The JJ McCartney Show Nov 13 2014 Guest Dane Wigington


Source: JJ McCartney

Video Description: JJ McCartney interviews Dane Wigington of touching on climate issues, weather manipulation, and the perilous situation which faces all mankind from man’s tinkering with nature. Hear The JJ McCartney Show weekdays from 3 to 5PM Eastern, 2p-4pm Central, 1pm-3pm Mountain, and Noon-2pm Pacific time.

Source: JJ McCartney

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  1. alan robert coe says:

    great job dane and jj .i am writing to you from the uk i am from the county of essex .i reguarly listen and watch danes videos,and his writings. we have chemtrail spraying everyday .i hope to meet you one day dane thank you so much for the great work you do and others. i do hope you can come to the uk to do a speech one day i and others are waking up i support you in every way. god bless you and thank you jj.please email if poss kind regards.

  2. cathryn says:

    I was on this subject back when no body seemed to know about it and i sounded like i was crazy trying to get peoples attention to this, i didnt cARE THEN NOR DO I CARE NOW HOW CRAZY I SOUND IT IS REAL AND IT IS DANGEROUS TO THE HUMAN RACE AND OUR PLANET AND I AGREE WE NEED A MASS HUGE AMOUNT OF THE POPULATION TO BOMBARD THE WHITE HOUSE IN PERSON, WITH LETTERS, PHONE CALLS. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

  3. carrie gentry says:

    we need people by the masses, (millions, if possible) bombarding the white house with calls and emails. dr. rima stated that this worked for their team. at least temporarily. their top two fears are 1. discovery 2. we the people by the masses coming together and demanding cease attack and immediate arrest for treason and crimes against humanity….. of all evil ones involved. i have seen “no fly agendas” with most of these globalists names on them, with orders for immediate arrest. many good “white hats” working relentlessly to get the truth out, as well as inspiring mobilization by the people of the world. raise awareness in your own community and please share!

  4. Nebraska, we are in Utah, we study the return of sulfur to the diet of man.
    All of the trash of man the chemists have made to decrease the population especially those of color.
    We do a “little” internet radio show on American Voice Radio Network called the Sulfur Hour plus One, which would like to invite you to join our chorus of those who understand that the matrix is biological.
    Pub Med stated in seven formerly hidden articles that sulfur can protect and repair the damage of radiation exposure. Chem trails and all they contain sulfate out of the body of man.

    Patrick McGean
    Cellular Matrix Study
    Body Human Project set. 1999
    400,000 study members in 69 countries, by word of mouth


    Awesome job once again Dane! Please continue to awake the masses as there so many more who need to wake to the reality that the Gov./Military SAG/SRM Programs are creating havoc with their fully operational daily GeoEngineering programs in currently in place. These GeoEngineering programs are going on daily without the Public’s knowledge and consent. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!



  7. bija says:

    I agree with Karen. This is one of the best radio iinterviews I have heard to date and touches on every crucial point. JJ asks all the right questions and interjects his own knowledge and intelligence in a way to allow Dane to come across loud and clear in his always well informed manner. Everyone should hear this! Conscious, clear thinking in action!

  8. Rex M. Vaughn says:

    GOD Bless You Dane.

  9. Karen says:

    This audio needs to go to out to the world!!
    The mainstream won’t help…it’s up to the community of people. Please have a CD done on this talk.
    There are so many people who have been witnessing all this death yet refusing to speak….WAKE UP

    Thank you Dane. Thank you JJ

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