Uniting Against The Lies Of Our Government


Reality is not what we imagine it to be, but rather what is. Our current paradigm is a temporary and completely unsustainable construct erected by a criminally insane power structure for its own purposes. This construct is unraveling by the day. Populations around the globe have generally been all too willing to go along with the industrialized and militarized societal structure as that is what they have been trained to accept and embrace. The philosophy of existing for the good of the whole (especially in regard to the planet which sustains our very existence)  has long since been abandoned by most cultures and individuals. The 2 minute video below delivers a powerful message. Lies and deception are the foundation of governments, with our own at the top of the list. If we choose to believe the lies in order to remain in our comfort zone of denial slightly longer, it will eliminate any chance we may yet have to alter the course of the Titanic on which we are all currently passengers. Only by accepting and embracing the current reality (however harsh), and  uniting to change it, do we have any hope of salvaging a future that we imagine could still be.
Dane Wigington


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  1. At some point very soon, it's going to come down to citizens working with local sheriffs and veteran military persons in the arrest of those who transport, load, and offer ground support for chemtrial operations.
    Here's someone you can believe in. >
    Richard Mack Suggests States 'Nullify Federal Income Tax
    'Hopes Process Will Remain 'Peaceful'
    Richard Mack – 'Bloodshed' May Be Needed If 'State Sovereignty' Not Preserved
    OATH KEEPERS is a non-partisan association of Military, Veterans, and peace officers who will honor their oaths to defend the Constitution, will NOT just follow orders, will stand for liberty, and will save the Republic, so help us God.

  2. Francine Walbon says:

    What do you suggest we can do? I have watched your video and shared it on fb, I have called the EPA and Puget Sound clean air and after pushing the lady she told me that they were spraying pesticides. After requesting to speak to a supervisor she placed me in hold and then got cut off. Please advise what we personally can do and Thank you for fighting for humanity.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Francine, go to geoengineeringwatch.org and look for the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page, thanks for marching with us in this battle Francine.

    • John Griggs says:

      They are aware of the whole situation as well and also have several suggestions on what we as individuals can do. And it may not seem like it but what you are doing is pushing these people towards a state of awareness, whether they are willing to admit it to themselves or not it is not going away because collectively combined with what we are all doing is bringing our voice of awareness more and more to a state of mass social awareness.

      One other thing is I am an Actor who has been rejected many many more times than I've gotten the part. The people who reject me always ended up calling me back because I made an impression upon them. This is what we are doing collectively making an impression on peoples minds. Impressions don't go away if you keep seeing them all around you. Just keep doing what you are doing. Ideas will keep coming to you. 


    • Carl Smith says:

      Hey, Francine! Keep the faith! You are not alone. There are more of us each day who are waking up to what is happening! I believe that even people such as the woman who lied to you, put you on hold, then cut you off, are being reached. I would bet that she knows that what she told you is a lie and that the truth will eventually surface in some way. You did a great job of, as the saying goes, “putting a bug in her ear”!

    • Mary Willits says:

      Francine, call your state reps, or email them. Have everyone who is in this fight to do the same. We have to overwhelm them with aware people. Tell them you do not consent to climate engineering and you want it stopped now. The masses will awaken them and possibly stop the madness. BOMBARD THEM!

  3. horsegirl says:

    Today's activism: telling the cashier in Douglas, AZ about seeing the planes – slow, low – spraying behind their mountains. Visible to us 12 miles away, but not to them. He had to admit there was haze. But he was incredulous. Why, he asked, would they spray the town? Then I asked the young Mexican American, whose community is a vestige of the much larger Mexican city of Agua Prieta on the Mexican side of the border: seen anyone pregnant lately? His gaze went somewhere vague as he became lost in worried thought. Seen any newborn babies this year? I wish I had a video of the way his face changed. He hadn't noticed. Hadn't given it a thought. I asked him if he goes to the Mexican side much, and he said yes. So, have you seen any pregnancies there? Any newborn babies? You could almost sense his feelings being sucked into a void as his face grew troubled. People need to realize what has been done. They are sterilizing humanity, especially Mexico. I asked another cashier. She too had not thought about it. Realized there were almost no babies to be found anymore in Mexico. I wrote out the website geoengineeringwatch for him. When we can afford it I plan to print brochures. I wish there were some in Spanish. I could translate them if you like. I am fluent in Spanish.  

  4. Kathleen Gabel says:

    Thank you to the maker of this video for telling it like it is.  The talking points given by the White House and other parts of our government daily are astonishing.  When you keep turning the channels and you keep hearing the same phraseology, you know the Script has been written by the Office of Propaganda and handed down to the MainStream Media Deceivers for Dissemination.   

    Sadly some people still trust the media.  They have assisted in Lying us into Wars, and allowing the True Criminals to Remain Free.  They perpetuate the Myth that 911 was a terrorist attack done by a bunch of foreigners when it is clear that the 3 Buildings Falling at Free Fall Speed; was an Inside Job of the Highest Order.  

    MSM ridicules those intelligent enough to see through the MSM LIES regarding Covert In Plain Sight Government Sanctioned and Conducted GeoEngineering in OUR SKIES.   They tell us that we don't see what we see.  They put geoengineering aerosols in their backdrops and in old movies…. 

    They don't tell us Alaska is melting and saw 90 degree days…. They don't  protect us by telling us we all need to prepare for the Coming Collapse.  They just LIE LIE LIE and Deceive us.  

    We live in George Orwell's 1984.  The Truth is Represented as The Lie. And The Lie is Broadcast as The Truth.




  5. carol freiberg says:

    Until folks have an empty belly and no longer receive free money from their government nothing will ever change. We have been deceived by the best of the best psychos who have no conscience or moral compass whatsoever. We are getting what we deserve…nothing. I don't want to be the one to say "I told you so" but I did try to warn folks about the scenario that we see unfolding right now. Geoengineering is the least of our worries at this stage of their game. The whole house of cards is caving and the elite are running for their bunkers and other countries in droves. By September this whole world will not be recognizable.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carol, I would  point out that fact that the power structure could at any point use the ongoing aerosol operations to completely level the playing field if they make the mix more lethal. So, although I agree with the rest of your points, I would  not underestimate the danger posed by the spraying.

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