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  1. Erikson says:

    In Santa Monica, California, in the past month, there was a night when it appeared as if an electromagnetic beam weapon was being tested. I live near the beach in a single wall cottage and that beam seemed to come right into my living space and affect everything electrical. I felt like I was being penetrated with extreme amounts of EMFs. I felt like a hunted animal trying to find places to hide in my apartment behind pieces of wood, cotton blankets, etc. I had to disconnect everything electrical as when these items were touched they gave off strong pulsating vibrations and were hot. Touching the cable box made me sick with nausea. I tried going outside, but at least in the yard, it wasn’t any better. This appeared to happen for two nights in a row, then stopped. A neighbor also felt ill who lived in single wall construction home, but refused to believe her dizziness and passing out could possibly be from something invisible. The other weird thing was the whiteness at night. I also felt like even if I closed my eyelids and covered my face with pillows (difficult in hot unhealthy air/weather), I could still see just whiteness through my eyelids. When I looked at my hands (with eyes open) in my dark bedroom, I felt as if my skin glowed and I could almost see the white bones in my hand as if I were being x-rayed. I recall reviewing people’s experiences who were living near nuclear test sites in the 1950s — I remember their saying something about a strange glow in the air of their homes. So, if you have a similar experience, don’t doubt your sanity. This is criminal behavior on the part of the U.S. government. I ask the people involved to please come forward, or at least to start anonymously mailing out information to news sites, city government officials, the coroner’s office, etc.

  2. Adam B. says:

    You aren’t alone Umba. It is brutal hell spraying up here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada everyday! I am trying to educate as well.

    Note for all: The trails don’t linger in a high pressure system, the particles just fall to the earth and you have your glorious toxic orange dusk and sunrise. Pure toxic haze. Hoar frost daily in Nov and Dec, polished slick roads without precipitation, sudden acute respiratory distress syndrome or asthma exacerbation and death of children in ER with no previous history of respiratory disease/illness. The list goes on and on.

  3. Adam B. says:

    You aren’t alone. It is brutal hell spraying up here in Edmonton, Alberta Canada everyday! I am trying to educate as well. Note: The trails don’t linger in a high pressure system, the particles just fall to the earth and you have your glorious toxic orange dusk and sunrise. Pure toxic haze. I feel so saddened for the children…

  4. Claire says:

    In northeast coastal Florida, the chemtrails are constant…lately they have been running three jets together covering the entire sky, then climbing and doing another layer and then climbing again and putting down a third layer…we can also see the trails in the moonlight, so we know they are poisoning our world and stealing our sunlight night and day.

  5. Umba says:

    I would like to know what we are supposed to do about this at this point? Writing to your congressional representatives or to higher ups is like alerting the wolves that there is a hole in the chicken coop that needs to be repaired. I try my best to inform my friends and people around me but many people just have blinders on and they refuse to see what is right in front of them, as if they don’t live in the same reality. I feel invisible sometimes and people seem to be stuck in distraction loops and can’t seem to wake up. I really appreciate the truth and intelligence on this sight. There are people who are awake and people who just seem to be floating in the soup and can’t connect to the truth. Sad.

  6. dave says:

    I posted this video which clearly shows us that weather modification is showing up on our news weather stations

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    Dane, thank you. This is an excellent new way to spread the word in a short, concise manner that people can relate to well.

    There is no doubt snow in Egypt and Israel are not normal. These things are not broadcast on MSM. But who can deny there was not snow on the pyramids? MSM did use the name CLEON a little while back also. So this should help people connect the dots.

  8. May the Holidays wear well on all…..

  9. Geoengineering sulfates is not chemtrails.Chemtrails do not stay up..Only in stratosphere does the sulfate mist mirror happen , surround earth, + stay up, .The ONLY place it could be geoengineered…Which is why as a general rule only super volcanoes create the sulfate mist volcanic mirror phenomenon…If it worked in lower atmospheres like chemtrails, then all volcanoes would cause volcanic winter ice ages not just the supers..COOL FACT: super volcanic reflectivity sulfate mirror cools earth, its the one
    thing supers do significantly, blow big + make that volcanic mirror every time….And if you restore the mirror casing stones ,removed 600 yrs ago,to the super volcanic looking pyramid of Giza…you SEE that science in pictogram,,, not hieroglyphs, the entire site as a whole…smaller volcanic buildings + a super volcanic with mirror encasing…super volcanic matter what language you speak on earth now, you SEE a super volcanic mirror in middle of desert..the way to stop the end of the world THEY predicted, in their language, written in the time of Moses..Its pictogram geoengineering instruction “mimic volcanic mirror” cool huh?

  10. Patricia Fenkell says:

    Thank you Dane, Bridgett, and others involved in bringing this site to life. The length and breath of your weekly report is just right\. I appreciated your announcing next week’s subject and look forward to receiving to future reports.

    I may not be in the position to contribute at this time, but I will certainly post on social media sites and send to family and friends.

  11. Umba says:

    Thanks for the in depth information. We have been investigating this for a few years now and it’s good to see a video that covers so much. The images of the rashes are a bit difficult to look at and it seems like there could be an explanation of what we are seeing as they are being shown. That part of the video might make it harder to watch for some folks who are trying to keep their minds clear for their own physical healing and I’m afraid there may be folks who will miss the information because of those photos. I realize the toxins probably are causing the maladies but it is a bit distracting from the dialog at certain points. That’s just my opinion. I commend you for telling the truth and please keep it up!

  12. laura peppard says:

    more chem trails in Reno Nov. & Dec. after some beautiful clear skys late summer.

  13. Dee says:

    The chemicals in the air this evening caused the moon in Indiana to glow blood red with orange tint. It wasn’t until the moon rose higher, about 9:00 est tonight did the moon turn back to white, allowing Hoosiers to see the very noticeable criss-cross chemtrail surrounding the lighted moon. Past the light of the moon, you couldn’t tell if there was more chemtrails, however, if you looked close enough you could still see the planes spraying. Since I knew the culprits were still up there, I quickly pulled up my Flightaware App and like always the culprits never show up on flight tracking software! All of the aircraft listed were standard domestic flights and courses for those airlines. It makes it so much easier to lie about spraying us when they don’t follow the rules that we have to when we fly at those altitudes! I took photos and I plan to send to IDEM, my senators and congressman! Everyone in California should do the same!

  14. Karen F. says:

    Thanks Dane!

    It is really helpful to see events unfold through eyes that are as WIDE open as yours are.

    I hope you can continue doing weekly updates. We will be looking forward to them.

  15. Brenda says:

    For past 3 weeks there is definitely an increase in so cal coast spraying.

    • Karen F says:

      Hi Brenda.
      Northern California Coast has had a big increase in the last 3 weeks also.

      Isn’t helping with the drought…that is one thing for sure.

      We measure radiation and it has been low.

      Goofy and wacked out times


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