“V” The Guerrilla Economist Examines Global Geoengineering


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  1. Dear Dane: Heard your Guerrilla Economist interview. The truth as power. The research you have done and presented here and else where (indeed I have studied, and also propagated your research) and of course the offerings of your peers on these subjects, has truly been an eye opening influence on myself and a number of others as well. Most of the people I tell believe your report as well, and do look up. It seems my entire circle of associates are likeminded, and are not blind. I am a musician, in the gospel, and so I meet a lot of people, and because the are lovers of truth, they believe the truth. You are right, thru individual effort and logical presentation, many will see. It is relevant also to the ministry of the gospel, because it is true about geoengineering and the NWO. I am seeking petitions for my friends to sign (as I have). I will keep trying to contact officials also. Your work is having an effect as you also have expressed. Please be encouraged and also blessed in evry way by God Himself. Sincerely, and with affection and gratitude, Jefre.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Jefre, thank you for your message of support and even more for your support in this fight. If we all stand together our voices will not be silenced any longer. Thanks for marching with us in this battle.

  2. PLT says:

    This was another excellent interview – a good review of the basics, but also touching on some less-discussed aspects of the unfolding insanity.  After listening, I read the Jim Phelps exchanges.  In them, one has a government insider saying, not that geoengineering is in the planning phase, but that it is ongoing and "must" be continued.  In other words, proof positive and in writing that it's happening.  Shouldn't that be kept on the front page, on every site that discusses the issue?  Because as far as I can see, the conspiracy-theorist and no-peer-reviewed-studies cards (really two ways of saying the same thing: no proof) are the only ones that hold even the slightest bit of weight nowadays.

    • PLT says:

      p.s. – that is not to say that all Dane's and others' valuable data is meaningless – just that many people will absolutely refuse to confront facts, but will believe anything that comes from an "acceptable" authority figure.  That someone involved with these programs states flatly that they are ongoing might at least ruffle feathers enough to let the breeze in. 

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