Total Climate Control Captured On Satellite Images


Dane Wigington

The radar loop film footage in the 6 minute video below is an exceptional documentation of the total climate control that is being inflicted on our once thriving planet. The ongoing global geoengineering assault is becoming unimaginably blatant and extreme. The greater the damage to the climate system becomes, the more the climate engineers ramp up their atmospheric programs of drought, deluge, devastation, and destruction. From ozone layer depletion to mass methane releases in the Arctic (and elsewhere), to complete contamination of the biosphere, the weather-makers are wreaking havoc on planet Earth. My most sincere gratitude to "1Pacific Redwood", the producer of this very revealing 6 minute presentation.

Of all the anthropogenic forms of damage to the atmosphere and environment, global geoengineering programs are mathematically the most decimating. What we collectively face is nothing short of a fight for survival. Make your voice heard in this critical battle while you can

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  1. Prominent says:

    Thanks for sharing !

  2. Edward Carberry says:

    I have been watching all winter and before their use of the Phased array  radar how they have been killing the low pressures as they are in the Golf of Alaska. It looks very UN-natural    square weather fronts coming in. Dane this (super Darn radar) is that what they are killing the low pressures with? Would like to know or what it is used for? Please.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Edward, the atmospheric aerosol saturation is also a major factor in the equation.

  3. Ildiko Studemire says:

    It is so terrible, my daughter I’ve in Portland, OR and she suffering from this spraying even more, since she have traumatic brain damage  a sickness, what in it's kind only one on the whole Earth, and it is  ake her even ore sick,Here in Ne Ohio we wake up for blue sky, sunshine, but we can bet, they will come, like today  there were 5 planes. Lately it is more  and more happening. I took my  telescope and watched, prayed and cursed those evil beings who doing it to us, and killing us slowly by those terrible chemicals all over  te world:(((

    • Mark Mariani says:

      Fluoride in our drinking water, GMO Foods, mass geo-engineering, cancer virus's in the flu shots, Glyphosate, there is only one way this ends.  What is beyond comprehension is that the TRAITOROUS MILITARY who we pay to protect us, are the ones doing it!!!  When I see a military guy from the Air Force Base by me, I always ask them, "Why are you spraying us with toxic chemicals"?  They look at me like I'm crazy.  Most of them don't even know anything about it.  We are completely high jacked by the NWO Elites and they want us all dead.  And unfortunately the MILITARY, all of them, are completely complicit in this TRAITOROUS ACT.   When I see them spraying it instantly makes my blood boil!!!  

  4. Shizue Nagai says:

    Thank you for such an evidence-filled video. I was surprised.

  5. Leandra says:

    I found this video to be extremely helpful in explaining clearly and concisely just how the jet stream is manipulated. Thankyou to all who helped put it together.

  6. Nicholas Eisenhauer says:

    Dear Dane, so glad to see your site seems to be increasing soon at an exponential rate for visitors and responses. I have been with you for the last 4 years fulltime and am noticing this pickup now as I am sure you have too. This is great great news in the awakening aspect for all of us. Lets hope it keeps going up and then explodes into a mass awareness very very soon. This is our only hope, I am conveinced that it must come from all of us as a mass of people wanting the same outcome of good. It is said everywhere in spiritual writings that we can change our outcome if enough of us are aware and focus our thoughts on humanities survival and change. Those of us who are aware must focus our minds on creating more of us to be aware then refocus on changing the outcome of our future. Please everyone, everyday use your mind and powers to put your God given energy into all things good, human, spiritual, cosmic and let us redirect the evil that surrounds us into the good we want for humanity and the planet. Every chance you get focus your thoughts and see only the end of evil and the beginning of good and love. You are all in my thoughts.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Nicholas, Thank you, your beautiful message brought tears to my eyes.

    • Barbara Fox says:

      Thanks for such an evidence-filled video.  Thank you also, Nicholas, for such a heartfelt message and a reminder for us to always envision the world we desire. I believe we CAN make a difference through our thoughts and prayers.

  7. blaine says:

    I live in Phoenix, AZ.  They have been spraying relentlessly here since October 2015 with brief periods (7 to 10 days) of relief.  Throughout February we have had high temperatures of 85 to 93 degrees.  This is 20 degrees higher than than the average recorded high temperatures for February!

    We also have an epidemic of feverless flu like symptoms or people suffering from 'allergies'.  I have managed allergies my entire life and I can say that these symptoms are similar to allergies but different – it feels more like I am being poisoned.  But it is very easy for these symptoms to be labeled allergies by the doctors.

    I blows my mind that virtually noone is noticing the relentless spraying!  When I point it out I am confronted with apathy and denial.  I am not sure what is more disturbing…the spraying or people's reaction to it.

    • BryanVentura says:

      Everyone in my family has consistent allergy-like symptoms. Gelatinous clear running noses. I have 3 young children under 5 and was at a little kid birthday party and several of the kids had the same symptoms. I made a comment to the parents sitting at a table that all the kids had the same sniffles and a parent said "yes it's from them spraying" and it became the parental topic for the entire party. People don't seem to care enough to question authorities. As if because the officials are doing it, well then it must be ok. They wouldn't intentionally harm us like they did in Flint would they?

      There are no government restrictions on private land for cloud seeding devices. Wonder what my neighborhood would say and do if I built one in my backyard? I can tell you people would be up in arms. However I live under a spray pattern from point mugu rock to the north ventura mountain range, they spray every week and nobody says a peep to our officials. Look at how badly it's confusing the weather. The weather, local news channels can't accurately predict mother nature when man is altering her. High 70s one day and raining the next. 40 degree temp changes from am to pm, sunny and clear in morning followed by spraying for overcast afternoons. You can watch the lines dissipate as they move easy. I have pictures of lines in progression stages, zig zags, grids, pink and purple glows around them, shadows coming from them, commercial planes with no chem trails behind them right next to and in the same frame as planes with them behind trailing. I'm obsessed and all I'm doing is making myself nuts. My wife's a believer now, took a year for her to stop thinking I was crazy. She's obsessed taking pictures as well. All the things Americans complain and fight for and this goes unnoticed…

  8. Bryan Stubbs says:

    They have been spraying like crazy over ventura county. Blows my mind nobody cares. My wife and I are obsessed with watching them do it. How can the general public be so naive? Does this look like a commercial flight pattern? Since when do they swerve around on a clear day like a Sunday driver?

    • pharmer says:

      The spraying is horrible almost every day above Portland, OR too.  We are going to participate in the "global march against geoengineering and chemtrails" on Saturday, April, 23.  Why not make some flyers and invite your community to join you in having a march against geoengineering in your town?  The only way we can ever make it stop is by direct action – we need to get drastic!  The evil entity will continue to destroy our planet and genocide us until we demand it stop.  This is going to be the issue that ignites a global intifada, so we can shake-off the parasites of humanity once and for all, and replace their top-down pyramid-of-pyramids with a cooperative circle-of-circles.  A "People's Cooperative of Earth" is the only solution, then we can collectively heal the planet together, and heal each other grow and create. I think we should all be farmers, but we have to save ourselves first.  Dane has exposed the clear and present danger we all face, but only by each of us getting involved working together cooperatively can we save our planet, and create a better world for future generations!  

    • Kevin Love says:

      I work in Ventura County and Conejo Valley has never looked more smog/smoke/haze-filled ever!   People are noticing but mostly only after they are alerted by you and I and all who know already.  So keep telling everyone everywhere every day and it will spread like the chemtrails themselves.  

    • Carol says:

      Many of us in Ventura County have noticed this and have commented on it on community websites, we are jabbed at by a few non-believers, but continue to post pictures and comment.  At this point their doesn't seem to be much else we an do.  We just remind people to look up and pay attention.

  9. cinnamon says:

    heavy ice nucleated snow here in NJ this morning.  Turned up the heat from 70 degrees to 73 degrees, because of the chills.  Not yet sticking to pavement,but it is really piling up otherwise.  2 days ago, I noticed one of the few maple trees left, the buds were starting to open.  We were heavily chemtrailed all week, with HAARP/ELF/RF's at full power, leaving me lifeless.  Haven't been able to stay up past 5 pm, because I am so drained.  HAARP/ELF/RF yet again, dialed up, getting stomach cramps, massive pressure buildup in ears and sinuses, coughing

    • TJ says:

      We here in Reno,Nv have been bombarded daily for the past 2 weeks. Each day it seems we are getting sprayed with more and more garbage.  They have run every storm away for the last month.  My joints hurt, I  cough and I have constant headaches.  I have found that diatomaceoas earth helps pull out the heavy metals, but you can't take any vitamins, etc for at least 2 hrs before or after. I have also tried activated charcoal.  I give it to my dog to help her with this problem.  I hope these things help everyone with the damaging effects that this is causing. I have tested to see how I feel with and without and found it works for me. We must keep our health up, so we can continue to fight the fight.

  10. Marc says:

    The other day while at work in the morning I took note of the dense featureless canopy of blue-gray over our city. At some point later, maybe 1-2 hours, skies suddenly cleared almost over the entire city and the sun blasted for about another hour. Then suddenly the next time I became aware the canopy was a completely featureless bluish gray again, but with a weird texture to it.Then ONCE AGAIN the canopy dissolved around closing time. It was almost as if some giant was opening and closing some kind of draw-string venetian blind. Absurd!!! Oh, but I'M the dumb-ass who believes weather modification is underway. People should shower me with pity, for I am apparently so gullible and so prone to indulge in conspiracies that I must be wallowing in a dreamworld from which I am powerless to escape.

      When I was in the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri recently, the heartless, spiritually bankrupt morons of mayhem were at it full bore in the region. In the middle of the night when I'd leave the cabin to take a leak, I'd get a good, long look at the near full moon and was surprised to see a huge ring around it every night I was down there. This is the first time I have seen this phenomenon so strongly defined. The circle was a good ways out from the moon itself and was narrow and quite distinct. Also a moony sort of color, whitish and smoky looking. Particulates in the atmosphere I presume. When will this stop? Will it ever stop? Is this really the kind of ugly, despotic world my precious, gorgeous 4 year-old granddaughter chose to work out her karma in for this incarnation back when she was "between the worlds?" Do we not ALL participate in this kind of choice, according to certain ancient and wise beings and teachings? What's the f**king life lesson we're all supposed to learn, Mr. Buddha-face? Did we really choose to be born into a geoengineered world full of liars and rapists and murderers and psychopathic troglodytes hell-bent on poisoning their very own world to death with high-tech cocktails of aluminum, barium and strontium and other mystery flavors?  All this to accomplish what??? To keep covering up their track record of insatiable irresponsibility until HELL ITSELF is unleashed, rendering most, if not all, of humanity either dead, sick, or otherwise neutralized? Is this really going to happen?

    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      I also see the large red haloes, Marc. The colouration is standard – every dawn has the pink-through-to-purple clouds, and every sunset.

      I always post these articles on social media, plus related news about the collapsing biosphere. If we have a day of heavy trailing, I collate maybe the five or six worst photos and post them up, with a rational analysis – how many planes in the sky at any one time, how these planes are building cloud cover, etc. I don't need responses – I know that people are seeing what I post, and that they're seeing it normalised within a factual context. Gradually, people are coming to understand, and not fear how they may appear for openly acknowledging it. 

  11. DrDignity says:

    Please everyone, note that the baseline temperature rose to two degrees C above pre-industrial baseline briefly yesterday in the northern hemisphere.  It appeared in today's (3//3/2016) Slate Magazine & was written by meteorologist Eric Holthaus & is entitled, "Our Hemisphere Temperature Just Reached a Terrifying Milestone." At the bottom is a cartoon on introducing geoengineering to the world in a non-threatening cartoon entitled, "How Geoengineering Works." Please see the article & also the cartoon at the bottom.

    • Rob Wilkinson says:

      I have posted it on social media – a key issue preventing people from accepting the reality of geoengineering is their perception of the earth's climate. If people think there's nothing amiss, the chaotic logic of SRM falls apart. Thank you for posting this. 

  12. frank 0815 says:

    I am from Germany. Somebody is spraying here as well. Most of the days it is cloudy, but when the day starts with a blue sky (only about 5 – 10 times this year so far), it is quickly spoiled white as soon as the sun rises further up. Seems to be somehow photosensitive material.

    Concerning the wind and weather manipulation: there is a great site displaying the world wide wind, pressure and temperature situation in animated form. I assume it is intended for flight preparation.

    Especially the site shows an almost permanent wind blowing north along Scandinavia. All that area is permanently warmed up by southerly winds, while winds in the US, Canada and Russia are blowing south cooling those countries down.

    I do not want to publish the URL of that site here in order to prevent it from potentially being shut down.

    I talked to a friend of mine about the spraying activities. He immediately considered me a fool and attributed the contrails and increased whitening to increased air traffic. It is so difficult to convince people not taking the risk being considered a fool. People are already indoctrinated as much as possible.

    I am very happy to have found this site. I consider it the best and most objective site about this frightening topic.


    • BaneB says:

      A short story.  Three years ago a friend from Berlin was visiting me here in Northern California.  He had been here many times over the years.  The last visit 3 years ago he said to me " where have all your blue skies gone?"  And it dawned on me that he was correct in his observation and that I had failed to notice the creeping takeover of our once beautiful Mendocino blue skies by a stealth operation.  That was my awakening concerning geoengineering.  I have not ceased with researching this topic.  My eyes and ears are attuned to the sky.  

  13. David S. says:

    Not that this will do any good. This is to any that are actually involved in the spraying, whether flying or supporting the system. Wake up! Investigate! You are being used. The higher ups do not care any more for you than they do the rest of the masses whom they are killing. When they are through using you to do the dirty work, they will eliminate you too. What ever you are getting or promised by them is not worth it. Of what benefit will it be to you if the earth is ruined and no one can live on it. My appeal here is to you. You can put an end to this insanity. Join the resistance against this. Please! Think! Reason!

  14. Kevin Love says:


    i just wrote a letter to Greg Laurie of  He is the Billy Graham pastor of our time and his Harvest America Crusade is set for Sunday March 6.  I know it's probably too late but I informed him of the geoengineering catastrophe and how important it is for him to shed light on this.  This Christian crusade will be the largest event in history for single crusade.  It will be televised and on radio.   Greg will cover topics like terrorism and other concerns we have but I'm not sure he know about climate engineering.  I emailed him your website and some of the posts from your comment page.  I will keep fighting to the end.  My country and family is more than worth it!


    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kevin, I have met Greg Laurie (long ago), and new his close friend  Dennis Davenport very well. I hope Greg hears you, we will see. Whatever the case, thank you for your efforts to sound the alarm Kevin.

    • Dennie says:

      Getting the Christian contingent to go forward en masse with serious movement on the issue of stopping the massive environmental destruction via SAG/SRM/nuclear and other insanity would indeed be a good thing, especially if they work to have influence in the military.  Kinda like talking to a tiger to get it to stop being striped.

      We have all collectively decided we like to live in a hyper-Yang, overly-compartmentalized morally disengaged and disconnected Alpha-male-DOMINATED Matrix.  WHAT COGNITIVE DISSONANCE it must be to go to church on Sunday, then spend the OTHER six days out of the week working OVERTIME to destroy creation.  Or just allowing it to happen.  Especially sickening to see those who continue actively DESTROYING Earth, for a living (yeah, that's very many of you in the banking/corporate/military/industrial sector). 

      WE DO NOT FEEL ENOUGH TO STOP LIVING LIKE THIS.  And soon we are all going to have to face our own reflections of whatever we're denying.  THINK about it.  Sheesh!

      It must be so very nice knowing you always have an Evil Twin on which to blame all the (you fill in the blank here– go ahead, whatever adjective along the continuum of Nice-to-Offensive that floats your boat– I won't care and we both know "they" don't!) that's has been and is being done, as well as that which remains Undone, on Planet Earth– call it the Evil Elites, Satan, Lucifer, The Devil– hey, look every which way to find that EVIL SUCKER WHO'S DOING ALL THE EVIL $#*7 and GET HIM but good– look EVERYWHERE, except, of course, in the mirror…

  15. For those who still believe that Donald Trump is the answer, please look at his background. I lived in NYC for 25 years off & on beginning in the 1960s. Everyone in Manhattan took it for granted that Trump’s money came from his father and the mafia. That was ‘common knowledge’. Does a leopard change its spots? Trump is more smoke & mirrors deception, tactical distraction. Another thug in an Armani suit in the White House. Is he the “fall guy” for his friends the Clintons? He gave millions to the Clinton Foundation.   

    Trump swam in mob-infested waters in early years as an NYC developer  / Oct. 16, 2015
    As he fed the political machine, he also had to work with unions and companies known to be controlled by New York’s ruling mafia families, which had infiltrated the construction industry, according to court records, federal task force reports and newspaper accounts. No serious presidential candidate has ever had Trump’s depth of documented business relationships with mob-controlled entities.
    The companies included S&A Concrete , which supplied building material to the Trump Plaza on Manhattan’s East Side, court records show. S&A was owned by Anthony “Fat Tony” Salerno, boss of the Genovese crime family, and Paul Castellano, boss of the Gambino family. The men required that major multimillion-dollar construction projects obtain concrete through S&A at inflated prices, according to a federal indictment of Salerno and others.
    Salerno eventually went to prison on federal racketeering, bid-rigging and other charges. His attorney, Roy Cohn, the former chief counsel to Sen. Joseph McCarthy (R-Wis.), was one of the most politically connected men in Manhattan. He was also Trump’s friend and occasionally his attorney. Cohn was never charged over any dealings with the mob, but he was disbarred shortly before his death in 1986 for ethical and financial improprieties.
    “The construction industry in New York City has learned to live comfortably with pervasive corruption and racketeering,” according to “Corruption and Racketeering in the New York City Construction Industry,” a 1990 report by the New York State Organized Crime Task Force. “Perhaps those with strong moral qualms were long ago driven from the industry; it would have been difficult for them to have survived. ‘One has to go along to get along.’ ”
    James B. Jacobs, the report’s principal author, told The Post that Trump and other major developers at the time “had to adapt to that environment” or do business in another city.

  16. “Spraying hundreds of tons of particulate matter over Los Angeles…should be illegal…trouble breathing…getting delivered toxic aerosols unbelievably strong…criminal…a small group of people pushing buttons…preventing the rain…from a transmitter…spewing fly ash slurry spray…one of the worst days ever for aerosol spraying LA…20+ chemtrails visible on the map…clear lines of chemtrails…see the color difference…”

  17. Ken B says:

    Check this out at:

    There's a layer of this satellite view called "Aerosol Optical Depth".

    Here's part of this layer's description:

    MODIS Aerosol Optical Depth (or Aerosol Optical Thickness) layer indicates the level at which particles in the air (aerosols) prevent light from traveling through the atmosphere. Aerosols absorb and scatter incoming sunlight, which reduces visibility and increases the optical depth.

  18. Blue Sue says:

    Dear Dane,

    This will come as no surprise to you, but here in South Central Alaska where I live (Wasilla) we have had virtually a snowless winter — brown ground and exposed dead grass all around. The snowfall has been very little for the past three years, and  putting on studded tires has been totally unnecessary again this year. They are hauling snow by train to Anchorage for this year's ceremonial start of the Iditarod Dog Sled Race and shortening this part of the event to just 3 miles due to NO SNOW.  We have had spring like temps in the 40s here since January.  So unnatural!  We get sprayed regularly here and hardly ever get to see the sunrise or sunset not obscured by a dark and murky artificial cloud cover.  Never a truly clear blue sky for a whole day anymore.  But tonight, I do see stars in the sky — nice. 

    In the past I've written letters to the editor concerning our geoengineered weather and they have not published them.  I need to give it another try. 

  19. JR says:

    From Southwest, N.M., USA today on 3-2-16 all day the lowlife SAG/SRM Chemtrail sprayers were earning their keep for the Devil. What I'm saying is they were hard at work from North-South, East to West with a toxic whiteout sky. As I stated before they go into Mexico along the border and then some. El Paso, Texas is across from Juarez, Mexico, it's all the same to these pukes spraying. Over Las Cruces, New Mexico and north of this small city the spraying was super heavy. East of El Paso the same spraying was seen where they like to build up the fake looking puffed up non clouds and open their nozzles directly in to it, off-on. I don't like to give them the title and honor of Weather Makers, rather Weather Destroyers is more proper. Remember that Satan was casted down and brought 1/3 of its angels with it, this being for now the Prince of Darkness of this Earth. It's job is to seek, conquer, kill and destroy. It is what it is folks, believe it or not. I'm with the Light, not Darkness. If these Lowlifes own our water all Hell is going to break loose, and that is what they are shooting for, total control. Again, our rain clouds were wasted and the winds came with all its chaff. They get off on their actions. Wish I had a better report. I was pointing this out earlier to a nutty professor but to no avail, why argue he's to educated! We know people get offended when we shed some light on subject, educated or not. Lord's Peace and good night….

    • Greetings, JR! “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, for the Lord has OVERCOME this world”. I think of this quote from Jesus every single day, and it surely helps me try to rise above the toxic insanity this poor, once beautiful planet, and all of its marvelous life forms, is being subjected to. What an outrage! Indeed it must be due to the poisonous influence of our ancient Adversary, and to human “consciences seared as with a hot iron”…That verse makes me think of the microwave/Wi-fi/smart meter/S-Quad TV soup we all live in, slowly cooking our bodies like some bloody devil’s dinner. Then again, apostle Paul was bitten by a poisonous adder (allusion pretty clear there)
      and calmly proceeded to shake it off into the fire! This was after being ship-wrecked, you will recall. Hey, if he could do it, WE can do it!
      Keep on fighting against the darkness, brothers and sisters! Hand out those flyers, point up at the attack planes!

  20. Angela M says:

    I live in Southern Utah and I don't see clouds form unless there are chemtrails being laid across the sky. I was born here and have lived here most of my life and this is highly unusual for this part of the region until around a decade or so, ago. A major factor that I'm concerned about in regards to geoengineering is… if clouds don't form unless they spray their chemtrails, where does that put the water supply that is generated by the rain and snow clouds? (Not to mention what is in the water supply now, from the chemclouds and dirty rain/snow that they produce.) Have they taken this geoengineering so far that the earth can't produce natural weather clouds? Are we being put at total mercy and relying on them that make the chemtrails/geoengineering even to the point of our drinking water supply, let alone water for our crops and animals (food supply)? Will be interesting to see just how far they're willing to push this geoengineering stunt that is being pulled. *smh

  21. Thursday, 3 March 2016
    Methane hydrates make the mainstream

    Climate trouble may be bubbling up in far north
    Only a squawk from a sandhill crane broke the Arctic silence — and a low gurgle of bubbles, a watery whisper of trouble repeated in countless spots around the polar world. "On a calm day, you can see 20 or more 'seeps' out across this lake," said Canadian researcher Rob Bowen, sidling his small rubber boat up beside one of them. A tossed match would have set it ablaze.

    "It's essentially pure methane."

    Pure methane, gas bubbling up from underwater vents, escaping into northern skies, adds to the global-warming gases accumulating in the atmosphere. And pure methane escaping in the massive amounts known to be locked in the Arctic permafrost and seabed would spell a climate catastrophe.

    Is such an unlocking underway?

    … Afloat above the huge, shallow continental shelf north of Siberia, Russian researchers have detected seabed "methane chimneys" sending gas bubbling up to the surface, possibly from hydrates. Reporting to the European Geophysical Union last year, the scientists, affiliated with the University of Alaska and the Russian Academy of Sciences, cited "extreme" saturation of methane in surface waters and in the air above. They said up to 10% of the undersea permafrost area had melted, and it was "highly possible" that this would open the way to abrupt release of an estimated 50 billion tons of methane.
    Depending on how much dissolved in the sea, that might multiply methane in the atmosphere several-fold, boosting temperatures enough to cause "catastrophic greenhouse warming," as the Russians called it. It would be self-perpetuating, melting more permafrost, emitting more methane. Some might label that alarmism. And Stockholm University researcher Orjan Gustafsson, a partner in the Russians' field work, acknowledged that "the scientific community is quite split on how fast the permafrost can thaw." But there's no doubt the north contains enough potential methane and carbon dioxide to cause abrupt climate change, Gustafsson said by telephone from Sweden.


    • Dana MacCuish says:                                           Canada's executives running the corporation for the corporations that run the world sold out long ago.  Surprised me that there are any scientists conducting any studies in the North.  There has been systematic layoffs of thousands for years now.  Canada does not have a backbone on any issue of importance.  I have a hard time believing that people will drive to their town halls and gymnasiums and cast their votes for these complete idiots that are ensuring their children will not have a planet to enjoy.  The article I am attaching a link to is a little dated but that shows how this has been planned, foreseen, and eliminated from attention being drawn to the matter by our government.  The result is no voices to alert the media of the pain Our Mother is suffering.  Thank You for finding this article Susan.  

  22. Ron Marr says:

    Someone mentioned it being other worldly. If we can remember everything is fake, that would be a good mind set when observing that nothing is or can be done. As long as we are participating in their creation we will be their victims. The NSA can't hold a candle to their survey of mankind; because it is a fake rendition. Like religion and faith, education and knowledge, doctors and health, lawyers and justice. What they lack is the human spirit. That is their down fall. If we can reject all technology they cannot control or destroy  us. We are consciousness and that is all. God is just as much apart of you as you are of God. We don't need things….We must bring the invisible to the visible, because the visible has the invisible in it, which is us. 

  23. B. Marcipan says:

    This will continue to keep us in kalifornia deprived of natural resources that would create wealth for the people and sustain a middle & upper class economy.  They want nothing more than to run us all into the poor house with taxes and every other local & state financial burdens so we're too broke to fight back.  Their at war on our 2nd amendment to take that away then there's no way for us to fight back the elite that runs this country.  With their control of the mainstream media they have us fighting umongst our selves, so we don't unite and wake up to their treasonous ways that have enslaved us in debt.  They won't stop.  Wake up realize it.  & buy a damn good rifle and learn how to use it!!! Freedom has never been handed over it has always had to be taken from oppressors.  Your not going to vote your way out of this.  Our politicians are all in for themselves. 

  24. The Graveyard of the Elites. “Politicians are Little more than Brands”  / Chris Hedges / Feb.26, 2016
    * Power elites, blinded by hubris, intoxicated by absolute power, unable to set limits on their exploitation of the underclass, propelled to expand empire beyond its capacity to sustain itself, addicted to hedonism, spectacle and wealth, surrounded by half-witted courtiers—Alan Greenspan, Thomas Friedman, David Brooks and others—who tell them what they want to hear, and enveloped by a false sense of security because of their ability to employ massive state violence, are the last to know their privileged world is imploding.
    “History,” the Italian sociologist Vilfredo Pareto wrote, “is the graveyard of aristocracies.”
    The carnival of the presidential election is a public display of the deep morbidity and artifice that have gripped American society. Political discourse has been reduced by design to trite patriotic and religious clichés, sentimentality, sanctimonious paeans to the American character, a sacralization of militarism, and acerbic, adolescent taunts. Reality has been left behind.
    Politicians are little more than brands. They sell skillfully manufactured personalities. These artificial personalities are used to humanize corporate oppression. They cannot—and do not intend to—end the futile and ceaseless wars, dismantle the security and surveillance state, halt the fossil fuel industry’s ecocide, curb the predatory class of bankers and international financiers, lift Americans out of poverty or restore democracy. …

    …None of those elected to the White House, the Congress or statehouses have the power, and they know it, to challenge the corporate disemboweling of the country. The popular rage and frustration that have been rising against the established power elites during this election campaign will mount further as Americans, especially with a new president in the White House, realize that their voice and their vote are meaningless. The white nativists and bigots who flock to Donald Trump, along with those who sell out the most basic liberal tenets to support Hillary Clinton, are about to get taught a harsh lesson about the nature of our system of “inverted totalitarianism.” They are about to discover that we do have a class of “superpredators.” These superpredators are not poor people of color walking the streets of marginal communities. They inhabit the exclusive corporate enclaves of the privileged and the powerful.
    “One cannot point to any national institution[s] that can accurately be described as democratic,” Wolin wrote, “surely not in the highly managed, money-saturated elections, the lobby-infested Congress, the imperial presidency, the class-based judicial and penal system, or, least of all, the media.”
    Corporations control the three branches of government. Corporations write the laws. Corporations determine the media narrative and public debate. Corporations are turning public education into a system of indoctrination. Corporations profit from permanent war, mass incarceration, suppressed wages and poor health care. Corporations have organized a tax boycott. Corporations demand “austerity.” Corporate power is unassailable, and it rolls forward like a stream of lava.
    The seeds of destruction of corporate power, however, are embedded within its own structure. The elites have no internal or external constraints. They will exploit, manipulate, lie and oppress until they create an ideological vacuum. No one but the most obtuse, including the courtiers who have severed themselves from reality, will sputter out the inanities of neoliberal ideology. And at that point the system will implode.
    The revolt may be right-wing. It may have heavy overtones of fascism. It may cement into place a frightening police state. But that a revolt is coming is incontrovertible. The absurdity of the election proves it. awesome Hedges full article here:


  25. Pollinators Vital to Our Food Supply Under Threat
    Assessment Details Options for Safeguarding Pollinators
    Kuala Lumpur – 26 February, 2016 – A growing number of pollinator species worldwide are being driven toward extinction by diverse pressures, many of them human-made, threatening millions of livelihoods and hundreds of billions of dollars worth of food supplies, according to the first global assessment of pollinators.
    Various factors affecting pollinators
    The assessment found that an estimated 16 per cent of vertebrate pollinators are threatened with global extinction –  increasing to 30 per cent for island species – with a trend towards more extinctions.
    Although most insect pollinators have not been assessed at a global level, regional and national assessments indicate high levels of threat, particularly for bees and butterflies – with often more than 40 per cent of invertebrate species threatened locally.
    "Wild pollinators in certain regions, especially bees and butterflies, are being threatened by a variety of factors," said IPBES Vice-Chair, Sir Robert Watson.  "Their decline is primarily due to changes in land use, intensive agricultural practices and pesticide use, alien invasive species, diseases and pests, and climate change."  Declines in regional wild pollinators have been confirmed for North Western Europe and in North America.  Although local cases of decline have been documented in other parts of the world, data are too sparse to draw broad conclusions. The assessment found that pesticides, including neonicotinoid insecticides, threaten pollinators worldwide, although the long-term effects are still unknown. … Genetically modified crops are usually either tolerant to herbicides or resistant to pest insects. The former reduces the availability of weeds, which supply food for pollinators. The latter often results in lower use of insecticides and may reduce pressure on beneficial insects including pollinators. However, the sub-lethal and indirect effects of GM crops on pollinators are poorly understood and not usually accounted for in risk assessments.
    Pollinators are also threatened by the decline of practices based on indigenous and local knowledge. These practices include traditional farming systems; maintenance of diverse landscapes and gardens; kinship relationships that protect specific pollinators; and cultures and languages that are connected to pollinators. full report:

    • Dawnski says:

      Thank you Susan. Sending to my son for his bee conservation research paper. We were at the NC Spring Beekeeper conference over the weekend. They failed to discuss the peril bees are in. We sat behind a big burly prowler pilot who was very evasive about his prowling. I made sure he overheard me whispering to my son during the lecture. Dane Wiggington, GMO, Monsanto, CCD, Electronic Warfare Gala. I could see his ears twitching. . .we left the conference very discouraged as to how even beekeepers chose to keep the current weather warfare reality at bay. Tzu Chi film "Stung by Climate" does, thank God!

  26. ts gordon says:

    Dane draws our attn. to yet another extremely curious weather pattern that happens to highlight a regular repetition of arc patterns that I have been calling "box canyons" for lack of an actual term.

    Here's my rub:

    One series of tell-all electro-mechanical system tracks covers California. Two other strategically critical points are used as they attenuate a gently curved arc of space that runs from just above the tip of Baja, to somewhere north of Boston. This 2,400 +/-mile long "hard line in the sand" is cause for concern in any event because God doesn't tease humans by painting ruler-straight lines across the globe for her entertainment.

    Eureka, California, (for those who haven't pulled up their wilted plants and moved to Denver,) serves in another key position, although the lines across the map are skewed southward and it shows as a steady 'dry' box pattern, forming a square-cornered and elongated rectangle with it's southern tangent near Palm Springs, or even Phoenix. This trajectory may be related to HAARP's physical position, though I'm not one to sort out the related math. Contrived "drought," day-after day, certainly seems to be the main point of this operation because this box doesn't yield to incoming rain. And this has gone on for at least the past year and a half or so.

    • BaneB says:

      Interesting you mention the box form.  Was that not a gigantic square cloud in Dane's post of the other day.  1pacufic redwood has shown the right angled squared corner of storms out in the eastern Pacific.  Haarp, among others is a big square construct.  Is this a play upon a "theme? Nregsrding Eureka, many times there is a V shaped array of microwaved clouds jutting down into my region in central Mendicino County.  The wide top of the 'V' is in my direction with the bottom point coming from what seems to be a fixed position, from the northwest.  It fans out over me.  The only facility I know that might play a part in this is the NEXRAD facility outside of Eureka.  It is way out in the rural area.  I tracked the road into it for mile upon mile using Google Earth.  

  27. Barbara says:

    To Ted in San Diego:  Same here all day in Santa Barbara!!!  I, too, was finally able to make headway because the lines had cross crossed the skies early this morning, were repeated around Noon, and again in late afternoon, so when I pointed heads to the skies, they were unable not to see the truth.  They tried to say they saw clouds up over the mountains, I said unfortunately those were liens laid earlier which had morphed into puffs and wisps, and they could see the newer lines doing just that.  Everybody is sneezing or ill or depressed with the fake fog, also.  Wonder what's up if all of California is being sprayed the same day???

    • BryanVentura says:

      I'm with you Barbara! Keep up the fight! I love the localized comments and opinions rather than the National and Global. Nothings going to happen unless it starts local. I watch them spray all over Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Weather predominately moves west to east in the region. When they spray over our heads right along our california coast we look up see lines, look west see clear sky's, look east see dissipation of the lines that were just overhead… They srpray directly over the fruits and vegetables gardens of America coming from Oxnard, moorpark, Camarillo, somis and Fillmore, to name a few. Heaviest agricultural area in southern California, strawberries, artichokes, sirichis, kale, raspberries all sprayed from overhead. What gets sprayed doesn't always stay up and falls to earth to be absorbed so easily like the celery stick in a glass we did as kids. Shipped globally eaten by the world. At least Half the times they spray it doesn't work because of wind or pressure or whatever, falls right to ground…

  28. Bryn Morgan says:

    Greetings from Spain where we are sprayed like roaches and the people are in a permanent slumber. Sun dogs, orbs, and trails are a common sight by day and increasingly by night. I've been recording for 5 years now and apart from 2012 this is the worse period I can remember.

    My own understanding is reflected by the sheer coincidence of friends telling me they are dizzy, feel nauseous and are now displaying almost psychotic behaviour during and after heavy spraying. They don't recognise what's changing their behaviour, so cannot recognise an episode. 

    When 30-60 yr olds are all displaying signs of early dementia, a total lack of empathy and compassion combined with a real drop in IQ. This is all the data I need to make an informed decision as to the actual reason for spraying. 

    Its human manipulation via weather modification. To try and make us all servile robotic entities with no freethinking capabilities.

    It appears to be working on the masses, its probably having a measured affect on us all. My patience for my fellow man is waning. Sadly.

    • American expat says:

      Same scenario in Belgium, day after day, all day long.  I have noticed dizziness, nausea, and total fatigue the last two weeks.   People can't sort out what it is because we also live stressed lives, and we blame it on that.   Having a hard time getting through the totally dumbed look on people's faces when I try to talk about it.   Also try to send them to this webpage, but very little interest.

  29. a simple horseman says:

    Good evening my fellow planet/home dwellers. Please if I may, report on an observation I see growing with each day. Simply, this is it, "folks keep asking 'what happens if we turn off the geoengineering"? C'mon people, all hell is going to break loose! Ya ever seen a horse shake off after a good roll in the dirt? That's what we're in for… "Get over it!" Buddha said, "the universe is already perfect and is self correcting". Well, to 'a' simple horseman like me, that pretty much tells me all I need to know, Buck up folks, it's gonna be a hell of a ride. Nature never creates straight lines, however it 'does' create MANY parallels. In true horsemanship, how good a leader you were on the "ground", has everything to do with how things go when you get in the saddle. Well, it ain't no surprise to you folks when I write, "we ain't been so good on the ground". Things aren't going to go so good when we get in the saddle, right? WRONG!!! We'll be smart lil foxes and "not" get in that saddle. We'll see that we needed to spend more time on the "ground" and taking things more seriously from there before we get on to asking anything, "in return", from our "horse"……..

  30. Dave says:

    Great to see such a great representation of Michiganders. The weekend spraying was indeed awful and some weird snow some of the smallest flakes I've ever seen. Was listening to NPR show featuring warming of the oceans. I didn't get to hear the whole program but enough to sense the alarm of the scientists (ocean acidity, coral reef bleachings, fish kills, die offs). They confirmed what Dane says nearly every week about the oceans, but of course not a peep about SRM/SAG. I cannot wait until this whole thing breaks, lets all keep doing our part, time is short.

  31. Kevin Love says:

    I'm curious Dane…I watched the videos on why and what in the world are they spraying and understand that chemtrails reduce cloud formation yet some posted that they had downpours immediately after heavy spraying days. I've been telling people that the spraying decreases the chance of rain because the aluminum adheres to water vapor and migrates it somewhere else…as mentioned by the video.  We here in SoCal are expecting much needed rain but chemtrails are maxed out here.  Sky is on steroids!!!  So will we still get the rain?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kevin, though atmospheric particulate saturation does in general induce drought for many reasons. The size of the particulates being sprayed can alter the whole equation and turn it to deluge. Also, moisture that is migrated over one location can accumulate which can also fuel deluge. There are no absolutes, geongineering derails the entire hydrological cycle. FYI

  32. Rosalie says:

    How about tapping into churches for getting the word out en masse.  Church leaders are being the biggest hypocrites, by turning their backs on humanity, when it is now we need their leadership and support to win this battle.   Look at how many thousands of people turn up at these televised religious congregations.  See how much energy and enthusiasm is there at these events.  Imagine if people could be brought around to finally understand the truth.  People with good hearts and minds all in one room.  We need to get to them.

    • BaneB says:

      Haven't you heard?  A huge percentage bieve they are favored to be raptured, taken up whole or in part to be with Jesus.  I don't say this to  denigrate Christian bible interpretation (of which there are many in contention).  Indeed, my perspective is the bible indicates the Old Testament is dead except for the final end-time fulfillment of outstanding prophecies.  The New Testament IS the NWO in its final realization for however one might perceive this to be.  My brother and sister-in-law in the deep rural South are waiting to be raptured.  They make no effort to have anything extra in hand, not for a natural catastrophe, nothing.  This is a mindset that "trusts in The Lord."  I don't argue with this.  I mention from time to time the geoengineering topic and send images of the obvious.  But this does not elicit a dialogue.  Remember Reagan's Secretary of Agriculture…..James Watt?  Or was he EPA?  No matter.  When asked about some of the serious pollution problems taking place during his tenure his comment was ' the problems don't matter because Jesus is coming.'  Or something to that concept.  He was basically abdicating his stewardship responsibilities.  I think he was finally forced to resign.. I hope.  Being born again is to become into consciousness.  I suggest this geoengineering board is such a place.  And it is absolutely what God, too, expects, IMO.  "I shall destroy those who are destroying the earth."  Caveat:  in my definition God and Creator-Spirit are synonymous.

    • Dawnski says:

      Led by wolves in sheep's clothing. . . the great falling away. For five years churches have laughed in our face and shoed us away. Rev 11:18

    • Kevin Love says:

      Hi Rosalie,

      I turned to my church leaders but they say that's not their thing.  I was upset but the wife of one of the pastors was on board and she does spread the chemtrail message and weaves this whole chaos into her End Times ministry that she runs.  So in general I feel your pain but we got to tell them one by one and really pray on our knees that the message spreads faster than the chemicals do in the skies.  Makes us look forward to our heavenly home even more!

  33. kathleen says:

    I'm a calm and serene person, well-equipped with critical thinking skills and at least a modicum of common sense. But these qualities are being tested to the max over this issue.

    Couple that with fluoride and godknowswhatelse in the water that remains, herbicides and pesticides in everyday food, cell tower rays, dumbing down via the lamestream media, radiation in the ocean life post-Fukushima, mercury in dental fillings, ad infinitum (all of which I attempt to eschew) …

    I am feeling close to batshit crazy. Imagine the fear the average person must be experiencing if, say, they drink colas saturated with HFCS–highly addictive and poisonous to boot, and eat the SAD (Standard American Diet) which is notoriously deficient in nutrients, are on meds (necessitated by the SAD), and are suddenly confronted with these facts that confuse their already addled minds. That's one hellofa wakeup call that many may not be able to handle.

    So, it appears not only must we prepare for the weather onslaught by demonic powers in control, but also for masses of braindead zombies if/when they get a frickin clue (which will be too late).

    Keep up the heroic efforts Dane and all. You are collectively my sanity blankie in these perilous times. Thank you!

    • Dawnski says:

      Driving the scenic route to Bath, NC from New Been after a disappointing bee conference we discovered the phosphate mine operation at Aurora on the way to the ferry. Massive WTF Potash Corp. . . fluoride home base? How disgusted we were, across the river from the first port of NC.

    • Earth Angel says:

      kathleen, I have to chuckle at your 'batshit crazy'. I can totally relate. I like to think of myself much the same way you describe yourself. I feel your pain. I've been caring for a 95 year old parent with moderate dementia in my home for several years now. Recently she fell and broke an arm. After 3 days in a hospital and 5 weeks in a nursing rehab center she was able to return home. Her care is now more intensive and time consuming that ever before. Four years ago, when I first became aware of the immensity of the spray programs through a very up close and personal attack over our farm at low altitude resulting in sickness to myself and animals ( suspicious death to one beloved horse, though I can't prove the connection) and much damage and mutation to many of the plants and vegetation on the property which continues to manifest each growing season in the same areas so far I said to myself; As if life wasn't difficult enough already, now we have THIS to deal with on top of everything else!! : (   Thanks a pantload to you bastards out there who are doing this to all of us. May you reap exactly as you have sown.

    • Greg S says:

      kathleen, know how you feel. hugs

  34. David S. says:

    They were spraying all day today in South Florida. (Criminals)  Makes me feel very angry and hurt at what they are doing to us and our planet.

    I am finding more people who are already awake when I talk to them. Also people are waking up faster and easier than they used to. Keep talking. It is having results.

  35. learnard says:

    Not only do we need to organize protests, we have to give our political voice / vote.

    With Hillary, chemtrails will never stop, with Trump there is a strong chance he will hear out voice.

    If we don’t swell support to get Trump in, we will be completely screwed.

    You know what to do, so go do it.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Learnard, unfortunately the entire political system is only a facade, a grand illusion to keep the population distracted and out of touch. Every one of the political candidates is part of the illusion. In the case of Trump, I know first hand that his top campaign people were given a full briefing on the climate engineering issue by a retired USAF general who passed on materials supplied by Carson’s top campaign people were also in the briefing. I am in regular communications with this general, you will never hear a word from Trump or Carson on this issue. Only a critical mass of awareness at the grassroots level will shatter the current paradigm of destruction. This is the only way to expose and stop climate engineering.

    • Tao says:

      Hey Dane,

      Thank you for all your efforts to bring enlightenment to this planet. I pray you stay strong and find peace regardless of what the stupid humans are doing to themselves on our planet. There are many of us who hear what you are saying and silently pray for a miracle awakening to put an end to this insane global experiment. In agreement with you about politicians. What's the point in participating in the voting process if they're all owned and operated by the same dark force? As for the video it really looks to me like they are trying to keep Fukushima radiation off the West coast all these years, especially because the wealthy politicians, military brass, mega corporate business owners and Hollywood media puppet masters have residences here. Sometimes people need a major crisis to wake up to the reality others have noticed for so long. To watch what is going on is here on our beautiful blue planet makes one feel helpless. They act like they have another planet to go to… I'm sure native cultures around the globe felt the same way when another culture came in to steal their way of life. This program has been running for some time it seems. You are the generation to bring awareness of the problem. To find the solutions we so desperately want I think we must first look within and find peace to be able to bring it without to the world. Change ourselves to bring the good changes to the world. God speed and peace to you my earth loving brother.

    • Dana MacCuish says:

      Yes Learnard, Dane is 100 percent correct on his assessment of the political system of shenanigans.  It does not matter who gets put into office, they are all order takers from someone with their hands on the purse strings.  The CIA will and has removed many from office all over the world who do not bow to the wishes of the World Bank.  A politician is usually a glorified lawyer whose job is to mislead, confuse, and distort the plain truth so only he and his fellow members of the BAR can understand what he is saying or not saying.  I refuse to support anyone who does not acknowledge simple truth and facts.  Life gets better and better as you weed all the liars out of your realm.  The first step is easy, it goes like this:  "Turn off your TV for good, it is called PROGRAMMING for a reason."

    • ts gordon says:

      Issues about Chemtrails and Radiation now need to be presented to candidate Hillary while she's on the stand, especially in light of the recent severe leak announcements flooding out of Indian Point, NY!!

  36. Sean says:

    Hmm any idea why they are sending the storms around and around in a pinwheel this year rather than up into the arctic and then back down into the Northeast US? Was it because the latter was bringing too much warm air from down south into the arctic? At any rate the arctic has been absurdly warm this winter anyways. The anomalies are just crazy up there. Any ideas Dane? It's difficult to figure out their thinking here.

    • Judi says:

      I think it is to keep it wet and cold so nothing will grow. Just so food can be controlled.  Also to keep people sick. It is all about Control

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Judi, the climate engineering equation is complex, as are the agendas being carried out. There are a number of presentation on the center of the geoengineeringwatch home page that can answer many questions. 

  37. MIchel B says:

    When Germany had been subdued at the end of WW2, there was an attempt by the Allies to totally destroy the German people, all of them. Eisenhower had death camps on the Rhine where civilians and soldiers alike were kept and starved to death. Over 1000 000 died this way. Then there was the mass murder of the civilian populations in cities where they were just saturated with carpet bombing.

    These actions by the Allies are not mentioned in the history books much, as they would provoke the questions that TPTB don't want asked. It is known that many of the pilots knew what they were doing and felt guilty, but orders were orders I suppose. We can see times haven't changed.

    Anyone who uses just a bit of critique knows that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were used as warning signs to the Russians as the Cold War had started with Germany's defeat.

    Given that there are those people who can make those decisions to mass murder and that they won WW2, who can wonder about what is happening today? To keep carbon technologies at the forefront of the economy and manipulate them keep the centralised powers very wealthy. They were not going to give up that wealth. All alternative energies have been suppressed because those who own the carbon industries would see their wealth evaporate.

    Oil and bombs have an intimate relationship in this crazy world, all so  some hunks of meat and bone called 'civilised man' can have more than he could spend in a thousand lifetimes. Or to entertain a never quenchable thirst for power, which is just a feeling generated in a damaged brain.

    We have been sold carbon needlessly and relentlessly and now the fix up is to destroy everything. I try to look upon this situation like an alien might, just shaking my head at the utter insanity of it.

    • virginia says:

      Thank you, Michel: Comments about WWII and the atrocities that we Americans and British shamelessly and without remorse rained on the German people and others in the European theater are so welcomed. We were never told about these events and war crimes here in states until many years later.  I always thought D.D. Eisenhower as a hero only to learn of his hatred for the Germans (in spite of his German ancestry) and his sadistic,  cruel and unrelenting punishment of German prisoners of war – women and men alike.

      And yes, this brings us up to present wherein our government is showing the same disregard for its own people by the destruction of our climate, health and the whole planet.  Seems death and destruction come easy to psychopaths both in uniform and in the halls of government. 

      Thank you once again for your fine post. 

    • Eileen K. says:

      Thank you, Michel B., for bringing up the attempted extermination of the German people toward the end of WW2. This was never in the mainstream history books which, of course, have been written by the victors. From Feb. 13-15, 1945, Allied bombers firebombed Dresden – devastating the city center and killing anywhere between 300,000 to 500,000 civilians – double the numbers of Japanese civilians killed in the nuclear bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

      The evil forces behind those wartime atrocities and the atrocities of geoengineering are the same .. the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia that was exposed by the courageous editors of Veterans Today. The KM want the world's population reduced by around 90% to 500 million, and climate manipulation is the easiest method of attaining this goal .. although waging aggressive wars .. especially, in 3rd World nations .. is still ongoing. They're now quite desperate, since their exposure by Veterans Today has awakened large segments of the world's population, and continue to awaken more and more people to this horror. Even within the USSA, the nation being used by the KM for the vast majority of geoengineering attacks on Earth's climate, citizens are waking up and swamping govt entities – including Congress and the White House – with emails and calls, demanding an end to this climate manipulation.

    • Dane Wigington says:

          Hello Elleen, though the climate engineering programs are certainly contributing to the culling of all life, it is important to remember the entire equation is much more complicated. Those in power know they have helped to trigger (along with industrialized civilization) dozens of climate feedback loopes that are now rapidly pushing the planet toward Venus Syndrome. Geoengineering is the unimaginably destructive and deadly method by which those in power are attempting to hide what is unfolding from the population for as long as possible while making the overall warming worse at the same time.  Again, it is very important to state the entire equation if we are to retain credibility. Yes, again to your final statement Eileen, climate engineering must be exposed and halted completely, there is no other way forward.

    • Edward Palys says:

      What you say is probably true. Maybe that's why Eisenhauer needed to spy on Russia so much with the U2s. Unfortunately, the evil cabal has full control of both the media and the US government. People are dependent on their employers and what we see in the government is totally controlled. That's why whistle blowers are condemned by the government. Like most of all of us, we adhere to the rules of the employer. 

  38. horsegirl says:

    FWIW:  Just tried googling the channel for 1 pacific redwood.  I could not get to the youtube channel page linked in this article, instead being directed to "A1helper."  No matter what I tried.  Thanks for including this link.

    • Tammy says:

      click on the you tube logo at the bottom of the video and it takes you right to it….then click on subscribe…..worked for me.

    • bill mudd says:

      there is no space: 1pacificredwood

    • Larry Charles says:

      Horsegirl,  Try 1pacificredwood  no spaces, no caps.  Worked for me.  Larry

    • BaneB says:

      Try going into a search.  I simply typed it in no matter caps or spacing.  There it was among many other topics.  I have to say the 'handle' was a bit odd to me.  But its UTube so whatever…..

  39. Paul VK says:

    I read a article recently that included some input supposedly from some one involved in this Geoengineering that stated, if they were to stop spraying that within in one year the U.S. would incinerate and there would be mass famine, that they have been able to keep the country's weather fairly stable.So if this is true it makes me wonder, do they no we are screwed ultimatley and are just buying time for some reason to prepare for the big event that the elite will go under ground to leave us to live on a dying planet to live out our existance as some bad futuristic Mad Max movie.Makes you think doesnt it. However we here in Salt lake City have had many clear blue skies over the past weeks with no planes to speak of, yet i have not seen a huge swing in high temps or feeling like we are burning up.I dont know what to think anymore.All i know what they are doing is not for our good.Keep up the fight folks.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello  Paul, the statements you mentioned you heard do not disclose the overall reality. Though climate engineering can produce temporary (and highly toxic) cool-downs, such engineered anomolies come at the cost of a decimating the planets life support systems and further fueling the overall warming of the planet. There is no benevolence in the climate engineering insanity, none, as you correctly concluded.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Hi Paul,  I think you present an accurate analysis of the situation


  40. horsegirl says:

    Dane, hi,

    Saluting your courage and hard work always.  Have downloaded this video, thank you.

    A legal angle was brought to my attention while hearing an interview with Dr. James Tracy who is wrangling with the University who fired him over issues of academic freedom.  Australian researcher Allan William Powell brought to Tracy's attention that the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform is the main investigative committee in the U.S. House of Representatives.  According to Powell, they can subpeona "anyone."  Figures that a foreign researcher would observe justice techniques unknown to most Americans.

    How about a scenario in which Kern Caldiera and David Keith were called to the carpet by a citizen committee?

    I'll pass on the link in which Powell discusses this with Dr. Tracy.  The mention is early on in an interview of great merit throughout:

  41. Karen W says:

    Great reporting Dane. 

    This reminds me of the article that was published a couple days ago regarding the possible "major earthquake" on the west coast because of the CO being released by the vaults.  Looking at their photos one can clearly see the chemtrails along with the formation of the clouds that is NOT bringing rain (but heat) to the Californians.


    • Karen W says:

      Also I might add that yesterday (3/1) I was talking with my daughter who lives in Lansing Mich. and she told me that they were spraying all weekend long so bad that she took pictures of it to send me.

      I'm wondering if that is the "pattern" (chemtrails) I see on the "major earthquake" article about the CO going east up to the great lakes?

    • Karen W says:

      I'm sorry.  I meant CM 

      Has anyone yet gone outside and taken a nice big breath of "fresh air"… People, if that is an indicator, why are not the 35's age group and up chanting..

  42. Ted says:

    Spraying in San Diego usually happens at night and blows through in the AM before dawn. The last three days have shown only small amounts of spraying. Today a heavily covered early sky has been followed by a Huge attack from the tankers flying/spraying checker  board patterns. They cover the sky and then do it all over again. That repeat spraying has been happening all day long. The sky is solid white now 1:30 PM.

     There is heavy rain predicted starting Sunday and for two days afterwards. Last time we had the really heavy spraying we got heavy rain shortly afterwards. The only rain this year. 

     On the bright side, People are listening to me, And pointing the trails out to me for a change.

     I am waiting for some legal action around this subject. 

    • Kevin Love says:

      The people are and will listen.  I'm learning that when you present the information while spraying is happening you get a fish every time.  The passion in our message wins people too!  You can move mountains with just a little faith so keep fighting…on your knees,too.

  43. horsegirl says:

    @ Bane B – Wow, about your amazing trove of b&w photos, a good way for them to go on display would be in a video.  Which is what I used to do eons ago.  I produced video while an intern at MIT's Community TV in the early 80's.  I have had a notion to produce a music video.  What I've lacked is a montage of geoscatology.  You are so right on – B&W is so much more potent.  I have transposed some Chopin mazurkas on the guitar and written lyrics.  Would you be willing to let me use your imagery?  Of course I need a techie to help me because of vision limitations, and I'll give a shout about that.  But the music and lyrics are there.  Would be an honor to work with your painfully-won imagery.  Best regards.

  44. David Darby says:

    The Humm, or buzz? Does anybody hear it. Mainly when its quiet like when your going to bed. I first started hearing it in Jan 2015 and searched the entire area I live and drove miles to away from the city and to remote zones of the county and still could hear the humm. Its in the atmosphere. Its the atmospheric heaters I believe and everything is affected. Its about 91 hrtz if trying to match it with a tone generator. My research says that most people 90+% have no clue or can hear this low frequency humm. So this note may mostly go on def ears. Anyhow very nice video and responses on this post by Dane today. Thanks to everybody else post and reponses.

    • BW says:


      I have had ringing in my ears for some time now! Why? Is it Tinnitus?

    • patrice says:

      Yes;. We need to get to these monsters that are murdering this planet!

    • beretta says:

      Hi David Darby

      The human ear can hear from 20 hz to 20,000 hz when your young but the older you get it we lose the ability to hear very low and very high frequencies most people on this site are hearing high frequency hiss. I live in south Arkansas and hear high frequency hiss. I dont where you live but 90 hz can be heard and felt, like deep bass on a pair of speakers. Can you also feel it?


    • PatinSF says:

      I have constant tinnitus along with visual snow or eye tinnitus. It started about 4 years ago all of sudden. I can almost pin it to a time and date when a group of transformers on my street blew. I often wonder if there is a EMF or electromagnet or frequency wave influence. My neurologist found nothing wrong with a Brain MRI and is baffled, and wants to give me drugs and more drugs. No thanks!

    • BaneB says:

      I started to fall apart about 4 years ago.  It is expected as one ages that some of the wheels will come off the chassis.  But, it seems to me that the entire construct of my body is being affected.  The ring in my ears might be in my brain and not coming into the ears.  It warbles, too.  I am listening now while writing this to a high pitched whine.  Living inside a microwave oven can't be good for the brain nor for the body.  And this earth is now surrounded by and bathed in a microwave fog.  Regarding a comment about low sounding noise best heard during the quiet night hours, I concur.  Having no wiring in my home, and literally being off the grid (and no man is an island, not anymore) creates a very noise free environment. Yet, I can hear a "motor" running.  Often times I can detect it being turned on.  It is faint.  My guess has been there is some equipment somewhere that operates at night. A large generator somewhere in the distance.  My roof is steel.  It might conduct sound from far away.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Where I live in North Georgia the high frequency tones I hear come and go. It is not a constant. I just heard it fairly strongly in my right ear several minutes ago. It comes on and reaches a creschendo pitch then disappears quickly. It happens in both right and left ears but not at the same time. We just had unexpected snowfall here today at 40 degrees F, big wet flakes pouring down and sticking on everything, even though we have had relatively warm temps. lately. Rain was predicted and shown for our area in today's noontime tv weather report. I made a snowball, packed it tight, brought it in the very warm house and put a lighter to it. It was moist in my hand but did not readily drip any water where the flame was applied for a few minutes. I left it in the sink and after it finally melted( I didn't really time it but guessing about 30-40 min. to completely melt) I noticed a slight foam of small bubbles was in the sink where it was. I'm assuming the high frequencies I'm hearing are from moving the weather system out. The next several days are predicted sunny and warmer with temps. to top out near 70 degrees F next week.. Go figure!!

  45. steve dee says:

    Knowing about all this is one thing. I can see the chemtrails. I know about the gmos and the high fructose corn syrup and the carcinogenic plastics and microwaves from cell phones. Most people have been put to sleep or believe that those of us who know what's going on are nuts.

    Good luck trying to find out why its being done or trying to short circuit our demise.


    Ever wonder why those who pursue these destructive practices don't seem to be especially worried about destroying themselves in the process? 

    How come? 


    • Ron says:

      Many of us have wondered, continually.  They (central bankers) either have chelating processes to purify their bodies, or what's poison to us isn't poison to them, or they don't care what happens to our habitat (I'm not saying they don't care what happens to them).  I'm sure if we had all the answers, it would make sense.  Bottom line is, take action.  Tell as many people as you can.  Don't stand on the sidelines and discourage people who are trying to make a change.  And refer to them by their scientific terms – geoengineering trails or climate engineering trails.  I call them aerosol trails when speaking of them.

    • simonhhh says:

      Cardinal George Pell was giving evidence in the ongoing Child Sex Abuse case Hearings [Vatican] and was asked why he didn't stop it when he had the chance. Not only did he deny he was given "warnings" but he refused to remove the offending party. Questioned on this he replied that…and I quote "I wasn't much interested in it"… You see psychopaths behave in very predicable ways…of obfuscation, of denial, no empathy, no reciprocity, no compassion, no insight into the repercussions, no self reflection …but arrogantly proceed in an evil destructive direction as if they have superior knowledge…when in reality "disturbingly" clueless to the consequences

    • Edward Palys says:

      Try and compare all of this chaos to mad scientists, you know, the ones who work in their labs and blow themselves up experimenting on inventions and discoveries while oblivious to their safety.

    • Dennie says:

      Sorry, I just do NOT believe that the "elites" are so hip to what's really going on that they knew about all of this before any of it went down (literally), and "they" somehow have regular appointments to get their blood filtered, or whatever– look people, can you IMAGINE what a hassle that would actually BEEE?  Doesn't anyone know anyone else who's been on CHEMO, actually??? Cuz that's one HELLUVA way to "live" even if/when you can "afford" it.  How about working to keep the planet CLEAN, actually? 

      Wanna "cure" cancer?  STOP IRRADIATING and POISONING the planet.  JUST. STOP. NOW!!!!

      Wanna raise a bunch of "environmentally aware" kids?  Then tell them that THE ENVIRONMENT IS WHEREVER YOU ARE, RIGHT NOW– Look around, kids– is it CLEAN???  PUT THE COKE CAN IN THE RECYCLING, or better yet, don't drink that poison in the first place. 

      And PICK UP AFTER YOURSELVES, for God's sake (oh, I forgot, God's dead– right?) starting right where you ARE, you spoiled little f*%(#$!!!!


      Have a Nice Day!

  46. Dana W says:

    Thank you for the updates. I saw these for the first time in 1999, and ignored it. I am posting and shooting photos EVERY single time I see them where I live. Two weeks ago when they were "seeding" our clouds, I stepped outside to take pictures briefly and that resulted in massive sores with scabs on the inside of my nostrils. I know this is BAD for us all! Keep up the good work!

    • DWright says:

      Dana, I too, over the past couple of years have experienced the sores in my nostrils, as well as the several other symptoms that I continuous have, such as joint pain, runny nose, tinnitus, weak and tired constantly. Some of these I attributed to getting older(early 40's). I am very active in the outdoors, and have never been a couch potato, but find myself wanting to lay around a little more all of the time. 

  47. Christine says:

    ah just realized (memory issues!), forgot to add a specific microwave feature, known by some from investigations on microwaved food. Normally our bodies contain almost exclusively the L-rotated amino acids, all proteins are build >99.0% out of them. What water vibrations (effect of microwave absorption) in the MHz and GHz ranges can do is, they can invert the L->R form of amino acids, highly toxic compounds, produced only in specific situations within specific organs… Just one more side effect of these weapons capable of incapacitating our bodies!!

  48. virginia says:

    Wonder why no comments or article on the explosive carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide gasses over southern California and then entire California to north and east – on Feb. 25th, I believe, for three days.

    This never happened before.  Scientist from India and others have indicated bursts of these gasses in these amounts are precursors to big seismic events.  To  make long story short….'coincidentally' the big earthquake in Indonesia. 

    Makes me wonder about the Cascadia Subduction Zone where a possible 9.0 could occur.  Oregon is having a 6000 emergency personnel drill from June 7 for three days to prepare for the possibility of a large quake and tsunami. 

    Any professional out there know anything more on this stuff?

    • I live on the Olympic Peninsula in WA and I have been thinking that the melting of the Arctic has perhaps altered the pressure on the plates and this may contribute to shifting of weight and therefore… Personally, I don't think the 'professionals' know much.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Virginia and All, Here's a little known fact for you. The Earth is continuously absorbing energy from the Sun and is Actually growing in size. Imagine if you painted a balloon with a coat of paint, let it dry, and then increase the pressure with in the balloon. Pretty soon the paint starts to crack. If you rolled the balloon around in your hands the paint would crack even more. That's what all the HAARP facilities are doing doing to the crust of the earth. And being that our ozone layer is almost gone, the earth absorbs even more energy. "Somethings gotta give". Nature like to keep "things" evened out proportionately. Hope that helps.

    • BaneB says:

      The uh 'professionals' know enough about how to take the entire life systems and attendant support apart.  They really don't know how to put it back together after the destruction wrought  by their ever curious minds.  But they know enough about how to create abstract artificial caricatures by way of a back engineering.  Its Humpty Dumpty.

  49. Christine says:

    An observation from this morning, which I described in my google+ posts, is related to these pictures above. I'll post you my thoughts on it here:


    Photographing skies, by everyone who has IPHones, would be a good goal for these little thin slices of plastic+metal+semiconductors, filling out people' pockets, with hope of being shaken by their vibrational mode in order to hear some voice, or see a known moving face, all remotely.
    The suggestion of doing the pictures of skies in particular when reading some high conspiracy documents, best with many friends together, can give you probably the feeling of how fast the sky can change, with its pattern of regular fringes, showing up from nowhere and disappearing like ghosts back into sky. The goal, would be to have enough documents SHOWING THAT WE ARE TRACED ALREADY REMOTELY. Regularity in any distribution of matter, the highest of which one can find in crystals, is a deep feature of every living organism. Every single protein in our bodies has a fixed 3.8A distance between the neighbor alpha-carbon atoms of 2 consecutive amino acids, and ~1.5A between 2 carbon atoms of the same amino acid, and ~6.5A between 2 consecutive phosphate groups within DNA helix
    and ~2.8A distance between their aromatic groups of their bases, which contain and express the information of which protein to produce.. Thus the complicated net of these regular distributed matter is HIGHLY RESPONSIVE to ANY electromagnetic radiation capable of resonating with that net. The most fundamental feature of all DNA and proteins, is their light absorption in the UV range. It seems that the artificial geoengineering patterns must work on some kind of harmonic of these nano-distances of our inner live, in order to affect it. Clouds, as we knew them in the past, NEVER HAD ANY DISTRIBUTION LIKE THAT. Of course any arrangement of microwaving phased arrays antennas can drive the water with enough power exactly where they want it to be. A perfect remotely controlled system for shaping the 'new nature'!


    My personal huge fear is, that these patterns increase in size, in frequency, in their precision, with exponential speed every day, meaning  WE HAVE NOT MUCH TIME LEFT, like Dane says, already for a long time! 

    • Christine — What you say here is utterly fascinating: "…the artificial geoengineering patterns must work on some kind of harmonic of these nano-distances of our inner live, in order to affect it." If they are aware of this and it is intentional, then this technology is insanely 'off-world' advanced and truly terrifying.

    • BaneB says:

      My mind is incapable of but the most rudimentary forms of science understandings.  An overview is the best expected from this quarter.  Thank you for the post for sure.  You touched on something that has been where most of my mind is located , in the back of it.  My observation is that these deranged terrorist induced Frankenstein clouds do rapidly morph from one shape to another.  This seems to me a quicker shape-shifting than in natural cloud formations.  There are Swiss cheese clouds that dissolve into nothing only to reappear down the line as odd square and rectangles.  The fake aerosoled cirrus clouds, fish skeletons, spider webs, angel hair, spaghetti noodles types, morph into any and all of the aforementioned quickly, and change from dull to white to a brightness akin to the Second Coming.  I have a lounge chair out in the garden where sitting is a joy, with cocktail in hand, observing for hours the bizarre shenanigans in the grundged up atmosphere. There are no pink elephants….only microwave radio energy shuffling around these pretenders like the rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic.

    • virginia says:

      Christine: A fab post, for sure.  I admire your knowledge; but could you possibly express some of the facts in simple English?  Smart, I am not. And I would like to benefit from your expertise.

      thanks much.

    • Sean Slavin says:

      Wow! Quite an impressive post. Sounds like you've studied some of Carnicom's work or perhaps even worked with him. There are definitely a multitude of layers to this nightmare.

  50. carol freiberg says:

    Last statement, "wants to move from Cali" to where? Another planet? Keep on spreading the word folks. I see more alert and waking folks out there wondering what is going on in the skies and why, after the planes spew their white lines, the weather changes almost immediately. These psychos will be exposed and brought to justice for their crimes against all humanity. 

    • Billy Joe Arnold says:

      These crimes against humanity are being carried out by our own government military industrial complex. As Dane put it, the order takers.

      those orders are handed down to our President who should be held for treason against the citizens of USA. And then proceed down the chain of command.

  51. Jeff Walker (Ottawa, ex-Brentwood Bay) says:

    One can get the "radar weather" from a site like, by selecting the "radar" tab and playing the animation.

    Large round radar wheels with spokes will become noticable.

    For instance, there is an absolutely monsterous red and white "cell tower" west of Ottawa, between Carleton Place and Smiths Falls, bounded by the area between Hwy 15, Salter rd, and McLachlin rd.

    The spokes that show out of this radar bloom, and center at Salter rd above, extend well past Ottawa, past Montreal as well! It also beams northwest past Algonquin Park!

    That's a lot of microwaves (radar).

    Don't forget, microwave ovens used to be called "Radar Ranges".

    • BaneB says:

      You are probably referring to NEXRAD.  Here in Babylon there are 160 of these microwave zappers placed within the states.  There max power is 748,000 watts each.  Their diameter is 500 miles, radius 250.  Most of these creatures overlap each other in terms of reach.  Some have areas where three overlap at various junctures.  Ostensibly it's all about weather forecasting.  Someone mentioned Intellicast above.  I saw a perfect doughnut shaped pulse exude in a blink of an eye from NEXRAD in Searchlight, Nevada.  That was on the visible radar cloud tab image loop.  My measurement showed it went out 250 miles full circle.  The clouds appeared out of nowhere in a circle, roiled out like in an explosion, and disappeared into thin air.  You can make your own conclusions about how this could be.  My own belief is these devices can create and manipulate the weather.

    • Dylan says:

      When radar beams of microwave energy are pulsed (switched on and off) within the range 0 to 12.4 Mhz and sustained for long enough at the appropriate frequency, then a phenomenon known as microwave breakdown of air occurs in the region affected. This excites the electrons in the air to the point where a chain reaction occurs resulting in an electron avalanche. The electrons, consequently stripped from the air, in turn augment the action of cloud condensation nuclei in the process of cloud formation.

  52. judy lauer says:

    Breneka  I got the same feeling–I have to run to the bathroom.

  53. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Observer/Forecaster) says:

    Outstanding post! What a coincidence, this morning I was watching The Weather Channel (TWC) AMHQ, Meteorologist Jen Carfagno stated we are going to change the moisture projectile over California.  Rain will be coming into San Diego, CA. & feet, feet, feet of snow will fall, in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Meteorologist Jim Cantore said, we are opening the water tap, for the Southwest, rain & a lot of snow for the mountain regions. Cantore also said this will be the best rain event of the season! There are certain clues/hints of words in those statements that justify the manipulations of the climate/weather systems! The film footage of that radar loop, over the Eastern Pacific Ocean is visually, as plain as day of total manipulation & control. Natural weather systems & water vapor do not & will not behave naturally in that manner, compared to the signature shown in the 6 minute video above. It appears, as if someone took a giant knive or machete and sliced off a section of that Low Pressure System/Storm, to scatter and diminsh it. In this case the GeoEngineers have caused the Low preessure system to FILL, which in weather terms means to Weaken. That causes the Sea Level pressure to rise, which breaks up that system. Second pressure systems will not have a defined linear shape, like the comparison he uses with the CD cover. They Meteorologist's are verbally contradicting what is actually going to take place. Why are they doing this, they are busting their own Forecast. Maybe that's why all Meteorologist's have to change their forecasts multiple times per week, to confuse us, to keep up with the now artificial weather patterns. We will see what happens this week!

    • Alan says:

      If the level of spraying is any indication, San Diego won't see any rain for about 10 years.  There are multiple planes going every direction spraying horizon to horizon as I type.  The sky is white.  Enough, already!  There were planes last night at 3:00 AM spraying.  It's simply surreal.  

    • David Darby says:

      Good input and thanks for sharing.

    • juan Sequoia says:

      Here in northern Baja California Mexico. they are spraying us like bugs also. Many people here don't have a clue what is happening to them.

      The chem trails used to end at the international border, now they cross over the border. The sky here from Tijuana to Ensenada and beyond are disgusting and muky like California.

      I have given this website and 1pacificredwood to some people and told them to translate it into Spanish,to try to educate the people here nd let them see how the Mexican government is manipulated by the criminal American goernment.


    • beretta says:

      Hi David

      Ive noticed to the way these weather channel idiots word things. We are opening the water taps etc.WE . Well WE on this site know exactaly what YOUR doing.

    • a simple horseman says:

      David, Wow, you hit the nail right on the head, Bam!!

      I really appreciate your being a contributor to this site. I always look forward to your views and input, quite credible, thank you. We 'all' need the input of an honest "weatherman" that watches the "wanna be" "weather'man". (Personally, I don't call them a man, or for that much, a woman, pretty much I call them paid liars, spade is a spade…). Oh and another thing, I'm old so forgive me here, How am I supposed to believe a super hot chick that's obviously reading a script?? Someone please tell me!(lol). Anyone remember the movie "Network"?….. I do, and we're now stuck in quick sand of it and sinking fast. But even that one you can get out of…….

  54. Maryann Genzel says:

    The point of controlling the weather is to put people in harms way. They will burn you out with drought that causes fire. If that is not enough, They will cause a flood that will take away your houses, and what ever else you own. The storms, wind and snow will bring down electric lines. People will die from lack of heat. Starve to death from lack of food.

    If you don't believe this, your head is in the sand….

  55. Barry Woods says:

    A this point in time can they stop with their Climate Engineering MADNESS? If so, what would be the outcome. I live in Southern CA and also can't wait to get out of here. But there is nowhere to go to escape the Crap! Also, there is the fact that my whole family thinks I am NUTS! They wouldn't follow me across the street!

    • Donna says:

      Well Barry, You're not nuts, and don't come to AZ, they are spraying the crap out of us too. I won't even let my dogs outside except to do their thing. Sent 90 more emails this morning to our toxic air loving legislature. Mentioned Rhode Island, and told them Now is the time to get on board and do something about this crap we're being forced to breathe. Hope they take action before this kills us.

  56. Mike says:

    Wow, this has got to stop.

  57. Killer Dana says:

    Amador County California Spray Alert !   3-2-2016  @ 08:45

    The  Chemtrail Jockeys are hard at it this morning with more Monsanto like , Toxic  Round up Ready  Poison  .


  58. Sharon Moreno says:

    Yahoo has repeatedly shut down your site here, blocked the YouTube video, which I had to reboot a couple of times.  Not had this interruptive experience anywhere else.  Just a heads up.  

  59. Veronica Roach says:

    What is the point of this ? I just do not understand what they are trying to achieve since they are depriving California of the natural moisture it would get !!!

    • Mike says:

      simple, DEATH.

    • Larry Charles says:

      Veronica,  It is a very complex plan, too extensive to explain here.  Worst case: 'depopulation', 'social chaos' 'NWO', etc.;  A hideous agenda, I'm afraid.  Look into the above phrases; and check out other articles on this site.  You are encouraged to look after your own mental and physical health.  Larry 

  60. Rhonda says:

    I believe the manipulation off the pacific coast also has the desired effect of keeping that warmer air from reaching the eastern part of the country. We are experiencing weather extremes that are ridiculous. In Michigan it was 59 degrees on Sunday and Monday morning it was snowing. We had record snowfall in March and it was the first day of the month.  Next week the predictions are 60 degrees! 

    • Lea says:

      I can certainly verify what you're saying, Rhonda. This insanity of spraying lethal chemicals, to create freezing and below freezing temps is just plain insanity IMO. They've been given way too much control over this planet. I for one would love to get these thugs grounded permanently.

      What frys my cookies isthey had all winter to make snow, but chose heading into spring to put on their stupid show. The cabal needs to be taken down.


    • Debra says:

      I can also verify what you are saying Rhonda. I live in Michigan. We've had two major winter storms now. A week apart, with the days before them record highs. Not coincidently heavy spraying the day and night before all hell broke loose. Digging out today!! 60's by end of week. More snow predicted in a day or so and will be in the 40's.

  61. Former Google CEO Schmidt to head new Pentagon Innovation board  / March 2, 2016
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive officer of Google, has agreed to head a new Pentagon advisory board aimed at bringing Silicon Valley innovation and best practices to the U.S. military, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Wednesday.–finance.html

    • BaneB says:

      Haha:-))). Gee, one would believe Google and the Pentagram have just now met for the first time ever.  The fact is the two have been in an embrace since Google became googly.  Many of the high tech companies received lots of start up money from the dark side.  Google is way deep into robotics.  The breakthroughs are exponential.  Their dog and humanoid freakensteins only need a head and some "flesh" to be embraced by the micriwave-public as yet another wonder for the good of mankind.  Meanwhile, Google claims copyright on everything not nailed down…almost including your very thoughts while surfing inside their lair. They spy, they track, they predate, and they stalk your every movement on the microwave wejie board.  Your good and bad habits and predilections are sold off to Wall Street and Washington.  Did Google ask you or your town whether or not you want your privacy invaded from  outer space?  How does one say no to such a juggernaut?  NO, I do not want my front door nor my bedroom window, nor my home's layout provided to the slinky eyes of voyeurs and connivers.  Am I over stating this?  A friend of mine was driving in Sonoma county blissfully unaware that a a Google Earth van had imaged him and his vehicle coming and going.  He only found out because a friend in another region of the nation by accident came across him, his vehicle and readable license plates back and front on the internet.  Hello….. This is an invasion of privacy.

    • Earth Angel says:

      OH NO!!!  Google- one of the worst companies out there. Ranks right up there with Monsanto, Dow, Big Pharma and the like. UGH. Now they're running the military industrial complex. OH NO!

  62. DrDignity says:

    Well done! Today is 2 March 2016 & unbelievable amounts of chemtrails coming from the west here to the Coachella Valley of Palm Springs & Palm Desert.  Overhead the tankers are unloading chemicals which no longer disperse in the upward, outward fashion but more like icicles coming earthward. I awoke to hazy, dark skies & I can see the planes continuing to spray.  The chemtrail clouds are arriving whole from the Pacific & Los Angeles. Yet, nobody looks up.

    • BaneB says:

      The 'draw' for tourism in your area of Palm Springs are beautiful clear blue skies, dry heat and low humidity, and cooler evenings.  Combined with palm tree, villa style resorts, and swimming pools, removing the natural blue sky and unimpeded sunshine certainly cannot be good for business.  After my last long distance trip two years ago, across the nation, I really do not want to see again the dingy, hazed, chemtrailed affront that damned near covers over our entire nation on any given day or night.  I sum, there is less of a draw for me to seek the winter sunshine in the desert due to artificial dimming.  Maybe the resort owners have yet to wake up?  

    • juan Sequoia says:

      Baja California Mexico looks just as disgusting as Southern California.

    • BaneB says:

      Juan, as you know, the drying up of the Colorado River is having profound effects upon Mexico.  Not only is Babylon sucking it dry when there is rain, but by the time it reaches your region it is polluted.  Good luck with the Spanish translation.

  63. bill mudd says:

    Good to see 1PacificRedwoods analysis here this morning.Peaople should save him to their favorites on YouTube. I watch this EVERY day to get the highest and best understanding of what our military industrial complex is doing.

    This should be circulated to everyone that needs to be awakened.

    Thanks Dane and everyone here. Remember to donate everyone, no matter what you can do, it all helps.


  64. Sean Slavin says:

    Insane. Absolutely, positively insane. To those behind this I hope that you are reading these comments. Please know that it's not to late to join the forces of good.

    Your survival also depends on this. Regardless of the promises that may have been made to you I can assure you that they are all lies. As soon as you have out lived your usefulness you will be cast aside and stomped out just like all of us.

    Please join us. There is a creator and we all have to answer for our deeds. Use your will for the greater good. It's the only chance we've got.

  65. Kathy says:

    The result of this storm in Western Washington was unbelievable. 66 mpr winds in Shelton, wa. The sky was disastrous all day. Gum ball size hail. The sleep walking population I worked with yesterday all comment on how strange the weather is yet it goes no further. Even the ones I have presented credible data to and work for aircraft companies still refuse to acknowledge. However, I have been able to wake up some but even they simply are too overwhelmed to get active on this issue. So for the rest of us….we keep on hammering away at all costs and hope to beat the clock.

  66. Cole Bowman says:

    This morning in Southern California , I can see those planes in our sky's spraying chemical in x patterns, so sick of seeing, makes me so mad.

    • James says:

      Cole,  March AFB in Riverside County is the prime culprit doing the Southern California spraying!

  67. Dane — I'm so happy you posted this from 1PacificRedwood. Whoever this ingenious man is, he is wonderful and deserves our gratitude. The more people that see this, the better. Who can ignore the 'right angle' evidence of transmitter use? Mother Nature does not generate right angles.  Thank you, Dane and 1PacificRedwood. Here's his YouTube channel:

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