They are Blocking the Sun, Period


There is a lot of clear evidence, documented science, as well as factually backed so-called theories and seeming speculation regarding the chemtrail program. It is horrifically monstrous and Orwellian at the least. No scientific explanation can possibly justify such an earth and life destroying program.

by Zen Gardner

That’s the bottom line.

The simplest way of seeing this surreal, anti-life phenomenon is that they’re simply blocking sunlight from reaching the earth.

And that’s bad.

Nothing Is As Essential to Planetary Life As the Sun

The global warming mitigation excuse for geoengineering we’ve been surreptitiously slipped by the Powers That Be couldn’t be more lame. Sure, bought off corporate and government spawned scientists are playing along with the idea, giving the little boys a sense of empowerment as they act out others’ sick Machiavellian psychopathic disorders for personal gain and profit.

But there cannot be any justifiable substance to anything so blatantly anti-life.

It’s like turning off all the lights in a building so everyone can see more clearly during an emergency. It’s absurd beyond belief.

It reminds me of today’s fascist medicinal allopathic treatments for cancer. “No nourishing nutrients people, it will cause the cancer to grow faster.” An innate backwards take on the very integrity of creation and its self-healing power.

Similarly, without the sun and its healing and empowering effects, we’re only going to get sicker, as a planet, and as a race.

That’s the bottom line.


No Good Effects


It’s already been proven and admitted that this massive aerosol program is trapping heat and thereby increasing global warming. In addition, a 20% global dimming has been registered, bringing less photosynthesis to plants, less vitamin D to humans and other animal life, and less solar power for those working to lessen fossil fuel dependency.

For obvious starters. That should be enough in itself.

That they’re able to manipulate the weather to the advantage of the highest bidder and heaviest hitter is diametrically wrong. Whole areas with forced drought are then bought up by a predatory big Agra conglomerate waiting for their sickened catch to ripen. Stock market sharks playing on geoengineered crises bet on market changes and manipulated pricing in the face of steered storms and “managed” weather systems.

The fix is in while the public sits reeling from one manufactured weather onslaught to the other.

Still More Deeply Wrong

The planet is undergoing the bombardment of a vibrational surge at the moment. That we’re in a galactic alignment that should have been met with universal rejoicing, yet instead the Controllers seek to fight the natural influences of the Cosmos, is fundamentally suspect. Blocking the sun and other vibrational radiation sources has multiple deleterious effects, some of which are mentioned above.

Coincidentally, knowledge of the sun’s life-giving energy is something held dear in secret societies and occult orders. The very same ones behind the secret cabal ruling the planet. Getting the picture?

It’s understood by many that we’re in the midst of a bombardment of galactic influences. Literally attempting to block this energetic gift is tantamount to global pseudo-scientific fascism, virtually switching off the oxygen supply to a dying lung patient.

Can you tell me how that can have a positive, protective influence on spaceship earth?

What Can We Do?

Scream your awareness. Like a nightmare where your life is being threatened, let it out for your life, and make it your way of life!

We’re under attack and literally being strangled. Fight for your breath, literal and consciously, because that’s what you’re doing now anyway, like it or not.

Love, Zen

21 Responses to They are Blocking the Sun, Period

  1. Stuart holman says:

    I also live in Hampshire UK, they have stepped up their intentional gassing of every person; animal and plant around here, the past few days, their spraying was so obvious and unconcerned about public outcry just a 20 minute round trip to a shop, i watched the desired result, a mass of fake looking rain clouds, (that do not drop any rain), start to block out the sky and sun.

    Since I started literally tasting the stuff, getting noticable breathing problems 2 days ago, they are adding something new to their mixx, if radioactive strontium wasn't bad enough!

    My brain is getting affected, obviously disorientated; forgetfull, I can feel it being suffocated hence my long-winded and potentially off putting wording here, my eye sight is being notably damaged in that short time frame also.

    Got pictures of the spraying and the suffocating chemical soup dropping at sunset, they are similar to those seen everywhere on the internet

    At this moment i am siiting in my flat with the windows closed still having trouble breathing properly, and distinctly tasting the stuff, my sense of smell has already been destroyed so maybe that is a perverse thing in not also smelling what i am breathing in, and is seeping through my skin.

    Heard another extremely low plane pass over head in a strange direction around 06:30 pressumably spraying more, as now no-one can even witness the trails being laid down here anymore, but important proof of fact for all the fearfull Sheeple, is that the sun has been up for more than an hour here and it is still dark outside.

    I am definately on my way Out from the chemical asphixiation and radiation poisoning. No surprise, in my independent thought upbringing,  have long since been a natural threat to Freemason social inadequate types, to the extent i've been forcibly as a weapon made unemployed for inadvertantly in being independent becoming a perceived threat to these people, just a little practice of their masters mentality, but am sad and made furious to see the children in the school playground next door being suffocated, I feell like tearing every billlionare involved, apart liimb by limb. only after making them give up all their cheated wealth in promise for their lives, with equal contempt a promise would be made by them, in compensation and damages to the rest of the worlds decent surviving populations, and it's environmental repair. the puppet scientists, politicians; military; etc, involved, would have to be marked aswell, once their masters are gone they will probably fall to their knees in fear, as all the obvious claims of they were just doing what they were told to do, would then be treated as all the false propaganda they have uttered to date.

    There is a simplistic answers, to start by shaming the weak who pressume to put themselves in authority, those who portray themselves as better than than those who have no need of power over others, And laugh at them (they can so easily be made irrelevant to all just with the same weapons they use) for being ordered by their masters, over fake money debts, a small group of this criminal minority are in the business of printing money from nothing, and in the position to cease its flow, got every inadequate politician; policeman; general; scientist; etc by their now useless Gonads, what else have they got to give themselves pleasure.

    As if they believe they are going to be safe, after all the dangerous innocents with their own minds left are killed off, The self styled illuminati are the weakest and most paranoid bunch of sheeple that exist, when it is only people like them left on a barren planet they will be at each others throats, family or not.

    As i know there are no gods that most need to be lead by, there is certainly no Satan as the Freemasons or the illuminati, pretend to follow, these people are drugged by way too much money and are made psychotic by it.

    Tthe obvious proof is the sky now, the only things they are Sheep illuminated by are of James Bond; Pink Panther or our man Flint type world dominator's using mad scientist to play with the weather as if it is their own personal laboratory.

    But to save most of the life on the planet, before that group succeeds in silencing their sad perception of a long established paranoid threat to them, (those people that deserve by their own attitudes to be culled are marked by whether they react to any one with an opposing opinion, or anyone who needs to be better than someone else) governments around the globe are groups of conned mugs, to be ignored; broken and annihilate all their minority ilk first, obviously they have planned for that with their mindless brought tools in the police;and military etc; Just the last decades of obvious actions to the public show where those groups allegiances apparently stand, in their wages, and their fear of their master's, opposition has been and obviously will be forcibly supressed before it even starts, mass marches have never been any real solution anyway.

    It has taken me close to 4 hours to type this, it is now 10:55 its is half daylight with no sign of any blue sky or sun.

    The normal populations are still the strongest, every one knows that, even the Sheeple, (the power hungry, money ruled minorities are already sick in the head from thoughts and fears of an uprissing and people removing their wealth and property from them) every predominantly innocent person (usual propaganda of the corrupt being there is no such thing as an innocent person) seriously are learning to recognize the signs for getting rid of the persistent historical cause of all the wars; famins; depressions; and media tripe.

    Probably just seem mostly that i am preaching to the converted here, ignorance can be bliss, is just dumb people afraid of admitting to being dumb, ignorance is honest, no-one can know everything about any one subject, and what is obvious from the videos of these scientists paid to do and benefitting from patents on this geo-engineering experiment, is from their own mouths, they don't know what results the publics fearful part of the experiment will have, with the immediate contradictory statement that it is not harmfull, they obviously don't live i the same world as us, as they conveniently decide to ignore their own ignorance, what sort of bliss what that be called, self manufactured and promoted bliss or just pure self defined insanity, what they are all involved in doing is certainly insane that is obvious to any one even the soap opera mong's they are trying to kill, ofcourse they know the results they are the mad scientists, who should be immediately executed for crimes against nature.

    been dropped into the deep end of this, by seeing and experiencing the effects of their planet wide narcissistic-meddlling;, monopoly-making; social-engineering, in mainly just these last 3 days, as like another person above, I have been without TV for over 14 years, and have pretty much never in 44 years had any need to buy or interest to read a newspaper, that alone makes me an enemy to those who make money from it, what are they going to do with their addiction when they kill all the consumers off, I guess they think they can replace all the dead creative human resource with AI systems. to design their clothes for them, or paint marketable pictures and music for them, what makes me think these people have any knowledge of taste any way, their personalities say they're lacking in all normal human happiness there-in lies their resentment actions.

    My re-reading the above most people here may agree, i'm not the best platform for a solution, I need to educate myself fast to be of any help, in my book they should have been dealt with decades ago,

    I have to try no matter how un-educated! otherwise i deserve to be made extinct by the weak hands of another, atleast my potentially ignorant words, is a lot better than these scientist ignorant actions, i grew up in the 60's and 70's where "sticks and stones" was a common saying, then the 80's came along and the Environmentalists busy trying to stop deforestation, wrongfully but predictably using moral blackmail, and early social-engineering in the "WE" ethic, which was immediately adopted and snapped up by all the corrupt institutions and people of the world as a war cry, to diminish any individual that had ideas; experiennces or a mind of their own. The annoying WE are all responsible professionals speaking of the damages in these video's, are dealing the blame out to everyone else on the planet, and letting those who are responsible off the hook, making the whole argument irrelevant, words alone only have power over the weak.

    Also that WE ethic is a good example of shoot themselves in the foot illuminati, didn't come up with it themselves, so they are far from illuminated as they would have everyone believe, just the usual money grubbing parasite gangsters, ripping off everyone else's idea's driven by religious inadequacy from 2000 Year old retarded spite.

    If any person can make use of an idea spawned from a word to save all those who deserve to live an unabused lifetime from parasite scum.I truely hope you are succesful very soon,



  2. ST says:

    Use laser’s, like high powered pen lasers. It messes with planes. If you think for a minute we can talk, or reason with the insane minds behind this you are a fool along with the imbeciles still watching TV. There is only one solution, fight back or die.

  3. Joseph says:

    Big oil is in on this too.Global dimming is going to reduce the amount of energy available from the sun, meaning alternative energies will be up to 50% less effective by 2015

  4. Des says:

    Hello everyone! I’m glad I’ve found this site. I live in Hampshire, UK where I often see ‘them’ spraying their filth! Yesterday, I posted a few images on facebook explaining that I see chemtrails where I live. Within 10 minutes or so, a couple of guys on my friends list, started their insults. Are people really that blind? Where are our deep blue skies? How come our skies are so wishy-washy? How come the morning (like yesterday) starts out clear, then becomes dull and lifeless within a few hours? I find it sad and frustrating that people just don’t want to see the truth, that’s right in front of them, yet they’ll sit and watch the soaps on tv (like my mum does) and go along in their own little world like things are just fine. My mum once said: “Ignorance is bliss!” and isn’t that what the powers that be want everyone to think?!!! Makes me sad and very angry!

    • Rob Jones says:

      Hi Des. I live in the south of France and we often have clear blue skies. Then the planes come accross! Easyjet, Ryanair etc etc.. the sky turns milky white and on a hot day we will drop noticably by about 10 c!!! Sun dogs are very common now and it makes me very annoyed. The sad truth is most people dont want to know. They live in a reality bubble they have created for themselves and they will become very upset if you try and burst it for them. Not all of us are asleep though and more are waking up. Lets hope in time eh? Keep spreading the word – some people just need to be made aware.

  5. Olga says:

    I am from Lipetsk (Russia), Airplanes have been spraying their crap for many years.When in media was announced that “another wave of flu is going to take place in Lipetsk” I made the following comment:”No doubt we gonna have another flu epidemia once we have been drastically sprayed these days.Just take a look at the sky before you say smth against.” Strange as it is but my comment disappeared together with the “announcement” itself.That is how they “work”.(Excuse my english please).

    • Des says:

      Hello Olga. So you have the same problem in Russia? Its so sad. Today, I am pleased to say that [for the moment] we have blue skies! Its interesting to note that I have not seen any planes… yet. Yesterday and the day before, started out with blue skies. I saw a number of Contrails, 2 of which drifted over my home! By the afternoon, it was dull and grey!!!

  6. Cathy says:

    They get away with it because the powers that be have our “implied consent” to do so. In other words we can be used as guinea pigs.

    Read this article to learn how we can stop it. It’s probably the only way to succeed.

    Law, legal & lawful are not the same thing.

  7. Merlin says:

    Skullchems is a very good picture. Art work can help to spread the knowledge at present. Actually I wrote my story for people who are truly interested in public health, for those concerned by cancer, alzheimer etc. It’s not really meant for children. Rather, you could tell it at work during the coffee break.

    Here’s my tale again. However, I can’t join the illustrations – can anybody tell me how to do that?

    The Cheating King

    Once there was a king. He asked his people if they wanted to eat some different food, which would be more profitable. The people answered: “You are a nice king and your scientists are certainly very clever. Still, we prefer the food as it was always given by Mother Nature. The king answered: Well, you have already been eating falsified food”.

    Then he gave orders to spray toxic substances very high in the sky. They would fall with the rain so that the earth would get hard and dry and unable to bear crops except the falsified ones. Again, people said that they preferred if the air and the rain water were pure, and if the sun was not blocked by artificial clouds. The king answered: The weather has already been falsified.

    A bit later, a delegation went to see the king and said: Oh king, would you like to have this water which makes you forget your own name and induces madness? Of course, the king didn’t want it. Then the people said: “The water that induces madness, you have already drunk it.”

  8. Jo says:

    When I want to bring people’s attention to what’s happening, I find that it’s often useless to inform them of the difference between chemtrails and contrails. So instead I turn their focus on the *patterns*. It’s easier for people to understand that normal air traffic does not produce these fancy grid patterns, than it is to distinguish the contrails from chemtrails. It took me almost a year to convince some family members that the skies were being heavily sprayed, but after a few evenings spent outside with me pointing out the patterns, they finally realized (a couple, not all, because some people really just don’t want to know, period, they’re too scared or something).
    I think where I lived before there was no spraying at all for a couple of years, but the last year was extreme. We had very minimal sunshine, very depressing. Where I live now it’s just as bad (on the other side of the globe), with pretty much daily spraying.

    If these loonies who know about the sun’s life giving properties are doing it to deprive us of it (and perhaps make us more susceptible to their indoctrination and fear-mongering, who knows), where are they hanging out where there’s none of this going on?

    Is there any legal actions being taken anywhere? I heard of that thing in New Jersey, wondering if anything good came out of that, and if it inspired people to take action elsewhere.

    • doublehelix says:

      I agree. Most people see nothing wrong with the skies. I find it amazing. There is definitely something going on. I noticed over and over, how there were trails, then the white outs, the hazy low clouds. There were no more royal blue skies. No more fluffy white cumulus clouds. The weather reports say “Sunny” and it is always overcast. Just some sun sneaks through, but a far cry from what the skies looked like.
      I just ask what happened to the blue skies. People say “global warming” or “pollution”, but I seriously doubt they have investigated anything to be sure of that answer. They just spew out what they hear on CNN.
      People are willfully ignorant. They don’t want to know what is really going on, because that would ruin their constant pleasure-seeking of beer, sports, and self-gratification.

    • Jo says:

      I should add that where I am now, there’s not a perfect grid of spraying such as I witnessed in Sweden where I lived before.

      Yeah, the grid turning into a big haze. I had ‘known’ about chemtrails for at least a year before I witnessed it myself (by a friend of mine who had been in the military for many years and understood what grid patterns in the sky meant). We were leaving family after having celebrated Christmas in 2011, and were trying to get home before a huge storm was about to come in. It came just as we pulled in with strong winds and power outages. Another, much bigger storm was nearing the next day. I don’t normally look up in the sky, but because of the storm and all I did and noticed to my surprise there was an insane amount of ‘contrails’ criss-crossing each other. Soon after, the trails merged and there was a big low haze. The storm that came after that was really bad. I guess that started it all. Afterwards, we noticed spraying at least twice weekly, often more. The following 18 months were 75% overcast. It was always done a couple of hours before sundown, so that’s around 1pm in the winter there.
      In the summer, I’d notice the clear skies in the corner visible from my window, I’d make a mad dash out the porch to soak some of that sun up, but found the other half of the skies already completely sprayed.

      I don’t know that there’s anything as depressing as this. I can forget about all the other crap they’re doing if I put my mind to it, but this is right in your face. Can’t escape it really.

    • Anjela says:

      There is a BIG difference between Chemicals and Contrails.I worry that people either cannot see or want to see what clearly is going on in our Skies. Such open SKIES but closed MINDS. You can play NOUGHTS & CROSSES on the CRISS CROSS ones. People should  wake up before its too late.




  9. Anon says:

    Can’t something legal be done…after all, they don’t OWN the sun, it is just as much yours and mine…what about a class action lawsuit with about 100 million claimants ??

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Unfortunately, Uncle Sam has granted impunity to those
      who would jump on the weather modification bandwagon.
      One would have to sue Uncle Sam!

  10. Ken Jimenez says:

    I live in Mount Shasta, California and we have been getting sprayed up here for several years. I am 50 years old now, and last Wed. and Thursday were very heavy spray days with countless planes flying over.In the days since then I have developed pain in my lungs and even my Saint Bernard, Oso is wheezing now. I hope that more people will wake up and speak out before it really is too late and all of our health is damaged beyond repair.

  11. Lauren Larrimore says:

    I’ve been keeping a photo diary of spraying in my area. It seems to be working. People on fb occasionally ask me about it and it has opened the door to a lot of awareness groups. I am really interested in organizing a protest in my town on Earth Day just like Australia’s doing and any advice would be appreciated. I’ve been reaching out but it appears a lot of my friends don’t read posts and I know there are more people here who would get angry if they knew. I guess I’m going to have to message them one by one until they get the picture.

  12. Aware says:

    The damage has been done. None of the selfish zombified drones are willing to sacrifice their tv and cell phones to get anything done about it.

  13. Jeff Sperry says:

    I will be calling our local radio takshows and bringing awareness to the masses. This needs to stop!

  14. Barbara says:

    way to spray — I mean spread the truth, Zen!

    I’m heading down to the local npr afternoon talk show producers to get this topic on their schedules. At minimum, everyone else please email/FB/tweet them until they take this to the airwaves.

    Thanks for your help

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