US Navy Offensive Biological Warfare “Training” Video Is Beyond Shocking


Those that doubt the twisted and psychotic nature of our own military need to consider long and hard the contents of the newly declassified 14 minute video below from 1952. The entire composition of this military "training" film is far beyond disturbing and alarming. The criminal cabal that currently rules the world are well aware of the fact that populations are beginning to wake up to their ongoing global atmospheric spraying programs of total decimation and omnicide. After viewing the attached video, would any sane person doubt the fact that those in power would not hesitate to use biological weapons against their own populations in order to retain their grip on power? It is not just a possibility, but has long been a lethal reality that is clearly visible to any who bother to look up, do some objective research, and then put their sense of deductive reasoning to use. Climate engineering is weather warfare and biological warfare. There is no separating these components, they are all one and the same. We are all under direct assault, as is the entire biosphere. This is not alarmism, theory, conjecture, or speculation, it is verifiable fact. Check your priorities, if you are not focused on the critical battle to expose and halt the toxic spraying of our skies being carried out under the global climate modification/solar radiation management umbrella, then you are missing the point. These programs of aerosol spraying are the most immediate threat to life on Earth short of nuclear cataclysm. Make your voice heard in the fight for the common good while there is yet something worth fighting for.
Dane Wigington

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  1. CJ Pennington says:

    I have noticed the chem trail planes here in San Diego go over the ocean toward San Clemente/San Nicolas Islands where there are Naval airstrips on both of them.

  2. Denya says:

    "And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth."  Revelation 11:18 (King James Version)
    Appreciation to all for your insightful comments and dedication to promoting truth and awareness.  There is definitely a great battle being waged between the forces of good and evil.  An unprecedented time of trouble is poised to break out on the earth.  For a historical context and broader insight visit

  3. Rachel Robson says:

    Thank you Bella for caring about my health.  This must be a flu in addition to the congestion I've had now for so many years in that only now am I getting a bit better!  I gotta admit that going down the rabbit hole you presented suited my mood at the time,  And the thing is, I have friends in Japan.  So much about Fukushima has been confusing, including international criticisms about Japan's handling of-this at least helped me understand that.  And by the way, not the only nuke ever blown in the Pacific ocean-not that I buy that in this case, seems too contrived.
    Thank you Horsegirl for the aloe/epiglottis tip!
    Dennie M. I've been hating Teller forever it seems and still.  I caught an interview with him long ago in which he was asked if he felt guilty.  His answer: God blows up universes everyday.  !!!!!
    Rewatching a bit of this Navy clip, I notice 1952.  Gee they wasted no time-trouble transitioning from war?  A form of PTSD?  Whatever, I realize I was 5.  My "mother" used to take me to movies and that would have been in Tulsa.  Does anyone know if this was indeed shown in newsreels and if so, when?  That weird music is locked into my memory.  Did they use it over and over again?  Does anyone remember?  I just have to hear the opening sound and it's flashback time. But when?  Kinda like brain washing.  Kinda hypnotic in a nauseating way.

    • AZgirl7 says:

      I was a year old!  But watching  this, still felt like I went to Mulberry or to where Father Knows "Best" or where Timmy and Lassie live.  Oh so comforting.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      Yep! I remember that type of music! I'm a professional musician nowadays (well, have been for decades), and this generic "heroic" music I remember was used in more than these training films. It was used in the Superman TV series, all of the "cop" shows… it was all over the television and in serials before the shows in the movie theaters. I can almost see George Reeves flexing his biceps… *grin*  
      I've felt moved to say lately that while evil has always been here, now it's as though Evil has set foot in the world once again as as both a living entity and a spirit that moves vulnerable people to Evil, and others seem to feel it as a ubiquitous fear or pressure, or a depression sort of feeling. People look over their shoulders more, trust less, and they pay more attention to things behind them these days it seems. Evil is moving in the world, powerfully, and the rulers of countries, spy and military agencies and the like are more vulnerable than almost anyone else save sociopaths like the so-called "elites".
      The "elite"-owned corporations running the U.S. government (three of the comprise Washington D.C.) all seem to be getting in on weaponization: Monsanto and it's GMOs and Roundup/glyphosate (the latter of Agent Orange fame), the many Big Pharma corporations and most especially their vaccines, chemo"therapy" drugs are unbelievably toxic – so much so that many if not most "cancer deaths" are due to the chemo and not the cancers – SSRI drugs and other mind and mood altering drugs (lithium was recently sprayed indiscriminately on Oregon disregarding dose considerations), chemotherapy drugs are all extremely toxic, and OTC pain drugs can do terrible damage, especially to those who think of them as nontoxic and eat them like M&Ms!
      Chemtrails are making sure that our crops are contaminated with nanoaluminum (a neurotoxin among other things), and it and mercury in vaccines are synergists many times more powerful than either is alone.
      The food supply (like the water supply) has things known to be toxic added to it, often renamed to make them seem less dangerous to our health, then there's fluoride in the water and also increasingly in some foods and beverages, and of course the ubiquitous Chemtrails also contain bioagents including some synthetic ones, like Morgellons. 
      Oh yes: the Chemtrails also kill off huge tracts of trees because the trees sense aluminum as a poison and shut down their root systems. Food crops take it in (along with a lot of other things that are, of course, less than healthy for us) and we eat the stuff as well as wear it (some things can and do enter through the pores), breathe and drink it. Chemtrails and HAARP together have destroyed most of the ozone layer, and that finishes the job on forests by allowing the most deadly form of ultraviolet light (UV-B) to reach the surface of the Earth and actually cook the bark off of trees. The much greater amount of UV-B damages us, animals and almost any living thing it hits. Normally it comprises only about 5% of the UV that strikes the surface of the Earth. 
      The biosphere makes a big target for bioagents, chemical, nuclear, RF and almost anything else a soulless inventiveness can come up with of course, and the U.S. is eyeball-deep in it all, with a captive and unsuspecting populace to experiment on, sad to say. And they DO, with less and less conscience and no concern whatsoever, apparently. They have for a long time now.
      We are, in short, under attack, continually. Americans especially are being massively poisoned continually from birth (actually before birth) to our early deaths.  
      Even all that isn't all there is; we're subjected to  many forms of mind control, starting with the flicker rates of our televisions and movies. In addition, we're subjected to other types of subliminal conditioning – a list too long for this comment. Of course there's still more, but you get the idea, I'm sure.
      None of this is what some prefer to call paranoid delusion, I'm afraid. That is simply living in a state of denial. It's real, it's happening, and Americans are the least healthy populace in the world! We are and have long been in the crosshairs of the so-called "super-wealthy elites" who believe they own the world and everything in it, including us. Their stated goal of all of this poisoning and manipulation is to "…reduce the worldwide human population by 90% down to 10% or so". That will leave them enough that they feel they can control us and still have enough slaves: repair people, innovators and researchers, entertainment, Luciferian sacrifices (which they can then, after sacrificing them also use the remains as a food source – by all reports, infants and small children mostly) and so on. With, for whatever reasons, countless complicit pilots, military, police and others to do all the work, they can retire to their D.U.M.B.s and relax, probably partying their way into the New Age, their "New World Order".
      I have no intention of being there to see it.

  4. sergio says:

    Has anybody read about millitary seriously considered and discussed in some large meeting to defend against a biological attack with electric frequency? (Rife, Hulda Clark).
    Years ago I read about it but when I wanted to find it again to quote it in Hulda Clark groups, I couldn't find it anymore. No traces of that on Google (obviously removed)

  5. Ramola D says:

    Dane–Thank you so much for this post. This video (the Navy one) really underlines the idiocy and horrors of warfare of any kind–but of course it's doubly horrific looking at how bioweapons and chemicals have been developed as war weapons from way back. Now of course, as we know, from the daily raining down on us, it's gotten both subtler and worse.

    Something I've been meaning to research further may be of note here too: the Air Force and maybe DoD and Navy too have contracts out where they are dropping virus aerosols into the atmosphere and hitting them with EMFs to study the effects of non-ionizing radiation on biological material.

    Also, you may know the work of Kevin Galalae–whom I have just learned about. He is a Canadian activist and historian who has been exposing how the global chem trails–along with a whole bunch of other stuff: vaccines, GMOs, food additives, flouride in water, aspartame–are a deliberate part of a covert global depopulation agenda that apparently the UN has been following for decades!

    They are all part of a reducing-fertility and increasing-morbidity agenda that all UN countries are following, using endocrine disruptors in food and water, and that they are bound in secrecy to keep from revealing to their citizens and to the world body via non-disclosure agreements; the carefully innocuous name for this incredibly genocidal program is "Demographic Transition".

    He sounds like a UN insider. I am still exploring his findings–he has a couple books out and speaks widely on the subject–but I made a beginning post, linking to a few very illuminating videos and talks yesterday:

    One of his books is titled "Chemical and Biological Depopulation."

  6. Earth Angel says:

    Diabolical S.O.B.'s !  After watching this- if people don't believe we are all under attack then they just don't want to know. This must cease and desist immediately. Those carrying out the orders must refuse to do this anymore. It is a wonder ANYTHING is still alive.

  7. Name says:

    People involved in such activities as in the video above – they are not worthy of being classed as human. 

    • Nancy says:

      Thank you  Dane, for all the great efforts and knowledge you have shown to all of us. We had 3 beautiful days here (Ar)-today 10 16-out spraying again? I have heard that the pilots have no kin, or family? I have also watched a video that claimed that blood was in some of the spray? This is a bad nightmare. I'm alarming people to this every day! Our earth is under attack as we are!!  1 word for all involved-INSANE!!

  8. Dennie Mehocich says:

    The "educational" film, summed up in a word:  DEMENTED.  They have lost their minds in addition never to having had a soul.

    You know I have to say that this is really, really saaad.  The Navy is supposed to be the Good Guys, you know, the ones who collect toys for tots at Christmas, teach swimming lessons and play the lively music in the Navy band.  While we do need a strong defensive group of people guarding our waters, we never, ever could have imagined they would become the monsters we see here, but look at who's pulling their strings– the "scientists" who cook up diabolical ideas for their Big Corporate Money Masters, who do nothing except profit from the constant warfare, illness and death.

    We need instead to convert the militaries into becoming mainly service organizations where young people can go and work for the good of the whole, receiving in return the same benefits after service as they now benefit by going to all the American Empire's overseas bases, waging war for oil, rare earth metals and other "needed" resources, bullying, poisoning and killing all along the way.

  9. Marc says:

    Well I see the propaganda machine is in full swing with the release of a brief article and video on Huffpost cautioning us to "not get too excited" about the prospects of the El Nino bringing substantial rain to California. Some jerk-off from NOAA goes on record as saying that historically El Nino brings rain but not in all years, not even the stronger El Ninos. In any event, we are told that even if substantial rain does occur it will likely not put a dent in the severity of the drought-stricken west, and especially California. Gee, it never ceases to amaze me how these assholes seem to have the uncanny ability to make presumably accurate weather predictions so far in advance of a complicated and gigantic phenomenon such as El Nino. We all know by now that the scientists, er, um, I mean, prostitutes at NOAA are all in bed with the geoengineers. Here again, to see an article of this bent being proffered before a slack-jawed public is nothing short of Cabal propaganda. Heaven forbid anyone might make the mistake of hoping and praying and wishing for rain to return to California. NOAA can go straight to hell along with the rest of the climate scientist phonies.

    • Ian MacLeod says:

      Why should the so-called "elites" permit it to rain in California, especially the San Joachim Valley? They (using HAARP) are the ones who dried that area to wpoerder and killed off all the orange trees! (I understand that people worrying about it were offered the "comfort" of this  – well, this THREAT: Don't worry about it, we have a tree farm with ten thousand orange trees. We can replace them ALL!" The replacements are GMO, of course. Face it, they've attacked and almost destroyed the entire ecosystem. How can it recover when we're losing 200 species a DAY and accelerating?? One day we'll be ONE OF THOSE species.

  10. patrice lopatin says:

    We are pawns and slaves to a handful of criminally insane sociopaths.
    These people need to be prosecuted and put away for their traitorous acts. May our efforts to attain justice be fulfilled.

  11. Deb says:

    Beautiful stars in the nights sky in Jackson Hole Wyoming last night. We woke to a heavy sprayed morning of  pink chemical lines all over the entire valley. It looked like DNA strands twisting all about.  I pointed them out to my 17 year old when I drove her to school this morning.I told her the next thing you know they will probably be  dropping vaccines through the  skies and who knows  they maybe already are.  I told her this is warfare on the people. I have yet to see the biological video.  I feel a need to get well grounded before viewing about such deranged people and their sinister plots. We all really need to contact our representatives and ask them to tell us what is going on, and if they don't really know refer them to Danes incredible sight.  Because many really do not know, appalling as that is.We must get the word out. When ever we can where ever we can and however we can.  Please let's help Dane.  Already his burden is so  great.  It really is a burden we all share as we are all effected by this crazy life threatening reality. So I'd like to ask everyone to please do what you can. Thank you to all who are already doing what you can.

  12. Marc says:

    Ok folks, I finally watched the video but it wasn't easy. What I found so inane and repulsive about it was the prevailing military mindset on full display that it's perfectly ok to launch chemical and/or biological agents upon large swaths of land-based populations, to hell with the innocent men, women and children, who just happen to live in or around this perceived "enemy". The video makes a happy, upbeat and patriotic game out of the indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians, though, of course, this aspect doesn't even enter the minds of the morons making and/or authorizing the production of the film. Who the f**k are these people? Just exactly who are the apes who subscribe to this kind of thinking? Are we all just a societal collapse away from being reduced to similar ways of thinking? Law of the jungle, as it were?

       The video exults and revels in the technology that, for it's day, must have seemed so amazing and superior because it could kick the ass of any potential enemy right down the block. The obvious flaw in this thinking still prevails today. The idea that it's ok if civilians are killed in the battlefield; they are just collateral damage who happen to live near the "targeted enemy". A most abhorrent mindset. But fast forward to present day and look at what we see. Apparently the military NOW DEFINES ALL CIVILIANS AS THE ENEMY. Really? How so? To spray deadly toxic chemical and biological agents across vast swaths of the inhabited areas of the country and the world certainly appears to clinch the fact that, as far as the military is concerned, WE are the enemy and WE must be degraded, sickened, killed. But alas, this so-called military may be directed, bought and paid for by entities so dark and corrupt that the average citizen cannot even begin to fathom it. (e.g. Dark entities= 9/11)

    • Alberto says:

      Well said Marc, the majority of the people that have no clue as to what is happening to our climate around the world actually seem to not really care. There are so much more nefarious things going on in the world of "scientific enlightenment" that put us humans that value life in danger. Thanks to Dane and his crew of experts and to all involved that are trying desperately to put a STOP to these criminals. I myself am involved in spreading the truth far and wide to any that will listen.

  13. Bella_Fantasia says:

    I found a site with NOAA satellite radar images, infrared and water vapor, for around Alaska.  They're really making a mess of things, not even trying to disguise it!  This is the middle of the Bering Sea.

  14. dude says:

    Is the Climate Engineering spraying actually CAUSING the rising global temperature?

    Maybe if the vermin didn't spray ANYTHING AT ALL the climate would actually be getting colder, even compared with the overall trend.

    Why is it that the places in the world that get hammered with the most Climate Engineering are the HOTTEST?!!!!!!!

    It might be that the Earth is naturally entering a cold phase but Climate Engineering is actually CAUSING the temperature to rise worldwide, and all Global Warming and Climate Change worldwide is BEING PURPOSELY CAUSED by the vermin.

    They are attacking Americans and are trying to overthrow America  because Americans can use their Freedom against them, and therefore are a THREAT!

    It is absolutely insane that regular people just can't see this spraying being done right in front of their noses, however, as they get health problems from heavy metal poisoning maybe they will start looking for answers.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello dude, yes, the climate engineers can and are also intensifying heat in places where they are building high pressure zones, but they can and are also engineering large scale temporary cool-downs (at the cost of a worsened overall warming) In regard to the total warming scenario, it is imperative to understand that it is not just a “this OR that” scenario, but rather a “this AND that” equation. There are countless anthropogenic factors contributing to the overall meltdown of the planet, with geoengineering at the top of the list of the climate disruption.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      One of the biggest underlying problems that cause so many of the all the others is the EITHER/OR mindset, promulgated and pushed on us all to adopt as Our Way of Thinking by males, whose brains, research has proven definitively, don't work very well processing information from right to left, because the male corpus callosum generally does not work as well as in females.  Hence, "It can ONLY be "either/or," in total accordance with MY brain's little limitations.

  15. Wayne says:

    Well another day goes by with incredible heavy spraying, the heaviest I’ve ever witnessed. The fake clouds span the entire sky as they’re clearly microwaved from some distant HARP station. Insane, Insane, insane.
    No public official returns emails, city council continues to function as if nothing has changed, the media gives it no coverage, it’s as if the constant heavy spraying as already fogged the public’s mind beyond reason.
    We don’t have any time left for legal action, we need to organize a march on the white House and literality throw all the psycho paths out of office.
    I stopped hiking my dog every evening because the toxic fallout is like snow flurries 24/7, I’m considering purchasing a chemical protection mask from Home Depot, so I can continue to hike.
    My eyes are watering constantly, my throat burns nonstop, my ears ring so loud I can sleep without medication. Simple put the American public is not waking up quick enough.

  16. Rachel Robson says:

    Gee, I recognize the "happy-creepy" music in this old video.  It is one of the soundtracks of MY CHILDHOOD!!!!  We lived in a country/suburb outside of KC and back then, what passed for town was one street with a mom and pop grocery store, a huge feedstore with garden stuff, tools, saddles, just tons of interesting stuff, a TG&Y (thrift goods and yarn), a small post office and a movie theater.  Summers were miserable.  So incredibly hot and humid that one could not move.  Horses thought twice about flicking their tails to shoo flies.  One could not think, much less innovate.  The movie theater had airconditioning-sweet!-two movies, and back then they were much shorter.  In between the movies were a few cartoons and some around the world newsreels, and the occasional yo yo man.  I kid you not.  This video was just like the newsreels.  I think I may even remember it, missing my brain by a mile.  Because I was too young to even begin to grasp what they were saying, though I clearly remember the ones of Saudis and the US helping them with setting up their oil program, showing how they lived then.  That was interesting.  The military never interested me, but the happy-creepy music stuck I guess as I remember it all too well and it seemed to go with anything military.
    HAARP, etc., not to mention the horrors of what they are up to now.  So glad to see it for that reason and now maybe understand why they gave up land bases, taking their show on the road, ocean wise.  Little land, lotta ocean.
    I agree with Chris.  Holly, can you share some of your grandfather's stories?  I am sure we'd all like to know.
    Horsegirl, Cripes, I just pray I don't get whatever the heck you have.  Un like you, my health issues are such that I do see "regular" doctors.  Have to and need the meds.  I used to say that if someone has a cold on a plane flying into one of our airports and over me, I'll get it.  This feels like a cold and three weeks ago I was in a room for an hour with someone looking sick, saying it was better and probably a cold.  And done!  I've been sick ever since but in my case it is hard to tell given all else.  But sorta like you, all my energy GONE.  Have to nap 4 or 5 times a day.  Getting too little done.  Everything a struggle.  Had a severe headache.  Congested and want to learn how to make that oregano tincture.  Thing is, I've been congested for going on 8 years now.  First I asked both my primary then my autoimmune doc about old allergies as I had hundreds, literally, and spent two years, age 10 through 12 taking desensitizing allergy shots which seemed to work.  When talk of vaccinations wearing off in an aging population, I asked if this applied to those.  They said yes.  So first I thought allergies, and maybe, or at least some.  But pretty sure now it is the geoengineering.  I never sleep well.  Lately, night sweats from hell.  And today, a fever.  Couldn't even care for my chickens, but they are used to this and pretty well set up.  But it has been hot.  As always, I say early tomorrow morning.  I must admit that sky crap has taken most of the fun out of my gardens.  In everyway.
    Being too sick to really interact with people and/or get things done, I went down the rabbit hole last couple of days following Bella's links regarding NASA admitting to Fukushima-which did not turn out to be true in any slam dunk kinda way, but lead to some interesting stuff and near admissions.  Also a bizarre Japanese thing, not so bizarre if one knows about Japanese culture, and I'll bet anything it was in Shinjuku-Ku in Tokyo.  Almost comical Yakuza and a white looking mob like guy speaking fluent Japanese, spilling his guts about Fukushima.  I don't know what to make of this as looking further into it, the spy guy after spilling his guts, was running for his life.  Then on to Edward's suggestion about Jim Stone-oy, that whole can of worms, nukes in Fukushima-maybe, much hatred of Israel and talk of them holding All! countries hostage to hidden nukes they could set off.  How this began over money and trying to bail out wall street.  Like some fevered nightmare.  Grains of truth here and there.  And now I get why Japan refused outside help, why those in charge didn't kill themselves.  And that

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dear Rachel,

      I'm so sorry you've been so unwell.  You're to be commended for looking into all that Fukushima stuff.  I must say it really did turn into a rabbit hole, definitely a fevered nightmare.  I haven't yet looked into the Jim Stone explanation, but someone else pointed me that way.  But it's all so crazy and threatening when all this is so covert.  But I have to say an undersea nuke could help explain the dire condition of the Pacific Ocean.

      I'm glad you're still with us here Rachel.  I really wish you weren't having such a difficult time.  And the video was so creepy and memorable for the celebratory attitude toward indiscriminate killing.  I see all this geoengineering as coming from NAZI minds.  There is a relatively new book about the NAZI's in the US from newly declassified papers.  The Nazi's Next Door.  Also see the fascinating history of the Dulles brothers.

  17. Marc says:

    Honestly, folks I couldn't watch this whole video. I scanned excerpts throughout the video but had to bail. The prevailing military consciousness of yesteryear was the perfect prelude to what is happening right now. In the simplest terms, the US military was f**ked up then and infinitely worse now. Indeed, we must ponder how in hell SO MANY capable scientists just blithely allowed themselves to engage in research for the most unconscionable and horrific ends. The exact same phenomenon continues on today. As Dane reminds us regularly, we are living in an insane asylum from which there appears to be no escape. How is this even possible???
    In St. Louis yesterday and today, NO TRAILS WHATSOEVER, PERFECTLY "CLEAR" "BLUE" SKIES FROM HORIZON TO HORIZON. But wait!!!! Something definitely is odd about the way the sun looks. Has anyone else noted this phenomenon? The sun has like a huge aura of intolerable brightness surrounding the actual ball of the sun itself. I mean hello? I've been gazing at or close to the sun for 60 years. I swear as I sit here in front of my laptop, THIS SUN TODAY AND YESTERDAY LOOKED DIFFERENT!!!! Usually I can just about look almost directly into the sun or damn close anyway. Today this weird AURA, along with the sun itself was generating unbearable brightness which just plain didn't feel or look right. And again, NO CLOUDS, NO TRAILS, TOTALLY CLEAR. Anyone seen this kind of thing before?

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, I noticed today how pure white is the sun.  I read somewhere today that there is a large hole in the sun's atmosphere.  The universe is a infinite machine.  Maybe screwing up the earth systems has some ramifications for how the sun functions.  This morning there was some of the oddest chemtrails ever.  There were three and the had an end at each end.  They looked kinda like gigantic Amoebas under a microscope, the inside structure was visible.  And jets arrived and laid down more.  One came from true south and put down a great big cur ither.  They do this when conditions are ripe for turning a blue sky into silver-blue.

    • Terri says:

      saw the same thing mark. we are in the lower part of missouri. south west. the sun so bright my eyes are watering. I have been coughing so hard i broke a rib. a cough i cannot get rid of and which has no treatment or cure. tried every known natural cough medicine and an over the counter. nothing works. something in the mix has changed i think.

      perhaps it has something to do with nasa dropping toxic metals way high up. they brag about how it makes the clouds red and green. but hey, it isn't toxic so don't worry slave…or so they say. they did it on the 7th of october. same chemical soup they have been spraying at a low altitude. perhaps as a means to discredit those of us who see what they are doing.

    • horsegirl says:

      Oh do I hurt for you.  I don't know if it will apply to your situation but if you can get Nutribiotic GSE (grapefruit seed extract) into a spray mister at one drop per ounce of water it's worth a try.  It has gotten me out of some hideous coughing spates.  Use it like an inhaler.  Expell your breath, then inhale as you spray (don't get GSE into eyes or mucous membranes ever).  If you get that little tickling sensation in your epiglottis, and if you can do it without provoking a vomiting response, lightly coat your fingertips with raw aloe vera out of a fresh leaf.  very lightly put it on both sides of the epiglottis.  This has done wonders to stop coughs.  So sad to hear about your rib, that has to hurt.  You write so poigniantly and your economy is brilliant.  You brighten this community.  Will put you on my prayer list.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc and others, Yes!  I've noticed this too among other anomalies.  I often sneak peeks at the sun despite the dangers of, or because of!-whatever, how can one not be fascinated by the sun?  I've seen this more than once or twice, and yes, on seemingly clear days.  It looks and feels unbearable.  When I ask others, such as my daughter, I get looks and comments as if geoengineering has made me overly afraid, paranoid.  The answer is YES it has!  I mean when the sun does not look like the sun, it does make me nervous.  Like a tree two houses away whose canopy died many months ago and daughter says, oh mom, it is fall, it is supposed to be that color.  Uh, brown?!  And since July at least?!!  Why do you care, she asks.  Oy!  Well, for one thing, the others exactly like it are not this way.  For another, I love trees, but not these liquid ambers as they require so much water, and are one of the heaviest hardwoods at 35 pounds a foot.  And these branches routinely fall, crushing cars.  When able, I took a better look. It appears a fallen branch, or cut, may have injured this tree.  I can see where.  It Will cause damage, hopefully not a human.  However damage might have been by a human hands on, as opposed to spraying, a small consolation. 

      Point is, whenever I try to point out an anomaly these days, I am treated as if I am imagining things.  Even wishing for things and I resent this sooo much.  So, good to hear others have seen this.  Needless to say, No one wants to hear about the white stuff I saw falling to ground a month ago or a bit more now.  Only Laure in Rotterdam seems to heave seen the same thing.  It is very dry here, beyond dry.  A couple of weeks ago we were teased with the promise of some rain.  Yes, there was some drizzle, followed by some mizzle.  Not for long and didn't amount to anything, but did give me ample opportunity to contrast drizzle and mizzle with that cement wall 18 feet away.  No comparison at all.  White is white and there was just tons of it it seemed, and not powdery.  Wish I'd had the nerve to go out in it and see what I could find of it.  But nerve failed me.

      Or, when my friend was here-the one who embarrassed me in that Skype call.  Not long after that call, around sunset, a gigantic pink "cloud" advanced and I mean just huge in every way, then engulfed us. I called my friend's attention to it, and I did find it scary but didn't say so, just said it was the oddest thing.  Anyone else been swallowed by a giant, thick, pink cloud?

  18. Robo says:

    I wake up and wonder why I was born a human. I dont feel like the rest of my race, for some reason I am infinitely more aware than others. I dont understand why can i see through everything. I do understand if there is a God why he would destroy the whole planet. Is that wrong? I look at how stupid people are and if I were God I would destroy them all. So petty, arrogant and vicious. I just want to live with my own kind. I want the whole "shit house" to burn. Maybe then we have a chance at shaking free of these damn shackles I never agreed to maybe only then I can find my own kind.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Children, I've noticed from so many years teaching, take after their parents. 
      Angry parents, angry kids. 
      If I see petty, arrogant kids, I KNOW THEIR PARENTS ARE, TOO.
      Want to destroy everything?  Well, you've got your Dream-Come-True here, hope you enjoy it as much as the rest of us REAL humans do!
      Want to CREATE something? 
      Then look in the mirror, face your own reflection and start with ENDING YOUR OWN DENIALS.

  19. ken says:

    Clear starlit skies at 5AM this morning, by 6AM filled with chemtrails.  At dawn, these chemtrail clouds glowed a bright red, which some are saying are the reflection of the light on the chemicals being used, lithium causing red, just as what is used in fireworks to get the different colors.  Had a brief interlude from 11 AM to 12PM were the skies were clear.  The temperatures went to 75 degrees, then the ice nucleated clouds came in, dropping the temps 15 degrees in an hour time.  The so called weather "people" this afternoon are now stating record lows of 49 degrees or less, with danger of frost across NJ.  By 4:30 PM another round of ice nucleated clouds arrived, colored bluish/grey and I can an obscene amount of chemtrails that were laid down in between the breaks of the ice nucleation clouds  Like I have stated before, Sept and October had been the most delightful, humid free warm days, prior to this 2009 onslaught…no rain predicted in their forecast model, just a huge temp drop, to keep us asleep and hide the fact of the extreme foliage drop so early this year here.  
    So many say, that "our" judgement day is upon us with climate change as the multiplier force.  I believe, it is "their" judgement day, not ours, that initiated these programs, as a an attempt to shield themselves from the in inevidable….Desperate times for them, as they cling to the falsehoods/delusions/allusions/illusions/disallusions/distractions…it is at is core an illusion/mirror, that is constantly played upon Humankind.  They will not accept responsibility and thus mirrored it back at Humankind…it has been going on for eons

  20. Barbara says:

    There was a similar program called by a similar name, voted on by the US Congress in 1969. It was renewed in 1986. It was called something like Biological and Chemical Warfare Testing of the Human Population. Those in government only had to notify the  local municipality 30 prior to spraying. [So they could get out of town.] The Gulf War Syndrome was similar to the spraying of Los Angeles that preceded the Gulf War. It had to be testing. The news media and those in government denied for a long time any ill effects or existence of Gulf War Syndrome that a nurse from that war (who came down with the illness) fought to bring to light. She was on Coast to Coast AM many times. There was a cure of a simple antibiotic, but to acknowledge the illness would acknowledge that the military contaminated their own soldiers. Finally, it was acknowledged when too many became ill with the Gulf War Syndrome. Anyone who was ill during the spraying in Los Angeles to kill the one med-fly that was reported, got the syndrome. Five heliocopters flew in unison above the horizon just like the ones in "Apocalypse Now". Someone was having a good laugh at the visual as if war was being waged on the American people. The people doing this have to be sociopaths.

    • Janet Garcia says:

      I live in the high desert of southern California. Today we got clouds that were suppose to give us rain right now.  Of course, it won't because they sprayed the entire sky.  It is so obvious and so very evil. Evil rules the world but not much longer.

  21. Dave says:

    A prime example of why we can't allow governments to classify information!  They are just hiding their crimes against us!  Also a prime example of what happens when we sleep as fedgov dismisses constitutional limits!  The U.S. Wouldn't be doing these things if they where forced to live within their constitutionally mandated limits!  Because we would not be war mongers threatening the entire freak'n world!  There is a reason why the constitution is anti-war!

  22. Stephen Mallen says:

    Great find! Just goes to show we are easy pray?

  23. Terri says:

    what is very sad is it was okay with most people that the military gassed other people in another country. it was okay when the military used agent orange and other biological agents on vietnam and korea and their people. it was okay when their vegetation was destroyed. it was okay when the military dropped a bomb on japan and toasted thousands. Killed men,woman and children. It was okay because it was us versus them. 

    now we are the ''them'' and our own military is being used to kill us and our children. as well as every living thing around the globe.  our own sons and daughters are being used to gas us. drop chemical bombs on us. now it ISN'T okay…it is totally NOT OKAY…people didn't protest or write letters or sign petitions to stop the killing of people in Japan, Germany, Iraq, Vietnam, Korea, and countless other countries. Very few protested. because it was them and ''THEY '' were bad and deserved it. now the table is turned

    The concept of war and militaries all over the globe need to come to an end. period. no more war. no more death and destruction. this country was founded on the concept of no standing army and yet it never did apply it. there has never NOT been an army. too many lives have been lost. too much blood spilt. now the whole planet and every living thing on it is threatened. is it not time to say ENOUGH…no more! 

    • jan b says:

      Terri, You are SO RIGHT.  I cried for days when they started the senseless bombing of Afghanistan.  Shortly thereafter, the drum-beats for Iraq started.  I live in a tiny town and invited neighbors to attend a peace meditation to protest the impending attack of yet another sovereign nation that had NOTHING to do with 911.  On 9-11, I looked at my husband and said "False Flag."  The American People let Congress rubber stamp these attacks because of fear.  We must all look beyond our selfish interests to the bigger picture.  Right now I live in a country whose rogue government violates every person's rights and is leading the charge to destroy all life on earth.  What to do?  Step 1:  Don't believe the lies and tell the truth to everyone you meet; Step 2:  Withdraw all allegiance; Step 3:  Find ways to bleed the beast and encourage everyone around you to do the same.

  24. Ben says:

    OMG! If this shocking video doesn't wake you up, nothing ever will…

  25. Damon Duval says:

    I've consistently seen a "radar signature" [for lack of a better term] in the northwest portion of the state of Washington on this site. Wondering if these radial bursts that show up, and are definitely NOT fronts moving thru, are in fact jet stream diverters?

  26. Sezer says:

    This clip is precisely the reason why we need the order followers on our side.Acting on our initial emotional reaction can be reckless. If we get up and act in large enough numbers the order followers may simply be instructed to release one of these cataclysms upon the population.We need to play our cards right and sever that connection between the order givers and the order followers.

  27. Nnikki says:

    Why would the Creator have any need to create a Hell when humankind is quite capable of creating it themselves???

  28. Michel B says:

    In that imbecilic tone that we just heard in the above educational clip:
    "And now the Navy, like all military forces, is under the control of corporate and banking interests and defends the immense wealth and paranoiac control that these ultra wealthy psychopaths seek.
    The largest military force in the world, the USDOD, is virtually a privatized entity that has been perverted for many years now and its owners see everyone as slaves and enemies. It seeks to destroy all the principles of a Constitutional Republic that it pathetically pretends to defend.
    Everyone, including all the personnel in the USDOD, is entirely expendable and thus are very useful for research in how to take lives in many efficient and effective forms. In the USDOD we do not talk about any of the higher principles that should govern human behaviour as they do not occur to us to be valid. Instead we thrive on a continuous and intoxicating feeling of power over our fellow man.
    Thank you for listening!"

    • David says:

      I enlisted in the Navy in 1990, the part I dislike the most, was in Basic Training, when recruits had to walk through the Gas Chamber, to experience the effect of a chemical attack on the human body. I was stationed on an aircraft carrier that ran drills for General Quarters when alarms were activated for a chemical attack, incoming projectiles etc, we has to secure ourselves and the ship. Personnel were required to Don themselves with protective gear, such as gas masks, decon suits and if necessary inject ourselves with medicine. The ship had Decontamination Stations in certain areas, in the event contamination occured. I do not understand why the DOD/Military would create such lethal catastrophic nuclear, chemical and biological weapons, to be used against humanity. There is always the possibility of error, a spill or an accident. I am planning to write about my Naval training and tour, as well about how I feel about the ongoing GeoEngineering and assault on the entire web of life with these programs.

    • Fran says:

      This is why our system is broken.   We need a Lottery Selection system for all political jobs and government jobs to have a maximum of 5 years accumulative.  With a lottery, we will start to get people that represent us.  Voting only goes to the rich running it all, for campaign money is just favor money.   With a lottery selection system, then any and all that meet the criteria, put their name in the hat, and we just select one.    At least we will all be on the same team, at least we will select someone that meets the job criteria, and thousands may put their name in the hat, so no elitists will be prepping them.

    • Marc says:

      Michel B, Awesome my friend, awesome!!!!

    • Tara says:

      David .. posted about being enlisted in 1990. Did you ever write that book? And also what cam we do to prepare for agenda 21. I feel its here this yeat

  29. Dennie Mehocich says:

    I don't understand how a country can hold such extreme cold-hearted RAGE against EVERYTHING THAT LIVES AND BREATHES, and plan the systematic extermination of ALL LIFE– FOR WHAT? 
    I want some military muck-a-muck to answer the damned question: 
    WHAT IS THE "End Game???" 
    What do you get, when you kill EVERY LAST THING THAT MOVES?

    • Robo says:

      Its not a country, its  a religion which considers itself  a "race" which places at its core the supremacy of the members of that religion. Chosen ones. Its main tenet is that they are superior to all people in fact all outside of their religion are considered a derogatory, a pejorative. Ring any bells. Its more of a "if we cant have the world to ourselves and have you all be our slaves we will destroy the whole world" type of religion.  Its a "if you are not our slaves our God is false type of religion"…catch my drift.

    • WAKE ALREAD says:


    • Marc says:

      Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dennie, I echo your words exactly. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Michel B says:

      If you want a good description of the psychology behind this omnicide, read Cormac McCarthy's 'Blood Meridian'. One of the main characters, 'Judge Holden', is the epitome and expression of war. War is his theology and his arguments for war, though ultimately flawed, are worded in very clever ways. It is worth a read. I believe McCarthy intended to display Holden's character for our edification. It is too well achieved to have been a coincidence.

    • Bella_Fantasia says:

      Dennie, that's THE QUESTION!  It could be that there are too many minions working for the One Percent who mistakenly think they'll get a little protection when the SHTF, but they are sorely mistaken and will be abandoned in short order.

      For the One Percent I think it's a Scorched Earth Policy.  If their heirs and assigns cannot inherit all the wealth and the Earth, than no one will have anything.

  30. Dennie Mehocich says:

    The ***holes sprayed the Bay Area just for fun– actually more likely because we had a huge U.S. Navy presence here in those years, on Treasure Island, Alameda and Mare Island, and it was just convenient to carry out the NAZI experiment in the 'hood.  The bases are all closed down now, seriously imbalancing local economies, but who cares, they don't need them any longer, they can just zap any and all "enemies" from space.
    Obviously this is the "fruit" of the Operation Paperclip NAZI Mad Scientist bull***t– notice the timing– Hitler lost, but the NAZIs won.
    This is sooo ghoulish– the narrator talks like it's no big deal, poisoning large areas with biological agents is as simple as pouring a glass of orange juice and eating a muffin!  And, of course, none of the "people" doing the application will be harmed in the process.. HOW CAN PEOPLE WORK FOR EVIL-CORP, remain TOTALLY SILENT and STILL LIVE WITH THEMSELVES???
    What a night– came in from teaching out in Muir Beach, a lovely evening– well, as lovely as it gets with having had chem clouds off the Golden Gate all afternoon long– sea air you could still smell, then I get into San Rafael and there's a massive fire with big orange flames going up in the sky, could burn the whole town up– no sirens, no sound– very weird…

  31. Nick says:

    It bothers me that young people are sucked into the Armed Forces thinking that they're protecting their Country, then are forced to kill their own families by spraying the atmosphere with Toxic Contaminants!   They have no choice but to obey orders!  Then they get out of the Military with major mental issues, probably detuned so they don't even remember what caused the guilt of what they have done!

  32. Donna G says:

    I hate living on this planet anymore. I live in So Cal and strange things are happening to my skin, probably skin cancer. never had this problem before, but they start out as a spot, then an open sore, it scabs over, then turns white. I watch them consistantly spray the skies then turn white by the end of the day, all of us having to breath their poison. Its October 13th and its so hot I feel like Im burning up along with the trees.

    • Laura Hefner says:

      Thanks for your message , I'm also California native, I feel like I'm in the  Twilight Zone with All this mass spraying , pains in joints , headaches , my memory is shot & I'm only 55 , 99 out of 100 people I tell or hand a flyer to either look @ me like I' say that they'd rather not know !!!

    • joann says:

      Donna,  I work outside every year prepping the soil for growing my organic gardens.  I can produce on a normal year, close to 2000 lbs of organic food. Not anymore!  My food production has greatly decreased.  One morning all the leaves look fine, then the next morning they are dried out and dead, looking as if they were sprayed with a heavy pesticide.  Organic food, I don't even like to use that terminology anymore with the excessive amounts of toxic waste being sprayed on us daily.  I wear masks and gloves while working with the dirt.  This year I started to get these spots on my fingers, that turned into open sores, scabbing over, into a leathery like skin, lasting for weeks on end.  (even with the gloves on) I would use a bentonite clay paste to relieve the areas affected and bring down the swelling. I would also lose my voice and become increasingly thirsty. The areas affected have never thoroughly healed and my hands show scars. I juice, eat a whole foods plant based diet, don't take any medications what-so-ever, gluten free, you name it.  Fallon Naval Air Force Base, Stead Air Force Base, Hawthorne, and other military operations, including the new Drone Facilities, are within a 100 mile radius of where I live. When it is time to spray us, they come from all directions in full force.  We live under a constant haze of toxic smog.  I notice the deer population in our area have sores on their bodies and around their faces. I use to relate the illnesses of the animals, to the use of Round-up people use in their lawns and around their homes.  The culprit is in plain sight falling from the skies above.  It is a very sad time in history, when those in power have turned against their own citizens of the world. As much as I want to hold onto the hope that these agenda's are going to stop, my intuition tells me, that they are going for mass genocide of our plant, animal, and human life.  For what reason, I can only assume.  I will continue to awaken as many as possible, but in the meantime, I know many will suffer with ailments like never before. I see  similarities happening in our skies with the engineering of the past 3 winters, where the west coast will be in heavy drought again.  Hopefully I am wrong. 

    • Hello Donna G and others: Skin issues are becoming widely reported. These are typically systemic fungal infections such as Candida, in adjunct with other fungal and mold bacteria the body normally resists… If you are not into anti-biotic regimens, go with raw powdered Wormwood (Artemisinin Annua) at about 1/2 tsp with meals twice a day. Wash it down with 8 oz. of GOOD filtered water. Use 3 weeks on, one week off. Repeat as needed. At the same time: Use powdered Cats Claw at about 2 Grams a day. You should load your own capsules, so you know what the hell is in the capsules… Powdered Barberry Root Bark at 2 to 3 grams per day for 7 days on, then 7 days off. Repeat as needed.

  33. Nancy Smith says:

    J. Lee,
    Check out a movie that is a few years old, titled "Contagion". It will blow your mind how they showed us right there in that movie, as well as many others, just what their plans were, and have been carrying out the scenario in the movie. They even mention their use of chem-trails to aid in their evil plan. 
    We need to Stand Together and Stop the Poisoning of Humanity, our Earth and All the Innocent Creatures.

  34. Renate says:

    Well, as pointed out the navy is our enemy, as is the whole military family. No regard for the oceans, people, the planet.
    And Barbara, Nestle is protected under all the “free trade agreements”, some are FTA, NAFTA, CETA, FIPA, TPP….search “free, trade agreements” California will get sued if they don’t give up  their water rights to corporations.

  35. Judi says:

    What is so shocking is that our own boys, children are sent to carry out these awful things. And our armed forces are sooo proud to destroy OUR OWN PEOPLE, and others .

  36. horsegirl says:

    I began the following post six days ago.  I'll paste it in, then add a postscript.  Note:  so far, we've survived…

    Best to you, Dane, and all the commentors.
    Tonight I am especially terrified.  We are experiencing something akin to one of the times I was the most sick in my life in Mexico in early 2011.  My husband and I went into Walmart in a suburb of Guadalajara to buy a camera.  As we approached the counter, simultaneously we both stricken by a tremendous power – like a heat wave, only not in terms of room temperature – hit us.  We both felt weak in the same instant, felt our strength just drain out from our footsteps.  We believe we were radiated by something.  That night and through the next morning we both became extremely sick with a bizarre bronchial infection which lasted for nearly five weeks.  All the usual homeopathic remedies failed (we did not resort to antibiotics).  We are not given to sickness or colds.  
    Well two mornings ago passing through Douglas, AZ to the Mexican side and back, there was an inexplicable delay in our lane crossing back north while waiting in the queue.  Just four cars between us and the booths, but the lead vehicle came ot a dead stop while other traffic proceeded normally.  While stalled the best part of a half hour we felt that radiated feeling again.  I can't quite describe it but bleeds your energy away. at once  Then by afternoon there was a burning fire in my throat.  All night I struggled to open both nostrils, to breathe.  Drank probably a gallon of water, took herbal supplements.  Eventually got some sleep.  In the morning it was gone.  No trace of a cold.  Felt totally strong, maybe a twinge of sinus irritation but believed it was behind me.  
    But we had to go into Douglas again about noon.  Presto:  about a quarter mile inside city limits he felt constriction of his respiratory system while I felt my sinuses act up.  Ultimately this evening I experienced something like cytokine storm in my respiratory system so bad I couldn't eat.  Both of us uncomfortable.  Everywhere one goes in these border towns there are urgent messages about the flu – the Safeway's "get 10% off your purchase when you get your flu shot."  This thing gripping us is not a cold or flu.  It is a sort of one-dimensional ill.  We've had colds and flu in our lifetimes and this is different.  Feels more like an outright poisoning.  And yes, visibility radically decreases when entering the diaphanous haze of what they spray daily over Douglas.  You can "see" it by virtue of reduced visibility like driving through smoke.  They are terrifying people with this bizarre respiratory effect.  They want to get Bill Gates' needles into us all.  Kill our brains.  10% off your groceries if you'll agree to become a veritable mental vegetable.  And ultimately kill your immune system while we're at it.
    Before the swine flu farce of 2009 broke in Mexico (we lived there 2006-2013), seen from a distance surrounded by deep turquoise skies, her cities looked like anomalous mushroom clouds threaded by planes entering and spraying, exiting, turning off their nozzles, hairpinning back and turning on the spray again for the next pass.  Since January 2009 the reptiles had been statistics mongering with blogs portraying doctors' exasperation.  Watching 30-somethings die en masse of cytokine storm in the lungs.  Nothing worked, not antibiotics nor penicillin.  The more whited out cities became (radical contrast of mushroom clouds of death over cities to the surrounding countryside beneath spotless blue skies), the more statistics climbed.  Finally in May 2009 they had the numbers and went public with their swine flue "emergency."  They even shut down the taco stands by presidential edict (Calderon a la caldera…).  Blue masks proliferated out of thin air, streetside Mexico resembling a triage ward.  For two weeks under presidential edict Mexicans gave up their beloved taco stand culture whereby they previously passed hours playing on words (dobles sentidos = double entendre).  Then suddenly they gave a collective shrug and exchanged wearied critical glances:  What are we doing?  Becoming America?"  And an avalanche of little blue masks littered the gutters everywhere in a perverse inversion of previously pristine skies now obliterated by aircraft trails of death beneath an artificially aluminized heaven.
    This is probably what they'll do in the US.  Numbers harvesting, get their statistics gimmickry into high gear, then pull out all stops:  Oh, no!  Gasp!  We're having a [what will they call it this time?] flu epidemic! On with continuity of government, effecting layers of presidential edicts amassed since Demolition Day in New York.  Something like that.  Mexico all over again.
    Postscript 10/13/15:
    This has been an utterly weird attack.  For one, I lived in NYC on Manhattan Island for 4.5 years, worked in the financial district, took the subway there at least 5 days/week which took minimum two hours/day in cramped cars of some 300 people.  In all that time I never once caught any respiratory ill.  I had one stomach bug which passed in 24 hours, and that was it.  I don't get respiratory crud as a rule.  Neither do I have squat to do with allopathic medicine.  Getting this ill was anomalous for me.
    Two, laryngitis overtook my voice during days 3/4.  But with no pain, no strain, nothing!  This weird sickness simply paralyzed the larynx for a couple of days.
    Three, despite sinus action waking me up every night to slug down distilled water by the gallon – despite lost sleep – during the days my energy has been at least normal.  Every day I have thought I was on the mend.  Every night around sunset my sinuses plug up.  This is just like those medicines which are timed to release ingredients.  
    I surely preach to the choir here.  We all know the fiends are thrusting the knife to our collective throat.  
    Note:  in Mexico I used one drop of Nutribiotic GSE to each oz of water in a spray mister to kill off anything that tickled my throat.  I told Mexican friends about this.  They later reported that their extended family began using the product, teaching their children to spray thei back of their throats any time they coughed or felt discomfort.  Resulting in the children not catching colds.  It has been highly effective in killing the little itch when the tiny particle hooks on the epiglottis.  Foolishly I forgot to take along the GSE the day we got zapped.  It was hours later when I finally sprayed my throat.  I don't know if GSE would have killed this poison (I can't call it a flu), but it's worth a shot.

    • Gary Arsenault says:

      Protest in the streets!

    • Laura Hefner says:

      Beyond comprehensible , Thankyou so much for your post ! 
      An absolutely bizarre time to be alive , painful watching our earthly beauty dying , soul piercing knowing what's happening .
      Beyond grateful there's a Heaven
      And Karma !

    • christine blackford says:

      I feel like a stranger in a strange land. I feel surrounded by ignorance in a little rural area in Washington. My best friend calls this pollution, fog. I can't connect with anyone locally in my concerns about what I am seeing and feeling daily, which seems to be an escalation in the blatant, defiant, arrogant manner of the Nazi's during Hitler's time. This week people have been falling ill with the "flu." If somehow we could quantify these syndromes, by gathering info from emergency rooms and doctors, perhaps we could discover patterns that can be then discussed on sites like this. We need our own labs, our own reporting systems and a way to turn this complex issue into a "dick and jane" read for the less educated and less aware public. If people could connect what they are seeing with facts exposing the larger picture, we might begin to see more general public concern.

  37. Susan says:

    This stuff makes me sick to watch.  I once was blind and proud of this country.  I shall NEVER feel that way again. 

    • Peter says:

      We are people being murdered along with all living things. We are being gassed and exterminated. Terror does not even begin to describe what is happening at the hands of the greatest evil this world has ever known.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I go to sleep at night and wake up again every morning, thirsty and tired, often with a headache, from the dehydration that the hydrophilic heavy metals (barium) in the chem sprays cause.  It also feels really cold and strangely oily.  I tell myself that I am being slowly poisoned to death.  I can't say that to anyone else, even though they are, too.  My acupuncturist doesn't believe any of this is hurting him apparently, never mind that he had metals testing done on his hair and he's just as full of aluminum as the rest of us. 

      If you don't believe you're also being poisoned, that you are suffering the poisoning, like everyone else here, or that you don't have a dog in the fight because you don't FEEL any adverse effects, then you are not facing reality.

  38. MMN says:

    It is horrific and so evil and yet we live in this utter hell…
    but the happy music helps somehow doesn't it? Ha ha..
    Thanks for exposing this, they have to disclose their wicked agenda
    it is part of the "deal". This is an example…horrible.

    • Holly says:

      I had the same thought while watching! The light and airy music made the story even more creepy to me….
      wake up!!!!

  39. chris says:

    WWII never finished, it continues until this very day, with exponentially increasing danger guided by human stupidity and ignorance.

  40. Barbara Lyon says:

    I live in southern California.  The sun is white hot, so hot you get badly burned in less than 10 minutes and you are unable to look at it even sideways. Our trees are finally, like yours, beginning to die from the tops and toppling down dead in many places.  We see the planes fly south from Vandenburg AFB, West from Edwards AFB, and North from Port Hueneme AFB spraying.  Yesterday the trails were a quarter as wide as the sky we could see, deeply white, lasting 18 hours into today = not contrails for sure.  Ask why Nestle is still allowed to bottle OUR water without paying for it, why our clouds disappear as soon as the jets appear, why people are getting sick or ill at ease around the clock but its not flu or colds or allergies, ask why T Boone Pickens is allowed to own the Texas aquifer that is larger than TX and CA combined, ask why Warren Buffet is allowed to own our CA aquifers.  Obviously they know and are participating in the global coverup. We and our Earth are being royally poisoned around the clock!
    THANKS, DANE !!!

    • sheryl says:

      It really ticks me off that we get charged a huge fee if we don't cut water use by over 25% but they are allowing companies (not just the one you named) to bottle and export our water.
      They are also pushing the removal of lawns and using non natural "lawns" that don't act the same and can cause more harm.
      If  earth is not kept at least slightly moist all the good things in it die and then it becomes as good as radiated "soil".
      Next comes legislation to prevent private wells but bet they still allow corporations to rob us of our water.
      Then there is weather modification, sigh.

  41. Marie comfort says:

    I  lived in north miami beach, fl in 1954.  We had beautiful coconut  trees  all of a sudden  they died off from lethal yellow. I  the late ninteys we lost all our fruit in our homes .  I now think I  know what happened. Thank you so much for risking your life so that I  can enjoy mine.  I pray for you .  Marie

  42. susan says:

    Very sick. 

  43. Emily Summer says:

    The first film was produced in 1952. Just think of what they have now, over 60 years later. Very scary

  44. Gene Ulmer says:

    What a bunch of sick f**ks.

  45. Paul.UK says:

    For the UK. Google "Dice Trials"

  46. Wolkenwolf says:

    These guys only believe in order and then the law. NWO. Thanks for putting up the film. 

  47. Terri says:

    Mass murderers and they are very PROUD of the poison they created to be used on all living things…these people are evil beyond anything that has ever walked on this earth. equal to satan himself in scope and magnitude…add in their eagerness and willingness to do that level of harm to all living things…Truly they surpass their master in hell. 

    • Marsha Fulkerson says:

      Terry, I could not have said it better!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Edward Teller, The Man Who Birthed The Hydrogen Bomb, is on record saying just how beautiful the mushroom cloud looked whenever they were detonated.  Can't help but wonder if Rabbi Teller also felt that the effects of the ionizing radiation unleashed were equally "beautiful?" 

      Little wonder that it was ALSO this sick f*ck who got together with a few good folks out in Livermore to create chem sprays.

  48. I have not watched this yet, just finishing commenting on the two earlier articles. I really don't know how Dane achieves this output – I can hardly keep up! Especially with all the other political, precious metals, prepping, environmentalist sites, etc, but grateful thanks again to Dane. I am glad to be retired time-wise and fortunately kept too busy with it all to watch the Controller-in-the-Corner, the TV.

  49. I have been wondering about time-release aerosols. Obviously, they are a reality.

  50. Patrice Hocking says:

    Biological and chemical warfare has been going on a long time. It is my opinion that having Round Up in our food, Agent Orange and depleted Uranium used by the military is all biological warfare. Spraying the air against your will for mosquitos or other pests is biological warfare – yet it is done all of the time without the consent of the people. Just because they say they are doing it for your benefit does not make it so. The US was behind the chemicals used on the people of Syria, depleted uranium used by our military is killing our own soldiers, ruining the soil in war torn countries for the next few thousands years and many babies are born deformed other countries. So where is the United Nations on stopping that? Why is ONLY the US allowed to use depleted, freaking poisonous uranium?

    • BaneB says:

      All of us have the product Teflon in our blood.  Check out the latest lawsuit.  DuPont knew about the poisonous compound they were producing.  Their own in house studies alerted them to the problems causing major health issues.  Rather than cease and desist from continuing to make and sell cookware, etc. with Teflon coatings, that corporation kept quiet and continued to poison the world.  Anyone still usingbteflon cookware should consider their health and send it to the hazmat site at your local dump for proper disposal.

  51. Vara Sue Tamminga says:

    All biological and chemical weapons are against the laws of the United Nations and of US laws as well.

  52. Cori Gunnells says:

    It's not hard to imagine the 'progress' they've made since the 1950's. 

    Look at this year's federal budget, and how much of the pie the military takes (54% of all discretionary spending) –

    • Suizou says:

      Indeed, Cori. I hope you don't mind me using your quote, I'm also sharing the military spending graph. 

  53. Holly Harris says:

    I want you to know how much I appreciate your honesty and forthright manner of delivering vital information to us all. I watched this latest film and was not surprised in the least. My grandfather worked for the Pine Bluff Arsenal in Arkansas for 40 years. He was subjected to many things (chemical and biological) during his time there and didn't speak of the things he experienced until he was old and fragile. (The government uses scare tactics to keep people silent.) He has since passed on and I am so glad that he opened up and shared some of the horror stories he experienced while he worked there and what abominations we are capable of when we elevate ourselves to be God. He would be proud of what you are doing!!!!!!! Keep up the work and be encouraged. 

    • chris says:

      Hi Holly maybe you could share some things that your grandfather shared with you, it would make good reading.

    • Susan Boye says:

      If anyone has these kind of skin problems you can get in a morgellons group in facebook and see if this is what you have,I do think some of you do because I have to be on a detox for life just to make it..Get a scope for $20.00 and look,I have even looked at bugs outside and all is sick I tell you..Just trying to help..

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