“Vaccine Mandates: Adults Are Next”, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny Sounds The Alarm


The true dangers posed by vaccinations are finally coming to light. Dr. Sherri Tenpenny is a veteran in the battle to raise awareness of the threats posed to human health by the ongoing vaccination assault. At a recent major public awareness event in Northern California (organized/sponsored by GeoengineeringWatch.org), Dr. Tenpenny gave a powerful and extremely informative live presentation to directly address the vaccination threat to our health. I wish to express my most sincere gratitude to Dr. Tenpenny for her tireless work toward the greater good. 
Dane Wigington

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  1. linda cox says:

    Everyone out there…..how much are we going to put up with. Really my records are shared. Not my name, but I do not want my personal information shared. This is criminal. Health care in America is Criminal. Take this, if it makes you sick, take this it will make you feel better. Insanity deluxe. I understand more of what is going on now after listening to this video. Its time to stand up and say no. Its time to talk to your health care provider. Pass on the truth about what is happening in the medical field. To all and everyone you know. I educate every day in some way. Some family are the hardest, but some day they will know they were told you shared. You have study and learn the facts.  After having 4 people in family one very seriously damaged by a flu shot. One with type 1 diabetes. Wake up look at the stats. This is not a healthy America. I grew up in time of almost no shots. We did not have the health problems of today. It is black and white. Health vs being unhealthy. Cause and efffect. 



  2. Suzy says:

    OMG, the medical record is now an electronic Bingo Card for the doctor to play us for big-time prizes.

  3. Linda says:

    If pediatricians are paid $400 for each kid vaccinated on schedule, find out how much are they paying hospitals to force vaccinations on their staff?  How much are they paying health industries in general??  follow the $$$ 

  4. Cameron Foster says:

    If someone who was not vaccinated was interacting with someone who was, the person who is not vaccinated is not going to harm the other person. If the government is going to these ultimatums to pump us with vaccines, someone is feeding them with money at the expense of the population. As an aspiring med school student this is making me question if my future profession is up to the morality of my values. If they refuse to improve med school education quality, this could be detrimental to the future generations. Humanity is on the verge of destruction due to our own doing. 

    • Dave Roberts says:

      Yes, that is why we need medical graduates like you to enter into the profession and not be put off it by what you see, because more people like you can help change it within.

    • Jeanette says:

      My grandbaby was given a flu vaccine through nasal application because I told my grandchild's mother not to let them give him a flu shot amd because it was not a shot she let them administer their poison in this alternative delivery process and my grandchild has been sickly every year in his lungs. I was just alarmed when his mom told me what they talked her into and my misgivings are realized. I get upset every year when his lungs get compromised and this year's flu is more worrisome. People need to wake up and be more vigilant. The ones with money ruling the rest of us are basically sick in the head and or evil.

  5. Sandy says:

    Why can't we get organized.How many of us are there that are fed up with being dictated to by those who seem to only care about the money and the power and life means nothing to them.Why can.t we send in so much a month to pay for these legal teams to give us the power back where it belongs.I am fed up with watching these ckildren being destroyed.seeing the trees dying.watching life and our home here on earth being devastated.

  6. Willett Amie says:

    The uninformed is truly a dangerous entity.  I should know, because I'm one of them.  I never understood how you could force vaccines on children and threaten the parents for non-compliance.  I worked for the Department of Human Services in California. With a Medicaid application, the rights & responsibilities were always explained to the parents.  However, as a rule we didn't hold them responsible for keeping their child's shot record updated when under 5 and we knew that the school would have them to do this once the child registered for kindergarten.  But in 2010, the state came down on our department, forcing us to sanction the parent out of Medicaid if child was not up to date with their shots.  I hated sanctioning the parent and now I know why I had that "gut feeling".  It was all about the mighty dollar!  When we moved from California to Florida 4 years ago, my youngest was in the 9th grade. They refused to enroll her until I could show that her shots were updated for 12 years old.  I didn't even know there was a shot for that age.  I complied without hesitation for that sake of my child…

  7. john says:

    I'm speechless. As a soon to be parent, I feel kind of helpless, probably like 1000s of other parents. I have read several books on the topic of vaccinations, by doctors and by biologists. I wanted actual facts, and data, and science, and understand what is a vaccine, how it works, and how our immune system works. My personal research led me to conclude that I will not vaccinate my child. Where I live, vaccination is not mandatory by law, however there is a lot of pressure on parents to vaccinate. Child care centres do not take your child if he/she has not been vaccinated. Also, you are not eligible for family tax benefits if you don't vaccinate. It's not all, GP and midwife always find a way to mention about vaccination, whatever we consult them for. The midwife told us to vaccinate against pertussis. The problem is the vaccine is an hexavalent, it comes with 5 other valences. So you actually vaccinate against 6 diseases. Why specifically pertussis ? If the newborn can catch pertussis, isn't it as likely he catches polio, or diphteria, or measles or whatever ? Or even cholera or scarlet fever, for which we don't vaccinate, and yet no one catches these things.

    After watching this video, I want to cry. Because I know that, as we won't comply with this dictatorship, it's gonna be hard to raise this child that we very much wanted.

    Thanks for sharing this valuable content anyway.

    • Michael says:

      Jonas Salk was a fraud. He timed his polio vaccinations with a naturally occurring cyclic downturn in polio incidence and was falsely made into a hero by the Illuminist controlled press of the day. The entire premise that vaccinations are based on is fraudulent as well. Science has been corrupted on hundreds of fronts.

  8. Dennie says:

    Here's an example of the Propaganda Machine trying to pound the truth into oblivion, well before the general population could even get a whiff and start questioning the Big Pharma-controlled status quo:  http://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/health/ubc-stands-behind-vaccine-studies-discredited-by-who/article23302328/  The Globe and Mail, a Canadian publication, produced this hit piece against honest research and researchers who want nothing more than public safety coming from the truth.  Here's an excerpt:

    The studies were conducted by Christopher Shaw, a professor in the department of ophthalmology and visual sciences at UBC. Prof. Shaw, who is chair of the CMSRI’s scientific advisory board, frequently collaborates with Lucija Tomljenovic, a post-doctoral research fellow in the department. [Note:  Dr. Tomljenovic appears, along with Andrew Wakefield and other medical and scientific experts, in Gary Null's movie, Silent Epidemic].

    Neither Prof. Shaw nor Ms. Tomljenovic agreed to a telephone interview. In an e-mail, Prof. Shaw said the WHO is “entitled to its opinion” but that “I don’t feel that those who actually work in aluminum toxicity research would agree with their critiques.” He also compared the term “anti-vaccine” to a racial or ethnic slur.

    Ms. Tomljenovic said their research has been peer-reviewed and published in respected medical journals. She added that “there are legitimate concerns regarding the safety of vaccines and attacking those who try to bring this issue to light is not going to solve the problem.”

    A number of medical experts contacted for this story said they support any type of academic research that is rigorous and uses high-quality methods. Research into vaccine safety is important and scientists are free to ask any questions they want, said Scott Halperin, a professor in the department of microbiology and immunology at Dalhousie University.

    “Academic freedom is very important to me, but I believe it has to be done responsibly,” Dr. Halperin said.

    But after looking at some of Prof. Shaw and Ms. Tomljenovic’s research, the experts raised major concerns with the conclusions and interpretations.

    “There’s academic freedom and then there’s academic responsibility,” Dr. Gardam said.

    Prof. Shaw’s website says he has received nearly $900,000 from the Dwoskin Family Foundation, a U.S.-based group, and the Georgetown, Ont.-based Katlyn Fox Foundation. Both groups question the safety of vaccines.

    Numerous experts, including Dr. Halperin and Dr. Gardam, said they do not have a problem with the source of the funding, noting that many researchers accept money from pharmaceutical companies and other entities.

  9. David Smith says:

    I signed up for the CDC news and see some insane conspiracies to conceal and sell us a bag of dung. Well here is the latest I received today. http://www.cdc.gov/features/adultvaccinationrecords/index.html 

    This site is noting how the CDC will track your vaccines and if you loose your list you will have to take all the shots again and also they will test your blood to tell you all the shots you need to take. Remember now you will never leave until they poison you into oblivion.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey David: I used your link above and I got back a "We're sorry, the page you are looking was not found" message.

  10. felix says:

    I just happened on to this article and study yesterday.  Click and go down to the chart listing all of the vaccines that have glyphosate-think-monsantos-roundup in them.



    Where has our 'watch dog' agency been ?

  11. David former Navy Aerographers Mate Weather Observer/Forecaster says:

    Any Medical facility, doctor, physician, nurse, medical assistant, that participates in this kind of activity is totally criminal! I look at the unaffordable high costs of dentists, doctors, optometrists etc administering procedures, prescribing medications, which can permanently harm you, they are nothing but criminal, dishonest salespeople, in it for the money with no regard to your well being, what a shame this is! Who or What can you trust nowadays? Thank you geoengineeringwatch, Sharon Tenpenny and all of you that have replied, I will pass on all of this information to others, to inform them of what is currently and what is planned to take place.

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    Hello Anonymous, you have my sympathies!  Some trees, most? do have life spans and so do not last forever, but I do not think that accounts for yours!  Gee, my oldest grandson is a year older than your ill fated trees.  All last year I posted about my redwood in front yard.  I remember when my landlord planted it.  I did not think I'd stay here forever so I did not care.  Do now!  It's just 7 or so feet away from me and BIG and dying!  Last year it was slimed in a rain.  This is what I posted alot about as it was so very weird.  After the rain ended, a branch near my window which I loved-was a bit like living in a tree house-that branch looked not only slimy but shiny and as if it glued the branchlet needles together giving a very reptilian look.  Overtime, I watched as it struggled to free its needles and a few did, and here and there some new growth appeared giving me hope, then all finally went brown and dead and landlord cut it. This tree as long as its been here sheds like an old dog.  But now, most of it is brown.  First comes yellow, then brown.  Every time there is a big wind and the brown stuff falls, the tree looks good for a minute, then more brown appears.  By now, I'd guess 50% dead.  It is gonna fall on me!  In neighbor next door's herd of trees by fenceline, two tall cypress trees among others.  One went totally dead last year, I said nothing as the birds seemed to love it for bugs I'm guessing, but it is very very dead by now and swaying this way and that and now the healthy looking one is half dead from the bottom up and the same fate seems assured.  Neighbors on other side have a gigantic Italian Stone Pine.  I mean HUGE.  And dying.  Not fast enough says my landlord and I hear that.  Because that tree has blocked us from east light forever-being since '79.  Once way more massive and just solid, it is going brown here and there and becoming see through, not unlike my redwood.  Gonna cost a fortune to remove.  Two doors down, a street tree dropped its third giant branch in a month!  These are liquid amber, the sweetgum family and one of the heaviest hardwoods around, at 35 pounds per square foot!  And they thought this water sucker upper would make a good street tree?!!!!  I take all these tree deaths very hard.  But at the same time am noticing what is doing well and some are.  May not be native or what we'd prefer, but things Are changing and we still need plants and trees.  By the dead cypress is one out freaking standing glorious cherry/plum tree. Huge, healthy, a Japanese hybrid I think, it does make delicious fruits but so high up.  At least providing shelter and food for birds though.  And our figs are doing well.  We may change our ways and so I'm taking notice and notes on what is thriving, what is dying.  Plant, vegetable, tree, etc.  I'll admit, I am scared of these big dead ones.  We lost a couple of trees in last years' big winds.  Not looking forward to more big winds!

  13. Robert W says:

    We are going further into the "Rabbit Hole" as of Oct. 1, 1916, because control of the Internet will be given to the United Nations. The process will begin on Oct. 1st. Google " Internet Given to United Nations ".

  14. Anthony says:

    I worked with a vey kind & dedicated father of 3 sons.  His youngest was mandated to take a vaccine to enter college.  Adverse reaction & death for the boy.  Years later the father got some form of early "Alzheimer's disease."  He was loaded up on Statin cholesterol lowering drugs for over a decade.  He's now a vegetable.  Both compliments of big government & big Pharma… All these deadly peanut allergies must also be connected to this widespread vaccination program.  My 6 year old never had peanut allergy until after his vaccinations were done.  He was delayed in vaccine regiment because he lived in another country for a few years.  US pediatrician played catch up and loaded him with all the usually plus hepatitis B or C vaccine… Why?  Now I'm confused as my wife was.   Also same pediatrician tried to push a flu vaccine off on my son in May of 2016! What ? Vaccine was shown to be less than 25% effective & flu season was over… Guess she had stockpile to get rid of and shorten her losses.  This year she wanted to give new flu vaccine… We refused it… She got agitated.  MSM just put out news that nasal administered vaccines last year were ineffective against flu strains.  Where are these virus flue coming from any way ? ZiKa, Ebola?  Spanish flu of 1918 is suspected of being unleashed by elites.  Btw Rockefeller owns patent on ZiKa virus.  Look it up 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hello Anthony, Gee but your post is moving and sad.  My "mother's" (I was adopted) father died in that 1918 epidemic.  As part of homeland security, I guess we would call it now, and WW1, he had to be on the streets at night, some bridge or something to guard, and it was pouring rain.  He got this flu and died.  "Mom" was 4, almost 5.  It was later said that this flu was odd in that it mostly killed healthy grown adults.  He was in his early 30s.

      When you mentioned the nasal versions not working, well first, have to say that almost nearly every year the flu vaccine of said year was instead a different flu and so no protection, real or imagined.  But reminded me of the first vaccine ever, that I read about long ago.  A nun? traveling in Asia somewhere very long ago, more than a hundred years and then some, and where she was there was a huge small pox situation going on, people dropping dead left and right.  In desperation to help, she had an idea.  She began collecting nasal scabs from infected persons, powdered them and blew a bit of the powder up the noses of those not yet sick.  The dying stopped, the ones she did this to all lived.  One of, if not the, first example of a vaccination.  If vaccines were trustworthy, did not have so many questionable, to say the least, ingredients in them, I'd say this would be the way to use them.  I don't mean nasal or this exactly, but When there is a mass outbreak of something you cannot hide from.  To use them in advance of such a thing, guessing, no less, which thing, throwing in everything but the kitchen sink, is just-well obviously insane-but also not necessary and not practical!  Most flues, if not all, are carried around the world by birds.  Most, if not all, originate from small family compounds in the world that keep chickens, and a pig or two in courtyard settings.  So the usual players are birds, pigs, and people all in close proximity.  Such flues morph and change all the time, nearly impossible to guess what will be coming around.  So much better than vaccinations would be to educate people to wash off what they are putting into their mouths from outside.  As well as cleaning all bird bath bowls on a regular basis.  Such basic hygiene should be enough.

      My best guess at your son's new peanut allergy is twofold.  One is that all of our foods are now owned by just a few companies and processed and packaged by these few.  Such that whatever one buys today says: this was processed in a facility that also processes: (long list), including peanuts.  The other is that he was exposed to peanuts right after these vaccinations which temporarily? left his system so overwhelmed and weakened, that his body reacted to this now common allergy, but perhaps not for lifelong.  But, would be scared to test that.  People do outgrow some allergies.  It is not uncommon to outgrow childhood allergies.  

      I am so saddened to hear what became of the good father and his son's death from a mandatory vaccine.  And to hear of your son's issues.  I wonder what would happen if like 'architects and engineers' sort of, if a list could be made public of All who have had a life threatening or ending or disabling effect from vaccinations, clearly related, could be made and published.  Numbers versus numbers.  Perhaps Then the docs might pay attention and begin to feel complicit.

  15. Anthony says:

    Troubling & frustrating… Wonder if Fukushima has anything to do with this besides the chemtrail spraying…  Silent Spring was foretold … Psychopaths & sociopaths have got too much technocratic destructive power 

  16. paul fowler says:

              The "Auroras Borealis" , commonly known as the "Northern Lights" , have been visible across Canada this week . Either the magnetic poles are about to flip or they have cranked up " HARRP " to the max . 

             That reminds me, I would like to congratulate all the winners of the "Google Science Fair ". The top prize went to 16 year old Kiara Nirghin from South Africa , She is fighting drought with fruit .  I can't help but wonder if she is aware of all  causes of drought. Other students also deserve mention . Charlie Frenske 16 from USA , his project was making rockets more efficient . Maybe he could work for "Space X" on the "Red Dragon " project . Two girls from Turkey, Ilayda Sirbas 15 and Ezgi Tezeris 15 set out to create stronger concrete to protect against stronger bombs . Isn't science wonderful .Last but certainly not least , Zain Samdoni 16 from Saudi Arabia with his " Exo Heal" . A robot that will retrain your brain ????????I think this kid just secured his career with the"NewWorldOrderCommision" .

            There are many more brilliant young minds out there as well as these few I have mentioned and the other winners of the " Google Science Fair ", but It's a crying shame they have to waste their brilliants on finding solutions for the malignant mountain of misery that is being handed down to them . 


  17. Deb says:

    We just lost 15 Doug Firs. They were so full & beautiful just 4 yrs ago

    They were 25 yrs old and gorgeous!!!.

    You couldn't even see thru them….they began dying in 2012, and

    this yr they really took a dive. Swiss Needle Cast Disease. We had

    a Forrestry guy come….he diagnosed they problem. $5000 to spray them, with NO guarantee it would even work.

  18. Dane Wigington says:

    Hello Anonymous, the attached link is a public response to David Keith’s disinformation story on the CBC. FYI https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/rapidly-increasing-awareness-of-the-climate-engineering-crimes-is-panicking-corporate-media/

    and another


  19. chris says:

    "Shot to the arm, shot to the head, either way you end up dead"–Steve Quayle.  

  20. Michael "DOC" E. Davis says:

    Hitler, Stalin, Mao and all past dictators would be envious of what Dr. Tenpenny has shown us that is happening right in front of us.

    First of all, "DC" in Washington DC stands for the District of Criminals.  Because what is happening is all for MONEY.  For example, if a school district accepts one dollar ($1.00) of federal funds for any reason, the school district becomes subjected to the federal government's demands.  In other words, federal government funding comes with strings attached of which there is no escape.  This applies to states, counties, cities and even in the public and private sectors under Obama Care.  Call it what it is, the federal government in collaboration with corporations to incrementally install a 21 century brand of corporate fascism upon humanity through what I have stated and multinational trade agreements, such as TPP.

    Secondly, combine the adgavants in vaccines with Fluoride (drinking water, pesticide and herbicide exposure and residues, pharmaceuticals, etc.), anthropogenic deposition from atmospheric geoengineering, GMOs and other environmental contaminants is a witch's brew cocktail that humans are exposed to that results in a multitude of adverse health effects.

    Thirdly, I want to be optimistic but in realty, there is a cabal of sociopaths and psychopaths running the world like Bill Gates and Ted Turned who have both stated in interviews that an ideal global population would be about one billion people (1,000,000,000).  However, the more important question is never asked of them, that is,  "how would this global population reduction be achieved from 7+ billion to about 1 billion?"  See Commandment #1 of the 10 Commandments of the Georgia Guidestone.

    Fourthly, foundations were established by the elitest (Rockefeller, Morgan, Vender Built, Ford, Rothchield, and other robber barons.) of the early 20 th/ century as a deception for their true agenda which is "command and control" system of all people and resources on earth.

    Finally, these two quotes: (1) "In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act" George Orwell and (2) "The only thing that tyrants and dictators need to flourish is, that good men and women do nothing." Thomas Jefferson

    • Larry S. says:

      Hello Doc   Thin out the population to 1 million , well then the psycho elite get to go first and lead by example .

    • Donna-AZ says:

      And Commandment #10,  "emphasis on preserving nature"  So why are they destroying it?

    • Anthony says:

      Well stated… And true … We must not stop pushing back .., no matter what… We must continue to unify our intelligence & energies against the criminality of the Neo-Technocracy that has befallen our societies…they have little to no legitimacy… Never surrender no matter how much poison they dump upon and into our food, water, & air.  They will pay & we will purge it…one environmental resource at a time… If not…well nature will take care of it in one fell swoop !    Peace, resistance, & hope 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Larry S.  I'm still stuck in a kind of depression as if hitting a brick wall.  But! your comment here made me laugh so hard!  Thank you!  And would that they would!  Given the seeming over abundance of psychopaths, that would truly help!

  21. SWIFT says:

    I will not take any vaccine, nor will I go into any camp.

  22. Marc says:

    What a clever stunt we see our congress and president performing with this nonsense having to do with Saudi Arabia's "legal vulnerability" pertaining to 9/11. The whole goddamn thing is nothing more than a publicity stunt to re-seed the minds of stupid Americans (and the world) with the total fiction that Saudi Arabia was all or at least partly responsible for the 9/11 catastrophe. Anyone that cannot see this as disinformation and a massive red herring needs to do more homework on the issue. A good place to start would be AE911TRUTH wherein we quickly discover there are well over 2000 architects and engineers who have publicly gone on record to formally draw into question the utterly absurd version of events as promulgated by the 9/11 commission report, which makes a mockery of the science of physics by it's absurd and physically impossible conclusions. With 9/11 our very own government played us all for suckers on a scale barely to be comprehended and this atrocity constitutes what I can unequivocally say is one of the greatest crimes against all of humanity in the entire known history of human civilization. And furthermore, relatively recent photos and articles depicting Michelle Obama "hugging" George W. Bush came damn close to making me vomit up my breakfast. Once again, these kinds of things are nothing more than publicity stunts to glaze over the eyes of stupid Americans and to help put a warm, fuzzy, happy-face on one of the greatest war criminals this planet has ever seen. Yes, "W" was a stooge and a marionette for the real "perpe-traitors" behind 9/11, but he was nonetheless complicit and therefore guilty as an accessory to this horrific crime, not to mention the countless war crimes he authorized (or was forced to authorize) after 9/11…………………….. Have a nice day.

  23. sunaj says:

    Vaccination will  be  used  to  force  medicate  the  population,

    force  you  into  compliance  with  the  State (1984)

    the  vaccine can  be  weaponized:

    * make  the  population  sick and  listless, too  tired to resist

    * make  the  population psychotic

    *make  the population  compliant

    * terminate populations

  24. Free Energy Technologies says:

    Confusion is a major threat to our existence and well being.

  25. IMNAHA says:

    I am addicted to Sudoku, a pattern recognition game, I'm really good at solving puzzles. Q: What is the common pattern of  all these things: GMO's / glyphosate & agrichemicals, vaccines, chemtrails, fluoridation,the cancer industry? A: They all introduce substances into the human biome that creates chronic damage, reduces human life span and enriches corporations at both ends (cause and treatment); also, these things are increasingly hard to avoid and beyond local control. It's hard to conceive that humans are in charge of slowly, coldly decimating their own species, even given rapacious capitalism. This is the how COLONIES are treated: suck the resources out of the economy and reduce, eliminate or profit off of the leftover human "liabilities".

    "The universe is not stranger than you imagine. It is stranger than you CAN imagine."

    • sunaj says:

      This  does  fit  into  that puzzle,

      it would  also  explain  the  long  term  planning  we  see  in  political  events

  26. Marc says:

     When adult vaccines become mandatory (upon penalty of death, ha!!!) how f**king long do you think it will take before there will arise doctors or 'health-care professionals" who gladly and covertly accept under-the-counter bribes to "administer" forced vaccines to adults but will actually just squeeze off the vaccine into a sink, mark their records to show a successful vaccination has been administered to Mr. John Smith, and send you on your way?? Where there's a way "around the system", someone will find it. Bet on it.

      This morning I watched a video clip of comedian Samantha Bee lambasting Trump over something or another, but in the course of her tirade she made a snarkey and condescending reference to Jill Stein because she is on record for questioning the vaccination programs in our country. Clearly the shitwipes who regularly seed the internet and social media with disinformation and "public-perception pieces" are doing their best to make "anti-vaxxers" look like buffoons and idiots. I get the sense that there are many millions now who view anti-vaxxers as pitiful, stupid, unevolved, uncool, intellectually deficient, conspiracy-oriented losers.  What?……are we gonna have a civil war between the vaxxers and the anti-vaxxers?? Jesus Christ!!! All is lost!!! After watching Sherri Tenpenny's presentation, we all have to ask ourselves: are we gonna be willing to face incarceration or death to fight the motherf**kers behind all this?? This entire tragedy is classic corporate gluttony gone completely and psychopathically light years outside the bounds of reason. 60 or more vaccines by the time kids are 18 years old?? And getting worse? This is madness on a scale that cannot be comprehended by any sane, reasonable, compassionate, loving and decent human being. Somebody please answer for me, then, just exactly WHO, WHO are the battalions of corporate suits and so-called "health-care professionals" who would so glibly goose-step their support and participation in such profoundly unnecessary and wildly unethical programs bordering on tyranny?? Mandatory adult vaccinations?? Can this really be about to happen in our world? Over my f**king dead body.

    • a simple horseman says:

      Marc, Mr Speaker of the House, I roared over your first paragraph. Spot on analogy of what is to come. Pay check and a kick back payment. The actual injection means nothing in "their" mind. And that in itself is messed up. So many have no loyalty to anything. As you sew so shall you reap. One of my favorite laws of nature. It ain't just for religious folks.

      Your sharing the dots connected in your comment are profound and need to be noted by all. Please may I add. You, me and maybe others are willing to give up our lives so as not to be vaccinated. What if we all stood together? How many of us is there against them? Give it some thought people. We do not ride alone…..

      Doc Sherri, You have the gift of balancing fact and emotion. This video is the first I have seen of you. Well presented and genuine. My hat is off to you kind lady………….

    • Rumpelstiltskin says:

      As Charelton Heston said as head of the NRA.  "Out of my cold dead hands" !   I will NEVER EVER surrender to any one who wants to stick a needle in my body or force anything upon me against my will.

    • Dom E says:

      Good point about Samantha Bee.

      Comedy Central is vaccine whore central, although Jon Stewart started out sensibly.

      Listen to the vaccine stooge John Oliver deliver his rants about anti-vaxers.  He has become unfunny, unwatchable and a shill.

      We have shut off the channel in our household.

    • Blam says:

      When I went to war, they forced us to take 90 shots in 3 days, through this futuristic multi injector, never penetrated the skin aside from the vaccine itself. We couldn't do anything for a week. They really experiment on GIs more than anyone else. Once you are Uncle Sam's you have no rights. The one thing good though I can tell you, is every soldier is REQUIRED to disobey an unconstitutional order and if egregious arrest the officer giving the order.

    • Benjammin says:

      Why do you think they're now talking about banning cash? It's gonna make it tough to give that good Dr an under-the-table cash bribe when there's no more cash. And they're gonna be able to track every electronic payment or money transfer

    • Dennie says:

      .. well, and the Idiots-In-Charge of our money (because we let them) also mistakenly believe that getting rid of cash means we ain't got nothin' left, THEY get it "all," therefore can leverage our money even further, which is just a fantasy.  When the road runs out, you run outta road– can't make it outta the thin air, gotta make it on those vaccines!  After all, who USED TO BE the Biggest Depositors in the banking system, and what is going to take it's place?

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Marc, right with you!  Love the down the sink bit.  Would that take a bribe on top of gov. bribe?  I know for a fact there are some good docs out there, moral people with decent values.  Docs these days are absolutely overwhelmed.  The paper work alone is too much.  Many are bailing.  They must discuss all this.  Wonder if there are snitches in the mix?  Silly question, of course there are!

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Blam, Your report is this first I've heard of this "futuristic shot".  Can you describe it?  You said it did not penetrate the skin.  Was that true for all?  What the hell 90 things were allegedly being vaccinated against?  Do you have paper work about this?  Could some have gotten "real" shots and yours been placebos to test effect?  What did you feel like afterwards?  Where were you stationed?  Active?  You are right, if Uncle Sam owns your ass, who knows what they would do.  Gee, I'd love to know more about this.  Did everyone get the same thing?  What year?  Thanks, I know that is a lot of info to ask, but 90 shots in 3 days is overwhelming!  And by the way, thank you for your service, and for the one you are doing here! 

    • Blam says:

      Rachel yeah, it was some type of propelled injection, no needles..just launched the vaccines into the skin. We were also given things to protect against chemical weapons, neurotoxins etc… they were long term agents so we could enter a nuclear biological chemical environment and still fight. I guess that is why there were so many.  I was fine, but some people were laid out and a couple actually died from the injections. They dont really care about the long term effects just keep you alive long enough to accomplish the mission. No there is no paperwork on what they put in us. I often wonder what they put in us.

  27. Oh great . We will be force vaccinated with mercury laced vaccines. When they come i will have a 100%leadvaccine on the shelf . Already tested and approved by LotzaLeadSr.

  28. Joseph D says:

    Dr Sherri Tenpenny, you are a truly special woman to us all yet again, thank you so much for coming out here and addressing this awful hidden warfare crisis to the world at large, just like all those other brave old souls in the past (Drs. Wakefield, Tommey and Bigtree, billboard activists, 2020 people's president Adam Kokesh and Sir Kevin Shipp, amongst others everywhere too, then men). Over the past few mornings, I have witnessed a couple of nasty trails hovering above my college and neighbourhood, which of course, has left me boiling with anger deep inside, but whenever folks like you expose it all and leave the global elite in tatters at how it is all crystal clear for them to see how many atrocities they are committing as part of the NWO, it always gives me faith and hope, even in the darkest of times, and thus you are in my thoughts and prayers for always, just like the rest of them everywhere of course too, then men. May the Lord bless you, Dr. Tenpenny, and may He guide you and all the other true doctors out there into a new revolution to liberate the world's hospital caring facilities from the elite pharmacies and other NWO businesses from everywhere too, then men. But yes, thanks again, Dr Sherri tenpenny, for raising the alarm like everyone else here at this crucial point in time anyway, it means a lot to all of us here indeed of course too, then men. Good luck, ma'am, and yes, and a cheers too, then men. Amen. 

    Writing this from Great Britain. 



  29. The Run Begins: Deutsche Bank Hedge Fund Clients Withdraw Excess Cash   / Zero Hedge Sept. 29, 2016
    Deutsche Bank concerns just went to '11' as Bloomberg reports a number of funds that clear derivatives trades with Deutsche Bank AG have withdrawn some excess cash and positions held at the lender, a sign of counterparties’ mounting concerns about doing business with Europe’s largest investment bank.  … some funds that use the bank’s prime brokerage service have moved part of their listed derivatives holdings to other firms this week … about 10 hedge funds that have cut their exposure … The hedge funds use Deutsche Bank to clear their listed derivatives transactions because they are not members of clearinghouses. Millennium, Capula and Rokos declined to comment when contacted by phone or e-mail.   As expected, Deutsche Bank stock in NY is sliding. [charts here]:

  30. Bluv says:

    Back to the usual and criminal here in Portland, Oregon. Massive  north to south layout of multiple lines of poison above us, no subtlety there. I fear we are in on an  accelerated  pace by the controllers for the final act. Hope I'm crazy.

    • Cee Hall says:

      Same here to day in Okanogan,35 miles from the Canadian Border! Lots of spraying!

    • BK says:

      I noticed ominous expanding black lines blowing in around sunset from the west a few evenings ago.  Pink sunset last night with a pink sunrise this morning.  What is a sailor to do?  Today has been full of intersecting trails among other forms covering the whole sky over western washington as viewed from Kitsap to the west of Seattle.

    • Bluv,  Yu.  They really blanketed our skies today. Tigard.  Staying busy inside.  🙂

  31. Dr. Randall Smith: "Military colleagues tell me that this is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg."  Randall Smith, Ph.D., D.Sc.. KF5YMT/AAR6KQ, Professor, Department of Neurosciences, University of Arkansas College of Medicine, Commander, Civil Defense Nationwide Emergency Communications Network

    Dr. Randall Smith — What you have said here that your military colleagues are telling you "this is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg" is intriguing to say the least. Does this mean that some courageous souls in the military are now beginning to understand that they have been betrayed for years by torrential waves of calculated mendacity – and that perhaps that heinous 'betrayal' has made them complicit in the abject betrayal of their country and the Constitution they are sworn from the heart to protect? Are they ready to stand against the tyrants who are destroying our planet? And/or does this imply that there are many more layers of "command" that we know nothing about, layers that care nothing for humanity. And/or does this mean that the poison clouds of toxicity that bring sickness and slow-death are only the beginning, only a partial reality visible to us, the tip of the iceberg?     Respectfully, Susan Ferguson

    • Dennie says:

      .. so, um, WHY would someone who's a Professor of Neurosciences also be a Commander, Civil Defense Nationwide Emergency Communications Network?  Because this does NOT sound like a job you'd typically find MILITARY people doing, therefore this designation does not make ANY sense to me.  Anyhow, I went to their governing body's website and here's what I found:  http://www.uscda.us/united-states-civil-defense-assoc-nationwide-emergency-communication-network-standards/  "Civil Defense" is a MILITARY-controlled organization, and it sounds like a very nice term for "Martial Law." 

      BEWARE of wolves in sheep's clothing– didn't we ALREADY KNOW THAT. or do you care, actually–??

      Maybe WE ALL should start paying closer attention much more often and ask the tough questions right off the bat, and not be blinded by the illusions created by "That Man Behind the Curtain.." (!!!)  These types of "humans" are NOT my brothers, or sisters.  I want to live long enough to see their KEY honchos all pack up for Mars and take the One Way shuttle. 

  32. Bluv says:

    I was scanning the news today when I came across a video of the Dakota pipeline protest. The Police, with shotguns and armored vehicles, were confronting peaceful, unarmed protesters. As a helicopter flies overhead it is followed by a Crop Duster laying out a trail at an altitude of approximately two to three hundred feet above the crowd. I ask, when does a Crop Duster fly at that level, I've never seen that before. I wonder if the PEACE OFFICERS there  realized that they they were included in this assault? What were the spraying? Thanks Dane, I marvel at your honesty and determination to expose this sordid debacle being foisted upon us. Keep up the fight.

  33. Bluv says:

    I was scanning the news and came upon a short video on Zero Hedge concerning the Dakota pipeline protest. The video shows a platoon of peace officers, ha, ha, with shotguns and armored vehicles intimidating unarmed peaceful protesters. As the video progresses a police helicopter is seen overhead followed by a Crop Duster laying out a trail at what I would guess to be, an altitude of three to four hundred feet above the crowd. Since when do dusters fly at that level? I've usually only seen them close to ground level. I apologize for not having the technical ability to imbed the video but it's out there for those that care to view. I wonder what the police would think if they knew they were included in the assault. Truth is freedom folks, keep up the good fight.

  34. Teri says:

    in a word…NO! ABSOLUTELY…NO! that is a word that needs to be relearned and used regularly. forced vaccines are a death threat. they intend to murder you with your consent of course. learn now how to say that little two letter word and be willing to back it up. 

    resistance is NOT FUTILE! 

  35. Deborah says:

    Dane, Thank you for this video.  I am passing it on to my doctor.

  36. Audrey says:


    You asked about why scientists would work for these people.  Maybe they don't have a choice.  Please see this looooong (and partial) list of dead scientists from Daisy Luther:  http://www.activistpost.com/2016/09/coincidence-bankers-doctors-dozens-scientists-dying-mysteriously.html .

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hey Marc, or, in this vein, check out what is happening in science these days.  Read an article today in Science News about the difficulty getting your ideas even considered as the CIA has to approve, at say Lawrence Lab here in Berkeley.  And they want it broken down as if business: plan, length of time, when accomplished? in order to bite.  One preprinting site that used to be free for scientists floating insights and ideas, now is charging thousands of dollars.  Scientists are in a terrible bind these days.  The government has its plans and concerns and looks for those who can fulfill them.  Anything contrary or in the way gets no attention or money.  Many scientists are complaining.  Many, many.  Used to be one did science for science's sake, for curiosity and discovery.  Now it is like-how can we do an end run around Keystone XL?  Oh, the DOE is the main force at Lawrence Lab, at behest of CIA.  So very many great ideas to save humanity or even to enlarge our understanding go completely unfunded with little hope.  Real science Could save us, if only it was not under lock and key.  A kid at MIT has an amazing plasma fusion box like thing, maybe the size of two phone booths of yore, which yield perpetual energy and can be placed anywhere and could power the world, basically for free.  But then, the fossils would have to give up their fossil fuel addiction.  Not to mention that would take all the 'fun and rhyme and reason' out of wars of late.  The thing does not make money, just light and energy for use for free.  Brilliant young man.  Stagnating no doubt.  Have to make many of these.  I forget how many but one is good for a broad area.  We need to dismantle the CIA.  They are not our friends, and they belong in another time period, one that should have ended.  But, they've become their own entity.  Not unlike J. Edgar Hoover, but cloned times so many!  Do or die.  Publish or perish.  

  37. G.W. says:

    When I applied for US citizenship, part of the application process was to see a doctor and get vaccinated. They gave me a form to sign that I cannot get pregnant few month after that shot. 2 1/2 years later I was diagnosed with uterine cancer. All emigrants who applied for US citizenship received vaccination, it does not matter how old they are. It was in California.

  38. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Outstanding, Dr. Tenpenny, thank you.  It's great this information will be up on Youtube for everyone. 

    I remember when HIPPA came in.  Finally having figured out that government programs are deceptively named, allowing for the opposite of what is intended, I read a couple of them.  It gave anyone, anywhere access to your medical information who said he needed to know, like insurance companies.

    I remember just last year when the push was on to strangely get adults to "demand" vaccinations. It was one of the weirdest concepts I've ever heard, even as I had been hearing how elderly people getting the shingles vaccine kept getting shingles right after taking it.  I heard one woman got singles twice due to two different vaccinations.  Some older people just trust their doctors way too much and much more than common sense would even dictate.

    Having had a Medicare wellness exam, the PA told the assistants to be sure to note in the record I had refused vaccines.  You can be sure I did. But they're making a list.

    So, Dr. Tenpenny's talk absolutely resonates true with me. 

    By the way women in Brazil who got Zeka with mircocephaly in their babies had been vaccinated while pregnant (in the same area where GMO mosquitoes were released).  Ordinarily Zeka never affected so many people at once and did not cause microcephaly.  Understanding the nature of pure evil, as so many of us here do, still can stop you in your tracks some days.


    • Rachel Robson says:

      Bella,  I too was blown by all the ads for adult vaccinations.  Especially the Shingles one.  Because really, it is not That big of a deal.  I first got Shingles on my back when I was 11.  I remember being sick, and it being painful but I could not see it.  Believe it or not, this was back when docs came to the house.  I remember a lot of talk about being the first child he saw with shingles, and old person thing.  I remember feeling sorta embarrassed about that.  Got it again when I was 28.  From the right top of my forehead, down side of face, down neck and right shoulder and right arm in a kind of line, down hand and second finger to tip.  Really UGLY.  I don't recall much pain, I have a high pain tolerance though, do recall how ugly.  Both times did not last long-couple of weeks I think, then gone, no scars, no after affects.  And, few do get this.  So seemed overkill to have a vaccine.  I did have one flu shot against my better judgment 20 some years ago, but I was caring for an infant full time who was not mine.  However, I got the flu and bad too, and my arm swelled HUGE.  Rheumatologist said nearly all people with autoimmune diseases have that issue and recommended I never do that again.  And I have not and will not.  Besides, they never seem to find the right flu vaccination at the right time.  12 year old grandson caught H1N1 the year they gave a different vaccination, the first year of H1N1.  He was so young, in the hospital very sick for 3 days and had to use an asthma inhaler for a couple of years after.  The advertising is so fear inducing.  So is everything these days it seems.  It is kind of desensitizing.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Hello Mrs Bella.

      Not always the insect species that is known as the vector for transmitting specific diseases, carries the disease. But if the insects are exposed to the virus, they will start functioning like transmission vectors.

      About the zika virus I think mosquitos had almost nothing to do with the 4000 plus cases that occur in Brazil in recent times. About this, it is known that only 10% of the young Mothers were carriers of the virus. And now Women in Brazil are vaccinated while pregnant. And who owns the patent of the virus?? And who produces the vaccines??

      Here I learned that because of the panic they have launched with the virus, the MFs have started a campaign of spraying with the traditional insecticides that are very harmful to children ( medical proof ). The Children, because of this, began being sprayed everywhere in Brazil. And who produces the insecticides??

      The WW3 as began with the intensification of the ( airplanes ) spraying , in the 90's. And the goal is Global extinction.

      Good Luck to Us All.

  39. Many thanks Dane.  We are of course the 'crazy people' arguing against genetic and weather modification, vaccines, GMO's and the whole gamut of abuse!!!  Attacking scientists who make mega bucks out of these atrocities comes with a price, but the more we talk about it and spread the news, ducking the rotten tomatoes and name calling – the penny does begin to drop!!   My experience is that fear is the only preventative against the Truth.  Once confronted and accepted, it begins to make sense to a lot of people, even though after time to digest it!!!   

  40. LS says:

    Why are we not marching on Washington D.C. and Capitals of every state ahead of the end of comment on the SELF ISSUING POWERS OF THE CDC/HHS. to take control over our bodies.????????  The electeds have set this up to happen without their votes or oversight of these Nazi like powers. WE have to get the candidates to talk about this and only a mass nationwide protest is going to force the issue to come into the light. And while we are at it but before we die we have to CAUSE Congress and the candidates to address geo engineering too so it is so known that the tidal wave can't be stopped. Let's get going –the last day to even comment  on the CDC's forced vaccination plan (and other unbelievable powers over us) is October 14. Light on this subject will mobilize people once they see this. Get it on social media and tell 5 people to tell 5 more people today. This is not a drill. ACTION IS REQUIRED now.   Phone congress in masse.  # 202.224.3121.  


    • Blam says:

      To me that is a futile endeavor, I dont believe politicians who are vetted for their corruption and loyalty to a supranational organization are going to listen, they dont represent us. It is insanity to me, to believe our corrupt politicians who got us into this for a definite reason, are going to get us out. No, it requires, I believe it requires something far more potent.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      LS, Thanks for the timeline and the kick in the butt!

  41. Earth Angel says:

    Of course we know the sh*t winds up in our bloodstreams regardless of how it is given- whether oral /nasal, IM or IV so perhaps that's what is meant when referring to putting these harmful substances into our veins. Not trying to be a pain in the a*s about it just trying to be exact. : )

  42. chris says:

    Thank You all for comments, but in particular Dane for sharing this important lecture! It is indeed a deception going on, on EVERY LEVEL! But, one should never loose the hope, as Dr. Sherri Tenpenny says. What is equally important RIGHT NOW, is the official publication about the 9/11 event, published in Europhysics News:


    so far 250,000 downloads were counted!! It is an important step to expose that truth too, since it is connected with everything else we are dealing right now, including geoengineering, GMO's, climate change and its health impact on everyone, medical tyrrany! Please spread that article titled:

    15 years later: on the physics of high-rise building collapses

    by Steven Jones1, Robert Korol2, Anthony Szamboti3 and Ted Walter.

  43. Earth Angel says:

    Wait- I'd like to make a correction here that I see.. most routine vaccinations are given IM (intra muscularly) not IV (intraveinously). I've heard Dane say this before also about injecting substances into children's veins. I don't know what vaccines he's talking about being given into the veins. I'm certainly not in favor of vaccinations; especially in today's times, given the alarming evidence being brought forth of harm they are causing. Especially considering what a scumbag Bill Gates is with his 'philanthropic' funding of 'mass vaccinations' for 3rd world populations and especially with the latest whistleblowing at the CDC coming to light. I think we should be correct with our descriptions of what is being done. I am not in the medical field but have worked for a veterinarian and have given some injections in my lifetime to animals both small and large. Unless you are having a  treatment done for a specific reason I am unaware of any vaccinations that would ever be given in a vein. Am I wrong about this?

  44. Jeann says:

    My Mother had her flu shot, and within a week she said something didn't feel right in her right neck, next week she had a stroke. Luckily she was with me at the and I got her right to the ER. She feels it was from that shot and never have again.

  45. Debra Prisk says:

    I wonder if ths sign of the Beast, will be the papers showing if your vaccinated. She said you won't be able to go to the grocery store, you can't do or go anywhere without your proof of vacciantions. Just wondering……

  46. Melanie Moran says:

    Thank you Dr. Tenpenny, 

    I was fortunate to hear your wonderful and informative presentation at the recent event in Redding. It really opened my eyes to the whole vaccination issue. Sincere gratitude to you for your persistence on speaking about this issue to ears that will listen. The Redding event was so wonderful, so many inspiring individuals who have sacrificed their careers to bring truth to people who are willing to hear. As an audience member, it was astounding to be in the presence of all of you who spoke, and also to be with a large group of wonderful, and awake individuals who attended the event.     

    Thank you so very much


  47. vb says:

    Get children out of public schools.  Organize neighborhoods to form community home schooling, sharing homes and parental teaching and associated duties. Teach from the best teachers off Internet.  Tell the vaccine nazi's you're not interested in what they are selling.  We must take responsibility for our children and our selves by rejecting the system that enslaves us or else it will destroy us.

    • DEE says:


    • W.C. says:

      vb, I really do wonder if it is going to come to this, perhaps as society degrades further and the control freaks don't rest until they control fully 100% of everyone and everthing on the planet, that the only viable option will be to set one's self and family apart much like the early Christians had to do to attempt to survive the constant persection. Until then though, let's remember that ONE of the battle fronts is in the schools themselves and since the children are directly affected it would be great to get the kids to mobilize themselves to take on The Beast. Keep attending school without forced vaccines and when the Orcs come to drag the kids out of school (make them CARRY you out) have all the cell phones tuned on them and help the event(s) go viral. Then stage school walkouts etc. in defense of friend's CHOICE, disrupt the Beast contantly, throw as many wrenches into the monstrosity as possible, never rest, organize, organize ,organize, and inform inform inform. If it all fails at the end, then yes after making all attempts otherwise pull your children out of the public schools, group up with like minds, and never look back.

    • Blam says:

      Dee, what is amazing is the internet. 20 years ago we were all hopelessly brainwashed and had zero information on these programs that have been going on for a 100 years. I would say 10-20% of the population is awake. I fear this latest grab for the internet, the ICANN transfer of power. They are going to go after the internet.

  48. Larry S. says:

    The criminals who would harm children are the most disgusting vile garbage on the planet ! I will add to that , Google Kevin Annett who exposed the " 9th circle child sacrifice cult " .

  49. judy lauer says:

    Does forced vaccintions also apply to the thousands of illegals who have been bussed in the past couple of years?  If they are undocumented –they do not exist in the US  but of course there is record of every person born in the us  and WHERE they live!!

  50. Vivien Bunnell says:

    This is nothing more than population control!

    • Dr. Randall Smith says:


      I believe there is a larger issue here from general semantic, linguistic and biochemical points of view. I have completed and published considerable research on "geoengineering". Vivien, this is a major and bold move by our corporate-government to exert another form of control over we, the people. The notion that, through our ConstitutionI, our Creator endowed us with certain inalienable rights is rapidly eroding. We have, over the years, given those rights to people whose primary focus has not be honoring their oaths and public service, but greed and power. Now, we are beginning to pay the price for it – not only us, but our progeny as well. Vivien, I would strongly suggest you give some thought to exactly what you mean by the words "nothing  more" than population control. Dismissing such actions as trivial, as "nothing more" is how we are losing our Country one freedom at a time. Military colleagues tell me that this is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

      Best regards,

      Randall Smith, Ph.D., D.Sc.. KF5YMT/AAR6KQ

      Professor, Department of Neurosciences

      University of Arkansas College of Medicine

      Commander, Civil Defense Nationwide Emergency Communications Network

    • Malinda says:

       I was waiting in line at CVS located within a Target store this evening.  The pharmacy tech told an older couple that "Medicare will pay for the flu shot, so it is free to you.  And you will get a free $5 Target gift card when you get the vaccine."  WOW!  Free and $5 bucks.  They both declined.  Then another pharmacy tech asked a young father with a school aged child if he was here for his flu shot.  he said "NO, but his daughter was looking for…. something on the shelf and could they help locate the item?"  They would not have known what hit them if they had tried to push a vaccination on me.  They probably have some kind of quota to meet to get a monetary reward.

      And the music/commercials played at my local Giant grocery store chime in about every 10 minutes that teens should get Guardasil: "Its cancer prevention" they say.  So what's next?  I flu shot from the bagger while you wait for the checker to ring you out at the grocery store…..Ooops……sure hope I didn't just give Big Pharma another idea.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @Dr. Randall Smith, Thank you.  Words Do matter.  On this site and blog, population control is so frequently referenced that it has nearly become the go-to response.  You have to admit it does seem that way.  But yes, there is a great deal more involved and too many who have not participated step by step, year by year, so that the ones that would do us harm had room to squeeze into those empty spaces to take their advantage.  Brick by brick the government has built this house of cards and death and most of us paid little attention, following our own personal agendas.. Now we become 'helpless victims'.  But, to be fair, these powers have used every trick in their playbook that was never shown to us.  Science is held hostage, so we cannot turn to them for help.  When  the CIA is running the CDC, and geoengineering, what can one do?  This has become a vicious military country in which we are denied recourse, even denied basic very important information such as 'your water is poisoned'.  Because then someone would be liable.  Morals, virtues, straight talk have all disappeared, like a pipe dream.  Dr. Randall, if this is the tip of the proverbial iceberg, what is coming next?  It seems that forever all have been aware that politicians are dishonest, and lawyers are not respected for virtue.  Then someone inspirational comes along, like Dane for instance, all rally, then squashed.  Answers, in any time frame that matters, would greatly be appreciated.  What Do we do? 

  51. James says:

    Need to mobilize like "Black Lives Matter" to get in the news and denounce Chemical SRM and Vacinations.

  52. Anon — Regarding the mandatory shot… No way would I let them put that toxic Borg-technology into my high-wired empathic body. Who knows what's in that? Nano-sized tracking devices that literally "count the dead and dying" – so they will know when to come out of their luxury undergrounds. I won't go into the more 'occult' after-life possibilities of this technology, there's is plenty of that in the internet. I don't have children, so my choices are mine alone. But let's just say that as far as I am concerned – there are worse things than death. A man is what he believes.


  53. MS says:

    I was working at a school the other day and had to send a letter home with the kids.  The letter was from the school health office notifying everyone that two students had chickenpox.  The letter went on to encourage patents to RE-vaccinate their children because the original vaccine was only 80-85 percent effective.  First big business uses the public school curriculum to push their agenda of consumerism and idocy, and now but health is going to use the same school system to push vaccine mandates.  Your children are under attack.  I see it everyday.  Big business and big pharma own the government and public schools are an extension of this ownership.  Get your kids out of the public systems of they're gonna get kicked out for not being vaccinated.

  54. Kat says:

    What country is this that we are living in? Who dares violate our rights like this? This is not the country our forefathers gave to us, it's been hijacked by a syndicate crime element that WE need to remove at once.  What have we allowed to do to our children? What have we allowed to be done to our home on Earth?

    • marc says:

      Kat, there's much power in your comment. I am greatly moved by these words.

    • nobodiesfool says:

      Kat, this is the country that killed one million natives to afford you your "rights", right?

    • Blam says:

      Nobodies fool, it was a lot more than one million but least we armed the natives with equivalent weapons, We weren't like the British who fought tribes armed with spears and were proud of their accomplishment. If the native tribes could have united they would have proved far more resistant but internecine struggle is what really doomed the tribes.  We were never fighting them alone we always had at our side tribes who hated their enemies worse than the white man and that how we really won,Pawnee would turn on Cheyene and everyone turned on the Chiricawa. Many of the tribes were truly brutal to each other and could never see the larger picture. We would have never been so successful if they had not turned on each other. This is what I think is the greatest lesson as we have for want of a better word become the Indians in this conflict. Disparate groups with different objectives unable to unify.

    • Rachel Robson says:

      @nobodiesfool and Blam, Blam is right in that the number was much higher, more like 20 million, even more than that.  But, Blam, the British were the ones who passed out smallpox infected blankets to Natives.  Said Natives had already taken big hits from very early explorers, and all together left confused, mourning people and great mistrust among tribes.  Many tribes did unite like the great tribal confederacy that spawned our own constitution.  Sure, Native life was rough, one old female Native said she would much prefer the old days, but for their enemies.  But a great many factors played into creating these enemies.  Not the least of which were the intruders.  Heck, Natives invented sign language so that the different tribes could communicate with one another.  Alcohol did not help.  And the early settlers drank only alcohol, fearing the waters as they had in their countries of origin.  Some tribes were known for war like abilities, others for peace.  But none committed genocide, or ecocide, much less omnicide. 

  55. Al C says:

    Love you Dr. Sherri!……….Wish there were more like you out there.

    Just saw "Vaxxed" a few days ago……..Wow!

  56. SF: YAY! Good news!
    Obama Humiliated: Senate Overrides President's Veto Of "Sept 11" Bill In Crushing 97-1 Vote  /Sept. 28, 2016 /Zero Hedge
    Moments ago … the Senate voted overwhelmingly 97 to 1, to override President Obama’s veto of a bill letting the victims of the 9/11 attacks sue Saudi Arabia, striking a blow to the president on foreign policy weeks before he leaves office. The vote marks the first time the Senate has mustered enough votes to overrule Obama’s veto pen. As the Hill reported, not a single Democrat came to the Senate floor before the vote to argue in favor of Obama’s position. Obama has never had a veto overridden by Congress. Ironically, the White House promptly called the veto the most embarrassing action by lawmakers in years. What it failed to comprehend is that it was Obama's veto of the Sept 11 that was the most embarrassing action by a US president, perhaps ever.


    • We thank you for sharing this wonderful news. Hopefully this action will continue through the rest of the time left in office and that when the chance comes after the election we will be able to retroactive remove some if not all the wrong that has been done by this administration. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Oh Susan, I've become too cynical.  What you said sounds to me like he bit the bullet in a face save gesture to Saudi Arabia.  Another game of sorts.  I mean, are we back to believing Saudi Arabia was behind this in the first place?  Would not the entire rest of the government fall in line to perpetuate that lie?  Would not Obama make the dramatic gesture of doing the political thing?  And of course, if one is to bear the stigma of the most embarrassing action by a US president, perhaps ever (?), would he not chose to do that at the End of his presidency rather than at any other time?  Does this not fit the false narrative like a glove?

  57. Dangerous Crossroads: Both Russia and America Prepare for Nuclear War?  /Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 27, 2016
    Barely acknowledged by the Western media, both Russia and America are “rearming” their nuclear weapons systems.  While the US is committed to a multibillion dollar modernization project, Russia is largely involved in a “cost-effective” restructuring … While a new arms race has “unofficially” been launched, the US modernization process pertains to the all three legs of the triad system, -i.e land based  airborne and submarine launched atomic missiles. It is also coupled with the development of the B61-12 tactical bomb to be deployed in Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium and Turkey. … the B61-12 is a “mini-nuke” with an explosive capacity of up to four Hiroshima bombs.  …  The nuclear triad modernization project is at the expense of US tax payers. It requires the redirection of federal revenues from the financing of “civilian” expenditure categories (including health, education, infrastructure etc) to the “war economy”.  It’s all for a good cause: “peace and security”.
    War is “Good for Business” :  The multibillion dollar project is a financial bonanza for America’s major defense contractors including Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, which are also firm supporters of Hillary Clinton’s stance regarding a possible first strike nuclear attack …


    • Edward Palys says:

      This is what we get from "cold wars". If geoengineering was the only evil that is happening, we could stop it and defeat it. But, there are so many other things that are developing that are accelerating the destruction of our planet and are hidden from us by the media. The Middle East situation is an example of the corruption and evil that is taking place by the NWO who want WWIII the sooner the better. All the chaos being created lately is all part of the agenda. Just look at the mess the US government did in the Middle East, in Egypt, Lybia, Iraq, Afghanistan and lately Syria. Not one of those countries is better off today than they were eight years ago. The NWO is trying to blame Russia for everything to get that next war going. Russia is the only military force that is lawfully in Syria, as it was asked by the Syrian government for help. All the others, the UN, US and European countries are INVADERS. These invaders have masterminded ISIS and the anti-government rebel groups to keep the war going. If Russia hadn't stepped in, the whole area would have been destroyed by now. That attack on the Syrian outpost was deliberate. The destruction of the Red Cross convoy was done with hellfire missiles. So, we should not be surprised that our own puppet government is doing these things to us either. And here we are celebrating Obama's defeat by the senate? It's just another diversion from exposing reality to the masses.

  58. SF: The super-rich “preppers”…More extreme insanity. So they are going to sedate & monitor us with VAX and chemicals – and leave us to what they fear will be a mad-max scenario, while they swim in their underground pools. I believe there may be a special place in hell for people like this…  :o)
    Panic, Anxiety Spark Rush to Build Luxury Bunkers for L.A.'s Superrich
    Oscar winners, sports stars and Bill Gates are building lavish bunkers — with amenities ranging from a swimming pool to a bowling alley — as global anxiety fuels sales and owners "could be the next Adam and Eve."  Given the increased frequency of terrorist bombings and mass shootings and an under-lying sense of havoc fed by divisive election politics, it's no surprise that home security is going over the top and hitting luxurious new heights. Or, rather, new lows, as the average depth of a new breed of safe haven that occupies thousands of square feet is 10 feet under or more. Those who can afford to pull out all the stops for so-called self-preservation are doing so — in a fashion that goes way beyond the submerged corrugated metal units adopted by reality show "preppers" — to prepare for anything from nuclear bombings to drastic climate-change events. Gary Lynch, GM at Rising S Bunkers, a Texas-based company that specializes in underground bunkers and services scores of Los Angeles residences, says that sales at the most upscale end of the market — mainly to actors, pro athletes and politicians (who require signed NDAs) — have increased 700 percent this year compared with 2015, and overall sales have risen 150 percent. …sales of bunkers that start at $39,000 and can run $8.35 million or more (FYI, a 12-stall horse shelter is $98,500).

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Hi Susan, thanks for the laugh!  I have given some thought to that and what comes to mind is experience with gophers and rabbits.  And……trapped!

      I even managed to laugh at the end of Dr. Tenpenny's talk, which was good, when she suggested asking one's family, own mother: what did you do for me when I was sick?  Being on a major healing bent in my life, I experimented on my kid!  Let's see, I tried mustard plasters–can help.  I tried a chopped onion in cheesecloth hanging around her neck on her chest as she lay there!!  That she remembers.  Can't say it helped.  Burning sage or incense cedar always helps, and prayer! Mainly, I was just so very lucky, she was so very healthy and would only get sick for a day or two.  And I'd always feel badly because the day before, she'd be a brat all day–other mothers around reported the same.  At your wits end.  Then that night, bingo, fever, and awww.  With my auto immune problems I'd catch whatever and be sick for months.  It got old.  I asked our country doc and he said there were 2,000 some? viruses and 6 down, 1,994 to go!  Oh goody!  But I was so lucky.  But for Children's hospital telling me she was deaf.  Like really deaf and always would be.  This when she was one and change.   In Oregon's winter she/we caught a cold and she got an ear infection with no symptoms but that I sniffed it out and took her to a doc, not sure what he did, can't remember!  Her hearing is fine.  Not perfect, but not an issue.  Has continued to be the healthiest person I know!  My mother took us to the doc whenever we were sick with anything.  Always got a penicillin shot.  When 22 or so, working and school, went to family doc with a very sore throat I thought strep.  He swabbed it for testing, but said he was certain it was strep, looked like strep and only strep looks like strep, so he gave me penicillin.  I had an anaphylactic response.  In years following, one after another went this way, now there are just a couple of antibiotics I Can take.  Which is scary.  Somewhere in my head I do see a connection with allergic reactions, autoimmune, and vaccinations.  Just not sure how to hook it up.  Interesting.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      I hope all those involved in the deliberate destruction of our planet have pools installed in their bunkers. Where do you think all that chlorine gas will go when their vents are blocked? 

    • Blam says:

      Donna, they most likely would have salt, uv purification systems.

  59. Killer Dana says:

    The   general population  of  the United States has been infected with the  Chemtrail  flue and related pathogens.

    If  you are  suffering  from this toxic Fall Out we  call Morgellons  and  live in  Sacramento .

    Health Associates  Medical  Group  , 3301  Alta Arden .   is  doing  Chelation Therapy   with  High Dose Vit  C  in  a  IV   form  …

    My  last dose  at treatment 9 was  at  50  grams  ,,  which  equals  50,000 milligrams of  Vit  C in  a   IV  form.

    This  therapy  is  working  to kill the  Bio Weapon that  we  all have  been exposed  too  .

    Ye shall  know the  truth and the truth shall make you free .

  60. Rahasya says:

    It always amazes me to watch something like this and realize how much of our history is unknown and distorted.  At this point in my life I can honestly say that almost everything I've been told by parents, priests, the government, doctors, and most of the academic literature I've read…is incorrect or at the very least deceptive and misleading. Thanks for everything you do Dane…even though the truth may be uncomfortable, it will ultimately lead us to a better world. Rahasya~Lotus Guide Magazine

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