The Dimming, Film Preview


Dane Wigington

What has happened to our once brilliant blue skies? How many have noticed the change? Why are skies now so often filled with the lingering, expanding, and sky covering remnants of jet  aircraft dispersions?

Atmospheric particle testing has now conclusively proven that the lingering spreading jet aircraft trails are not just condensation as we have been told. Over 70 years ago global powers committed the planet and populations to a climate engineering experiment from which there is no return. The intentional dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, has and is causing catastrophic damage to the planet's life support systems and human health. What are the consequences of conducting these programs?  Why aren’t scientists or official sources disclosing the ongoing climate engineering operations? Who is responsible for carrying out these programs?

“The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production, will provide answers and proof. Below is a 4+ minute trailer on the upcoming film.

Populations must be awakened to what is unfolding in our skies, the threat posed by global covert climate engineering operations cannot be overstated. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

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The following full list of "The Dimming" speaker names and titles is a reference and a clarification/correction from the film trailer.

Charles Jones, US Air Force Brigadier General (Ret.), Former Tactical Weather Reconnaissance Pilot

Catherine Austin Fitts, Former US Presidential Cabinet Member for George H. W. Bush

Richard H. Roellig, US Air Force Major General (Ret.)

Dane Wigington, Lead Researcher /

Geomicrobiologist (Identity to be disclosed with "The Dimming" film release)

The Dimming

Exposing The Global Climate Engineering Cover-up

Featuring Climate Engineering Confirming Testimonies From:

US Air Force Major General (Ret)

US Air Force Brigadier General (Ret.)

Presidential Cabinet Member (Ret.)

US Forest Service Scientist (Ret.)

Decorated CIA officer (Ret.)

Canadian Minister Of Defense (Ret.)

Premier Of British Columbia, Canada (Ret.)

California Department of Fish And Game Scientist (Ret.)

US Air Force Environmental Testing Specialist (Ret.)

Major Tech University Scientists

Produced by

57 Responses to The Dimming, Film Preview

  1. Graham says:

    These demonds that spray our skies must have children/ grandchldren so why.

    • Dom says:

      I've just been getting told off by two pilots saying I'm full of BS being concerned about the milky trails left behind by aircraft.

      My argument is that what ever is going on I don't think it's worth dimming the sun.

      You'd have thought I'd called his mum a trollop the way they went after me, just circular questions trying to exhaust me… it was a bit tbh.

      I pointed out that I'd had my rain water analysed and they said it was more pure than tap water, despite it having strontium, barium , titanium and aluminium in it. (I'm from the UK).

      Could do with some support as it was quite one sided. But I just stuck to my original statement.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dom, thank you for standing with us in this battle, and for your attempt to confront the pilots. There are countless film captures of undeniable jet spraying operations (one example link attached) that can be utilized as tools to awaken the willfully blind. When individuals (pilots included) deny what can be seen with our own eyes, there is nothing more you can do for them, time to move on to someone that is willing to face reality. Again, my deepest thanks to you and all other activists / individuals that are willing to stand against the insanity. Example link attached

  2. Teena Graves says:

    Thank you for posting this. My neighbor told me about  chemtrails, and I was in shock.  Since the Covid lockdown time, I took so many photos, I still have them.  But I have always had problems to tell a person about it, they think I'm crazy!  This information (the documentary) we need to spread this information much further.   The "Fake News" they do not ever help the people.  God please help us🙏

    Thank you

    • caroll loomis says:

      My question is WHY ? It is suicide to whom ever is part of this madness



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Caroll, the questioin of why is complex, and with many layers. Check the attached link for answers to your question, and other commonly asked questions on the climate engineering issue.

  3. AK says:

    Thank You. You Courage is truly strengthening.

    People like you and the many many beautiful people whose hearts and soul who are bringing truth to light on the evil and demented criminals and creatures gives joy to my heart because You are standing up to Evil with such dedication and love. And it is An honor to be in such company. The Great Spirit of Humanity The Animal World, The Plant World and the Mineral World All are with you. We are with you and the force is getting stronger..Let us embrace Courage and continue doing something against these monsters and their monstrosities.

  4. Christopher E Whitney says:

    Well, now Bill Gates has come out and stated the he and others are going to start testing spraying our skies with reflective materials to manage Solar Ray from the sun and bounce them back to help cool the planet. On Fox and on CBS. Wait until people find out this has been going on the years.

  5. Star Messenger says:

    Dane, I'm writing this email in "Bold" lettering to get everyone's attention.  My letter is going to be short and to the point.

    With everything that's been happening over the past 50 or 60 years to the weather, don't you think the guys that are spraying all that  poison in the air and the guys at HAARP realize that they are destroying the planet that they live on?  Going underground to avoid the worst that is coming is NOT going to be the panacea that they are anticipating.   I'm sure they have all the food and purified water that they could possibly use and enough electrical energy to power their favorite entertainment device that will allow them to watch the world that they are destroying IN REAL TIME.   Calling them psychopaths would be a morbid understatement.   Dr. Mengele would be envious and proud if he could see all the death and destruction that his Aryan cousins were creating.   

  6. Lee says:

    Out in Australia at the moment where about to see another Sydney go up in flames but this time it looks like there targeting qld with more radioactive fallout over the past week geo engineered weather manipulation Frazer island just gone up in flames goldcoast spring rain attracted with haarp steered winds driving aluminium particles into rain clouds looks like Australian government and China buying water steered in the jet stream to thousands of gas wells in Darwin mainstream media not mentioned a thing about geo engineering to dry up the Murray fish an yabbie deaths hope these skitzo David heath and who is funding this catastrophe are arrested for the war crimes these government officials wont eat there gold in the end as the ship is going down nature will have the last laugh the planet will heal and the spray men will perish have a good Christmas 

  7. Morpheus says:

    So, where does the music, for this video – – come from? It has a good `impending doom` vibe to it. I love ambient music. 

  8. Julie says:

    Hi Dane

    I am trying time make a contribution for your cause where do I go to



  9. Jake Hottell says: 

    I appreciate you Dane. WOW! Thanks for all you do! What a big problem and now with COVID! 

    "Break The Chains" is being promoted globally by SpaceTalk out of London. It is shocking, even to me.. Maybe a new awakening is taking place. I just don't see any way out of this COVID Spamdemick.  Do you think they may be spraying us with the Coronavirus on top of it all? How could this virus scare have been engineered so quickly globally?   Have a good day and God's Speed.  

    • Celeste Sinclaire says:

      I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and I have been watching the geoengineering in the skies for the last 20 years. I have noticed it has accelerated in the last few years with lower clouds and more complete haze.  It seems especially heavy here and I don't know if that is because there is an army base located here.  I think it is the worst disaster the planet has faced but when I try to talk to people they don't believe it. 

    • wallychaser says:

      I live in Grand Junction, Colorado. For the most part CV19 cases have been very low, diminishing or holding steady in our county. Last week just prior (24 to 36 hours) to the large October snowstorm, what started as a beautiful blue-bird morning was rapidly disappearing under the onslaught of low level spaying over the area. Within a short time we were under a sheet of aerosols that covered the region. After a few days of the storm leaving the area we start getting repeated local news stories last week of how the county is suddenly seeing a massive surge in CV19 cases. Coincidence? Maybe, but I question everything now days.  

  10. Cat says:

    The climate engineering and SRM in NZ is rampant. I live rural and have seen the effects of geoengineering about once weekly over the past few years. However, since mid June it's been daily. I have many photos to evidence this. There is also a white haze over the sky and hills most days and very little sunshine. The sun literally cannot break through the heavily dispersed clouds due to their dimming assaults. I have many questions to ask about what I am witnessing, especially about the aircraft involved, as I reside in an area that has a lot of air traffic and I've noticed some strange activities lately. I'm assuming this is a nation-wide assault to escalate the fulfillment of their NWO agendas.

  11. Michael says:

    A May snowstorm is in the making for this weekend, and it could bring historic snow totals to parts of the interior Northeast and New England.

    On Friday, a storm system moving into the Northeast will clash with bitter cold Arctic air courtesy of the polar vortex, bringing the potential for heavy, wet snow to the region. Heavy rain is possible along the I-95 corridor.

    "The unusually cold air mass from eastern Canada will be pulled southward down into the eastern U.S. behind the storm, resulting in widespread record low temperatures spanning as far south as Alabama and Mississippi on Saturday," the National Weather Service said in a forecast discussion. UNUSUAL NO OBVIOUS!!!!!

  12. Michael says:

     I took the time to read all these comments and it’s good to see that there are other people that are aware of what’s going on.. my mother who was a schoolteacher for 35 years in New York City taught me to question everything. Well I have a question for some of you do you listen to what Dane  has reminded us many many times ?  Using the term chemtrail only directs people that  take the time to do some research will read how it is a conspiracy theory . The most effective way is to use the scientific terms Goengineering, Climate engineering solar radiation management.  And one more question I have to ask. Am I the only one that sees that everybody besides Dane  and the microbiologist in this documentary are the only brave people. I don’t know the background of the people in this documentary and it’s good that they’re speaking out but it’s sad to say every single one of them is retired. Why didn’t they speak out when they were in their positions ?  I am no way attacking anybody or any of the people in this film I’m just asking the question. Dane  I sent you an email I was just part of my life growing up and how I miss the world we once lived in and My respect and astounding amazement of nature .God bless all of you. Michael 

    • Sara says:

      Good point Michael. I was wondering exactly the same thing- indeed all but few people are retired. I mean it is great they are talking about it now even, but why none have spoken about it earlier if they knew what was happening? Where they part of it for the years to come? Not attacking anyone either  but just wondering., 


      Very sad state of the affairs that all this is talking place. Ruining out beautiful planet and living life on. So sad and  is it really possible that we cannot do anything but just stand and watch what’s been done to us. What happened to us humans? I don’t understand. What planet are we leaving to future generations? Don’t we have a responsibility to do something? 

    • Michael says:

       Sarah I want to thank you for giving me the comfort of one person showing me that I was heard. I’m sad to say that this is only the proof that I’ve always feared nobody cares. The human race is acting like mold on a sandwich eventually it destroys it.  God bless you and your family. In my opinion we have reached this point because nobody is an individual anymore we are being destroyed by group thing.

  13. Trevor Smith says:

    Today a chemtrail plane from USAF Lakenheath, UK, on a warm day was spraying a very-rapidly-dissipating trail over university city Cambridge.   Looked almost like a contrail but was thicker and at a lower altitude.   I also noticed them turn the pumps on once over a populated area.   Otherwise the locked-down Brits have enjoyed skies at their clearest in a decade or two.   Thankfully the chemtrailers can't be too obvious as leisure & business travel is currently off the menu and people have the time to enjoy the good weather and look up!

    • Bob says:

      Hi, yes we had the same here in Rugby on the 23rd of May.   SPRAYING was going on hard for a couple of days .  Its amazing how so many people.  Are stuck to the idea why would they spray us  .    .   

    • Robert Holyoake says:

      Hiya,  we have the planes straying up here in Rugby  Warwickshire . UK  last month in these hot days with had.   I'm glad more & more people can see what is happening.  

    • Martin says:

      Most days here in Cornwall we see the geoengineering trails being left by numerous FA 20 aircraft which are operated by Cobham Aviation based at Hurn Airport near Bournemouth. Check them out on Flightradar24.


  14. Donna Corso says:

    I lived in Oregon for 17 years and constantly shared info about geoengineering as we were bombarded nearly every day with chemtrails. Three years ago I moved to North Carolina. Not as many here but definitely some. Could they possibly be the ones spreading the coronavirus around the world? Is there a correlation?  I love getting outside especially on the Blue Ridge Parkway and Great Smoky National Park but hesitate when I see the trails. Dane, I heard you speak when I lived in Ashland and I applaud your work. So frustrating that people still deny/debunk or call it conspiracy therory. I can't wait til the new film comes out.  I will do my part to spread the word here in NC.  Thank you for all you are doing. 

    • Suzytru says:

      Donna, I live in the mountains of western NC. They started slowly here, at which point I was never sure "are those chemtrails or natural cloud formations?"  They gradually increased to the point where I can positively identify them. I used to see them out early every Sunday morning on my way to work, but now since the lockdown, they are up there almost every day of the week. And people will still look up and say "it's condensation" even though there are virtually no commercial flights anymore. Bye-bye blue sky.

    • K Anders says:

      Hi Donna, I'm going to say "yes". Whether it's the virus or not (which is being sprayed), it seems pretty clear to me that what they are spraying is adhering to our lungs and making them the perfect environment for the virus to attach to.

      "Geoengineering particles are nanoscale: so small they go straight through our lung lining, into our blood stream, and adhere to cell receptors like a plaque"
      -Geoengineering Watch Global Alert News, April 4, 2020, #243 (Dane Wigington)

      A handful of genetic and structural analyses have identified a key feature of the virus — a protein on its surface — that might explain why it infects human cells so readily.
      Other groups are investigating the doorway through which the new coronavirus enters human tissues — a receptor on cell membranes. Both the cell receptor and the virus protein offer potential targets for drugs to block the pathogen, but researchers say it is too early to be sure.

  15. Paul Fowler says:

    Nice , good job , sharing this right away . 


  16. Brooke Webster says:

    I definitely agree with that thought, coronavirus thriving in cold temperatures 🙁

    Passing along the article, thanks for all the hard work and information  

  17. Jc says:

    Dane , coincidence or not unusually colder temps across the nation during epidemic ..covid19 thriving in colder temps ? 

  18. Beatriz says:

    Dane, what a trailer! The Dimming will break ground and shake people at their very root. Passing it along.

    So many thanks for your dedication to this most important of all  issue for the survival of the Earth and all its creatures.

  19. marc says:

    Superb trailer, Dane. Absolutely superb. I so look forward to the full movie and sharing it far and wide. 

      As regards spraying, I've been watching the skies in southern AZ very closely for months, stretching into years. There has occurred an inordinately high volume of spraying over Tucson for about 5 of the last 7 days…quite dramatic…. what I call the "zipper" trails, I'm sure y'all know what I mean. We are close to 'Evergreen" airport up near Casa Grande, AZ. where I am quite convinced many geoengineering flights originate. Why would I say this? I have personally seen, from a distance, many grounded grayish-white jets with no markings on them, no colors, no logos, etc. identical to planes I have seen on the ground at Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave desert. The whole coronavirus thing has obviously not put any kind of noticeable dent in their operations. And in point of fact, I am as concerned as Dane and millions of others that these worthless motherf%%%ers might one day, if they haven't already, spray bioengineered substances that can mimic other diseases but render lethal blows to already compromised immune systems. Plausible deniability, you know….

         Which is the CENTRAL GOAL of Dane's fine upcoming film, as I see it: this film will utterly vaporize any and all attempts at plausible deniability by virtue of the data that has been analyzed from air samples collected at altitude. And of course, all of the associated footage of massive spraying occurring in our atmosphere just lends more weight to the findings of the atmospheric team. And to have high military and high government persons go ON RECORD confirming this whole monstrous agenda is nothing short of spectacular. The whole package is stunningly powerful. 

        That this is all STILL!!! GOING ON WITH A FULL VENGEANCE IN OUR SKIES absolutely cannot help but lead one to wonder just exactly WHAT these bastards are ultimately trying to accomplish. I already know the top 5 or 6 answers to that question and maybe this upcoming film will get into some of that, or maybe it won't. But I am sure this film will light a fire under a lot of asses to find out more on this topic. Thanks, Dane, for your impeccable commitment to the only "cause" there really is anymore.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, it is very good to read your words once again. I've always appreciated what you bring to the plate.

    • Jeff says:

      Question is why is President Trump allowing this to continue? Why is our USAF being used to spray us like crop duster? Why is all this so silent on national television? We all know its true.  We are being used as experiments!!

    • Dawn says:

      People keep wondering why there are so many dead trees in the wooded areas or why seemingly healthy trees fall over. A live hardwood with all green leaves just feel across my road a few weeks ago. There hadn't been any rain in a couple weeks and not wind, it just came down on a power line and blocked us all in on my cul de sac. 
      I live in rural south and I see trails from time to time, the skies are often dull and hazy. Dane also talked about the bugs dying off upsetting the ecosystem. 
      Frustrating when mentioning to others about geo engineering and they blow it off with "conspiracy theory blah, blah, blah" & they wouldn't do that!" Stuff doesn't make sense with out this option.

      Interesting note on the planes Marc. I'm neat a small rural airport and hear a big jet take off every so often and wonder what that is!

      Very disturbing info to consider. If it's happening, better to pay attention to the alerts and do what we can, rather than ignore it with head in the sand! Ignorance is NOT bliss!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dawn, thank you for your observations and input. In regard to the dying of the trees, the attached link will provide more input. FYI

    • Lee says:

      Looks like we are been shown on Wepons of mass distraction our so called news and weather been scripted by military industrial complex and trump now with the the fake virus are we now seeing a ai trump scripted by military grounded flights but mass spraying going on in Australia my friends in Australia when I show a full microwave sky the ionosphere heaters heating these formations they tell me there maceral clouds being fishermen they said they were around in my grand Father’s Day thanks to Dane showing these experiments on humanity been going for 70 years our government in Australia has done nothing to stop what looked like Hiroshima bomb blast on wildlife in nsw so much for national parks and wildlife that didn’t have a voice to protect them from this insane nuclear fallout coming from the sky hope the pilots the news and weather station s that have been high jacked take a step back from the paycheque and read us some real news you’re paycheque won’t buy your food water air 

  20. Sandy Patrus says:

    I can't wait for this to come out, especially now.  People are already starting to have their doubts about things being confined to their homes.  Thank you Dane for all you have done.

  21. Mary Hollowell says:

    starting to hear more about releasing inmates from prisons to reduce the spread of the virus – Our prison industrial complex is overcrowded, yes, but that definitely sounds desperate–law/inmates-say-state-federal-prisons-ill-prepared-for-covid/JPgQovDI7tvdY3Jmh6vwvK

  22. Jesse says:

    I can add to the chorus here Dane,a lot of people are real looking forward to this film.

    I've taken to just playing friends your radio show instead of trying to convince them of anything and it is much more effective at getting thru to them.

    take care and god speed


    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Jesse, funny you should say that, but I do the same thing.  I will turn the volumn up on my phone when my husband is around so that he can't avoid hearing it when I play Dane's weekly report.  He already believes they are spraying the skies, but there is alot he does not believe.  This is one way to force him to listen to it, because just telling him this isn't enough.

  23. Duane Martin says:

    Thanks – for the concerned depiction of the deep malevolence that has descended upon us.

  24. Dennie says:

    While practicing the night before last I noticed I'd started feeling "those" tell-tale twinges in my neck in the lymph glands under my ears and around the jawbone, with itching inside the ears. Then those twinges started moving lower, the feelings of "alien invaders" starting to work on down into my bronchioles– always, in me, the sign of a flu-type invader!!!  I live in a COVID-19 lockdown region….

    Thankfully I'd ordered it earlier in the week so I went to the kitchen and there I immediately cooked up a bag of Dr. Yen Wei Choong's COVID-19 prevention tea (Chinese medicine docs should be able to make you a formula), then went off to check the latest depressing and frightening COVID-19 news (kind of a mistake at the time– don't do too much of that, and especially don't wear yourself out with this) and finally, rather fitfully, went to sleep (and I am sure that's been tough for all of us lately). 

    Although I slept fairly well overnight, all things considered and compared to the previous three days, I was tired this morning, then felt increasing waves of fatigue, and then, like waves of "really tired," and right around that time I noticed that I felt the beginnings of a fever, about 11 a.m. yesterday.  So I started socking it to it, volley after volley with everything I could muster.  I'd been drinking Mushroom 8 powder (from amazon, sorry folks..), 8 medicinal mushrooms, as a delicious and nutritious broth to chase away the brain fog, at dinner and again at bedtime for the past week or so, plus Solaray's powdered echinacea root and golden seal root formula, 250 mg each, in gel caps, and then I broke out the Isatis Gold formula by Health Concerns, which really cuts the lung heat, and kept on drinking Dr. Choong's COVID-19 preventative tea (tastes like ginger ale mixed in Coca-cola, with a cayenne KICK at the end– yeeowwza!!), adding in Lily Bulb formula from Health Concerns.  Must've really helped because my temp's gone down from 100+ at around 3 p.m. Thursday.  I believe I kicked whatever-it-was pretty damned nastily right back in it's ugly little ass, hopefully far enough away that it won't come back any time soon!  Now I'm just hoping it will not cycle around and try to punch me down again, because I've heard this chimera of a virus does that– I think I read you may feel sick initially, then feel better for a little while, then BAM–! Dear Lord, I hope not!!  There is also a flu going around here that comes with a fever, headache and fatigue as well– my acupuncturist reported that someone he knows said one of his friends got the okay to go get swabbed at the COVID-19 testing center, but he didn't actually have COVID-19.  But I'm gonna treat this crap as if it were!!!

    Chinese and Western herbal meds can be a great B-I-G HELP in times like these– if you catch your symptoms early enough and dose massively as soon as possible you can really get the jump and kick ass right back, or at least, thankfully, I could… this time…  Let's just hope I'm going to be fine and that this is not just some kind of an "intermission," and certainly not "curtains," in this new era of biowarfare.

    Stay well!

    ~ Dennie

    • Earth Angel says:

      Praying for your swift and complete recovery Dennie. Don't forget that oil of oregano is good for respiritory ailments and an immune booster as  well. Though it sounds like you have the situation well in hand between your acupuncturist and chinese medicine provider! Good luck and be well friend(s) around the globe. Can't wait to view 'The Dimming' and share this valuable new information from such credible and knowledgeable sources put together by Dane and his team. Last weeks Global Alert report brought me to tears at the end of it. Dane, the work you are doing is surely commissioned by our Heavenly Creator. Truly inspirational is your courage and integrity!

    • Sandy Patrus says:

      Dennie, I pray you do not have this virus, but if you do, may I add that I heard mega doses of Vitamin C help to get rid of it.  My daughter is a vegetarian and she has been mega dosing Vitamin C all fall and winter and has not been sick once.  I also recommend Olive Leaf Extract to strengthen your immune system.  It is working for me.  Keep well my friend and please let us know how you are doing.

    • Freesialuv says:

      Add Zinc to your drink of choice too and Vitamin D

  25. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: This is wonderful, very professional, high impact, hard hitting data, beautiful editing. Well done! Congratulations to all who have worked so hard!

  26. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, Congratulations for this mile stone. I couldn't imagine the efforts and ordeals you have gone through this far. I can hardly wait to get my hands on a copy of the finished presentation.

    Thank you for being a light of truth in a deceptive world.

  27. Dennie says:

    Glad to see a U.S.A.F. Brigadier General speaking out about these ugly streaks in the sky.  And the massive world-wide spraying continues, in spite of scores of unimaginably huge wildfires every summer, with spraying going on right over the top of the flames, and in spite of the global Corona virus pandemic (and just may be a causative agent in it's dispersal). 

    We now have 9 California counties joining the lockdown zone with it's "shelter-in-place" order as of today, with more on the way, I believe.  Reading at sites like, there are scores of people simply disobeying the stay at home orders.  Kids are having big "sleepovers" and congregating in large groups to shoot hoops, play soccer and hang out surfing.  You'd think it was One Big Happy Vacation here, from the looks of some people's behavior.  Meanwhile, here are infection rates: 

    March 15: Los Angeles: 69; Santa Clara: 114

    March 16: Los Angeles 94; Santa Clara: 138

    March 17: Los Angeles: 144; Santa Clara:  155

    March 18: Los Angeles: 190; Santa Clara: 175

    The rate of infection is exponential and doubles every 4 days. 

    The first recorded case of COVID-19, according to the Coronavirus Tracker at S.F. Chronicle, was in Orange County on January 25, 2020).  My cousin's granddaughter visited Disneyland-Anaheim in January 2020.  A week later she developed malaise, fatigue, headache, and a fever of 103 fahrenheit, then could not breathe.  A C.A.T. scan showed her lower lungs had fluid in them.  She was treated with antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, but there was no culture taken and no swabbing.  Why?

  28. John says:

    Thank you, Dane. We lived in Northern California for years, I noticed the milky skies back in the 80s, winters without rain, winters with flooding, white spiderweb whisps floating down and hanging in the trees and vaporizing away after about 30 minutes, chem trails constantly, solar panels producing only half of potential on the chemtrail days of which we had very few clear days, trees and plants dying, leaves being burned right after a rain, the list goes on and on. We couldn't live there anymore, too hard to breath and grow things.I also notice it is hard to even get this posting submitted. We look forward to your film.

  29. Gary Morrow says:

    Wow, The Dimming looks like it is going to be absolute dynamite. Thank you so much, Dane for your incredible dedication, clarity and compassion.

  30. Mary Pishney says:

    Grateful that this documentary is soon coming to educate the public that is destroying the totality of our planet!    Can we buy a copy to share with others?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Mary, thank you for standing with us in the critical effort to expose and halt climate engineering. In regard to your question, yes, we will make DVDs available. We will also post the full length film online as soon as it is completed so that it can be shared for free.

  31. iamli3 says:

    whoop whoop

  32. Joseph says:

    Thank you Dane for all the hard work you do. Really look forward for the full release.  Maybe you can add this cornavirus into the film .

    I hope everybody stays well.


  33. Robin Christensen says:

    Dane, Im blown away!!  I would like to make a huge banner.  If you are able, please send a download that will alow heavy highway traffic next to my house to capture in a glimpse-  Title (The Dimming), Photo, website, & fact of testing.

    Or instructions for other bloggers like me, who wish to make a banner.

    Blessings to you, the contributors, & all willing, to spread the spot fires of awareness. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Robin, thank you for your willingness to help sound the alarm. In regard to existing banner art work, if you can forward a request to, we can return our banner files so that you can print them locally if you wish. We will include the contact for our supplier in the event you wish to order directly from them at our cost. Again, my most sincere gratitude to you, and to all other activists and individuals who are marching with us in this most critical battle.

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