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Chemtrails Pose Serious and Increasing Health Risks to U.S. Citizens


By Troy Phillipson, Abundant Life Wellness Center, Milwaukee, Wis.

When is a conspiracy theory no longer a theory?  When it is the truth.  Have you ever looked up at the sky and wondered why so-called jet con-trails or condensation trails are so very different than when we where kids?  I’ll bet you you have been wondering just what those suspicious cloud-like streaks across the skies contain?

An Open Letter To Our “Elite” Rulers

 Brothers and Sisters of our ruling class, Royal Family members, Bloodline Family members, Heads of State, Heads and High Officers of Multinational Corporations, High Officers and Heads of Banking Organizations, to you all, Greetings!

Fox News Reporting on Chem-Trails (2008)


(correction) This video was recently posted on Youtube, but actually aired on FOX News in 2008.

The interviewed officials arrogantly denied the obvious. The blatant lying about these programs continues to be outrageous in light of ongoing extreme weather, multiple government documents disclosing plans to geoengineer the planet, and the unnatural, greasy, line-marked skies that have become the norm.

Canadian Petition regarding high altitude aerial spraying January 2013


A Petition to be presented to the Canadian House of Commons regarding high altitude aerial spraying – that is, chemtrails.