Thoughts on Nucleated Winter Assault 2013-14


by Nancy Levant

The autumn of 2013 brought an extraordinary, season-long sky show of geoengineering, chemtrailing, blocked sunlight, and deadly particulate rains and flurries. I’m surprised they didn’t sell tickets. Equally extraordinary was sky-witnessing the raining of silvery threads, some in yard-long strands that glistened the grass, trees and bushes….the ones children and animals so enjoy. Following these extravaganzas came the “Polar Vortex” winter storms named for mythological deities and creatures, and mythological they were.

For three entire months, the jet stream never changed; the West Coast, Alaska and most of the Arctic temperatures were far, far above average temperatures, while the Eastern half of the US was “polarized” with record breaking cold and snowfalls…every weekend…cremating what remained of the American retail sector…and tripling or quadrupling the power bills of the nation’s part-timers and welfare recipients. Simply put, it was one hell of a winter albeit a winter that was once “normal” before the climate was “engineered”.

It is difficult to present the concept or possibility of climate control to anyone under the age of 50; genuinely difficult, because younger people have never experienced natural weather or skies in their lifetimes. To them normal looks much like the enormous chemtrails directly outside my window this very morning, like gigantic, twisting snakes in the sky, producing a whitish-gray color on “clear” days, and “normally” warmer winters. However, the lines in the sky and the milky sky color is created or engineered. Warm winters are created, not normal.

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The cold temperatures and snowfalls this winter were also engineered, but explaining and convincing weather “creation” has been just as difficult as convincing American people that their Red and Blue “representation” in government is also a created and engineered belief, all of which artificially imposed lies of incomprehensible magnitude.

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Chemtrails are not airplane exhaust. They are substances sprayed upon the earth. They are nano-particulates of many compositions, sprayed for many reasons known and unknown. Some of those reasons have to do with solar radiation management and global warming. Some relate to military applications; perhaps defensive or offensive, and some relate to experimentation upon the biological systems of earth; flora, fauna, soil and water systems. Other reasons include experimentation with the earth’s electromagnetic system. These experiments include storm generation, dissipation, and dragging; human activity and control, and power grid manipulation and control. Herein lays the problem: No one wants to believe any of this and, as such, people often choose to disregard the facts, which are verifiable, patented inventions and, frankly, rather obvious simply by looking up.

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Geoengineering is the science of chemtrailing and weather manipulation or climate engineering. If you study using the term “geoengineering” rather than “chemtrails”, you will find the science, universities, and geoengineers who create weather systems. specifically engineered storms, droughts, floods, and nucleated winter (artificial temperatures and snowfalls). If you study the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (H.A.A.R.P), you will learn about global facilities that manipulate the earth’s electromagnetic systems and storms that work in tandem with the nano-particulates sprayed from airplanes (geoengineering). HAARP technologies work in tandem with the sprayed nano-particulates that are nano-sized heavy metals; metals that hold electrical charges. As all life is electrically charged, manipulation of natural electricity above our heads affects our bodies’ electrical systems, particularly our brains. Hence, the epidemics of Alzheimer’s disease and autism, brain disorders, coincide exactly with the last 50 years of geoengineered climate and electromagnetic manipulation. HAARP facilities steer weather systems, which are also electrical.

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This winter has offered to the American and global public an open, visible window into global climate experimentation. One way to convince skeptics is to look at the jet stream beginning in December through March, a jet stream which has not changed. Even skeptics must realize that an unchanging jet stream is not naturally occurring or naturally possible.

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Fifty years of weather engineering have had dire consequences on all biological life on earth; on the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams, on all forests and desserts, and on all seed crops and animal food sources. The results are as follows:

Global toxic soil (contaminated with nano-particulate heavy metals, herbicides and insecticides)

Crop losses (due to drought and flooding)

Monsanto’s genetically modified seeds

Genetically modified grocery food

Long-term regional drought

Regional flooding

Rerouting of water supplies

Dam removals

Water acidification

Melting ice caps

Global and unstoppable wildfires and tree loss

Epidemic brain disorders

Epidemic asthma and pulmonary disorders, mostly blamed on smoking (again note 50-year time frame)

Epidemic species die-offs (approximately 200 per day)

Mass bird, insect and fish loss (smaller species)

Mass depression (brain disorders)

Global ill-health vs. improved health

New-fangled, annual and global vaccine experimentation

Mass-drugging of humans and animals

Global elimination of actual “health” care/medical care

Elimination of physicians and hospitals and replaced with nursing care and clinics

Global initiatives for assisted suicide and euthanasia

Global disdain for the elderly and infirmed

This list is the short list as there are many, many other consequences of this half-century experiment called climate control. In my opinion, over and above all other nightmares we are facing at the hand of governments and governing and warring dictators and their corporate owners, weather control and manipulation, coupled with the earth’s electromagnetic manipulation, are the predominant factor in whether we continue or not. And for whatever reasons, the ignoring of nuclear contaminations all over the planet somehow co-exist with the geoengineering initiatives as they, too, are ignored. As such, there is one other item to add to the list of geoengineering consequences; the 15 largest known global seed vaults as named below:

AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center

AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to alleviating poverty and improving nutrition through extensive research and outreach. AVRDC aims to improve the livelihoods of poor rural and urban households through the cultivation of more efficient vegetable varieties combined with effective production methods.

Headquartered in Shanhua, Tainan City in southern Taiwan, AVRDC – The World Vegetable Center now has over 300 staff members throughout Asia, sub-Saharan Africa, Central America, and Oceania. One of AVRDC’s primary programs includes collecting, conserving, and distributing germplasms, samples of tissue from plants.

Now the world’s largest public vegetable germplasm collection, the AVRDC Genebank holds more than 59,500 different germplasms from 156 countries. The AVRDC Vegetable Genetic Resources Information System (AVGRIS) is a database containing information about the germplasm collections.

Camino Verde

Camino Verde is a nonprofit with locations in Concord, Massachusetts and Puerto Maldonado, Peru. Camino Verde’s mission is to plant trees and encourage future planting through educational programs and public awareness.

The initiative’s Living Seed Bank is a botanical garden with more than 250 tree species, and it protects endangered varieties and provides an arena for further research into multi-species agroforestry systems. Camino Verde has planted some 70 different varieties of fruit trees, 40 flowering species, and enough trees to cover seven hectares of land.

Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago (GLBC) Seed Saving Initiative

The Great Lakes Bioneers Chicago Seed Saving Initiative was created in 2012 out of the Chicago Bioneers Conference, where Vandana Shiva challenged audience members to begin their own local seed saving projects. The GLBC mission states that “this project is to honor and elevate the work of seed saving for the purposes of protecting and expanding the non-GMO native and edible seed saving projects.”

The initiative aims to expand by holding local and regional events to bring seed savers together to exchange and store regional varieties.

Hawai’i Public Seed Initiative

The Hawai’i Public Seed Initiative (HPSI), created by The Kohala Center and funded by the Ceres Trust, assists Hawaiian farmers by holding workshops to educate them about storing and improving their seed varieties. HPSI also organizes seed exchange events, bringing farmers together to trade varieties from different parts of Hawai’i. HPSI’s goal is to build knowledge of seeds through improved communication and information, and to preserve the diversity of home gardens.

International Center for Tropical Agriculture

The International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), a member of CGIAR, is dedicated to “reduc[ing] hunger and poverty, and improv[ing] human health in the tropics through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture.”

Headquartered in western Colombia, CIAT’s high quality research focuses on developing techniques, technologies, and methods to enhance eco-efficiency in agriculture primarily for small farmers. CIAT conducts crop research with its extensive genebank, which holds 65,000 crop samples from all of CIAT’s regional offices in Kenya, Vietnam, Honduras, and Nicaragua.

CIAT aims to alter legislation and supply information from their research on issues of climate change, farmers’ market access, and gender equity.

Louisiana Native Plant Initiative

The Louisiana Natural Resources Conservation Service began the Louisiana Native Plant Initiative to collect seeds, preserve native varieties, increase flora abundance, and research plant materials for future re-vegetation projects. Louisiana is home to a plethora of endangered varieties of plants such as the longleaf pine, switchgrass, big bluestem, and partridge pea. The initiative has spearheaded several new conservation projects, combining public and private managers in order to release native plants for commercial production.

Man and the Biosphere Programme

Launched in 1971 under the supervision of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), the Man and the Biosphere Programme (MAB Programme) aims to conserve biological resources by improving the relationship between humans and the environment. Today, with the help of the MAB Programme, there are 621 biosphere reserves categorized in 117 different countries. The MAB Programme utilizes international, regional, and sub-regional partnerships to increase their global intelligence work.

Millennium Seed Bank Partnership

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership, started by the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew is the largest plant conservation project in the world. Since 2000, Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank Partnership has saved 10 percent of the world’s wild plant species at their location in Wakehurst, England. The seed bank has one billion seeds from 130 partnering countries.

Similar to other seed banks, each seed is duplicated and the replica remains in the home country of origin. Kew’s long-term goal is to house seeds from 25 percent of the world’s bankable plants by 2020. Researchers at the seed bank can test centuries-old plants for medicinal purposes, assess horticultural value, and produce more seeds to increase global biodiversity.

Native Seed / SEARCH

Native Seed / SEARCH (NS/S) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to seed conservation in the Southwest United States and Northwest Mexico. Based in Tucson, Arizona, NS/S has a state-of-the art conservation facility, 2,000 varieties of arid land-adapted seeds, and a reputation as a leader in heirloom conservation. Their seed bank currently houses varieties of traditional crops including corn, beans, and squash once used by the Apache, Havasupai, Hopi, Maricopa, Mayo, and many other tribes.

NS/S aims to maintain the genetic purity of these traditional, wild strands of crops. In order to conduct further research and education workshops, NS/S purchased a conservation farm in 1997 to continue to build public awareness about the importance of biodiversity.


Navdanya is a research-based initiative founded by Dr. Vandana Shiva, a world-renowned scientist and environmentalist. Navdanya, meaning “nine seeds” in Hindi, saves endangered seed varieties through its seed vault, and provides support for local farmers. They also conduct research on sustainable farming practices at their own organic farm in Uttarakhand, North India.

Navdanya has collected roughly 5,000 crop varieties, primarily staples such as rice, wheat, millet, kidney beans, and medicinal plants. Navdanya’s outreach program has established 111 additional seed banks in 17 Indian states. Navdanya has also created a learning center, Bija Vidyapeeth in Doon Valley, Uttarakhand. Bija Vidyapeeth offers courses on biodiversity protection, agroecological practices, water conservation, and more.

New York City Native Plant Conservation Initiative

In 2008, the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation (DPR), in partnership with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden (BBG), started the New York City Native Plant Conservation Initiative to promote and conserve diverse native plant species. Launched with 34 endangered species, the initiative hopes to preserve New York City’s biodiversity and generate awareness surrounding the conservation of urban plant varieties.

DPR and BBG use their research on endangered plants to create new management strategies in the interest of promoting future biodiversity in the city. Additionally, the New York City Native Plant Conservation Initiative has a list of all native plant species in the city, which is used to develop seed transfer zones without diminishing the genetic fitness of the native plants.

The NSW Seedbank

The NSW Seedbank began in 1986 as an initiative to collect wild seeds for the Australian Botanic Garden in Mount Annan. Over the last three decades, the seed bank has grown to save and preserve Australian native and threatened plant species.

After a major upgrade in 1999 and creating a partnership with the Millennium Seed Bank in 2003, the NSW Seedbank launched a range of horticultural research projects in their on-site laboratory. NSW Seedbank now documents 600 threatened plant species and 81 threatened ecological communities.

Seed Savers Exchange

Seed Savers Exchange (SSE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. SSE’s mission is to “conserve and promote America’s culturally diverse but endangered food crop heritage for Future Generations by collecting, growing, and sharing heirloom seeds and plants.”

Headquartered in Decorah, Iowa, Seed Savers Exchange began in 1975 and its seed bank is now one of the largest in North America. Individuals and organizations become members of the seed bank and SSE facilitates communication and exchange of seeds among members.

Aside from their primary seed bank location at Heritage Farm in Decorah, SSE also maintains seed banks at the National Center for Genetic Resources Preservation in Fort Collins, Colorado and at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway. SSE also offers services to nonmembers through the sale of more than 600 heirloom varieties.

Slow Food International

Slow Food International is a movement that began in the mid-1980s to give individuals an alternative to fast food and fast lives. Slow Food International believes in “neo-gastronomy,” or the recognition of the strong connections between plate, planet, people, and culture, and has more than 100,000 members in 150 countries.

The Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity was created in 2003 as a subcategory of their Terra Madre initiative to increase and preserve food biodiversity. The Foundation’s Ark of Taste program collects regionally and culturally significant food products to catalogue and promote their global consumption.

Their goal is to preserve history and traditions relating to food products around the world. So far, 1,200 products have been catalogued internationally, including the Pampin Mamey Sapote, native to Central America. Many national and local Slow Food organizations have begun their own seed saving initiatives to preserve heirloom varieties.

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

CGIAR and conservationist Cary Fowler founded the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in 2008. The vault, also known as the “doomsday vault,” rests more than 1,100 kilometers south of the North Pole. Seeds are stored in permafrost conditions, approximately -18 degrees Celsius, to ensure preservation. The Svalbard Global Seed Vault acts as a sort of insurance policy for other seed banks around the world, only accessing the seeds if the original is destroyed.

The Seed Vault can hold up to 2.25 billion seeds in total, equaling 500 seeds of some 4.5 million crop varieties. Priority for space in the vault is given to seeds that can ensure food production and sustainable agriculture, and the collection is primarily composed of seeds from developing countries. The seed vault is managed by the Norwegian government, the Global Crop Diversity Trust, and the Nordic Genetic Resource Center.

It is believe there are more than 1,000 seed vaults in existence today, all created within the past 50 years, and all for a reason. This number does not include the private collectors of non-GMO and heirloom seeds.

To experiment with all natural systems of life, all biological life; blocking sunlight, altering the chemistry of water, and knowingly causing the extinction of billions of species is by very definition criminal insanity. The die-offs of species alone should render all climate engineers involved as criminal killers who should be prosecuted as such. They knowingly have affected the health of humans, all flora and fauna, all watershed systems, soil and forests, and they do so knowingly as the global seed vaults clearly demonstrate, the brain disorders in humans demonstrate, and the rapid and escalated killing of entire species of animals demonstrate. They must be stopped and charged with crimes against humanity and biological life, and this must be an immediate international initiative. There is no other alternative. Poisoning and murdering is illegal.

As for this nucleated winter, I complete this article watching multiple planes spraying trails of nano-particulates; eight trails are currently visible from my window. The question is how much longer I will live to convince the foolishly stubborn of their forthcoming demise. Keep in mind that entire flocks of birds, in the thousands, are dropping dead out of the skies.

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20 Responses to Thoughts on Nucleated Winter Assault 2013-14

  1. Carl says:

    Oh God,

    So refreshing to hear and read someone so truthfully and honestly reports on the bottom line news about what’s really going on. It may not be nice, but it simply is what it is.

  2. horsegirl says:

    This is an extremely well-written article, thank you.

    What I have to say may not be very popular. But I would like to say that World War Two was entirely different from what we were indoctrinated to believe.

    Some ten years ago a friend pointed out that Hitler’s army died marching into the Siberian winter. Stalin let them march in. Did nothing to keep the bridges from being blown up. Wanted them to destroy egress. For some time it had been illegal to publish maps of Russia, making sure that the enemy could march in with no exit. And they froze to death according to plan.

    It was not the Allies who did this.

    Many other lies. Like research into the Bush family. How their fortunes have in part been made selling arms to both sides. Samuel Bush – greatgrandfather to BushII – made a fortune under Remington selling 75% of the munitions to both sides in World War I. In 1942 the funds of Brown Brothers Harriman – the bank of Prescott Bush – were frozen by Congress for supporting Hitler. The big families of the US were very much a part of the Nazi movement. They even initiated the Eugenics movement in the US which culminated in genocide of the Jews, Poles, gypsies and so many others.

    At the end of the war, the public learned about the death camps where millions were murdered. What is not known is that these were medical and research establishments with hundreds of thousands of scientists and medical personnel, none of whom were ever punished. The money came from Rockefellers. Those interested in reading up should try to find an old book titled Hitlers Professors published in the 50’s.

    Nuremburg was a joke, a kangaroo court, a band-aid on a genocide. Among people who walked free was Dr. Ernst Rudin, who wrote Hitler’s ethnic cleansing laws. A Swiss psychiatrist previously lauded for inventing ‘genetic psychiatry,’ his home nation Switzerland revoked his citizenship after WWII. He was ‘interned’ to the US in 1945, released to ‘practice psychiatry’ in the US in 1946 until 1952, the putative date of his death. This is a doctor responsible for murdering some 375,000 of his mentally ill charge. Only European websites reveal that he worked in the US post-war. He couldn’t go back to Europe due to deNazification. Please do google Rudin.

    He is only one example of no fewer than 20,000 Nazi medical personnel who were swept into the highest administrative echelons of US academia, military, scientific, engineering and many other areas. Linda Hunt’s book Hidden Agenda is respected as one of the best books on the subject.

    The CIA was created with the National Security Act of 1947. Here is the giant elephant in the room: it is perhaps the largest govt agency – part of the executive branch. It is the only agency whose budget, personnel and activities the public is prohibited to know. That is because historically so many Nazi personnel were taken into the Agency due to their supposedly valuable knowledge for national security purposes.

    Germany’s administrative classes were brought over to work in the US by the tens of thousands. No repentance required. Frequently under new IDs, with tons of cash supplied. This can be researched in many accredited books and FOIAs. Germany the country and public was decimated. Its administrative class, however, made a great getaway to the western hemisphere.

    The Rockefeller family is another elephant in the room. More clannish and secretive than the Mormon church, the family runs its endeavors. Like oil, they have a total chokehold on medicine and research. Not conspiracy. Monopoly. They control it. Just like they controlled everything medical in Nazi Germany. Including the ‘research’ (death) camps where millions were put to death by gassing and worse.

    Nothing changed. Absolutely nothing. That includes animosity towards Jews. It is a fairy tale that it no longer is a problem. Look at demographics. Some 46% of Jewry is in North America. 35% are in Israel, many commuting to the US. The US is and will be the crucible where this horrid scenario will be played out. Mark my words. Hence the slow immersion in mass gassing.

    This poor country is so ill-educated. So harried by the mainstream media and its suckling pundits. So literally brainwashed. World War II was a murder spree. War has never been fought for principles. Its men in boots might think so. Wars – all of them – have been about money.

    People being gassed? The same madmen are in power. The same berserk institutions more deeply insinuated than ever.

  3. feeoak says:

    you’ve asked ‘what can we do about it’.
    Considering that this has been going for many years, is funded by the richest people on this planet, who own main media streams, politicians, corporations… I personally think that there is nothing that we can do to CHANGE this diabolical course of events unless… we establish a group (groups), similar to facebook and others (except that we will have a meaningful purpose istead of networked exhibitionism).
    Problem is that such a group would be promptly infiltrated by those we stand against and the whole thing will die off.
    So I think we can just communicate via sites like this one and get as much as we can what’s left of our lives.

  4. H and A says:

    FANTASTIC article!! SUPER WELL WRITEN! GREAT INFO RESEARCH!! Known about this catastrophic action for the last cpl yrs. Desiring to live a SAFE and healthy life, by escaping the onslaught of ALL the poisons and toxins from the air, the water, medications and our foods here in the U.S., we are prepping to leave the country to live in a well researched part of the world, where NONE of this takes place. For those staying behind, can you relay what can be done, OR where one can go, to assist in STOPPING this ATROCITY against HUMANKIND?

  5. Ben Mitchell says:

    The distortion of the electromagnetic spectrom in regards to RNM mind effecting electromagnetism is sickening and this Nueral Monitoring program (brain initiative) exists to eventually replace humans. Like Bill Gates was saying ; Artificial intelligence is the end goal of brain mapping. Soon ; humans will no longer be needed. Survival in this electromagnetic environment is temporary and I see a train at the end of the tunnel..Like the mythology states ..pretty soon we’ll all be holograms or caught souls able to observe what we did to mother earth for enternity.

  6. sean cairney says:

    regarding the first photo (car covered in ice) i believe this story is wrongly linked to geo-engineering as it is a natural phenomena that happens in that same place twice a year every year and has for countless years… its common practice to research articles before using as evidence against geoengineering, i believe this was not the case for said article……. it only adds fuel to debunkers

  7. teresa says:

    Excellent article. I was concerned that seed banks may be only for the elite, Aluminum resistant from Monsanto and Syngenta.

  8. Brigitte says:

    Let’s call it what it is .. genocide
    My heart is broken … I can’t wrap my head around the insanity of it all ..

  9. Susan Clement says:

    Many feel it is bio warfare on humanity. The evil elites who think they are Gods who rule over us . They want do decrease the population. Bill Gates said how we can do a wonderful job with Vaccines. Disgusted with these elites who are the problem with their greed and cause of the wars and destruction all over the planet.

  10. Tiffany O'Neall says:

    What are these “geoengineers” gaining from geoengineering themselves also? How will all these criminal minds not be affected by their own actions? Are they not being sprayed and electromagnified? Suicide, genocide

  11. Freeme says:

    Very well written and informative Nancy, THANKS! Great info on the seed banks too. I have a question regarding your comment on the JET STREAMS, they were stuck in ‘one place’ ? Not according the The Weather Channel, as we know their deep ties to the weather maker/manipulators and noticed how they depicted jet streams were guided for separating the USA weather, sometimes vertically, sometimes, horizontally, where the weather was opposite temps/results as the jet stream was drawing the weather weapon lines. TWC is not going to give you the whole truth, but some things they are revealing too. Recently, two jet streams were coming and going from different directions appearing though they would eventually cause a tornado, and there were warnings issued in SE, but did not happen. For years, TWC would not reveal data on jet streams, and had to go to other sites to get the info, but that has changed.
    Michigan was hit hard with ICE NUCLEATION and ARCTIC BLAST, aka ‘arctic air’ as it was changed and thereafter to ‘bitterly cold’ even though the temp revealed 15 or 20*F, where did that COLD come from? I suspect there are other machines producing something that affects the air here. Still working on that one, as this ARCTIC AIR can turn on and off like a light switch and one can tell the big difference between the normal cold and that!!!

  12. kate says:

    Very good information.Ok so what can we do to stop this?

  13. Very informative and important article, thank you for educating me.

  14. sean cairney says:

    excellent right up…. ty Nancy … great effort

  15. Earth Angel says:

    I wholly agree- all those who are party to; and responsible for these deceitful, murderous, cowardly & diabolical crimes against humanity and nature must be held accountable and PAY DEARLY for their outrageous behavior. POSTHASTE!

  16. James says:

    3rd post, more on the beer experiment.

    I know now what killed the 100,000 cattle in that freak South Dakota blizzard. I placed the 4th and last Canadian beer laying down in the snow. After 30 min, Beer is 1/3 frozen, but there is ice attached to the bottle, caked on solid, it would not come off, as in ‘welded’ to the bottle. I never seen anything like it. Clearly an energy exchange reaction (endothermic?).

    Put under cold water in sink, i got it off, after some unusual effort. This is very unnatural, the ice formation looked very weird, something like epoxy or glue. You must try this immediately if you are also located where you’re experiencing this latest jet stream driven snowfall. We have 25 cm. of it here; chemically nucleated it seems. Poor damn cows, what a way to die, flash frozen in minutes.

  17. James says:

    I performed another experiment tonight, albeit accidentally. I had four warm beers inside, and i decided to chill two, consume and enjoy, and then go to sleep. I stuck two Canadian, bottled beers, into snow on my deck, placed half way up the bottle. By the time I went for the 2nd, it was frozen almost solid. So, into the snow went the 3rd beer, because I knew that was strange. After 20 min, the 3rd beer was half frozen. The snow was super-cooling the beer. Try it yourself. Never in my life has snow at air ambient temp -16C frozen beer in such quick time.
    Had i put that same beer in my freezer, it would be only chilled by the same time. Absolutely unusual results.

  18. James says:

    Hey Brandon, i think you just unlocked the mystery in a very few words elegantly. I’m beginning to shift my thinking away from ‘indirect consequence’ to targeted annihilation. Its just a gut feeling I’m getting, and can’t explain it otherwise.

    “We had to kill the village to save it..”. Are you old enough to remember that one? It’s beginning to echo in my mind.

    Where is George Carlin when we really need him..


  19. Brandon says:

    The quiet war. Poisoned. Killed from the inside out. Weakened and stupefied before the first bullet is fired.

    First they got them dumb.
    Then they sprayed poisons on them for a while to make them weak.
    Then BAM.

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