Stealing Rain From California, Again


Dane Wigington

The satellite photo below was taken the morning of 12-2-14. Though there is extensive cloud cover clearly visible over the entire state of California (as shown in this photo), at the time the picture was taken in the early morning hours almost no rain had yet fallen in much of the far central north of California, why?

california satellite 2014-12-02

This storm, like so many others before it, is being saturated with aerosols and blown out into the largest area of tainted cloud cover the geoengineers can manage. That is the goal of SRM (solar radiation management) to cover as much area as possible with sun blocking light scattering materials which mix with the moisture and turn our skies into a largely featureless canopy that drops very little precipitation compared to what should have and would have fallen without the aerosol spraying. At the time the image above was taken, very little to no rain had fallen in Redding, California, even though clearly a large part of the “storm” has already passed right over this region of Northern California. Only yesterday morning the “forecast” from the Weather Channel was for areas around Redding to get up to 6 inches of rain. Late yesterday that was lowered to 3 inches. As of this morning (12-2-14) estimates are down to 1.5 inches. There is no strong southerly winds as was always the case historically when any significant storm came in, this is no longer occurring. The paid actors at Weather Channel and the rest of the mainstream media disinformation machine tries to paint a picture of ample rain falling, but this is so often not the case. The catastrophic drought in California is a direct result of climate engineering and is “predicted” to continue. Numerous science studies state clearly climate engineering will reduce rainfall and that’s exactly what is occurring.

U.S. Drought Monitor 2014-12-02

So few people even stop to consider how completely different our “weather” is now in Northern California. They are too busy with iPhones , reality shows, and other distractions. In the meantime the life giving weather that once supported the thriving eco-systems of Northern California is being completely disrupted and contaminated with the toxic metal and chemical elements used for the climate modification insanity. My home is completely “off grid” with solar, wind, and hydro power. In years past I always had power generation from one source or another, no longer. So often now there is no rain, no wind, and no sun, this is the scourge of the geoengineers. When rain does fall, it is toxic. From dozens of rain tests taken at the state certified lab in Northern California over the last 10 years, not a single one has been without significant levels of the same highly toxic heavy metals named in numerous climate engineering patents (aluminum, barium, manganese, etc). The forests that have not yet burned to the ground from the engineered drought in the US West are dying from the toxic rain that does fall. The completely shredded ozone layer (a known result of climate engineering) is also fueling the eco-system collapse as the UVB radiation levels are now so astoundingly high. It is literally burning the bark off of the exposed sides of many trees in addition to damaging foliage and limbs. Our planet and all life that it supports is under nothing less than an all out assault. Countless individuals who’s job it is to inform the public of the effects and dangers posed by climate engineering are being paid or pressured to lie about the real and present danger of the weather modification programs. It’s up to all of us to help with the critical effort to expose the climate engineering insanity and then to hold legally accountable all those associated with it in any form. Even those who are knowingly helping to hide the ongoing geoengineering (like meteorologists and media) should also be considered accomplices to these lethal and illegal programs. If we all work together, we can expose the insanity. If we can accomplish this, the dominos that support the climate engineering will begin to fall.

26 Responses to Stealing Rain From California, Again

  1. Rudy says:

    Looks like Calif. will have to plant some GMO seeds. 


  2. Diana Moss says:

    Why is California being targeted for drought? Is it another attempt to control the food supply? Seeing pictures of the drought is so sickening. Do our elected representatives even give a second thought? They have to be aware of what is going on, but then I’m not sure they care about anything besides lining their pockets but heavy pockets will not protect them from this disaster.

  3. Gloria Lee says:

    Thanks for all of your persistence, awareness, and love. Keep going. I do too.

  4. jaxon jackson says:

    Thank you for your effort to expose our governmentin their coverup with the major chemical companies. We need to ask questions but to who. Who will listen we talk about it everyday and people think we are crazy.Why cant people just look up and see what they are doing it is not for our good but determent for sure.thank you

  5. Mark says:

    South Carolina, like so many other areas of the world is doused daily by heavy geo spraying. We’ve had rector colds followed by record highs with days of each mother. The skies are mostly milky white or laced with white streaks. And yet the sheep just go along, twiddle see an twiddle dumb… Looking for their next sale or fast food restaurant to swill at. I just don’t know, it seems futile at times. My family thinks I’m insane for daring to think that our government would do or allow such to exist.

    Why isn’t it obvious to most people that things are not normal?


  6. Dan Cieri says:

    Anyone here who really cares about all this and want to be part of the solution, start attending Dane’s Saturday radio show where you can listen to Dane and Russ Tanner and others, you can call in to speak with them, you can contribute to the chat group live…get on the calls! They are informative, critical, and they help get the word out.

    Call in to 1-718-717-8296 – to chat with Dane (mute your phone if you call in….)

    Browse to the radio show at –

  7. Dan Cieri says:

    Trent…these programs are military/corporate/government run and funded. Many of the planes have no tail numbers, as they aren’t commercial. The coverup of these programs is so well funded and people threatened from exposing this that you won’t find anyone who either has the guts to follow these planes, nor would be allowed to. Try to follow one. Guarantee you’ll end up 6 feet under.

  8. Jason says:

    Thanks for the radar alternative to I have for some time noticed diminishing options for images of the N Pacific and W Coast of N America, such as on the NOAA site. No surprize cuz ‘a picture is worth a 1000 words”

  9. skywatcher says:

    In Whittier California we get sprayed every day,the planet is dying,Latinos in Southerner California wake up!

  10. Bane says: apparently removed its Pacific satellite view. It was showing from Siberia to the Aleutians to Alaska to Canada, and Hawaii over to much of Mexico and California and the western US. It was a great tool for studying the births and formations of the low pressure systems heading east toward the US. Every one on their comment area are complaining. Seems the weather and full Pacific image are now replaced with reality shows and assorted entertainment. I still have a decent satellite view with Intellicast.

  11. alan robert coe says:

    another great take on what they are doing to california.we do have lots of chemtrail spraying over here in essex uk. people must wake up and do and peace. x

  12. Nick says:

    Isn’t that why Central California hasn’t seen much rain as expected today? Those bioterrorists need to be stopped before more of these storms get cut off. We sorely need more rain after this.

  13. Trent says:

    Why doesn’t some group “follow” those aircraft (ground spotters)set up a telephone relay to spotters that will follow the aircraft back to its base of operations. Once you have this info. talk to flight operations get a tail number, then go to the owner of the aircraft. Or, watch the crew disembark the field follow them and ask them what they are discharging. Heavy aircraft must file a flight plan and that would also be helpful. Expose the crews, owners, flight plans, and the trucks delivering the liquid to the aircraft.

  14. michael Hendershot says:

    Nothing major like promised over here in Southwestern California… sad

  15. Freedom Ranger says:

    Matt, that is a great idea, but I would say meet in Colorado. Colorado is the coolest state in the union.

  16. Valeri Hood says:

    I will not give up. We have had two geoengineering/chemtrai marches over the GGBridge and no publicity resulted but we did talk to a lot of people. I just listened to your recent interview and it was great as always to hear your voice. What I notice is how much it lifts my spirits to hear intelligent commentary- I don’t feel so all alone, and then I sent that show out far and wide. It is ‘raining’ here- need new spelling for cloudz and raain to designate chem- cloudz and chem-rain–even my relatives ask me if they should be ‘happy; about the weather- guess we need a new word for ‘weather’ as well. We need someone to make some cartoons about the buffoons who bring us this deadly mix- putting names and faces on cartoon people gives some levity, and we sure could use some of that. In any case, thanks for your work, and those who are putting up the signs. I am very sorry to hear that they are intercepting your materials. They did that with our political mailers this year as we successfully campaigned for a friend who will stop the pipeline intertie in the bay area for the toxic housing density along the freeway and other roadways, give us a voice to stop the spraying of glyphosate on our watershed and the toxic addition of hydrofluorosalicic acid (a very contaminated type of fluoride) and chloramine to our drinking water. Every day, we just have to lift our heads up, thank the planet for our lives and keep going. That’s the journey of the time that we are in. Dane- you are the greatest. Don’t stop! You give us all hope, every day.

  17. matt says:

    in steamboat colorado a.k.a SKI TOWN USA.. well the mnt is melting away …. 45 everyday might rain tomorrow ?? in december.. it is usually high of 25 we are 20 above normal everyday.. LET STILL THEY ARE ASLEEP CRAZY. will they wake up when the ski area melts and there is no skiing in colorado??? if the weather holds or it rains tomorrow in colorado ski areas are going to have hard time real fast.. maybe then people will wake up and form a group effort in this town thats mnt people that still don’t see spraying, or trees die everyday, WAKE UP COLORADO

  18. Lisa mazzei says:

    Growing up here along the Central Coast in California we’ve been lucky to have had blue-blue sky (or coastal fog in the summer) up until just a couple years ago. The people along the coast spend a lot of time outdoors: @ the beach, surfing, sailing, bike riding, golf, and watching sunsets, but few even notice that the sky and local weather is DIFFERENT!

  19. Matt says:

    What we all don’t seem to come to the conclusion of is that everyone who knows whats going on needs to actually come together and meet up somewhere like maybe oregon to discuss what to do about all this. We should organize a massive event in a central location like maybe oregon. And hold a massive rally. Otherwise no ones going to be able to stop the lies.

  20. I can see our low pressure being blown apart at this moment. It looks very unorganized. There are multiple counterclockwise flows and one massive clockwise flow with clouds disappearing towards the northern part of the system. See for yourself.

  21. Laurel says:

    It is so horrifying and sad. They MUST STOP all the spraying!!!
    The negative impact of the chemtrails is destroying California.

  22. carol freiberg says:

    My garden was so pathetic this year. Molds and fungus showing up on strawberries and the things that grow on the ground,cukes etc…Corn totally stunted and compromised.Corn needs sunshine.If I counted the days of real sunshine ,all day long the number would be O. Were sprayed everyday last summer.When the sun actually did come out it burned my skin so bad a would run into the shade until the aerosol clouds came back.Very disturbing.At this rate we will be unable to grow our own food and be free from the monsanto chemicals and gmo’s.Maybe this is “their” plan.

  23. sharla says:

    It is frustrating at the least, No one will stand up to this! I watch the web cams and look at the weather reports often and can confirm, that with all this cloud cover and so called rain forecast, that it is NOT raining almost everywhere!

  24. Carol says:

    It seems that the climate engineers are planning to give California a good dousing just before your December fifth event. What a sick joke! Just enough to make people think that the drought has not been engineered and the end is near. Criminals for sure.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, actually, so far the “dousing” is little more than a drizzle. The estimated rainfall has been radically cut from original predictions. Perhaps the climate engineers will keep the “drip” going for the event in Redding on the 5th, but the mainstream media spin machine is making this “storm” sound much more significant than it really is.

  25. barry verespey says:

    too busy with iPhones , reality shows, and other distractions. I only wish I were. Maybe then I wouldn’t notice our sky’s and Planet being destroyed daily. I for one am aware! My support to you Sr.

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