The Flaming Arrow Project, Sounding The Alarm On Climate Engineering


By Robert Barrett

The Flaming Arrow project downloadable flyer is a tool you can use to motivate concerned citizens in your community to consider contributing to this interactive database of photos of aerial spraying programs world-wide. Simply click & download the JPEG document, print it out at home or at your local printer, and request that local merchants place it in a window or on a wall somewhere in their establishment. You can also hand it out to everyone you run into, and use it to motivate people connected with local environmental & health non-profit groups to consider ordering the DVD "Look UP!" for screening at their upcoming meeting. You can also send it to faculty at your local schools with a note to please consider doing the same in their classrooms. Also (for photography instructors) to consider assigning the Flaming Arrow Project (participation) as a class project, and for biology instructors to consider assigning a project to collect soil & water samples and to test for the types of heavy metals found in previous samples & patents for aerosol spraying (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium to name a few) and to share their data with

Click the image for a larger version

(Click the Download button for a high-resolution JPEG image for printing)

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