Stopping Climate Engineering, Breaking Down The Denial


Dane Wigington

Those in power have spent decades programming the public to accept the constant spraying of our skies. They have taken every imaginable measure to make the atrocities occurring over our heads a part of our consciousness, a "normal" feature in our field of vision.


Government agencies like NASA (that the population has been well trained to trust) have displayed completely criminal behavior by participating in the programming of the population.

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In spite of the decades long parade of propaganda to convince the public that obvious aircraft spraying is just "condensation", the ongoing climate engineering cataclysm is becoming so horrific that the programmed denial is finally breaking down. The 15 minute video below is an exposé of the rapidly building momentum in the battle to expose the global geoengineering insanity. Our sincere gratitude to Co Creation Productions, Inc, for producing this video.

The unraveling of the biosphere is accelerating at blinding speed, geoengineering is helping to fuel the overall fire. All of us are needed in the desperate battle to expose and halt the climate engineering atrocities, help us to sound the alarm.

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  1. You’re an inspiration with your work

  2. marty james says:

    I am delirious with anticipation of a stop to this. Thank you so much for fighting for the planet and her inhabitants. I have been watching these chemtrails for years and screaming inside my head when I see hundreds of thousands of dead fish floating, or hordes of birds lying dead on the ground, or catch a simple cold which won't go away and so much upper respiratory distress in so many people. I have been telling everyone I know and some I don't know, to please just look up ! Look up and then tell me you think this is normal. They laughed at me. I first thought it was the Gov. making artificial clouds to block the sun and reduce global warming, then I thought maybe it was full of alluminum in order to disrupt/scramble international spying, then I thought maybe it is the "culling" you know, the Gov. trying to kill us because of overpopulation. Now I think all of the above. What can we all do to stop this distruction of our beautiful earth ? Our beautiful sky ? Who gave who the right to play God and control nature ? I am extremely angry. How can I help to stop this ?

  3. Renee says:

    Well Dane, these videos are working like nothing else ever has. People I have been working on waking up for over three years, have finally woke up and have forwarded these videos to all of their email contact lists, which are substantial. They are forwarding me all of the responses from their contacts, both positive, negative and some even very aware and already informed. Someone said that this was so ridiculous, that Fox News wouldn't even cover it. I sent my friend links to the Foxs News article covering how Artificial Snowstorms Wreak Havoc in Beijing and from Popular Science Magazine saying the same thing, with the inclusion that 24 other countries are doing the same thing too and that China has a Weather Modification Office. So now, unbelievers from just two weeks ago, are now waking up others and intelligently handling those still actively suffering from cognitive dissonance. And people have I harassed endlessly with forwards from this site, are now active participants, absolutely on fire for this cause. Plus, my daughter came home from a local college she attends with your full color, two sided flyer from your website, having it been placed under her windshield wiper along with everyone else's car in the college's parking lot. We have the flyer taped to our fridge. So Dane, thanks to you, this has been a absolutely fantastic week and some of my very strained relationships with several family members and many, many friends over this issue, are not only repaired, but improved because they are now front liners, in this most critical battle. As I told them, the turth will set you free, but at first it will piss you off. And I have a ton of pissed off people, with us all now. Dane my sincerest thanks to you and all the resources you provide here so that we can do our part to support you and wake up those we can. Fight on!!!!!!! 

  4. Robert says:

    3/19/16   A little north of Bend, Oregon.
    This is a ranching area mostly for cattle, grass hay, and alfalfa. I know a few ranches and one or two of them have shown an interest in what I know about the weather…which isn't a whole except it is government controlled. I've told them a little about the toxic spraying and that they are killing life on planet earth. These ranchers are now looking to the sky and asking how do the aerosols work on the weather and why is the government doing such a stupid thing.
    I can answer most of their questions because of all the information that GeoEngineeing has put out. However, my brain hasn't totally wrapped around the HAARP process enough so that I can give a short, concise talk with confidence that all information will be correct. Probably, a diagram of the RF signal working to spread the aerosol sprays would help. It seems to me that some RF waves have to be aimed at the ionosphere to form a mirror and a second set of waves of a different frequency bounced off the mirror and aimed at the aerosols to heat and spread them. Also, how does HAARP actually heat the atmosphere to create a high pressure are area? Maybe someone can lead me to diagrams that illustrate these things.
    Thank You, Dane, for all your work. I hope I can do my part.

  5. KB says:

    March 16th an 17th were undeniably normal blue skies with those white puffy clouds, I was trying so hard to enjoy them but deep down knew they would be ruined by the dumb stupid unnormal feathery fake clouds soon, march 18th "they" were back at it! I'm in Dayton, Ohio…. I know what's going on, if anyone nearby wants to meet up and discuss I would surely welcome it!! I would love to DO something locally, I just suffer from severe anxiety and depression, this dire situation is not helping, bit forming a community would surely help…I'm all in!

    • BaneB says:

      The company logo on the above billboard is the name of a corporation in Ohio, from what I have ascertained.  That is very local for your region.  A phone call to them about their advertisement and questions might assuage some of the curiosity as to just who and what in Ohio are geoengineering your regional atmosphere.

    • Tom F says:

      Spirit Aerosystems is a large aerospace company based in Wichita with 16000 employees worldwide.  It is does large scale  business with both Boeing in the USA and with Airbus  in Europe.  I suspect they know exactly what they doing in regard to this billboard.

  6. Troy says:

    Source: RT‘insider_threat’_surveillance_program/49869/0/38/38/Y/M.html
    The US government uses an “insider threat” task force that has effectively placed thousands of its employees under “total surveillance” on the chance that they may leak sensitive information, the latest document released by Chelsea Manning shows.
    After Manning – then identifying as a man named Bradley before coming out as a transgender woman – leaked a trove of classified information to WikiLeaks in 2010, the US government created the National Insider Threat Task Force to try and identify federal employees and contractors who may potentially be responsible for a major leak in the future.
    Manning recently obtained a 31 page document dated April 2014 that outlines the internal surveillance program, penning a column in the Guardian calling it “unsustainable, ineffective, morally reprehensible, inherently dangerous and ultimately counterproductive.”
    In the document, also published by the Guardian, the government attempted to analyze Manning’s motivations, describing her as “very disgruntled” during her deployment in Iraq, struggling with her self-image, and as an advocate for homosexuals. It seems to suggest the possibility that an individual’s gender identity could be a factor in whether or not they leak information. Manning is also described as associated with “hacker groups” and an advocate for the public availability of all government information.
    Based in part on the analysis of Manning, the report says that officials should be on the lookout for eight characteristics and motives as they try to identify potential insider threats:
    Greed or financial difficulties

    Disgruntled or wanting revenge


    Divided loyalties

    Vulnerable to blackmail



    Family/personal issues

    According to Manning, these categories are so subjective that they could be applied to “virtually every single person currently holding a security clearance.”

    “The mission of this taskforce is breathtakingly broad,” she wrote. “It aims at deterring threats to national security by anyone 'who misuses or betrays, wittingly or unwittingly, his or her authorized access to any US Government resource'. Unfortunately, the methods it outlines amount to thousands of government personnel being effectively under total surveillance."

    The intense surveillance will likely work against the agencies, Manning added, stifling innovation and creativity while also making it harder to prevent corruption.

    The Federation of American Scientists obtained documents showing roughly 100,000 government employees, including in the military, are already under “continuous surveillance,” the Guardian reported. The organization’s Steven Aftergood said that the personality characteristics highlighted by the government are very similar to those used to hunt down suspected Cold War spies.

    Instead of continuing the insider threat surveillance, Manning suggested the creation of a transparency task force that would be composed of various departments, inspector generals and another body that could facilitate communication between leadership and employees who have concerns.

    Manning was convicted of leaking classified information in 2013 and sentenced to 35 years behind bars under the Espionage Act. She is planning to appeal the decision based on the arguments that her actions exposed abuse by the government, and that her motive was to act as a whistleblower.

  7. New “Fried Sky” photos taken March 18, 2016 from my house overlooking the Olympic Peninsula. US Navy rf/microwave emissions EW electronic warfare from my once peaceful home…

    I believe Dane's CalJam lecture is on Saturday. Best wishes!  :o)

  8. Teri says:

    i have to travel again for business and was checking Delta airlines website for flights. the background picture they have is a clear picture of a geoengineered sky as well as one of their planes spraying. talk about in your face proud as can be company gleefully spraying toxic waste. 

    think i will take a bus instead.  these people make me sick..literally..physically and emotionally. i am sick of being sprayed like a cockroach.

    • Jonathan Leitch says:

      I challenged Samsonite Luggage over an advertisement blatantly showing a jet spraying chemical trails. They probably send such things to legal and are advised "Do Not Reply." Fine with me, at least I know who to boycott.  The list is getting longer from G.M. foods to airlines all the way up to politicians. Question is: how do I boycott the power structure?

    • a simple horseman says:

      Why doesn't anyone see that what one subjects themselves to just to get on a plane is "out of the question"??? Personally, I will never take a plane ride ever again. Need to do it for your "business?", maybe you need a new profession. One that fits our earth, our mother AND humanity.

    • BaneB says:

      You might utilize Amtrak if reasonably convenient.  It is under-subsidized compared to the incredible tax breaks and various subsidies the airlines receive.  Amtrak is treated as a stepchild.  It is competition to the airlines and Congress is not about to allow the return of train travel as it was back in the 1950s and prior.  Still, I have traveled from coast to coast several times and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Overnight is tiresome without a roomette.  That and business class provide amenities not available to coach passengers. This includes access to a first class lounge at major terminals.  Passenger trains carry far more passengers with far less pollution than aircraft.  They do not spray toxic trails of coal fly ash and other heavy metals.  ALL ABOARD….!

    • Teri says:

      I did the same thing with Delta. I called them and asked them why they are advertising their involvement in it. I got a customer service person who transferred me about 10 times. Finally a person said they had no idea what I was talking about and such thing did not take place under delta airlines. What a thing I know they took down the picture and changed it to something else. It was a picture of one of their planes with a long stream of chemical cloud about to fly through a clearly engineered cloud. Blatant. Then they lied to me yet took down the picture. I am going to boycott them and told them so. I won't fly with an ''in your face'' airline. I will take a train or bus first.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Teri, What a good idea.  I don't fly, but if I did and many I know do and often, boycotting them would hit where it hurts.  Same for Jonathan's comment below.  Wonder if there are enough of us to make an impact this way?  One way to find out!

    • BaneB says:

      Teri……Good for you!  And regarding Rachel's question, yes, boycotting but first with the phone call to an airline that advertises geoengineering, will get their attention.  The PR individual likely is tired of luggage complaints, and if but out of sheer career boredom, and something "new " to chew, will pass the phone complaint to appropriate channels.  And lodging complaints and concerns is FREE except for your time inside the briar patch.

  9. Epictetus (Greek; c. AD 55 – 135) was a Greek speaking Stoic philosopher. Epictetus taught that philosophy is a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline. To Epictetus, all external events are determined by fate, and are thus beyond our control; we should accept whatever happens calmly and dispassionately. However, individuals are responsible for their own actions, which they can examine and control through rigorous self-discipline. WIKI
    from the Golden Sayings & Fragments of Epictetus…
    When you have decided that a thing ought to be done, and are doing it, never shun being seen doing it, even though the multitude should be likely to judge the matter amiss. For if you are not acting rightly, shun the act itself; if rightly, however, why fear misplaced censure?
    The soul that companies with Virtue is like an ever-flowing source. It is a pure, clear, and wholesome draught, sweet, rich, and generous of its store; that injures not, neither destroys.
    No man is free who is not master of himself.
    Think of God more often than thou breathest.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Susan, Thank you sooo very much for posting this. It was good to read it and reflect on 'how' I have lived my own life. My life is testimony to what Epictetus wrote. I wouldn't be the earth loving adventurer person I have been had I not. What you gave to "us" in this post is of the utmost and foremost importance. "Stand for the truth" that you feel in your heart, it's all the creator requires of us. God help all of us find "truth" and live it outright. Lastly, "no man is truly a master unless he has 'friends' to live joy and triumphs with, and ones to count on". "Truths" will make those friendships strong and enduring. As a result they will be cherished and nurtured. Thank you again Susan, we need more philosophy on these comment sections. We are aimless without it.

    • Thank you, a simple horseman — You are thoughtful, kind, and courageous! God help all of us find "truth" and live it outright, indeed.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Susan,  As inspiring as some of what Epictetus said, especially to me the part about philosophy being a way of life and not just a theoretical discipline, is spot on.  But as for all external events being determined by fate and thus beyond our control-that I am not so sure about.  Is not fate but an accumulation of actions, one at a time, each a stepping stone of sorts usually leading to trapped in a corner?  Do we not have some responsibility for fate itself?

    • Hi Rachael Robson — I am recently discovering Epictetus, who was recommended by a wise friend. And I am finding many correlations between the ideas of Epictetus and the sacred Sanskrit texts. The Upanishads are encapsulated in the Bhagavad Gita — which says that until we reconnect with God, we are run by the Matirx, our GUNAS, which are the cumulative mechanisms of multiple existences encapsulated in the DNA of the current body we are magnetized to by resonance. The Bhagavad Gita says that we have responsibility for our every action, which does lead to our inexorable destiny within external events. Until we ‘wake-up’ most are on automatic, in conditioned repetitive even compulsive behavior patterns. This is what Epictetus means when he says: "No man is free who is not master of himself."  In the sacred Sanskrit terminology this would mean transcending the matrix of the three GUNAS. Liberation from our ‘Fate’ comes with an awakened consciousness and self-mastery. The Razor's Edge.

    • Troy - to Susan says:

      Thanks Susan for posting the NASA WORLDVIEW site. They basically tell you what happens to you when they are spraying aerosols in the atmosphere. See below. I suggest everyone to save it in their favorites. My thanks again. To get to this you must click on "Add Layers" then click on "Aerosol Optical Depth"

      MODIS (Terra/Aqua) Aerosol Optical Depth

      MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth (or Aerosol Optical Thickness) layer indicates the level at which particles in the air (aerosols) prevent light from traveling through the atmosphere. Aerosols absorb and scatter incoming sunlight, which reduces visibility and increases the optical depth. An optical depth of less than 0.1 indicates a clear sky with maximum visibility, and a value of 1 indicates the presence of aerosols so dense that people would have difficulty seeing the Sun. Aerosols have an effect on human health, weather and the climate. Sources of aerosols include pollution from factories, smoke from fires, dust from dust storms, sea salts, and volcanic ash and smog. Aerosols compromise human health when inhaled by people with asthma or other respiratory illnesses. Aerosols also have an affect on the weather and climate by cooling or warming the earth, helping or preventing clouds from forming.


    • Troy — Thank you for the user's instructions!  :o)

  10. About denial, mind control, and mass slaughter >>>
    Uber driver says iPhone app possessed him during deadly Michigan shooting spree
    Uber driver says iPhone app possessed him during deadly Kalamazoo shooting spree
    Scott M. Bolen – Newly-publicized 1994 USAF report: Low-intensity wireless radiation has "profound effect on biological processes"
    WE need to turn the damn electronics off and get a life…

  11. Marc says:

    I would encourage anyone to investigate the possibility of having an anti-geoengineering graphic screen made for their car or vehicle. I have done this myself and used the same company that one of our compatriots used we know as Maciej.  I had considered funding a highway billboard but the cost was prohibitive, so I essentially turned my own car's rear window into one. It is simple and to the point: "Stop Geoengineering" first line, second line:, underneath that is a very graphic large image of a jet spraying massive plumes of aerosols across the sky. When I'm out and about there is no way hundreds and hundreds of people cannot see this graphic and wonder to themselves: What the f**k is THAT all about? Planting seeds, planting seeds. I did go through a short few moments of concern and maybe even vanity, about putting this graphic screen on my car, but ultimately decided our time is too short, the stakes too high, to NOT do it.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Great job Marc.  I am prepping my ride for a complete paint job.  And yes, it is going to be a rolling advertisement for GeoengineeringWatch.  I gave up caring for what others thought of me years ago.  Anything government and media hide I only want to help abolish.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Here is a link to Maciej's story. All of us can do this. It is cheap, easy and effective. Thank you Maciej for all of your efforts. Never Ever Give Up!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Marc, well done you. Question: does it in anyway interfere with seeing as one drives?  My old vehicle has "blindspots" and my old self, to my utter shock, I've "hit", uh, tapped? A few people lately when trying to park and backing up or turning around. This is extremely irritating to me and not my norm. So, I'd do this but for wondering about that. Feedback please?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, I must clarify!  I did not hit any people, rather vehicles, tapping in tight spaces.  No dents or dings.  Did occur to me to wonder if legal for vision reasons.  I look forward to hearing from you how this turns out.

  12. SD says:

    Here in Southern CA we have seen high temps (85F) past two days in inland valleys.  Also the return of the engineered FAKE FOG along coastal areas. This afternoon there were widespread reports of a natural gas smell in Orange County coastal zone associated with the marine fog.  Very strange but not unprecedented.  In March, 2013 a similar "gas smell" (hydrogen sulfide mixed with methane?) was reported along Santa Monica Bay beach areas.

    I believe these are HAARP related disturbances of ocean sediments which are releasing the gases. We have also seen dead Oarfish washing ashore in recent years, killed or driven from deep ocean waters by pressure waves or E/M pulses. I believe this also ties in with the decline in anchovies and sardines locally over past ten years, and the resultant sea lion deaths.

    • SD says:

      A check of the USGS earthquake map shows a shallow (5.8 km) quake near San Clemente island this AM.  So there WAS INDEED seismic activity under the seabed/offshore where hydrogen sulfide/methane odors were reported.

  13. Jeff says:

    Folks, this is urgently serious. The tyranny and corruption and stripping of our rights in this country is happening day after day executive order after executive order bill after bill. What is it going to take for us to stop TALKING about change, and actually DOING something for change?? Your comments on social media aren't cutting it!! Just because you post a comment on a website doesn't constitute change, it's only a voicing of your opinion to the few who may take the time to read it! Our founding fathers spilled blood in wars against Britain for the rights of the the people of this country to have the right and freedom to rule themselves. Now, this country has become too lazy and uninterested in what's going on to even bother with the REAL destruction that is going on in this country? What is our freedom.worth? Perhaps the old saying is true? Don't know what you got until it's gone?
    We are the only citizens on this planet that are free to say what we want, buy firearms, be proud of our religious and spiritual convictions and share are our joys and stories with one another in that journey, be able to express ourselves in art or music freely in our own way, vote our favorite officials to our most dire concerns and hold them accountable to the end of the issue until the resolve is to our satisfaction? We can wear any hidiously rediculous outfit we want anywhere we want and it's ok to express ourselves in that way if we choose, for now anyway.
    If we don't get off the couch soon folks and turn the game off, it's going to be too far gone for us to gain any defensive ground to defend it. What will it take? When will you and your community do ANYTHING to defend our liberties and our well being? If you're too lazy and close minded to do it for you, will you do it for your children? Or their children?
    We are running out of time folks. Talk and like opinions and rants on this subject are good and all, but we are facing a much bigger problem than convincing our co workers that those aren't really contrails and clouds. We need to reflect on that and really take a look at how we as a nation can show the ones doing this that we aren't going to participate in any of the games and hit them where it hurts. I've never talked like this before, but I think it's time that we all be truthful with ourselves and really decide if our freedom and our survival is worth fighting for, or if we just pop another pizza in the oven and check our Facebook page… That's not a real puppy!

  14. Duane Brown says:

    I did something today that I should have been doing since the first time l learned of Geoengineering, a few years ago.

    After paying close attention to the weekly televised council meetings in my city, I was able to decide which counselor would be the most open minded and approachable type to contact.

    My observations payed off. I contacted this Counselor yesterday and explained to him that I had an environmental issue to discuss with him. We met at a coffee shop today with positive results.He admitted to me that he had never heard of Geoengineering, even though he sits on an environmental committee.  I presented him with information downloaded from Dane's website and neatly presented in book form. He was most interested in a twelve page patent document, also from Dane's website, as he spent several minutes reviewing it. He showed genuine interest in the information. I encouraged him to go to to learn more. He said he would educate himself further before discussing the issue with his peers.

    This was a real liberating event for me. Up until today I have only discussed this issue with the general public, friends and family and not taken seriously by most of them.

    If this Counselor is as interested in this topic as he appeared to be to me, he could potentially wake up thousands of people.

    The point I am trying to make is we can affect more change by identifying key people to engage rather than wasting too much energy trying to talk to the masses who are still living in denial.      

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Excellent target Duane, good shot.  Squeezing the trigger slowly and letting them make the decision at what point they are going to be taken down is all on their terms.  Resistance will come from his peers but if he has a heart that pumps real blood and not money,  he will not be deterred.  Nice.  Does anyone else notice that when you talk to someone environmentally/biologically/agriculturally related or their actual profession is such, they are completely unaware and sometimes the most doubtful that you are sharing something pertinent with them let alone critical?  I think you picked a good one bud!

  15. Marc says:

    Superb, hard-hitting, power-packed video, Dane. Absolutely fantastic. Thank you!

  16. Peter Burke says:

    They have been spraying like crazy over the skies of the central valley of CA.  I  see them every morning on my way to school.  I am a fifth grade teacher, and I pointed them out to fellow teachers.  Of course, I am perceived as a conspiracy theorist.  I pointed out the crisscrossing patterns in the sky. to 11 year olds, and they are receptive.  I personally don't fear for my job as I am within 2 years of retirement.  Good luck trying to educate teachers.  They are mostly consumed by day to day rituals and fully playing their due parts in the greatest level of cognitive dissonance ever known to man.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Hi Peter.  See if you can entice your coworkers to view a highly acclaimed and awarded teachers question and answer lecture.  The Man is John Taylor Gatto and the video is on YouTube and several other sites.  It is aptly titled 'The Ultimate History Lesson.'  It's a start…  Even one or two may start to think outside the sandbox they grew up in and refuse to leave the perceived safety of.  Once all teachers fear the sandbox, then things will change quickly.  Thanks Peter.

    • Killer Dana says:

      Thank You  Peter for your Post !
      You  are not  alone .

  17. Pam says:

    Today it is March 17th on the Central Coast of California. It has been absolutely beautiful skies here today and yesterday! It just feels good! Wouldn't that be great if some people could really recognize what is happening and do something about it? Thank you for all you have done to make this a better world for all of us to live in! Peace and love to all!:)

    • Ashleigh says:

      no spraying here in the bay area today,cant remember the last time the skies were just blue.

    • Phil says:

      Beautiful day here on the east coast as well, after being bombarded with aerosol spraying for the past two weeks.  There were real clouds in the sky and real jet contrails that actually disappeared directly behind the plane.  The air smelled fresher also.   Not going to hold my breath though….they are probably going to be back at it again tomorrow.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, a beautiful blue sky today.  Actually, according to my observation this is the first genuinely cloud-free day since November 1.  Not one cloud, natural (if there are any), or geoengineered.  Only a handful of jets passed over.  I noticed two left shorter quickly dissolving trails, one much higher up than the second aircraft.  1pacific redwood at UTube daily meteorological satellite analysis shows high pressure off the west coast.  Why no obvious visible spraying for one day is a mystery to me.  Perhaps the weather warriors have determined there is enough SRM cloud cover over the US for their alledged purpose.  Or maybe their complaint box has been overflowing, eliciting too much curiosity from the few honest politicians, so they spit out a ruse-day.  I did go for a walk in the woods, too.  The general health of the native trees and shrubs is appalling, with major areas of Manzanita dying or dead.  The fir trees, some of them 130-150 feet are in various stages of decline.  The Pines are thinning and some huge pines are dead.  A beautiful Live Oak is in the throes of dying.  My 80-plus cedars are more yellow than green.  One is barely hanging on.  I say all of this seeming negativity because one blue sky day stands out as an island in a sea of microwaved and chemtrailed environmental destruction.  A blue sky day is a psychological boost and we must show suitable supplication to the gods of science and warfare lest we be denied anymore of these.  Now down to Baal and Moloch.

    • Donna says:

      No Spraying in Sun City, AZ on Thurs. I guess no one traveled on St. Patrick's Day. Not a so called commercial flight in sight (ALL DAY)  What, did they ALL change their schedules?

    • Hopsing says:

      Portland Oregon has been HAMMERED the last 2 days. They sprayed us Non-stop. Today I woke up and the wind was howling and they were STILL spraying. The sky was completely Whited out. This is some of the worst I've seen! I posted pictures on global skywatch. I think the activity has increased since the Paris summit.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      I remember it being so very clear and blue on the day of the Super Bowl and the day after.  I posted it and was confused as the whole prior week people came from all over, many flying themselves and yet the skies were so ugly even as so many came to party.  I guess I thought they would have cleaned up the skies for that and the inevitable pictures.  But, on the day of and next, picture perfect!

      The skies are ugly now, but last night they were downright scary looking.

  18. It is not ok for these people to alter/disturb/disrupt/ break into our lives with their little severe droughts and other natural man made disasters if it is ok leave a reply explaining why.

  19. DrDignity says:

    Thanks for that article, Dane!  You are prolific! Today's NASA/NOAA Global Analysis February 2016 is on line now for your perusal.  Here's a summation of the important points: February 2016 is the hottest February ever!  Land temperature is at 2,31 degrees C above pre-industrial baseline, land/ocean is 1,21 degrees C, northern hemisphere land hit 2,66 degrees C while the southern hemisphere hit 1,42 degrees C! Probably for these reasons the amount of spraying is ever increasing with the prayer it will slow down the extinction event.

  20. Marc says:

    I have never seen a sky like the one over my house right now. I guess you call it "horsetail" clouds, thin, wispy strands, almost resembles hair. But this huge patch of horsetail really looks quite weird and even ominous by virtue of it's size: it occupies a third of the whole canopy. Strange crossing strands, too, that cross at right angles to the direction of the horsetail, but which are not sprayed trails. Utterly creepy and stupid to boot. May the dung-beetles behind all this quickly experience the error of their ways and terminate all such activities. If only God, in His infinite Power and Wisdom, would wake up from his slumber, like the grandfather clock did on the Captain Kangaroo show back in the 1960's. Maybe then he'd be horrified enough to start kicking some real ass and turn this whole thing around.

    • Cecelia Clarke says:

      Marc, Thank you for this contribution. We used to see a cloud formation known as "mare's tails". For many centuries sailors recognized these as reliable signs of a coming high pressure system and mild, dry weather. About two years ago I started noticing cloud formations which were something like "mare's tails". They were much bigger and more ragged looking.And they were followed by storms and different types of severe weather. Now I know…these are not the genuine "mare's tails" clouds…they are some type of chemtrail. So sad. 

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, these "fish skeleton" clouds are in my sky frequently.  They are ominous and how any human being could accept these as natural clouds is a stretch.  They are cirrus and in existence due to the morphing of chemtrail spew.  They often take on a very unnatural white glow.  I think they show evidence of being microwaved.

    • M.J.N. says:

      Psalm 121:3-4  HE does not slumber, rest assured!

  21. Jonathan Leitch says:

    I have been going after David Suzuki for a while now since he lives on the west coast and has somehow become blind to the devastation. He doesn't even care to admit the obvious. It means his shows are a hoax.  He joins the likes of the Sierra Club, too interested in being bought than fighting for something he spent his career on. That's right Davy boy, take the money and clam up. Don't bother going to Japan and investigate, you already lost all credibility. Dana Durnford took the fall for you.

  22. Radiation in ocean off Fukushima at highest levels in years — Out of control leakage coming from plant — ‘Big spikes’ in radioactivity observed — “Surprising… Concerning… Crisis” — 1,000s of tons of contaminated liquid being released — Scientists: Japan gov’t covering up situation (AUDIO)
    ENENews / March 16th, 2016

    • Nuke Pro: Hillary Clinton's Emails About Fukushima — And Then A Black Out As She Goes to Japan to Support US Nuke Cartel
      [story and Hilary’s emails: “don’t go outdoors!”]:

    • Marc says:

      All of the Tepco top executives AND the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, should ALL commit ritual seppuku IN PUBLIC for the shame they have brought upon themselves for their dastardly deeds of deceit and incompetence. I am NOT F**KING kIDDING!!!! These bastards may have single-handedly destroyed the ENTIRE F**KING PLANET EARTH. Reckon we better throw in the diabolical f**ks who HAARPed the Fukushima fault zone, too. ALL EQUALLY GUILTY OF THE MOST PARAMOUNT CRIMES AGAINST ALL OF HUMANITY AND ALL LIVING THINGS.

    • Marc says:

      See the work of Leuren Moret, also, if you haven't already.

    • Elena says:

      thank you Susan for all your great links re Fukushima, I sent one previously to my science professor after he confessed it was hard to find info on the subject, and that he was worried about the situation. He wasn't ready to believe the geo engineering info, maybe it was ego that got in the way, but we have more than one problem. Geo engineering is our biggest problem, I agree with that, but following closely upon its heels are others almost as large, including Fukushima and the whole nuclear industry in general, which should not exist. Hillary Clinton, what a piece of work. Maybe her trip did her some damage, that would be a little justice. I disagree respectfully with people who feel like they must not vote for anybody just because they are not talking openly about geo engineering, for the above reason: we have more than one problem!! And many of our other problems could affect our ability to fight geo engineering. The Patriot Act, for one, wealth inequality for another. People who must work two or three jobs just to make ends meet have less time for activism and protest, and to inform themselves. The Patriot Act makes it more dangerous for people to protest and engage in civil disobedience and was enacted to use against the American people. I was surprised to find out a couple of days ago that Bernie Sanders voted against it!! He voted against it!! That is huge, Yuge!  And he talked about ocean acidification the other day, that is also huge. I looked into his eyes at one point and saw so much sadness in them, not for himself, but for our country and the thought of not being able to do all the good he wanted to. Hillary has no such motive, she only wants power; she didn't even have a platform until she began to lip sync Bernie's. I wish people would wake up.   

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Elena, Hello and thank you for a summation I quite agree with.

  23. Dylan says:

    Of particular interest (quite literally), is the fact that coal fly ash particles, which are very efficient CCN, are very difficult to distinguish from mineral dust and tend to be coupled with it by scientists. One study on cirrus cloud conditions found, using Single Particle Mass Spectrometry, that 33% of the ice crystal residues were “mineral dust/fly ash”. Using electron microscopy it was shown that 20 % of the particles in this category had a high degree of sphericity which indicated that they were fly ash. Therefore, a significant quantity of “mineral dust” particles, around 7%, that form the ice nuclei for cirrus clouds are actually fly ash, anthropogenic in nature.
    Ice nucleation by combustion ash particles at conditions relevant to mixed-phase clouds
    The HIRS cloud-detection record from 1986 to 1998 as reported by Wylie et al (1994) and Wylie and Menzel (1999) found that in the region 60°N to 60°S, over the period from 1985 to 2001, the high clouds, which have an overall warming effect, had increased globally by 1.95% on average, per decade whilst the lower, with an overall, cooling influence, had decreased by 1.7%.

    1.95% per decade increase in cirrus clouds in the region 60°N to 60°S over 40 years is around 7.8%
    33% of ice crystal residues taken from cirrus clouds were mineral dust/fly ash. 20 % of those were fly ash.
    That’s around 7% of cirrus clouds formed on fly ash.
    7% and 7.8% are not far off each other.
    Such shifts in cloud cover have significant effects.
    How did those particles get up so high especially since they are supposed to be trapped in the smokestack?

  24. Dane, according to what I understand, and correct me if I'm wrong, the walls would be closing in faster now on the denial of the ongoing geoengineering programs? Would you be willing to reassure me that there might yet be hope and that I can start living again, at least less stressed out? When I first got into this a while back, I never thought I'd be so deeply involved in this fight. I'm a very fragile man emotion wise, I've had a life that explains this, I won't get into details… To end it off, Dane, I would like you to visit my site for a second and let me know if it's ok the way I pass on the info I take from your site, I wouldn't want it to be problematic as we're both fighting the same thing. Here, I posted your last article

    Thanks and take care Dane.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jonathan, there is always hope, it is a decision that we must make. No matter how dark the horizon, who can say what may yet fall in our favor, or what allies we have which are still unknown to us. Face to the wind, stay strong Jonathan, we need you in this battle.

  25. Andrew from scotland says:

    Marc and others, I think you will like this one… Here is a reply from Whirled Publishing to a drongo who wrote this about a 50Gt methane burp comment of mine:
    "One thing is very clear. You're being played. Climate has always changed and some have given the term an anti-science definition. We live in an Ice Age and these jokers want to cool the planet. If you've studied climate for 40+ years as I have, you'd see this as obviously psychopathic"
    The reply:
    "When the developmentally disabled spend 40 years studying climate change,  we don't expect them to understand the rapid glacial melt that's going on all around the world,  we don't expect them to understand the hot spots beneath the Arctic and Antarctica,  we don't expect them to understand the exponential increase in volcanic activity and sea floor eruptions,  we don't expect the developmentally disabled to understand the alarming sea temperature extremes around the world – from the heat of the sea floor eruptions and from the near freezing record levels of glacial melt –  we don't expect the developmentally delayed to be aware that six volcanic islands emerged from the sea floor in under two years,  we don't expect them to calculate the excessive heat in our oceans and our atmosphere from this –  and we don't expect them to realize many more volcanic sea mounts have been rising up, spewing the heat into our oceans…  we don't expect the developmentally disabled to be aware that sea level rise is coming from the skies – because our oceans are so abnormally warm, the rapid evaporation and subsequent record rainfall around the world has resulted in millions of homeless…  we don't expect the developmentally delayed to realize this record rainfall is soil saturation, landslides, sinkholes and train derailments to rapidly escalate – all around the world, which results in more devastation, homelessness, etc.   We don't expect the developmentally delayed – even with 40 years of research – to realize we're having record-breaking daily temperatures all around the world, record-breaking wildfires all around the world, record-breaking methane emissions all around the world…  we don't expect the developmentally delayed to realize that children are walking to school with sea water up to their chests – because of sea level rise –  we don't expect the developmentally disabled to realize over 400 nuclear reactors are in imminent danger of being wiped out by tsunami waves from subduction zones and landslides – including submarine landslides –  and we wouldn't expect the developmentally disabled to understand the consequences of lethal radiation poisoning across the northern hemisphere from hundreds of annihilated nuclear reactors…  and we don't expect the developmentally disabled to be aware that tsunami waves will destroy the weakening ice shelves which will result in the ice sheets have no support – which will result in …. displacement waves and rapid sea level rise…  we don't expect the developmentally disabled to be aware that a worldwide famine will soon be upon us…  we don't expect them to have studied ancient texts from around the world which report horrific devastation and catastrophic upheaval…  we don't expect them to have studied glaciology, seismology, volcanology, geology, marine science, environmental biology, atmospheric chemistry, etc.,  and we don't expect them to realize life as we know it will soon come to an end.  To understand rapid climate change, a very high level of intelligence, courage and dedication is required."

  26. Rachel Robson says:

    Yesterday, on my computer news feed, I got to see that super cell storm over Illinois.  Did anyone else see it?  One extremely scary looking, very unusual, massive super cell that just reeked of evil.  Like nothing I've ever seen before and just hovering.  I know that geoengineering creates these heretofore unknown anomalies.  But I wonder, can't help but wonder, what the truth is regarding stopping geoengineering?  We've been told that "if begun", stopping would cause a massive backlash from Earth.  How do we know this is true?  Is this what They say?  By now we certainly know not to believe Them, so who else says this?  How does this play out?  What would be the physics behind such a backlash?  Perhaps an idle threat?  I hate to think what could be worse than that supercell.  I wish as we all do, that they would stop- if only to see what happens.  I mean this has been going on so very long that if They were to admit it, they'd threaten the whiplash, but is that yet another lie?  Evidence would indicate that what they are doing is causing whiplash right now.  I believe there would be an initial rise in heat, but suspect that over some time of no geoengineering, things might level out.  Possible?

    On Tuesday, three blocks from me someone shot someone.  Oddly, I've heard nothing about this on the news.  Perhaps somehow I missed it and people do shoot people all the time in the Bay Area.  But!  Two news helicopters, "ghetto copters", hovered over my house and surrounding houses all day long, all day long!!  And night.  Early on the police appeared-in full Army like gear with AK 47s combing the whole 'hood".  All day long and into the night.  Everyone was a wee bit nervous.  Everyone was shocked to see Berkeley police looking like more than a Swat team, like heavy duty Army thugs.  Again, with AK 47s at the ready.  Berkeley cops are known for their skills and require a college education.  Few police are held to that standard.  But, supposedly all police in this country have been given this old/used? ordinance.  Why?  Is this yet another disposal scheme?  As in this gear was used in the Middle East and covered in depleted uranium?  As how coal fly ash or fracked poisoned, chemical poisoned, water/soils are spread all over as if to dilute the offensive, deadly stuff? That seems to be how this country deals with things now.  Is this a reasonable assumption as to why this military ordinance has been given to all police?  Has anyone run a Geiger counter over this stuff?  The Armed Services are claiming to have no money and need tons and tons for new stuff.  Why this massive giveaway?  We all saw the harm this caused in Ferguson, Mo.  On the surface it appears to beef up the police but is that the real reason?  This was the third shooting at that corner in three years and word on the street is probably the crack heads who hang there, the one shot person in hospital in critical condition.  None the less, seemed like "overkill" for here.  The helicopters flew so low my chickens were scared, and they were around all day and most of night.  Does anyone note how much CO2 they put into the air?  Whether for traffic or a wreck, whatever, like paparazzi they are there, and these things are known to crash.  There should be a law.  These were not the police helicopters.  And, in the end, the shooter turned himself in.

    • Diane Friday says:

      Rachel, your comment really struck me, especially after having just seen a commercial for Northrup-Grumman on the Science Channel. This commercial had an almost ominous tone, showing off their newest technologies and their intended uses. My partner and I just looked at each other and said "Do you believe this s**t??" 

      Regarding the over-the-top show of force you observed after a shooting in an area where drugs are known to be bought and sold, I think it was just that: a very blatant, very loud, unnecessarily lengthy show of force. Their way of letting everyone observing it know what to expect if you step out of line in any way. We had a situation similar to that early last year. A veteran of one of the many recent and ongoing wars, who apparently suffered from PTSD, went off due to a protracted custody battle with his ex-wife. He killed her and several members of her family, then was reportedly on the run. This was all happening in one of our little backwater towns, where there's plenty of minor crimes, but rarely anything of that magnitude. That town, about a mile from where we live, and our town, were literally on lockdown. Two of our neighbors in this building couldn't get home that night because the main access road was blocked off. The stores on Main Street all closed. There were helicopter flying over all day. There were so many law enforcement and emergency vehicles, including a bomb disposal truck!, that they filled the large parking lot of one of the local churches. Main Street and the businesses located there remained closed from early afternoon. 

      We found out much later in the day that the suspect had, in fact, shot himself sometime around 1:00 that afternoon. His body was found in a somewhat wooded area behind a Western Auto store. Turns out it wasn't far from the home of a family member, or his former residence, I think.  Now, did it really take that long to find the body. Countless local and state law enforcement personnel and it took close to seven or eight hours to find the body? Since they tend to practically call out the National Guard for traffic accidents around here, we wrote it off to that. However, reading your comment, and with everything that's happened in the year since the incident in our little burg, I'm not so sure. 

    • herb says:

      Rachel, I stumbled across a video that spoke about the three days all jets were grounded following 9/11. He said the northern hemisphere warmed up 2 degrees in those three days.He went on to say that didnt seem like much to the average Joe,but to the scientific community it was hugh.It seems a simple task for someone to take the condition of our climate then and the condition of our climate now and come to some reasonable summation of what this backlash might be at present day. Me thinks It wont be pretty.   Pce

  27. maciej kocialkowski says:

    Despite all that is thrown at us at this very late hour, there is a lot each and everyone of us can do to raise awareness on this most important issue which exposing and stopping climate engineering inarguably is. I want to remind all readers here and everybody new as wel, what i have been doing and encourage strongly to do the same and/or any other effective ideas you might have. Here is the link to article posted on this website in November last year:

  28. mike says:

    Its another spray day in southern ontario Canada today. When is this going to stop?

  29. Jennifer Higgins says:

    The way that NASA is actively disseminating disinformation to American citizens (and especially targeting children) makes me SICK.

    Kristen Meghan, on the other hand, is an incredibly brave woman.  Her testimony brings me to tears.  If anyone hasn't seen her speech from Jan 2014 (I think that's the date) where she tells her story, I highly recommend you do so.

  30. 18 U.S. Code § 962 – Arming vessel against friendly nation

    "Whoever, within the United States, furnishes, fits out, arms, or attempts to furnish, fit out or arm, any vessel, with intent that such vessel shall be employed in the service of any foreign prince, or state, or of any colony, district, or people, to cruise, or commit hostilities against the subjects, citizens, or property of any foreign prince or state, or of any colony, district, or people with whom the United States is at peace; or

    Whoever issues or delivers a commission within the United States for any vessel, to the intent that she may be so employed—

    Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

    Every such vessel, her tackle, apparel, and furniture, together with all materials, arms, ammunition, and stores which may have been procured for the building and equipment thereof, shall be forfeited, one half to the use of the informer and the other half to the use of the United States."

    (June 25, 1948, ch. 645, 62 Stat. 746; Pub. L. 103–322, title XXXIII, § 330016(1)(L), Sept. 13, 1994, 108 Stat. 2147.)


    Complete text:

    A lawless country is a country of tyranny..

  31. BaneB says:

    The first thing that pops out to my way of thinking is the term SPIRIT.  Spirit Avionics/Spirit Aeronautics.  The term spirit is being clear-channeled.  Channel is a term for "frequency."  Which station is one in tune.  Naturally it must be clear with no static.  The message is clear….we ought to celebrate the spirit that is suiciding mankind.  This company is located in Ohio. Was it not just recently that five Ohio legislators managed to keep open a aircraft tanker spraying operation and obtained funding for new tanker aircraft. I forget the details but seems this was a military operation.  Spirit Aeronautics is part of the matrix.  Look em up…..  

  32. Russell Blaylock was mentioned the other day. Please take note of his comments and/or pass the link on to those who may be in doubt about the connection… There are laws against mass slaughter and civilian torture…

    What Chemtrails Are Doing To Your Brain – Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock

  33. clark says:

    I mentioned awhile back that it had been what seemed like more than a year since there were blue skies free of any lingering chemtrails here in Iowa. Two days ago we had a tornado go through the area and for the last two mornings since then the sky has been clear, blue and completely void of any chemtrails or contrails whatsoever. I didn’t even see a single aircraft when normally I see probably hundreds throughout the day.

    Every morning like clockwork for the last year or so when it wasn’t completely overcast I would look out my window and see numerous lingering chemtrails, until yesterday. There had been some clouds in the afternoon (‘fluffy, normal looking clouds’. as Tag wrote) but through the gaps there were no chemtrails to be seen.

    I wonder what that means? They are too busy elsewhere?

    Also, I could feel the effects upon mood, as a few of you have talked about. I’m glad you all mentioned it. The expression, ‘The Mood of the Nation’ seems to have a whole new meaning now.

  34. Chad says:

    Light spraying yesterday afternoon and no spraying so far today in central Ohio likely due to the forecasted heavy winds.  A few months ago I noted the first night spraying activities.  Now it is to the point the haze is so thick by sun up that it is more difficult or impossible to make out new trails.  This is likely the new norm.

    I do believe the takeover of weather radar, as referenced by Dane months ago, is slowly happening.  Right now radar shows Ohio completely covered in clouds but there is not a cloud in the sky.  However if you switch over to future radar it shows my area clear.  

    Keep up the good fight.

    • BaneB says:

      Please note SPIRIT Aeronautics is located in your state.  Clearly they are saying they are likely involved in the spraying program in your area, are making money from it, and are enthusiastic about it.  Otherwise, why put up this blatent psyops sign on a major highway for maximum exposure.  Here is a golden opportunity at your state/local level for further research and understanding.

  35. adam says:

    They talk of "owning the weather" by 2025. A lot of good it will do them if the planet self destructs with their egregious efforts to kill it and nobody left in which to direct the controlled weather towards. I mean, what good is it to own the weather if there is nothing left alive to receive it? There is a very special kind of way worse hell reserved for these alleged people that the likes of Rockafeller and Kissenger, Obama and the CFR and the Bush Cartel, the Criminalintons and Dick Cheney to name a few and all their ilk will go where Satan won't be there to worship THEM

  36. Sebastiaan says:

    Let us not stand by and watch as the tower of deceit crumbles before us.

    Let's tear it down together.

    “Hell is empty… all the devils are here.” William Shakespeare — The Tempest.

  37. Dana MacCuish says:

    This video is perfect Dane!  Saves me so much breath.  When I see a potential mind to awake I have a new approach…  I simply ask them if I could borrow 16 minutes of their life… They smile and say "Sure, why not?"… Then I put my Beats Studio headphones on their head for full sound and not the tiny poor sounding speaker on this phone, and let them watch the video saying things that I will not repeat here.  They absorb every word and are more then willing to tell me stories about things they have noticed in the sky afterward.  With the celebrities, military personnel, pilots, and everyone else questioning and demanding answers,  it seems as if they are awakened to the reality of geoengineering.  If you make it a point to spare your time with them,  I am hoping they do the same with their friends and family.  No one denies, there is some fear understandably, but my point is, this video teaches reality.  One hundred percent success rate in awakening so far.  Thanks Dane!  You are changing the world by taking off the blinders.

  38. Excellent to share & show people…
    Military Meteorologist/Biologist Speaks Out About Geoengineering
    July 2014 / Dane Wigington

  39. Phil says:

    There was so much spraying in the northeast today that the air had a metallic smell and taste to it.  Man, how I miss the beautiful blue skies we had when I was a kid.  The sad part is that the kids and young adults today don't even know what the natural sky is supposed to look like.  Dane, I am printing and posting your flyers everywhere.  Thank you for your courageous effort. 

  40. Tag says:

    In NW Ohio today, the sky was actually a deep blue with only fluffy, normal looking clouds.  I haven't seen a sky like this in many months.  I'm not getting to excited though.  No doubt they will be back tomorrow and I can once again cough my way thru another day. 

    • Wanda Drewery says:

      Here in South East NC, My Mom & I have been enjoying & talking about the beautiful blue skies with white fluffy clouds. No lines in the sky for several days. We mentioned the idea that perhaps the spraying is being done at night. I am printing flyers to hand out when we start selling strawberries at Monkey Junction.

      Be safe everyone, and keep up the fight.

    • K. says:


      YES! I know what you mean! I live in SE Michigan and work in NW Ohio, and I saw the blue sky and thought the exact same thing that very day!! I look at the sky every single day, trying to make sense of geoengineering, and yes, it was one of the deepest blue skies I saw in a long time. I saw the big white fluffy clouds. It truly had been a very long time since seeing that. Keep up the good work! Hey if you are in the Toledo area just remember, what you're lookin at I am too and many others are, people are catching on.

    • BaneB says:

      Check out SPIRIT Aeronautics/Avionics.  This entity that paid for the psyops billboard display is located in your state.  Are they involved in placing those "streamers" into your local atmosphere?  What is their role in the geoengineering matrix?

  41. An ad for California Jam from 2015 — and the first half is of Dane. :o)

  42. Joe G. says:

    Through Vista Print, I purchased a large amount of the two sided business cards from this website.  I have begun handing them out in mass with the help of a bunch of believers.  PTA and soccer moms will be waken up!  Blue skies shall return.

  43. jean ballard says:

    thank you dane .. for this and everything you do. i check and share your videos , comments, and radio programs. every single day i can. i have not commented for a long time. but i need to say thank you  for the encouragement you have given me over the past 3 years. since i found your site. i am unable to get out to speak anymore , so i speak by the internet.  i am 65 years old, a retired nurse, and cancer survivor  for the moment.  i was diagnosed with cancer in my lower left lung last march 2015. i had surgery october 7 th 2015. it had not spread so it,s gone for now. but i have copd. fibrosis of unknown origin ?  that,s a laugh  . we all know the origin of lung disease now.  i,m on oxygen  all the time but am working to not be on by end of year. if we make it that long. the reason i,m writing this is to tell you thank you for giving me hope and a reason to continue on with trying to wake the people up.  i was ready to just give up on everything a few days ago, but i heard a radio podcast you did here while back. and it saved my life and gave me great hope again.  see i have been outcast by my entire family and all but a few friends. for speaking out about geoengineering , haarp, vaccines,agenda 21, 911, etc,  it is to the point  that no one in my family even checks on me but my younger brother. but we do not discuss anything other than idle conversation , or he will yell at me about being crazy, and stupid for reading anything on the internet. and believing it .. but you made the statement ( that all you can do is plant a seed and move on.) you can,t convince people by arguing even with the facts in hand, if they do not want to hear it.or in total denial because they can not cope with the truth.   that was my wake up call. i have been trying to convince my family and friends over and over again.  to the point it was taking a mental toll on me. i was crying over the loss of my family , and friends. and my health was in decline due to my mental decline. but you made me realize that was not the way to go about it. so now i am the johnny appleseed  of 2016  . i plant a seed an move on . when i am out in public now i just look up  and say to anyone in hearing distance, they sure are aerosol spraying heavy today. or or it sure is another grey day what day was last day the sun was shining? i smile and move on. and i can see the difference it makes in the persons reactions to my statements, and i almost bet they go home and look it up some of them anyway.  i am  no longer looking up at sky and shaking my fist at it and complaining about being sprayed like a bug. just a simple statement and a look upwards is more powerful than a rant and rave. i still am an outcast of my family and it hurts deeply , but it is the reason i must keep planting that seed. even if they think i,m a crazy old lady. it is not for me that i plant the seed.. i plant the seed for them the children  and the people i love and care about and mother earth whom is in her death throws if we can,t get this stopped and soon. as you know better than anyone. so even if i or we should parish tomorrow ,i just wanted to tell you thank you,  today, for giving me hope and the way to carry on and not to stop, ever planting that simple little seed.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Jean,   The other issues with which you are coping aside, you exhibit all the signs of a very healthy mind…and a lot of courage!  We thank you.  Larry

    • Rebecca says:

      Hello Jean, you are not alone. I will say a special payer for you today for Jesus to heal our hearts of this sickening unimaginable issue. I am in almost the exact situation, my friends and family have choose to be in denial as well. Like Dane reminds us they will soon know the truth and then maybe our families will have the ability to show sorrow and love for the willful blindness they were not able to see and return back to the love and bond of family we were put here to care for. I had a complete meltdown yesterday and still struggling today, but we must stand strong together, we need each other. I have had much success sharing with people and coming on board. Bless you Dane, you are a ROCK for so many of us.

      I have never met you Dane, but I love you like a brother. If you ever need me for anything I am able to do, just call and I'll be there. Your comment yesterday meant the world to me. Thank you

    • marc says:

      Jean Ballard, you have clouded my eyes with tears of peace and hope and joy and courage. I have no words to thank you for your incredibly moving post.

    • Jean, your story is an inspiration to me, as I am sure it is to many of us here on this wonderful knowledge-expanding site. Some of us are no “spring chickens” anymore…I just turned 65 myself, but we can still fight the good fight of faith, truth and love. We are not alone, there is a band of truth-seekers, and we are world-wide. We can overcome the lies of the evil ones, and the brain-washed blindness of those who are too programmed to see. Keep on, we are all with you in spirit every day! One fine day, the sunlight of truth will shine again on this darkening world.

    • Dawnski says:

      Jeanie Appleseed. . you are so precious. I love you. . keep the faith. My son and my Geoengineeringwatch family are all I have. Or need. Big hug. XoXo

    • Mike looking up says:

      Gean, you are joy and love with a great will for all of us. T Y.

  44. Marc says:

    I commented here many months ago upon discovering information about a NASA "count-a-contrail" contest designed specifically for grade school children who were encouraged to go outside, count "contrails", go back to their classrooms and upload their findings to a NASA site as part of some national contest. I became particularly enraged at this openly psychopathic exercise on account of how it was conceived, designed and implemented with innocent American children in mind. There exist no words in English to encompass the full scope of the moral turpitude in evidence here. This is tantamount to asking the children in the Nazi gas chambers to see how many gas nozzles they can count on the ceiling. Are you heartless, soulless, child-molesting NASA motherf**kers kidding me??? And you know what? That goes for ALL the thousands of government whores who've contributed in ANY capacity to the effort to intentionally deceive, confuse, lie to, or otherwise orchestrate massive cover-ups and/or psy-ops surrounding geoengineering as it relates to the American people and indeed, the whole world. It doesn't take a f**king genius to figure out that we have a rogue military/industrial complex being funded by very dark money operating almost entirely without any congressional, legislative, Presidential, or judicial oversight. Indeed, essentially the same holds true for the Black Ops projects, and the ultra ultra top secret space program projects. Unimaginable levels of compartmentalization rule these projects and always have. Can we assume that the President of the United States is in the loop on the full extent of active geoengineering? I'm not sure. There exist many, many security clearances (need to know) above the level of Presidency. What about Congress? Are they really the buffoons they appear to be on this most critical of issues, or are they all secretly profiting from geoengineering-driven weather derivatives? 

      If weather modification programs were inherently benign, that is, non-toxic and non life-threatening, would our government have felt the need to pull the plug years ago on any and all transparency regarding these programs? The morally and ethically treacherous dichotomy we live within now, pertaining to all the vast attempts to frame all forms of geoengineering as still just proposals or small scale experiments, versus the obvious fact that geoengineering in many forms is occurring at scales incomprehensible to the average Joe on the street, represents a complete disassembly of the very fabric of what it means to have a reasoning, empathic, fully human mind and heart. A spiritual rot has found a fertile host here on Earth somewhere inside the human race, and just like cancer, if there is no stopping it by intervention, it will kill the very host it requires to thrive. 

    • David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

      Last week our Local TV Stations Meteorologists, were all hyped up about the Cold front bringing one inch or more of what they stated, much needed rainfall. Most weather reporting locations in Jacksonville, Florida, received only 0.25 inches (1/4 inch or less), of total rainfall after the passage of the front. Northern Florida avereages nearly 4 inches of rainfall throughout the month of March, so far less than 1 inch has fallen. Before the last Cold Front passsed, I noticed the GeoEngineers, heavily spraying at high cloud altitudes (20,000 feet and higher). This process dispersed water vapor associated with the Cold front, leaving us with 0.25 inches of rainfall or less. Only about 1/4 of our Annual rainfall average, has been received so far in the year 2016. The Average High & Low Temperatures for mid March are High 70 Low 53. Here is what the daily High & Low temperatures were March 14-16, 2016. March 14 High 86 Low 64, March 15 High 87 Low 65, March 16 High 87 Low 66. Temperatures are averaging 15 degrees higher than normal average for this time of year. The forecast is calling for three consecutive days of rainfall with a 50 degree temperature drop. Some areas in Northern Florida could experience temperatures in the upper 30's. Weather Whiplash at it's best, created by SAG/SAIR/SRM. So Obvious!

    • BaneB says:

      "A spiritual rot…."  No truer phrase ever uttered to describe the living hell visited upon us by SPIRIT as displayed on that Ohio billboard by an entity probably involved knee deep in it.  I don't know if that "spirit" is listed on the NY Stock Exchange.  But one might believe our Congressional members and other government insiders are themselves knee deep in the stock ownership of these warmongering police state corporations.  War, Citizen surveillance, pre-crime, total info awareness, no fly lists, overstuffed prisons, digital snooping, drones, false flag ops, ALL of this IS big business.  And the looting is destroying the very foundation of this Relublic.  There can not be peace nor freedom.  These two clarion terms are a threat to the economic well being of too many corporations dependent on looting the nation, its infrastructure, its Constituion, and indeed as much of the world as it can grab.  One can be sure these stocks are in the profitability portfolios of most of the members of Congress.  There is, IMO, no way out of this conundrum short of the monster consuming itself and the rot destroying its foundation unto collapse.  This bodes ill for every person in this captivity, here in the glorious homeland and abroad.

  45. Kathy says:

    Why are they spraying so much in Amador County CA? I am so sick of this.

    • Dennie says:

      It's terrible everywhere.  People are coughing a lot also sneezing like crazy in Marin County, CA.  Everyone either thinks it's "allergies," or they are most incurious as to why so much coughing and sneezing.  Most shrug it off as an effect of "spring time."  The spraying's really been heavy.  My guess is that we have the weather modification contractors trying to pull in rain for hydroelectric and snow pack, while we also have the little JUVENILE DELINQUENT "military" PIG f***ers trying to hijack all that Eastern Pacific moisture north so they can use it as their idiot-savant "scientist" bosses see fit for the rest of us on Planet Earth.  And YOU can be the one worrying about the "feelings" of those I've insulted just now, YOU DO TOO know "they" DON'T HAVE actual feelings and should have been called on their sh*t EONS ago; what the HELL is the matter with US for not already having done so–??!!!

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, I sneeze so often.  Its incredible.  I was just outside to look at the moonlight.  Wouldn't you know……coming over the horizon a jet northwest to southeast leaving a major horizon to horizon trail.  More sneezing tomorrow.

  46. Rosalie says:

    Very tough day in the GTA, Ontario. They're pulling out all the stops.  It was hard to function all day. My head hurts; sinuses, respiratory.  This is nasty stuff. My dog was acting very lethargic and scratching his ear. What an excellent video Dane.  Persevere!

  47. Grant Jones says:

    What Color is the Sun?   My memory wants to say yellow, and so does yours.  A quick glance shows that the Sun appears silver.  So begins a conversation on geoengineering to the uninitiated.  It works. Try it.

  48. Christina Parousis says:

    Thank you Dane and Co Creation Productions for this excellent video.  My mom, Irene, is the one confronting Suzuki about his denial of ongoing geoengineering, that was at the climate march last year in Toronto.  I'm mentioning this because on March 29 environmental activist Naomi Klein will be here speaking on climate change joined by Greenpeace, and several MPP's, more details can be found at this link

    We will be there to confront Naomi on her omittance of climate engineering and to pass out information to those in attendance.  If you are interested in helping out please get in touch with me at or on facebook at Ontario GeoEngineering Action Group.  

  49. hazel thompson says:

    UK  Budget Day – Report from the Mail on line, Chancellor George Osbourne announced an increase on tax for household insurance to help with the recent flooding.  I took the opportunity to comment in the comment section about weather modification and  I hope some people check it out.        

  50. Naturschutz ( Germany ) says:

    Hi Dane, the German people are not willing to consciously receive the truth about the crimes of geoengineering, chemtrails and HAARP. On the contrary, Anti-Geoengineerer be defamed as Crazy and shunned like the plague.

    I spoke with the community, police, courts, churches, the result was always equal to zero. So as one would argue against an invisible wall.

    I do not want to give up is completed by this crime geoengineering. Probably I die before to poisoning, hunger and thirst. It is for all of us a painful death be on Earth.

    My fruit trees rot from the inside, the bark separates from the root, home-grown fruits and vegetables do not grow to full maturity, which are consequently to 80% inedible.

    Rainwater, which is no longer suitable for casting in the garden, since our laboratory toxic, especially aluminum and barium found.

    In Germany everyone has, whether he uses rainwater or not  an annual 20% compulsory levy depending on the drinkwater used to pay.
    This means that for this toxic rain water we have to pay more. ( since 2012 )

    Thanks Naturschutz

    • Elena says:

      I saw a video online of a German mechanic who used to help load the aerosols. I've forgotten the details, whether he used to load the canisters or did the piping, anyway he went public saying it was an impending ecological disaster and offered to go on talk shows if anybody was interested in his story, so there is at least one other person in Germany who knows about this. He was unable to get work afterwards in the same field; the downward pressure put on prospective employers was too intense. I had a professor who used to brag that she "could get to anyone" since there were only six degrees of separation between any two people; she had gone to "spy school" she used to say brightly, which was her way of saying she had considered becoming a CIA agent, -she became a judge instead- so I didn't doubt it, and I believe it is basically true, there are only a few people separating any two people.  Everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody, etc, until you arrive at the targeted person. What I was thinking was that someone knows someone who is part of "Anonymous," that group of hackers, hacktivists, rather, who hacked Fox news and accused them onair of lying to the American public. If they knew how dire the situation was I bet they would hack all the networks with a message about the geo engineering. I'd seen a couple of their videos without knowing anything about them, I only found out a couple of days ago who they were. I only just started to go on YouTube this last summer so I am still playing catch up. But people should not be discouraged and should keep talking about this and spreading the word, for the more an idea is talked about even to people who seem to not be paying attention, the more entrenched it becomes in the mind-belt of the planet until it reaches such a level of saturation that it literally starts to impress itself upon the consciousness of people, at least that is my understanding of it.  And you never know who you are talking to and who they know. People who tell the truth and try to sound the alarm are special people, everyone owes them a such huge debt of gratitude, fantastic new video by Dane, they are really all fantastic. 

  51. Nicholas Eisenhauer says:

    Dear Dane, you need to see this video if you are not aware of it, posted Jan 5th.  Michelle has supposedly taken a biological sample from her respiratory system and had it analyzed via electron microscope. I have no reason to doubt her or this video as authentic as she is with us for the same cause. This is truly gasping and you need to have this information in your arsenal of data for future reference. We all fear this is the end result but as always, to actually see it and know it is the same inside of all of us is the real home hitter. I don't have anymore to add for now. I am fighting our battle but on a different level and approach. We need all angles covered to defeat this evil. Love to all. Keep at it and I am with all of you and all of us everyday forever. Nicholas


    • adam says:

      Gheezus Nick. That was pretty graphic and disturbing and also well presented. Thanx for sharing with the "AWAKE" community. I'll do my part in trying to make it go VIRAL. I hope everyone else will notice this and miss nothing in this fight and I agree that it is great info for ALL OF US to have in our arsenal. It is a very difficult subject to educate yourself about but by listening on Saturdaze to DW's broadcast religiously, you begin to pick up on the basics and broaden your knowledge as I have but without speaking up and out to ppl and pointing out to them that when they see lines in the sky, THEY SHOULDN'T %$#&@!* STAY THERE!

  52. Mario Sorrentino says:

    RE: Programming the Public

    There is a critical group of people that need to be involved in the fight to unprogram / reprogram society with the truth.  TEACHERS need to get educated and informed — it is our job.  If teachers stay silent, then the programming by the lying media, the lying government, and the lying military will continue unabated.  Teachers need to begin teaching students about the environment around them and what is truly happening.  Our children deserve to know the truth.  Their generation is going to be what makes or breaks this fight against the destruction of the biosphere.

    So, teachers . . . where do you stand?  Most teachers will not take a stand on a controversial issue like this because they are afraid for their jobs.  But if enough teachers mobilized, maybe something could be done to start the process of educating our children about how unnatural the sky is right now (PS – Sacramento County was sprayed all day today – AGAIN).  It is our moral and ethical obligation to educate the children with the truth.  Hell . . . we even have an open invitation from NASA to start educating our kids about this — we just can't use their lies and propaganda.  We need to tell them the truth.  Any ideas from teachers out there?

    • Earth Angel says:

      You make an excellent point Mario. I'm not a teacher but it would be great to have the teachers get educated and mobilize on issues such as anti-geoengineering, Fukushima, the Sandy Hook hoax, the 911 tragedy, etc. and help what WILL BE LEFT of future generations to combat and cope with the effects of the crimes being done to us all. They are going to need all the survival skills they can learn between now and then- along with the love and support of their families.

  53. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Your video collection deserves awards and recognition and thanks to all submitting for this safe place to share. There a saying :but "A kick in the butt is a step forward."  Metaphorically, this is what this vital site does. It moves  forward the intelligence, science, evidence and faithful research by all contributing. Past Sat. event in Redding, CA was full, and am getting far more calls of interest to help this cause. Look forward to that video covering  911/bldg. 7 as related to geo-engineering disinfo. we experience. Let's keep encouraging the timid ones to speak out !

  54. Andrew says:

    As I read these replies from readers, I see that everyone is very thankful to Dane for all he does, as they should be. Let's get another billboard up or fund the radio show. Dane is on the front lines of this battle, we need to be the supply chain fueling this operation. We might as well invest in this effort now. After all, it might not matter later if we don't do something now while we can still make a difference, you can't take it with you when you die.

  55. B says:

    Suzuki has a condo on 4th ave in Kitsilano, just south of
    downtown Vancouver. Everyone in the area can point to it.
    Go see him.
    He has worked for the fed gov owned CBC all his life and
    they own him.
    Make an example of the lying cunteyed cocksucker.
    Get him on video spreading the lies.

    Physical Action is Required.

  56. Maybe the dumping of toxic chemicals in my driveway is target intentional… Here is a report from the local group trying to deal with the Navy Growler electronic warfare assault on the Olympic Peninsula. Threats and more…

    Why we don’t publish our names
    Posted on by West Coast Action Alliance

    Recently we were upbraided by an elected official for not signing our names to the emails we send, or signing these posts. It’s understandable to wonder why, so it’s time to explain. Due to multiple threats and abusive behaviors directed toward many people who’ve spoken out, we disabled public comments on this web site and no longer sign WCAA emails sent to those who sign up (see right side of this page.) The threats and abusive behavior have come from Navy personnel, and from a group of Navy contractors representing “Team Whidbey.”  We have documented the abuse with screen shots and narrative, posted it, and reported it to the Navy command, but to no avail. We know that not signing our names flies in the face of the transparency we seek from our government, but when you are personally named in multiple newspaper letters to the editor as a “threat to 30,000 jobs” and you have Navy personnel publicly saying they’d like to “strap you to a Growler and fly you into ISIS territory to see how much guts you have” or a pilot tells you the dart board at the officer’s club has your face on it, and the tone of that continuous smear campaign implies that violence might not be out of line because you are a traitor, and they tell you on social media that they know where you live, you start to take precautions with your personal safety.
    … When an elderly woman commented in a public forum about how much the jet noise was impacting her recovery from a hip operation and how depressed it made her, a Navy pilot suggested she should go ahead and commit suicide, because, he said, the jet noise over her community was going to increase and they were going to “punish” her.  … Trolls that included several active duty pilots jumped on a public Facebook page and intimidated public comments with their sarcasm and abusive language.

    • Mario Sorrentino says:

      Just goes to show you that the military-industrial-congressional-complex thinks they own the world.  We are going to prove them wrong.  Takes a lot of guts and courage to disparage and threaten those you profess to protect.  Way to go Navy!

    • Dennie says:


      YOU ARE THE ONES WITH THE DEATH WISH.  SO GO SET AN EXAMPLE AND PULL THAT TRIGGER ON YOURSELVES FIRST.  Maybe then the MAJORITY of us here can finally live in peace, or something that looks like it.

    • Thanks Susan and Dennie for your many efforts and comments. Naval personnel are just one class of the new "royal" classes of jerks and jerketts. These wet dreams enhance their false sense of worth by putting "Phd", MD, PFC, IEEE, and other titles of royalty behind their names. In the final analysis, they are simple mercenary criminals – slaving under warlords, bankers, and mafia interests…

      This is how it started:

      The "Missing" 13th Amendment


      February 4, 1860

      Delegates from South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas meet in Montgomery, Alabama to write the Confederate States of America Constitution.

      February 28, 1860

      The proposed "explanatory amendment" often referred to as the " Corwin amendment " is passed by the House, regarding permanent protection of slavery in those States where it then existed. It was silent on the subject of servitude in the Territories.

      It is also called the 13th Amendment. This is the first time in our history that an Amendment to the Constitution has been deliberatly numbered. No protest is made that the number was already used. This is the final brazen step in eliminating the true 13th Amendment.

      The seceded states, of course, take no interest.

    • SD says:

      Yea, USNavy – what a bunch of "guys". When the gun turret on the battleship blows up Navy Brass blames it on a " homosexual love affair gone awry ".

      And what about those USAirForce "Hot Shot" pilots.  They really are a lot like Tom Cruise – stupid, arrogant and sexually ambiguous.

  57. Rebecca says:

    Hello fellow earth lovers, I think I have gone into melt down today. I looked out this morning to just pure lines in the sky so thick I think this might be the day of no return. I cant stop crying, the tears continue to stream down my face. Their is nothing of comfort in this world, only look to our creator who gave us this earth to care for and should have been paying way more attention to what was going on a long time ago! Who with a sane mind would think up such an unimaginable spraying of the planet. I have called several of the city and county officials and anyone who will make a difference , I make these calls every week and go out picket and hand out flyers and talk to people about this gut aching atrocity. I wish I could stop crying. Pray- Love and peace to all R.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Rebecca, you are not along in this fight, stand strong and keep marching forward. We are closer to critical mast than most realize, never give up.

    • Rebecca — Today was bad. Waveform frequencies everywhere filled with hopeless anguish. I felt it too. Maybe what we are picking up is their sense of failure…? Have faith. The demons never rule forever. Harmony is eternal and the righteous always return. Sorting the wheat from the …

    • JR says:

      I share your hurt, so be strong and vigilant. Again in Southwest N.M. the lowlifes going ape…. Las Cruces, N.M. is getting hammered back to back days! NASA and other military contractors are out on White Sands Missile Range and a lot of locals, even from El Paso, Texas work out there. There has to be some correlation! A few years ago supposedly some tornado (vortex) was created out there? We don't have tornadoes here, ever! We are in a very dry state right now. The farmers are starting their deep wells for irrigation because there is no water in the Rio Grande, it does not flow year round now. The surface water is rationed for farmers when it is opened up coming down from water dammed at Elephant Butte Dam, and Caballo Dam, which stands for horse. We are in the Mesilla Valley. Two years back the city of Las Cruces was glowing (pulses) in green practically every second after heavy spraying SAG/SRM all night long into morning. Stay strong and hold on to your inner spirit that we all have and be sane as Dane. Call on the Comforter….. 

    • Diane Friday says:

      Hello Rebecca. Your comment broke my heart because I know the feeling, all too well. Today it was my turn. I couldn't stop crying, and feel like I'm having a breakdown. Here in southeastern PA, we've had rain, all day or at some point during the day, every day since last Sunday. As if that isn't bad enough, the psychopaths behind these atrocities have decided to bring winter back to the northeast this weekend. The endless overcast, gloom, and rain, coupled with the non-stop spraying of our skies on the rare days when it isn't overcast, gloomy, and raining, apparently isn't enough for them. They've now scheduled a significant, and of course completely engineered toxic cool down starting tomorrow. Yesterday, the forecast for the weekend wasn't so bad except for the fact the temps would only be in the 40s. As of this morning, somehow a storm will be coming in from somewhere, and the high for Sunday is now scheduled to be only in the 30s, meaning they're bringing snow back to the northeast. On the first day of spring. This, after a Christmas Eve with temps in the upper 60s and ungodly humid. I can't help but think there's a very real psychological aspect to this insanity in addition to the ever-worsening physical effects delivered on a daily basis. Reading that weather forecast, seeing the words "accumulating snow", sent me into such a severe downward spiral I was afraid I might need to admit myself to the hospital. I managed to pull myself back from the abyss yet again, but I don't know how much more of this I can take. You are not alone, my friend. I pray we can all stay strong and continue fighting the good fight along with Dane. Feeling as I do these last few months, I can't imagine how Dane handles this, and has been handling it for such a long time. I don't have the words.

      I'm not too proud to admit that I need all the support I can get at this point. I wasn't even up to leaving my usual comments addressing the bold-faced lies told by the "meteorologist" who reported the upcoming "winter" storm. That's not me and that's scary. 

  58. Marios Kosmas says:

    I have just come from a presentation regarding geo engineering. It is very true that the environmentalists are difficult to convince about these programmes especially when, as the scientists told them and they believed it, it is for rectifying the damage done by the excessive use of CO2 by the people collectively. A small part of it, yes, but how about the spraying that's being done for so many decades now?

    How sad! So, where do we go from here? Those you would expect to get support from believe such utter nonsense, is it possible to find it elsewhere? Deeply disappointing.

    From Nicosia in Cyprus.

  59. Dane — Excellent post on Programming the Public. That heinous PDF from NASA revealed how completely insane with power the advanced technologies have made NASA and others.
    NASA: Future Strategic Issues
    Future Strategic Issues / Future Warfare [Circa 2025]

    Wishing you a safe and successful journey to LA. and home again!
    Dane Wigington At California Jam:

    • Earth Angel says:

      I read over these NASA documents.. Who the hell dreams up this kind of crap?? What kind of minds does that make sense to? Utter absurdity/ insanity! Again, it is the unquestioning order followers who have made this shit possible on such a large scale.. WE DO NOT CONSENT TO THIS INSANITY.

  60. Mike looking up says:

    I'm trying, in many ways that I know how. I don't understand why #1, people fight it after I mention everything I've learned from this site, plus by useing (  Plane finder, which proves non-commercial flights in my area of Detroit. All commercial flights arrive or depart N to S. and the specific area is clearly or straight over Detroit city with SAI, as all scars are E to W.  Yes, some flights heading east are or the East coast are 30 or 40 miles north of Detroit but plane finder is basically Google maps and can pinpoint streets from block to block, let alone a 1 mile area or city to city. This is being done by military aircraft in this area because its straight over Detroit, and no flights can travel E to W over the city, at least not commercial. #2, even if some do believes this and understand its being done, they still do nothing in the form of awarness such as, what can I do ? I always say post something or talk to others because we need understanding about this, a national discussion and your voice matters. I see things coming apart soon in everyway, economically, societal, and of course our our life support systems. My God, what could be more important? I'll end by thanking everyone for all you do and especially you Dane, thank you sir.

  61. mike says:

    Hello Dane,

       I just wanted you to know that i am having the high-res flyers printed and i am going to distribute them all around the the Golden Horseshoe. We are sprayed almost on a daily basis and i am tired of it, we have to fight this together. One cannot win where is many can. We can fight this, i think were supposed to fight this. 

  62. Frank says:

    I am very concerned at this point in time. We had one day of clear skies  the first in over a month yesterday, and today blanket spraying here in SE Tennessee today. The temperatures the past week have been at least 15 if not 25 degrees above normal night and day. I Know we are at a point that the power structure is in full panic mode. If this spraying were to stop the earth would unleash catastrophic events. These sick SOB's have brought us all too this point and destroyed all of our lives. This extreme weather warfare must be stopped now and let the planet respond however it may be. That is our only way out of this horrific cataclysmic disaster. Thank you Dane and all of you who try your best. May God bless us at this very dire time. 

    • Frank — Same here today on the Olympic Peninsula in WA. They sprayed like hell today. They must be scared – or just in a hurry to watch the lab rats die. I can deal with living in this insane asylum on some days better than others. A full blown catastrophe will force them to stop. In the hands of God now. And we must all continue the effort to make the unaware see. There can be no integrity in this miasma of mendacity. It is wrong to LIE to people.  God Bless Dane and all, indeed.

    • Dennie says:

      God BLESS all those little Navy twits– and may they reap what they sow, 100 TIMES OVER!!!!!

  63. Kat L. says:

    and the 'nano' that's in the trails too to make us all into docile puppets even moreso. That's another can of worms.  Full Disclosure can't come fast enough. Let the masses go into shock, better to have truth than to keep living under all these lies.

  64. keep an eye on the money says:

    An explanation for a good idea healing spots or districts which are spots where I would fund to An eliminate specific problems we have like free energy or energy and renewables other problem's would be health like cancer and such the point is doing good I am not doing this for any kind of credit or convenience the payback will be a world where you know longer pay an electronic bill a world where know body gets cancer.

  65. Greg says:

    Bravo Dane!  Excellent video.  I am 110% on board as always.    Meanwhile the skies are awash with aerosols and I am on the stump as much as possible each day.  Thanks for your inspiration!  Let us know what more we can do.  It is essential for the hope of sustainable survival.

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