The Geoengineering Frame: A War for Our Minds


Article by David Schneider, contributing writer for

Some may remember the Rio Earth Summit. History points to it as a turning point, when international co-operation “got serious” around a shared problem: dumping carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) into the atmosphere. It happened back in 1992, right as the lures of “climate intervention” were gripping the power structure, who were beginning to conspire yet another quick, cheap, and easy way to escape limits set by nature, while continuing to sweep the long-term damages under the rug. Of course regional weather has been messed with for many decades prior, with lots of damage to ecosystems, but climate intervention takes manipulations to the global scale; it’s a “move-the-sulfur” approach, taking it from smokestacks and putting it into the stratosphere. Grounded on a deep belief in human exceptional-ism and mastery over the rules that govern the universe, the power structure has once again turned to faith in scientific-ism as religion, and their scientist priesthood push the “geoengineering” agenda as the next phase in building an “Earthy paradise” free from all constraint. “Albedo enhancement” technologies that shield Earth from incoming sunlight are the preferred option to dealing with global warming, because it requires little behavioral change to business as usual, it can reduce risks to current generations almost immediately, and it sings harmonically with the tune of “endless growth.” Without solar engineering, the only option would be to allow Earth to restore herself, by us relinquishing our command, and face the harsh realities of suffering consequences from a warmed planet for millennia. The scientific approach is pitched as a more “humane way” to deal with the climate pickle we’re all stuck in together. Weather warfare began back in WWII, yet decades of command and control have only made things worse, not better. More of the same thinking, continued tinkering, will only remove more parts of nature that can never be brought back. Nature can only be poked at so long before she erupts in anger against her attacker.


Interestingly, at the same time the power structure assembled in Rio for the Earth Summit twenty-three years ago, they were also busy banging out the General Agreements on Tariffs and Trade (GATT), which became the World Trade Organization (WTO). These two contradicting worlds (climate change negotiating and free trade) collided to fashion “sustainable development.” But since then, human emissions have only skyrocketed! In fact, 26% of all human produced emissions ever dumped into the atmosphere since industrialization, occurred over the past three decades! The public may be under the impression that U.S. leaders don’t “believe” in climate science or global warming. But that’s false. It’s all about the frame! In an engineering culture, all problems have solutions. If humans created global warming, then humans will re-engineer things to eliminate the problem. Admitting to global warming under a “geoengineering frame” does not make sense, because another techno-fix will be devised. If we engineered a problem, then we can engineer a solution; so global warming is just a matter of continued intervention in Earth’s climate system. If humans are responsible, then humans will resolve it – scientific-ism preaches. But often with complex systems, there’s the butterfly effect, the unanticipated surprises of chaos, when the cure can be much worse than the disease. It becomes a game of always prescribing new aliments for the side effects caused from the previous interventions – always having to up the ante to maintain satisfaction, creating further destruction of life processes. It’s become a super wicked problem where nemesis is meeting hubris. But, survival resources that create the foundation of life cannot simply be fixed, nor substituted and replaced by more technology. Disrupting the rain, the sunlight, the ability of Earth to respond to our assault and cool herself, is only making the situation much more dangerous.


Check any mainstream source today about solar geoengineering and spraying sulfur intentionally to cool Earth, and somewhere it’s guaranteed to compare the process to what large volcanic eruptions naturally do. It’s been dubbed the “Mt. Pinatubo Option,” after the large eruption that cooled the planet in 1991. But really, it’s coal power plants around the world that are the “world’s volcano,” constantly erupting nonstop, turning down the sunlight across the planet, shooting up a continuous supply of sulfur aerosols into our shared global atmosphere. Dirty pollution from Asia and across the world increases Earth’s “albedo” (not to be mixed up with libido, albedo is simply science-speak for the measurement of how reflective something is, where Earth’s albedo is measured in W/m-2). Burning fossil fuels has “accidentally” increased atmospheric albedo – the reflectivity of Earth’s atmosphere – which dims incoming sunlight and masks the average temperature of Earth in relation to our CO2 forcing. In other words, sulfur pollution from combustion is a form of “unintentional” solar radiation management. This, we’re all contributing to, each time we plug something into the wall, order a cheap product made in Asia, eat a hamburger, take a hot shower, or drive a car.

Today, we know why the power structure is hiding. In the late 80s, industrial rich countries began shifting their industry to the “developing world,” places that were happy to have a chance to join in the “good life” of economic success. Billions of people have been lifted from “poverty” as result, but it was not accomplished sustainably. If anything, massive industrialization in Asia has only made the risk of both economic and ecological collapse even greater, and the fall harder than it otherwise would be if leaders had just let the game end right then. But no. Instead, one of the first official acts George H. W. Bush did when he took presidential office was sign into law the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments (1990 CAAA), which placed heavy regulation over sulfur pollution on America’s industries. Not an expected response from a Republican President following the Regan era of deregulation and laissez-faire. What was his motivation? Bush needed to address a mounting smog and acid rain crisis, and the amendments eased public concerns by adding Article IV-A to the Clean Air Act, requiring coal power plants in the U.S. to use coal with “low sulfur” content and install smokestack scrubbers on major polluting sources like power plants, that would clean the sulfur from the emissions and prevent their release into the atmosphere. Strangely, David Keith, the most recognizable scientist in the geoengineering debate, helped design the technology to scrub sulfur from smokestacks, and sell the techno-fix to industry! Not surprisingly then, today he is also part of Carbon Engineering, a company that is presently developing a system to capture carbon dioxide from the ambient air.

Since the sulfur pollution was “accidentally” increasing the albedo of the atmosphere, the 1990 CAAA would unmask global dimming. As the world shifts from dirty to clean economies, our sulfur pollution will be cleaned out of the air, and the albedo of the atmosphere will decrease, becoming less reflective, and allowing more sunlight in. A replacement must be found to maintain this shielding from the sun, say the power structure, otherwise the true folly of our human existence and unsustainable relationship with the natural world will be exposed! The big cover-up will be impossible to hide. Like with hiding a pregnancy, eventually the baby will be born. The gig would be up, and the bubble would pop! For the power structure, “albedo enhancement” becomes a critical part of the climate plan, because losing the current reflectiveness of the atmosphere exposes Earth’s ecosystems to further dangerous temperature spikes. The 1990 CAAA just shifted the pollution burden from the West to Asia, to buy time to allow scientists to design a more permanent solution to the “problem.”


But now leaders are grasping straws, because the choking pollution in Asia is demanding response from their public, and the planet is in meltdown. Factories in Asia, the thousands of coal power plants built over the past decade, do not have Keith’s scrubbers to remove the sulfur from the pollution. The coal used in Asia has high sulfur content and is illegal to burn as a fuel source in the U.S. These were conscious policy choices made by the power structure in the early 90’s to keep the dream alive. Rather than a massive scaling down of our ecological overdraw from nature, the issue of “solar radiation management” (SRM) became the preferred pathway for bypassing natural limits to economic growth, and was disguised as a global “conspiracy” to drive fear and confusion and keep people lulled to sleep and disinterested. Policymakers intentionally shifted this “accidental” modification resulting from industrialization of the West, to another region of the planet. Where do we draw the line of distinction between “intentional” and “unintentional” SRM? And what do we make of the ongoing disruption to the biogeochemical cycles of Earth? What of the bioaccumulation of heavy metals washing from the atmosphere, which end up in our water, our body, our soil and food?

Shouldn’t we be precautionary and not make choices today that are irreversible for those after us? Isn’t it scandalous to intentionally hide a problem, while continuing to produce throw away goods and expand fossil fuel use? The power structure shifted the sourcing of sulfur pollution necessary for maintaining the enhancement of Earth’s atmospheric albedo to Asia, and kept the world from seeing that everything’s actually a mess. Instead of exposing the issue and decarbonizing, they prescribed a new techno-fix to deal with the unintended side effects created by accidentally increasing the albedo of the atmosphere from industrialization, and consulted nobody. SRM effects Earth’s hydrologic cycle, its water system, and shreds stratospheric ozone that allows UVB light to penetrate to Earth’s surface. And now the power structure aims to prescribe the next fix in its long-line of tinkering, a stratospheric shield of titanium dust particles in the shape of diamonds, 0.1 microns – small little buggers! The spraying we all see over our towns is low to the ground, and has regional effects on weather systems. They can cover an entire continental land mass with cloud decks with these methods. That’s the “old” technology, the first generation, which allowed scientists to gather their data for computer modeling. But the new technology, the next generations, deemed the “solar shield,” will envelop the entire globe, where diamond dust will be dumped way up-high in the stratosphere, where one cannot even see an airplane flying from the ground without binoculars.


As industry sprang up at a warlike pace in Asia, thanks to the global power structure’s plan, air pollution in the West has become less contentious of a public issue. The industrialized Western world has come to adore “low prices” and bargain buys made possible by companies exploiting faraway places. People consciously choose not to connect the suffocating air pollution in China with ramping-up production of the new Apple Watch. They choose not to associate their lifestyles with contributing to the SRM albedo dilemma. To consumers, ignoring the problem is preferred. That’s why many people might just think that SRM is fine, or even a good idea when they learn about it for the first time, and be OK with it, and not allow themselves to see the obvious right up overhead that’s kept them fooled all along. People are not thinking very clearly these days; they allow their own observations to deceive them. It’s a hard pill to swallow, accepting this reality, because it means we are just chasing shadows of dreams that don’t exist. This fall, in Paris, a renewed (yet familiar) call for a “universal climate deal” is being peddled by the power structure as “the last chance for humanity,” a small window of time to take needed action in keeping global warming from rocketing into total catastrophe (as though we are not already there). The plan assumes geoengineering, and the debate is going public!! Get ready activists, because when it does, there will be a war on for our minds! The American public is OK with many surprising things, so it may be hopelessly optimistic to believe that the American public will be outraged when its government finally admits that they were spraying to “protect” everybody. The framing is strong, and people are happy with their simple pleasures and mindless pursuits. We all need to remain focused, now more than ever! Keep pushing the ball forward to disrupt the geoengineering “frame,” and block minds from getting misled!


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  1. Hugh says:

    I was recommended this blog by way of my cousin. I’m
    no longer sure whether or not this post is written by means of him as no one else recognise
    such distinctive approximately my problem. You’re incredible!

  2. Maria says:

    Living in Colombia, we are heavily sprayed almost every day, even in a small town. I traveled to Ecuador hoping to find the clear skies I'd read about onllne. While some spots may be clear, here in Cotacachi, there was heavy spraying today. 

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul Vonhamish, I did look up your references.  And gee, those red chemtrails were, uh, very red.  The main thing I noticed next was it was over Antarctica!  I did not see a date.  Want to know.

    And now I am confused again as Wiki kept referring to turbo prop, not high by pass turbo fan-is turbo prop the same?  My previous understanding was that all jet aircraft commercial and military but for fighter jets are high by pass turbo fans, but this says turbo props not for  long distances, such as overseas.  Help?  I quite agree with you and have thought the same about flights and the massive increase in them. I do believe this must be restricted somehow.  I am old enough to remember when going to the airport was a big deal for which people dressed up, back when there was no business class, no by-coastal people.  And I clearly remember when suddenly the prices came way down, such that flying to Hawaii, for instance, was suddenly affordable.

    By the way, I read your entry about your health-lack of-owing to work in elecromagnetic stuff.  You said you were dying from it.  My most sincere sympathy/empathy.  What a great loss that would be indeed.  And, you'd miss Earth's big finale!  I'd really prefer you to get better somehow.  Anything can be done?  R

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, a “turboprop” is another subject completely, see the “high bypass turbofan” tutorial on the home page of GW

  4. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, New Mexico for a few days we had beautiful clouds with some rain, not much though. It was awesome, a sight for sore eyes. It was short lived with the demons back in full swing with their aerosol spraying (SAG) killing the clouds where they live. There is no accident whatever they produce with SAG, there is nothing good in this outcome. The power structure, all involved whomever involved is a deceitful monger only interested in money and a power grab over the populous caring not for being good stewards of this world. They only see dollar signs and nothing but greed out of their inner beings. Ironic how it is that this country leans to God by words but not by deeds the minute something goes awry. We ask for His blessings but are far from Him bringing a curse upon us. I know we are not all believers here so whom ever this may touch bless you. For the non-believer I don't curse you but we do bring things upon ourselves sometimes. It is written. We should not intervene with the 4 seasons we were given, this was not by chance it happened and the way Earth was created. Who is man?   

  5. Marc says:

    So this article asserts that dirty,high sulphur coal was essentially consigned to the third world to keep the American/Western public sedated with regard to "acid rain" etc. (although I would wager high sulphur coal continued to be burnt here in the U.S.) And a gigantic "bonus" for the first world was the resulting maintenance of high sulphur-induced albedo around the planet (SRM) which was great because it allegedly bought time for the industrial transgressions of the co2/ first world monster to continue to operate. This assessment assumes  a very, very high order of oversight by some mysterious entity (cabal?) of individuals. The reality, it seems to me, is much more chaotic and largely profit-driven. Also, my understanding is that the net result of injection of aerosols (incl. sulphur) into the atmosphere has been and still is a  HEAT TRAPPING EFFECT. If the "ALBEDO ENHANCEMENT" were, in fact, effective, that is to say, by increasing global dimming global average temperatures could be moderated, then why in hell (with all the geoengineering aerosols being injected into the atmosphere) is the planet continuing to heat up??

    Therefore I'm not at all sure I buy this argument about how the game has been played. I think the "power structure" is hopelessly addicted to profit at any and all cost, to hell with the people, to hell with the land. And now, at this late stage of planetary annihilation, when these assholes have finally discovered that their greed has got them staring their own deaths in the face, we learn of "Agenda 21" and "geoengineering" with deadly toxins and MASSIVE UNDERGROUND CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS (d.u.m.b.s etc). Folks, I'm more than a little scared, I have to admit.

  6. Diana Moss says:

    My cousin lives in Pacific Grove, outside of Monterey, and as it is usually foggy there she seldom sees the chemtrails.  However, she does complain about the drought as their water is rationed and their water bills are expected to double soon.  As the area is surrounded by exclusive golf clubs it would be a shame to lose such  lucrative attractions.  However,golf courses are notorious for the aount ow water they utilize to keep the greens green. Simple solution…play golf on dry grass with green balls.

  7. Michel B says:

    I looked at the 'Carbon Engineering' via the link. Interesting proposal. I presume it doesn't use as much carbon based energy as to offset its effectiveness as a CO2 scrubber.

    But how many would be needed to have an effect on what we have and still are pouring into the atmosphere? Grasslands and forests are still perhaps the best way to try to capture CO2, off course while significantly reducing our CO2 output.

    Considering the amount of energy going into SRM/SAG, it is clear that this is their real intention, that is, what is happening right now and has been for decades. This overall article is correct in its warning at the end where it raises the critical point about the power structure getting the populace to accept the spraying as an attempt to help us.

    This is a step that The Powers That Be are very cautious about. Which way will it go? How critical will the people be? Will they be skeptical and wary enough to ask the right questions? Or will they trust their 'authorities'?

  8. Ana says:

    Excelent article!

    Are they trying to "upgrade" the old Madness to a new level of a total Madness?

    I don´t know why these "clowns" (scientists ,oficial Media,world leaders etc) are with all this "circus" or  "talk -shows" about geoengeneering "proposals"(?) if all they want(or need) is  to legitimatize it /to  make it oficial  urgently …cause probably soon humanity will not be able to see the sun anymore and then the "conspiracy theory nut" argument will  no longer  fit in their speeches about  more "touchable" or visible ongoing geoengeneering programs in our skies…


  9. This is a superbly written article by David Schneider, and he does point out the dilemma of getting the citizen public to smell the burnt coffee… An introduction to the burnt coffee: >

    Excerpted from: Environmental impact of aviation – Wikipedia

    ["As George Monbiot said in a 2006 column:

    "Aviation has been growing faster than any other source of greenhouse gases. Between 1990 and 2004, the number of people using airports in the UK rose by 120%, and the energy the planes consumed increased by 79%. Their carbon dioxide emissions almost doubled in that period – from 20.1 to 39.5 megatonnes, or 5.5% of all the emissions this country produces. Unless something is done to stop this growth, flying will soon overwhelm all the cuts we manage to make elsewhere. But the measures the government proposes are useless."[44]

    Thought on how to grapple with this unsustainable growth, and even to reduce air travel from its present level in order to avoid dangerous climate change, seems to be most prominent in the UK. Although the specifics differ globally, this work in the UK is likely to be widely applicable."]

    Complete text:

    Another silly-putty page to distract public attention away from the actual issues.

    CSiTE: Carbon Sequestration in Terrestrial Ecosystems Homepage


    Or this title: Radiological Impact of Airborne Effluents of Coal-Fired and Nuclear Power Plants.pdf


    Oak Ridge National Laboratory

    Published August 1977


    Complete text:



    Citizens NEED to realize there is no mystery regarding how mankind has willfully screwed up the planet… Which burnt flavor would you enjoy? 

    • Geeeze!!! No one has mentioned the pretty "contrail" pictures presented in the Wikipedia page I linked above. Either people are too lazy to read these links, or too distracted to notice why I post them…

      I keep hearing this echo of "Wake Up" on pages like GeoEngineering Watch. After you wake up and smell the burnt coffee, start noticing how the media has screwed you right into the ground by inserting nonsense captions under pictures of "chemtrails" and then naming them "contrails". All these players need to be called out for the frauds and liars they really are. Fox News needs a major soul cleansing, using a wire brush and naptha…

  10. marco says:

      Yesterday, 3/19, We went to Seaside and Sand City, next to Monterey, Ca.  There was spraying going on the whole time we were there with one aircraft going back and forth from the coast to the Monterey bay, spraying high in the sky, well above the small planes flying by.  The trail would soon break up into a haze, but out in the bay clear. 

      In the early afternoon the wind picked up and the haze was blown inland, leaving only the spraying just done recently.

      All this was happening completely visible to anyone who would just look.

      Makes me wonder what does it take for people to open their eyes and comprehend what they are seeing.  Do they just accept the spraying or close their minds, so as not to have to deal with it?



      Apathy is a many splendored thing

      – Paul Vonharnish –

    • MARK Walczak says:

      I meet around 20 people daily to inform them about geo engineering ,and some are saying no way these are cone trails I politely walk way giving them wed site to check it Will never stop or give up to inform Canadians as they walk with heads down .

  11. Ken says:

    A guy I work with told me he helped to load the planes with the particulates when he was in the military in the 60's. They knew it was for weather modification, so anyone that refuses to believe this is real needs to pay attention.

  12. Christina says:

    “Hopelessly optimistic”- we saw this coming and it’s what makes this battle so difficult. Perhaps now would be a good time to announce the Global March Against Chemtrails and Geoengineering on April 25th and call attention to it wherever possible.

  13. Kathy says:

    This excellent article pulls together the issues of pollution and Solar Radiation Management and explains why SRM is not the answer to our addiction to industry and technology.

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