Smoking Gun Proof Of Atmospheric Spraying

How do we know our skies are being sprayed? Because we have film footage of the crime, of jets spraying at altitude. This is the logical end of any argument or dispute on this issue. Climate engineering is not speculation, it is not theory, it is a verified fact confirmed by film footage. Those that deny what they can see with their own eyes are simply not ready to wake up. A film of the crime occurring (in this case atmospheric spraying of aerosols from jet aircraft) cannot be rationally disputed. This being said, there is also an enormous amount of additional proof to fully confirm the reality of global geoenginering (lab tests of atmospheric fall out, climate engineering patents, global governance documents, congressional documents, etc), and more proof is added to the existing mountain of data every day. It's up to all of us to confidently stand our ground when attempting to wake others up to the climate engineering crimes, we absolutely have the proof to confirm the reality of global geoengineering. All of us need to join together in this critical fight. My sincere gratitude to "IT'S the 11th Hour and It is Urgent" for capturing and forwarding the film footage in this video.

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  1. Roy Shroyer says:

    At some point, we're going to have to raise the black flag if we wish our children to inherit a world capable of supporting human life.

    Because psychopaths never stop hurting you because you ask them to do so.  Whether it's a rapist or a home invader, or whomever is behind this shit.

    Here in Western NC, they spray on warmish days, block the sun with thin white clouds, then cooler weather and rain/snow follow shortly thereafter. The the sun comes out, temps increase, and there are the spraying planes again.  Like clockwork.

    Like you, when I mention it I hear "conspiracy theory" etc.  I continue to document the silver planes with red tail sections, spraying at much lower altitudes than the commercial air traffic, which exhibits normal contrail bevhavior.


  2. carl says:

    This is why 2 months ago I began organizing FIGHT THE FUTURE 4/15/15 GLOBAL STRIKE TO PROTEST GEOENGINEERING!  We all must do whatever we can to end this insanity. I was driving to work here in Nashville, TN, one morning. There was a toxic cloud that covered the city and it stretched as far as you could see in all directions. I decided that I could no longer be a "good drone" and just go off to work after being sprayed like a bug! We need to show them that we are aware of what they are doing and that we can organize and fight them! This is the single most important issue facing us today! Please pass the message and join in the strike! Stay home from work on 4/15/15! Better yet, organize a protest for that day! WE CAN DO THIS!

    And Dane, I really appreciate and support what you are doing! I try to donate when I can, and i believe in what you are doing!

  3. Justin Bloun says:

    Operation clover leaf…

  4. Lynn Herrell says:

    I watched this happen over Wichita Kansas last October. One needs to understand this is only part of what is happening. 95% of the public is deceived and very blind as to what our government is doing.

  5. Mike says:

    Pollution Seminar in Sacramento this Thursday, Jan 8 with PHD experts in air quality and climate. All Northern California residents need to attend and demand a response by the State over the destruction of our air, water and soil by the constant spraying of toxic chemicals on us. There is also a webcast whereby we can forward questions for answering.

    ARB Research Seminar
    This page updated December 18, 2014
    The CoolCalifornia City Challenge: A Statewide Program to Enable Low Carbon Communities
    Photo of Daniel Kammen

    Daniel Kammen
    Photo of Chris Jones

    Chris Jones
    Daniel M. Kammen, Ph.D., Energy and Resources Group and Chris M. Jones, Ph.D., CoolClimate Network, University of California, Berkeley

    Thursday, January 08, 2015, 1:30 pm PST
    Sierra Hearing Room, Second Floor, Cal EPA Headquarters, 1001 “I” Street, Sacramento, CA
    Outlook button Save to Outlook
    Webcast viewers: Please send your questions during broadcast to:

    Press Release: 1. 2. 3.
    Research Project

    This presentation will highlight the programmatic development and research findings of the CoolCalifornia City Challenge (“The Challenge”), a statewide competition among California cities to motivate residents to reduce household carbon footprints and build more vibrant, sustainable communities. The Challenge uses techniques common to behavior incentivized programs, including comparative feedback, local messengers, social networks, goal setting, persuasive messaging, incentives, and competition to recruit and motivate participants. Participants earn points for engagement with the program, such as tracking household energy consumption and motor vehicle emissions, inviting friends to join, uploading stories, completing a research survey, and for actually reducing their carbon footprint by lowering emissions from household energy use and vehicle travel. Every point earned by households counts toward their city’s ranking on the statewide scoreboard. At the end of the program (which lasted one year in 2013 and six months in 2014) the city with the most points is named “Coolest California City” by the California Air Resources Board. The two runners up are each named “Cool California City.” The Challenge is sponsored by Energy Upgrade California, which last year distributed $100,000 among cities based on the level of participation by residents in each community.

    Over two years the program has engaged 6,500 households in 17 very diverse cities across California and reduced an estimated 500 metric tons of CO₂ equivalent, with ongoing savings expected. During 2013, participants entering energy data in the online software used about 14% less electricity than a control group, but did not use significantly less natural gas, possibly due to lack of competition deadlines during winter months, and fewer natural gas end uses for potential reductions. Older and more highly educated participants outperformed younger and less educated participants, while income, political identity, and attitudes toward climate change affected participation levels, but not points or energy reductions. Participants reported very altruistic motivations for joining the program, including improving where they live, protecting the environment and helping local organizations. While winning prizes and earning recognition for their city ranked low on a list of reported motivations, participation in the program dramatically spiked only during intense moments of competition. Together, this evidence suggests that inter-city competitions can be a successful strategy to reduce community-wide greenhouse gas emissions.
    Speaker Biographies
    Daniel Kammen, Ph.D. is the Class of 1935 Distinguished Professor of Energy at the University of California, Berkeley, with parallel appointments in the Energy and Resources Group, the Goldman School of Public Policy, and the department of Nuclear Engineering. Kammen is the founding director of the Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL) and Co-Director of the Transportation Sustainability Research Center. He serves as founding Editor in Chief of Environmental Research Letters. He was appointed the first Environment and Climate Partnership for the Americas (ECPA) Fellow in 2010 and served as World Bank Group’s Chief Technical Specialist for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in 2010-2011. He has served as a contributing or coordinating lead author on various reports of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change since 1999, as well as on two National Academy of Sciences boards and panels. He has authored or co-authored 12 books, written more than 300 peer-reviewed journal publications, testified more than 40 times to U.S. state and federal congressional briefings, and has provided various governments with more than 50 technical reports. Dr. Kammen was educated in physics at Cornell and Harvard, and held postdoctoral positions at the California Institute of Technology and Harvard. He was Assistant Professor at Princeton University before moving to the University of California, Berkeley.

    Chris M. Jones, Ph.D. leads the CoolClimate Network, a division of University of California, Berkeley’s Renewable and Appropriate Energy Laboratory (RAEL). CoolClimate research provides the analytic foundation for “smart” greenhouse gas management software and behavior-based programs that engage, educate, and motivate individuals, businesses, and communities to adopt low carbon technologies and practices. Versions of CoolClimate tools have been adopted by the state of California via the partnership, non-governmental organizations, businesses, and communities throughout the United States. Jones serves as co-chair of the Behavior, Energy and Climate Change (BECC) Conference (5th year as program chair), the premier conference focused on understanding individual and organizational behavior and decision-making related to energy usage, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change, and sustainability. He previously co-instructed an undergraduate course at U.C. Berkeley on behavior and sustainability. He received his Ph.D. in Energy and Resources at U.C. Berkeley in 2014. He also holds an M.S. in Energy and Resources and an M.A. in Latin American Studies, both from U.C. Berkeley, and a B.A. in Politics from U.C. Santa Cruz.
    For information on this seminar, please contact:
    Tabetha Willmon at (916) 324-0664 or send email to:
    For information on this Series, please contact:
    Peter Mathews at (916) 323-8711 or send email to:

    For a complete listing of the ARB Research Seminars and the related documentation
    for the seminars please view the Main Seminars web page

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mike, thanks for posting this data. Activists in the Sacramento area are trying to organize people to go to this event in order to present data on climate engineering. If other activists would use the contacts on your post to communicate with the speakers at this event, and to confront their silence on climate engineering, that would also be helpful. We all need to make our voices heard.

  6. Christine says:

    If someone could take photos of the facility and record the silence, then perhaps a lot of people will believe it, think about the possible consequences, etc.

  7. Mike says:

    Message just sent to Congressman Darrell Issa, Chairman of House Oversight Committee on Government Reform:

    Congressman Issa:

    Your approval of Solar Radiation Management (SRM) has created a monster whereby approval has been given to spray the USA polulation with highly toxic chemicals, millions of tons daily, to control global warming. In essence, you and your associates in office have decided to protect the environment from global warming by spraying poisonous, toxic chemicals on the environment and people.

    Do you REALLY understand the damage your approval has created? Our people are slowly being poisoned, our air, water and soil are being contaminated. You listen to climate engineering scientists like Ken Caldeira and David Keith, who openly admit they ABSOLUTELY DO NOT KNOW the negative consequences of spraying nano sized aluminum, sulphur and other toxic chemical particulates into the sky to form artificial clouds to block the sun’s rays, yet go forward with their genocidal insanity anyway. How many of our tax dollars go to buy these chemicals from companies like Monsanto and them use them to poison us.

    To your staff who most likely screens all your email messages, ask yourselves, “what air will you breathe, what water will you drink and what soil do you intend your food to be grown in” when it is all being irreversibly contaminated?

    Stop this insanity you have authorized to be implemented and stop the aerial chemical spraying!

    Everyone posting messages on Dane’s website must bombard our Federal Politicians without mercy. They must be educated as to the destruction their votes of approval have created. They authorized this and they can stop it. Our job is to force them to stop it!

  8. Mike says:

    ONLY the the House and Senate can make this go away and so far they ignore what they voted for. They listen to the lies of their science consultants by approving the slow poisoning of the world. DANE CANNOT DO THIS BY HIMSELF and there are so many posts thanking him and asking him to keep up the fight. “WE ALL MUST DO THE SAME AS DANE AND FIGHT THIS BATTLE OURSELVES!” Again, ONLY Capital Hill can stop this as they are the ones who started it. Call, email write everyday to all Congressmen and Senators. They need to understand they are killing themselves, their families and all their staff members. Ask them what air they intend to breathe, what water they intend to drink and what soil will they grow their food in. Like most things, they vote for the biggest “$$$$$” without any knowledge of the consequences. After their vote, it is “out-of-sight and out-of-mind” and onto the NEXT money source. They MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND they voted for their own death sentence! Until they realize and fear what they have done, they will ignore our efforts to stop this!

  9. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Larry Charles, Please stop bashing God. When I woke up to this crap I asked God what I should do. He told me to expose the darkness to the light. Everyday, all day I am active in this fight. I am a shepherd of God’s green earth and I won’t stop until the spraying stops.
    Through the actions of people like me, God’s work will be done. PTL

  10. Bette says:

    I have had enough of this Military (Gov’t) BS….Just Stop The Poisoning Now!!
    Dane, The Momentum & Fight Is Growing…We Are Standing With Ya!!

  11. teller123 says:

    Well we do have a growing number of protesters running around the country so the people are definitely out there it’s just getting them to focus on the real problems we have going on here. Sadly Al Sharpton and others have blinders attached to these people’s heads and they seriously think we have a race problem in this country. If only we could shake the people awake and get them to realize our problems are far grander and have absolutely nothing to do with race… Just goes to show you that sadly, after all the full blown lies by both media and government Americans still have not learned neither can be trusted. Still too many listening to the wrong message.

  12. laura says:


  13. angela says:

    Well, you pray allot I guess , because people do not want to hear. A few do I guess, so just take it slow and see how they respond to small amounts of information. It does suck to know I agree, ignorance is bliss as they say. I am glad to know though because the truth is all.

  14. Chriskin says:

    In Southern California I started noticing this big time about five or six years ago.I have been taking pictures and videos for years. I have quite a collection. it blows my mind that people think these are normal clouds or contrails. 9/11 was the thing that opened my eyes to the fact that the world is not as it seems. I’m glad to see in Dane’s videos that he does bring up false flag attack and 9/11 as well. It’s all part of one interconnected story. But at the same time it is baffling, because whoever is doing this is also poisoning their own grandchildren’s future. We are witnessing something our ability to process fully. It really sucks to be in the know. I fought this same battle over 9/11. How do you bring this stuff up to your wife or your children or your parents or your friends without A. Being ridiculed or b. totally dragging them down into depression?

  15. Talawanda says:

    First off, Dane…I have to say I’m so grateful that you’re here, fighting the battle with the system. I’ll also admit I’m as poor as a church mouse; but I have been sharing your site on FB. So you have my everlasting gratitude, along with all my prayers and blessings.

    That being said, I will admit that where I live we’ve been getting hit extremely hard; so much so that the woods near me that was teaming with life…not only trees but wild flowers of all ranges, wild fruits and bees have been destroyed…completely. There’s nothing left; there was no trunk size too large that didn’t bend and fold in half as it died. And, with the nucleated snow they created last year, and their fake polar vortex’s (by spraying instant freeze chemicals), killed ‘all’ the wild grape vines, and apple trees I used to depend on for food.

    This fall was horrible, and I ended up with a 4 week-long cough out of nowhere, and my lungs were in very bad shape. I coughed so hard every muscle in my back and side burned as though on fire. Nothing would stop it. Finally, when I could hardly take another breath I was forced to buy Mucinex 1,200 mg. It took the whole, large box before I finally coughed out what was stuck, which I’m feeling was the heavy metals, although everything was clear. No fever…no nausea but my body’s way of getting rid of it.

    Then sadly, today…so they could keep up their polar BS story, I was standing outside in the 3rd day of sun in the last 4 1/2 weeks, watching them spray everything. Since I wear transition lenses I can see what many people cannot, and that’s the sprays, true color. Believe me, what I saw was not aluminum…nor chromium. It was Blue. The ‘only’ blue reflective substance I know of is Beryllium, which comes from the finely ground rock, Beryl. This is also that which makes the rainbow, and depending on ‘where’ they’re spraying, chemically it varies. Beryl, when ground that fine is extremely corrosive to the lungs and bronchi. They use it a lot here and have been since 2008, when the prez told the military it they had his permission to Geo-engineer the planet. (Yes, I read that just as I read this page. But the next day when I looked up that bookmark, it was a 404 error, page not found.)

    They are connivers and masters of deception, and they won’t stop until they’ve destroyed this planet…along with Monsanto, who has nothing better to do than poison every landscape, including Maui, with dangerous chemical testing, now experimenting with an ingredient of Agent Orange, for their newest bug killer.

    I for one will stick with you, and share everything you put out. I must because those folks who do not get planes spraying in their area tell me over and over ‘they don’t do that here.’ My only answer to them is ‘they may not be spraying in your area, but you’re getting the clouds that are made from and contain these chemicals.’

    It goes back to the saying that just because you can’t see it being done, doesn’t mean it does not exist.

    I send prayers, much love and blessings to all here. We’ll stick to our guns and keep them loaded with ‘caring about each other.’

  16. Linda Nichols says:

    They are ramping up the spraying like crazy here in Colorado, if you saw the pictures I took of the “beautiful” Colorado skies you would be horrified! I think they want to kill us sooner rather than later…

  17. Dave says:

    We can stop this. How? United we stand devided we fall!

  18. Grinling Gibbons says:

    This spraying is not only going to kill you eventually but is giving your children now massive breathing problems across 36 States & is getting worse,& this is going on Worldwide on the Orders From The Illuminati who in there Manifesto State That 7-4 Billion People Is To Many & 6 Billion Of Us Must Die,the only way you can stop this is by Voting For A Person Who Is Not Linked To The Two Parties As All Are In The Pay It Seems From The Illuminati Rockerfellas & Bilernbergs Who All Want A One World Government, & besides The Chem Trails you Have H A A R P & not just one as many beleive But 18 Worldwide, why did Brisbane In Australia Have Rain & Tornado,s Simply Because In South Australia They Have A Giant Transmitter Like The Other 17 All Bring You The Weather From Hell, & not forgetting the Giant One On The Seabed Between North Africa & Jamaica & It,s Islands Transmitters This one is the one that can Make Earth Quakes & Tsunami,s as was done to Japan & Others, this One Could Send A 500 ft Tsunami To The West Coast Of America &Smash Inland Killing Millions & This Is On There Agenda,Everyone You Now Know That 9/11 Was A Murderous Plot By The F B I & C I A Who Are Getting There Orders From The Illuminatim You & The World Must Make A Stand Now Before It,s To Late For Everyone You Owe It To Your Children If Not For Yourselves & The Wives Of Those Pilots Spraying Must Know There Husbands Are Killing There Own Children & You, they say there is always a good woman behind every man well now you have the choice to make them stop the killing, Lets All Pull Together As It,s Nearly To Late As The Bees Are Also Dying By The Thousands As Well & No Bees No Life Thats How Important The Bees Are To This Planet.Grinling Gibbons

    • donitathompson says:

      I feel the same. Have loads of pics and videos. I am trying my hardest to wake up the people I come into contact with. Many are blind as bats, lying to themselves. It is also very depressing. I know crying doesn’t help, but it’s a release from the utter frustration I feel and the deep deep sadness I feel for my kids and grandchild. The geo-engineers have opened up a Pandora’s Box, and if they do not cease this insanity Life as we know it will be destroyed. People are delusional if they believe Voting counts or makes a slightest difference in the world. It doesn’t. Perhaps at a local level but not as a Nation. They are corrupt puppets. The (mis)government, Monsanto, the Oil Cartels, Big Pharma. Many have tried for decades to vote good people into office. Has anyone noticed any Good change in their policies and how they treat us as guinea pigs? It’s gotten worse, not better. Voting is a joke anymore. They have their people in office. It’s their agenda. It’s all a game. It’s all a deceptive illusion.

  19. Susan says:

    Haarp may be old school, but they are still using it in addition to elf, vlf waves for mind control. Thats why no tv. Thats how they are dumbing people down muting their minds.
    Make bumper stickers, no more chemical trails, no more gmos, sell them, give them away, tack them on bulletin boards, leave them in laundry mats, grocery stores, mall eaterys, bumpers, skate boards, books, rent a plane and put a banner on it, get a paint job on your vehicle and advertiseetc.
    Start a petition and get celebrity backing. Send your petition or set it up so that your state offices/officials are inundated with people scomments, call your state and federal officials and firmly but politely tell them you want the spraying stopped. Any one else???

  20. Susan says:

    Mass petitions to state and federal and United Nations for crimes against humanity…… Care2 petition site where you can create your own petition.

  21. Lori says:

    Haarp is old school. They have new methods to manipulate the ionishpere now.
    Also, be sure and look up for information…what they are spraying on us is beyond evil, and the consequences unknown.

  22. Jim says:

    Hello Helene: I live up to the west of you and have been witnessing the chem trails and plenty of them. I thought for a long time they were just con trails from commercial passenger planes, but flight trajectory’s are all wrong, with the planes doing multiple parallel passes and hard turns occasionally. I have also observed intermittent spray patterns, which I never see with the commercial planes on regular flights. Thank you for your posting on your observations. I have spoken to many people about this,as well showing them and still they are skeptical and occasionally scornful of my suggestions. I would like to be proven wrong with my assumptions on the subject;I await an explanation for the chem trails that keep on appearing. It is difficult to deny what one sees.

  23. Larry Charles says:

    The implications are so horrendous, people are unable to comprehend that is actually happening; let alone being done deliberately.

  24. Dan Cieri says:

    Anyone here who really cares about all this and want to be part of the solution, start attending Dane’s Saturday radio show where you can listen to Dane and Russ Tanner and others, you can call in to speak with them, you can contribute to the chat group live…get on the calls! They are informative, critical, and they help get the word out.

    Call in to 1-718-717-8296 – to chat with Dane (mute your phone if you call in…. until you are called to speak)


    Browse to the radio show at – if you just want to listen

  25. Larry Charles says:

    We peasants do our share of damage. I do. I.e., what kind of a car are you driving?

  26. Larry Charles says:

    1. If refusing to fly that plane meant your job, and the ability to feed your family, would you stop? 2. The pilot probably does not subscribe to Goengineering websites, and is not aware of the devistation he causes.

  27. Larry Charles says:

    I would suggest you roll your eyes and say: “Wake up you moron!”.

  28. Dan Cieri says:

    Dane…great post. GREAT footage! We’ve all seen the on/off sequences before, but this footage is probably the best I’ve seen, and the most damning as such. We continue to get hit hard in the northeast (Rochester NY area), and the weather patterns are getting to the point of not changing at all from day to day. Hard NOT to see and realize this. Seems many are now finally breaking out of their cocoons to discover what is going on. Your persistence is to be truly admired. Thank you once again for having taken the time and energy to not let this issue once be ignored. You and few others are waking a sleeping giant. Those responsible will get theirs.

  29. Larry Charles says:

    You will never notice the effects. As you are gradually dumned down by the poisons, you will have neither the capacity nor the caring to tell the difference.

  30. Dan Cieri says:

    Freedom Ranger…many of these planes are unmanned. The technology to remotely fly airplanes has been around for a long time. There are few pilots in these planes.

  31. Abe says:

    Like I asked my neighbor a couple summers ago, how can 2 engines have 3 contrails???

  32. Marc Rennard says:

    I agree with Freedom Ranger, the pilots of these SAG jets can go to fuckin’ hell. Add in the asswipes who comprise their crews, the employees of the chemical corporations who through ignorance or fear continue to manufacture and ship these substances to the airfields where they are loaded aboard.
    Somewhere on this planet, I swear to fucking God, is a control center, perhaps military-based, or some ultra secret underground facility, where the masterminds behind this RAPE are busily working to coordinate their vast and intricate weather modification plans with their global army of brown-nosing losers and morons who, perhaps through military style obedience to the chain of command, do not and cannot question what they are part of.
    I am convinced that there exists a relatively small cabal of mastermind psychopaths who control the entire global operation. The vastness of the spraying programs points back to the certainty that there must exist a control center within which advanced technologies are being deployed to coordinate all the teams of geoengineers in their respective arenas or regions.
    There are no words in the English language that do justice to the rage and hatred I feel for these despicable grunts from hell. Today, YET ANOTHER DAY OF JETS SPRAYING EVERY WHICH WAY OVER ST. LOUIS, MO. WHY? WHY? WHY MUST THEIR SO-CALLED WEATHER MODIFICATION OR JET STREAM MANIPULATION REQUIRE SPRAYING DIRECTLY OVER HIGH POPULATION CENTERS???
    I call BULLSHIT!!!!! The real agenda is to influence weather AND kill or sicken vast numbers of people. Every environmental law imaginable is being violated as it relates to the toxicity of these chemicals entering our water, our air, our bodies and tissues. All without apparent government oversight, and most obviously without even a molecule of public disclosure.
    That there is still no mainstream media discussion of this horror, (and very little in the environmental movement), should scare the holy crap out of us for it reveals a disconnect and/or a cover-up on a scale so unimaginably vast that waves of hopelessness wash over me. What is it gonna take to reach some kind of critical mass in the effort to bust through to the mainstream? Or, as I’ve been led to believe, is the mainstream complicit in the cover-up? The mainstream media, that is, which consists of what? Five or six syndicates who control the entire message, at least here the U.S.
    I do apologize Dane, if my words sounds bleak. But I am only voicing what I am sure many thousands of others who visit this site also feel about the terrifying predicament we find ourselves in.
    May the sages, saints and enlightened ones throughout all time and space hear our pleas for assistance in this fight against what can only be called “EVIL INCARNATE”.

  33. June says:

    To Mary Casey (sometimes the “replies” get separated.) From what I’ve witnessed they spray before rain is expected in order to chase away the rain. That’s how it works here in the Southwest. It’s SUPPOSED to rain-the weathermen predict it- then the planes come in droves, spew chemicals all over the sky, the clouds turn a murky gray, and it never rains. The fake clouds chase away the rain. Those who spray are forcing a terrible drought on us here in the Southwest.

  34. June says:

    Yes, I believe they know what they’re doing. Unfortunately, man is capable of horrendous behavior. Just watch the Wiki Leaks documentary on Youtube and see what US military men are willing and capable of doing, shooting innocent people and children like they are playing a video game, and laughing about it. There are monsterous people out there who have no conscience, who are, perhaps, on drugs that will do anything to hear an “Atta Boy!” from their supervisor and to collect a paycheck. It’s a reality, and that’s why we all need to speak up and educate others.

    To me, Dane is the antithesis to the evil that exists. I am thankful for his dedication in exposing chemical spraying, weather modification, solar radiation management… We must all do what we can to help end the spraying of chemicals in our sky in the name of “weather modification” because there is no doubt that the spraying is literally killing the environment and all of its creatures. Those who do the spraying or are affiliated with it have no regard, whatsoever, for life.

  35. June says:

    I also want to add that it’s important to remember and to let others know that while the video shows only one airplane spraying, it’s never just one. It’s dozens and dozens, one after another that assault the sky for hours at a time day and night right over our heads.

  36. Six years ago, I sent photos of chemtrails to NOAA and received a reply denying their existence.

    Earlier this year, I sent new chemtrail photos to the chief meteorologist at our local TV station for comment and although he has responded to correspondence in the past, this one was ignored. Possibly fear of liability or litigation.

    More recently, I sent to our congressman, the video of the aerosol spraying of the April 29th flood where 3 to 5 inches was predicted and received 26 inches in less than 24 hours along the Gulf Coast. He acknowledged receiving it but didn’t elaborate on the contents. FEMA was quick to respond with some emergency funds to partially restore our flooded home. It has been 7 months since it happened and there is still work to do. Chemtrails continue to be seen a number of times weekly mostly on a Southerly breeze to have the chemicals drift inland.

    What can be done to stop this air pollution and eliminate the “deer in the headlights” look when telling other citizens about this crime?

  37. wandakate says:

    FREEDOM RANGER: This is what we get when we deliberately put GOD out of our lives, out of our government and out of our schools. This is what happens when we are living in a Sodom and Gomorrah. We get to where we don’t care. Apparently those pilots know full well what they are doing, spraying poison into the atmosphere. They must be getting paid very well to do this, and you know greed is a powerful motivator. It’s all about “show me the money”. They just seem to be willing to kill people for the money…It’s a sad situation and we are gradually being poisoned by this. I don’t know what to do.

  38. June says:

    Important video to pass along, but I sure didn’t need to see proof in a video because I see it in the sky above me almost daily. I noticed the spray pilots took Thanksgiving Day off in my area. We were SUPPOSED to get rain here in the parched Southwest, but the planes showed up spewing their chemicals a couple days before the predicted storm, and they were successful in chasing away the storm. We received a few drops of rain along with a sky filled with ugly, unnatural, gray clouds. It’s depressing to look up and know that the sky has been tampered with and doesn’t look like it should. The chemical clouds trap heat in here in the Southwest, so last night was too hot for an early December night and today is stuffy and oppressive.

    The chemical spraying seems to never cease. Sunny days are soon covered up in chemtrail after chemtrail that billow out to block the sun. How are we supposed to get Vitamin D3 if they keep covering up the sun with chemicals? We need Vitamin D3 to survive and we get it from the sun shining on our skin. Lack of Vitamin D3 is associated with disease, including cancer, and early death.

    Clearly, the spraying of chemicals in our sky is part of an overall population reduction plan and, after reading the other article here, a way to keep Monsanto and other chemical companies who want to dominate the world’s food supply rolling.

    All of this spraying makes us feel helpless. Someone is messing with natural earth cycles. Someone is trying to play God. It’s painfully obvious. What’s it do to our minds and soul to look up, see the spraying, see the effects of that spraying, yet not be able to do a damn thing about it? It’s a crime against humanity, and we need to think of a way to end it.

  39. wandakate says:

    I noticed that when I lived in North Carolina, and now I’m in Florida and they do it here too. I think they spray everywhere. Part of the depopulation program to poison the air. Do you think the pilots of those planes really know what’s going on? I would think they do, but surely they aren’t doing that willingly, but maybe they don’t care. They will be held responsible for the death of these people.

  40. James B. says:

    I see them spraying not literally every day, but most days, roughly 90% of the year. The fact that this is not covered in the news, the weather reports, or any mainstream media is in and of itself suspect. When you try to converse with people on this topic and you get a rolling of the eyes, that makes me want to roll my eyes back at them and SCREAM to WAKE UP, you moron!

    To be honest, I have not noticed ill effects from this spraying, so I can’t bring up any documented proof of negative results. But the effects could be slow to notice, such as long-term health disorders, etc. On the other hand, it’s quite obvious that nice, clear, blue-sky days are very, very rare, and that can’t be a good thing for vegetation overall.

  41. Concerned in Cali says:

    These pilots have names and faces and mothers and fathers and children. If any pilots are reading this , form your own groups . Refuse to fly any more planes unless they are inspected for chemicals . With out you these horrible programs would crumble . Be the modern day heros we are all looking for ..,

  42. Mary Casey says:

    I have also noticed them a day or two before expected rain. Anyone know why? Last week in central Oklahoma, it was the worse I have seen.

  43. Helene says:

    as I’m watching this, a chemtrail line was sprayed above my house, I live on the west coast/southern coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada, north of Seattle, the Juan de Fuca Strait and Olympic Mt. Peninsula of Washington State. Lately we have been bombarded with chemtrails during the day, at night, and in the early morning, which has affected our weather. This is also an area which has training for the US and Canadian navies and coast guards which affect the orca populations and other sea animals. Usually you don’t see the criss-cross pattern, just one or two lines, but recently the criss-cross pattern has appeared about once every 9 days or so…

  44. 2tugjug says:

    Are we (civilian’s/peasants) truly the ones destroying the earth or is it the geo engineers w/other agenda’s which includes $$$$?!
    We (citizens etc) have been paying out the yeng yang for what ‘they’/Cabal’s have done, set your eye’s on THEM, not us so called peasants, it’s never for the greater good as these cabalish freaks would have You to believe!!!!!!!


  45. Davy says:

    Those who refuse to believe their eyes in this
    deadly activity are hoping it isn’t true while
    deep down they can’t deny the facts, 2 days before
    we are to receive a storm, be it rain or snow, the
    skies are covered with the trails. There has been
    times I have counted more than 100 in a short span
    of 4 hours going over our home, some making circles
    or hooks with the trail. Even my grandchildren has
    asked what are they spraying.

  46. MikeB says:

    It’s very strange how people respond. I’ve pointed it out to them. In sort of a casual way. Then they look back at me with an empty look in their eyes or sort of a not home look in their eyes and then it ends. I’ve also had someone say curtly, I don’t stare at the clouds all day. For some reason people don’t want to look into their sky anymore.

  47. MikeB says:

    Jets spraying north central Illinois today. Skies were clear in the AM. Now, we have man made cloud cover overhead.

  48. JR says:

    Hello everyone; I did not see video but soon enough will. Here in Southwest, N.M. our rain or snow clouds have been demolished for a few days now. Most chemtrails-SAG are from east to west with some on occasion from north to south. The front was coming in for most part I’d say due west but sprayed heavy. Our pleas fall on deaf ears and in my case for approximately 12 years from reps. in Wash. D.C. These people are all to gullible or plain scared for self and families if they pursue truth. They call them contrails and normal, yeah. Evil is running amok and things could get worse and worse, remember they have over 60 years in what we are now in. Hell as Freedom Ranger puts it as I try to comprehend is not here but will be in fire and brimstone for the Lord’s deniers in all eternity. No fun there. So keep faith for those in word, stand firm is all left as we see it. I feel that many in this game of theirs will pay in hell, but in end it’s not my call. I get as angry as rest here on site and much at stake for our health and loved ones and many tears shed in spirit. The battle is on and time will tell outcome. Our skies are occluded, puffed up in white with sprayings, not healthy is very obvious. As form me and my household I (we) shall serve the ….

    • Larry Charles says:

      Yada yada yada. A good way to do nothing is to cover yourself with cloaks of religious belief. Hide away in your misconceptions about god. Great. That’ll fix everything. Your god will be so proud of you for doing nothing about the problem.

  49. Melody Meachum says:

    I agree with all the emotions/rage expressed here.

    Please don’t give up on your activity because you feel hopeless about lack of any change. We must all keep the foot on the accelerator.

    For those of you, especially Dane, that woke up to the truth about climate control long before the rest of us, my sincere gratitude. This is very hard work!

    I’m making it a daily goal to deposit truth nuggets somewhere…anywhere!

    Blessings to all.

  50. Terri says:

    our oxygen levels are decreasing. it is difficult to breathe. soon it won’t matter when humanity slips into unconsciousness from lack of oxygen. death follows rapidly from lack of air. our trees are dying. birds dying. little birds found dead every day. at least one or two on every walk. animals coughing as well as us. short term memory problems. hard to remember things.many deep breathes taken to try and get enough oxygen. the leaves didn’t turn to fall color they simply died. fell off the tree blackened like char. some are still on the trees. the nut trees produced few nuts and the ones that were produced are sickly. with the trees goes the oxygen producers.

    chemical fog this morning. we haven’t had rain or moisture so it must be chemicals. sun darkened. when it finally lifted enough to see the sky all i see is inky oily looking clouds and grey deadened sky.

    i think the goal is total annihilation of all lifeforms so they can recreate the planet in their own image with their man made lifeforms. gmo planet with gmo trees, gmo air, water, soil, plants. gmo man to go with it or perhaps a robotic man would be best. no need for air,water, soil for gmo man.

    hell on earth? is already here! most cannot think clearly enough to see it. lack of oxygen does great harm to the brain and its ability to think clearly.

  51. To Freedom Ranger: Yes, we are in hell. Corporate portfolios feed the massive death wish, and climate change deniers thrive on the bullshit. As long as dupes and fools fund the corporate/capitalist system, the future will refuse to exist.

  52. bija says:

    But don’t you see…we’ve been sending letters and messages far years now. THEY (the ones we think should look out for our well being) DO NOT CARE!!
    Not only do they not care, they are complicit and controlled by those who wish the mass extinction of us all. Our politicians and mass media ARE the problem!

  53. alan robert coe says:

    i have had enough off this spraying what is the matter with the public .they just ignore it .do they not care for there children .to me they are my world and they need a future to be clean to live in.thankyou dane and everybody for doing there best to bring these sick and heartless people to justice.god bless.

  54. Nick says:

    These evil HAARP terrorists need to be exposed. We’re tired of the BS that we’re dealing with every day.

  55. Mark Davis says:

    Everyone needs to send this website, which calls for an investigation into spraying over Charlotte NC, to their local, state and senator, reps etc. Send it to the newspaper letters to the editor, news sites, send every and anywhere. I sent it my my newspaper, facebook, and need to send out more. This guy has it down and check it out:

  56. Ken says:

    Ya Freedom Ranger, this planet has become hell. Geoengineering, GMO’s, the Fukushima coverup, the torture and slaughter of over 70 million land animals every year and a couple hundred billion marine animals. We’re witnessing the sixth mass extinction happening right now. We’re all screwed and humans are reeping what we’ve sewn.

  57. We need to have a massive protest outside of the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco if we want to have any chance of halting climate engineering.

  58. Freedom Ranger says:


  59. bija says:

    Isn’t there something we can do TOGETHER to bring this to everyone’s attention and eventual halt?? Our lives are such that we can’t all protest in one place. And this is happening in every city, state, and country. Besides, the media would marginalize any substantial gathering, making it appear insignificant. How about a hunger strike? It worked for Ghandi. Of course it would have to be worldwide. Or a boycott that would seriously impact someones bottom line. If no one is willing to do this, then I don’t see any real hope in turning this around. It is going to take an organized resistance . There is simply no one who seems to care that we know what they are doing or courageous enough to risk their career in the face of planetary destruction! If humanity won’t come together to save our own families and planet, then we are surely doomed! The sprayed us to death today and I am sick of these ruined and toxic days…

  60. Mike Czysh says:

    Step 1)END the ethanol mandate; 2)END ALL climate control attempts; 3)LEAVE it up to God! Grow NON-GMO corn for FOOD!

    Corn For Food, Not Ethanol Fuel We Hold These Truths

    Corn For Food, Not Ethanol Fuel Posted by Tom Compton December 2, 2014 Corn Ethanol’s Role in Rising Food Prices Federal energy policies need to move beyond the corn-based fuel alternative and look for the next generation of alternative fuels that don’t pit food, feed and fuel needs against each ot…

    Mike Czysh TO HELL with “CARBON FOOTPRINT”!!!..

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