Waging Weather Warfare Against Global Populations


Weather warfare is being waged against the populations around the globe. From California to Gaza, the ongoing climate engineering assault occurring all over the planet continues. How can such a statement be made with any certainty? Because the entire weather/climate system is being totally disrupted by the geoengineering insanity which in itself implicates those behind these programs. More importantly, available science makes absolutely clear the fact that rainfall can be diminished or eliminated with climate engineering, or it can be radically enhanced. There are too many examples of such climate modification to cover, but as an example, does anyone remember that the Chinese said they would make sure it did not rain for the olympic games in their country? As mentioned, the antithesis of this is also hard science. Rain can be induced and augmented to devastating levels. Project “Popeye” is one such historically document example. Those in power have us all completely at their mercy. Not only do they decide where there is drought, and where there is flooding, they also decide how toxic our rain and air is. The power structure further decides what we are to breath and what we are to drink. They will continue to determine our collective fate unless or until a critical mass of the population wakes up and helps to expose the insanity. The population of Gaza is just one of the latest to be targeted by those who use weather as a weapon, we must all help to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington

Gaza floods: UN declares state of emergency

Source: BBC

The United Nations has declared a state of emergency in the Gaza Strip after two days of heavy rain led to severe flooding.

No casualties have been reported but hundreds of people have been evacuated and 63 schools are closed for the day in Gaza City.

More than 400,000 Palestinians have been displaced since the 50-day summer conflict with Israel ended in August.

In October international donors pledged $5.4bn (£3.4bn) for rebuilding Gaza.

Heavy rains which began on Wednesday hit the small territory at a difficult time, as thousands of Gazan families still live in communal shelters or the ruins of their own homes after the conflict.

In the Shejaiya neighbourhood, where air strikes during the recent conflict damaged many of the buildings, residents already face a cold winter without electricity or water.

Palestinians carry their belongings as they leave their flooded family house during heavy rain in Gaza City, northern Gaza Strip, 27 November 2014

Residents of the Sheikh Radwan district of Gaza City were forced to leave their homes with their belongings

a Palestinian man, collects wood for a fire outside his destroyed home in Gaza City's Shejaiya neighbourhood on 24 November 2014

Shejaiya’s infrastructure remains extremely damaged since the summer conflict

Palestinian woman stands in her destroyed home where she lives with her family on a rainy day in Gaza City's Shejaiya neighbourhood on 24 November 2014

Many residents chose to remain in their damaged homes rather than move to crammed shelters

“We are very concerned about such severe storms this early in the season and on the back of unprecedented damage and destruction caused by the recent conflict,” said Robert Turner, the UN’s Director of Operations for its Palestinian Agency UNRWA in Gaza.

“We are particularly concerned for those families still seeking adequate shelter and preparing for the winter months, and for the impact the flooding is already having on children unable to attend school.”

In August an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was called between Israel and the Palestinians under which Israel agreed to ease its eight-year blockade of Gaza, Egypt would re-open its border crossing and militant groups and Israel would cease hostilities.

The seven-week Gaza conflict, which ended in a truce on 26 August, killed more than 2,100 Palestinians, most of them civilians, the UN says, along with 67 Israeli soldiers and six civilians in Israel.

Source: BBC

16 Responses to Waging Weather Warfare Against Global Populations

  1. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Freedom Ranger, Please don’t say that all of us are cowards. I’m am fighting the good fight everyday! Are you?

  2. Freedom Ranger says:

    Paul, thus conscience makes cowards of us all.

  3. No one knows anyone who works for, or is invested in any known corporations. No one knows anyone who is employed by the militery. No one knows anyone who is employed by chemical companies who supply, deliver, load, or act as flight engineers for weather control projects.

    It’s just as I thought: Only companies and agencies are at fault. No human beings are ever involved or are ever convicted.. As if no one has the balls to confront any actual person working at any of these criminal “jobs”.

    Try confronting the reality of your own corruptions and lies. It’s the corporate system, you idiots. The corporate system. Get rid of the corporate ghoul. It’s living off the dead flesh of your children…

  4. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…I just posted the comment below at the local TV 8 new site for the weather blog. It’s awaiting moderation, so we’ll see if it makes it!

    Tuesday Night
    November 25th, 2014 at 2:14 am by Bill Steffen under Bill’s Blog, Weather

    Hi Bill…you have a very nice site.

    I googled up “How much sun have Michiganders seen in November 2014″ which led me to your site.

    Well…not much sun, and that doesn’t take a weatherman to tell me that. And why is that? Only on very rare days do we get a full day’s amount of sun and blue skies!

    Why are short-range forecasts constantly being corrected?

    Why is the Weather Industry silent about the constant spraying of our skies which is just about everywhere in the world?

    Geoengineering (you know aerosol spraying of heavy metals) is controlling and manipulating our weather. Even Monsanto has gotten into the weather act. They purchased The Climate Corporation in 2013. GMO’s and Weather Control!

    I’m usually up at 6 am knowing that it’s still too dark to view the skies. When daylight breaks, the first thing I’m checking is to see if the sun is out. I know it won’t last due to all the heavy lining of our skies thoughout the day. I feel I should go run out and sit in it because it won’t last long.

    Soon, those chemical lines sprayed by jets and drones turn into nasty, hazy, unnatural clouds. If the spraying is heavy enough, we end up with a heavy, impenetrable gray ceiling that may last for days.

    We have cold & extreme snow for a few days, then temps bounce back to above normal or normal. Then the cycle starts again. But NEVER do we get a full day of sun without the spraying.

    I was out yesterday (Sunday) for an early morning walk and noticed the spraying already taking place. I took my camera for a “sky diary”. Sure enough within an hour or so, the sky was already getting full of lines.

    Now it’s bad enough to look up and see blatant “X marks the spot” spray lines, but I was in disbelief over the jets intersecting lines that made a star formation, much like what you’d see on a Christmas Tree. How thoughtful of them!

    So I ask the who, what, where, why and when, will our weather people stop the silencing of the truth? It’s time to WAKE UP! LOOK UP! SPEAK OUT!

  5. Bane says:

    How to fight this evil? Pester, pester, pester your local, state, and federal officials and representatives. When you see your beautiful blue sky turned into a canopy of grunge, pick up the phone and let them know you want an investigation and you want this insane Geoengineering warfare on your biosphere to cease. Lay into them. Get angry. Keep calling. Eventually enough people doing this and they will have to start to pay attention. This debasement of our planet IS a political issue. Let them know you will be withholding your vote in the next election unless measures are taken to who, and what-for concerning these spraying programs. Stay on them.

  6. Margareta Cz-Svensson says:

    Very well done. Steven! I have observed that this way could be most effective. I live in Sweden and I usully leave some cards with short information about what I see and hear. These cards I leave on coffee tables, in bus station, on streets (may wind do its job. That is the very little part of what I do – at least for now. There are always plenty of different possibilities too, as you had mentioned. Margareta

  7. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The first thing everyone must do is send a link to this website to everyone in your contacts and ask them to pass it on to All of their contacts. Then print flyers (top left corner of this page) and hand them to everyone that you meet. Then call into your local talk radio show and tell everyone that this is happening. Please use credible information when you do this. Reading articles and watching videos on this site will not stop the spraying. Please find new and effective ways of spreading the word. For example: I own a pizza shop in Nikiski, Alaska. Every pizza box that leaves Charlie’s Pizza has a flyer on it. I will not stop until the spraying stops! I have made a commitment to inform as many people as can everyday. If you are uncomfortable with handing out flyers, get over it!

  8. DebW says:

    our skies here in Wisconsin looked the exact same way today…I saw them spraying this morning, and then the sky turned NASTY gray…like a big fumigated cloud covering it all….

  9. Cori Gunnells says:

    With all the research and my own willed intent to understand what has become of our planet and our well being after the elite power structure, the Zionist agenda, and the geoengineered destruction (on-going and heading us toward a cliff) harms more and more every single day, my heart hurts… but I stay on it. I hope everyone stays on it. This is a true fight, and one we can’t ethically or morally give up on.
    Hitting Gaza, and sparing Israel… we know who is part in calling these weather warfare shots.

  10. JR says:

    Here in Southwest, New Mexico USA Mesilla Valley. Hello all and my heart goes out to all affected in one way or another with geo-engineering of our weather and climate catastrophes, man induced. Today Sunday all day our skies were super sprayed, whited out and grayed over by the lowlifes. At present 65 degrees abnormal. Good evening and God be with you all………

  11. Gertrude van Voorden says:

    On the day i was informed on this site of a rainstorm having been turned away from California, shown in a video, a friend from the Middle East informed me of unusual rains flooding his area, shown with another video. On the day of the harvest of non GMO corn in the Netherlands, those fields were flooded, the crops lost. That was close to my place. These days not a day goes by without 8 or more planes chemtrailing the sky. As soon as there is some blue, some sun, the next day they turn it into this depressive grey again.

  12. Howard Taylor says:

    Nick goto Haarp Report.It won’t rain until they relax the polar vortex. Watch on youtube .

  13. Earth Angel says:

    Yes Carol, I completely agree with you. I wonder every day what planet I am living on now.. certainly not the one I knew and grew up on. With scenes like those above and more and more truths being exposed about all the evils which take place in so many areas of life- from child trafficking and paedophelia in high offices, churches, and government officials; to the purposeful poisioning of our air, food, and water supplies via chemtrails, GMO’s, flouridation,etc. to the horrific covert mind control experiments made on unsuspecting people and children,(see the Mae Brussell Archives on youtube for some real eye popping reports on this and other topics). The general disregard for destroying ALL LIFE in general on this wonderful planet our great Creator designed so perfectly for us leads me to wonder who or WHAT is behind this insanity? Given the state of things right now it becomes possible for me to believe that we never really won WW2; that the evil nazi degenerates we imported over to America and into South America(and perhaps beyond there)after the war really are running the show and calling the ‘shots'(can we say military industrial complex Eisenhower warned of?) bombing innocent civillians everywhere and ruining their lives EVERY DAY- its either that or pure demonic entities are working through the people pulling the strings on everything today. What’s the saying- “Stop the world, I want to get off”..This is NOT my home. Its more like hell on earth. 🙁

  14. Nick says:

    Yesterday, the skies were spraying like crazy. The whole sky was filled with chemtrail activity.

    Today, there was a chance of rain in my California city. I’ve been waiting all day, but nothing was coming out. Freak coincidence or something more?

  15. Jane Kean says:

    Oh my goodness it just gets to the point where you want to leave the part of the human race who seem to be locked into warmongering and greed to the inevitable destruction that will happen, but sadly were trapped. They think they are in control but hey guys you go down with the boat as well, nature always has the last laugh…you will die! Has this actually sunk in, probably with these games your playing reducing your life expectancy by up to twenty years. None of you look happy or fulfilled, you should come and spend time with a few of the wonderful artisans I help here in France, eat ( what used to be natures best foods ) and talk with us around our tables to look at real joy and pleasure. We create beautiful objects, look after ( what used to be ) the most beautiful environment in the world, laugh a lot and take huge pride in our actions. Do you….

  16. carol freiberg says:

    The whole world is unbalanced, right is wrong, too big to fail, jail etc… Our leaders acting with impunity and getting away with murder and shredding the constitution, along with our ozone layer. I think it is too late for this ship to turn around. We are all simply lab rats for psychopathic experimentation. Oh and there is that agenda 21 thing. Good God, where do I get off this insane ride?

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