Stephen Colbert Tells David Keith Government is Already Spraying Us


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  1. Knot Forue says:

    Read The Bible; most all this was predicted 100's of years ago and IS coming true very quickly now.

    Of course there are many who will deny this statement; however, they (all of us) must start seeing what all IS going on all over this once blue planet.

    Hitler told his Generals to lie about everything and make Germany glorious. " The more you lie the more they will believe" – this IS our Leaders position, too.

    Humans; in less then 200 years have totally polluted all waters, most all land and the atmosphere. MORE than that Humans have irradiated the land, water and air to almost saturation.

    NOW let us GMO food, to boot AND use MORE pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to try to grow more healthless crops.

    Pay attention to water, the lack of; drought and where ALL it is. Goggle it and be ready to gasp; drought world wide.

    Have a nice day.

  2. Tivana says:

    The truth is the people are being played for fools to believe such nonsense as printed in Keith’s book. The sooner they stop spraying carp in the sky the sooner we will have a normal climate again. Keith should not have been allowed to leave the building before being publicly humiliated — on live TV.

  3. Wendy says:

    I’ve been thinking about this interview for some time. Concerning questions are: Why is he saying that we need to start talking about this? What is he suggesting when he talks about countries arguing about it? And, why would this risk be taken? Wendy

  4. Roger F says:

    Amen, sister!

    Bring it on down, so the workers of iniquity will be exposed for all to see and know however briefly.

    It looks like we have been infiltrated by the liars. Where do we go from here?

  5. doc says:

    Mr. Keith should be fed a pound of sulfuric acid, before he is allowed to spray.

  6. Vanessa says:

    God Bless Stephan Colbert!! At least he nailed David Keith on the already ongoing geoengineering blanketing our skies daily. Yesterday was one of the worst days here in San Diego. It always affects me- I just don’t feel well when the air is poisoned! Today will be another bad day I’m afraid. They are stealing our rain and blue skies. I watched the new movie “Catching Fire” the other night. It’s closer to reality than I’d like to imagine. But we have to keep fighting the good fight!

  7. Angie Home says:

    You know – I was right yet again – these scientists are mad!

    Not only that they are in denial – do they think we are all idiots that we are somehow not seeing these planes spraying. He is a living personification of unbelievable lunacy!. Is he trying to convince himself – he is having a laugh. No, actually he’s an extremely dangerous and cynical human being.

  8. Lauren Larrimore says:

    *Dane, sorry. Dang auto correct.

  9. Lauren Larrimore says:

    I absolutely love this. Way to go Stephen, tear David Keith a new bung hole. I love the audience reaction to his comment at the end. People are waking up like never before. Anyone else notice how he’s changed his story though? At first it was aluminum and sulfates, now they wanna spray sulfuric acid? David Keith is the worlds biggest shill. Now we need Dave to go on the Daily Show to give the public both sides of this horror story.

  10. john graf says:

    Thank you for posting this. It’s a giant step forward for us who are aware of what’s happening to our planet. This has got to be stopped and I love all of you who are helping making others aware. Thank you.

  11. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Gotta love Stephen Colbert. He put the truth out there. David Keith, on the other hand, tries to sound reasonable, but LIES OUTRIGHT! Let’s see, 3 modified planes and pinch of sulphuric acid. I thought I heard boos from the audience when he came out. I might be wrong on that, but he still is such a lying shill. That is the truth. All of us here know it.

    Please continue to call out these crimes against humanity and the biosphere!

    Peace and strength to all.

  12. elaine says:

    Hello if i remember rightly this is the same idiotic so called scientist who gave the seminar and who said they didn’t know what the outcome would be after they have decimated the earth with the horrible chem-trails, anyway I digress. To Mr wigington I say I love you for what you are trying to do for our gorgeous planet, but on the other hand, I am so pleased more then you can say, to know that this planet will soon be uninhabitable, because humans are nothing but a parasitic virus on the face of this earth and need to be annihilated, because they are nothing but war mongering ego eccentric bunch of assholes who want to dominate and create pain for all ordinary other humans. How are their millions of stolen tax dollars, filtered into their own accounts going to do for them when the earth, due to the methane crisis, will render this planet likened to VENUS? where are they going to hide? Their will be nowhere for them to go no rocks for them to crawl under. THANK GOD! This world has been RUINED by the top high echelons of humanity who think they are better and smarter then any other of their fellow humans. I love God, and I say Hurray for this coming catastrophe ! praise be the word of the lord, and praise the lord for smiting down the idiot Human who thinks they are AS GOD, now they are going to pay ! we love you Dane may god bless you with a thousand hugs. xx

  13. Daphne says:

    David Keith is totally nuts.

  14. Roger B says:

    It’s warming up BECAUSE they are spraying us – they have created the problem (global warming) BY spraying us – hence the PROBLEM– REACTION–SOLUTION, and the solution they offer will be the problem they are using to begin with. This has been going on for decades

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