The Now of History


by Zen Gardner

One of the most crippling methodologies of the controlling forces is locking humanity into cleverly devised contexts where the power of Now loses its importance. If we see social and economic events, not as urgent issues to be aware of and consciously dealt with, but rather filed away from action as either seemingly unimportant or simply inevitable trends that are impossible to change, we will not be motivated to even awaken, never mind take action of any sort.

Their false paradigm becomes an end in itself to which we resign ourselves. “It’s useless to even try” becomes the motto.

It’s really the same assumptive programming we see everywhere, from what’s taught as truth in education and media, to what’s important in the daily news – and especially regarding what is totally ignored. Humanity’s sense of historical and social perspective is carefully programmed and their activation buttons are put on permanent snooze. Wars and major incidents such as JFK’s assassination or the 9/11 ritual all become frozen in official rhetoric long enough for the potential effects of the real Truth to wear off as society falls firmly into the constructed social narrative, in spite of some protest.

Once solidified it gets policed by the political correctness watchdogs and society’s own fears of seeing outside their own fearful paradigm. Each new staged event, coming at us in rapid succession, is filed away in the same manner.

Apply this across the board regarding anything that is officially taught or endorsed. System information today is not empowering. It is dependency and futility affirming, perfectly exemplified by the dog and pony political treadmill show. Not only are people kept busy making fruitless efforts in a deliberately vampiric system, but that same sense of futility is again learned and reinforced as a staple and norm of socialized life. “That’s just the way it is – always has been, always will be” – as if it’s some deep wise proverb instead of the induced cowardly duck and cover from real accountability that it truly is.


Putting Everything Off from Now

What’s important to remember is how they keep shifting the playing field, and will continue to do so. The entire framework for judgement and understanding in their contrived world is completely out of kilter and continually changing. That’s why we experience that sense of spiritual slippage, like our internal processing gears are off or the clutch is going out when we try to grasp this information we’re being blasted with.

This type of objectified distancing is exactly how to disempower, demoralize and subtly coerce humanity into a sense of futility and compliant behavior in just one misleading and belittling attitude: a presupposed historical or social context. Defining how we frame what we think or “believe” is essential to their control system.

It’s the same distancing they do with so-called historical “giants” and “heroes”. “None of us could ever attain to such stature. These were extraordinary men in extraordinary times!”

What a bunch of hokum. Each of us is magnificence awaiting manifestation. It only remains to throw a few simple activation switches and off we go. The confusion, historical distancing and over exaltation of those who actually did anything, real or fictional, is to set them apart from us, and most of all us from simple activation as if it’s unattainable by the “common” person.


Saints and Planned Insignificance

The best time to stop something is before it begins. This is especially so with cultural, social or even spiritual changes. This is why controlled opposition is so effective. The best way to control the opposition is to lead it, which oppressive regimes have done for millennia.

That, and set the bar so high to be a world changer that no one can attain to it. So no one even dares to try.

Religions do this systematically with their exalted icons and impossible to keep rules. “I cannot attain to such sainthood, so in obeisance I bow to those who have.” One of the most disempowering strategies of all time. Hence untouchable mythic-proportioned heroes, gods and goddesses coming to the rescue, immaculate conceptions of supernatural beings, and belief systems and psychological cure-alls galore.

It’s very clever to paint world changers, again real or fictional, as “exceptional” people. “This is not the rule. Besides, look, they were martyred for their beliefs.” That will tend to put a damper on others emulating them.

Disempowerment is the name of their game. We are the overwhelming majority. To keep the populace stupefied, distracted and confused only works to the advantage of the oppressors. From bread and circus to sophisticated pharmaceuticals, nano-warfare, electro-magnetics and mind games, it all works in the same direction.


Orwell said it quite aptly, “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the present controls the past.”

That’s as profound as it gets. Our current and future paradigms are carved out by those who control us. What does that mean to us? Our entire outlook is carefully hemmed in within certain constraints that seek to paralyze and entrain the current populace. No win political battles, token democracies and pointless socio-economic games played with the lives of living men and women given a continually revised version of history.

All for our dis-animation, our induced sense of futility in the face of whatever befalls us.

And it’s all built on a narrative.

The one told by them.


The Power of Now – Why Shamanic Cultures Are Being Eliminated

True history in any form is a living one. It’s inclusive and spiritually malleable as things come into focus. In the false historical construct trends have supposedly happened for clearly delineated reasons. All their imposed, contrived and containing explanations.

However, in the true spiritual flow the real nature of humanity and its growth and development are another story.

Native cultures of our planet have always had a grasp of the true nature of things. Humanity goes through changes, granted, but the true anchor is still the same.  Our connectivity to everything – the earth, the planets, the stars and all of visible and invisible creation and realms of consciousness. That very anchor is the bane of the Controllers’ existence that they want to eliminate.

Instead, the culturally imposed mindset is one dependent on what many call the matrix. It’s a matrix of deceit, bolstered by its own self importance and most of all the participation of the entranced. But nonetheless, it is a completely artificial construct.

The elimination of native cultures began centuries ago. The threat they present is this very wisdom – connectivity – and an unknown empowering quality of today called responsibility. To ourselves, our children and our planet. This was thrown overboard a long, long time ago.

“That was Then, This is Now”

Here’s another fat excuse we’ve been handed. “That was back then. This is a different time.” Oh really? Says who? Is there a prescription we’re to follow, thwarters of human initiative? What conditions are correct in order to play in this game? And why do we need your permission or direction?

That’s exactly how they want us to think…like total dependents. That’s all that matters to them.

However righteous the cause we may champion, when we play by their rules they win. When we let them describe the problem, lead the way out, set the parameters we’re to behave within, we’ve lost. We’re inside the matrix no matter how inspired we may feel about ourselves.

This is where the rubber of real awakening meets the road. Just as a true awakening is anything but comforting, so realizing the futility of our previous lives and our in fact participation with the enemy does not provide a sense of comfort.

Until we make the change. When we acknowledge the truth and re-set our sights and compasses we are already living in the now.

Their whole ploy is a delay game. To keep us from being fully in the now – the consciously awake and aware and truly honest now.


The time to wake up is now. Always now. Refuse the false narrative of delay, walking sleep and distraction.

Now says “go for it”.  Follow the Truth. It’s our time to assert.

Their answers are pure fabricated baldfaced lies. Plain and simple.

Question everything. Re-evaluate everything.

Love, Zen


3 Responses to The Now of History

  1. Chad says:

    The thing people don't understand is this problem is a non linear equation, meaning there is no study or test to compare the time, damage, and time it, the Earth would take to heal itself! That's only if all the geoengineering stopped totally, which probably never will! Anyone who understands science, physics, and math, can easily formulate a mathematical equation of time, and other factors to see exponentially how quickly we are destroying the planet! Also once we reach a certain point of no return, too much damage will have accrued changing too many factors such as hydrological cycles, ozone depletion,co2 gases, methane gases, algae blooms which deplete oxygen and fertilize ocean, air un breathable, no water and aluminum, barium, strontium makes it non drinkable for all living creatures, sun UVB and UVC  rays which is radiation, then lastly we got Fukushima radiation 4 plus years later still spewing out every day since 2011! No way to stop it, Pacific Ocean Dead and radiation everywhere! I still can't believe all of the scared people in denial who can't or won't face this, completely Ignorant, or on the greedy, paid off end of this crazy, insanity! I keep hearing what can we do? Well I asked myself that too?! I concluded, that when people decide to wake up , then and only then can we begin to make a difference!  Every week, all across the Nation, there are football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and other sports and groups that play pro games and there are usually tens of thousands of fans! So, in saying this, if just a portion of all this MK Ultra Mind Controlled fans decided to stand up for what's right, I think it would be fairly simple to make a stand in big numbers! That takes coming together. Together We Stand, Divided We Fall! I can't do it alone, but we are the Power, we are the Majority, we can move mountains if we want to. Stand up for what's right, this world, your family, friends, animals and stop this Genocide! Otherwise folks, sorry to tell you like Dane said, we will face a 6 th Mass Extinction by mathematical numbers and statistics! You can't kill everything that keeps you alive and breathing and expect that nothing will happen and it won't affect us! It's accumulative all these nano particles of chemicals used for chemical nucleation! When the trees, bees,  and hydrological systems altered and killed, we are soon to follow! It's going to get ugly, and people will have the biggest and rudest awakening of their entire life when this thing completely collapses and implodes! By then too late! It's now or never folks! Wake up and let's change this or at least Die trying! Quitters never win, and winners never quit! I'm not giving up! I love and believe in God anyhow, so doesn't matter whole lot to me, the Promise is waiting for me! We must try and fix what we can before they create a monster disaster catastrophe and try to lock the country down with martial law and military curfews! I'm not going to take the Mark of Beast, or go to a prison FEMA camp! I'd rather die a free man, than a slave Anyday! Not a coward, somebody who cares and wants to try and make difference that's what I would like to do! I know one thing, if we do nothing, eventually that's exactly what we will be left with, an uninhabitable world, ruined by mankinds greedy, stupid, foolish ignorant way of thinking which along with technology will be mans downfall! Nobody, I say no man , woman, or child or government agency, rich , elite have the right to play God with the weather, our lives, our emotions, and kill us with unecessary poisons that we never signed up for! I think Biblically speaking, we are at the End Times! All events are leading up to scripture and current events! If we do nothing, we all die. I want to die protecting righteousness like I would my family and self, which they are killing everything! Let's get together and make a difference or Forever hold your peace, and no crying later! Will have no sympathy later if people don't try! God bless us all in Jesus Christ's name, Amen! Please tell family ,friends, and most importantly ignorant personnel, who do the dirty work!  Together we stand divided we fall!

    • Chad says:

      Our military brothers and sisters need to be on our side! Please spread the word! Time is short! It's starting to affect my breathing, memory, cognitive thinking, problem solving , everything ! They've been spraying for 65 years since WW2! See owning the weather by 2025 and you'll know they have it to a science, Evil science!

  2. Constant Walker says:

    "We belong to the Earth." Assuming the "we" mentioned here is Humanity as-such, it seems vital to know just exactly WHAT we are….to Earth. The "civilized" obsession with "who" 'one' is (as an artificial "individual"), though, is surely a big obstacle to even considering that 'What'….never mind actually remembering The Answer. 

    What we are, as a Species, is a component of Her immune system. The Organic Form in-keeping with our Function is the Free Wild Natural "Community" (for want of any better word in the organically impoverished English language) of Free Wild Natural Persons. 

    As pointed out in this essay, the immune suppression regime of the Planet-wasting "civilization" disease has operated all-along to disrupt, dys-integrate, and destroy our Natural Organic Form….by infecting susceptible Humans with the biologically crippling "self" sickness. So the recovery recommended here, of the Organic Integrity essential to fulfillment of our Function, will begin for our tame Human relations by getting over the suffocating usurper that is their very own too-precious "self."

    Only then can they coalesce naturally and spontaneously into our true Form, and have access to those qualities of character, like fearlessness and clarity and resolve (among others) that the author of this piece recognizes as our Natural Endowment, and acknowledges as critical to our capacity to address the terminal-stage process of the wasting disease to any possibly remedial effect whatsoever. The ersatz "individual" ('alone' or in random collectives of whatever size or configuration or purpose) does not have and cannot acquire the necessary Organic Integrity for that. Chief Sealth said "WE (not 'I') belong to Earth!"

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