UVB Radiation Is Off The Charts, Metering Proves This Fact

Does the sun feel hot on your face? It is. The UV radiation that we are all being exposed to is off the charts. It’s actually burning the bark off of trees on the sun exposed sides. This is happening in countless regions. Global climate engineering is shredding the ozone layer along with an endless list of other horrific consequences. If climate engineering continues, our days are numbered. How high is the UV radiation? View the actual tests in the video below. As I state in this clip, we are told by all major agencies that no more than 5% of all UV radiation should be UVB. We are getting 55% to 60% UVB. This means that we are seeing UVB levels that are 1000% or more above what is being disclosed.

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  1. Mark says:

    Ozone is the result of O2 absorbing UV at one wavelength and then as ozone it can absorb UV at additional wavelengths. As we consume the surplus O2 that was produced during the Great Oxidative event we have less and less available.

    How much O2 does a tree produce? As much as it uses up when it is oxidized through metabolism and combustion.

  2. andrew says:

    Hi. I agree with Craig Fredericks comments, he is right on the money. I moved to Newcastle from Whyalla in South Australia and I have never seen aerial spraying and chemtrails and haze of such an unprecedented level as what I have observed since moving here. There is a much greater concentration of spraying over the east coast populus than what there is over the outback, that’s for sure. I agree, the bastards must be stopped, but how? The instigators go right to the very top, even higher than our own puppet government.

  3. Craig Fredericks says:

    In Newcastle, Australia. Well, if I hadn’t been awakened some 2 years ago to what is happening to our world of humanity and to the planet, deliberately, I would not have believed what I have been saying here now for about 12 months. There is a definite escalation in air spraying by jets, different times of the day, usually on clear days, but sometimes too on overcast days. I was out my backyard the other night in October, and it was a clear night, yet acorss the roofs of my neighbour houses, I noticed blurred trails in the sky, freshly done. Even with the reflection of the urban lights into the sky, these trails were visible, fresh, and definitely chemtrails. If anyone with the power to stop this poisoning of the human race and animals and plants is listening to this blog, then STOP IT STOP IT STOP IT now. Thanks

  4. Mark says:

    I live in Australia and its getting hotter and hotter.

    More and more people are discussing the issue of geo-engineering and chemtrails in particular.

    I know that they spray every day here and that they control the information going to the bureau of meteorology and the media alike.

    For example the news stations here present the weather in different formats daily, using different graphical maps to confuse the lay person. They also like telling us a daily temperature followed by what it feels like????

    C’mon world for all of our sakes please look up and tell us and everybody you know what you see.

    We all know in our hearts that something is wrong, its time to look, listen and take notice.

    Together i know we can create the change we need.

    • Gustavo Tovar says:

      thank you for putting this information for all to read. hopefully more people would input more information the on the heat wave the planet is beng effect by. please give more updates news i be listening.

  5. Katherine L. says:

    what is it going to take?

  6. Living in Florida I have always been a sun worshipper. The summer of 2012, 2013 and 2014 I noticed I turn red much faster with less time in the sun. I’ve never believed in sun tan lotion as I felt the chemicals in the lotions combined with the heat of the sun could possibly be hazardous to my health. That seems to be playing out with science saying sun lotions could be causing infertility in men.

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Since I developed cataracts, my vision actually improved (a lens-like effect), but I must wear sunglasses outside even on cloudy days. It’s really hard to see outside. There’s no better way to describe it.

    Thanks Dane, once again, for sounding the alarm. We know this is really bad news. I do hear people complaining about how hot the Sun feels.

  8. JR says:

    I know all too well here in Southwest New Mexico where it gets hot in summer (especially) it feels hotter for me on skin. It’s as if a magnifying glass hits skin and almost unbearable. These suckers have to be all too proud of themselves but they will more than likely, if not all pay in hell with real fire. They will believe you me suffer blowback for all their evil. They do not cease from doing evil repeatedly, over and over, day in day out. I will not be the final judge, there is one bigger. Yesterday 11/22/14 it was somewhat windy but today Sunday it is super awful with winds of close to 50 miles per hr. Our sky has been bombarded with much SAG from west to south earlier, and now at 3:30 p.m. flying east to west, normal flight patterns. HAARP has to be in use with out of ordinary weather causes and SAG. Whatever heart and love these characters may have had is no more. Their actions speak for themselves. Peace to all in Yahweh……….

  9. Mariel says:

    I live in West Michigan, where we got a huge early taste of winter last week. Now the temps are in the high 40s, and everything is melting. Here’s the funny part – this is the first time in my life that I’ve seen melted ice on the sidewalks and streets leave a sudsy residue behind, almost like someone dumped out a pail of dirty, soapy water. While it was snowing last week, the stuff was nearly impossible to clear, as it melted and stuck to the shovel upon contact. All while the temps were in the teens and 20s. My kids see it and believe it’s happening, but no one my age or older does.

  10. KP says:

    Great article Dane, thank you so much!!
    Yes, in Colorado as you drive along I70 its appears as if 30+% of the tress are dead or dying in groves. So sad 🙁
    It seems to me that there’s enough people concerned about the geoengineering of our climate that we could get enough signatures to sponsor legislation or a bill that America could vote on, plus it would bring this issue more to the forefront as it should be.

  11. Hello Dane: Thanks for clarifying the UV/infrared issues created by corporate manipulation (the snuffing) of our collective environment. Intentional ozone depletion is a major environmental problem, yet never discussed by the actors and actresses in our corporate owned media. No point in spoiling the great snuff party everyone’s enjoying…

    I grew up on a small lake in Northern Minnesota. Summers were spent on docks, swim rafts, and out in boats all Summer long. It was the early 60’s; the Sun was pleasant and welcomed on my skin. No one used sun screen or wore sun glasses at the time, and only a few light skinned persons ever suffered from sunburn after a few days of “priming” their tan.

    By the late 70’s I knew something had gone very wrong with the intensity of the sunlight. It was hot on my skin, did not have the proper light spectrum. I started to need sunglasses when driving. I also noticed other anomalies, like pine needles turning orange on the sunny side of trees. Paint fading more quickly on painted exteriors. I started asking other people about this, and they were so stupid or non-observant that they thought I was crazy.

    In current times: The boreal forest in Minnesota has been turned into a dying wasteland by excessive UV intensity and chemical contamination. Non-stocked fishing lakes now produce very few wild fish, and many of these are diseased and stunted excuses for a fish. The US Fish and Wildlife Service is quite aware of the problem, yet they refuse to publish any data regarding the chemtrail contamination. Just looking at the polluted surface of the water after high chemtrail days tells the whole story. You don’t need a microscope to see the films, particulates, and slicks. These are otherwise pristine glacial lakes with no boat traffic, and extremely low population densities…

    I don’t use the “science” paradigm to notice changes in soil and water, because I believe simple observational skills yield all the data mankind will ever realistically need for survival. When people fail to use their own eyes, ears, and noses, you might as well just write the rest off… As I always suggest to the non-believers: Fine. Just keep pumping up your corporate portfolios, and Nature will solve all these non-observations for you…

  12. Hello Werner Bock: Good to see you are still with us… If this is the same Werner Bock that’s been facing the destruction of his cattle, his ranch, and his way of life, I can only offer my condolences. The horrendous tactics used by Canadian media and authorities are (at best) a disgrace. The actors and actresses who believe they have a right to intimidate and harass private citizens on their own land, are committing criminal acts of corporate sponsored terrorism.

    People need to quit asking for permission to live…

  13. Nick says:

    It’s like something put a huge magnifying glass on the Golden State. That’s how I described this year in weather.

  14. Joy and Hugh says:

    Yes, thanks and thank you for last night’s (11.21.14) meeting in Redding, California. What a well received event!

    The Greenville crowd…

  15. Christine says:

    Mid north coast of NSW. The trees are showing signs of stress here. Have also noticed a massive decline in bird-life. No rain worth having and veges are producing fungal diseases.
    Do not think our planet can come back from this.

  16. DF says:

    Excellent. Thanks for this.

  17. It’s much worse than that. Not only did mankind stupidly destroy the ozone layer with nuclear testing in the 60’s, but we avidly continue the process with subsidized airline traffic, the stupidity of space satellite launches, and our collective wallow in our own industrial filth. As if that wasn’t enough stupidity, industrial ghouls and consumer slobs also need to microwave the entire surface of the planet with wi-fi, so we can talk about how all the trees and plants and animals are dying. Man is so creative…

    Try reading this: Adverse Influence of Radio Frequency Background on Trembling Aspen Seedlings: Preliminary Observations – by Katie Haggerty


    Or this comment by Alfonso Balmori Martínez regarding cell tower effects and wildlife:

    “The electromagnetic field is the perfect secret agent: you cannot see it, you cannot smell it, you cannot hear it, you cannot feel it and its effects are slow but relentless.”


    Or study comments like this one:

    “The 24 h exposure of water plants (etiolated duckweed) to RF-EMF between 7.8 V m?1 and 1.8 V m?1, generated by AM 1.287 MHz transmitting antennas, resulted in alanine accumulation in the plant cells, a phenomenon we have previously shown to be a universal stress signal.”


    But wait!!! There’s more!!! No human comprehension of the fact that RF induction is global and catastrophic to the entire ecosystem, because human brains have been impaired by electromagnetic induction affects.

    Keep investing in those big portfolio accounts, eh?

  18. Andrew says:

    The same thing is happening all around the Dandenong’s. I have worked as a Horticulturist in the Dandenong mountains for the last 16 years, spanning roughly a 20 km radius……I am going to start posting pictures of the devastation so that people will start to wake up to the obvious.

  19. Freedom Ranger says:

    In my town of Boulder CO, the daily newspaper, they just did an article on how 50% of the trees are in the process of dying and that in another 2 years they will all be dead.

  20. Werner Bock says:

    There are more contributing factors to the increased UV radiation that hits us here at ground level.
    One of them is the destruction of the ozone layer, which is most likely being caused by increased coal mining, gas drilling and fracking, and last but not least, the biggest one is the melting of the perma frost in the arctic regions of the northern hemisphere plus the melting of frozen methane deposits on the ocean floor.
    To my knowledge methane is up to 100 times more potent a green house gas than CO2.
    It is high time that the scientific community is being purged of the scientific whores for hire.

  21. Earth Angel says:

    I am seeing in Northern Georgia (USA) many pine needles yellowing on the already too sparse looking trees here. The pines have been putting out cones heavily for the past couple of years (that I have taken notice of; it is possible this could have been happening prior to my recognition of it) which I am told by tree experts is an effort for the tree to propagate itself and its DNA. I am seeing even the young pines yellowing. I do not know if this can be burning of the needles from the high radiation levels or caused from poisioning by the toxic materials being sprayed over us in the atmosphere thanks to the HAARP weather modification schemes and geoengineering insanity. Possibly both- neither is good. Thanks for all the good information and your efforts to bring us THE FACTS Dane.

  22. samiah ibrahim says:

    Im not sure what are the causes of the humidity here Singapura lion city I really cant take the heat even in rainy season now Is it really from the UV or other energy? Watching my small corridor garden is kind of weird it wont grow no flowers fruits #lots of white diseases on branches where leaves turn yellow n fall apart? I wonder what kind of disease attack my smart Jasmine, lime, fragrance leaves Rosemary turmeric rizhomes so unhealthy

  23. Michelle says:

    For the last few years I’ve witnessed our city’s trees first lose their leaves (looking cancerous), then twigs, now branches. They’re all falling off as if they were glued on on the glue melted. Fungus is spewing from their trunks in open sores.

  24. Sr. Gladys Marhefka says:

    Good going, Dane!

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