Climate Assault Could End Life On Earth


A Veteran Journalist’s Perspective

“Straight From The Heart” is an exceptionally well researched article just penned for by veteran Canadian journalist Will Thomas. Will has given so much of his life’s energy to the fight against climate engineering through his extensive research, writing, and activism. It is an honor to feature his work on our site.  —DW

by Will Thomas

There’s nothing like a collapsed artery to re-arrange priorities! On returning home, I instantly dropped all wheat, sugar, junk food and processed meals. I’d been meaning to do this for years. Now it was all so easy. Remembering that morning and the one that followed, all I had to ask myself was, “Is eating this worth my life?”

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18 Responses to Climate Assault Could End Life On Earth

  1. Aussie girl says:

    This is so sad, yet it is correct according to the research which I have done. Will Thomas I honour you and your courage. Couple this with the extinction threat from 4 melting nuclear reactors in Japan, life on this planet is indeed doomed.

    Best wishes to all.

  2. Tim says:

    Check out Guy McPherson’s book Going Dark. It is shocking and he believes
    we have already fired the gun to our deaths. Basically, we cannot stop the runaway climate change that is coming to end all life. Sobering.

  3. Ned Ludd says:

    I have been aware of geoengineering for years, have been an avid environmentalist for my entire life and this is quite the sobering read.
    Maybe there are lessons to be learned from the past…Zecharia Sitchin wrote some very controversial books based on his interpretation of Sumerian writings.
    One key point I find intriguing: Modern homo sapiens are a race created by aliens to be used as workers for the extraction of gold from the earth. Why did they need this gold? Because they had destroyed their atmosphere and were injecting it into their atmosphere to reduce the effects of solar radiation.
    This theory could explain 2 keys: why are humans so preoccupied with the accumulation of wealth and what happened to all the gold reserves around the world, are we trying the same thing?

  4. Jo says:

    @Philip Dec
    sharing this on my fb..hope you don’t mind

  5. Jo says:

    @Earth Angel
    I am sure there are many scientists and engineers who will be able to come up with plans to stop and even reverse the damage that has been done. What we need now is a total and complete stop to the ongoing damage, immediately! I think we have to start with our government leaders. I live in the U.S., and have been disappointed with the democratic party for years. Obama has done nothing for the environment. I am still signing petitions to stop the Keystone Pipeline, which he is still on the fence on! Still fighting drilling in the Arctic! Ridiculous! Not to mention that Michele Obama’s big thing was updated food labeling, yet she left out labeling for GMO’S!
    Our leaders are not for us, in any way. Our leaders know that our food is poisoned and that they are spraying things into the skies that are ruining our health, changing the climate, and quickly destroying the earth and all life forms on it.
    We need to stop them, and then employ great minds to fix the damage. These people need to work from a standpoint of love and humanity, not power. That is how we will survive as a civilization.

  6. Earth Angel says:

    Hi Tim and Brian,(and also Dane), That is why I have wondered that perhaps the spraying should be weaned back, as quickly as possible, but rather than stopping cold turkey. I am no climate scientist but thought perhaps the molecules of the helpful substances, such as ozone builders, oxygen or hydrogen, etc., whatever would assist the planet in rebuilding the natural beneficial elements it needs, could be introduced into the atmosphere if possible- instead of spraying destructive chemicals- why couldn’t beneficial substances be sprayed? Surely there is something helpful that could be done like an antidote to help reverse the damage. Perhaps Dane or other atmospheric and earth scientists could figure this out?! Is anyone working on this possibility?

  7. Steve Fimmel says:

    Hi Tim.
    I don’t know what scientific evidence (or even proposition based upon scientific theory) there is that we would ungo sudden warning if Geoengineering was to stop. The AR 5 report from IPCC alleged that would be the case. But how much can we really rely on the IPCC for truthful or accurate scientific forecasting?

  8. Brian says:

    This sounds identical to how our financial system and our credit markets operate. If we stopped printing money or pulled back on credit, the effects would be disastrous. Same individuals perhaps…

  9. Tim says:

    Sad thing is that if they stopped the chemtrails, the rebound effect would be brutal. The Earth would go through withdrawal and initially we would see a dramatic spike in temperatures. The morons that started this program has us stuck with the more you spray, the more you need to spray. Who allowed them to ruin our planet?

  10. JR says:

    I have not posted in little while. It’s the same old sh.. (dung). We have been getting promising rain clouds here in Southwest, USA (New-Mexico) but with the chemtrails destroying them, bunch of sick bastards. After heavy spraying ugly nasty winds accompany our environment, sandstorms and all. Yes we live in desert but we have gotten rain in past, but no more! Our area must be good practice resembling the Mideast in inducing sandstorms for the war profiteers to see results with chemtrails & HAARP, WHAT ELSE??? Operation Popeye was a project during Viet Nam for inducing rain you know over the Ho Chi Minh trail until supposedly stopped, yeah right! Just like Agent Orange was forever denied being sprayed upon our soldiers and poor village people there right, no one really accepting responsibility! Bunch of sickos, psychos….low lifes, the whole lot of them. God Be With Us…

    • Grammiejean says:

      Yes God be with US !! Wonder who gave orders to do that . Can you take one GUESS ??

  11. Philip Dec says:

    I am sorry for the broken link in my earlier post. Hopefully, this will work for anyone who would like to take a look at the page:

  12. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Thank you Dane for giving us Will Thomas’s Straight From The Heart. Thank you Will Thomas. This is the unabashed truth and also a Love Letter for us who will not descend into distraction, denial or despair. Who knows what can be accomplished? Who knows what unknown factors may help us? We are meant make the best of our lives and time and to persevere until the End.
    Peace and Love to All Here

  13. Michel Pelletier says:

    Day 8 at Cocoa Beach saw a atlas v rocket blast off.
    Yesterday I miss spoke said it was a saturn v.It was
    impressive with large plume.As I turned south on the beach
    I saw two chemtrails making a large cross.They made the rockets plume look small mind you I was only 3 miles
    from the launch site.I am sure nobody but me noticed
    the chemtrails.The chemtrails plume lasted much longer
    than the rockets.

  14. Philip Dec says:

    In the summer of 1996, I witnessed an assault on the sky over Cobbossee lake in Monmouth, Maine. At least eight trails had been deliberately sprayed, from horizon to horizon, at an altitude too low for aircraft to produce a normal contrail. I remember thinking at the time that if something in those very visible trails were to make some people seriously ill years later, how would anyone ever be able to make the connection?

    Within a year, I was at a gas station in Manchester, Maine and witnessed a plane spraying almost directly overhead. Off to the NW there was a plane with what appeared to be a normal contrail behind it. I brought this to the attention of the man who was getting gasoline just a few feet away. I said, if that plane over there has a normal contrail behind it, than what do you suppose is going on with the plane almost directly above us? The one above us was spraying an abundance of chemicals from horizon to horizon. I referred to what was coming out of that plane as a chemical trail, in contrast to the contrail behind the other one. At that time, I don’t believe I had ever heard the term chemtrail used.

    Returning to where my other post left off, the effects of gradually increasing weather warfare experiments had to somehow be explained to the general public when the weather increasingly became unstable, chaotic, or dangerously warmer. Should they get most of the people to embrace their “Geoengineering” solution to a problem they are mostly responsible for in the first place, then they just continue on poisoning us as before: but with the approval of the “majority” who have been conditioned by government scientists and the corporate media. This is what most of us giving warning do not want to see. The people behind the chemtrail spraying do not want people to realize that when they stop spraying, many places experience cooler temperatures. We usually do, here in Maine. They must keep the spraying fairly constant so that people do not catch on to what weather is like when it’s not being manipulated.

    I will eventually include my experience shared here with the other information posted at my latest project to increase awareness of what’s happening to our skies and weather.

    I wish Will Thomas the very best in his effort to restore his health, and thank each reader who took the time to read my two posts.

    My gratitude to Dane Wigington, like his faithful perseverance, remains the same. His incredible presentations on video should be seen by every American.

  15. Philip Dec says:

    When I first began observing and documenting the aerosols being sprayed into our skies, silver was about $5 an ounce for coins not minted by governments. I truly felt like a “voice in the wilderness,” when trying to direct the attention of others to what was happening overhead. It wasn’t until a few years later (late 90s) that I began reading the writings of Clifford Carnicom and Will Thomas online explaining what they had discovered through their research. About that time, Capt. Joyce Riley was taking note of the aerial activity, and Jeff Rense posted articles at and had fascinating guests on his radio program that helped me to better understand what was happening. I will never forget their encouragement (through their writings and interviews) at a time when so few people noticed the spraying of our skies or would speak out.

    After all these years, I still believe that most of the “global warming” or “climate change” that requires immediate attention is the direct result of the ongoing chemtrail spraying of our skies. And the effective solution would be to stop what David Keith claims isn’t happening.

    Weather warfare experiments have been going on for decades. This activity increased over the years greatly increasing unstable weather conditions globally. I believe geoengineering was, and is, their art of misdirection in action. They needed to disguise the weather warfare / global warming connection, and they needed “scientists” who would present a “solution” while ignoring perhaps the major cause.

  16. Mystic says:

    And yet Congress votes on this bill to block the EPA’s recent rules limiting carbon pollution from power plants:

    “According to an analysis by CAP Action, the 229 members who voted for the bill have accepted more than $45.7 million in contributions from the oil, gas and coal industries over the course of their careers — an amount that’s more than 8 times the $5.4 million accepted by the 183 members who voted against the bill — and 123 of them have publicly denied climate change.”

  17. carol says:

    “If we don’t move quickly to cancel the charters of the 90 corporations that have caused two-thirds of the carbon emissions generated since the onset of industrialism, being good and being nice are not going to cut them.” page 17 of article

    There is no other way to do this. The carbon emissions have to stop, followed by reducing and stopping the reflective spraying to block the sun.

    The Day the Oceans Boiled Part 1,2,3

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