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An Open Letter To Our “Elite” Rulers

 Brothers and Sisters of our ruling class, Royal Family members, Bloodline Family members, Heads of State, Heads and High Officers of Multinational Corporations, High Officers and Heads of Banking Organizations, to you all, Greetings!

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Subliminal Conditioning – Awareness Reaching Critical Mass is Essential


I am repeatedly asked the same question by people as they become aware of the aerosol spraying in the skies; “How could I not have seen this!?”  or “How is it possible that no one notices what is happening in the sky?”

DisInfo Kids


Sent in from Frank in New Jersey. <—link to original article

Shoprite-supermarket chain here in Jersey…during “earth week” apparently had these piles of leaflets out to take along with the usual store circulars. The “kids korner” section dealt with varying clouds…along with their “scientific” classifications… BUT as you can see from the scan (though cut off to fit)…spotlit right at the top of the page: what “contrails” are… seems the push for conditioning is well underway.


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