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Less Wind, Rain and Sun, Welcome to Geoengineering


Dane Wigington

The science relating to the effects of an atmosphere saturated with particulates is clear and disturbing: less rain, wind, and sun. Numerous environmental engineering studies have found that the levels of rain, wind, and sun around the world today are likely far less than they should have been and would have been without chemical aerosols decimating our atmosphere. Such studies discuss these problems that can occur with atmospheric aerosols, however most articles, like the one cited below, ignore the “elephant in the room” that geoengineering is by far the largest single source of atmospheric aerosols. A recent report from NOAA even admits to the fact that they just don't know where all these particles are coming from.

Wonder why the sun feels so intense of late?


The (6) articles below, in order from top to bottom, form a quite clear picture. Though the BBC science reporter (who authored the first article below) does not mention aluminum as the primary element in geoengineering “proposals”, the majority of geoengineering patents do.

Geoengineering: Scientists Debate Risks Of Sun-Blocking And Other Climate Tweaks To Fight Warming

CHICHELEY, England — To the quiet green solitude of an English country estate they retreated, to think the unthinkable.