US Patent 6506148 – Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors


The TV and your computer monitor can be used to manipulate your nervous system. Here is the proof. Read it and weep:

Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors US Patent #6,506,148
“SUMMARY: Computer monitors and TV monitors can be made to emit weak low-frequency electromagnetic fields merely by pulsing the intensity of displayed images. Experiments have shown that the 1/2 Hz sensory resonance can be excited in this manner in a subject near the monitor. The 2.4 Hz sensory resonance can also be excited in this fashion. Hence, a TV monitor or computer monitor can be used to manipulate the nervous system of nearby people.”

“It is thus apparent that the human nervous system can be manipulated by screen emissions from subliminal TV image pulses.” LINK

The human nervous system controls everything from breathing and producing digestive enzymes, to memory and intelligence. (Human Nervous System)

THE PATENT – US Patent 6506148 – Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

Source  Barbara H. Peterson
Farm Wars

32 Responses to US Patent 6506148 – Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitors

  1. Elisa says:

    Keep spreading truths!

  2. Anonnimous says:

    Where do people get involved?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Anonimous, the attached link will provide more input on your question, FYI

  3. roybarr says:

    5g has now been kicked in

    they need 1 last thing and that is our defence


    it may be to late to bring many to awake as the soup in the sky and the poison in our systems is taking its toll

    a new world will come to be when the old world is destroyed

    keep your vibration high and your thoughts in control

    they have them to .


  4. Adele Luxford says:

    This kind of crap has to come to an end.We,as freethinkers,must burst the bubble governments want us to live in .

    • Benita says:

      Yep…we can end it…get rid of ALL electronics. Can't do it? Then nope…the government wins again!!!

  5. JC Collins says:

    They are our masters!!

  6. Leon says:

    Fuckkk the system!! 

  7. Casey Notsittingdown! says:

    I want to make a difference in our world before I go!  I want to be part of this Movement to Wake People Up!  I need to STAND UP! in a world that tells me to SIT DOWN! This SICK Brainwashing Mind Controling Government New World Order has me loosing sleep at night!  I'm Alone in my way of thinking.. I'm surrounded by SHEEP!  Where can I go to be part of people who are part of this Movement!?  Please.. 

  8. MJB says:

    I'm part of the 1% and spreading the truth to my children. Each one teach one.  Know thyself for I believe in Universal law. I am thankful to those who are spreading the knowledge. For the inevitable shall pass.  The last shall be first and the first shall be last. 

  9. Alyson says:

    When will the mass movement begin!!

    I am so impatient for it!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Soon. We are at a critical moment. Not enough people awake yet but numbers are growing, maybe at 2% of population. We need 3% minimum. Hard to get read but look at republican party. If we're getting older whites it's definitely taking hold. People are angry. They can sense something is wrong. Divide and conquer techniques are still working though. For now try to wake people up to Rothschild owned banking system and Bilderberg, trilateral control of media .

  10. Philip Roell says:

    First and foremost,  each and every indivdual must take responsiblity for their own enlightenment. For change must first happen from within before without.  Then,  the change we have l been seeking will become manifestation in the masses. 

  11. Raquel says:

    Tsylor Young….

    You are the Only person here that is fully Awake! Ha….I Love it…Good replies…yet…they are less than the 1%, but nonetheless powerful….I think the People are ready for change…the "Sheeple" as you call them, are either ready, waking up, or ready to follow…now the question is….How…..?

    How do We the People, The 99+% get Rid of this Malevolent Phycophaths?  

    I want to live in Peace, Love and Harmony…..if not Me, then the Future Generations……!

    • Benjamin says:

      Simple! Boycott monster corporations 
      and avoid ALL corporate products as much as possible,
       that is VOTE WITH YOUR MONEY responsibly ! 
      Grow plants, try to produce food, go organic and EAT CLEAN.
      Watch less TV. Stay away from religion , and seek god / peace inside your MIND. Spread awareness !!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. Watch less TV. Besides bad information nervous system control makes you more open to said bad information.

  12. Anony Miss says:

    No kidding. I heard they operate out of army bases. How are concerned citizens suppose to access those. It's up to the military/army to come together and pay more attention. But when they do they get shushed. 

  13. randy says:

    smart meters


  14. James Jennings says:

    Wow contrails….chemtrails.. get it now been looking at these cool streaks in the sky for over thirty years and noticed there have been morr and more and more.

    Anyway thank you.  I rread for the first time perhaps 15 years ago about Russia experimenting with cloud seeding…anyway…thank you.

  15. Lisa G says:

    WHY? Government entities continue to "practice" these unethical forms of experiments on the unsuspecting. WHY?
    Is it not enough that our leaders continue to fill us with nothing but grandiose lies all the while getting richer at our expense? Causing us to dwindle in our health. 
    WHY CAN'T THEY LEAVE THINGS ALONE! THEY ARE NOT GODS. They are ruthless, crazed maniacal madmen & women who know nothing except for GREED. Shame, Shame, Shame to all of them. Remember. You will meet your maker and when you get shoved into that dark abyss you have no one to blame but yourselves. I hope you all end up in HELL

    • Gregory F. says:

      Why/ Because those are characteristics of a sociopath. 


    • melissa henley says:

      Since this is now out in the World, Why if it can be proven. Has it not come to light with the bigger force. With The great minds of our time and STOP it. Simple . 

    • Taylor Young says:

      !) Lisa, because they believe they ARE descendants of those who came to Earth over 350,000 years ago and went on to establish control through human hybrid offspring and then put them in positions of power, hence Royal Bloodlines. They "Believe" they are GODS and we are the "useless eaters."  Ask Henry K.

      2) Gregory, Yes, they are genetic sociopaths/psychopaths and if any show any type of compassion, it is quickly entrained out of them.

      3) Melissa, It has not been stopped because now they have had the time to infiltrate every aspect of the Legal, Political, Financial, Scientific, and Educational Systems and they own ALL Media.  Only a major saturation of the TRUTH of this, and getting IT through to the hoards of "sheeple," will topple them.  We are the "many" they are the less that 1%.  Once they understand and stop complying with the "systems"  we will be on our way to the "Golden Age" of Peace and Freedom and they will be rendered irrelevant.   My hopeful opinions…

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