swirl of chaos and retribution. The dangerous divergence will be resolved.

  52. ARCTIC-NEWS / Saturday, April 23, 2016
    More and more extreme weather
    The weather is getting more and more extreme.
    On April 23, 2016, temperatures in India were as high as 47.7°C or 117.9°F. At the same time, temperatures in California were as low as -12.6°C or 9.2°F, while temperatures in Greenland were as high as 3.6°C or 38.6°F. Meanwhile, Antarctica was as cold as -60°C or -76°F. More extreme weather goes hand in hand with changes that are taking place to the jet stream, as also discussed in earlier posts (see further below).
    As the Arctic warms up more rapidly than the rest of the world, the temperature difference between the Equator and the North Pole decreases, which in turn weakens the speed at which the north polar jet stream circumnavigates the globe. This is illustrated by the wavy patterns of the north polar jet stream in the image on the right.
    The outlook for the next week shows the north polar jet stream move higher over the arctic, and to eventually disintegrate altogether, while merging with the subtropical jet stream over the Pacific Ocean.
    The video below shows how a very wavy jet stream is projected to disintegrate over the Arctic Ocean over the coming week.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Susan, yes, conditions in the Artic are bad and getting worse fast. In regard to the Arctic news web site (part of the AMEG group), though there data from the front lines is accurate, they (Arctic News and AMEG) are also calling for geoengineering to be deployed (as if it has not already been going on for 70 years and doing horrific damage). AMEG should be considred an accomplice in the climate engineering coverup at this point, their denial of the issue is inexcusable and should actually be considered criminal.  

    • Dane — Thank you! The Razor's Edge indeed!

    • TNGeowatch says:

      India is getting cooked. Running out of water fast. 

  53. Linda Bux says:

    I post many articles on social media about things that are meaningful to me, things that I regard as Crimes Against Humanity. The issue that seems to get the least response seem to be the articles about Chemtrails aka Solar blah blah, geo- blah blah. I am not going to worry about political correctness. I applaud  public figures who are willing to use their celebrity to draw attention to this assault. Bless all the whistle blowers! They put themselves in harms way every day revealing the truth. Some die for it!  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Linda, thank you for helpint to sound the alarm on the critical climate engineering issue. On that note, using the science terms is about credibility, not political correctness. You may find that you would gain much more traction with your efforts if you stick to the science terms which cannot be marginalized. 

  54. Paul B says:

    Chuck has more balls than David Suzuki. Thanks for speaking out 

  55. Rodster says:

    We need more celebrities like Chuck Norris, Prince and Merle Haggard to speak up on this horrific crime against humanity. Fortunately for Chuck, he knows how to protect himself.

  56. Isee says:

    I am not sure where I heard it but last summer it was 'news' that in the UK the dementia rate was 60% of the population.  The media just let it slide. Now comes info that treatments and mass vaccinations could come from the sky. Makes sense to the insane.  In the mean time we seem to be missing a lot of wildlife in the high Sierra and none of the precipitation is normal. All that matters is…..How many people have you informed this week? Thanks Chuck. We need a lot of your friends to do the same with their celebrity!

  57. Kathy says:

    Thank you so much for speaking out against this horrific crime. I have found it difficult to get people to listen, as I think they feel helpless. You lend a powerful voice to the cause. Keep up the good work.

  58. Alan says:

    Thank you!  

  59. Sean Slavin says:

    Thank you Mr. Norris. It's nice yo know that you "walk the walk" which so few have the courage to do. Again, thank you.


    On a separate note Dane has stated that when we find misleading articles as it pertains to Geo-engineering that we should email the person who wrote the article letting them know that the public is waking up to these crimes and that when they do that they will hold those who helped to hide these crimes legally and morally responsible as accessories to the climate engineering crimes. Dane also asks that we CC as many people on our email and provide links to credible data to support our claim. I found this article so I thought we could let this man know how we felt. Thank you.

    • Rebecca says:

      My sincere Thank you to Mr. Chuck Norris, you and Mr. Dane Wigington are hero's in my view, I hope more celebrities will find the humanity of moral human decency to have the brave courage to speak to these monsters bent on the destruction being waged against the entire planet. We are all in for a horrible health crisis from the TOXIC AIR,WATER AND SOIL WE ARE NOW FORCED TO BREATH, DRINK AND EAT, May God help us all. R

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rebecca, this battle is absolutely a team effort, you, Mr. Norris, and all the rest of the activists that are truly commited to this all important effort. Thank you for your help with sounding the alarm Rebecca.

  60. Penny says:

    Great article!  We can hope that others will read and take it in when we share.  Everyone needs to wake up.


  61. matt sarlo says:

    I truly appreciate someone with the fame that Mr Norris has in helping to bring this dire issue to the forefront of public attention. It is a shame that almost none of our elected officials will even acknowledge what is occurring to our skies, and they are our skies, not the property of mad scientists. 

  62. Rita Brown says:

    Thank you Chuck, We need more celebrities like you working to save the Planet and its inhabitants. The spraying is thick everywhere in the US right now and people are sick and dying.

  63. lcrews says:

    The EPA is not doing their job.  As a matter of fact they should be charged with Misprision of Felony, watching a felony and doing nothing about it. 

  64. Kathleen Roberts says:

    Outstanding article. Share widely.

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