The American Empire: Denial, Delusion And Deception


Most Americans do not truly understand the scope and scale of the American Empire. If we are to be effective in the fight against global climate engineering, if we are to be effective against the "collective insanity" in general, it is imperative to have some understanding of just how out of control the military industrial complex is, especially in America. The video below is absolutely worth every minute of the time it takes to watch and comprehend. It is extremely accurate, compelling, and infuriating. The truth is our most powerful weapon. We must all take the time to learn the facts so we can march in this battle with credibility and thus confidence.
Dane Wigington


10 Responses to The American Empire: Denial, Delusion And Deception

  1. Paula Tuttle says:

    For those who also listen to Michael Rivero: I enjoy Michael Rivero's on-line daily news show, as he targets real news and is a very bright, primarily truthful and informative guy. BUT,  Michael is a very adamant geoengineering denier, which infuriates me. What's most suspicious about his denial, is that when a caller brings up "chemtrails" he hangs up on them, calls them nut jobs, and moves onto another topic. No other topic provokes this response from Rivero. Typically, if he disagrees with an issue, he'll spend at least a whole segment of his show with his logic in disagreeing…but not with geoengineering. He simply will not address the topic except to deem all who bring it up, crazy, then move on.   Further, his audience consists of a majority of 'awake' people, many of whom most likely are familiar with Dan Wiggington and  I'm very sure he must receive hundreds of angry emails regarding his denial of climate modification, yet never offers his rebuttle on air regarding this issue, which is uncharacteristic of Michael. He always ends his show with his 'take' on "human-caused global warming", and does get it right that that's a scam. But goes on about the sun and natural weather being the cause.  I wish as many folks as possible who are regulars to would email Michael Rivero, as I have, to wake him up or 'shame' him into looking into this website!  He has a huge audience and it's a disservice to the public for him to be in such adamant denial of this information. Maybe he's been warned against discussing geoengineering, but it's hard to believe he would allow that to happen. He's a deep researcher, so it's not logical that he wouldn't have researched this subject in order to intelligently debate listeners on it, rather than hanging up on them, calling them nuts, and moving on to other subjects. Anyone else having a problem with Michael Rivero on this??  He's essentially out there discrediting Dane's work without ever mentioning Dane's name or this website, so maybe Dane should contact him for debate since Michael's show reaches such a wide audience. 


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Paula, in the past I have sent communiationst to Michael offering to answer any and all questions he may have regarding the ongoing SRM and SAG programs, he would never reply. It would seem Mr. Rivero has been told what he can speak about, and what not. This is also the case with journalist Amy Goodman whom I have met twice. She recieves funding from the Ford foundation and I have been told she is not allowed to cover geoengineering or 911. For any that try to rattle Michael’s cage on this issue, I would strongly recomend using the science terms and not the “chemtrails” term. Also, whatever one chooses to consider as the cause or causes of the planetary warming, the warming is all to real and accelerating rapidly. This has nothing to do with con artist Al Gore or the carbon credit scam, its about reality. The planet is descending into total meltdown and climate engineering is making it worse, not better.

  2. I am always amazed how the term "America" is used to cover the 85 wealthiest's, of the world, agenda to control more, steal  more and enslave the average people of the world. It is not "America". It is the 85 wealthiest who control our puppets in Wash. DC.

    The 12 Presidential Agendas at ends this corruption. Take a look if you dare. Sincerely, Christoper W. Spada


  3. Yes on all information seen in the video.  Americans are in denial and do live in a fantasy land that does not exist.  Chinese are buying citizenship through a program called the EB5. For $500,000 they can become a citizen. There is a 10,000 per year quota and most are Chinese. It is said the wealthy are escaping from pollution in their own country. The Global Economy was sold to Americans and if you spoke against it you were unpatriotic. You see what that 'Global Economy' has done to the world.  Continue bringing the truth to the forefront and may our young people refuse to give their lives for the rich.

  4. Johnny V says:

    Dane who is calling the shot's in the NAVY & AIR FORCE are any where close to find out ? Is it an Admiral , General , Joint Chief ' in the Pentagon

    • Saiule Sarin says:

      I wanted to point this out before answering the question. "Calling the Shots" is highly ambiguous. Those "people" if you want to call them that have been doing this for over 30 years and are so deep in its spell that they have no recollection of their deed. Likewise, their lifestyle is so fast-paced that it would be impossible to realize the ethical and moral implications of their actions. Moreover, these people are war profiteers often manning contracting companies and the like alongside their command element. To answer this question, it is JCS that answers to legislature passed by congress. These are overarching policies that do not dictate the how, just the what. It is up to the particular command as to the how. This is typically a three-star, his command staff and their directorates, which could be more than 100 people.

    • sel says:

      Johnny V- I think if Dane could answer that he probably would have. I'm amazed at the broadness of secrecy & the level of threat to those involved to keep quiet must be of the highest degree. Just look at Snowden – he knew better than to stick around here. Still, if ppl wld just wake up  come out of denial & speak out about what's going on they wd have to respond to us. We do have the power. But ppl don't believe it even when they see it happen before their eyes.

  5. David Evans says:

    This article doesn't address those who control the US Empire, those who penned the infamous Project For A New American Century plan to dominate globally:

    The US is a tool of Israeli Zionists. US wars are being fought, for Israel's Oded Yinon Plan (A STRATEGY FOR ISRAEL IN THE 1980s) and for the Zionist PNAC Plan, which is responsible for US-NATO advances to Russia's border in Ukraine, and for geo-political undermining and turmoil from Africa to Venezuela.

    Please see:


  6. lora bruncke says:

    Thank you for being a never ending source of science. As a mother I am appalled at my generation but I know now we have been dumbed down. For some reason a few of us still can use our frontal lobes. I live in an area where Christians still believe it is a sin to be gay and doctors ignore the truth.


    I say we are living in a RESTRICTED B MOVIE and sex is being turned into torture. Mothers need to wake up and realize our priests and politicians and doctors and dentists are all lying or retarded.


  7. bruno bancheri says:

    The inevitable war between East and West

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