The Insidious Conditioning Of An Uninformed Population


Those in power have spent decades refining and perfecting various means and methods of conditioning populations. Great effort has been undertaken in regard to getting the public to accept the blatant spraying of our skies. The following 3 minute video shows glaring and alarming examples of the visual conditioning used to increase public acceptance of the ongoing, highly toxic and environmentally devastating climate engineering programs. No effort is spared with these public conditioning methods, so far they have been quite successful. That is changing rapidly as populations awaken to the horrific threat of global geoengineering, we must all join in the critical challenge to fuel this awakening. I am grateful to the activists that assembled this video.
Dane Wigington

14 Responses to The Insidious Conditioning Of An Uninformed Population

  1. neal ruth says:

    Complicated and confusing subject for me. But, I have seen this being done to our skies personally. I know that these are real. I cannot explain in detail what is occurring or why; only that it is occurring and we are being misled by our governments about it. 

  2. Mike B says:

    Sometimes they dub real sky into animation. It’s sad when when we don’t have clear skies any more. Even to put in a cartoon. Conditioning? Probably.

  3. John says:


  4. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    What a shame that our gov thinks we are so stupid. What really makes me mad is the old movies and shows that have had the blue skies taken out and chem clouds and lines inserted. They want us to think it’s always been like this. Watch HGTV’s House Hunters and landscape shows. They are always showing a streak of sunlight with the colored nano particles in it, only the particles are huge. They show it several times during a show for a few seconds. Just long enough for you to see it and get it in your brain. I want to call HGTV up and ask them what that is suppose to be? Just to see what they say. Who is behind this? Someone has quite a job doctoring up all these programs. I like to watch the old Law and Order Shows, they are on several stations. I look at the sky in those shows whenever they show sky in them. The sky is always pure white, I never see blue. Many of these shows are really old, long before chemtrails and white skies appeared. They must have some kind of computer program to change the sky as it’s done constantly. I can watch things on tapes that I have that are original with blue skies. Then you see them now on TV and the skies have been changed. This is such a joke. Like I said they must think we are all stupid. We are not! Seems like a lot of trouble for something that is suppose to be good for the planet (NOT). We know it’s not good, and SO DO THEY or they would be bragging about what they are doing instead of trying to brainwash us, and lying about it. They are destroying this beautiful planet and it must be stopped now!

  5. Virginia says:

    Keep hammering and show proof wherever you can. It will eventually start to sink in. And learn from others who may have updated information.

    This is what I did with my subject matter – but it took years for it to start sinking in to people’s head. Fortunately, I found a verse in the bible and, like a seed planted, it grew.

  6. david says:

    I think some of this is exactly as you say, conditioning us to think this is normal…especially the animated pieces and video game spots. However I think several of the shots from television are just perfect examples of how widespread and common spraying is…. It is virtually impossible to film a movie,television show or advertisement outdoors without a chemtrail in the shot

  7. robert perry says:

    have seen these in commercials for Goodwill industries. I have hundreds of photo’s and Videos on my FB page. I mostly get ridiculed, or ask if I am wearing “tin foil hats”, I am undetured. I go at this with a ferver.

  8. Nancy says:

    Oh yes..! vapor trails paint! HA! Food companies started naming their products after ‘weather lingo’ ie; ARCTIC BLAST ice cream, and ‘chance of spaghetti with meatballs’. The MSM talking heads had backdrops with Chemtrails on FOX, CNN. Magazines had photos of models with backdrops of chemtrails. Certain cable series had chemtrails ie: PAWN STARS, HOUSE HUNTERS. Most insidious of all are the video games for young children mentioned in video above, including Childrens tutorial on ‘naming the clouds’ by NASA.
    But once people are awake, they are not fooled and recognize the ‘propagandized indoctrination mind games’.

  9. Libuse Leman says:

    Do not know what to say except I wished it would stop before it stops us all!!! People need to wake up fast!

  10. Mary says:

    A certain paint company has a paint color called” vapor trails”. How’s that for conditioning!

  11. Ally L says:

    I agree that some film makers probably include spraying patterns in shots because they either don’t know any better or they have never known skies to be any different. But, deliberately taking the time and effort to put them into cartoons is the work of a sick mind.

  12. Doug says:

    “Pawn Stars” is another TV show that regularly has huge chemtrails in the sky in nearly all outdoor shots of any episode (set in Las Vegas). In general, the TV and movie industry do participate in the covert cover-up willingly (such as animated TV shows and films where they purposely add trails in – “Cars”, “Over The Hedge”, “The Lego Movie”), but some of it is simply how the sky always looks though too / it’s both. Also, keep in-mind that a lot of young filmmakers have never *not* known the sky to look the way it often does (full of trails), so to them, it is completely normal and may in fact even add more appeal to the particular shot they are after.

  13. Gloria says:

    Yep. Total DESENSITIZATION for public consumption; so that people accept it as normal!!!!

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