The Threats We Face: Q & A


Dane Wigington

If the human race is to have any chance of long term survival, there are critical issues that must be fully exposed and dealt with. Raising community awareness about critical issues is a process. Societal programming, normalcy bias and groupthink ideologies take time to break down. There are countless ways to fuel the flames of the waking up process, but consistently sharing hard hitting front-line verifiable data is key. Organizing regular community informative documentary film screenings with subsequent question and answer sessions are an effective way of helping people to see and understand the converging catastrophes we collectively face. In Redding, California, just such an effort has been ongoing, my deepest gratitude to all the activists and individuals who have assisted with the organization of these community awareness raising events. The 16 minute video below is an excerpt from one such recent Redding event.

Waking the masses up to the challenges we collectively face is absolutely essential, all those who are already awake are needed to assist with this critical process.

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  1. Gary says:

    What about the supposed volcano under the ice

  2. Spartacus says:

    Hello Dane,


    I totally agree wth you 100% on the subject. This is terrorism on a global scale. Unless people saw this on the TV it will remain silent. This needs to be brought to the masses very quickly. I've noticed many people getting sicker and sicker over the last few months, myself included. I see chemtrails almost every day and see how they are blocking the sun. I salute you for doing such a good job Dane.

  3. Normal Human says:

    I feel strongly that Washington knows exactly what is going on with respect to the climate and they believe it is game over already.  I also believe that they are positioning and preparing themselves for the coming catastrophe.  We are on our own.

  4. yoly says:

    You are my hero! I just love you and your family! Thanks for the information and courage!

  5. FRANK NORRIS says:


  6. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    We have been in a drought here in Florida, over the past two months of April and May. During the last week of May, the Scheduled Weather Forecast took a 180 degree swing. Temperatures were in the mid to upper 90's for the High temperatures and in the mid to upper 70's for the Low temperatures. I noticed heavy blanket spraying above the low and mid level cloud layers, before the thunderstorms arrived. Day after day for one week, daily rainshowers and thunderstorms in some cases severe thunderstorms with golfball size hail, tornadoes, waterspouts with flash flooding occured. After the stormy unstable weather pattern settled down, High temperatures have been in the low to mid 80's, on one day the High temperature was only 77. The Low temperatures have been in the low to mid 60's. I could see by the Radar and Satellite signatures, that moisture was being pulled from the Gulf Of Mexico in a Southwest to Northeast orientation. Major Chemical Ice Nucleation being conducted.

    • Joe Ceonnia says:

      David this is the MO from all parts of the United States… First Drought them out, Then drowned them out, this is how you destroy the land that can grow! Farmers land. Once that's accomplished they buy up the destroyed land. Don't believe, drive out to your nearest farming community and ask!!! Monsanto is going to GMO the planet!! 

  7. Rick L. says:

    Yes, awareness is often overlooked when it comes to the dangers we face today. The Deep Water Horizon oil spill is one of them. The effects of it will continue to engulf a larger area of land as the oil company's continue to look for more oil in the wetlands destroying what ground is left. Also the oil that still sit's at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico will forever be washed up on the shores. Occasionally I see advertisements about coming back and vacation in Louisiana. They say every thing's back to normal so come and enjoy yourself. What a bunch of B.S.

    You would think that the people that live there would be more vocal across the United States not just locally about what's actually happening to them and their lively hood. Actually when you see how much of that area is effected and severity of it, I feel that it's going to be a dead zone. Unfortunately the people that won't pull their head out of the sand are not helping the situation at all.      


    Synergistic toxicity is so often disregarded or dismissed.

    We are told not to be ignorant about accepting sick people as the sickness being part of their identity, however, why are we ignorant of what causes the sickness?

    They either spin it away as genetic or complete ignore it. When you vaccinate a child, did you get tested for already existing toxins to avoid synergistic toxicity?

    The response is NO its not even considered as part of the equation or safety concern. We need to demand toxicity testing before vaccinations are considered.

    Stopping  this ignorance to the dangers of vaccinations is a must.

  9. Randall says:

    like I have said before, it's murder! But is it plain and simple? No, it's delusion, conspiracy , detailed, planned, being executed, slow kill done by oil cartels to cover up what their greed has done to the planet, your government to keep the economy going their way and keep the tax machine going. But it is MURDER!!!  by collusion of many parties. 

    When people realize they and their children along with the planet are being murdered, for the big oil cover up, they may, barring many vaccines, think straight, and get some courage.

    Let them in power know they are murderers!!

    Start with your state Dnr agencies……Rj

    • Dawnski says:

      Seems to reason the Doctors who are dispensing pharmekia/sorcery to the population for the illnesses that are being caused by these atrocities are also accomplices. How can you get a degree to become a doctor of anything and not have the ability to determine what has been going on in the atmosphere? It takes very intelligent individuals to accomplish the degrees they seek. Makes me not trust anyone anymore for their expertise. . . . other than Dane and my family of followers here.



  10. juli says:

    WE WILL NOT GIVE UP !!! THANK YOU Mr. Wigington….XO

  11. Mishelle says:

    Some are meant to send professional, informative letters, no doubt this is the more logical, rational, adult response.  But I question, what is more effective, put yourself in the position: 1,000 pissed off, argumentative, irrational, irate, threatening letters, or any number of nice professional scientific ones? Folks don't respond to reason and evidence, maybe you more logical types are not living in our current reality? Folks need to get their fight Our nation has gotten WAY to passive and more coddling and passivity will not work. Just one middle aged woman's opinion.

    • Dennie says:

      No, it's more like we have the people who are mainly coming from their emotions and then we have the people who are coming mainly from reason.  You need both.  But humankind has been in a battle of spirit against feeling waged in the battlefield of the human psyche and that's the paradigm that no one wants to look at.  We have Men vs. Women, Old vs. Young, Rich vs. Poor, intellectual vs. what? "Dumbed-Down."  It is the Dialectical thought process vs. the gut reaction of the intuition, knowing that bypasses the "higher" thought processes, (or is "higher" just the snobbery of the intellect?) "The truth is in the middle" is The Answer to this riddle.  Most don't know where that would be.  "You're either for or against is the shout drowning all else out now.

    • Frank says:

      I think you are right, Mishelle, because aside from saving the world, we are trying to save ourselves from not ending up hiding in our basements with no food, praying that the people breaking down the door are the military and not the local zombies. All you will have then is fear.

  12. Donna-AZ says:

    I was just in Peoria, AZ, about 5 miles from home, and watched a cloud, the only cloud up there, maybe 10 miles long by about 5 or 6 miles wide get assaulted by 6 large jets. All of the jets turned their poison on and off after flying over the cloud. So, are these jets equipped with Mobileye technology, cloud sensors, being turned on and off remotely, or are these pilots getting paid handsomely to pull the lever and keep their mouths shut? In the name of what, National Security, or National Poisoning? Just know, no one is going to forgive you.

  13. This is your world – dying from the psycho-active drug called capitalism. Read it and weep: >

    The Daily Climate: Front Page

    • Dennie says:

      Paul:  Do any of the articles on The Daily Climate acknowledge or address the facts of the ongoing S.A.G./S.A.I. and S.R.M., or even local weather modification efforts?

    • Hello Dennie: Nope. Not a word about geoengineering damage to ecosystems, and not a word about intentional catastophic climate events. Break out the butterflies and  unicorns…

      The brain dead wish to remain brain dead, because wking up to smell the burnt coffee would take some actual balls. Let's keep speeding around in huge SUVs and  jumbo jets, whilst texting on our little plastic binkie-toy… The cowardice makes me want to puke…

  14. Hello CMDR Gregory M Volz:

    Excellent!!! The way forward MUST come through constant pressure on our legal systems. Federal courts that refuse to bench citizen filings against these operations are (in fact) aiding and abetting enemies of the American people. This amounts to willful treason, and their negligence is punishable under several sections of the American Bill of Rights…

    If peaceful protest and presure on our legislative branch and executive branches becomes untenable, the courts system is the only reliable method of enforcement. Any social evolution at this point is a fools pipedream. Capitalism is a moral and ethical sickness, and there are way too many drugged up sleepers…

    Though I'm not an attorney, I've offered readers numorous methods of legal redress over the past two years. Go back over Dane's archival pages and notice my many recomendations and supportive legal texts. Most are direct quotes from legal libraries like Cornell. Thanks for your comments and efforts…

  15. Joe Ceonnia says:

    Dane, I was reading an article from a Russian scientist that claims that te Russian Science community has offered help to clean this site at Fukashima Nuclear Plant, but the west doesn't want their help, and they believe that the refusal for help is a purposely political ploy. Zero energy – also known by other names, the scientist(s) has some good idea's that can take most of the poison out into of the atmosphere, out into space…There was a lot of technical information that,  I must be honest, I didn't quite understand, but my point is, our government(s) refuses the help! That's what's concerning, I think any scientific idea should be evaluated. What's your thoughts about refusing to evaluate all idea's??

    • FRANK NORRIS says:


  16. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    Today was farmers market #5. What an afternoon it was. Today, again, the weather schedulers made it rain on our market. Attendance was low but that did not keep our information booth from getting the word out. I write "our booth" because all of you here are there with me. I'd like to think that I do you all proud by quoting your comments in my conversations with folks. I had several significant visitors today. One of our local pharmacists, the manager of house keeping at our local hospital and a prominent member of the hippie community that was so prevalent here 20 to 30 years ago. The pharmacist was the most interested in what I had to tell and the other two put off an air of immunity to the tides that are coming our way soon. Especially the "hippie", go figure. There were 3 repeat visitors today. I was gifted 10 videos from Dane and I check them out like a library book. I ask everyone that comes by and listens to come back and tell me a story of what they see in the skies that they didn't notice before. Like I wrote before, the farmers market is going to be a compounding experience. Not only for myself, but those I speak with and teach. Recently, I have been asked, several times over, "hey, I saw your booth at the market, what are you selling?" I get a great deal of satisfaction in telling them that I am selling nothing. I am only "giving away information" that they need to know. Look people, if I can do this with my simple mind and my simple life, ALL of you can do this in your own worlds you reside in. "Just do it!" And then report back to all of us here and abroad. Thank you to you ALL.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Us simple minded guy's sure make good seed spreaders.

      With you in spirit and consciousness every Thursday at your farmers market booth. Never Give Up!

      Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy


    • stuart ellis` says:

      could you say how much money you put out to complete your booth and where you got you signs made….thanks…

    • Maciej Kocialkowski says:

      Hello simple horseman and all others helping out to expose and stop this crime,

      I really like the idea you implemented and salute you for doing it. It is something that has been crossing my mind for some time now, and I am about to inquire at the local Flea Market, if they would allow me to set up a booth. Farmers market would be probably even better. I guess the key here is to find the individual in charge who resonates with our message. I already have banners, flyers, DVD's, what not. We even have a billboard in town which is increasingly being noticed. Reaching out to the public seems naturally like a next step. I will absolutely share any development in that regard here.

      Thank you all again for helping and sharing ideas,


    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      To my friends I haven't met yet,

      Steven Chamberlain, Mister, your words mean a lot to me. I am humbled and happy to read them. For they come from a person that has "put it all on the line" in a small population area. There's no anonymity here like there is when residing in a densely populated region. How's that plant business doing? Maybe you're doing "plants and pizza's"?

      stuart ellis, A question my friend, if I may. Does it matter what it cost to set up my booth? You saw the pictures. It's obvious I built the booth. I'll say this, I spent half of my savings on those banners and the booth. The banners were 70 bucks a piece and the lumber was free(re-purposed). Paint and extra's cost a little more. I live a very modest life style. When it comes to thinking about the very possible "game over" we will face very soon if "we" don't get together and stop this geo engineering crap, money didn't matter. I'm as broke as a joke, but I am not afraid to be heard. The printing company that did my banners(7feet by 2 and a half feet) were made at "Heat Stroke Printing" in Omak WA. I just sent them the files from the banners on the Redding buses and went and picked them up. You can do the same at your local print shop. I pay 8 bucks a week to be at the market, 22 weeks in a row. Hope that helps.

      Steve, thank you for including me in your comment to Sandra's comment. She has good suggestions that I hope she will act on. Not everyone can find a way to get into their local farmers market(there is always a way though). Work has been good lately. I don't ever get a "Latte" so I wouldn't be giving that up, but what I do give is a portion of what I would have saved to get through a winter here in the north Okanogan when work is scarce.

      For what it's worth, getting into any local "venue", to spread the truth, is more simple than you could imagine. Think like the Trojan horse concept, only your not there to kill opposing soldiers. You are there to "teach". Is that a crime? No! So what's holding you folks back?

  17. Susan Morgan says:

    Take heed…..plant the seed! 

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I planted a few seeds today and I will plant a few more tomorrow. I will plant seeds of awareness everyday until my last breath, without fear trepidation or timidity.

      It sounds like "a" simple horseman has become a broadcast seed spreader. You are a hero Mike! I was thinking about you this afternoon and was with you in spirit at the farmers market today.

      Never, Ever, Give Up!

  18. Seeing Clearly says:

    Good Job

  19. ron hall says:

    This THE NOW for India!  The majority of India's 1.25 BILLION people are in a deadly scorched HELL ON EARTH! NOW!                        As Dane has often said the Psychopaths are keeping an illusion going over America contrasted with KILLER DROUGHTS or RAGING STORMS in so-called emerging(poor by US standards) countries. 

  20. Seeing Clearly says:

    Fukushima is an issue that should have never happened. We need responsibility in our government and citizens.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yes, And even though they constantly point the finger at TEPCO for the debacle- lets not forget who provided the design for building the reactors in the first place.. None other than our old friend General Electric, another elitist, bankster backed American corporate conglomerate. Arnie Gunderson's site has much good information on the nuclear challenges we face. Also 'Plumegate' a video by Hatrick Penry on youtube has incredibly good information on Fukushima as well.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Indeed, we do need responsibility. But do we really need government?

      What "we" need is "each other". Just sayin"……

    • We need each other, indeed when it comes to environmental protection, however, when it comes to laws I believe laws that protect the righteous are essential when it comes to government.

      Government is necessary to protect the good from the bad however when the majority is bad the government may end up doing the opposite and protecting the bad from the good.

    • FRANK NORRIS says:


  21. Sandra says:

    Dane, thank you for all you do. where do we start to turn this around?

    If we can get people to walk for this issue like we do for Cancer. Not protests as this is going to be a way to target people. But an actual event, an organized walk where people can donate and show up to walk for the climate and our children's safety. Do we have any organizers that can do this? Also if we target a project that we can put in place to make a every walker knows what their participation will accomplish.Can we get the ACLU involved to bring suit against some of the ones responsible for this? What about a project that puts up bill boards to inform citizens. What about making a documentary with all the knowledge we have? What about a letter writing campaign, a gofundme campaign, a festival with name known artists, a bicycle race, a Christian rally. there are so many ways to get this information out there and get funding to put representatives in congress, etc etc etc.Do it all at once, we don't have time. There is a great many people world wide that march and protest for climate change. This is a climate change issue. Add geoengineering to the mix.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sandra, about your question, only when the masses realize they are fighting for their lives will many finally decide to stand and be counted in this most critical battle. That point is now very close. If we do our part to sow credible seeds of awareness and awakening, when the realization of what is unfolding can no longer be hidden, the forced awakening will begin. FYI

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Sandra, You bring up many different and applicable tasks to bring awareness to the masses. "Pick one" and Go for it!!! Do not tell yourself that you can not accomplish any or all of the tasks you stated.

    • Jeff Watson says:

      Dane, a very good friend of mine wants to go and see you on July 28th. I've only been back on YT for 4 months, and i'm getting overwhelmed with ChemTrails, now I found chem webs, and yesterday was one of the strangest days I ever recorded. Really would be honored if you could reply. God Bless, Jeff Watson @


      I  want to help in sharing these crimes against HUMANITY

    • Steve says:

      Your ideas are excellent, Sandra, we each need to do our part. But right now we have the best "vehicle" to get the information out, about what is happening, right here on this website.  We have a man who is totally dedicated to this cause, Mr Dane Wigington, who tirelessly works getting information out in an ever expanding platform from this website to billboards, radio shows, etc etc.

      Now, think about if each of us sit down right now to send a mere $50 or $100 to our small donations multiplied hundreds, perhaps thousands of times over, just how much more effective GeoEngineeringWatch's outreach could become, with just forfeiting a few Latte's a few days, those dollars will go to exposing this crime against humanity with ever expanding reach.

      Amazing, Dane Wigington can accomplish so much, while never selling ANYTHING on this website, or asking for anything from any of us, let's support this effort in every way possible, if we can't set up an effective booth like Simple Horseman weekly, am sure we can spare a couple of dollars to this important cause.  Did you happen to notice that Simple Horseman stated that Dane sent him the DVD's free? Think for a moment, what is the cost of his time for going to the post office, gas, etc, postage, cost of making the DVD, then Dane gives them away free, amazing selfless individual Dane Wigington is in my honest opinion, and I feel he needs more support that goes beyond our comments here.  Each of us can plant the mustard seed today to start that Financial Snowball so Dane's weekly radio program can be heard on air in all 50 states, billboards along all major highways and Interstates, greater Documentary's that may reach the networks, it's endless.

      Am sending my small amount today, will you?

  22. Kathy says:

    Today was productive and timely. 

    Due to Extra heavy spraying these past few days I had head pressure and was very tired but I reluctantly went to my favorite organic coffee shop owned by a wonderful family. Just as I was leaving to go I got noticed of Danes Q and A article so I played it on my way there.This was perfect timing to refresh my tired brain as little did I know I would be answering these very questions within minutes.

    Upon my order and our usual friendly greeting…general conversation lead to a 2-3 hour conversation packed into 15 minutes straight talk. (not one customer came behind me to order during this time even though there were people in the shop-Divine!). Many things were discussed such as vaccinations, fluoride, towers, etc…they had seen VAXXED and understood entirely so I said do you guys know about Geoengineering? They heard about "chemtrails" so I once again corrected on proper terminology. He knew by watching that these "trails" were not contrails because they stayed in the sky and fanned out. I lead them to this site, ran to my car grabbed a DVD, stack of flyers, Danes magazine. They were so happy took my number to hook me up with others they knew that have connections. The owner said he would post a flyer on their board in this very popular coffee shop. It was great to lead people to the right information with a very successful business and a sound mind . Danes incredible efforts and everyone of us working together to awaken and expose the worst secret criminal act upon us all will not go in vain one way or another!  Timing could not have been more perfect today!

    Oh and I get a lot of picture taking of my bumper sticker!!

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Kathy, "Good Job!!!". I just go home from the farmers market where I have a booth each week. I refreshed this page and there was your comment. You planted seeds, watered and cared for them and just when you thought your chips were down, they nourished you. Kathy, yours is the kind of diligence that everyone needs to adopt. Put away any fears and just lay all the cards on the table. Myself, I hope I get to read 100's of comments like yours.

      Either we are part of the traction where the rubber hits the road or we are just spinning our wheels.

    • Kathy says:

      Simple Horseman Thank you for your kind words. Its an honor to work with people of integrity and intelligence all on this site such as you as there are not many to be found. I live in the other half of Washington state..well part time in the city and part in S.E wash. I think you said you are also in E.wash? Keep up the good work…maybe one day we will all be  celebrating our hard efforts accomplished??… hand slappin each other saying "well done my friends"

    • r k says:

      Thank you Kathy! My heart is deeply touched and grateful for what you are able to do, and that people are receiving it so well.

  23. Lynn says:

    Thank you Dane for all that you are doing.  God Bless you…

    They are spraying Yuma AZ something fierce.  Yuma is the Lettuce Capitol of the USA.  Think we have 5 packing plants.  All these leafy greens are contaminated. Not to mention our water supply. 

    I have COPD so that's what brought all this to my attention, hard to breathe.  Thank you

  24. frank reps says:

    In a very cool and collected manner ; Dane Wigington has outlined the methodology of the so called  " Elites "  who are  probably acting as agents of Evil Principalities, to destroy life on Earth. { could they themselves be the evil pricipalities ? } Vaccinations…Flouridation….gmo foods and the Diabolical Geo Engineering programs disguised as weather modification programs are all part of this effort.  The more the public is made aware of this issue…..the sooner some positive lashback will happen.  " Atta boys " and words of good cheer are not enough.  An check or credit card earmarked for this effort ia also very necessary from every reader of Dane's website.  I put a little bit in….you guys and gals should too.  Nothing can happen withou some cash backing.t   

  25. Susan Solleder says:

    Thanks for all that you do Dane.
    They are killing us with horrific amounts of chemtrails every day in Phoenix, getting worse & worse.
    They are poisoning us & it must be stopped.
    Have pictures to post if you like.

    • Susan Morgan says:

      Susan, are you in Phoenix, Arizona or Phoenix, Oregon? I live in Phoenix, Oregon and we have been aerosoled alot lately. Definitely modifying our weather along with HAARP. It rained today. The weather is cooler than normal as well. I'm checking in our area to see if there is anyone following Dane. I forwarded this email to our local morning radio talk station. Waiting for his reply. 

      Take care, 


  26. Judy Hastings says:

    No one is addressing the root of the earth's problems.  That is OVERPOPULATION.  Sooner, but I'm afraid it will be much later, it  will have to be  dealt with but due to religions, the politicians will be afraid to even bring it up.  Let's face it, WE'RE DOOMED.

    • Randall says:

      Yes Judy, as we live we are over the edge. Greed has taken its toll. I have always thought, growing up on a dead farm, that property taxes on modest homestead was the death nail to real living. People cannot just live a simple farming sustainable life in peace. It's a shame. Got my second book from Dane to take to the Dnr on birthday July, will put them on notice about the cover up of air quality in Wisconsin, and that they are criminal if they continue as secretaries, right up to the big wig. 


    • Bija says:

      Poisoned food, poisoned water, poisoned air, drought, famine, global catastrophe, extreme electro magnetic waves pulsing through all life…I don't think overpopulation is an oversight for the destroyers.

    • ron hall says:

      Judy Hastings: True, overpopulation is a serious problem.  But here is something which almost no one takes into consideration: According to Dr. Robert Hare and others who study this, about 1% of the human species are PSYCHOPATHS!  So that means the earth has about 73 MILLION PSYCHOPATHS!– who lust for power, lie, plot in secrecy,  have zero empathy, hence no concern for the consequences of their actions.                                                                                                  All civilizations die from within sooner or later.  Psychopaths took down Greece, Rome, Chinese Dynasties,etc….We exist in an Empire  which cares not a wit about us. If you go deep into why there is Climate engineering, Central banks, Military-industrial complex, Big Pharma, etc…You will find an overabundance of these Psychopathic creatures and, importantly, 9 out of 10 are males.  Not good odds for those of us who have always cared.                                                  For a PSYCHOPATH, we are simply suckers to exploit and experiment on.    So we must lean into this hopelessly insane cauldron and press ahead.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Ladies and Gentlemen.

      The Earth ( the Magical Planet ), is OVERCROWDED with psychopaths ( the MFs species ). The "rest" is the Web of Life.

      We are the Winners.

  27. Christine says:

    The most SCARY of all is the fact, that all the horizon these days is a ONE PARALLEL streak of 'clouds', all marching in the same direction. While contrails used to 'come' from the direction of Farralone Islands, the last few days, the trails are EXACTLY parallel to the coast line. The amount of fibers in the air grows EXPONENTIALLY, which is the second most scary thing of all, to me.  Needle trees are covered with a THICK 'spider web' which is so hard, that many objects are capable of literally hanging on them, without tat it is thorn into pieces… Rain if SF in June 2017, comes with it…

    • BaneB says:

      Christine:  The jets are spraying perpendicular to the approaching low pressure system headed our way fom the eastern Pacific.  It drizzled all night long here in central Mendocino County.  And all day. But towards mid afternoon actual rain drops poured from the sky.  It's not totally unusual to have a slight June rain up here.  Twice in 20 years in my area I guess.  But the forecast is for rain Saturday and Sunday.  If that occurs I will be surprised.  My grasses, up to five feet tall, are now flattened on the ground.  My concern is mold.  And later when the grass turns brown, to mow it in its current prone position.  Extra work.

  28. James Raschke Jr says:

    Dane, We had a bad forest fire here in Yarnell Arizona and 19 hotshots perished in it. The fire fighters said they never had seen such a hot fire. Wood only burns at a set temperature, but this was burning much hotter. I believe all the nano aluminum sprayed is being absorbed by the trees, and all plant life. Minerals are trapped in plant life, it is the same for nano aluminum. The metal is also found in thermite. Forest fires are becoming metal fires were water is having less effect as more metal gets absorbed. Not even talking about what they are doing to DNA life forms. The nano particles pass right thru the blood brain barrier and causes alzheimers. 

    • Susan Morgan says:

      Yep, and with the forest fires we are facing, means double jeopardy. Chemtrails in the sky, and in the forest fire, smoke, with all that poison which lingers in the air for very long time. 

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      James, wow, your comment stopped in my tracks. "19" fire fighters lost. that is an astonishing number. I live right smack in the middle of wild fire country here in upper central Washington state. I will use the info you contributed when I speak with the many DNR and forest service folks that I cross paths with every day. 2 years ago I heard several fire fighters comment, during and after, as to how the fires were hotter than they had ever experienced.

    • Dog says:

      @Horseman – yes this happened, and the explanation of the hotter fires that the firefighters have related seems to be probable, given the terrain and (semi-arid) desert vegetation that itself does not change. Why would fires suddenly be "hotter"? 

      The human tragedy itself was due to the firefighters being overran by the spreading fire – possibly due to a bad positioning decision, and also the failure of state forestry fire officials to pull the crew away under the conditions – putting protection of property over the safety of the crew, for which the Industrial Commission of Arizona fined them $550,000.  This of course did not bring any of the deceased firefighters back.

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      Dog, Thanks for the insight. "19", I just can't get that out of my head. I've been exposed to forest fires ever since I was a young boy. I remember when my father would come home after days out on a fire and we could smell him even before he opened the front door. "Logical" thinking says that we here in the "blue region" are being set up for disaster this later summer. Seriously, I do not want to see the CalFire folks here again. They are extremely good at what they do. They hacked out all kinds of "green" grass around my cabin just with a "simple" sign at my front gate stating that, "this cabin is easy to defend". (Hence the green grass). My place is designed to "flash through"(work with nature). I'm at the highest point on my mountain side knoll. The fire will come fast and hot. Damn the fool that sets it off. There have been 7 "wild fires" started by "outdoor burning" so far in my region and it's not even fire season yet.

      "19", dang, that's a lot of lives lost to this insane manipulation of our once natural world. (I smell a rat)………………..

  29. Robin Christensen alias Homer-Un says:

    I just watched today's tape on 'Threats'.  I have been having discussions with coworkers, family, and friends about geoengineering.  'Planting the seeds' now is indeed what this is all about.  Its is understandable how denial works.  For example, as Hillary Clinton was a young activist working to improve access for children's health, the actions exposed by factions within the power structure contradict what she was apparently all about (in retrospect, painfully obvious).  Its hard to swallow one's pride and let go of ego and comfort zone.

    Planting the seeds reminds me of the mustard seed parable (also an emphasis of  the gnostic gospel of Thomas, so long hidden in some cave (by the power structure of those times).  When egos are destroyed the seed withers and the tree (that gives life) grows.  Bless you Dane, for what you are doing!!  Such understanding sustains me in this battle.  This website has helped me to discover so much, like the article by Edward Curtin who cites James Douglas- "…single person (not particle, exploding atom) or a small community of persons could be converted into an enormous spiritual energy….transform the world.

  30. CMDR Gregory M Volz says:


    I just filed a COMPLAINT with the Washington state attorney general criminal division and they told me, which is a LIE BOLD FACE, that I stated that these were military aircraft which every single FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT states that the JURISDICTIONAL AUTHORITY rersides with the FEDERAL ATTORNEY GENERALS CRIMINAL DIVISION, but they would NOT accept the COMPLAINT. Then Jeff Sessions was NOTIFIED, BRIEF was drafted & MOTION FILED. Jeff Sessions immediately gave his resignation to Prrsident Donald J TRUMP indicating that they know that they are poisoning AMERICAN CITIZENS with these illegal GOVERNMENT CONTRACTS by RAYTHEON, NOAA, BLM, USN, ETC…. 

    There is NO HONESTY in the Department of Justice fort causing these health affects on USA Citizens in Washington state. 


    CMDR Gregory M Volz

    • Susan Ferguson says:

      Thank you. I live on the Olympic Peninsula. Thank you for your courageous efforts. 

    • Blam says:

      CMDR, what do you think we should do as citizens now it is clear that we no longer have rule of law. That we are living in a de facto dictatorship.

  31. Susan Ferguson says:

    The American Catastrophe / Paul Craig Roberts  

    [excerpted] 6/8/17
    In the United States, indeed, in the Western world generally, those parts of the rule of law that protected liberty have collapsed. … the transformation of law from a shield of the people into a weapon in the hands of the government began with chasing after devils, such as gangsters, drug dealers, child abusers, and terrorists. The protective features of the law were cut down in order to more easily convict those targeted. The pursuit of devils was expanded by the leftwing’s Identity Politics and its creation of hate speech, hate crimes, and now thought crimes. … ”The freedom to think openly and speak clearly are but nostalgic concepts.” Many Americans, perhaps most of them, still confuse patriotism with support for the government, at least in the realm of “national security,” and not with defense of the US Constitution. The liberals and the leftwing are mainly concerned with inventing new rights in the Constitution for “victim groups” as defined by Identity Politics. These new rights, of course, cancel out rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights that was incorporated into the Constitution as Amendments. … While the government has destroyed habeas corpus and due process, the leftwing has destroyed freedom of expression. Together they have given us a police state.
    The accountability of the US government has also been lost to powerful private interests. Here is what former CIA official John Stockwell has to say: “It is the function of the CIA to keep the world unstable, and to propagandize and teach the American people to hate, so we will let the Establishment spend any amount of money on arms.”  After managing Washington’s deceptive participation in the Angolan War and serving as a CIA paramilitary officer in the Congo and Vietnam, and being awarded the CIA’s Intelligence Medal of Merit, Stockwell resigned because of his concern about the methods and results of the CIA’s secret wars. He wrote In Search of Enemies and appeared on the TV program, 60 Minutes where he revealed that CIA director William Colby and National Security Adviser Henry Kissinger had systematically misled Congress about the CIA’s secret operations. The CIA retaliated with a lawsuit that drove Stockwell into bankruptcy and then dropped the lawsuit.

    • Michel B says:

      Thank you, Susan, for those insights into the politics of the moment. Whether we identify with Left, Right or Centrism, there is obviously a facade of dualism that seems to forever scrabble after the throne. It is all a ruse of course. Politicians are selected managers and distractors. The Two Major Party system is deliberately constructed to give us an illusion of choice.

      But, it is interesting that the most suspect of political engagement is by those who align themselves with the Left. It is my outlook that the so-called current manifest Right of the political spectrum is merely a controlled opposition, controlled by the powers behind the Left. All work for the same Masters.

      Apparently the Left/Right political paradigm started in the French National Congress when those who supported the Monarchy would sit on the right and those 'progressives' who opposed the Monarchy sat themselves on the left. It was a seating arrangement to show the division of political viewpoints.

      To me, this does not mean that a Left wing/Right wing descriptor has no merit. In fact, I think it is most important to identify what each Left wing and Right wing really stand for, especially in today's politically obfuscating climate, and then use our own personal judgement as to where we may put our allegiances and values. We must sort theory from actual practice.

      For instance, I think it is very important to oppose Communism in all of its forms and guises. As a collectivist political system it has enslaved and killed more people than anything else. Communism is sold as a panacea for humanity's woes, yet each and every time it has served the murderous and conquering aims of power mongers who are nothing short of being clinically identifiable psychopaths.

    • Hello Susan Ferguson : You mean like this? >

      Excerpted from: DynCorp – Wikipedia


      DynCorp International began as an aviation company in the 1950s and continues to provide aviation support globally. Aviation support including emergency response air programs,[42] aircraft maintenance,[43] theater aviation support management,[44] helicopter maintenance support,[45] supportability and testing.[35][36][46]

      Emergency response air programs

      DynCorp has been working with the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (known as CAL FIRE) to suppress and control wild land fire.[50] DynCorp flies and maintains Grumman S-2 Tracker fire retardant air tankers and OV-10A aircraft, and maintains and services civilian UH-1H Super Huey helicopters flown by CAL FIRE pilots. Operating from across California, aircraft can reach most fires within 20 minutes.[50]

      Latin American incidents

      See also: Colombian armed conflict and Plan Colombia

      In September 2001, Ecuadorian farmers filed a class-action lawsuit against DynCorp. On February 15, 2013, the court granted summary judgment to DynCorp, dismissing the sole remaining human health and medical monitoring claims brought by Ecuadorian plaintiffs in connection with counternarcotic aerial herbicide spraying operations in southern Colombia.[88] The plaintiffs are preparing to appeal the dismissal.[89]

      In this regard, concerning the company's activities and alleged abuses in Colombia, an extensive accusation was presented against DynCorp at the Hearing on Biodiversity of the Permanent Peoples' Tribunal, session on Colombia, which took place at the Cacarica Humanitarian Zone from February 24 to 27, 2007.[90]

      On November 29, 2008, a lengthy New York Times article questioned the potential conflict of interest in the hiring by Veritas Capital Fund, LP, holding company for DynCorp, of Gen. Barry McCaffrey. McCaffrey had previously served as White House "Drug Czar" where he shaped future federal public-private partnership in drug enforcement policy.[91]

      Complet text:

  32. Abigail says:

    Thank you, Dane,

    I was looking for an update and started to post another, BUT this is of 'utmost importance' for NOW. (6/8/17) Sharing with Russ Tanner on OrbisVitae. Sincere blessings and prayers for you and all your extensive materials needed. Press On! Godspeed and blessings!

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