Study Shows Radiofrequency Radiation Impact on Aspen Seedlings, International Journal of Forestry Research


Aspens have been rapidly dying throughout Colorado since 2004. The attached article, “Adverse Influence of Radio Frequency Background on Trembling Aspen Seedlings: Preliminary Observations”, published in the International Journal of Forestry Research (Volume 2010 (2010), Article ID 836278), indicates that man-made “radio frequency radiation may be adversely affecting leaf and shoot growth and inhibiting fall production of anthocyanins associated with leaf senescence in trembling aspen seedlings”. The effects observed, according to the study, suggest that exposure to RF from everyday background sources that have been proliferating in our lives unchecked, and assumed by many not be harmful, may be an underlying factor in the recent rapid decline of aspen populations.

Electromagnetic pollution has skyrocketed with the growth of the wireless industry, since the early 1990s. Currently, wireless exposure guidelines for humans assume a 30-minute exposure, in contrast to 24/7 exposures that are common. As with cell phone RF exposure guidelines, which assume only a 6- minute exposure, not only are the guidelines based on highly unrealistic assumptions of exposure duration, but they are basing the recommendations on physics considerations, not on biology.

It is time for governments to consider the biological effects from radiofrequency radiation, and to have the understanding of the biological effects inform guidelines and policies to protect the health of humans, animals and nature. This week, Congressman Dennis Kucinich announced his intention to introduce legislation that includes an update of decades old wireless radiation safety guidelines.

Images from study:

Leaves NOT Shielded from Radiofrequency Radiation (RF)

 Leaves Shielded from Radiofrequency Radiation (RF)

Table 1: Various Characteristics of Aspen Seedling Following one of 3 RF Treatments

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 To learn more about the effects on nature from electromagnetic fields, listen to the audio interview of B. Blake Levitt by Founder, Camilla Rees, called “What’s Happening in Nature?”

2 Responses to Study Shows Radiofrequency Radiation Impact on Aspen Seedlings, International Journal of Forestry Research

  1. Lucretia says:

    Tim if you read the full article, you will see they had three groups of trees, one out in the open, one in a cage that did not shield from radio frequency radiation and the other cage, a faraday cage, that did. All had equal temperature and close to the same amount of light.
    Clearly, the researchers determined that despite all the trees getting dumped on with chemicals and molds from the air, the one’s protected from the radio frequency radiation pollution were the healthiest. Obviously, the same is happening with us. It is not just the chemtrails killing us. The Electro pollution is making the situation far worse. Dr. Klinghardt, MD, out of Seattle said he use to worry about mercury. Now he says the aluminum in everyone of us is hundreds of times worse. Our DNA is plastered with aluminum, highly effecting us neurologically. He says we are now basically walking antennas to whatever HAARP frequency they are putting out along with all the other Electro frequency radiation pollution.
    Full report:

  2. tim reeder says:

    Does the author also note bio-available toxicity due to chemtrails and HAARP & Nexrad locations?
    I mean, there’s a big and deadly question of weight in balancing multiple causative agents.

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