“The Guardian” Addresses Geoengineering And The California Drought


The avalanche of awakening to the climate engineering insanity is beginning, all of us are needed to continue fueling the fire. By working together we have elevated the geoengineering issue to the point that it is becoming too big to hide. More and more mainstream sources are now compelled to address the issue in the attempt to do damage control. Such attempts will only have the effect of triggering an even more rapidly growing awareness and that is exactly what is happening. The new article below from The Guardian is yet another leap forward in the battle to fully expose climate engineering to the masses. At this critical crossroad it is imperative for all of us involved in this fight to help sound the alarm by sticking to the hard science data and terms. Credibility must be maintained in order for us to continue gaining the traction we desperately need in this all important battle.
Dane Wigington


Drought Blamers: California Conspiracists See Government's Hand In Arid Climate

Source: The Guardian, article by Andrew Gumbel

A lack of rain is way too simple an explanation for these conspiracy theorists – it’s why it hasn’t rained much in four years that matters: the US government is geoengineering the California climate.


Those clouds are only there because the US government allowed them to be. Photograph: Ted Soqui/Ted Soqui Photography/Corbis

To most Californians, the state’s four-year drought is not all that mysterious: it just hasn’t rained in a very long time.

Then there are those for whom that’s way too simple an explanation.

Last week, a crowd of several hundred turned out in Redding, in northern California, to hear grave warnings from a solar power contractor named Dane Wigington that the weather has been taken over by government geoengineers spraying our skies with toxic chemicals in a doomed attempt to slow down global warming.

In April, an essay published under the name “State of the Nation” argued that the drought was not only artificially created, it was in fact a stepping-stone in the US military-industrial complex’s master plan to take over the planet and achieve “total control of all of Earth’s resources”.

The country’s leading conspirator, radio host Alex Jones, has jumped on the bandwagon, as has Natural News, a website known for its campaigns against public vaccination programs.

Quite why the US government would want to fry California to a crisp is a matter of some confusion and debate. But the longer the drought goes on – it is already the longest of the modern era – the more currency the fringe theories appear to be gaining.

“There is NO NATURAL WEATHER at this point,” Wigington’s website asserts. “The climate engineers decide when it will rain or snow, where, how much, and how toxic the rain or snow will be, where there will be drought or heat.”

The conspiracists are in no doubt: the government is spraying chemicals and artificially holding back weather patterns off the California coast to keep the rain away. They are doing this with planes – Wigington likes to show audience footage of thick contrails spewing into the sky, evidence he calls “undeniable” – but they may also have operated in the past from a military installation in Alaska, now closed, called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP.

HAARP has been a focus of conspiracy theorists for years and was previously blamed for Hurricanes Katrina and Sandy – even though its mandate, while it was operating, was to find clearer communications routes through the ionosphere and had nothing to do with climate.

Mainstream scientists and environmental activists listen to these theories and despair. “You want to pull your eyes out because these people are so fucking stupid,” David Allgood, political director of the California League of Conservation Voters, told the Guardian.

“The only agenda here is the agenda of the oil and coal companies. Exxon knew back in the 1970s that their products were destroying the planet and instead of doing something about it, they decided to go bribe the government. If people want to see conspiracies, it’s not the government causing them, it’s the fossil fuel industry.”

Wigington and his cohorts are not operating from pure fantasy. There is certainly a theory that by spraying certain chemicals into the air the effects of global warming might be slowed or reversed. There have certainly been experiments in “cloud-seeding” to provoke rainfall in different parts of the world going back to the 1950s – including unsuccessful attempts in California in the past couple years to help combat the drought.

But there is no evidence of weather manipulation techniques being used to combat global warming. Earlier this year, the Stanford climate scientist Ken Caldeira suggested that a small fleet of aircraft could do what large volcanoes do – “create a layer of small particles high in the atmosphere that scatters incoming sunlight back to space” – and thus cool the earth down.

The conspiracy theorists leapt on that line as vindication that they were right all along, without quoting what Caldeira said next: “It is possible, of course, that sustaining [this] kind of aerosol layer … would just make things worse. We just don’t know. We need to do the research.”

The conspiracies may die down if, as expected, an El Niño weather pattern brings heavy rainstorms to California this winter. Advocates like Wigington might also want to remember the example of Iran’s former president Mahmood Ahmadinejad, who in 2011 accused the west of conspiring to suck the water out of clouds above Iran as an act of aggression. As soon as Ahmadinejad finished speaking, the heavens opened.

Source: The Guardian, article by Andrew Gumbel

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  1. The public has to be better informed about the us governments agenda! 

    Also that they have a law to stop any weatherman from even talking about the fact they are chem spraying'' I can take samples on the days they spray ,also the days they don't BUT what is the point when you have nobody to send them to?

  2. tkdgirl says:

    I can't say THANK YOU enough to Dane for doing these reports. The level headed and direct way he gives the information gives me the hope that others will listen, and every time I listen to him I feel like spreading the word even more in my own community. I am no public speaker, but to friends and family and even strangers who will listen, I will tell them this truth. If you are reading this Dane, thank you for taking on this burden, it IS making a difference.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello “tkdgirl”, I feel the same gratitude toward you and all activists that are doing their best to advance this most critical battle. It is our combined efforts that can make the difference.

  3. Jane says:

    If you know where the huge mounds of coal ash(fly ash) are then go and see the trains load it up. They transfer this stuff to the airports and Millitary installations where they mix it together with the toxic material to hold it up in the lower atmosphere. That is why they closed these coal burning places down. It wasn't because of the emissions from burning the coal. That was realarively harmless compared with the toxic soup mix they are spraying you with to lower the mass.

  4. tom says:

    I live in a small town outside yosemite national park, and been observing the chem trails for a while. We must put a stop to these bastards. Anything I can do to help.

  5. Tired of It says:

    This Guardian article is like a huge punch in the stomach.
    "But there is no evidence of weather manipulation techniques being used to combat global warming. Earlier this year, the Stanford climate scientist Ken Caldeira suggested that a small fleet of aircraft could do what large volcanoes do – “create a layer of small particles high in the atmosphere that scatters incoming sunlight back to space” – and thus cool the earth down".
    I'm just sitting here with tears burning down my face. So damn frustrating and awful. We all know the game they have to play in order to cover this topic. They have to save their ass first – the cowards. Some elbow room with the terms "conspiracy" etc. it's to be expected. But Caldeira being called a scientist and not a psychopath is just too much to take. They not only know better than that, they went out and picked the same sociopath that Jesse Ventura interviewed rather than talking to someone who not only can explain geoengineering but can also provide an accurate account of every way that it is being studied and every way that it is already in use.
    The information is not just available all over this site, but it's so ridiculously easy to find on YouTube that a ten year old can educate the public better than this Guardian article does! They clearly didn't want to!! That burns – you know we are human beings! They are gassing all of us, including our children – and their children! 
    And they just sit there, these bastards, like it's a big f**king joke.
    I'm tired. I'm so damn tired of crying myself to sleep.

    • chris says:

      The guardian article proves one thing and one thing only,,,,us and our knowledge of geoengineering is  starting to be percieved as a threat to the elite, therefore to try and  stop more ppl from waking up they must write articles like this to counteract the massive awakening. now is the time to amp up our efforts 1000 fold. 

  6. Tamara says:

    I went to Guardian source and read the comments. It seems that more people are commenting that they are questioning what is happening in our skies. Lots of statements about noticing the spraying and realizing something is wrong. There are even people arguing with the deniers. Even though the Guardian's spin was negative. More and more people have been looking up and asking what are they spraying?

    Good press or bad press the truth is prevailing. Strong work Dane! They can try to put this down but you present so well I believe more and more people will start to follow this site and start asking our government some serious questions.

  7. Al C says:

    I am in se Washington .for several years i have noticed persistent and sometimes multiple occurrence of contrails in our skies. I was slightly curious about what kind of military exercise  was going on.fairly recently I noticed that the contrails were definitely persistent and at high altitude. 

    I was aware of the Alaska Haarp transmitter and some of the conspiracy theory about it. I stumbled on your web site last spring was interested but didn't believe it all. I  read pretty much all of your stuff. Then one evening in August I LOOKED UP!,

    There was a high altitude jet flying above some some cumulus clouds.As it passed above the beginning of the cloud it started to generate a thick white contrail like trial as it moved across the length of the cloud as far as I could see until the plane disappeared in the cloud. I was able to see the plane emerge on the other end of the cloud at which time it shut down the trail. I then begin to notice that their were other parallel already diffused trails along the same path as the one that I had just observed being laid down. I then noticed another plane approaching the other direction towards the first cloud. It started spraying a line along the length of the cloud and stopped spraying at the other end of the cloud. I was watching all this from my back yard which has a limited sky view because of obstacles. I then started noticing that the sprayed trails behaved differently from normal clouds.  They cascaded downward into and through the natural clouds. And appeared whiter and thinner.

    That was the beginning of my awakening to what was going on. I have been reading every thing I can about this topic.  I am still incredulous that this stuff is so widespread and invisible in plain sight UNTIL ONE DAY THE SHEEPLE LOOK UP!!.  

    here in eastern Washington our extended heat and drought this summer are definitely attributable to the atmospheric spraying. I will relate more of my observations for correlation with you later. This situation needs to come out.  Al

  8. Dennie Mehocich says:

    The Sunday, September 27, 2015 edition of the San Francisco Chronicle had a big three-page spread about low-water use agriculture, home water catchment and recycling systems used in Australia, during their "Big Dry," and how it continues to be used, because from now on, the climate's going to be much drier in Australia, we are told… now, how would the guy KNOW that?

    Believe me, besides the mood and mind control applications, the spraying is ALL ABOUT WATER USAGE and WATER RIGHTS, and everything else that is touched by them, including food production and population, The Main Problem, according to these Misanthropic Malthusian Masters of MEAN.  The fothermuckers probably wanna use every last drop of water to continue fracturing rocks to get at the very last drops of oil, and make wasteful "alternative" energy by boiling massive amounts of water to make "clean" hydrogen fuel cells– very wasteful derivative "alternative" energy– how good is that?

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Dennie, from what I gathered reading around the web: Barium affects the nervous system, causing cardiac irregularities, tremors, anxiety and even paralysis. It's also an immunosuppressant. Consult a nutritionist for the best way to counteract its effects. Aluminum is no better. It causes loss of coordination, loss of memory, poor balance and myoclonic jerks. A deficiency in calcium and magnesium can amplify the effects of aluminum.

  9. Sean says:

    Hello Everyone,

    I came across this website where you can basically start a petition for "change". I've created one to ban Geo-Engineering in the US. Here is the link. Please take a minute to sign this and pass it along. It certainly can't hurt the cause. Thank you.



  10. Our so called elected representatives are no more than prostitutes to the power elite; their humanity being the price paid to the ferryman.

    Slight change of tack now. ….There is now a massive high pressure dome over the the UK (1040hpa). Should be clear skies, but all we have is a chemical haze. How much more do we have to endure?

    Only through the dissemination of irrefutable and undeniable evidence can we win this. 

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Right, and Carol Kirkwood's weather update shows absolutely clear skies and she then says "Fair Weather Clouds (FWC)" will bubble up!!  FWC should be cumulous clouds, and all I saw today was Atmospheric Spray Clouds…….anyone able to correct her, and suggest she uses the correct terminology?

    • Rob says:

      Hi Steve. As I've mentioned already to someone else here, Wednesday in the South of the UK was insane; so many trails, it was a joke without humour. But people are noticing.

      I think a good idea would be to set up IP cameras pointing directly up. Have them upload automatically, then turn each day's trails into approximately one minute of footage. Get one of these set up in every major city, and upload them to a central database with a website where people can select city and date, and see the trailing. I think this would be simple and an incredible asset to the movement.

  11. Kathleen Robbins says:

    Every time I read another geoengineeringwatch report, I feel more and more committed to telling anyone who will listen about the poisons sprayed overhead everyday. They agree that asthma and respiratory illnesses, except TB, were unknown illnesses when they were growing up, but today, allergies,et al. are way too common and seem too familiar to everyone. When I say that it is the chemicals used on contrails, and watch the skies for the patterns, they do agree that it seems odd the contrails do not dissipate but become wispy clouds. Sunsets were never this colorful,especially the reds, oranges and deep yellows. Well, these are the poisonous chemicals being refracted by the sunlight! So what is our recourse? We need to prepare petitions that can be signed by each and every one of you as well as your concerned friends and families. We need to create a powerful lobby group who stand firm and united in making a loud voice in congress. We need to get the Pope on our side, and all concerned nations, to join in our protests to the industrial/military complex. They are so powerful and so money- rich from being almost a separate,unregulated branch of government that we have no idea how well they can fuel their treachery. Open government is a joke because politicians line their pockets with money from their rich contributors, and lie and stay tight-lipped until caught. Well we are just a voice. We have no clout. We need to stop being just a squeaky wheel, and instead mobilize a powerful counterforce that shows solidarity, and the belief that enough is enough! Dane, won't you please start a petition we can sign and form a lobby group who starts to crack down on the offenders? We can do this, the sooner the better!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kathleen, yes, there is much to do and many tasks in this battle that still need to be carried out. I am doing everything possible given the hours in a day and can use all the help I can get. Others are needed to take initiative carry some of these tasks out, I hope all will actively join in this fight.

  12. Clare Goldsberry says:

    I was amazed at the photo of oil field drilling rigs that accompanied an article on Frackers Who Drove Oil Boom Struggle to Survive, pg. B1, of the Wall Street Journal, Thursday, Sept. 14. In the skies above, unbeknownst to the photo journalist who took the picture, were chemical trails!! I just had to laugh at that one — saved that page for future reference. BTW, Sundays are the days to spray over Phoenix, AZ — took photos yesterday morning of 12 east/west trails — amazing!! Posted it on Facebook.

  13. Bonnie Morgan says:

    There is scientific proof that this is happening .. I did a heavy metals test and they are in my body .. and yes I am detoxing constantly .. what will it take ? does the whole world have to fall apart before any action is taken ?.. It is probably too late now .. our weather is spinning out of control .. they know not what they do ..

  14. penny says:

    Is this what is to be inflicted on Californians this winter?  A chance for the minions of Raytheon and Lockheed-Martin to report that "there is no longer any drought" while keeping the stranglehold of No Usable Water around the necks of everyone in the state?  And, not incidentally, wreaking even more havoc in the process?


  15. C.J. says:

    Too bad they have to write these hit pieces- it's what's caused people to not trust most media anymore. Luckily, people are intelligent enough to see it for what it is.

    California is not the only place affected by this disgusting aerosol campaign- here in Las Vegas, Nevada, we are constantly being sprayed. Friday, September 25th, they started spraying huge rows, one after another- this went on all night. Then, they really picked it up Saturday, September 26th, in the morning and just plastered the whole sky with that nasty air crap. When they spray here, because we are in a valley, it traps in the smog and heat, and we have had the longest stretch of unnatural humidity I've ever experienced here (in over 10 years). Las Vegas was always known for it's "dry heat"……..but this spraying has kept us at around 20 to 25% humidity for the past month and a half. This spray always works into a huge mess that appears to head east toward Utah. 

    I've sent letters to the Senator just to be ignored, news channels ignore, newspaper ignores, airport ignores, Governors office ignores……Department of Air Quality claims they don't regulate anything "that high"…….but I know these people know what's going on. We are being terrorized, sprayed like bugs by people that are apparently accountable to no one. I am sick of it- thank you Dane for what you are doing- we all see it, just don't know what to do to stop it.

    Thank you all for looking up!

  16. SD says:

    Follow-up to the Pope/ rainbows story:

    Just watching ABC news about Pope's visit to both NYC and Philly.  MANY observers noted and photographed "miraculous" rainbow effects in the sky over BOTH cities.

    The despicable cretins (Geoengineers) intentionally discharged chemical aerosols with the correct refractive index to create artificial rainbows at the appropriate time.  The height of arrogance and hubris!

    Meanwhile back here in SoCal seeing nonstop spraying past two days in attempt to control hi temps.


  17. Marc says:

    In my previous post I made a comment suggesting that Mr. Allgood (now isn't THAT a new age name!) has no clue how deep the rabbit hole goes on this stuff. I submit that NONE OF US know how deep the rabbit hole goes, especially in view of the recent (Sept.) "disappearing lake" incident in Lassen County, Ca. An entire lake, reservoir actually, whose existence is controlled by a small hydroelectric dam operated by PG & E, literally disappeared overnight. This was not a farm pond, not a twenty acre swimmin' hole. Though fairly shallow, this lake was huge!!! Easily millions and millions of gallons of water. One day it was there. The next, it was gone. PG & E insists they did not drain it, which it seems an overnight impossibility anyway. No evidence of sinkholes or other means of water escape. Can anyone add any insights to this? This kind of inexplicable event must take one into uncharted territory, as far as explanations go. Given the increasing scarcity of water in Ca. does someone or something have the technology now to "steal lakes?"

    • penny says:

      I searched for news about this incident, Mark, and the only link I found was to an article on RT.  Apparently it, like the poison raining down from the skies, is not important enough to be noted by the CA or USA press.  Rabbit hole?  Maybe we need to think more in terms of thieves' den, or lions' cave, or DUMB asses' future burial sites.

      The mind boggles, in ever so many ways…

    • marc says:

      That's a great commentary, Penny! And i will remember for future use  your fantastic play of words: DUMB (as in deep underground military bases) -asses!!!  D.U.M.B. asses. Yep.

    • penny says:


      VERY sorry that I misspelled your name – one of my pet peeves when I see other people have done it.  Now here I am, living in a glass house after having cast stones.  That'll teach me, at least till I forget again…

      Glad you liked the joke.  Laughter is the only relief nowadays.


  18. David S West says:

    The spaying is very heavy in Oregon also. Today was a good day until

    4:00 pm and here come the drones or piloted planes spraying.
    You can thank  Bill Gates /Cabal Illuminati they want us

    dead. It is not going to happen, the cabal is going to get arrested

    and change or they are gone. Keep talking about this horrible situation.

    They just put a HAARP farm in Wheeler Oregon. When you here Doppler Radar it is also used for weather manipulation I believe,

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Heavy spraying in San Rafael, CA later in the day yesterday and again today.  You can hardly breathe without tasting the air crap.  We HAVE to get this craziness stopped.

  19. Ralph Ely says:

    In an article published Sept 26 by The Guardian, writer Andrew Gumbel 'hacks' together words, phrases, people and facts that are misleading, inaccurate and just plain wrong.
    Gumbel's feeble attempt to discredit Dane Wigington of http://www.GeoEngineeringWatch.org and others who use Science to backup the facts of Weather Modification, Solar Radiation Management and HAARP, falls flat when researched using those terms.
    I will not spend my time answering each and every assertion made by The Guardian and Gumbel.  It is not necessary as their distortions and attacks are self-evident to any critical thinker and to anyone that does their own research.
    I will take the time however to point out one glairing fact that is just a plain lie and should have been researched by Gumbel or "fact checked by an editor" before publication.   That is the reference to HAARP.  The Guardian quotes Wigington: "…Wigington likes to show audience footage of thick contrails spewing into the sky, evidence he calls “undeniable” – but they may also have operated in the past from a military installation in Alaska, now closed, called the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP."
    Here are the Facts about HAARP:
    HAARP was funded and operating in the years of 2013 through 2015 by the U.S. Navy and co-administrated by the U.S. Air Force.  (This was the time the government and their paid disinformation operatives said HAARP was closed.)  A search of the Navy Budget will verify the funding and operation during that time.  A research link is provided below.
    Also during this year HAARP was turned over to the University of Alaska to manage and maintain with the assistance of various government agencies and their contractors. (Business as usual)
    Yes it does take time to research.  But how else do you find the truth?  In the case of The Guardian or any web-site that is to maintain creditability it is imperative.

  20. Where'sthebeef says:

    There is no chance of rain in the short to medium range forecasts and guess what?  NO SPRAYING!
    The moment a decent shot of rain enters the seven cast they start spraying like crazy and then the rainfall mysteriously vanishes.  
    The operation of the game is No Rain 4 U!
    What do they have to gain by killing off the west coast?  Don't they realize the shit will blow back their way too?

    • Elena says:

      I noticed the same thing last week or so, a coworker had just seen that we had a 50 percent chance of rain, and later when I went outside I saw heavily sprayed skies. It struck me because a lot of times they don't bother spraying here in the O.C; it blows in from the Pacific anyway. But here we were with a decent chance of rain and I saw the most heavily sprayed skies I had ever seen here. It creeped me out; I guess I had been hoping we were more of a climate sacrifice than a target. Now I will be watching to see if this keeps happening, and if it does then I will know. It was great that we had that rain a little while back, not sure how that happened but glad it did!

  21. Patricia says:

    I just want credible information.  Every day I see the long trails left by aerosol spraying in my once very blue sky, (now almost always white) in Tuolumne County, California.  They are spraying, that is an observable fact.  Who approved this?  What is their reasoning?  Why isn't there open transparency about it.  Secretive behavior leads to conspiracy theorists. Open up the kimono and tell us.  Did you vote for this? Does your Representative in Congress even know about this?  I comb the internet and have read lots of theories, lots of alarming info. I will not ignore this and i will not stand by and be ignored by elected officials.  I am startng a reasonable, letter writing campaign today.  I would beg all of you on the internet to do the same. Actually send in letters to all of your elected officials, local, regional and Federal. I understand there is now Fast-track legislation in prgress in Congress to "approve" this spraying program.  We can not allow this to happen. Legislators don't like to open mail, but open they must and when 10 , 30 pound bags of mail are dumped on their interns desks, answers will start happening. We don't have the trillions of money that appears to be backing this progr

    am but we do have millions of people/ left and right of the aisle who are going to want answers.  Tell 3 of your friends and start writing those letters.  PLEASE.  

  22. Mal says:

    Unfortunately this article is very dismissive of the Geoengineering Programs and makes a mockery of people trying to point out the obvious. I was out walking with a group today in the Lakes District UK where we have been continually and heavily sprayed all day. Anybody with a functioning brain should have been able to see it! Unfortunately few can't and seem to be dismissive of the issue even if you point it out to them. Many people say it is because people have been conditioned to only believe what is spelled out by mainstream news but I suspect it is more than that, I wonder just how much mind control is possible using HAARP and also chemical/bacterial lobotomisation of the public? 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mal, the exposure of the issue is what matters, the attempt of the Guardian to spin the truth not a factor in the long run.

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      Wouldn't it be weird if a group of closed wizards like in Harry Potter are responsible for this thus the tight lippedness to *protect* their race? 
      In reality all they are doing is delaying their death which will just make it worse when it does happen as people will have *righteous* anger against whatever group is being protected and the group can only blame their own silly selves for kicking the can down the road.
      Eventually they'll run out of road for that can to kick and it's going to get reallllll ugly when it happens. 

  23. jill phillips says:

    It's a great relief to find the Comments made here. I'll post them to my FB page. Tragically the Comments which follow the half-baked article in the Guardian – which is one of only 2 UK journals to attract a halfway responsible readerhood – were overwhelmingly stupid & crass.
    I sent the following, which attracted ony 2 'Likes'.

    A few points: 1. Please DO NOT believe me before you make your own serious enquiries. 2. The world needs its naturally inclined deniers quite as much as its less naturally inhibited seekers. 3. Truth can only be found if both sides are well-informed and open-minded. 4. Most people who, with good intention, seek information regarding this phenomenon, have encountered only the terms 'contrail and chemtrail'. The first is pronounced to be normal, necessary and harmless. The second is apparently suspect, secret and possibly harmful. Lots of people stop looking. 5. Next step for the seeker after truth: WIKI. With only the foregoing terms to go on, this is an unintentional BAD move. No blame. WIKI has adopted the widespread popular term used above as its base for loud, pseudo-authoritative, UNscientific denial. Clever move. Keeps the undesirably curious (as well as a naturally fearful public) quiet. Anybody who persists in their enquiry will be ridiculed alongside. Sadly, most people decide at this point to maintain an intentional ignore-ance. Even so, a few persist in their enquiries. 6. Hidden away under the CORRECT SCIENTIFIC terms, 'GEOENGINEERING ' and 'CLIMATE ENGINEERING' WIKI has, in fact, also awarded space to informed scientists and professionals in every affected field. If you're too frightened to become informed, look no further. Whether you're a natural denier (no bad thing, remember) or a natural seeker, do your natural thing well. The only BAD start is to blindly follow a natural, panicky or even paid liar. Start your search in a reliable place. 7. Make your own minds up – but inform them properly before doing so. Neither ACCEPT nor DENY any argument without making responsible enquiry.

    By far the best, most reliable, site (which will also guide you towards finding your own locally informed geoengineering watch) is:https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

    Planet Earth needs your INFORMED HELP and ACTIVE SUPPORT – whichever side it's on.
    Good Luck!.

    • Tim Kelley says:


  24. Marc says:

    David Allgood: "You want to pull your eyes out because these people are so fucking stupid." You, Mr. Allgood appear to have already done exactly that. For one whose organization (CLCV) includes a mission statement "to improve the quality of the environment for all Californians", that you would dismiss out of hand Dane Wigington's work, and the work of numerous scientists working to expose this catastrophe, makes it really clear to me what's really going on with your comments in this Guardian article. Your entire agenda seems predicated upon mainstream "climate change is due to fossil fuels" thinking. Do I detect that you feel threatened by the discoveries that Dane Wigington and his colleagues have made? For you the primary villain is the oil industry and obviously you are heavily invested in that paradigm of thinking. But the rabbit hole goes much deeper than that, my foul-mouthed friend. Connecting the dots is what many of us who come here are trying to do on a daily basis. And we have now come to see with great clarity that the droughting of California is without question occurring BY DESIGN. Obviously Mr. Allgood, as is so often the case, hasn't bothered to actually investigate the issue of weather modification. It doesn't fit nicely into his way of thinking. In fact, it suggests that there are factors (HAARP, too) influencing weather and climate that have very little to do with fossil fuels. And that is just too much for poor little Allgood's brain to deal with. Too bad. You, Mr. Allgood, would've made a spectacular ally in this fight to (as your mission statement says) improve the quality of the environment for all Californians. 

    Signed, One of the "these people are so fucking stupid".

  25. As I read The Guardian's article, I thought my head was going to explode.  I have a hard time reading hit pieces like this, they upset me so.  But, one thing kept me reading because it kept ringing in my ears again and again… the dam is breaking, the dam is breaking!!! 

    Judging by the attack proffered by this bought and paid for rag, they are very frightened of the reality we all now face. They are groveling at the feet of their masters… using this disinformation to prove their loyalty in hopes of securing favor from the evil bastards that are destroying the entire planet.

    What really matters is the coverage.  Good or bad, it will give people pause… and ultimately will help wake many people up.  As the saying goes… even bad publicity is better than NO publicity.

    Deepest gratitude to Dane, for his courage, strength and ethics.  It strengthens my faith in humanity to know there are such as him on the face of this Earth.  We are truly blessed to have such a man championing this cause… let his example inspire you to do all you can, in whatever way you are able, to stop this insanity.

  26. Ray says:

    Hello Dane – Great job again!

    I just happened to be watching the Japaneese Formula 1 race last night, and I saw something when the camera panned a 360 of the area, something I haven't seen here in California central valley in over 5 years – REAL CLOUDS!!  Here in California all we see anymore is just a smear – like the smear you do in photoshop to blend edges.  

    What's really funny (not really) is when you point out clouds to another person – who is not yet convinced, say a cloud 1/2 mile wide and a mile long – and ask them to really look at it – you can still see the rotation about the long axis – just like it exited the  engine  – and then ask the other person "when did nature begin doing that?"  And then you note to them that ALL the fluff in the sky is the same – unnatural and deadly.

    Mainstream media will not admit what is going on, or report the damages already caused – until there is an organization and person to Blame – only as long as their funding isn't the same source.

    You are exactly right Dane, stick to the facts, and observations, it is hard to argue an observation – and facts are self standing, and cannot be denied forever.


    ps Dane, I lost a prize Rose this year due to the high UV – it was a Peace Rose.  The most beautiful rose flower I have ever seen – It was as much a part of my family as I am – the beauty is now only a photograph – and we are next if we fail to Stop GeoEngineering.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The ultraviolet has been especially hard on roses.  I lost all of mine several years ago.  The rose specialist who used to come to prune them just said I'd better find out what's making the water suck down into the ground so fast, then roses burned.  He thought I was giving them Vigoro (nope).

  27. Howard Taylor says:

    STANFORD UNIVERSITY evil  scientists. Do know that their actions are killing us.Cancer.I bet they hang out at the Grove with the Illuminati.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I think the Stanford guys just hang out at the lab or go home and drink nice wine.  They're just so very completely bad they don't need anything like the Bohemian Grove– much too nice of a place and NO labs for miles, and which, BTW, is a very beautiful area at the mouth of the Russian River in Sonoma County, about an hour's drive from where I live.  So now, "They" want to suck up and dry out all the water and kill the redwood trees.  Idiots.  There will soon be NOTHING left to call a "grove," when these mass murderers of trees are finished.


  28. Greg Domka says:

    Conspiracy Theorist = Individual that questions known liars

    • penny says:

      Conspiracy theory = supposition about a crime having been committed by 2 or more persons, which has never been proven false and is supported by facts based on extensive investigation.  Any scientist or writer who abuses the word 'theory' in the way that the CIA has dictated (to mean something outrageously ludicrous) has zero credibility in my book.

  29. Veronique Thevoz says:

    The Guardian has been censoring my comment saying that the following patent on page 5 (35) points out that "Aluminium oxide is one metal oxide suitable for the purpose (of weather modification) and which is relatively inexpensive" – and has it occurred to anyone that each time we conscientiously recycle our household aluminium, far from preventing pollution we may in fact be making the job of the geoengineers more efficient so that they can then dump such recycled aluminium over our heads and Alzheimering us faster…

  30. PJ says:

    Have you noticed that it doesn't matter how much We the People do to try and STOP a corrupt government, they keep doing what they want to do in order to control the people and help BO with his complete "fundamental transformation" of the United States of America.  No one can stop them.  We elected Congress to defend the Constitution and protect the people, and to stop the destruction of our Nation, from the economy to the weather, but they merely defend and protect themselves for their own gain and power.  We are doomed as a Nation; CA is doomed.  We're going to dry up and blow away — it's turning into a desert now.  Everywhere I look, the big OLD trees are dying.  It's incredibly sad to see.  

    • Bill-e-Bob says:

      Here's something these liars CAN'T DENY

      Let them deny that suddenly MILLIONS of people ALL OVER THE GLOBE are seeing and saying the SAME THING– THEY ARE SPRAYING US. So, MILLIONS of people have the SAME EXACT INSANE DELUSION…

  31. Sumner Berg says:

    I would as an Australian like to complement Dane for his reletless onsalught on geoenginerring. You are a one off hero in my eyes. Ignorance is bliss but knowledge gets things done – hopefully.

    I cannot believe what humans have done to destroy the functioning of the Biosphere in the short time they have existed. We don't deserve a place in the food web. Our place is going to be in the fossil record and the sooner that occurs the better as we are creating the extinction of so many undeserving species every day that we exist and continuing to consume the earth. Evolution has made many mistakes in the past and we are definitely on the future list.

    • Michel B says:

      Sumner, is Evolution an agency that is outside of us, or are we and evolution one and the same? There were no mistakes made by evolution. How could there be? Unless you expected the process of evolution to somehow manufacture perfection.

      On this planet, so far, all extremes have appeared in every age. Humankind, or upright apes, are mostly very evolved creatures, showing love and compassion and a profound sense of care for each other. Though, a certain percentage of the population has an affliction that sits somewhere on a scale invented by the would-be science of Psychology, the Psychopathy scale.

      These men and women, who suffer that in that range of personality disorders, are part of the challenge for the rest of us. That we had best learn about them and then deal with them appropriately is now paramount. So, don't go into the fossil record yet. Things seem dismal, but it is incredible what can be done if we just really apply ourselves to solving problems.

      If we enact a solution then there is no problem anymore. I didn't say it was going to be easy, but it will be worthwhile doing. Just hang in there, we need you.

    • Carol says:

      Couldn't have said it better myself! Well Done

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      Mother nature is going to correct some serious mistakes and sadly humanity is one of the biggest mistakes that will be reset.

  32. Michael Rogers says:

    Is it the BAY Guardian or the Manchester Guardian of the UK? In any case, we need their address telephone and FAX numbers!

    How about forming a petition like we receive daily from politicians that we can auto sign and then send to the paper? It needs to remember our information so we can periodically send another–and auto fill requiring only our auto signature!

    If it's local to readers, we should band together and personally visit them equipped with good peer reviewed documentary supporting our positions. For those not near them, we can fax and mail this to them.

    I've wondered if the Government has confidentially demanded that the media NOT support our positions and concerns!

    • Great Idea. When you see people stooping to use the F word in response, and to see it in print (something you once would never have seen – typical Guardian) you can tell they are on the back foot.

  33. J. Carl says:

    I love what I learn on this site, and passed the word to everyone I know.  I am finding like-minded individuals here.  This article/comments only magnifies the suffering of so many people here in SoCal.  I am searching for a new home, as we are inundated w/the spraying, besides horrendous increase of traffic, multiple dwellings seem to appear everywhere, overrun by illegals.  I have a long, long list of (I believe) related ailments.  Wondering if any of you have any ideas as to where a senior can retire without the extremes we have here?  Idaho has been a thought.

    • Jactn says:

      I've had more meaningful conversations and awareness in the past week then the past 6 months! The blaring question I'm hearing now is how much time left of this fake normal. 
      Every day now is a rapidly deteriorating scale of future chaos. 
       I'm concerned that when we crack the dam. This awareness will trigger a total collapse. 
      Time is now to prepare spiritually. 
      Get right with family. 
      Clean up what part of our world we can control. 
      Pray for everyone's protection. 
      Pray for courage and strength in the face of terror and fear. 

    • I live in Idaho and am very torn on the subject of recommending my friends and family move here.  It should be a safe haven, with a low population, several mountain ranges between us and the coast (which helps the Fukushima particles rain out before they get here) and an overall climate that supports agriculture… it is very much like California in terms of the types of geography and climate.  Normally, I would be begging my loved ones to move here… but there's a caveat.
      Sitting directly above the Snake River Aquifer, one of the largest in North America, is a high number of nuclear reactors.  Known as INL (Idaho National Laboratory), this site once boasted the largest concentration of reactors on the planet (over 50), and still maintains a large number at that location, as well as spent fuel, debris from accidents (and they've had several), and other nuclear waste.  If, for some reason, the electrical grid goes down for a long period (or permanently) there will be no way to continue cooling the reactors.  Imagine Fukushima multiplied and pouring it's poison into a huge aquifer that feeds the Snake River and, ultimately, the Columbia River.  As it passes through The Snake River Plain, an area encompassing about a third of the state, the waters of the Snake will be contaminated with radiation, turning Idaho's vast agricultural region into a radioactive wasteland.  Nearly all the water used for irrigation here comes from the Snake River and it's aquifer and the implications of multiple meltdowns in the heart of the aquifer are mindboggling.  
      Here’s a little background on INL:
      In operation since 1949, the Idaho National Laboratory is a government reservation located in the southeastern Idaho desert. At 890 square miles (569,135 acres), the INL Site is roughly 85 percent the size of Rhode Island. It was established in 1949 as the National Reactor Testing Station, and for many years was the site of the largest concentration of nuclear reactors in the world. Fifty-two nuclear reactors were built, including the U.S. Navy’s first prototype nuclear propulsion plant. During the 1970s, the laboratory’s mission broadened into other areas, such as biotechnology, energy and materials research, and conservation and renewable energy.
      INL consists of several primary facilities situated on an expanse of otherwise undeveloped terrain. Buildings and structures at INL are clustered within these facilities, which are typically less than a few square miles in size and separated from each other by miles of undeveloped land.
      INL has changed their entry page format and edited the info in the “history” section since I posted the statements above on my blog, deleting the phrase “The World’s Largest Concentration of Reactors” as well as the in depth article they had that included a list of the 52 reactors that had been built and tested there.  Those pages and links no longer exist on their site, replaced by a portal link and a very brief, single paragraph, blurb on their history.  The above was a short excerpt I had cut and pasted from their site, before it was edited.  Too bad I didn’t have the foresight to cut and paste the entire article… oh well.  The following link is to an INL info page where, if you poke around some, you can still get an idea of the magnitude of the threat they pose to the environment:  https://www.inl.gov/about-inl/general-information/
      Here is a more in depth article on my blog regarding this situation:
      https://marinangeleo.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/when-sleeping-dogs-lie/ <https://marinangeleo.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/when-sleeping-dogs-lie/&gt;
      The bottom line is, Idaho may well be a safe haven, but there is much to consider… even beyond the nuclear issue.  We are an arid state known for temperature extremes… the warmest areas reached 112° this summer, while the coldest has been known to dip to -60° although, with global warming, that may be changing.  We have begun to feel the impacts of the western drought and, though not as severe as California, water is very quickly becoming an issue here.
      And then there's Monsanto, with phosphate mining operations located in south eastern Idaho, and a long history of contamination of the soil, water and air here.  Most recent example:  http://www.ktvb.com/story/news/local/2015/03/26/monsanto-chemicals-idaho/70488940/ <http://www.ktvb.com/story/news/local/2015/03/26/monsanto-chemicals-idaho/70488940/&gt;
      Sadly, for the most part, this state is not as environmentally supportive as one would hope… big agriculture has a heavy hand here and muscles smaller growers into complying with their GMO practices.
      Also, the forests of this state, and they were vast, have suffered greatly from the effects of geoengineering.  Trees, weakened by the chemical onslaught, have succumbed to beetle kill by the millions, resulting in over a decade of massive fires.  Nearly half of our lush forests have been decimated… everything south of where the Salmon river dissects the state, at the base of the panhandle, has been burned or is filled with standing dead, waiting to burn.
      I'm not sure if there are any safe havens anywhere, but I don't want to discourage you from leaving the once so beautiful California, which I love dearly but also chose to leave many years ago.  I just want you to be aware of the possible hazards here in Idaho.  Idaho is a remarkably beautiful state with rugged mountains, abundant forests, sprawling sageland, volcanic wonders and fertile plains. If you do choose to move here, choose your landing spot carefully and wisely.
      Good Luck To You!

    • Where'sthebeef says:

      What about the Way Back Machine unless that's been edited too?

  34. david Kellison says:

    what is wrong with people? the conspiracy theorist phrase has become the new weapons of mass desrtuction Phrase.I remember hearing that phrase at least 50 times a week or more and hey guess what there were no weapons of mass destruction.As a rancher in the foothills overlooking the valley while looking up when the heavy chemtrailing started happening I said to myself what the hell is happening?I cuoldnt figure it out.I can look towards the sacramento airport and watch the planes approaching and leaving and I could see their standard contrails that disappear quickly. then I would watch these other planes making these monumentous grid patterns turning  the sky into a white marble.I started asking other people about it and not to many knew anything either,but had noticed the same thing.Then one day I walked into my local video store and there was the movie, What in the world are they spraying.I watched that movie and I thought those sons of bitches.unbelievable.I am 62 years old and I have always lived in the country and throughout my whole life I have watched the sky.I always had a curiosity about airplanes and contrails.Watching how long they last or dont depending on the weather.when I started seeing these clouds I knew something was very very strange.I am afraid that just as deadly or more so than chemtrails is the television set.It has been geoengineering peoples brains since its inception.It is a weapon that the owners of the planet use to tell everyone whats real and what is not.real.newspapers are just a written version of the television set anymore.humankind is stuck in the matrix,we work like rats just to pay the owners of this planet for this whole made up world that they have designed.They have made a giant mess of this beautiful planet.Their actions and there idea of reality sucks.Its time to turn off the television and stand up to these fools because their taking the whole planet down .They are madmen.
    about airplanes and contrails.Watching how long they last or dont depending on the weather.when I started seeing these clouds something was very very strange.

  35. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Femme, the media coverage is absolutely a big benefit to us. About the letter you got from Dr. Pau, this was a standard response that he sent to many dozens of people. Behind the scenes, people like him know that they will soon be seen for what they are. Lets all keep trying to move the ball up the field each and every day, there is no time to spare.

    • Larry says:

      Dane i read the story for the third time and  it does appear that the truth is starting to break thru but im not sure i like the way the guardian uses the "CIA CREATED TERM" conspiracy theorists over and over .Is it just me or are they trying to discredit your years of hard work trying to awaken the masses. The story certainly does not match Alex Jones absolute outrage to the facts you presented . The Guardian was trying to report parts of the facts as being told and supported by fringe group tin foil hat types and I'm real fed up with that kind of journalism.when a skeptic reads that kind of crap it does not help our cause.there is no doubt the are casting doubt as to the validity of any of the decades long ongoing weather manipulation or orchestrated  by the military and funded by the dumb ass elite like Bill Gates and the rest of the lunatics that believe that spraying 20 million tons annually of aluminum nano particle cocktails will actually halt the global warming . And I still contend that the worldwide use of haarp style arrays have created the intense sun that is melting the arctic ice and frying every living thing. Ripped , torn and shredded ozone is the catalyst and frying is the end result but the idiots will not stop playing with this bad technology! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Larry, what matters is  that the word gets out, and it is. 

    • Truman says:

      I am so glad to see the word getting out! Let's keep up the pressure and spreading this message to as many as we can! Everyday I try to tell someone new about the spraying that is being done and I won't stop until it does. Onward!

    • Nigel says:

      Hi Larry. I agree. There are some people mentioned in his article that are widely considered to be very controversial and extreme right wing. It's seems like they are trying to Pigeon hole those who are awake with these other groups  I believe that is clearly not the message Dane and those who are true to their convictions want out there. We know what needs to be done-expose the truth!  This journalist either is too young to remember what real clouds look like, or has been living in a cave staring at his smartphone or TV and hasn't been paying attention. For a publication like the Guardian, that was entrusted by Snowdens lawyers with all BS our own government was doing to it's own citizen and world leaders, you would think this knucklehead would have brave enough to expose the truth! After all, between Dane and the other researches out there, more than enough damming evidence is available from well respected scientists to back him up.

      If the the CA drought was proven to be caused by manipulation by or inside job, and those in power, and those that are part of the intentional misinformation campaign and that are denying it now could find themselves behind bars. The massive loss of homes, farms, recreations, valuations of real estate. Who stand to benefit from such a massive loss…? Wonder if any of those reports the Gardian or that German received had anything about geoengineering or.  

      I have some very exceptional and bright friends, teachers, lawyers, doctors, movie types..famous people, who all know this is very real, but feel afraid for whatever reason to get involved, and that is why being associated with those other groups is not a good thing! Not that everything those others groups do is not newsworthy, but I know there is money in selling fear. That is not what Dane's organization is about. We are are getting the truth out there, and there are no ads!!!!

    • Catherine says:

      Who would benefit from a massive loss? It could only be those that have benefited historically from wars and suffering, the House of Rothschild, inbred banking cabal and their many minions. 

  36. J. Carl says:

    Thank you Michael – great angle to think about

  37. Bjarne Pedersen says:

    Hi I am a 68 years old grandfather and I am deeply worried about all that spraying. It has to stop now!

    Nano articles in free form can go through the human cell walls very easy and will destroy people vey fast. Much worse that asbest. This spraying of lives are indeed criminal in the worst sence. Please ask for full testing of cells and soil and water.

  38. I think Dane's point is that we are finally starting to get mainstream press coverage. Regardless of what is being said, people are now being reached. And these people will begin to read (whoever reads the Guardian), and it will start to raise awareness. 

    It also mentions in the article, several facts, but also includes the propaganda to confuse. Dane will keep pressing on until the masses finally begin to awaken. Kathleen 

  39. MsAnonyMs says:

    For everyone eho commented on this article, THANK YOU FOR BEING AWAKE!!! its so refreshing to read !! I just cant say how much I appreciate the folks who are awake, who have been awake and cannot go back to sleep. My heart breaks for us all as we continue to be poisoned. We all can stop this. We just need to continue to fight the good fight with the truth on our side. 

  40. Michel B says:

    What do we expect? The Newspaper isn't called "The Absolute Truth No Matter What!", is it?
    It has bought and paid for long ago. It will employ every type of lying and deception that it can dredge up from the basement of their filthy, corrupt and animal minds.
    But they are really stupid. The bigger the lie, the harder it just might fall. I can see a Peoples' Court of Justice served on to the heads of these media editors and journalists one day in the near future.
    They are as expendable as the rest of us. Through out history, when a regime is installed, it is the most ardent former supporters who are liquidated as their disbelief becomes the most dangerous thing to TPTB.
    When Stalin took power he had all the current Generals shot. Mao had his Cultural Revolution where all the intellectuals were disposed of. In Pol Pot's Agrarian Revolution Labour camps, children were taught to inspect people's hands and if they looked too soft they were killed. Too soft meant that they were probably bourgeois and thus an enemy of the State.
    So it will be if America successfully falls into a complete police state. Media liars are more expendable than we are. They really do know the inside scoop and know the lies they are peddling. When their families and friends are oppressed, they will be the ones with the inside knowledge that will be very dangerous to the authorities.
    So, either way, whether by installed police state or by the People winning against the police state, these middle men shills and liars are doomed. History is replete with this lesson. Though, here is one out for them: It would be far better for these media people to form an alliance with each other and come out with the truth. That will vindicate them and aid the cause in exposing what is really going on. That's a fantastic solution in one part, isn't it?

    • Hello Michel B: Brilliant thinking! Absolutely spot on! The "intelligentsia" are always the first line of slaughter when the crap hits the turbo-fan… These fools have loaded the dice against themselves. Snake-eyes!!! You win.. Snake-eyes you lose…

    • richard avard says:

      Excellent article and that is what is going to happen not only to the corrupt media people, but is going to happen to the entire present corrupt American Goverhment establishment ffron the President on down to every buaurcrat to even the sell out Military officers  Its called death by Summary Execution ie  traitors who are indicted, tried, convicted and executed by the People  outside the established Law  Its happened many times in History   The French Revolution – the fall of   soviet Romania  etc   

      Like Micheal B says, the smartest thing Congressman could do would be to stand up now and admit that they have been puppets to their Party masters and herefy renounce their crooked Party, and vow to expose entirely the sell out behavior to which they were a part, and vow to clean it up   Failing  that, they are all doomed 

    • Dylan says:

      It takes a certain critical mass and then the Omerta on the part of key members the media mafia has to break. You are absolutely right that their only hope is to club together and come clean.

      They need to do it in concert though, look what's been happening to the suicided bankers.

  41. As long as media talk about it, it stays in sight. It sucks when it's discredited and that's where our activism comes in.

  42. Terri says:

    more mouthpieces for the state. definitely getting the word out. did these talking heads investigate for themselves? no. did they sample air, water, soils? nope. did they even read and research the data Dane provides..oh no. that would be called journalism. These are gossip writers. mouthpieces for big brother. scum in another word. pond scum. they are the ones with no credibility. too stupid to do their own research. instead they resort to name calling. labeling. 

    while they watch their children gasp for air. their sons and daughters die of various cancers. while they sicken and die i hope they remember how they mocked those who sacrificed so much to try and stop the global poisoning. and it is global. 

    typical juvenile publication . funny how they never come up with their own science or independent investigation. speaking only the party line.

    • Julane Jazzique says:

      Well said. And why doesn't anybody question their blow hole, statements?
      But. Word is getting out.
      Truth always win 🙂

  43. Rachel Robson says:

    Sickening.  And they may as well pull their eyeballs out.  They don't seem to use them.

    • SD says:

      LOL Rachel – you said it!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Rachel:  How very perfect! 

      Keith:  RIGHT ON!!

      The trees on Marin Drive going up through Albany to The Alameda in north Berkeley are always looking so tattered, and now the limbs are looking shriveled and dying.  In my San Rafael neighborhood we have had two big pine tree removals in as many days.  I felt like I was getting sunburned out pruning the bougainvillea over my west window yesterday between 1:30 and 3:00.  Today it was pretty hot in the sun standing on the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Way @ Rose Street washing the windows at my teaching studio– and this was one of the cooler days lately– Sheesh! 

      I am really beginning to have days where I really fear for my life.  I dreamed that a faceless marauder in an old rusty metal muscle car from the 70s was rumbling, rumbling, rumbling outside my house, gunning the engine driving back and forth, back and forth, like a shark, then in my driveway–!  A sure sign of dirty metallic invasion. 

  44. francis says:

    First they ignore you…..then they ridicule you….finally they agree with you as they begin to choke on the toxins from above.

  45. Tom Keith says:

    The Guardian,  another shill newspaper who bows to her majesty and the Rothchilds. Spare us the criticism that we're a bunch of "conspiracy theorists". How about lie detectors ?

    • Wolkenwolf says:

      Have bought T-shirts with an eye centered on the back with the pupil a heart. The eye is then surrounded by the words 'conspiracy theorist'. Wear your label with conviction.

  46. PatSF says:

    This guy really pisses me off!  Instead of debating geo engineering with facts and data this guy throws out insults! “You want to pull your eyes out because these people are so f**king stupid,” David Allgood, political director of the California League of Conservation Voters, told the Guardian.

    Why I think geo engineering is 100% happening is to this date scientists refuse or are prevented from using a spectrum analyzer of the atmosphere and present hard data of what's really up there!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      The Snakes are showing their True Colors.  And now, we KNOW who's infiltrated the California League of Conservation Voters– soooo glad I do not belong…

      And now the Snakes are giving away their next play:

      "The conspiracies may die down if, as expected, an El Niño weather pattern brings heavy rainstorms to California this winter. Advocates like Wigington might also want to remember the example of Iran’s former president Mahmood Ahmadinejad, who in 2011 accused the west of conspiring to suck the water out of clouds above Iran as an act of aggression. As soon as Ahmadinejad finished speaking, the heavens opened."

      So, folks, expect a Wet One this winter– They know that we're ONTO Them.  We'll get one year of wet, then it will be back to Bidness as Usual.

    • Dylan says:

      David Allgood has ALREADY pulled his eyes out.

      AND what kind of name is that anyway? Allgood?


  47. Cori Gunnells says:

    We all know what this article from The Guardian is about – another  obvious attempt to fleece the public into thinking/believing there is "nothing to see here!", and that people would be fools and ridiculed if they dared to consider the truths about geoengineering/ climate engineering. The Guardian is clearly 'guarding' and spinning lies for their masters. Mainstream media – the mouthpieces of the establishment. This shows clear evidence they are desperate to clamp the lid on the real information that is making it's way to the awakening public. 

    People should comment on their website, article, etc… Take this as an opportunity for action. 

    • Julane Jazzique says:

      Excellent point 
      Yes. Flood them with emails. 
      Asking them to do tests, to back up Their Government 
      spoon fed propaganda machine.

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