Stockholm Syndrome, An American Epidemic


The American population is the last potentially counterbalancing force against a global power structure that is pushing the planet and all life toward mathematically certain near term total global extinction. If we stay on this course, our planet will not support life much longer. In spite of the obvious and rationally undeniable tyranny that is verifiably present at all levels of our government, the majority of the US population still enthusiastically embrace the false narrative of American exceptionalism. Our own government and our own military have routinely conducted lethal biological experiments on our own populations over many decades. The Pentagon has also routinely poisoned our own soldiers for decades. From Agent Orange to radioactive depleted uranium ammunition, there is virtually no sense of morality shown by those who run our country, even toward our own military brothers and sisters. Ongoing in the skies above our heads is the greatest and most lethal atrocity of all, global climate engineering. Geoengineering/weather warfare programs are rapidly destroying the planet's climate and life support systems in addition to completely contaminating the entire biosphere. No living organism is spared from this undeniable assault. Every breath we take is laden with highly toxic heavy metals and chemicals that are a part of the climate engineering nightmare (elements verified in US patents and lab tests from the field). Yet, in spite of all that has just been outlined, the majority of the US population continue to embrace and defend the very power structure that is literally killing them. There is a name for the psychological condition in which populations actually embrace and defend their oppressors, the condition is called "Stockholm Syndrome". The short video below outlines this perplexing condition. Our sincere gratitude to Co Creation Productions, Inc, for producing this video.

Though "Stockholm Syndrome" is a factor in countries and populations around the globe, it is truly an epidemic in America. The masses must be awakened from their well programmed condition of apathy and denial if we are to have any chance of turning the tide in time. The fight for the greater good is a responsibility that must be born by us all, make your voice heard in the critical battle to expose the complete criminality of those in power. Time is not on our side.

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  1. Mary Hollowell says:

    Please see my comment on Stockholm Syndrome posted May 7, 2017, at 5:07 am, here:

  2. Rachel Robson says:

    Upon reflection, if this unawareness must be a syndrome, how about Battered Wife Syndrome?  Think about it.  People, male and female or "other" are all acting like battered wives.  Such women keep things secret, feel they don't dare have a voice, too embarrassed to tell any one, too afraid to leave, too scared, too poor, too traumatized to even think clearly but with great hate building and building.  They won't talk about it because it is humiliating and because they fear blow back and how others will perceive them, and where could they go to be safe for real, how would they and children survive?  Plus the PTSD that goes with this.  If I look at this along these lines given the people I know, it all fits.  Battered people and I guess not all are women, feel as if they have no power.  And they fear power.  One feels worthless if constantly beaten, unable to take on the oppressor, but in no way do they embrace it or defend it, they hide it.  They keep their feelings and fears to themselves.  In shame and sorrows.

    This pretty well describes most of America.  The 20th least free nation, in which people are extremely burdened working long hours for less all the time, lacking so many of what other nations have in the way of education, health care, maternity leave, family medical leave, vacations too.  And who are "we" working for?  The very corrupt USA whose leaders don't give a damn.  In fact they are attacking us from every angle.  "Barefoot and pregnant" indeed.

    • Tracey Chen says:

      it is not in their imagination that they will be disbelieved, bullied, banned, further abused, shunned, told "oh you will always be with him"..(when you've moved 3,000 miles leaving your job, all your friends, your home, etc TO get away)…they will tell you to "mediate" or try to diagnose YOU with a problem…and what that problem ACTUALLY IS…is PTSD from LIVING TRUTH..and being TORTURED by ALL who choose to DISbelieve it…….

      victims DO NOT HAVE ANY power in this society ….we have to end government…..victims are the ONLY ones ANYone should be listening to…..

      everyone needs to STFU about anything they haven't personally experienced…..

      they are ALL sociopaths blindly serving psychopaths…all of psychiatry is BS to silence truthtellers…the stats on % with empathy are reversed…very very few have it…it you lie…you are not being empathic…they all lie…they DO NOT realize when they are believing their beliefs…which..sadly seems to be all the time…

      they've been brainwashed to believe there is no truth/reality..that all they have to do is "focus on the positive" (and/or any continue problem after you've done an excellent job focusing on the positive is only in your imagination…the more you focus on it the more you CREATE IT") THEY ARE F**KING INSANE….it is NOT time to MEDITATE…it is time to ACT…they've been brainwashed to FEAR their OWN emotions (like anger…which IN THE TRUTHFUL is JUST…you are supposed to be able to USE and LEARN from your emotions……but they will ATTACK..BELITTTLE SHAME…any "anger" labelling it "negative" ..and telling victims to stop being the cause of their own problems…to look inside for the real cause….lmfao..i tell them the babies in GAZA must have been real assholes to manifest those bombs right into their cribs)…

      they need to LEARN there is a DIFFERENCE between KNOWing and beLIEving…


      and NO statist understands this…if they DO…they are a sociopath/psychopath to still be a statist

      ANARCHY FOR PEACE…empty the prisons and psyche wards they are run by psychopaths   Disband all PDs..they are all sociopaths….i'm not joking….NO ONE is BORN A PIG….it is a choice..and IMmoral choice to be blind violence for pay…to thrown down your own duty to discern right from wrong…

      statists are excuse-makers…


    • Simon. W says:

      Absolutely the best sum-up I've read in a long time. You nailed it. While I'm sitting on the island during the wettest, stormiest winter ever I can't help but beleive we have already gone over the edge of the cliff and all our governments can do is continue to try and dominate a lost planet. God help our children.

  3. Roy says:

    The American population is the last potentially counterbalancing force against a global power structure
    Having to visit Walmart the other day for the first time in years…..I'd say the above statement is rather depressing.. 

  4. Diane Friday says:

    Oh yes, Stockholm Syndrome is very much alive and well. We recommend this site to every one of our friends. People who know us well and have known us for a long time. We see characteristic blank stare more often than not. I still can't tell if it's that they know something isn't right and can't bring themselves to think about it, or if some of the younger people in particular have been "programmed" to not see, not notice, not believe any such conspiracy nonsense. This doesn't stop us from trying. 

    On a related note, it's mega engineered winter again here in the northeast. The storm systems (two of them this time) that brought us several inches of snow in the last 24 hours were described as being a "disorganized mess" by one of the actual meteorologists from the Philadelphia CBS affiliate. I hunt down his weather reports online whenever there's nasty scheduled weather coming this way, and call him out on the flowery double-speak used in the reports. Yesterday, I was especially blatant because the report was especially vague and nonsensical. I ended my comment by posting a link to this site. For the first time since I've been doing this, my comment was apparently deemed not fit to print. Didn't make the cut. I wasn't surprised, but I was furious. So today, after the snowment began falling in earnest, I checked for weather reports frequently, but they were almost non-existent. 

    As others have mentioned here, the endless gloom, the total lack of sunlight most of the time now, regardless of the season, is a slow death. It's something to which I am completely intolerant, psychologically and emotionally, and I'm failing fast. As for this latest round of scheduled weather, they've pulled out all the stops. I've lost count of how many Growlers I've heard flying over us, at what seems to be relatively low altitude, since last night starting around 11:00. Of course, with the completed cloud cover solidly in place now, it's impossible to see them, but impossible not to hear them. Impossible for me, anyway. And, as an extra special treat, after they're done dumping the fake and highly toxic snow on us, they're going to put us in the deep freeze again this year. They're calling for single-digit overnight lows and daytime highs in the 20s, with the always-present high winds coming from due north. This should guarantee an even higher death toll than after last month's record-breaking snowstorm. I don't think I've ever read about so many people dying from heart attacks as a result of shoveling snow as I did after that one, and a couple of those who died lived in this area of southeastern PA. One was a 69-year-old man in town, another was an 18-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant!! Why a woman who is eight months pregnant was shoveling snow is beyond me, but maybe, 20 or 30 years ago, she may have only wound up going into premature labor? Anyway, I can only imagine how many snow-shoveling heart attacks there'll be this time, especially when they lock us in the deep-freeze for however long they plan to make it last. 

    I'm no coward; quite the opposite. Give me a tangible enemy, and I'll fight to the death of necessary. But we're not dealing with tangibles here, and I've reached critical mass. Like the planet itself and every living thing on it, I'm crying for help, but for me, at least, there's no help to be had. Thank you Dane, and thanks to all the beautiful people who share their experiences, thoughts, ideas, hopes, fears, anger, rage, and sadness on this wonderful site. Love and light to all of you. 

    • Elise Buchanan says:

      Diane, I totally agree with you and feel your feelings and echo your despair. Thankfully, we are aware of the despicable actions of our government and can sound the alarm to our family and friends. However However, who will rectify our dire straits?!

  5. Wayne says:

    Very few jets and somewhat of a clear sky in palm Springs, CA for three days now…..Hummm…Obama flys in Friday.

    • BaneB says:

      If any place on earth should have sparkling blue skies, it would be Palms Spring, California.  It is the Mecca for sun worshippers.  Tourism is the economy.  Surely, the local inhabitants recognize a major shift in the clarity of the sunshine?  Are they not raising hell at the local city council meetings?  With all those resort owners recognizing their livelihood is being impacted, or do they?  

    • Troy - Break from Spraying? says:


      I notice the same over here in Maryland. I went out during my lunch break and looked up and to my surprise no spraying and no lines in the sky, just puffy white clouds the way it should be. This pass weekend my ears were ringing and I could not keep my throat clear. Today I feel much better and no ringing in my ears. I can only hope and pray that they will stop.

      However, let us not let our guard down and continue to spread this message! This is the perfect opportunity to take a picture of how our skies are suppose to look like and compare with pictures when they are out spraying and get out and wake up the masses.

    • Larwence says:

      We have been getting hammered here in Bakersfield Ca. Heavy spraying all week.

  6. Dawnski says:

    Strange smokey ashtray irritation in my throat all day. Wondering if there was carbon black spray today.


    • SortingHat says:

      Me too and I don't even smoke or know how to use a cigar. 

    • jodi says:

      Same on the coast in pismo.  Black trails, irritated throat and attitude. The side of my head hurts but its not a headache if that makes any sense. Why don't you they just drop the big one so we can move on

  7. baretta and others…  Dane has said that the elites have “chelation” therapy at their disposal, which makes sense. I have been researching chelation techniques and they often come with side-effect warnings. The best I have found thus far is the Silica in horsetail for heavy metal chelation:
    Silica has other good side effects too like anti-inflammatory, etc. Bamboo is also a source of Silica, but it is much stronger than the horsetail and it can over time cause irreparable kidney damage. Because I am 70, I have learned to begin with small doses. I’m taking one a day of the NOW Silica Complex and I am drinking the FIJI bottled water which is high in silica and also magnesium – and it really has improved my aluminum ‘fog’:
    (amazon also sells this)
    I am taking small doses of Chlorella and I feel a bit better, but I’m going slow with this product also as it comes from Japan (god-forbid!) and even though they say it’s organic, well you know.
    Last but not least is colostrum three times a day. I don’t think I would be alive today if I hadn’t started on colostrum over two years ago back in New Zealand. I have multiple chronic illness, especially GI and weakened immune system, that all began nine years ago in Charlottesville VA beneath the skies so thick with chemtrails they often resembled plowed snow. Here is is favorite colostrum product, SYNERTEK, after trying many others, including ones from New Zealand (NZ is not pure, sorry to report).
    Magnesium and large doses of Vitamin C are recommended also. As we are constantly exposed, we have no choice but to daily keep flushing the stuff out of us. Most important is to STOP ALL FORMS OF SUGAR, including wine/alcohol, fruit juice, and dried fruit. Fresh fruit in small portions. Sugar is a poison and exhausts the immune system. I have good days and bad. I hope this helps you, I think the elderly (like me) and children are as usual the most vulnerable. Most people around here look sick with grey skin, dark circles under their eyes and no color in their faces. God be with us! Please everyone else post your own remedies. We all have different body chemistries.

    • beretta says:

      Susan Ferguson, Thank you for the info.

    • Teresa McColley says:

      This is the lifestyle diet I've been on since November 2015. What a difference it has made. I'm 50, with years of bad habits to change and my husband 57, whom has advanced Parkinson's disease, has benefited tremendously.

    • Dawnski says:

      Dr. Malkmus and his family are awake. He has Hallelujah Acres in Gastonia, NC. They put good info out in newsletters. His dietary changes reversed his cancer.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Good Lord Susan!  You do all the excellent work you do here With  immune system problems?!  You have bad days, physically? and still crank out all you do in such excellent form with plenty of links?!!!  OK, I am sold.  Or maybe our issues are very different.  For me, with any GI issues, turmeric does the trick.  I could not love turmeric more!  I'm a bit afraid of trying some of what you mention, will have to research and run by doc.  I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease including Lupus, RA, Raynaud's, Sjogren's and more!  As well as nerve damage from a trashed spine as well as more than 55 broken bones.  My immune system is not reduced, it is overactive attacking my own body.  I take medications, and vitamins including magnesium and vitamin C, and some others.  So, I hesitate always at some new thing.  I quite agree that sugar is poison.  And that we all have different body chemistries.  For me, I've found curries to be brilliant.  And my ever present, beloved turmeric.  Thank you for sharing about your health and what works for you.  I am poor, so money is an issue in terms of what I can do.  Usually I do not have gut problems but find that many foods do not set well with me these days and for a long time.  But, in '81 I had a 5 hour surgery for endometriosis leaving me with many adhesions, which yoga seemed to help a lot, but nothing beats turmeric.  In my experience.  In fact, I use it so much and it doesn't cost much at all, that last time I bought a Big bag of it.  Now I find out that is not the way to go as supposedly, over time and air exposure, the effects are lessened.  Have you tried this miracle?  I find also that what I learned from Yogis is true, that brown rice is a nightmare.  Why people go this route is beyond me, but will give me gut issues every time.

      But this brain fog problem.  It is like one day my brain is back, the next day-gone.  Really getting on my nerves and messing with my life as well as scaring me.  Thank you!

  8. beretta says:

    Im getting off subject here but read post here saying that chelation is a good heavy metal detox, can anyone give me a reliable source on where and what I need. Now back on subject Im afraid we are at the verge of the double catastrophe that Dane has predicted and we all need to be as healthy and clear thinking as possible. Everyone prepare as best as possible, its coming.

  9. I actually heard a song with the words "Stockholm syndrome" while I was shopping at Stein Mart, before it was suddenly flipped off

  10. MS says:

    Back to white-out conditions here in Northern California.  Almost 80 degrees today in early February.  Most of my phys. ed students were complaining vigorously about how hot the sun felt.  Today the canopy seemed to be pulled up and over us.  A huge bank of aerosol came up off the western horizon and jut seemed to climb over us.  By 12 noon the sky was almost completely covered.  Another thing I have been noticing is a formation that seems to originate and repeat in the northwestern skyline.  It looks like a huge "V" formation.  There is a base and off the base comes long wisps in either direction.  Whatever energy weapon is hitting the aerosol has to be coming from a fixed position.  Best way I can describe it is that looks like horns coming off a bulls head.  Part of the overt nature of the spraying is to scare the sh*t out of us.  Like a lunatic waving a gun in your face.  My instincts tell me that critical mass can't be that far off given the overt and repetitious nature of the spraying.  Self preservation has to take over at some point.  

    • BaneB says:

      Funny you should mention the 'V' shape from the northwest.  I too have observed this on numerous occasions from my perch here in central Mendocino County.  And, as with you my thought was and is that there is a fixed base from which the aerosoled clouds are zapped.  The only fixed base in my mind, going northwest , that might be a suspect is the NEXRAD tower in Eureka, California.  The other two towers nearest me are in the Sacramento area and Bay Area, both southeast and south of here.  The NEXRAD towers were recently enhanced in power and given vertical capabilities along with existing horizontal.  The output is. 748,000 watts of power.  The radius is 250 miles out .  Full circle or straight 'V' beam.  Full circle is 500 miles,  360 degrees.  Power is likely diluted in a full sweep.  But beamed like a flashlight might produce the disturbance in the atmosphere.  Not too many months ago I was using the visible cloud satellite and had enlarged the image to the Southern Nevada area.  Suddenly a doughnut shaped pulse imminated  out from the Searchlight, Nevada area.  There is a very updated NEXRAD facility there.  Because the Intellicast loop repeats itself, and for more than an hour, I was able to take measurements.  The roiling created doughnut cloud circle was absolutely uniform.  At 250 miles out from the epicenter the cloud parameter edge dissipated, disappearing altogether. Had I blinked it would have gone unnoticed.  That one incident caused me to wonder about NEXRAD.  Further, there are 160 of these facilities across the US.  The placement is such that virtually all of the US is blanketed.  The sweep of each one overlaps at least the sweep of one or two or three others, depending on proximities.  Focusing three horizontal beans upon one target might create something of interest, given that each has an output of 748,000 watts.  Having no acumen for calculations or science, its difficult for me to really understand what is the potential for malfeasance, if any.

  11. Ken B says:

    Now, if we just had a graph showing environmental aluminum levels over the last 5 years.
    Also, don't underestimate the power of the "network". The internet is monitored for keywords and the .govs are most certainly aware of the geoengineering awareness levels in the general population.  

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      The old Motto was: "Government For The People" I do not see where this statement holds any water, or is even the truth. The Government stated there will be NO Social Security Pay Incresae this year, for people on Social Security, due to LOW GAS PRICES. This is the most ridiculous reason I have heard of. What about the Stock Market Investors, they use a computer program called HFT High Frequency Trading, which is NOT available to other people, to trade off their Stocks & Bonds, before they suffer a harsh loss. Example: Bank Of America, JP Morgan Chase with Mortgage Home Loans, actually knew that the Loans would eventually go bad. Mortgage Backed Securities MBS, were the programs used when the major recession occured around 2008. The CEO's, & Presidents of these financial institutions (BOA, Fannie Mae/ Freddie Mac, JP etc) & General Motors, which was bailed out by the Government are all guilty of these actions. To my knowledge, most of them were not punished for their rogue actions. Bernie Madoff is a prime example, he is being punished though. What about the Reverse Mortgage Programs for Seniors age 62 and up, a Government backed mortgage, how trustworthy is this program. The current IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, (remember the IRS Targeting Scandal) was formerly the Freddie Mac CEO & Chairman Of The Board. 

    • john says:

      you are correct. and i'm with you, i would like to see the heavy metals graphics as well.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Searchlight Nevada is the home territory of that low life vermin Harry Reid!.. By the way, we haven't heard a peep about him after his unfortunate 'accident' in the bathroom using exercise equipment, have we? Anybody know what's happened to 'dirty' Harry Reid lately? Just wondering. Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish is what my grandparents always said.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Ken B, hello and that Kiel report made it perfectly clear that the governments are in fact monitoring for feedback and awareness, this site should serve them well for that.  It mentioned little awareness in 2010, much more awareness is 2015.  They will not even be honest about the radiation issue, much less an aluminum graph!

  12. Ken B says:

    I think this is interesting and perhaps usable information. This link shows global bauxite ore mining over the last 5 years. Bauxite is the primary ingredient in aluminum. hmmmm……funny numbers considering the world economy.

  13. Here [see link below] is how the night sky looks in New Zealand on a clear night. My dear friend & I would often spend warm nights beneath this spectacular array of God’s mysterious unspeakable perfection. He took this photograph from Paihia in the Bay of Islands, the Far North on the North Island NZ. Being able to see the stars and the Milky Way is what I miss most about living in New Zealand. How many of us have seen this many stars? Even on a clear night here on the Olympic Peninsula WA, there are few stars above me. The daily dose of chemtrails blot out the sky here with their milky wispy fogs and residues. Before industrial pollution and geoengineering chemtrail aerosol spraying, we all were imbued, inundated, blessed with the magnificence of the universe on every clear night. No wonder the Rishis, the Seers in ancient times worshiped Cosmic Powers, forces cosmogonic perceived as RTA, Truth in constant motion, like the stars traversing the vast heavens – forces which later became deified. We are stardust cut off from our Source. We have lost our way in endless useless wars, ever changing illusion-delusion, consumption of perishable rubbish, useless mind numbing ultimately boring doo-dahs. Let us find our way back Home!

    • beretta says:

      Hi Susan, can you tell me where the best place to get chelation and what I need to get for heavy metal detox. I know you have posted this before but cant find it. This isnt a question only for Susan but to anyone else who can help. Im tired of of the fatigue lack of clear thinking thats being caused by the constant spraying where i live. Thanks

    • James A. Brown Jr. says:

      Very Nice Susan…Thanks for Sharing.

    • Thank you, Susan for the beautiful photo of the southern Milky Way! I have never seen it, but I have spent many spiritually elevating nights, over the past 20 years, out under the infinite northern starry sky, with my homebrew 17 inch Newtonian reflector telescope. Fortunately, the rather out-of-the-way rural spot in Canada where I now live has slightly escaped the brutal non-stop sky-smear of other places. How long this might continue, only God knows. As if we really needed ANOTHER reason to detest the SAG horror….not only does it replace health with illness, and fertility with sterility, it also obfuscates nature’s beauty with malevolently bland ugliness. We must fight this oppressive, demonic, poison power every day, with all of our strength, while we yet have time. Payback WILL come. Revelation chapter 11, verses 17-18 testifies to the LAST line of defense. I pray that this world’s people will WAKE UP… BEFORE that ultimate, cosmic leveler occurs.

  14. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County Spray Alert   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!       2-9-2016       09:40.
    We are Being Sprayed Like Bugs  Today .
    Man O  Man  ,,,   I see  a   Live  Drone over Stockton on a regular basis now .  This  Drone   has been giving to the city of Stockton by our dear sweet government under   DHS , secure cities Un Agenda  2030 .
    I see this drone all the time  now . It has lights with different colors of  red  , green , and blue lights .
    The  City of  Stockton  Is Watching You !
    If you have anything to hide in your back yard  ,,,,,, Be  Advised  you are being Watched  By  DHS .

  15. Can we say that the Stockholm Syndrome is present in the weak minded populations? The low IQ people are most likely to get it right? Just asking because I'm so cautious and paranoid that all I see on tv, about the government, I think is ALWAYS bullshit! I also believe what you say Dane, DON'T bring guns, it will give those in power the argument to install totalitarian dictatorship. We must act with our heads instead of our emotions, which will cloud our judgements. Thanks for another great speech Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, in regard to “Stockholm Syndrome” (or simular conditions of denial), the most intelligent and educated are often even more prone to exibit such behavior. The educational system is a major factor with this type of mental/psychological conditioning. Thank you for your support in this battle Johathan, and for making your voice heard in this fight. It is all of us working together that can make the difference.

    • bija says:

      Remember Patty Hearst?!

  16. Saudi Arabia Prepares To Send Special Forces To Syria; Will Fight As Part Of "US-Led Coalition"
    Zero Hedge Feb.9, 2016
    … developments involving the Syrian proxy war, Saudi Arabia and U.S. presence on the ground, the latest twist is that both Turkey and Saudi Arabia are now mulling a full-scale invasion while Russia … not only is Saudi Arabia ready to send a special force to fight in Syria, but that this deployment was proposed by the US, which would oversee the Saudi troops as part of the US-led coalition in Syria. …
    And so, what was until recently purely an air campaign involving all the major global powers (except China, for for the time being), is about to become a full-blown land war, involving not only Sunis and Shi'ites (especially once Iran joins the fray), but also Russian troops on one side and US and Saudis on the other. Most notably, oil has refused to budge even an inch on what is rapidly shaping up as a precursor to World War III.

    • BaneB says:

      One can draw a straight line from this Middle East imbroglio to a past event sold to the public as a terrorist attack by Arabs (Muslims).  9-11 was the single event that placed this nation into the worse possible foreign policy blunder (national self entrapment).  How can this be?  If you have not read the following you might want to:  the PNAC policy document, A Clean Break, and the Yinon Plan.  Simply put, American foreign policy has been subsumed to the dictates of the Israeli foreign policy.  This was achieved by way of the 9-11 false flag op.  And here we are 15 years later with a destroyed economy, a rapacious burgeoning surveillance police state, 50,000,000 citizens on food stamps, a looted treasury, endless war, near zero manufacturing jobs, and a farsical political charade that offers up nothing except more of the same.  We have no political power, we have less money now, and President Carter stated on national TV that our broken republic is no longer a functioning democracy but rather we are an oligarch nation ruled by a small fabulously wealthy elite.  This oligarch ruling the nation is directing the insanity so in evidence in the ME.  The situation is sucking in more nations.   Turkey, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia are preparing to send in ground troops.  Turkey is a member of NATO.  NATO is a mutual defense pact.  Russia and the US accidentally mis-read each other's intentions, or some entity quiet and pulling schemes could goad an incident, or fake a launched missle attack.  The Neocons ruling Washington are certifiable psychopaths.  Dane has stated that outside of a nuclear war the Geoengineering issue is the greatest threat to all life on earth.  I hope we are able to expose and bring to a halt the Geoengineering, and that rational heads in governments, if there are any not purged out, will bless us all by making peace.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Amazing how nobody wants this war except the mindless boneheads 'going along to get along' with the military industrial machine and their contractor friends making billions (off the plunder and death of innocents and the resources of nations) or the truly uninformed 'sheeple' catching only sound bites between their football games, beer, and chips. I don't personally know ANYBODY who wants this escalation by the war machines continuing to grind up the middle east, and now even our OWN continent with the growler military games over the Northwestern territories and the continued nuking of innocent sea life off the California coast by the U.S. Navy. Does it really get much worse than this?.. When will our bought off, traitorous politicians take a stand for what is RIGHT and attempt to put a chokehold on these assh*les?! God what cowards! THIS IS NOT THE WILL OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.. I pray the people of the world understand this and know we hate this as much as they do.

  17. Marc says:

    It has become excruciatingly apparent that our so-called "political system" is, in fact, an expression of "Stockholm syndrome." TPTB use this system to perpetuate the illusion that the system actually "works" or is relevant to our lives. A Huffpost article this morning detailed how when Jeb Bush was asked about climate change at a town hall meeting there ensued a round of applause. Really? Isn't that interesting? Jeb Bush talking about climate change is like a "pig looking at a wristwatch," to use a colloquialism. Utterly absurd to the point of hopelessness. Now, granted, Jeb may actually be in a position to know way more than he'd ever let on to. But his facade of stupidity, and the stupidity of all the rest of the candidates, speaks volumes about how we cling to the "excitement" of interpersonal theater at the expense of discussing the number one issue, really the ONLY issue worth discussing, which is climate change/ weather modification/ weather warfare/CABAL. It's all really ONE ISSUE. But unfortunately we're not likely to see this field of circus clowns delving into this. So instead, people content themselves with the most profound mediocrity imaginable, while all around them (us) ecological dissolution is in high gear. It's only a matter of time, and short at that, when this absurd distraction is vaporized by reality. 

  18. Dave says:

    Anybody seen the strange  "clouds" that were seen on the ground in Morocco this morning posted on the internet, theories?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Dave, surfactants appear to be part of the spraying mix under some scenarios. These elements would cause the kind of “foaming” that has been documented periodically.

  19. Stephen says:

    Hello Dane 

    Would it still snow in certain parts of the world if it wasn't for climate engineering? I live on the east coast of Canada and the majority of our snow comes all at once from engineered storms, it very rarely snows in small amounts. Most of the time precipitation not coming from a large winter storm is rain. The temperature is generally above freezing or close to it when the skies are clear,( a rare occurrence ) it's amazing how quickly it changes. I'm curious to get your opinion on this. Thank you Dane, great article as always.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Stephan, without the massive chemical ice nucleation assaults, snow would likely only occur at the highest altitudes and only in the far northern and far southern latitudes. As time progresses, and the planet continues into meltdown, this trajectory will progress.

  20. Stephen says:

    I live on the east coast of Canada and right now we are experiencing a blizzard. Just last week it was 10 C and raining. most people don't question this, when I bring it up they just shrug it off. They say things like it's happened before or that the weather is just strange sometimes, as if there is no rational behind the weather extremes. How obvious can it get? Are people's memories that short? I say to people 2015 was the hottest year on record. They agree with me. I then proceed to talk about the extreme winter weather we've been having. Strange but no problem. Then I bring up climate engineering and they get mad lol. To me it's the only logical explanation and the evidence is overwhelming, yet most don't even want to look. Can you imagine the human race goes extinct and the majority of people have no clue to the biggest factor that lead to their own demise. What a weird world we live in… 

    • Earth Angel says:

      Maybe the stupid will become extinct- and the rest of us will ascend somewhere else- such as a similar storyline as happened in the book 'Atlas Shrugged'. This could perhaps be our best hope to cull out the ignorant of our species and make a better world in another place for all. A shame we are taking so many wonderful plant and animal species along with us to extinction. Perhaps they will again appear in another place and time, a better place and time.

  21. Jamie says:

    It was my understanding that the number was not 50,000 years but 6000 years. Does anyone else out there have any other information on this?

  22. bija says:

    Might I also suggest that being in the military creates a type of Stockholm Syndrome. How else can so many atrocities be committed against other sovereign countries and our own populations without question or rebellion. I do have sympathy for those who think they are doing something for their country and find just the opposite. But it's time to reclaim reason and decency and walk away from immorality! It is possible!! A perfect example is Ken O'Keefe. His recent interview with Vinny Eastwood gives one hope. So much honesty here!

    • bija says:

      Or go to Awaken To Reality Ken O'Keefe and Vinny Eastwood

      (warning: coarse language)

    • Earth Angel says:

      I love Ken O'Keefe!  And Scott Bennett is another real stand up guy with an INCREDIBLE story to tell. See his website or read his book 'Shell Game' and spread his information FAR and WIDE!

    • Unhappy skywatcher says:

      War will not end until young people refuse to fight them. Love n light

  23. TOMBOLA says:

    Hi All, 

    Update from Perth, Western Australia.

    After being saturated with aerosols for weeks over the Christmas period (summer and school holiday period), we to have now had clear, blue `old world' skies but with temperatures reaching 42c degrees for the last week or so. Temperatures above 40C degrees are scheduled to continue for the next week or so, sorry i meant predicted.

    The U.V level is high – ir can be felt on your skin easily in the morning before it gets really hot, and my organic vegie patch is really suffering from the heat.

    • Greetings from Canada, Tombola! We just had an intense blizzard of snow here for a day or 2, kind of the opposite from Oz, for sure. Is 40-42 C anywhere near “normal” (Ha! What IS normal, these daze, eh?) for Perth this time of year?

    • TOMBOLA says:

      Steve likewise from Perth,

      It not uncommon to have 42 degree C temperature 4 or 5 times per summer historically but not consecutively as this week – i think all historical records have been broken. What if under reporting of actual temperature is happening – does that mean we have had consecutive days of 45 degree C plus. I have NEVER before seen my organics look they way they looked this week and i have lost 25% of my vegies to a combination of heat, u.v. and hot wind.

      Hope that gives you more of a picture.

    • TOMBOLA says:

      To add to that for the first time today i noticed my healthy green still ripening lemons with yellow (u.v.) scorch on top.
      This is to me a first.

  24. kathleen says:

    Oy vey…we have poisoned air, water, and food, as well as soil depleted of minerals needed to grow healthy food, but contaminated with poisonous chemicals drifting down from the air, or pumped into, e.g., our water supply that water those foods. We have lying media, lying politicians, not to mention lying corporations (100% connected, if you've been paying attention). Just whose frickin "god" thinks that lying and massive illness and murder is something holy? MOFOs.
    Yes, Roy, Ike originally included "Congressional" in the "Beware the Military-Industrial-[Congressional] Complex" warning. But we were clearly too crazy to care to investigate, or even care that it was nixed. Hmmm, nixed, as in Nixon? I don't know.
    Dear friends, make whatever tiny steps you can. The first is to not drink your tap water. Use R/O (reverse osmosis) or distilled. Add some minerals if you don't eat healthy foods. The second is to grow some sprouts. The third is to grow some of your own food, or at least eat organic. Those three steps will put you miles above the average person in this sorryassed country. If you follow those habits, you'll likely be able to avoid hospitals (very dangerous places!), and doctors (who know virtually nothing about how to heal the body using, hello, FOOD), and you'll save a heap o' dollars you'd otherwise pay to some insurance agency that wouldn't pay for homegrown, natural, cheap cures, like dandelion greens.
    Eat local, seasonal, colorful fresh whole foods at every meal. And that is good advice even if you also eat junk, which will soon fall out of favor.
    We are being poisoned at every level. Help to reverse that by seeking out ways to eat and drink healthy foods: real foods, whole foods, seasonal and local foods; nothing (or few things) in packages, cans, or bottles. Zero added sugar (in its countless forms), zero added chemicals (flavorings, colorings, preservatives); no cooking on high heat using anything but avocado oil; no animal flesh that you haven't personally killed moments before (or none that wasn't raised grazing upon its natural food); no products from a CAFO, and use the site to choose which foods you can safely eat that are NOT organic. The one problem with corn, being labeled relatively safe from herbicides/pesticides is that corn is, mostly 99% GMO. This means it's built in with a chemical that kills bugs, and that chemical also stays inside you. This is NOT good! Buy only organic corn.
    But what IS good is that there are wonderfully gifted and intelligent people like you, Roy, all the gifted folks who comment here, and Dane — our heartbeat! —  and we can stay healthier than those trying to eliminate us. Shun ALL junk food, all fast food, all packaged foods. Switch to whole, real foods, for however long they might last.
    Namaste, dear ones 🙂

  25. ASir says:

    Two days of perfect blue skies. My husband and I live in northern Cal and drove to Tahoe, Reno, and home and noticed there was absolutely no spraying! It made me sad to think how happy we got from just two days and honestly felt better physically! Perhaps it was more mental? How does NASA explain clear days like this with no "condensation" from airplanes? I really am shocked at how people respond to this when we try to raise awareness! Don't they notice the sky? I really think majority of people either know what's going on or just don't want to know because it might interfere with their busy lives. I also have heard some say they don't need the negativity. Better to pretend that everything is just great. I wonder if only the strong minded are aware of what is happening and willing to accept we have been lied to our whole lives because some people just can't handle the truth? 

    • BaneB says:

      The psychological impact of dimming the sunlight, and coving over the blue sky with jet induced grunge, is having a depressing psychological impact on everyone.  While some don't want to deal with negativity, they are certainly being negatively impacted within their mental equilibrium.  Yes, I felt a mental weight lift off of me with just two days of seemingly full sunlight and bluer skies.  And this psyche boost put me in a mood to get out and tidy up, work in some garden boxes, walk, lounge about, and enjoy my dogs who really were happy with the change.  However, not to be negative, but staying realistic, I have a method for testing the clarity of the ' blue.'  I photograph the blue sky and then use the noir filter.  Enlarging the images shows up any grunge, if it is there, that the UV and general glare blocks from vision.  And, the result is that the grunge is there, very non coalesced to the naked eye.  The streaks are observable in patches the glare blocks.  Yes, way reduced, and I suppose I should thank my 'captors' for being so kind and generous allowing me a couple of days of yard exercise and the emotional elation.  Today is scheduled back to "partly cloudy" or  "partly sunny."  So, back to solitary.

    • debra says:

      While we had a brief reprieve, today looks like a war zone on steroids.

  26. SD says:

    The Geoengineers almost sank a cruise ship off of North Carolina on Sunday. What is essentially a manmade hurricane stretches from the Gulf of Mexico, out over the Atlantic and feeds right into New England, creating yet another engineered blizzard.

    Oh, and guess what? East coast of Canada saw another shallow M2.7 quake right in the path of the Noreaster.  HAARP induced low pressure system. HAARP induced earthquakes.

  27. The American population can win over this insanity by not participating in a system that is trying to kill them while turning them into debt slaves. Boycott Monsanto and the like. Buy local Organic , grow your own. Stop paying taxes to the creeps who are destroying the planet. 
    United we stand.

    • Mary says:

      I've always wondered "what would happen if nobody voted?? Who would take charge, who would makes decisions ect…. 

  28. Rosalie says:

    So many cell towers going up in the Toronto area. All these towering, fat poles with the Canadian flag attached,(clearly, not a traditional flag pole). And all these towers masquerading as innocent communication antennas.  Massive and powerful structures; ominous. Looks as if they're preparing to fry our brains, or at the very least  stress us more with the geoengineering, HAARP and the mind control towers, all together.  It leaves a sick feeling in my stomach. Yet, people go about their daily lives as if this is normal. Spaceman Talk  Radio 640 every Saturday night for four hours. The name of the show doesn't do it justice.  Incredible information, relevant to all of what we're going through.

    • Roger Gibbons says:

      Thanks Rosalia …..i live in Burlington …next time am in TO i will check that out.

    • Dan G. says:

      yes fake Christmas trees all over down here in SanDiego to

    • Arrggghhh, Rosalie! The slimy, electro-brain-mushing repulsiveness of it all…I used to work in good old downtown Toronto. I remember handing out home-brew SAG awareness flyers to a huge crowd of summer lunch-hour office workers, who were in a public square. There was a very obvious, seriously criss-crossed chemtrailed sky right overhead at the time. The good folks of TO looked at the photos on the flyers, and said, “Oh yeah?”… After I prompted them to actually bend their necks back and look up at the smeared, blatantly trailed sky…they said, “So what?” Ahhh, the joys of trying to crack open the encrusted shells of programmed,
      Wi-Fi-ed ignorance, eh? You gotta laugh, or you’re going to break down and cry. And that was 15 years ago! Imagine the further electro-stupifaction since then. Gotta KEEP TRYING, though….
      Know any pilots or aircrew? Play ’em this!

    • BaneB says:

      Just finished watching a UTube video, among quite a few, on the subject of what seem to be over-powered cell towers.  Way over amped.  I urge everyone to search out the topic.  The potential for malfeasance is inherent in the same way that a microwave oven can heat up, and cook "food."  Sometimes I really do feel as if the earth has either been invaded from space, or is rapidly being transmuted via technology into cyborgs and transhumans.  A subversion that subsumed and eventually replaces natural life with artificial life and artificial intelligence.  Let us face the concept that the creation of natural life from a single cell in a laboratory is not available to man.  The recourse is to mimic the Creator by inventing more and more artificial knockoffs.  Indeed these knockoffs are our war machines.  The route to 'eternal life' is plausible in a world of  genetics and high tech marriages.  Transhumanism is the drift.  Interestingly, the likelihood is that the artificial human will believe it is alive.  But in reality the creation is in fact a zombie.  At the current pace of this "war of the worlds," and the enormous leaps in high tech, the day might arrive when the subversion is matured and the natural human is redundant.  That is when these overly powered microwave tower ovens are ramped up.  The second in line after carbon life IS silica life.  

  29. Ken B says:

    While Americans are certainly near the top of the apathy chart we're by no means alone in our failure to act. I visit quite a few alt. (real) news sites and have seen a steady increase in the mention of geoengineering, on a global scale. This is obviously a good thing but I've yet to see any impactful protests or demonstrations anywhere. Certainly seminars and such but where's the outrage? The in-your-face protest marches? I don't get it. Is it that the younger generation, the age group that would typically pilot these kinds of demonstrations, is clueless? How do we bring them into the fold? Wake them up? The ones that I know that are "involved" seem to be more focus on the ridiculous political circus going on. That and racism. So sad…..60+ plus years of conditioning has brought us to this.   

    • eric says:

      Ken, I so agree with you . Having participated in a march of 50000 people , across the Golden Gate Bridge, in protest of the Vietnam war…I feel in the streets, peaceably, is what would get the needed publicity.

      It is far to easy to rant and rave though the internet…from the comfort(at least for now) of our comfort zone. And don't get me wrong, the internet is our most powerful tool. Our streets full of community members protesting being sprayed like bugs…Its what is needed.

      As we all know, the geoengineering issue, by far, is the biggest war! 

      And it's against us!

      God bless you all

    • penny says:

      There are plenty of protests here in Europe, including several about geoengineering (unlike in the US, where people fear being seen as disruptive) – but more often, they're attempts to rein in government as a whole.  Taking back control of the war machine, of freedom to protest, of the right to clean food and water.

      If you want to gain allies, then embracing others' concerns would be more productive than trivializing them.  To consign other concerns to the scorned heap of 'political theater' is to see the world through the American exceptionalist's lens, and specifically, through the lens of the privileged white person.  The thing is, when people have not just aluminium but bombs (complete with depleted uranium) falling on their heads, their priorities tend to be a little different.  When their children are being poisoned by their water (so that Nestle can usurp all the clean water) that takes higher priority than spraying.  The fact is, geoengineering is the cause of the privileged white person who has managed to avoid all the other crimes against humanity perpetrated by our government, our military, and our neighbors every single day for over 200 years.  And yet, how many people here would go back to sleep at once, if they could have their organic food and clean air back?

      The races have been divided and conquered, people of different faiths have been divided and conquered, the sexes, different economic groups… the list is endless. 

    • pharmer says:

      It was almost 50 years ago when protestors surrounded the Pentagon peacefully, which seems amazing now, when people are so apathetic and mind-controlled.  The Pentagon was protected by some 300+ US deputy marshals outside, and another 5000+ troops (82nd Airborne) inside, with live ammo and fixed bayonets – later ordered outside when the perimeter was breached. The well-intentioned protest movement of the 1960's became a theater of the absurd, used to distract from the serious issues. The yippies and yappies were financed by "establishment money", as Abbie Hoffman admitted, and the entire peace movement subverted (orchestrated?) by the evil entity. The Seattle WTO protests in 1999 were mostly positive and creative, until black block 'anarchist' elements (agent provocateurs?) instigated the violence, causing the orderly informative demonstration to disintegrate into chaos, distracting from the positive messages being conveyed by caring people.   There were simultaneous massive demonstrations in cities all over the world attempting to stop the 2003 war in Iraq, which is what we need to do again.  This time the war we are protesting is against humanity and the planet we live on – not just another country "over there".  Having simultaneous protests in state capitols seems realistic, rather than just one huge demonstration in Washington DC, considering the difficult logistics and expenses involved.  Local people who live in that area, and those with the resources and time to travel, might join a protest in Washington DC.  I'd love to go there, but having limited money and plants to tend, going to my state capitol is more realistic.  I'm concerned that the looming threat of WWIII, pandemics, false-flag attacks, and/or financial meltdown will lead to martial law, thereby making mass peaceful protests impossible. It's painfully obvious the destruction of our planet will continue until good people do something to stop it.  We need to use positive direct action now, and get young people energized again, like they were in the 1960's.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I suspect we'd get further with anti-geoengineering if there was less name calling, less us versus them, fewer put downs such as asleep.  Or even sheeple because that works both ways, lest we become a cult and isolated as such.  This is a very big and very complicated world of which many of us have been ignorant at some point in time.

      All divided and conquered as you said-"races", sexes, different economic groups–is that in fact the real New World Order?

    • Dennie says:

      There are two things going on with this process.  There is the Informational/Discovery aspect, in which so much is going on in so many places in such a short amount of time, you need the input of others to stay properly informed.  Then there is HOW YOU FEEL about everything that's going on.  I'm coming to believe that, just as with the financial system, you need the people who got us into this mess to somehow help stop the mess, just not by creating MORE of a mess– but what I'm saying is that WE ARE GOING TO NEED SOME OF THESE GUYS TO COME OUT OF DENIAL, SPEAK OUT and TURN IT AROUND, and THIS IS A PROCESS.  I've noticed that most nice white (and other color) folks DO NOT LIKE PROCESS, because process is MESSY!  Tough NOOGIES.

  30. Perhaps helpful to some of you who are suffering…
    Biofilm, CDB and Vitamin C / Clifford E Carnicom /Jun 13 2014
    A method has been established that shows promise of being effective in removing significant masses of biofilm that encapsulate large quantities of the “cross-domain bacteria” (CDB) as they have been identified and designated by this researcher.  This method applies to oral cavities only and it is simple to investigate as to its efficacy.  The identification of the CDB has been confirmed by microscopy; one  unique feature of this organism is the frequent co-linear arrangement of the bacteria within an encasing filament.  The various stages of growth of this life form have been documented extensively on this site, and a progression of development is understood.   The term “Morgellons” as popularly used, is insufficient to characterize both the uniqueness of the life form and its ubiquity in the environment.  The term “cross-domain bacteria” (i.e., CDB) has been established as being intrinsic to the origin of the life form;  attention has been called to the the fact that the scientific nomenclature for this ‘new biology’ remains woefully inadequate.  Any perception that this so-called “condition” is restricted to the human species is false; planetary consequences are before us.   Please refer to earlier discussions that elevate the seriousness of this need for increased participation by the scientific and health communities.
    full explanation & images

  31. Unprecedented! West Coast Sea Bird Die-Off Is Biggest Ever Recorded   /DAHBOO77 /Feb 8, 2016  / The mass of dead seabirds that have washed up on Alaska beaches in past months is unprecedented in size, scope and duration, a federal biologist said at an Anchorage science conference. The staggering die-off of common murres, the iconic Pacific seabirds sometimes likened to flying penguins, is a signal that something is awry in the Gulf of Alaska, said Heather Renner, supervisory wildlife biologist at the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge. “We are in the midst of perhaps the largest murre die-off ever recorded,” Renner told the Alaska Marine Science Symposium on Thursday. While there have been big die-offs of murres and other seabirds in the past, recorded since the 1800s, this one dwarfs most of them, Renner said. “This event is almost certainly larger than the murres killed in the Exxon Valdez oil spill,” she said. After that spill — at the time, the nation's largest — about 22,000 dead murres were recovered by crews conducting extensive beach searches in the four months after the tanker grounding, according to the Exxon Valdez Trustee Council, the federal-state panel that administers funds paid to settle spill-related claims for natural-resource damages.  Now, hundreds and thousands of dead murres are turning up on a wide variety of Alaska beaches, including nearly 8,000 discovered this month on a mile-long stretch in Whittier, she said. A preliminary survey in Prince William Sound has already turned up more than 22,000 dead murres there, she said. Starving, dying and dead murres are showing up far from their marine habitat, in inland places as distant as Fairbanks, hundreds of miles from the Gulf of Alaska coast, making the die-off exceptionally large in geographic scale. video here:

    • BaneB says:

      The die off of life is well underway.  Whales, starfish, birds of every kind, sea lions, the web of life that supports all of us is being unraveled at a quickening pace. There has been so much bad news of late.  It depresses me.  At my age I could easily wash my hands about thinking about it.  Been there, done that, and contributed my part to this meltdown, too.  It would be easy to block this out with a good book, or go catalogue shopping.  But I cannot.  Too bad because is not this suppose to be my "golden years"?  But, knowing that these innocent creatures have nothing in common with man's dual nature, and living in a natural niche of relative harmony good for the web of life, pushes me to want mankind to dismantle the responsible death delivering paradigm.     My suspicion is that the geoengineered electromagnet warfare games by the Navy and the ionospheric microwave frequency devices manipulating the jet stream, and god only knows what else the meddlers are using, is playing a role.  Sad, very sad.

  32. Rats trying to expose free energy technology says:

     The Sheeple do not want to give up their glutenous ways and continue to be hypnotized by media programming. I have come to realize that most of these self blindfolded individuals tend to believe that chemtrails are….pollution (smog/heavy ozone/etc), from all of the CO2 emissions, industrial pollution and increase in international airline flights!So, the majority think that jet engine exhaust trails are more visible and remain visible much longer….Because of pollution, more flights and global warming from greenhouse gases. It is like they have all suddenly exalted the Science Guy to GURU status, overnight!His science and the Government's paid shill scientists are extremely FLAWED!Yet the True and Factual science and evidence of Chemtrails, is still swept under the rug, because everyone has been programmed to accept them as NORMAL. No doubt that society is spoiled. But, if you take away their internet, television, and beer… they might just spend more time looking up.Once they finally get over their Facebook, video gaming and "selfie" withdraws that is! These Fracking Blood Lust glorifying PPV series and Predictive Programming shows don't help things either. I honestly believe that microwave ovens act like a comforting tranquelizer to the American society, like Vodka does for the Russians. Take away ALL technology and the average person would die within weeks! That's a sad Epitaph for Humankind.

  33. SortingHat says:

    Holy friggin Mary!  The latest models show Feb being possibly record warm category and we are having a Feb *heatwave* right now along with air stagnations.

    This is the 3rd or 4th Feb in a row with crap conditions.  

    It's like there is no artic air left up north.  Hard to believe just a week ago the models showed us brushing with artic air tomorrow for several solid runs then *took* it away.

    Several times this past few winters the models try to show artic air that never makes it..

    I wonder if there is even Artic Air left or if climate change has fucked the whole process up which models don't have it inputed. 

    As long as the weather models still have bad input your going to continue with bad output.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Hello, SortingHat.  I've been wondering the same thing–wondering if there is any cold Arctic air left. . . . and I'm in Alaska.  Here now all the fronts come from lows in the Gulf of Alaska.  That's warm air from the Pacific that's channeled North, sometimes swirling through western Canada only to move west into Alaska.  It must be quite a project to nucleate cold from that hot air, but day after day the same pattern is repeated over and over.  There aren't any cold fronts arriving from Siberia. 

      I looked around and found this.  I guess they're experiencing much of the same warming along with snow in July, 2014.  We knew Siberian tundra was burning last year in early April, when historically the tundra didn't thaw until mid-June.

      I fear the Arctic cold is completely gone already.

  34. pharmer says:

    In George Orwell's classic book "1984", the dystopian world he 'imagined' was a nightmare of mass "Stockholm Syndrome". People were kept in a state of fear by constant false-flag bombings, and rumors of war.  They exhibited false patriotic pride, believing the government would protect them, and would go into a state of hate whenever propaganda against the current enemy was on the "telescreens" (as Orwell called them).  Germany under Nazi rule was another classic example of mass Stockholm Syndrome, although it too happened before the phrase was coined.  Perhaps most of the world now lives in a state of Stockholm Syndrome mind-kontrol at this point?   Geoeoengineering~weather-warfare is happening in the skies over every country, which is further evidence of a secret shadow government controlling the planet. The anthrax attacks by mail after  the 911 false-flag attacks, put  the "inner party" (CFR) into a state of fear akin to Stockholm Syndrome.  In Orwell's "1984", the inner party loved Big Brother, because they got to live like royalty, and they also knew Big Brother could kill them (or worse). The assassination of Senator Goldstone of Minnesota, who was against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, reminded the CFR inner party members of what happens when you displease Big Brother.  Our politicians are gutless and corrupt, so "We the People" of the planet need to do something ourselves – our politicians are not going to save us.   We need to use the 'weapons' of knowledge and communication to get our military forces to stand-down, before it's too late.  Stopping the endless wars and geoengineering~weather warfare go together, because both are military operations being used for genocide.  It appears the entire surface of the planet and all of humanity is being exterminated.  We need ALL military forces to stand-down, and realize the same evil entity giving them their orders is also controlling the 'enemy' too.  That is how it's been for at least the last two centuries – probably much longer.  We are being used to fight each other and destroy our planet, rather than working together cooperatively to nurture and heal the  living substrate of our lives.  We should all be self-sustaining farmers, rather than wage-slaves, then the matrix machine would grind to a halt. The best solution now imho, is a massive peaceful protest demonstration and march in our capitols, as Orwell recommended we do in his book "Animal Farm".  I grew-up during the 1960's, and have wished ever since then that we could do it again, only this time with the police and military on our side!!  They are us, and we are being our own enemy if we demonize and fight police and military people.  We need them on our side this time, then the evil entity will have nowhere to hide.  Seriously my friends: to Washington DC (and every capitol) this year, but do it PEACEFULLY without weapons, and beware the agent provocateurs.  The police and military have more than enough weapons to protect us, if they are needed…

    • Greg says:

      Well stated pharmer!  I would like to march with you!  This summer sounds great.  We need a plan and a large peaceful group.

    • Earth Angel says:

      You're so right pharmer!.. I loved the book 'Animal Farm' by Orwell. I read it as a fairly young child and it has always stuck with me. Orwell really had a way of telling it like it is.

    • Mark from OZ (native Minnesotan) says:

      Great stuff, Pharmer!
      Many thanks!
      Just a minor edit–Senator Paul Wellstone (not Goldstone) of MN. He was a fearless advocate for all the things that reasonable people hold in esteem and embodied the great spirit of that progressive and populist state that also sent Hubert Humphrey and Walt Mondale to DC.
      A revered and decent man, he was a college lecturer at Carleton (Northfield,MN) and he upset the republican incumbent in 1990 ( Boschwitz) despite being out spent 7:1. People like Paul really gave a 'rip' and fought the 'machine' valiantly.
      We need more like him to represent 'us'; and we owe him ( and his sacrifice) to never forget him and to always remain vigilant towards those who are still tampering with not just our skies and climate, but 'everything'; including the heart, minds and futures of democratic and freedom loving people everywhere on earth.
      The MN motto is " l' Etoile du Nord"  (The Star of the North). Suits the efforts of Paul Wellstone imo.

  35. Emily Summer says:

    For the first time that I can remember there were absolutely no chem trails in the sky today.  (so much for the theory that all these trails are just scheduled airline flights).  The sky was blue and it was 50 degrees.  Yesterday there was spraying from horizon to horizon.  So. what is this about?

    • Michael L says:

      The west coast is spray-free, but notice that the temperature has increased nearly 15 degrees, and absolutely no percipitation is reaching land from the Ocean. Look at the weather maps, and the spray patterns are haywire about 500 miles off the coast, being guiding northward. It looks like a summer pattern. Then look at the east coast….it is hard to deny the nucleated storms. I have no idea what this is about, to answer your question. 

    • jefe says:

      The NFL rakes in $44BILLION/year, and as a legal non-profit, they pay NO taxes on it.  Considering the national involvement in the stupor bowl, it's easy to guess that the spray crews were given a day or two off… you know, "24 hours bottle to throttle."  They don't take regular holidays off.  The awesome weather we were treated to might easily have been scheduled as well– just like when the Pope was visiting DC last Spring.  Then, heavy storm weather tried to blow up from the deep south, only to run into a wall of microwave radiation at the Virginia state line.  It showed well in the satellite views. 

      I was shopping in my downtown last night, it was pretty quiet. It made me wonder if that was how things might look after the NWO de-populates our planet… and the people they'll leave behind won't be much to inspire us.


    • SortingHat says:

      Actually a lone chemtrailer was going in a weird loop pattern I could see the trails try to form but the wind was too strong up high so he kept doing loops over and over.

      Usually though when they spray there is like 5 (or more) real close to each other doing the same thing and the trails grow really fat.

      These trails were not going fat UNLESS it's the invisible sprays making you think there was no spraying.

    • We got sprayed today on the Olympic Peninsula, but it's probably more related to the US Navy Seal invasion and the electronic warfare training going on here. 

    • AR says:

      No spraying on the Central Coast today, but it got up to 90 degrees in areas around Santa Barbara.  Not good – and same conditions are forecasted for tomorrow. A chance of rain next week… 

      Most residents here don't realize that our main local water supply – Lake Cachuma- became too low last year to pump water out and is now being fed from several state and federal sources.  The water quality is horrible.  City officials are, of course, keeping this information under the radar from the general public. God help us.

    • Jill R says:

      There was spraying, but very little here in Florence, OR today. So wonderful to see the blue skies, but the temps quickly jumped into the 70's. In February? And after all the rain things now just dry immediately. I still have my home windows completely open this evening trying to cool it down. Worries me for what summer has in store. 

    • Dennie says:

      All the spray jets were grounded while the drone operators stayed home to celebrate our Biggest National Holiday, the Stupor Bowl. 

      Meanwhile, back at the Bowl, we saw plenty of "business jets" land at the Hayward Airport– celebrities and other rich folks in private jets, so many that the airport upped the cost of parking a private jet there, raked in money hand over fist, and put up a big tent with big screen t.v. and sandwiches for the pilots to eat and watch the game whilst their masters were ferried off to Levi Stadium to watch the gladiators go at, once again:

    • Lynn says:

      The West Coast is NOT spray free, Michael L, sorry to disagree with you.

      Monday 2/8/16 was not a clear day over Western Washington.  I was waiting at the Bellingham Airporter for 20 minutes and have a great number of pics of developing solar radiation management.  2 planes headed east with their spreading and drifting plumes then the drift from the west and south followed the easterly path and filled in the sky.  They must have thought they missed a spot because I saw a little line added before the fill in.  I'd been taking pics all the way into B'ham as there was all sorts of crap up there…then I spoted one plane.  By the time I got to the Airporter there was the second.  We are sprayed here almost every day.  Either right over head or over the Pacific to drift inward. 

      There is a great view on EOSDIS Worldview for 2/8/16 showing a bit of hatch work east of Ca, a few east of Florida but the jaw dropper is 2/7/16 off California.  Aiming at Dane's greater back yard…

      Something I tell people is to type in any city/country they want and chemtrails onto youtube's search window.  Something will come up…click on one.  No matter the language you'll know exactly what they are saying by the tone of voice.  You've said/used the same tone of voice/despair/anger over what we see up there. 

      I have been combing the internet using this site as an anchor and sending stuff to my State legislators.  Sending them proof of their knowledge or of what they should be aware must cause some consternation. One article here has a commenter including a letter from her congressman Toomey denying any harm or happenings stc.  It's a real jem.

      More people are realizing as I'm sending them evidence. The young man I fetched from the Airporter got a real education on our ride home.  The sky was fully inundated  as we drove 30 miles east.  All before noon.

    • Donna says:

      I was wondering the same thing. No visible spraying yesterday/ Monday and none so far this morning in Sun City, AZ. Yesterday, it was 90 degrees with a low of 67 degrees at  2AM. Last Monday a high of 57 with low of 30.

    • kathy says:

      here in Fla it has been rather cool ; no chemtrails today or yesterday ; but temps low ; when they rise , it seems many more chemtrails ; my theory anyway to watch what happens as temps rise ; to see if it has to do with temperature

  36. While I support the military defending me and my country, I question being considered 'collateral damage' and their using populated areas of pristine forest as dumping grounds for toxic metals like aluminum, know to be connected with dementia. There are around 2000 retirees where I live. Nothing in this textbook is considered ‘classified’ by the author who is said to be “an internationally recognized expert in electronic warfare.”
    EW 104: EW Against A New Generation of Threats
    David L. Adamy / Artech House 2015
    Definition of CHAFF:  “Chaff, which comprises a large number of half-wavelength pieces of aluminum foil or platted strands of fiber glass, can be deployed into a cloud that has a very large radar cross section and can thus act as a decoy.”
    This must be ‘chaff’ which I collected on my flashlight lens one night on my balcony overlooking the Olympic Peninsula in October 2015:

    • BaneB says:

      This is sketchy on my part but I saw a UTube description of microsized Fiberglas with pink edges.  The lady said she had these things in her lung.  The lab put a smear under the electron microscope and that is what was in her lung.  Her research and images show the manufacturing process down to the nano level, how the Fiberglas and aluminum was bonded, sliced and diced, to make the powder.  Her research and the lab evidence stated the pink color is the aluminum coated onto the Fiberglas fibers.

  37. Roy says:

    The famous Eisenhower speech was originally written to be wary of the military-industrial-CONGRESSIONAL-complex.  He dropped the word congressional in the actual delivery.

  38. Greg says:

    Let's all keep up the ground work and continue to get the info out there. We will hit the point of critical mass.  We are all getting sprayed all over the country and all over the world.  Keep your immune system up and detox daily.  We need our bodies and minds to function well.  If you get depressed and have feelings on hopelessness, reach out to this growing community and conscious global family.  We are not alone!  Stay strong and fight the good fight with compassion.  Let's let Dane know we are out here and support this movement 100%.  I am in awe of all of you that are participating in these critical times.

  39. jason says:

    The Central Bankers privately own the creation of money because they privately own the Federal Reserve, and they are protecting this scam with Geo Engineering, the damage and chaos it will cause will enable them to take away freedom with a force never seen before.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Charlotte Alling Hello, and mega sympathy for your health issues.  52 years ago, when I was 17 I got a job, as I had to work despite my parents being rich, said job was in a brand new gigantic store said to be the biggest, all under one roof store in the country.  I have no idea if that was true, but do know that I think I may have been the first? person to speak out about "sick building syndrome".  Employees had to enter at one far end, and then go to "your" department.  I felt it immediately upon entering but by the time I got to my department in the middle. my eyes and throat were burning and I would get a severe headache.  I had a similar but less severe issue in our family home, which we had built.  It had wall to wall carpeting in most rooms and central air conditioning/heat.  My mother wanted all windows shut all the time.  I kept opening mine-it was a major issue.  There was no name for it then.  Still, I was able to put two and two together and that has influenced where and how I live ever since.  For instance, the house I live in now, in the front apt. as it was divided into two, is very old and very "real" as in good wood, no carpets but for the two klims I have, both handmade, vegetable dyed by mountain peoples in Turkey, a gift.  This place may be old and shabby looking, but it is real!  I do have just a ton of allergies and I sympathize with your situation.  I love that you've decided to go on the road.  To discus this with people.

      I very much agree with bija.  Wishing you the best on this journey which I am certain will be very rewarding.  I vaguely remember the Peace Pilgrim.  That story is certainly an inspiration.  Yes do stay in touch!  This sounds interesting and who knows what all it will lead to?  Wishing you much luck and better health as you travel.  But yikes, the fumes.  I can barely stand the fumes on the road anymore.  I don't know how others do.  Perhaps you should get a horse!  

  40. I have severe environmental illness and because of this cannot house myself. I live in a tent. However, chemtrails often make me violently sick. As haunted, violated, and sad as I feel I speak out and have taken the last of my money to start a tour around the country talking about this, toxicity, etc…To stop this each of us must get out there beyond the internet and act together to create a profoundly beautiful future. That is our only hope right now for any life.

    • bija says:

      Charlotte Alling, I wish you the very best on your tour and am thinking what a great difference you can make and how you might attract attention to this cause like Peace Pilgrim, who walked across the US and Canada for 30 years. She did not need to approach people, they approached her to hear her message. She trusted that people would provide food and shelter on her journey. I applaud your decision and hope you let us know what you encounter on your travels. I'm not expecting that you will be walking, but however and wherever you travel, you are bound to help us reach critical mass! Wishing you a safe and positive adventure for this most important cause!!

    • Dennie says:

      Charlotte:  My heart goes out to you.  I'm a very sensitive victim of the ongoing poisoning and do not know whether I will be able to move full-time into my own house again due to the ongoing invasion of toxic metals/barium spray.  I'm mitigating it, sealing things as much as possible, sometimes twice (doubled the door jamb weatherstripping last week and that's seemed to help).  I pray that you will find a safe and comfortable home soon where you aren't triggered by too many environmental toxins.  We are going to need to see truth and justice take root on Earth once again, as part of a greater love blossoming in beauty.  I pray for a change of heart, in whatever is left of that, from our oppressors.  You have a home here.  Please keep us all posted.  

  41. renate says:

    This reminds me: many years ago, think I was in my late 40’s, there was a lady victim on TV saying how she forgave a killer. Not sure if he (killer) killed her children and husband. I remembered I was so horrified hearing this dumb female saying she was visiting this killer in jail and trying to get him out. Unbelievable. Now it has a name, thanks, the “Stockholm Syndrome”  
    from Mission BC canada

  42. Michael Duffy says:

    It is truly amazing that so much of the population is in denial about 9-11 and geo engineering. They believe anything that the mainstream media puts out there for their consumption. They are being fed to the point that they are numb about anything except the scope of their own little world that they keep their head buried in. I guess its easier for them. Just makes me sick though. I have a neighbor who swears on his life that they (government) have photos of a plane hitting the Pentagon! If you can't get them to examine the factual evidence of 9-11 and make their own decision on what happened, doubtful that they will ever examine the facts about geo engineering. I gave up TV years ago but I'm wondering if subliminal messages are being used in TV broadcasts now days. People are just so dumbed down that it is almost unbelievable and to refer to them as "sheeple" is accurate. 

  43. Frank says:

    Today here in SE Tennessee it was 43 degrees and snow in the air. The past several days have been very heavy spraying. Whatever they use to chemically nucleate the atmosphere really stinks and bothers my sinuses. The winter spraying bothers me the most as the chemicals and microwaves involved in this process play havoc on our bodies. This week they have all there weather warfare playing to manipulate people's minds that it is winter. The low pressure spins around lower lake Superior like a vortex that it is pumping cold chemical air. Most parts of the upper north east are snowless and winter festivals are canceled. They play out winter weather events with theatrical names pushed by the weather channel and MSM. These sick SOB only make matters worst as our planet is collapsing. What happened to the super elnino that never was. California is in a dry spell at the height of the rainy season. Nothing is normal as mindless people try to pay there bills and survive. Thanks to the power structure that created this mess. Thank you Dane and all others that continue the fight on our once beautiful planet. 

    • Michael L says:

      It's a disaster here on the west coast, looking more like June than February. I'm glad the spraying appears not be present, here anyway, but off the coast it appears that it's being fed northward. Perhaps the two feet of snow in the Sierras is convincing enough that we don’t need more precipitation? Even though the entire state is in a drought, 40% in extreme drought, and over 30% in severe drought. I don't know why this is happening. It seems like a control scheme to gain progressive acceptance of weather-modification, BECAUSE WE NEED WATER. If they engineer water away from us in a drought, creating anxiety and panic, then more people will welcome them bringing it. The situation is out of control.

  44. Roger Gibbons says:

    When I was on my vacation in Florida I spoke to a number of people about the 9/11 disaster and mentioned that Building 7 fell by itself with no plane hitting it but fell because of some furniture was on fire.
    Their answer was it didnt happen onlt the towers were hit.
    Hello people ….it must be Stockholm Syndrome ….I still cant believe that there is a great number of the American population that will not believe that this building came down. 
    Is this not the same when you explain to the same people that their government is spraying them with toxic chemicals?
    What is it going to take for this large amount of the population to wake up.
    IT didnt take long for action when they bombed pearl harbor so why not the same Now?
    Look up people it’s whitish not bluish any more.

    • BaneB says:

      Building 7 of the WTC complex is a major smoking gun as the evidence the 9-11 con was a false flag attack.  One only need look at the creeps becoming billionaires through war merchandise and police state surveillance equipment.  Who benefits?  Israel certainly is benefiting.  So too is the military industrial surveillance congressional complex.  Many people are unaware because the mainstream media aired the clip only on that late afternoon of 9/11.  That was it.  The footage was not given the airtime.  Silverstein and Eisenberg ought to be arrested.

  45. Amy says:

    Dont give up on us Dane, we are counting on you to get us all together somehow. We just need to be organized. And get media coverage somehow.

    • JW in Victoria says:

      Secrets cannot stand the light of day. Desperation, do not buy into it!
      One sunny day in the last thirty and guess what? Yeah, Chemtrails –
      band after band of crap. Mostly between Victoria and the sun! Desperate pathetic parasites will not snuff out the light!

  46. Ed Gill says:

    You hit the exact nail on the head.  School & media indoctrination not Americans fault. Their minds belong to the Fascist's.

  47. I found this link on Paul Craig Roberts  [ ]. Exemplifying denial and the Stockholm Syndrome, here’s a list of ‘false flag’ ops that have been carried out by various governments and are still believed by we-the-sheeple around the world.
    False Flags Are Just a Conspiracy Theor … Admitted Fact
    Feb. 2, 2016 by WashingtonsBlog
    Presidents, Prime Ministers, Congressmen, Generals, Spooks, Soldiers and Police ADMIT to False Flag Terror [excerpts]
    In the following instances, officials in the government which carried out the attack (or seriously proposed an attack) admit to it, either orally, in writing, or through photographs or videos:
    (6) The British government admits that – between 1946 and 1948 – it bombed 5 ships carrying Jews attempting to flee the Holocaust to seek safety in Palestine, set up a fake group called “Defenders of Arab Palestine”, and then had the psuedo-group falsely claim responsibility for the bombings (and see this, this and this).
    (7) Israel admits that in 1954, an Israeli terrorist cell operating in Egypt planted bombs in several buildings, including U.S. diplomatic facilities, then left behind “evidence” implicating the Arabs as the culprits (one of the bombs detonated prematurely, allowing the Egyptians to identify the bombers, and several of the Israelis later confessed) (and see this and this).
    (8) The CIA admits that it hired Iranians in the 1950′s to pose as Communists and stage bombings in Iran in order to turn the country against its democratically-elected prime minister.
    (9) The Turkish Prime Minister admitted that the Turkish government carried out the 1955 bombing on a Turkish consulate in Greece – also damaging the nearby birthplace of the founder of modern Turkey – and blamed it on Greece, for the purpose of inciting and justifying anti-Greek violence.
    (10) The British Prime Minister admitted to his defense secretary that he and American president Dwight Eisenhower approved a plan in 1957 to carry out attacks in Syria and blame it on the Syrian government as a way to effect regime change.
    (11) The former Italian Prime Minister, an Italian judge, and the former head of Italian counterintelligence admit that NATO, with the help of the Pentagon and CIA, carried out terror bombings in Italy and other European countries in the 1950s and blamed the communists, in order to rally people’s support for their governments in Europe in their fight against communism. As one participant in this formerly-secret program stated: “You had to attack civilians, people, women, children, innocent people, unknown people far removed from any political game. The reason was quite simple. They were supposed to force these people, the Italian public, to turn to the state to ask for greater security” (and see this) (Italy and other European countries subject to the terror campaign had joined NATO before the bombings occurred). And watch this BBC special. They also allegedly carried out terror attacks in France, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, the UK, and other countries. [more here]:

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Susan, thank you for all this info in one place that at least makes clear to me, and it was clear before, that Stockholm Syndrome is over reach here and wrong, though people do like to name things and partition people.  Because if this was Stockholm Syndrome, then the whole entire world has a bad case of it.  Which cannot be true because this is a distinct psychiatric term with distinct meaning, not to be generalized.  It is the exception, not the rule.  If it was the rule, then it would have no meaning.

      Your long yet short list of world wide atrocities is a prime example of greed, political machinations and corruption ever escalating as the wannabes strive to play with the Big Boys in their games for power thrills replete with shiny, pricey toys, rewards for evil done.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  I don't know anyone who doesn't get that point.  I also don't know anyone, who is not aware of geoengineering owing to their own refusal or degrees of, or perhaps somewhat aware, who embrace our government or our military as they are now, no one who defends this country.  I do hear excuses.  About Obama: "But Rachel, you know what he was up against."  About our military-abject horror, disbelief, a constant worry, a reluctance to hear more, a serious reluctance to discuss it as it is too unpleasant, hopeless, ugly, incomprehensible.  And freakin' complicated!  Tell me America, why the "F" did Hilary facilitate the sale of some of BLM land in Oregon, rich in uranium, to Putin!!!!!!!?  Yielding Bill a 500,000$ speaking engagement in Moscow?  Finally I begin to get the stand off in Oregon.  As Secretary of State she did this.  For yellow cake!!!!  WE are short of enriched stuff for our nuclear reactors providing 1/5 of our electricity.  Soooooo, we've been buying the old stuff from Putin's missiles!  Of course.  I'm a writer, you just can't make stuff like this up.

      Consider the very smallest thing we've been able to identify such as the neutrino.  The very building blocks of nature and all we are and perceive.  Constantly Everywhere, born out of the "nothingness" as one, each immediately spits into two, each having 1/2 the mass as when whole. Then immediately gains a charge, one half positive, the other half negative.  Then, they rush to each other with the sole purpose of annihilating one another.  It is said that if possibly a black hole swallowed one half, its other half would travel the universe forever looking for its one true mate to obliterate.  WOW.  That's the stuff we are made of.  As seen through the eyes of biped physicists with binary science and tools for a sub atomic world.  Is it all any wonder?


  48. Steve Parsons says:

    Thank you Dane … for all your efforts. We (collectively) will 'push out' your information and message to the masses …. We see signs that 'people' are finally 'getting it'.  Please keep repeating the message and key information.  Many of us are now speaking directly with family members that are working within the 'government' and the 'military'….

  49. Sean Slavin says:

    I've been having very prophetic and lucid dreams lately. Before this I didn't dream, or at least I didn't remember my dreams for years and years.
    Last night I dreamt that I called the USAF and spoke to a woman over there. At first she was very defensive and resistant to what I was saying which was simply "look you guys are being used just as we are. You are nothing more than pawns to the agenda of the Elite. You're killing the planet and in the process yourselves as well"
    I urged her and spread the word about what they were really spraying and why throughout her ranks. I also gave her this web site to look at so that she could learn and help spread the word.
    This dream made me feel really good because it was more than just a dream.
    She's out there right now looking into the information I shared with her.

  50. dawnski says:

    Good Timing. . . I needed this for a rebuttal! I have no intention of ever voting in any election ever again. My choice. My belief. I vote Dane Wigington. No ballot needed 🙂

  51. Kat L. says:

    At this juncture with so many corporations (and the politicians they're aligned with) against the truth being exposed, the only thing that will save the day is FULL DISCLOSURE.
    Let the dumping of Intelligence cables commence! Let us liberate ourselves, the planet and let the tribunals begin.

  52. Dawn says:

    This needs to stop and the ones responsible should go DIRECTLY TO JAIL w/ no parole

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