Waking The Masses To The Climate Engineering Assault, Helpful Tools


Dane Wigington

How can we wake people up to the ongoing global climate engineering assault when so many have been so completely conditioned to deny this most dire issue? Shocking and compelling visual images are the most effective approach. The one minute video below contains extremely eye opening time-lapse film footage of a massive atmospheric aerosol spraying assault. Up close footage of a jet aircraft spray dispersion is also captured. Visual proof is the most powerful key to raising  awareness.

Waking someone up to something they don't want to hear and don't want to know is an extremely difficult task, programmed denial is epidemic in our society. Simple straightforward visual tools are (in most cases) the best introduction method. In addition to the many compelling jet spraying videos that can be shared online, an effective informational flyer is almost always far more effective than a verbal dissertation for face to face introductions to the climate engineering/weather warfare issue. "A picture is worth a thousand words" as the saying goes.

2-Sided Flyers

Click on the flyer below to download the high resolution PDF  flyer file 

Instructions for downloading: Simply right-click on each image below and choose "Save Link As…" (or the equivalent),
save it to your computer, find the file and open/print it.

Side 1


Side 2


Effective activism efforts require preparation, planning, and informational materials. In addition to full sized informational flyers, business card sized handouts can also be extremely useful, are very inexpensive, and easy to carry.

Click on the business card below to download a high resolution PDF file that can be used for printing these effective informational cards

Business Card – Side 1

Business Card – Side 2

Climate engineering is the single greatest assault ever launched against the web of life by the human race. WIth the single exception of nuclear cataclysm, climate engineering is the greatest and most immediate threat we face for a long list of reasons. The battle to expose and halt the ongoing weather warfare insanity should logically be our top priority. Reaching a critical mass of climate engineering awareness in the population is absolutely essential in this fight. We all have a responsibility to learn how to be effective with our awareness raising efforts, arming yourself with effective informational materials is an essential step. Understanding the basic building block facts of the climate engineering issue is also critical.  Make your voice heard in the critical battle to expose and halt the climate engineering insanity.

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  1. David former Navy Aerographers Mate (Weather Obsever/Forecaster) says:

    I feel the GeoengineeringWatch.org Informational Flyers are an excellent detailed tool! I have multiple copies of all the flyers on the back seat of my truck, to distribute to people. The people that have NO knowledge that this activity taking place above their heads, will now have facts and photos in front of them to do their own investigations.

  2. Judy Perkins says:

    Hi, we are aware that they are spraying us so what can we do about it?

    Please don't say to contact your congressman! They are the problem

  3. JR says:

    Hello to all from yup Southwest, New Mexico. We are in high desert. We had a nice cold front coming in with much promise for rain, maybe even early snow, but to no avail. The lowlife sky busters were like the Gremlins they are busting it all up, super nasty with some nose bleed clearing nose. With Hope to All in this dear fight with much prayer and supplication to the Lord we will stand. They all will be sorry one day no doubt and we redeemed as they went for the temporary pleasures (fallen) of this world, pretty messed up I must say! We can't lose Focus. 11-26-16

    • Teri says:

      people here have been coughing a lot more then ever. sinus infections and sniffles. doctors offices fill up quickly after a heavy spray day. i always feel like my lungs are filling with fluids and i am drowning. plus the nose bleeds out of no where. 

      i know the commercial airlines are helping spray the planet but i do wonder if some of these planes that look like commerical planes are not retired to military service and they never repaint them. i have used the flight checker and i see what looks like a Delta airline complete with labels on it flying over spraying thick and heavy and yet flight checked shows no planes in the area at all. !! i can get 10 or 12 planes that look like commercial planes flying over in a half hour time and yet flight checker doesn't see them. they don't exist and yet they do. so it makes me wonder if the government goons have not bought up retired planes and retrofited them for spraying and then send them back up with a military pilot or drone outfitted. no one will know which is a commercial passenger plane and which is a plane refitted special for spraying. they look exactly alike. 

      i am convinced they will never stop spraying until there is nothing left alive on the surface. or until they have all their toys taken from them and they are put away in insane asylums. which is what needs to happen but as people sicken more and dumb down more and more i don't see any way to stop them. it will take force to do so. and no one has that ability anymore. 

    • BaneB says:

      Teri:  Good point about fake commercial aircraft.  And the planes can be painted to mimic any airline.  I suspect these are being flown by drone technology without pilots.  If it's a weather control machine then it's likely operated by computer algorithms, aerosols, phased array radar and assorted microwave facilities, satellites, and super computers, all in synch to move around on their game board the components of weather. 


  4. MS P says:

    Perhaps it would be a good idea, to spin this in a different way?  We could give it a try? Big smiles to all here.☺ Please add to this idea. Thank You.

    Breaking Conversation  Ice.

     What we do….We are a highly intelligent  "Citizen Science Group"  Doing studies about the weather patterns, climate change, flora,  & fauna. The noticeable changes over the decades..  Comparing notes, from all over the world.  We include weather manipulation -geoengineering in our reports. As outrageous as this new technology may seem. It is also part of our documented studies.

    We Do Not Get Discouraged! By Naysayers, & those who lack the "Comprehension to Understand the Magnitude, of Weather Manipulation." Or the extremely destructive pollution,& damage, created. as a result. We are quite aware of what is going on. We do our best to document the facts, for further study, & to share our results.

    (A teachable moment? Perhaps? It sort of takes away the conspiracy theory-  label. By saying Citizen Science.) 

    Just like Dane had  mentioned about Solar  panel MFG                            -Green is not so clean. (Good talking point there.)

    Remember once upon a time, it was outrageous to think, there would be a computer, in every home.As suggested. Beyond comprehension. Lots of naysayers.  Until 1982. When the microprocessor was invented.  Yet that was the future.►Fast FWD Life► Here we are.

    Technology, has not stopped evolving. Nor has the destructive  pollution, to planet Earth.  Perhaps this is a good talking point to start with?  Strike up a conversation about new, & advanced  technology. How it effects the planet. Observations.

    Oil Fracking is also new, yet more understand this, & accept the label. Sure we get those who say, we need the gasoline to go to work. At least they know it's real.

    Weather manipulation, has had a 70 year patent  history. If not a 100+ year history starting with N Tesla. 

    Unlike other citizen science groups-like those into Ornithology.        (I'm into Birding)  Who seek (so called)  experts to say if we are correct, or not?

    ►We are on our own, for now.◄

     I get so very frustrated there too. When I report a neo tropic bird flying in Ventura. ( I had observed a Zone Tailed Hawk.)They nay  say something like 'impossible"  Or good luck/get a photo. Discrediting what I report. Unless I do provide photos. Then  & only then, it makes the the list, of sightings. I have photo documented a lot of birds, not native to this area. Far far away from where they live.  So have many others.

    Audubon refuses to acknowledge anything about geoengineering. I've tried to reply; when they ask me for donations. Regarding climate change,  & bird extinction. Over their heads, like a fast flying????? One would think those out looking up for birds, would notice the skies?


    So do not feel too bad, with these so called science experts. It's the same story when anyone posts about some discovery. Some get credit, & never are asked for any proof. When they sight a rare bird. I still  do consider myself a newbie. Being humble.  Yet do not report, what I do not know. My photos prove it. On the topic of birds. A Little Gull has arrive to Ventura.11/23. I have yet to get a photo. It's a long way, from where it is native. (Eurasia & some rare sightings on the East Coast) 

    I also photograph wild  Beavers  (Undisclosed location to protect them)  Hard to believe, but true. Yes, there are beavers, in California. 

    What might  be a good idea, is to start a photo page. To show  & share, what we are  all talking about. it would be a good outlet too. Since this is so very frustrating. To get the word, & info out. To wake the sleeper  masses up! A group project? (Photo, date, & location.) Something we can share, to teach about our "Citizen Science Project" ? What do you think? 

    I'd like to suggest we pick a date. Like DEC 1 Or even this weekend. To take photos of the trees. We talk about them here. A photo collection would be great. Too many talk about dying trees, trees frying on the top parts,   still green trees, &  not normal conditions. We need to take photos. What it is like, from  around the world.

     I once wrote a Computer Science  college paper, about technology, computers, & the future. (1970's) I had concerns back then.  Due to  very  strange observations. My last line was,► it's in the hands of engineers, scientists,  & medical industry, "The big question is? Will it benefit the human race?" 

    • Pedro says:

      Hello All.

      Birds are trying to survive, the Animals that can't fly, are in a deeper trouble. I'm sorry but I don't know the correct name in English of the birds, but I can say that in my region I've stopped seeing 4 or 5 species of insect-eating birds ( like the Eurasian blue tit, and others ), and here in the mountains I can see birds from coastal regions that normally don't or never appear on higher lands ( to eat some insects in Spring / Summer ). Birds of prey search for food closer and closer to the houses. We still have some diversity, but the population numbers of every species are lower and lower, by the year. Sparrows are a great example of that. Migratory birds from the backbird family ( thrushes ) are failing migration in this region for at least 4 years.

      I think the vanishing of all small Animals ( insects, birds and bats, etc.., and the majority of them are pollinators ), is like the warning of the "dead canary in the coal mine".. But we can't get out of the mine. 

      Good Luck to Us All.


  5. jonathan says:

    Although I work in a French speaking environment, I distributed on the billboard in the break room flyers and business cards at my new job. People don't really understand English but I overheard some workers talk about it, I find that a good sign, I raised curiosity and it's nice to see some folks are willing to go get informed. Slowly but surely the world is awakening. Thanks Dane, you are a hero to me!!

  6. Frances says:

    Weird asthma attacks during severe thunderstorm in Melbourne, Australia.  People who had never had asthma had an asthma attack!  Do people really believe it was the pollen.  http://www.livescience.com/56970-thunderstorm-asthma-australia.html?utm_source=ls-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20161125-ls

  7. Bija says:

    What a bloody mess we woke to this a.m. They spared us yesterday but saved their Black Agenda for Black Friday. Took the dogs out early and the sky was already a swirly, dingy mess of nucleated, foul smelling chemicals. Kind of smelled like acetone and stung the nose and throat. A huge chem ring of muddied color formed a wreath around the sun. The cold is bitiing in an unnatural way, like ice packs on the hands and face. The evil ones are out there doing their nastiest! A good day for all of us who know and care to get out there with business cards and flyers! Thanks to all who spread the truth!

    • Dennis says:

      Hey Bija,

      If my memory is correct you are in the SW (NM or AZ)? Anyway, I am in SW Ohio and woke to the same "acetone" smell on Friday. That's the best description I can give it. I have noticed the pattern when we are supposed to go from record heat to really cold the acetone smell is overwhelming. When we are supposed to go from cold to hot I smell what I call a "swampy" smell.

      Sadly after all these years I still smell and taste this crap. I couldn't even eat on Friday as everything I tried tasted like metal to me. Now on Monday everyone I work with is "sick" since it rained out whatever it was we smelled.

      Take care


      PS Dane, I used to have an avatar pic with my posts now it's gone?


  8. stephan says:

    All the best Dane and family, Geo Watch crew, and all who post here. A song for you all    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRjQCvfcXn0

    • Marc says:

      Stephan, much gratitude for your sentiment and for the link to one of MY all time most revered musicians. Such a beautiful song and so poignantly heartbreaking at this late hour while heartless monsters are on the loose everywhere we turn. Stay strong.

  9. Susan Ferguson says:

    Who is Behind “Fake News”? Mainstream Media Use Fake Videos and Images
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky / Global Research, November 24, 2016
    * The mainstream corporate media is desperate. They want to suppress independent and alternative online media, which it categorizes as “fake news”.  Readers on social media are warned not to go onto certain sites.  The intent of this initiative is to smear honest reporting and Truth in Media.  Our analysis confirms that the mainstream media are routinely involved in distorting the facts and turning realities upside down.  They are the unspoken architects of “Fake News”.  One area of routine distortion is the use of fake videos and images by the mainstream media.
    Four Notorious Cases of  Media Distortion: These are four examples and there are many more. The manipulation of videos and images is routine. In some cases, they revealed by readers, independent media and social media. In most cases they go undetected. and when they are revealed, the media will say “sorry” we apologize: they will then point to technical errors. “we got the wrong video” What is important to emphasize that these media distortions are invariably deliberate.  [link below]
    Concluding Remarks: The lies and fabrications of the MSM are not the result of “sloppy journalism”. They are deliberate and are intended to mislead the public. The mainstream media routinely uses fake images and videos in its coverage of the war on Syria. The campaign against alternative and independent media seeks to limit freedom of expression.

    • Marc says:

      Thank you Susan for this post. This is the biggest "real news" story of the past several years, if not longer. A most repulsive development in this world of internet and alt-news. Deception has run amuck in human societies with no end in sight as we are all victimized by this phenomenon.

  10. bear4277 says:

    my ears have been ringing now non stop for the last five days in Indiana. I think it makes people on edge and can go from 0-10 in seconds along with nonstop spraying  

  11. Seeing Clearly says:

    I will say this and I'll say it right to the public ( I hate the direction the world is going) . 

    • Seeing Clearly says:

      Here is a video that can help give you a better understanding of what I mean (https://youtu.be/BJ1VOjqpIXw) and that's what our society is about it's about pride autism pride ADHD pride even spotted some diabetes pride and who not list racial pride as well we need to crucify our  worldly possessed pride I am not saying all forms of pride are bad although they might be it depends how you want to look at it personally but it's this "dangerous thing " that I am against if our world is proud of disorders and diseases then I am allergic to this world and I am going to sneeze for as long as I can what I mean is that I am going to fight back against the wicked ways of this world.


  12. SD says:

    Central America getting Geoengineered from all sides today.  M7 EQ reported offshore El Salvador/ Pacific at the same time an anomalous hurricane rushing ashore on Caribbean side.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

    Earlier this week we saw a similar situation off the coast of Japan.  M7 EQ followed several days later by a 50 year snowstorm in Tokyo.

    Weather here in SoCal also heavily engineered.  80F here Thurs, predict 60F and snow in local mtns this weekend.  The nightmare continues.

    • MS P says:

       Thursday 11/24 Was 81 degrees in Ventura CA, with a frost advisory for Thursday night. Wednesday was a heavy spray day. Cold  gray cloud cover. (The day had started out in a mild temp.) By the afternoon, it got cold & dark. No rain. Then  very warm, & windy on Thursday.  Wind action, & spraying is the norm. Or spraying, to promote wind action. Ever notice, how when winds are predicted in the weather reports,. They start spraying in full force? Something to this oscillation, in the skies. 

      The poor animals do not know whether to grow a winter coat, or a summer coat. Seem to be in a non stop molting phase. 

  13. Seeing Clearly says:

    Autism is not an ethical diagnosis autism is not even a spectrum it's a group of disorders or symptoms put into a category or of criteria that often misleads people to the real root causes of there behavior yes I am saying autism should not be diagnosed and atmospheric spraying should stop and how  this age is not peaceful at all 20th century  problems should not be underlooked .

  14. Seeing Clearly says:

    For those who think autism is good and that it's good to be autistic 

    here is a video about Trumps son suspected for "having autism " and if you take the time to read the comments you will see that autism is not a god thing and how your supposed to let children be children (https://youtu.be/yZAd5Pu9iw4)


  15. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This is still my favorite Dane Wigington 'warrior for the common good' moment. Send this to everyone. Very convincing. Dane is a rock. Watch Keith squirm.  Thank you, Dane!
    Geoengineer David Keith Admits to Dangers of Spraying Aluminum

    • LS says:

      I love this too ,Susan. Watch their hands when Dane asks the question. They are clearly uncomfortable standing there in their guilt. It is palpable.

  16. Marc says:

    Is anyone noticing an increase in the intensity of "ringing ears"? I became aware about a month ago of a sudden uptick in this phenomenon. Yes, I concede that it could be something going on with my personal health, BUT, many, many who have posted here have commented about this as well. It is really bad right now, unrelenting hishing sound, non-stop, day and night. We are being absolutely pummeled by EMF and saturated with nano-metals every second of every day. Is this related? It's got to be. We're done. Game over. Bad guys 10, World, 0.

    • Dale K says:

      Yes, I am noticing the ringing ears sensation more often than before – sometimes, several times a day.

    • Michel B says:

      It's not tinnitus. Not sure where it comes from, but sometimes it starts at the same time in the early morning; it comes in multiple tones that change. We have to assume it is RF of some type. The SRM has been increased here in Brisbane, Australia, from what I can see. This ringing in my ears is ever present now from my experience. I can ignore it but when I listen for it, I become conscious and 'hear' it. I know this can be easily dismissed, but if enough of us are experiencing the same thing it cannot be mass delusion.

    • Dibster says:

      Greetings Marc!  Yes, I have occasional ringing but mostly a clogged feeling and sometime light headed.  No medical problems found and no excess ear wax.  Husband and daughter both have daily sore throats, daughter went to Dr. and a specialist neither could find anything wrong. Plus, we all have dry burning eyes.  One more thing many people complain of being tired. Increased spraying here in Western PA plus many trees still have leaves. Some look green but dead, others brown/black and dead, others look like fall.  Most amazing thing is none else seems to notice!

    • virginia says:

      Marc:No, we are not done and game is not over…….not as long as there are those who are fighting to deconstruct this whole lousy system that is endangering everyone and everything on this earth.  What better example of one who does not give up?  Dane.  In spite of the idiots that he has to personally confront in the media and scientific community and elsewhere,  he keeps his chin up, spine erect and insists on being heard.  Look at the tremendous amount of information he has given us as ammo to fight this climate mess….stiffen the spine and use this wealth of facts whenever you can, wherever you can, no matter how difficult.  To do otherwise is cowardice in the face of the enemy.

      In the incoming  political atmosphere, we may have our best chance – hopefully.  Let us not pass it up or waste it. At least, we can try.

      Good luck and good health to you, Marc.


    • BaneB says:

      Yes indeedy.  The cacophony of pitches operating along a single "track" are very intense as I write this.  Granted, it could be me losing my hearing from ages. I just don't know.  What I do know is the intensity is not always the same, and comes and goes.  It would not be surprising to realize the annoying pitch is microwave caused.  We are saturated with this radiation zapping our physical bodies. The weather control terrorists were busy today spraying the western half of Mendocino County.  I went to a friends for Thanksgiving and noticed the clouds had been squeezed downward, flattened into long semi-puffy horizontal things, and the sky was being whited out.

    • gotta go says:


      My ears have been ringing non stop for over six months, the intensity of the noise almost makes me ill. Im in Southern, Ca (chemtrail central).

    • Dennie says:

      The sore throats and burning eyes are caused by the nanoparticulate metals that irritate and dry everything out.  You have to drink more fluids now.  It's truly insane.  You have IDIOTS like David Keith and Ken Witche'sCauldron brewing up this shit and claiming they haven't studied what it does to people, then go ahead and spray megatons of this sh!t ALL OVER THE PLANET, while their complementary-neurosis counterparts don't notice a freakin' thing– oh no, "everything's f-i-n-e, just f-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-e.

    • Yes Marc, the hish sound in my ears has gotten worse, but not to worry they now have a new drug for ringing and hish sounds in your ears. I saw the commercial for it the other day. They have a drug for everything, It still baffles me that most of the human race falls for this crap. By the time they wake up it may be too late, it's so sad. Take care

    • Donna-AZ says:

      Ringing in my ears started when the smart meter was put on our house, was spotty for a few months, but now constant. EMF and RF are the culprits. Smart Meters are a major cause. We had the radio frequency device and all WiFi removed from our house, but can still feel our neighbors meters, and can feel when they microwave the sky. We're going to buy a bed canopy made of shielding material so our bodies can repair the biological damage these devices are causing. We know someone who has one and it blocked all the incoming EMF/RF. Aluminum screen also blocks the radio frequency. I made an aluminum dome (a faraday cage) out of aluminum screen I bought from walmart, to put over the new smart water meter out front, which emits RF every 14 seconds, and it blocks 100% of the radio frequency. I only wish I could block the neighbors.

  17. Blam says:

    It seems to me…from gathering everyones comments there is an epic drought in almost every part of the US. I know Colorado hasnt seen any appreciable rainfall in months. Its the hottest fall i have ever seen, they bust up storm after storm. What do these mf's have planned, are they going to try and burn us out. I know the entire divide in colorado is a tinderbox and I mean the entire divide, its all dead from "pine beetle"  and coated in flammable aluminum. All of it 1000's upon 1000's of square miles. Scary times indeed. Its not supposed to get below freezing during they day time the whole winter…In the front range. I cant believe this, I have never seen anything like this in the 25 years I have been here. We used to get cold fronts, now we get this sulphurous cold spray day. I always know when they are going for the cool down, smells rotten out. the cold comes like a wave and then it is gone. I sure do miss wintry weather. I think the NWO forces are planning on taking revenge against the US for resisting/rejecting their plan. I think this year coming up is going to be hell on earth here in the USA these NWO types want revenge, I can smell it in the air. They just need to be gotten rid of permanently, I think they need to be sterilized all of them, they pass down their ffed upness to their kids, their kids are monsters too…just look at chelsea clinton. its all coming to a head in the next 4 years. I can feel it. With  pizzagate showing the world how deep the perversion goes, the entire federal government and all its agencies have to be brought down and tried…every single member of every agency held accountable for their crimes. They are going to try and destroy us before they get brought into the light like the parasitic vampires they are. That pizzagate is soooo sickening and real i suggest you all look it up especially if you have children, its unavoidable in its scope and effect, it encompasses the entire government and exposes the type of people who are poisoning us. It shows the why so many people seem to ask. This pizzagate sure makes it alot easier explaining to people why the government would spray and kill us. they are satanic pieces of sh(t that is why. Peace everyone, the demons are being brought into the light, maybe its divine intervention, who knows but I think we have a chance,.

  18. Tim says:

    Denver was blasted today. Everywhere you looked there were tons of chemical trails being dumped. It burns your eyes. It also makes people tired.

  19. Tag says:

    In my area, I get the news from Toledo Ohio.  Every night they run a fast time lapsed video of the skies over Toledo.  Every night the lines in the skies are clearly visible, just like the video Dane posted above.  What is wrong with people and why don't they at least QUESTION this?  Just last week, I left my business and an employee followed me outside as we were chatting.  I looked up and the sky and it was unbelievable!  Trails and micro waved to this insane glob of milking "fingers".  Probably the worst I have observed in many years of watching and no way could be considered normal clouds.  I pointed this out and she looked up, shrugged it off and just ignored it.  I agree we all need to keep trying but honestly?  We are dealing with people that never question ANYTHING!  The just believe everything tossed to them and can't get it that we are being lied to, and have been lied to for a very long time. 

  20. Blue Sue says:


    Here where I live in South Central Alaska, we have another snowless winter once again and daily spraying — as usual!  I will make good use of the business cards you made available above.  We are all so immensely grateful for your wisdom, courage, and steadfast action and leadership.  God bless! 

  21. Debra Evans says:

    The land is sinking, the land is sinking!  The sky is falling!  I laughed and laughed like a crazy person! ha I knew you wouldn't go, Dane. They do not deserve to have you there. Wipe the dust from your blessed feet. I'm so very proud of you! 

  22. Kathy says:

    Did anyone read this??   What potion was used in this Australian storm? I have a good friend in Melbourne. She is very sick and weak and doctors cannot find anything wrong.
    Steven Chamberlain and many others here I am so grateful for your posts to know others are driven to act as necessary and at ALL costs even if it means a total career change. If ONLY every person could get beyond their own selfish and willful blind behavior. Until it stops we press on to wake what is left in this brain dead society.

    • Dennie says:

      Rye grass pollen dispersed via thunderstorms is now killing people??

    • carrie from aus says:

      Yes this storm in Melbourne was all over the news……4 people dead, 3 still critical.  People that never suffered from asthma were stricken. 8,500 people presented to Emergency for their conditions……the hospitals stated they had never seen anything like it!  Calls to 000 (your 911) every 4.5 seconds…….rye grass pollen they say.  What bullshit is that?  So what did they use to experiment on the population in Melbourne to cause this type of reaction?

    • MS P says:

      Australia sure did a bad  number on rabbits. GOV infected them with some horrible diseases. resulting in very painful deaths.  Will humans be next?

  23. Marc says:

    The Dakota pipeline catastrophe is a metaphor for the despicable predicament everyone on earth now finds themselves in. The immature, ill-trained, dumb-asses who are called "law enforcement" up there should be protecting the Water Protectors, NOT the corner-office full of rich pricks who don't give one rat's ass about Native Anything. This incredible confrontation is WAY,WAY bigger than the Dakota Pipeline itself. This is the PEOPLE STARTING TO DEFEND MOTHER EARTH RIGHT AT GROUND ZERO, FROM THE RAPISTS WHO WOULD MOLEST HER WITHOUT HESITATION OR CONSCIENCE. Unfortunately, the ones who possess all the weapons of mass destruction are the ones who will gain the upper hand on all the rest of us. And how about the initial media blackout of this confrontation?? Now, today, almost two days later, I see some articles are spinning lies about what actually happened there. It would appear the MSM is clearly in some kind of collusion with these jackoffs from Big Oil and Big Industry. Everything just seems to be ass-backwards now. Here at the 11th hour, when the U.S. should and could be setting a profound example for the rest of the world through gigantic emission reduction initiatives, massive green energy investment, carbon sequestration technologies, etc……what do we see?? We see Big Baby Trump installing a posse of stooges whose purpose seems to be to create maximum rollbacks of progress, maximum social volatility, maximum snarkeyness, maximum opportunity for all the worst polluters on earth….AND maximum opportunity for totally unapologetic self enrichment on a scale that can barely be comprehended by many of the DUPED who voted for this guy. Are. You. F**king. Kidding. Me?????? 

    Almost everybody I know, friends and acquaintances of mine in otherwords, simply do not want to discuss anything about climate engineering anymore. They have all had quite enough of it from me. Some have tolerated my desire to discuss the nuances of geoengineering, but, remarkably, only the very, very few will want to revisit the topic from time to time. I often feel like a stranger in a strange land, such is the malaise out there. The vast majority seem to want to move on to much less worrisome topics as soon as possible. Many cannot deal with the implications of what the topic brings to the table. Ignorance is at least some kind of bliss. Until all the food runs out, I guess……….Happy Thanksgiving y'all.

    • Ed Bee says:

      Welcome to the same club I'm in, Marc. My friends won't even let me talk about this stuff anymore. The other day I was surprised to see an article on Fox News stating one third of the trees in California have died. Coming from a source that is best at hiding the real news, I figure things must actually be much worse than that. Dane is right in saying the issue cannot be hidden much longer. In the meantime, I plan to print up some of those informative little business cards. Those, along with the flyers I've printed, might help to disseminate this critical information.

    • BaneB says:

      Very heavy frost this morning in central Mendocino County.  I do mean heavy!  And up onto the side of the house, too.  Temp is 26f.  Regarding Standing Rock, the images I see are of military personnel.  Mercenaries, bedecked out in Pentagon supplied gear, and armored in military vehicles.  These creatures are no more the police than were the murderers who destroyed 90 lives in Waco, Texas back in 1993.  More than 20 were kids.  These grenade tossing thugs poured CS gas into a structure full of people.  They fired pyrotechnic devices into a wooden structure on the windiest day of the year.  They used at least one military supplied tank to knock down walls and crushed people inside. These pieces of crap used powerful high tech infra red sniper rifles to seek out and put a bullet into the forehead of those visible.  Finally, just like the WTC destruction of evidence, these low life's immediately cleaned up THEIR crime scene of their vicious brutality.  WACO Electronic Museum website is an excellent website to garner an understanding of just how far gone is law enforcement in Babylon.  And of course these rotten killers are never at fault.  They blamed the victims.  The military types tossed a stinger grenade at a young girl at standing rock and blew her arm off.  She was toting a water bucket.  The local sheriff is a loud mouth liar.  The mainstream media is owned by the same people who invest in pipelines.  News blackouts are the norm and fake news are their product.  The last honest journalist was Sarah McClendon (RIP).

    • Marc says:

      Ed Bee and BaneB, Thank you guys. Love y'all.

    • Dan G says:

      Happy thanks giving 

      Estranged from family  over trying to protect them . It's like all are on the same frequency, can't get through.

    • Pedro says:

      Hello Dane and friends, thank you for your work.

      Hello Marc.

      This is all about food and racial wars, when the FOOD is over, we'll have the prisons for the ones who protest.. against the fake and poisoned ""food"" that the MFs have for US.

      These "guys" from the masonic eugenic "religion" that rule the west are the worst PLAGUE that came up in all the Earth's History. And we can say that "they" have been killing People by the MILLIONS already since a long time ago, since ancient times, beginning with the Inquisition.

      We'll see the outcome.

  24. GM says:

    Today we r being sprayed all day again in San Bernardino County and across Big Bear and Crestline in California.  The whole valley is filled with a toxic fume concoction :/

    • Erik says:

      I hear you GM. I also live in the San Bernardino county right here in Fontana. The whole sky line is milky white cob web like. They have been spraying all day back and forth the planes are spraying north to south and east to west. This is happening now more often now in the southern California area. 

    • BaneB says:

      Erik, GM:  The weather control terrorists have no intention of allowing rain into Southern California.  What do these disseminators of the aerosol particulates want?  Probably the agricultural lands and the water.  Once these connivers have what they seek the tap will be turned on.  The underlying prize is control of food and water, and you.  Utube website 1PacificRedwood is a resource for observing just how these psychopaths operate the weather systems over your area, utilizing the twin pillars of jets spraying aerosols and very powerful microwave transmitters to keep high pressure intact.  

    • JR says:

      In Southwest, New Mexico 11-23-16 and few days before the so evident Chemtrails-SAG/SRM were not in sky. Today 11-24-16 the lowlifes SOB(Sons of Below)-SLOBS are tearing our sky up. The blobs hanging from spraying trails overnight are very evident, what else? They seem to spread much quicker. As we all know this is only one of so many patterns they lay out. This country can not stand in the way it's going I have to say, before it changes for the best the citizens must wake up, but will they? I think not!!! The masses are programmed and way to gullible. For most part it seems people are tuned in to the foolishness of this world, the word says. It's pretty evident isn't it? Greed, deceit, conceited, selfishness, corruption, loving oneself in vanity instead of spreading and sharing it, etc….The love of money is the root of All Evil, not money but the Love of as this is THEIR GOD….I wish all on this site along with Dane and crew a Happy Thanksgiving Day giving thanks to the one and only Lord on this day in good health with friends and Family as tomorrow is not promised……

  25. Seeing Clearly says:

    The climate is disturbed and is not in its natural energy balance.

  26. Seeing Clearly says:

    A quote to consider from the organization Documenting Hope "So much of the chronic illness that we see in children today has to do with choices that we make every day (what we eat, drink, think and do)." adding to that we don't make the choice to breathe the toxic air or eat the unhealthy food we allow it not to be our choice as a whole we need to make clean air and clean healthy food accessible to all children and adults and I predict all the childhood and adult "chronic " illness will go down such illness including but not limited to autism,asthma ,ADHD,fatigue and more. Shame on the people and politicians for letting millions like myself live in a state of health of chronic illness it's time for change.

    • MS P says:

      Pharma Industrial Complex,  (AMA-American Murder Association) wants to  greatly profit from our sickness. While creating bad health conditions, to keep everyone hostage in their own bodies.

  27. frank says:

    Whenever the weatherman for Action News here is Philly goes to the super-duper double doppler map you can see the HAARP-type ripples peeking through the heavy filtering they do on the weather map. I guess they still want it to look like a real weather map, but they can't help letting some of those nasty HAARP waves through. So you have to ask yourself – why are they filtering anything? It's a glaring example of their criminal hands trying to hide the evidence everywhere.  

  28. TNgeoWatch says:

    Between epic drought and severe wild fires South East TN is a tinder box right now.
    Desperately trying to spread word. Dane it's an up hill battle around here. 
    Making small progress slow progress. But people are starting to see it. 
    They say rain is coming but it isn't scheduled. People laugh at me then it doesn't rain. So by God look up and face reality people!
    Very severe spraying this morning over our area  very weird haarp sky's all morning  very wavy  creepy wisps.

  29. JF says:

    Rain is forecast this Saturday and Sunday here in SoCal. They are spraying heavy here today over southern California. I wonder if they are gonna kill this storm coming in.

    • BaneB says:

      Six years of manufactured drought by these psychopaths and still the people of this state are wholly ignorant about the ongoing Geoengineering program that threatens to turn the Central Valley into Death Valley.  At this juncture given the wanton disregard for the copious Geoengineering facts presented to the third string team running state government in Sacramento, one has to assume state government is in collusion with the likely goal being a takeover of long standing grandfathered water rights and access.

    • Donna-AZ says:

      I hope you get rain. They suck up all that moisture with their spray. It's like pouring kitty litter on a puddle. That's what they do here in AZ, they suck it all up. They steal our rain from us. They have been hitting us with the short ice nucleating trails for the last week, except for monday, when they let us have a little rain, and you know, had they continued, it would have snowed. And now, they are back to the short trails and lingering trails to make it cold, and dry. They also sprayed us last night. Why is SRM needed at night? Is the moon getting brighter? No, they just want to control the weather, and poison all life on this planet. I'm ready for Nuremberg type trials, and I want to see the ADEQ held responsible for crimes against humanity, since they have the power to stop this.

      AZ. Statutes

      The state of Arizona has the authority, jurisdiction and power to protect the atmosphere and it has expressly delegated that power to the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) pursuant to Title 49-104 A. Subsections 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. Section 10 specifically states, the ADEQ, is to “Provide for the prevention and abatement of all water and air pollution including that related to particulates, gases, dust, vapors, noise, radiation, odor, nutrients and heated liquids in accordance with article 3 of this chapter and chapters 2 and 3 of this title.” 

  30. bluenorther says:

    I do volunteer work alongside a retired Air Force veteran, and one day as we sat outside, I tried to point out the trails over our heads, "How long should it take for a vapor trail to disappear?" I asked him.  He was dumbfounded, could not make any sense of what I was telling him, that jets actually spray chemicals.  Instead he conjured up possible reasons the trails didn't go away.  I respect this man, he's been a great mentor to me, and I don't want to lose what we've built! 

    If I could, I would tell him that the jets do more than just weather modification, they are the New World Order showing its face.  There are at least a half-dozen other things the spray is used for, but if you, Dane, can convince the public that IT REALLY IS HAPPENING, a huge victory will be achieved.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bluenorther, though I will continue to do all I can, this effort will take all of us, every one of our voices matter in this most critical battle to sound the alarm.

  31. Susan Ferguson says:

    SF: This is a recent 2012 science paper discussing the "ice nucleation on atmospheric aerosols." If you know the correct terms to locate these technologies, you can easily find a plethora of critical revealing information. There are scientific reports on Ionosopheric heaters, such as HAARP under the terminology of ACTIVE EXPERIMENTS IN SPACE to obfuscate and thus confuse the uneducated curious.

    Heterogeneous ice nucleation on atmospheric aerosols: a review of results from laboratory experiments  / C. Hoose & O. Mohler Institute for Meteorology and Climate Research – Atmospheric Aerosol Research, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Karlsruhe, Germany / Published: 29 October 2012
    Abstract: A small subset of the atmospheric aerosol population has the ability to induce ice formation at conditions under which ice would not form without them (heteroge-neous ice nucleation). … numerous studies have attempted to quantify the ice nucleation ability of different particles empirically in laboratory experiments. … Ice nucleation “onset” conditions for various mineral dust, soot, biological, organic and ammonium sulfate particles are summarized. Typical temperature-supersaturation regions can be identified for the “onset” of ice nucleation of these different particle types, but the various particle sizes and activated fractions reported in different studies have to be taken into account when comparing results obtained with different methodologies. … dust mineralogy is not a consistent predictor of higher or lower ice nucleation ability. … a reduction of deposition nucleation by various coatings on mineral dust.  … Estimated average INAS densities are high for ice-nucleation active bacteria at high subzero temperatures. … INAS densities of some other biological aerosols, like certain pollen grains, fungal spores and diatoms, tend to be similar to those of dust. These particles may owe their high ice nucleation onsets to their large sizes. Surface-area-dependent parameterizations of heterogeneous ice nucleation are discussed. For immersion freezing on mineral dust …
    1 Introduction: Ice crystals in the atmosphere have important impacts on radiative transfer, precipitation formation, and the microphysical and optical properties of clouds. Therefore, their formation has been studied both in the field and under controlled conditions in laboratory experiments since many years… It is known that water droplets in the atmosphere do not freeze instantaneously at 0◦C. Their freezing can either be triggered by aerosol particles acting as a so-called ice nuclei (IN), or occur homogeneously (without IN) at about  − 38◦C   The goal of many laboratory studies was and is to assess the ice nucleation ability of selected aerosol particles of a …

  32. Christine says:

    Ah, forgot to mention, while looking around what people actually do, one can notice, that they are mainly BUSY WITH WATCHING their IPHONES, typing crap into their little devices, which cause cancer, track their movements and possibly drive their intentions, through EMF fields capable of steering our brains, to an unprecedented level!!! Not ony brain actually, but equally DNA expression, duplication, and regeneration, through braking its symmetry (in my opinion as ex-scientist) 

  33. Vince says:

    A friend of mine awakened me to this about a year ago.  I am not sure if it just me noticing more now, but it seems [THEY] are spaying more aggressively than ever lately.  I live in Northern Illinois and have taken a dozen or more pics with my phone.  I though about sharing but people here get it.  Is it too idealist to think a Trump Whitehouse can have any impact on the crazy theory and stop the funding to Raytheon…and others?

    • ron hall says:

      Vince: I hate to say this; but so much money and very dark plans have obviously been laid out for us "serfs" with Raytheon being one of the pack leaders since Viet Nam. Trump will just nod and wink while we and the biosphere die off. This is why Dane and others here will feel resistance to the horror till their/our last breath. This is some deadly-ass shit. 

  34. adam coleman says:

    I will say that Tulsi Gabbard is in deed a refreshing change to the likes of the Washington, DECEIT politicriminal warmongers and if Trump can get treasonous Rudy and treasonous war criminal John Bolton off his lap long enough to actually MEET with Putin behind closed doors there just may be a meeting of open minds and minds for humanity rather than that of Thee Evil One and her corrupted ilk of a Cartel known as the Clinton FOundation for Money Laundering and State Secret and Soul Sales, Inc. as wll as the greatest Disaster Capitalist organized crime family is US history. Oh….Did I mention they are paedophiles too?  To think this with came within an inch away from getting her hooves BACK in the oral office to start WW3? If it's dirty, evil, corrupt and involves scandal after scandal and is ugly as LOW-Retta Lynch in a string bikini, you can bet the Clinton Cartel is all up in it like stink on….well….LOW-Retta's string. Sorry for the disgusting mind image but even We Awake need a good laugh once in a while. I hope it helped

  35. Dane, I very much appreciate the business card that I can get printed.  Thank you, thank you for this site!  Once again, just outside of Winnipeg we have cloudy skies (like almost all of October and November) and chemically nucleated snow.  Usually, the snow melts at even 0 degrees.  This won't even melt at 3 or 4!!  It's a crunchy, icy mess.  We had it a lot of the time last winter.  Fake crusty snow. And constant fog and moisture/sleet/rain in the air.  We alternate between that and sprayed skies.  All around the horizon (360 degrees) you can see a clear sky but we sit under this mushroom cap of a cloud day after day.  And then people are so thrilled to see a bright pink sunrise or sunset. A pink sunset that stretches 360 degrees.  And of course when you point out these anomalies, they have the most ridiculous answers.  I am so frustrated with the ignorance and refusal to even entertain the truth!  And I find myself justifiably angry so much of the time.

    • Edward Palys says:

      The people you describe are all "converted" into zombies incapable of using their brains. They are conditioned to believe everything they are told by the media they watch every day. I know of such people as I have them in my own family. It gets to the point that I don't bother to talk about the subject with them. Very frustrating.

  36. Ron lech says:

    Keep going even if there are only a few , also griffin and mockton are phonys on climate issues brain dead and staying away from real truth like in most every thing today all illusions all evil rotten from the top down 

  37. MS P says:

    Thank You Dane,  

    Just as I was pondering upon some comment sections, of on line media. Your suggestions are very good. One comment section hosted many wary of any news reports. One  poster in reply, had the nerve to say the only thing accurate in the news.is cooking & weather reports. (WRONG!) Then the comment section about the story on the Polar Regions, was a big show, of how many are clueless.We have a lot of work to do. To wake up the masses. ►"‘Things are getting weird in the polar regions’"



  38. bumpercrop says:

    It has long been known that repeated thoughts create neural pathways in the human brain. So many are under mass mind control. I woke up today and saw a huge white X across the sky, the huge variety, you know from whence I speak. In the background I spotted previously lain streaks already beginning to fan out across the blue sky. I just checked the sky again, and already the infamous white-out has formed. This is the controller's Thanksgiving gift to the people. The kids will be off from school, so the use of computers and EMF's will be ramped up. Do the increased volume of metals in the air have something to do with increased EMFs occurring during a holiday?  I've tried valiantly to awaken people to chemtrails. But if one can deny the existence of chemtrails with their very own eyes, how can I possible get through to them? Plant seeds, and hopefully one day they will sprout.

    • BaneB says:

      It is known that the human brain is not fully developed until 25 years of age.  This does not imply the brain is then a fully conscious brain.  To be fully conscious one has to be able to think so as to ferret out the distortions, half-truths, and falsifications and general propaganda.  One can well imagine how pliable is an 18 year old underdeveloped brain, a brain that can be turned into a unwise robot willing to genuflect to false ideals and exhortations.  Eighteen is the age referred to as being an adult.

    • Dennie says:

      It's just uh-MAAAZE-ing the kind of mental junk food parents let into their kids' brains.  Just came back from an otherwise lovely Thanksgiving open house at a neighbor's house.  I teach her five-year-old.  The child was begging for us to come into the living room and watch the movie with her.  It was something titled "Coraline," a totally CREEEPY movie featuring animated characters (CAN'T the IDIOTS in Holly-weird do any movies for kids with actual HUMANS in them?  WHY does every kids' movie now have to be sinister-looking DEFORMED HUMANOID ENTITIES?) of sinister, evil-monster adults who morph into skeleton/"Alien"-like creatures and trap the heroine in giant metallic spider webs, then try to kill and eat her.  Even the plants are out to get her, wrapping their sinister forms around her arms and legs, lassoing her to the ground, then dragging her into something that looked like a giant clamshell-shaped open coffin and pulled underground by an evil vine, to endure further pyschological TERROR once there– how HEALTHY IS this kind of crap, for kids, hmmm?? Think:  Alice in Wonder Land crossed with Wizard of Oz crossed with Little Shop of Horrors crossed with The Nightmare Before Christmas, crossed with Sweeny Todd.  For kids, for God's sake. 

      If I'da been allowed to see somethin' like this at age 5 I would've had nightmares for weeks (my parents wouldn't let me watch The Wizard of Oz until I was in third grade– there was a VERY SCARY TORNADO in it, hands down, the most frightening part of the movie to me and now we know why, too…).  The movie, based on a horror novel for kids of the same title mentioned above, was endorsed by Parenting magazine as one of the top 19 "scary" movies for kids.  They recommended it for kids ages 9 and up– I wouldn't have let MY five-year-old see that stooopid movie.  Think, people– WHAT KINDS OF IMAGES DO YOU WANT TO PROGRAM YOUR KIDS WITH?  Also, the kid hadn't been properly fed before we adults started eating and she could not stop scolding us while we were sitting at the table eating for not coming into the living room to watch the scary movie with her, which her mother had never previewed beforehand, and then started in on her mother, scolding and berating her for not giving her food.  As a consequence, the behavior of the kid watching was very rude and self-centered.  While eating I watched an eating utensil whisked right off my plate, just so the five-year-old could have the "pleasure" of giving me a set.. this after I had already been invited to begin eating, mind you– UGHH!  With parenting like this it is NO WONDER we're in soooo much trouble!!!!!

  39. Fred Metchnikoff says:

    Dear Dane:

    Thank you for this report.

    On eof the hardest things is trying to convince people of the dangers of Geo-Engineering. Even very close dear friends highly educated professionals won't listen and if I press them they say how can you prove it?

    I personally had met a pilot involved in this project who was unaware of what he was doing. When he refused to fly any more of the missions was demoted. Real people are paying a price to inform us and protect us and are suffering the consequences we all need to wake up and hold our governments feet to the fire and explain the whys


    • Earth Angel says:

      Bless your pilot friend for having a brain, a conscience and a spine in refusing to continue flying the toxic air raids over all life. Oh, that there will be more to step forward with his courage. We need thousands of them to step up soon. Things are really out of control. Here in the southeast the drought and fires are like nothing we've ever seen in this area. Everything is SO dry and dusty and the brief artificial cool downs with high winds are ridiculous. I guess they're pulling all the moisture they can cool up the centeral/west of the USA to the north pole and that's why the moisture comes right to the Ga./Ala. line then just dies out similar to the 'ridiculously resilliant ridge' held over California. Our air temps here are really not very cold but the ice nucleiated winds are brutal on the animals, plants and people. How does it work when we experience near freezing temps at night for a couple of days but only SOME plants wither yet others seem hardly affected?!..Of course the days warm back up in the 60's & 70's and there is clematis still blooming?!.. Never seen it before! Used to be once you got a freeze EVERYTHING pretty much withered up for the season.. Not so here anymore! Finally some friends are beginning to understand- I tell them welcome to the world of ice nucleiated winter. It sucks for every living thing.   : (

  40. BaneB says:

    It's snowing off and on here on the higher elevations of central Mendocino County, California.  The white stuff is heavy and wet.  The ground is covered but it unlikely this will stay around because melt is ongoing.  The screen captures from weather satellite images showing clearly the transmitter manipulation of precipitation (see the 11/22/16 update).These fine examples are of areas in Salt Lake City, Albuquerque, California, et al.  The ray(theon) patterns are distinct.  NEXRAD is the major meddler but there might be other facilities, too.  NEXRAD transmitters from point of origination have a a total sweep of 250 miles outward at 360 degrees full circle.  That is a combined straight line distance of 500 miles.  And these RF microwave transmitters can concentrate in any one direction horizontal and vertical as I understand the technology.  These images are a great example of how the low pressure systems are manipulated all the way from California to the east coast creating and destroying weather systems depending on the programmed scheduled weather for locales along the way.  And, one has to wonder how much of this microwave weather coordination is playing the Chicago Futures Exchange.

  41. Steven Chamberlain says:

    I've been putting these flyers or other credible information on every pizza box that leaves Charlie's Pizza for close to four years now. It doesn't seem to be having any effect and the spraying hasn't stopped, but I will never stop. I have made a commitment. I won't stop until the spraying stops. I will NEVER, EVER GIVE UP!!!

    Print some flyers right now and hand them out today.Do it everyday until the spraying stops. Without fear, trepidation or timidity.


    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      I have taken it to a whole new level. I am going to take their 'Good Thing' away from them in an effort to rattle their gages. Charlie's Pizza will be closing, for good on Dec. 31st. 2016. You have 23 more business days left in your bubble folks. I'm afraid the suicide rate will skyrocket here in Nikiski, Alaska come January.



    • Greg O. says:

      Right on Steve!  We have to take it to the next level!  Not enough people are waking up.  Some that do fall back into the group "stupid" trance after you think they are onboard.  The masses will get what they deserve by not waking up but unfortunately we could go down with them.  I'm getting really pissed off and that doesn't help either.  Meanwhile the jets are flying more and more over southwest Colorado and their technology is improving with their delivery of the nano-poisons; and we know the rest of the story.  We have moved from 3D to 4D; add more decption to distraction, delusion and denial.  Not a pretty picture and although I don't know you personally, I am honored to be in this fight with you.   Greg O.

    • Melanie Moran says:

      Hi Steve,

      Sending you a big thanks for all that you are doing. Please know that the rest of us who care are so grateful for all of your efforts. Keep up the good work, friend.

    • maciej kocialkowski says:

      Same here Steven, no matter what I do, it seems to have no effect. But I also know this. Those in power have conducted endless studies on human psychology for decades, before they launched programs like this on that massive scale. And they knew damn well there would be voiced opposition. But studies continuously showed that numbers of people truly standing up to something like this are going to be small. Very small. And thus the apathy and denial we face every day. It could be broken down to different categories, but end result is the same – passive acceptance. That makes me to arrive at one, in my view, critical conclusion. In their quest for power and total control, the overlords of this world are pointing to our collective weakness. That weakness is our near total lack of defense mechanism against almost anything that is thrown at us, as long as it is being hidden, denied or simply not admitted. Most of us, if we cannot find confirmation of what we hear, see or even experience, will soon abandon trying and come to terms to accept it. Especially now, when control reached planetary scale. If the scam, injustice, conflict or whatever else, is limited to one or two countries, a region, or corporation perhaps, then we tend to look to a higher authority, to another, perhaps bigger and stronger or ideologically opposed country (like was the case with me growing up in communist Poland). And there are many historical examples of that, take Nazi Germany for instance, or many countries under Soviet influence in Eastern Europe after WWll. That gives people hope. It reassures their general view that there is a bad, tyrannical leader here and there, and things go off the rail sometime, but overall we live in a fair and free world. Of course one cannot possibly fit the ongoing reality into that conclusion, so simply enough, reality gets rejected. There you have it folks. That is our weakness. Near total inability to accept reality, if the truth is simply too dire, and too big above all. Because let's think about it for a second: if there is no country, no organization, no authority, agency, government, any entity to turn to (that people historically would always turn for answers and help), well, then who else is there to turn to? That void is simply something that most will not dare to go beyond. Crossing this threshold means one is on their own, complete wipe out of any sense of security for themselves and their families and realization there are forces at play most are even not aware exist. That is not the route vast majority of humans are mentally equipped to take. At least not yet. Once we are, then that should leap us to a level 1 civilization (no environmental damage due to industries, no violence, no competition etc.) pretty quickly. Question here is this: will that occur before those in power destroy everything? I do not have answer to this question. It is important to comprehend they are sick people and will stop at nothing, especially if they cornered. Like drug addict won't stop until he's dead or out of money, or something will stop him, but he is incapable to stop on his own. It is like that, just much, much stronger. In conclusion, it will all go down to our collective ability to overcome our weakness to recognize the threat and trap that has been set up for us for a really really long time. And by the way I have these flyers and business cards, bumper stickers as well. Typical flat rate envelope holds about hundred flyers and business cards and a sticker or two. Give me a shout out, if you dare to go beyond the threshold of your own comfort zone. I left mine behind a while ago. You can also email me: maciejkocialkowski@yahoo.com

    • BaneB says:

      Maciej:  Your reasoning is sound.  The Beast has our psychology figured out.  And the Creature is working overtime at their Frankenstein Universities to learn how to wire us up for wireless subliminal scripts to play us like marionettes.  The human brain has frequencies and the complexities are being unraveled.  The monstrosity wants to read us like an open book from facial expression to body language and even body odor.  Algorithms are being introduced into computer command centers that watch pedestrians for nuanced clues for INTENT.  Intent being the new area of surveillance, enforcing a law someone "might be thinking" of breaking.  It can't be long before we are surveilled by street mounted thought scanners that purport to read minds.  

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      Although the vast majority of my community is clearly delusional or in complete denial of the Climate Engineering insanity. I still purchase, prepare and serve a complete Thanksgiving meal free of charge for anyone who wants one. They seem to pay attention when they hear the words "free thanksgiving dinner" but when I bring up Climate Engineering or Chemtrails they just glaze over and stare towards the horizon over my right shoulder. Oh, they really are a bunch of lost souls.



    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Steven, I think of you every day, and wonder how you are doing. XX

  42. Dennie says:

    Today, November 22nd, 2016, is the fifty-third anniversary of the assassination of the thirty-fifth president of the United States of America.  NOT ONE PEEP about this fact from the media.  No one cares. 

    Now we're witnessing the assassination of the actual office of the presidency.  Most accounts I'm reading about the psychological fallout of what happened earlier this month are basically saying "Too bad, let's not be a sore loser," and "I don't agree with Trump but I'm going to make nice and go along to get along."  What a "recipe" for a "healthy" democracy– the political equivalent of a totally dysfunctional family.  As a nation we are overdue for an INTERVENTION and every one of us needs some kind of Twelve-Step program that gets us off our asses, up off the couch and out into the community for more community engagement in an effort to create and preserve a Common Good. 

    • LS says:

      Wow Dennie, I love you my brother, but my experience says otherwise. Having been out there in recent years, commenting on community planning, trying to keep up on the local level, living in a place where 2/3 of land is owned by the government, seeing it totally not representing and functioning for the people, realizing decisions were being made despite public input and opinion, realizing that facts were being kept from the people and we were screwed, partly led me back to this website after several years break. Now my waning energy is focused on getting clean air, real food and no forced vaccination. Living at well over a mile high, it is evident that our atmosphere is so damaged from the particulates from Geo- engineering that soon everyone here will be on oxygen. Lots of middle aged and older women are having to move or are on forced oxygen of some type. No one, on our behalf, is noticing that the air is unfit to breath and is killing us including the medical community that must be reaping millions from people's ill health effects.  My husband helps keep me focused…… if the environment can't sustain life nothing else matters. I hold that space, everyday, where it will be better. Thanks to all who can do more…. and those who are doing as much as they can in this most critical battle for every breath we take. 

    • Dennie says:

      I'm talking about the assassination of John F. Kennedy, 53 years and one day ago.  Amazing, NOT ONE PEEP about this to be seen.  Other than what I wrote.

      Oh you can look and look but because of the shit we let happen like "safe" nuclear power (NOT) and other crazy shit like HAARP/geoengineering (Edward Teller's little toys), neither you or I or anyone else will be finding much clean ANYTHING left on planet Earth. 

      Community is where it's at.  "Survivalist" isn't going to help you.  Or anyone else.  It's a well-known fact that the first places that were raided and plundered during the fall of Rome where the more remote villas on the edges of cities… just read your English history. 

      It is really not all about you.  Or me, either.  Burn-out is another thing altogether and that looks like what you're suffering from.  Hike your mountain.  Or just hide.  Good luck. 

      Chop wood, carry water.  My daily musical practice keeps me focused in spite of the goddamned Big Pharma-induced permanent impairment of my right wrist (I'm a violinist) I am not actually anyone's brother –– Dennie.

  43. SD says:

    Excellent weather reports on NHK today.  They actually mentioned the Arctic heat Wave.

    Also some discussion of cold front blowing across Sea of Japan, bringing frigid temps and "exceptional" early snow to Tokyo.  Interesting, major change in weather across Japan several days after major EQ. Heaton @ CalTech/USGS commented that most recent quake actually different type fault than 2011 Tohoku disaster.

    NHK also mentioned hurricane crossing Costa Rica today, first time in recorded history. In November?  Have to believe that is an engineered "Drought Buster". I'll stick my neck out and predict hurricane remnants to move north across Baja and into desert SW in a few days.

    • LS says:

      Dennie,  It is a term of endearment and respect, to me I apologize if I offended you. Sorry! . As a fellow musician that lost their arm to a flu shot, I really can relate. (still, I am thankful for my best friend…. music). We need all of our perspectives including from people in the cities and rural areas. I am not worried about people migrating here, they cannot survive in the lack of atmosphere. (It takes 6 weeks for your blood to adapt to altitude) Survivalist? We are not prepared for long term survival. Without a giant sea change, it is not worth preparing for. Only a top down restructuring of governance could get me back into that locked box of so called community. Only breathable air could get me to prepare for long term survival. This is my community and for that I am really, really grateful. Press on family.

  44. virginia says:

    Dane, powerful words and images that are designed to get the message across in easily-understood language for those who are scientifically challenged and in denial.  I welcome them and intend to use them.  Thank you.

     An aside:  The invitation by Trump to Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D, Hawaii offers some hope for those of us waiting for the 'draining of the swamp' to come to fruition..  I have been following her for some time and she is the genuine article, great experience as Major Gabbard in the military who served in Iraq, although anti-war and anti interventionism by the USA, among other attributes that would be a distinct change in our government.  For those interested, keep and eye on her, as she offers some hope for our cause, as well.

    Good wishes to all for a happy thanksgiving day and may the Wigington family enjoy a day of rest and contentment knowing that they have .the respect from so many.  A job well-done, indeed.

  45. Abigail says:

    Oh Goodness! Thank you so much, Dane. You never cease to amaze me with the information you present. I have tried saving the pictures and hopefully will be able to print them off to send on to some people I know who refuse to believe the truth. May God richly bless you and your Ministry, as you are helping hundreds of thousands of people to SEE the TRUTH! Geoengineering is destroying planet earth. I will share with Russ Tanner as always. I have made a donation. You are a true godsend. Blessings to you and your family.  + So many people REFUSE to believe the truth. What is wrong with them? It's right in front of their faces. Thank you for remaining at your post! Onward! Sincerely Abigail (AKA FD) +

  46. Lance Williams says:

    Thank you for your dedication .

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