Viewing Climate Engineering Through A Clear Lens


Many that claim to be in the fight to expose and stop climate engineering are forcefully and slanderously pushing the exact narrative given to them by the very power structure which is itself behind the geoengineering. Those that are pushing the well funded disinformation also spend much of their time slandering any who dare to dispute their unsupportable and incorrect conclusions. Posting inaccurate and false data does much harm in the fight against geoengineering. It costs our cause much credibility and creates much division. This being said, the more of us there are who do look at solid and verifiable data from proven sources, and post the same, the better we can advance the credibility of the anti-climate engineering movement. Some recent and important links to understand and share are below. I realize many are still struggling with their disdain for Gore and those like him (Gore is a hypocrite and is himself a part of the global power structure), but we must all get past that. Reality has nothing to do with such bias. Who would want us all to think that looting, pillaging, and plundering the planet has no negative effect or consequence? Who would want us to think that all the cool-downs are natural? Who wants to keep “business as usual”? Who would want to hide the magnitude of what is unfolding till the last moment? Bias and preconception is tough to get rid of, but we must all keep polishing the lenses through which we see the world. We MUST NOT throw the baby out with the bathwater. Sharing credible data with qualifying commentary is important for all of us to do as our time permits. The planet is not just warming, it’s in meltdown. Huge and well funded special interests are doing their best to hide this fact and the climate engineers are part of this effort, as is mainstream media. Global climate engineering is making an already bad situation far worse and poisoning all life in the process, let’s all do our best to sound the alarm with credible facts and data. The links below are important to consider in this effort, these links are the point of this post.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Dane: I don’t know how you can keep up the incredible editorial pace you’ve set for yourself. My deepest appreciation for all you’ve been doing these last years.

    I’ve been seriously incapacitated with a Lyme/Morgellon infection I got whilst hiking in the (former) forest a few years ago. There’s no way I can “prove” that this infection came from Chemtrailing, and AMA trained doctors will not prescribe antibiotics… The CDC and Department of the Navy is totally involved in all Lyme/Morgellon denials. Thus there is no cure, and I am dying. Yippy!!! It’ll be great to be dead the rest of the way…

    The Superior National Forest in my location is essentially dead, and most seminal species are gone, gone, gone. The Department of Natural Resources, US Fish and Wildlife Services, and many other supposed environmental agencies, have said not. one. word. about these obvious extinctions and the level of destruction in this former prime forest.

    Like you; I believe the party is over. Too bad most of the lemmings are just trying to keep up with the traffic…


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