The Engineered Cooling Of The US In A Record Warm World


Dane Wigington

Record cold temperatures and a few late season snows are occurring in very isolated locations of the US, but what is the cause of this and what is the reality in the rest of the world? The climate engineers and their media servants are doing everything in their power to keep the division and confusion going with the US population in regard to the true state of the climate. Unfortunately far too many people are willing to ignore the facts and continue to base their opinions on what they would like to believe instead of what actually is. Does the map below look in any way "natural" or "balanced"? While mainstream media continues to focus only on the completely engineered cool-down of the lower 48 states, massive regions in the Arctic continue into meltdown due to far above normal temperatures.

gfs map

Temperatures in the Arctic are predicted to reach record shattering ranges of near 90 degrees in areas of northern Alaska in the coming days (May 24, 2015). Where are the headlines from mainstream media about this? Even many from the "alternative" media are towing the line for the power structure by reporting a radically inaccurate perspective on the real overall climate picture. 

Alaska- has tried to consistently report credible and verifiable data on the completely engineered cool-down of the eastern US. Below are links to a few of the most important and relevant articles highlighting these engineered cool-downs.

Ionosphere heater installations like HAARP are utilized to manipulate jet stream patterns like the one shown below. Such configurations are used to contribute to the engineering the cool-downs of the eastern US at the expense of heating Alaska and the far north.
jet stream
The jet stream configuration in the map above is historically unprecedented though it has become common in recent years thanks to the constant ionosphere heater manipulation of the upper air currents. Cool air is pushed down from the Arctic and combined with moisture pumped in from the west. Where the two come together the climate engineers utilize chemical ice nucleation to complete the components of the engineered cool-down being created. The chemical nucleation process does not always produce frozen precipitation on the ground, but it does cool off the air masses below the clouds. Cool air is dense and settles down to ground level where it drops the temperatures. 
The map above represents the "departure from normal high temperatures" for a combined two year period from April 2013 to April 2015. The most anomalously below normal temperatures in the entire world for this two year period (with the single exception of the heavily geoengineerd Antarctica region) is the eastern half of the North American continent, this is the result of climate engineering (for further reference data refer back to the articles listed and linked earlier in this post).
What about the Arctic Ice cap? Even many of the "alternative" news sources have recently stated that the Arctic ice is at record highs, is that true? Sadly, many of the "alternative" news sources have consistently reported completely false news exactly as the mainstream media has done. In regard to Arctic ice, there was a record early start to the melt season and the ARCTIC ICE EXTENT IS AT ALL TIME RECORD LOW LEVELS right now. Has anyone seen any media reporting on this fact? The first four months of 2015 was the warmest start to any year on record following 2014 which was the warmest year ever recorded and also the 38th year in a row of above normal global temperatures. So far 2015 is "smashing" the trajectory of rising temperatures just set in 2014. But what about Antarctica, some headlines say all the ice is expanding there, is that true? No. In fact there is so much LAND ice melting off the continent that the loss of mass is actually having an affect on Earth's gravity field. Some sea ice is expanding in Antarctica but that expansion is due to changing wind patterns and massive amounts of fresh water flowing from the melt off of land ice (fresh water freezes at far higher temperatures than the sea water). The fact that we see virtually no headlines from the corporate media about these critical facts should be a glaring red flag. Though Obama and parts of the power structure are focusing on the unraveling climate to a degree in order to push their own agendas, they are not about to disclose how bad the situation really is. If the true gravity of what we face were made known, it would further expose the climate engineering insanity which the power structure is using to help temporarily mask the severity of the climate disintegration. Climate intervention is carried out at the cost of making the overall climate scenario we face far worse, not better. The geoengineers can and are creating large scale temporary (and highly toxic) cool-downs which intensifies the planetary warming in the long run.
Headlines are not facts, if you don't see reputable and verifiable sources of data to back up claims made by headlines, you should not take the headlines seriously and continue investigating. Again, climate engineering is fueling the overall warming of the planet, not mitigating it. 
global temp rise
Credibility is essential in the fight to expose and halt the geoengineering insanity. Those that are serious about winning this battle will make the effort to stand on solid verifiable facts. Conclusions that are built on outdated and irrelevant information, ideology, or denial, do not help us gain traction in this effort. New information must constantly be assessed and evaluated. A growing number of important allies from the science, environmental, and legal communities are now communicating with about the climate engineering issue because of our constant effort to publish scientifically verifiable data which is directly related to and affected by the ongoing geoengineering programs. These kinds of bridges must be built so that we can unite with other communities if we are to have any chance whatsoever of stopping the climate engineering insanity.  

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  1. Vickey says:

    Been visiting Dominica and St Lucia in the Caribbean and in 3 weeks have not seen any spraying.  Unfortunately the islands and their natives are experiencing the effects of climate engineering, with water shortages that causes much concern for both the natives and the wildlife.  Breaks my heart to see BPA water bottles everywhere.

  2. Laurie says:

    Here in the Boston area, we lived through the geoengineered cool-down in late February, a/k/a "Frankstorm."  The winter had been completely mild before then.  And there was the meteorologist on t.v. pointing to the ocean on the East Coast and saying, "Now THIS looks a little unusual…"  And it looked just like a hurricane eye!  Right there in February.  Not only that — she reported on the rising millibars of pressure!  And we were like "WHAT???"  The storm isn't coming in from the West or the North like it normally does!   It's coming up the East Coast from the South?  And the mlilibars of pressure are increasing as it moves north into COLDER water?  But all the meteorologist said was o.k., THIS looks a little unusual…   It was so freaky tell-tale.  But past that, nothing was even said, like it was all just "normal."

  3. Alexander High says:

    Hi all
    I'm from the UK and having a hard time trying to convince people what the governments are doing to our skies. The abusive remarks I get are astounding, I don't understand how people don't notice what is happening above their heads?I've sent emails to the David Cameron, got stonewalled on that, sent emails to the government meteorological website stonewalled on that too plus sent an email to my local MP here in Derby city and stonewalled there also. No response whatsoever from those people we elect to run the country, I can tell you my blood is boiling and I'm as mad as hell.
    People are waking up but slowly, I feel we need to be more organized here in the UK to get that message out and across to the majority of people who are oblivious to this assault upon them.
    My deepest thanks to Dane Wigington for the work he's doing in exposing this madness. I hope I can be of help in getting more people to see the reality of what is happening to our skies and us. I would be very grateful for any advice from anyone out there who has the same feelings I do in trying to get this lunacy halted before it's too late.
    Kind Regards

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This is a great report overall and valuable.  Thank you Dane.

    I have to say that 87 degrees in Fairbanks today is historically correct.  That area is a heat sink.  The temperatures go up to the low nineties this time of year, about 70 degrees at night.  Tonight they show a temp. of 55, which is low.  There was heavy spraying right over nearby Denali Park May 11th, when I was through that area.  May 15 the tourists come on masse, so they're trying to preserve the snow on the mountains.  So the low night temperatures in Fairbanks are what is outside of normal, probably from the nearby spraying in Denali.

    What was more worrisome were the warm winter temperatures in Fairbanks, and the dearth of snow.  It did snow, but not nearly any normal amount.

    It's the high temperatures and melting at Prudhoe Bay near Barrow that have washed out the Dalton Highway from Deadhorse for the second time in a month.  It's the only supply road to the oil fields.  It's being assumed that this is just a few days of unusual warmth, after which cooler temperatures will return.  Good luck with that!    Here's a "full of it" report on Alaska's warming temperatures.  The "Blob"?  you've got to be kidding.

    What's really worrisome is Mackenzie Delta temperatures being up +6C degrees in the last year and up +20C historically. 

    The clathrate gun is firing, and the PTB Fools are dreaming of oil and commerce in the Arctic. 

    I agree with Dane these operations are to cover up how drastically Earth's life supports have been screwed up.  We're dealing with the insanity of the screw ups who keep doing more of the same and expect a different result. 

    Everyone please be careful this weekend.  People tend to behave worse than usual on the drinking holidays.

  5. Ray says:

    Hello Dane,

    Great work as always.  I try to 'carry the word' as best I can, and to continue to try and understand the reason behind all this 'cloak and dagger' secrecy – and I still can't find it – so far it makes no sense.  To make people aware of geoengineering is the first step, once everyone knows you would think legislation will follow as a matter of course – but if this conspiracy is so deep, then continual denial by our 'elected leaders' will be the reply —- what then?  Must I locate the very airfields these aircraft fly to and from, or the HAARP facilities being used?  Even so, what then?  Ok, how about following the money spent on these aircraft and facilities?  Darker than black projects have no money trail.

    I'm remembering the song "Alice's Restaurant, by Arlo Guthrie" when he said "can you imagine 3 people…..", and of course this was all a very peaceful movement.  My question Dane, is this: after everyone knows the truth, and it is too late – where shall we live then?  Maybe in those special underground bunkers Uncle Sam has built?

    I am 61 years old.  I don't like lies.  I am an Avionics Engineer for over 30 years, and certified on over 140 aircraft – I worked hard to be where I am today, but you see, I have 2 grandchildren……I would sacrifice everything I have to give my children, and their children – a good home on planet Earth.  Everything.  The clock is ticking.

    Very Sincerely,



  6. Rachel Robson says:

    Mary Hollowell-Thank you!  Gee, for the first time in my longish life, I have huge circles under my eyes and was wondering why.  This is not normal for me.  Sure is dramatic and ugly!

    Marco-what part of Central California?  In Lodi the other day it was 86.  As Pat in SF says, it is cold here, refrigerator cold!  she references some warm days in January and February, but we didn't get any-maybe a couple of warmish days.  So cold.  So cold.  Cloud shrouded/fog turning sunny in a white sky-weather guy always saying a chance of rain or drizzle, but no.  Just this unbelievable cold.  As I've mentioned, I've wondered if this cold is from the Navy artificially inducing cold in the waters off coast, perhaps to stop El Nino?  I saw a picture someone took of the waves up north near Mendocino coast and couldn't help but notice all the iridescent colors in them. A caller from Canada today mentioned a pilot saying that a "contrail" with color has to be artificial-chemicals.  There has to be ice, enough ice/cold humidity which combined with chemicals gives a lens effect from the ice formation-which bingo-gives the color effect and made me think again of Dane's lens effect supposition given UV and in those geometric patterns caught in photos-perfect shapes and rainbows from artificially nucleated chemicals-and all those photos were around water scenarios-mega rains and tornadoes, waterfalls, etc.  All nucleated, kinda like the snowflakes all the same-similar inference.

    In Lodi, where much is grown, they spray everything.  I mean the people on the ground, not to mention mega spraying from the sky.  The list of toxins at youngest grandson's school was a "mile" long.  So, making a dent there will not be easy, but my daughter has gotten them to stop using round-up where they intend to garden and the teacher who stopped it felt proud of her efforts.  I think that is one platform from which to build.   People do like to feel proud, not to mention in terms of children and their health  A longish time ago, I think it was SF first, then Berkeley, who banned pesticides in parks on account of how kids play in parks, people picnic, put their babies on the ground.  All agreed. Most would if given the choice.  It is a short jump from there to the sky, in reasoning.

    Dane wanted feedback regarding Universities and such.  Berkeley sold its soul in the housing boom that went bust.  Rebounding now, sky high-prices that is, not soul.  UC Berkeley-back 30? years and more, I had a friend who worked at Lawrence Lab, his work was statistics, being compiled for the government-for 20 some years, of populations!  Of course Lawrence Lab interacts with Livermore and Stanford.  Downtown Berkeley has changed dramatically, deep in shadow from tall buildings, most built and funded by BP!!!!!  This is where local voting counts.  They keep wanting to take more-more and more land away, more big pricey buildings and taller and chemical/pharmaceutical places near the Bay.  Sneaky propositions worded to sound good to the average person, twisting meaning in polling, is shocking when you read the full proposal.  I urge people to at least vote locally, you might be surprised how well that works for local issues.  Or not, if no one votes.  And a lot of this real estate is near the Bay-as if oblivious to sea level rising.  People come from all over the world who have no idea what is normal for here.

      And-OH WOW-right that minute I got a call from Berkeley Horticultural, THE place to acquire plants-no pesticides, organic all, big business, many wealthy people come, friendly, skilled, knowledgeable staff. Told  me they now have the "Kaffir" lime I'd asked about.  So, I asked things like if it will work and how cold it is and are they surprised, yes and yes.  Then, to friendly person, I asked about their PH where they have year round stuff in ground growing.  He didn't know but will look into. ( My daughter's meter in Lodi showed high acidity, which did make me wonder about those pronged garden meters- do they work correctly Dane?.) Then, I said, don't mean to take advantage of you but since you work outdoors and with plants, are you aware of the spraying?  Of poison products he asked.  Uh yes and no, from the sky.  How, he asks.  By planes-and he let me explain and he was interested and wanted a web site-gave him this, wants flyers!  Yay!  He was genuinely interested.  Thanks Dane.  Had just finished listening to todays's radio show, so couldn't help but speak up.  I tried not to say too much and promised to bring the flyers by-and thank you Dane for that, as well.  I mean we are long time customers, we "know" them, and the reach they have is huge.  And, the guy kept on being interested.  And no one else here seems to be.  Seems like everyone wants to come off as officially academic and holier than thou.  Everyone terrified of their reputations, going with "official" statements, figuring if Sierra Club doesn't recognize, if NDRC doesn't recognize…. I do really need to put together a geoengineering 101 paper-Andrew?

    I had been about to say that in this city which used to be known for protests, no one seems interested.  Saw an anti war protest with like 7 people.  Big Money has bought this town and locked it down.  Selling off historical buildings despite protests.  Housing prices have skyrocketed in SF and here.  I'm wondering if "they" have their invisible shield now, like a plasma of sorts?  Seeing less of obvious trails.  But have had so much fog.  Berkeley Hort guy did not know we are getting less sunlight despite all.  They too are have trouble with some trees leafing out.  Many plants around town look gorgeous, many look in trouble.  The cold makes it a confusion.  Intended?


  7. mike says:

    9/11/2001 and 3/11/2011 (fukushima), this coincidence in date means the tsunami was almost certainly orchestrated and caused by HAARP, and the scum who are the World Central Banking Oligarchy like to play games and set things off on the 11th, and all of it is orchestrated toward Genocide.

    Look at their number one directive on the Georgia Guidestones: 

    "1. Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

    Clearly, their Genocide campaign is underway.


    What to do about it?

    Simply abolish the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank, and their printed money supply which is constantly being repaid back to them. This is how they are getting all the money to commit this Genocide.

    If so many people just can't seem to comprehend this, and just keep letting the Federal Reserve Bank (or some World currency the scum own and control) continue then yes, we as a species deserve to die.

    The Rothchilds think they aren't the same species as us, because they're Jews and above us, so they're allowed to Genocide us. WRONG. DEAD WRONG.


    If 1/3 of us just up and quit our jobs and find a way to survive, the whole government will shutdown and have to submit to OUR DEMANDS.

    If we abolish the Federal Reserve Bank, and make Congress print SOVEREIGN money for the good of Americans, this Genocide will stop immediately, because the scum's funding will be cut off.

    The Federal Reserve Bank = Climate Engineering.

  8. As several people have noticed, the chem-planes are being "cloaked" somehow. I can clearly hear a large low flying plane, but there isn't a trace of it from horizon to horizon. It's a wonderful trick, but it sucks none-the-less…

    HAARP is being used liberally, and shifting the weather environment is just one of it's many uses. The civilian public is being irradiated with low frequency pulses that directly affect behavior and health…

    Thanks again Dane for your enormous efforts at getting this murderous agenda exposed. I don't know how you can pull all this together day after day, and make the picture so strikingly clear. You're a major natural force. Best to ya…

    • Marc says:

      Paul, Holy Toledo! I thought maybe I was hallucinating but I have noticed the same thing! Also have seen fresh trails laid out and hanging in sky BUT NO EVIDENCE OF A JET ANY…..WHERE!!! Can this be possible? Have these bastards really got cloaking? Well…..the answer is…..YES. See Type in search: dragonfly drones. Eyewitness testimony confirms in several articles there that such technology exists. Wouldn't THAT be a game changer, if all chem-jets started cloaking?


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, we see this scenario often. Jets are spraying in upper altitudes where the particulates don’t immediatly show up. Once they settle down to a layer where they do show up, the jet is further out on the horizon.

  9. Diana Moss says:

    SW Virginia:  Same also, rain predicted with heavy thunderstorms and hail, but out of six predictions only one actually occurred.  The temperatures are on a ferris wheel, up to  90 and then down to 60 the next day and then back up to 90.  A fellow in the hardware store mentioned he has sold as many small heaters as he has fans.  Still seeing the funny whispy clouds all in a line and then later in the day lines connecting them all together.  Totally bizarre .


    • joy says:

      And who is profiting most? Could it be the utility companies? Big Oil? Who in our country is not running some sort of appliance each day to heat – to cool –  to dehumidify –   Too bizarre, indeed. Doctors are profiting by all the illnesses as after affects of the strange weather. More people who are living off the grid are having to tie in because the SRM is making solar panels inefficient – propane tanks are going in where they were not needed before. Profit is winning, and we are losing this game of "What's Next?".

  10. Penn Hudson says:

    As I sit in my office today, 7:30 A.M. outside Philly, they have been spraying since 6 A.M. The high today? 69. The low? 49 Projected high in Juneau AL? 73. Low? 53. It's been that way for the last 6 months.

  11. JW in Victoria says:

    Yes in Victoria BC Canada we have had many engineered cool downs lately. The spraying is pretty much constant whether it’s right above our heads or out to the west above the pacific ocean. We have such a beautiful environment on Vancouver island and it makes me sick to see the damage on the great cedars and other trees that live here! I put my heart and soul into my this fight. Peace to all, and believe your beautiful vision.

  12. Marc says:

    If my meager understanding of meteorology is correct, a cold front, such as that which has blasted down across the U.S., implies  high pressure and subsidence of the air column. Or in otherwords, a downward flow of air to the surface. Is it just me or does anyone else see the snafu in this scenario? Hello? Subsidence brings the greatest concentrations of aerosol nanoparticulates right down to the ground. Hello? So……………it's a psychopath's dream come true: 2 agendas for the price of one: with HAARP and heavy geoengineering, we can send the cold blast south to psy-op the dumb-ass public regarding global warming, and #2: we can smack 'em hard with  countless trillions of breathable nanoparticles carried ground-ward by the high pressure subsidence. Said smacking, of course, being a convenient and deadly by-product of moving the air mass south in the first place. Can it be possible, I mean really, truly possible that this latter scenario is a completely and utterly intentional one, as executed by the masterminds behind this geoengineering outrage? The intentional augmentation of the atmosphere to facilitate the greatest possible exposure (by the public) to deadly aerosolized nanoparticulates? Anyone out there agree with this speculation?

  13. John Mustart South Africa. says:

    The people who are "playing God" will suffer the ultimate judgement. In the meantime thanks for keeping everyone informed and bless you for your courage. There are not enough people like you on this earth.

  14. gunther leeb says:

    Hi, i am gunther leeb in Australia,and like to remind every one, that for thousand of years, the earth was changing weather,sea levels, mountain levels,and the Sahara desert was green 15.000 years a,and Europe under ice cape, perhaps pole have also changed.tropic animals were found in Arctic circle and it a normal event,that the earth as a living being is changing from time to time ,, not the oil  fuel is the sole cause but Goverment are interested to capitalize on new taxes income and so politic is  part of public reports  BUT THE THERMAL EFFECT OF CLOUD SPRAYING IS AN ADDED CAUSE OF EARTH WARMING.

  15. SD says:

    Much cooler than normal here in SoCal as well.  Not to mention the weekly rain and snow events for the past three weeks.  "They" have our local weather on a 7 day cycle.  Great job Dane, and thank you.

  16. Melody Meachum says:

    Several well written paragraphs highlighting world-wide crime of geoengineering and nice mention of Dane's scientific activist work in Veterans Today article by Joachim Hagopian titled "Globalists' NWO plan out to killl us by soft and hard methods".

          "This presentation will examine the numerous soft kill methods that over time are most likely to play an increasing part in delivering lethal consequences to humans. They include the toxic effects from the heavy metals the globalists have been raining down on us through geoengineering aerosol spraying for decades now that include aluminum, barium, strontium, mercury among others in a slow death cocktail. Have you actually gone outside lately during daytime hours and looked up at the skies? The solid bright blue sky days we once took for granted are now nearly unheard of over much of the planet. These crisscrossed layers of fake manmade silvery clouds have been increasing and clogging up our atmosphere pretty much everywhere on earth. And we’re long past that worn-out argument that they are actually airplane contrail exhausts. They clearly are not.

    The globalists are operating around both the clock and the globe to poison us under the benignly false pretense that they are simply moderating our weather patterns to allegedly decrease unhealthy effects of the buildup of greenhouse gases that the scientific dogma of political correctness would have us believe caused exclusively by the earth’s rising CO2 levels, never mind the far more lethal methane gas levels leaking as Arctic glacier ice melts. But the globalist agenda is far more sinister than this propaganda spin of selective deception. Measurements of these toxic metals in various geographic locations have been collected and publicly disclosed.

    Heavy toxic metals intentionally spewing out above us from both military and civilian contractor planes are interfering with the plant kingdom’s natural photosynthesis process and killing off vast amounts of forests and trees all over the earth as well as ensuring the slow death kill of humans and wildlife. It’s also causing extreme weather events. According to the leading scientific activist Dane Wigington, the recent record heat in the West and record cold in the East can be attributed to this pink elephant called geoengineering."


    • Thanks, Melody.  Besides the heartbreaking environmental devastation, externally, people are now developing obvious dark circles under their eyes.  It's the least of our concerns, I suppose, but it's highly visible across large populations.  

      – glad to be awake – trying to help – best to all

  17. bumpercrop says:

    Last Thursday the weather channel predicted 90% chance of rain for my area for the weekend. The very next day the prediction was 10% chance of rain for the weekend.Has anyone else noticed these anomalies?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bumpercrop, yes, the scenario you describe is absolutely the rule for many regions.

    • Milla says:

      Happens all the time on east coast.

    • Adam K says:

      Yes, here in Tucson, AZ, WeatherUnderground will list something like 60% chance of rain and it is always hit or miss. Sometimes it will be 0% chance for 2 weeks straight, then all of a sudden big rain storms occur on what otherwise was a hot, normal day. I also noticed that before it does rain here, there will be many anomalies in the sky. Anomalies such as frequency patterns through the whole sky, massive chemtrailing, heavy winds Etc.

      I suppose it is pretty hard to predict "natural" weather patterns when they are constantly being manipulated day by day. We are truly in for a bumpy ride and what we have seen so far is nothing compared to what is to come…

    • zav says:

      Here in sydney australia we had 80% chance for rain today and not a drop. There was a peroid few months ago were that was the forecast daily and not a drop for a week. Several weeks ago we had mass flooding in nsw some roads were a few metres under water

  18. russ elder says:

    Here in upstate NY tonight we will be in the 20s —its almost June —my God when are we going to wake up——-no matter what thanks Dane–for trying BZ–Navy for job Well Done—you tried and for that my eternal thanks

    • DAVID DARBY says:

      SAN DIEGO LOW 60s all week with continued rain, weird though it seems the aerosols have stopped for the week, but last Saturday and Sunday was started back up after the storm went through. The ionization devices where turned on too. I feel it. The disturbing issue is the heat in the Arctic this week and ALASKA WHOA! ALMOST 90F? Crazzzyyy hot. Not good at all for the thinning ice sheets. Now the US MILITARY is going to play war games this summer as well. LIVE ORDINANCE TOO. Sad world has no respect for anything other than its own self and agenda. 

  19. Beverley Evans says:

    Hello Dane –  Thank you for all the hard work you do.

    I am wondering if anyone has noticed that "their" spraying tactics have changed?  Here in Eastern Ontario we had intense spraying around the first of May per usual but in the last few weeks something different is occuring – the streaks (no aircraft is visible) begin at the horizon and slowly you see culumus clouds form which move higher up into the sky and meld together, then the wind starts and by afternoon the sky is totally grey.  The temperature can be very warm but in late afternoon a drastic change in temperature occurs and lasts for a day or so.  I do not know what "they" are up to but one possibility is that too many people have noticed the ongoing spraying.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Beverley, yes, many are noting exactly what you have observed.

    • Irene Parousis says:

      I have also noticed they haven't been spraying in last couple of days, but I feel like they are doing something with HAARP as there are ripples and waves in the clouds.  There's probably enough chemicals in the atmosphere by now that sometimes just altering the frequencies changes the weather, I'm guessing.

    • mark from toronto says:

      Hi Beverley! I have noticed the same thing, I have some scary pictures from the month of May, with some of the particulate "fake" clouds I have seen overhead, including a horseshoe trail which I have NEVER seen. Please dm me on twitter @proemark i'd love to get in touch.

    • joy says:

      Same in south central Colorado.

  20. marco says:

    Here in the Calif central valley, locals have commented this is the coldest May they can remember in quite some time, and indeed it has been cool.  Today it is cloudy with a cool breeze.

      Meanwhile back at the ranch, or in this case, Antarctica, there is a ice shelf collapse underway:                           

    • Denise says:

      Marco, it has been cool for us in Arizona as well.  We had heavy spray on May 20th.  Lot's of wind then it cleared up.  Today is windy, cool (for Arizona), and so far clear.  A lot of what is sprayed in California drifts our way.

    • Ralph Ely says:

      Hi Marco, You have a "golden opportunity" to talk to your local growers in the valley about GeoEngineering and how it is affecting their crops and the growing cycle.  They are being affected up here in the Northern part of the Sacramento Valley by drought and the "off the chart" UV rays coming through due to the shredded Ozone Layer.  It is frying bark on trees and burning young and tender growth.

      I have found it successful to refer them to this site to do their own research if they are in doubt about what is going on.  Go Get'm!

    • Pat in SF says:

      Marco this is the coldest May I can remember the Fog/clouds have been non stop they don't burn off in the afternoon a typical pattern and it feels like a freezer door had just opened. How can January and February be summer time hot and May freezing it makes no sense! 

    • joy says:

      A few people are finally noticing that they haven't seen the sun.  Freezing and frying at the same time – will people notice this? When will people open their eyes?

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