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What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch


Dane Wigington

Lionel Nation is an extremely important voice that has fully joined the battle to expose and halt climate engineering. Lionel, from Lionel Nation, has always shown great courage in addressing and exposing the most dire issues on the horizon. In regard to the most critical issue of the global geoengineering assault, Lionel has truly helped to expand awareness. GeoengineeringWatch.org wishes to express our most sincere gratitude to Lionel for conducting this interview.

Skies all over the globe are being systematically blotted out by the massive geoengineering / solar radiation management operations.

GeoengineeringWatch.org 443ww

Geoengineered skies. Photo credit: David Wylie

The fight to fully expose and halt climate engineering will take all of us. Sharing credible data from a credible source is key in the effort to wake others to what is going on in our skies. All need to make their voices heard in this epic battle for the greater good.

78 Responses to What the Hell Are They Spraying? Lionel Interviews Dane Wigington of GeoEngineering Watch

  1. There are other ways of functionally addressing the issues at hand. >

    18 U.S. Code § 38 – Fraud involving aircraft or space vehicle parts in interstate or foreign commerce | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute



    An inquiring person would ask why the provisions listed below, remain applicable against private citizens in cases such as drug trafficking, yet these same provisions remain non-enforceable in situations wherein millions of tons of highly toxic substances are being openly deployed by FAA licensed aircraft… Yes, it’s allot of snow. >


    21 U.S. Code § 853 – Criminal forfeitures | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute


  2. David Casella Former Aerographers Mate (Weather) U.S Navy says:

    Thank you Lionel Nation and Dane for this outstanding interview. Another Talk Show host has been informed about Climate Engineering, let's all hope Lionel's fans and followers take an interest in researching GeoEngineering for themselves and spreading words of awareness to their families and friends!

  3. Jeff says:

    This was a great interview Dane! This is getting so bad the asleep and blind people are starting to notice. They still have the mindset what can I do about it? I live in Central Alabama and our sky has been sprayed everyday for almost 8 months. Yes, everyday some sort of spray is put in the sky. From total white out, to thick lasting trails in the sky, to the new short bright trails that do not leave lines in the sky. These shorts trails are in fact spray. The sky turns a blueish white and odd fake clouds form. The ice and snow storm coming from Mississppi is totally man made. They are spraying the hell out of Alabama as this approaches. Sun popped out, they sprayed. Blue sky was coming through they sprayed some more! I woke up last January. I now have a stop climate eng sticker along with spraying skies telling lies on my truck window. You would be surprised how many people notice decals and stickers

  4. neil says:

    Absolutely fabulous interview. Lionel is someone who relentlessly shines a light on the multitudinous crimes of the MSM, and whose energy and honesty is always palpable. He's a livewire, and the contrast with Dane's measured style and meticulous delivery of the information works so well. The way the information is presented is important, and Lionel has a big following of people who are evidently willing to listen to subject-matter outside the mainstream reality-box. This interview will help switch on many of those people following Lionel, who previously may have shied away from the geoengineering elephant in the room. This is another step towards critical mass. Thanks to you both…

  5. Charlotte says:

    I want to respond to those who have opinions/perceptions about Oprah and the idea of getting the word out to her as climate engineering is right in her backyard and community.  Does it really matter who the messenger is? Isn't this about the message?  Whether you like someone or disagree is irrelevant. Even an opinion on whether she would choose to do so is irrelevant. Anyone famous or not that is directly affected by the horrendous weather events of this year are potential messengers of geoengineering.  Let's embrace all these victims and sound the alarm to anyone who will listen and can possibly deliver the message to reach critical mass knowing.

    • James Watson says:

      Oprah may be knowledgeable about this but for wrong  reasons. Remember she was a GMO Queen in Hawaii

  6. To horsegirl in Jackson: Been to Jackson numerous times, and loved it back in the 70's and 80's. Last visited 1993, and the "vibe" had shifted so massively, I swore to never visit again. My friends at the time were on the brink of selling their home of 27 years, as they could hardly stand the stench of all the "newbies". The Cadillac Bar was still there, but the clientele had become presumptuous and self-absorbed. Those you mention in you recent post, yield the sort of aroma one might encounter in a meat processing plant…

    Perhaps this linked conversation will enlighten: >

    Chris Hedges – The Pathology of The Super Rich- Best of Chris Hedges – YouTube

    Published December 27, 2017


    • Pedro says:

      Hello Paul, thank you for the excellent and educative video.

      The only hope of having a Free World in the future is to create a maximum roof for wealth, not only for corporations but also for individuals ( and putting an end on climate engineering ).

      Oligarchs must go extinct.

      Many thanks to Mr Lionel for the great and emotive interview.

  7. Pete says:

    Not seen this interview yet but certainly will do – not heard of Lionel before but good to hear about people like this.

    It definitely does seem more and more are waking up. Every now and then someone surprises me in my circle of life when I learn they are also aware who I've not even spoken to about this.

    So that gives me hope and reassurance.and reading posts by all you wonderful people as I often do gives me strength to endure the struggle.

    i have less faith in the all organisations though that I keep pestering who I usually get no response from but the more people awaken the more they will be forced to take action.

    I don't post much but I am still here trying along with all you great people. I couldn't switch off from this if I tried – it's all I think about really.

    Thank you Dane and to all of you.

    Will 2018 be the year that the truth comes out and world begins to change for the better – I think it has to be…

  8. Donna-AZ says:

    "What the hell are they spraying"? "Brilliant!"  A BIG Thank You Lionel for having the interview with Dane, and covering the "Biggest Lie Ever." 

  9. TL Webb says:

    Great interview!  I would like to know about the crazy fog?  It will be extremely dry and there is a layer of fog, especially in the mornings and evenings, and there is very little humidity associated with fog.  I mention your website and information to all that will listen!  Thank you so very much for all that you do.  

  10. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Powerful duo here ! Profound comment at conclusion whereby Lionel exclaims, we can have some hashtag whatever, and shortly forgotten. Can go VIRAL, just fades so fast. Appropriate analogy for the lack of focus we witness  in fast paced headlines.  If Dane were to mention those in the Legions of those Disinfo, debunkers  and enemies to the cause, that could be another interview in itself.  So many !  The trolls , haters and PAID LIARS  seem to self replicate.  Wonder if there is a different  way to phrase  that important "list" ? so as to avoid  the pesky slander realm. Maybe assemble  that enemy  list  by labeling them  as  "need improvement in  their research methods  ?  or  "make matters  a deeper challenge for accuracy  " requires severe scrutiny , etc. Think of it as a reframe of words. I do have my list from trial and error, tips, and heads up-took years to compile.  Those new to exposure would benefit if knew  from the start on who to AVOID . Semantics.  Great question from Lionel . We have the main occupations:  Media , Medicine, Military, Academics.  Having some  precise names to WATCH OUT ; of those making planet  worse  would serve as a danger , a warning flag  when coming across their  garbage articles,  horrid vids, and   super slick misinfo. (pay  VERY sharp attention to Alex Jones/Info Wars and Mike Adams of Natural News -on the surface looks great -makes some sense, one can get hooked-NOTICE what they sell/ promote/sponsor, etc. ) Articles lead back to one original source in some cases-insufficient validity. Finally, I have teased Mr.Wigington for yeas as being St. Dane.  Smiled when Lionel proclaimed it as well ! The never ending grind is exhausting, serious, and we know by his constant  output, every cell is offered in this  indescribable mission. People like Lionel have made a superb infusion in  crossing  the next  threshold at Geo E Watch !  



  11. Steven Chamberlain a.k.a. The Pizza Guy says:

    I listen to every broadcast of Global Alert News. I often think about what the first time listeners to the program take from it. I believe many first timers shut it off after a few minutes due to the fear it instills in them. The 12/23/17 edition was different somehow. If you want to try to educate someone new on this subject try sending them a link to the 12/23/17 broadcast. It really was one of the best shows yet for newbies.


    Thank you Dane for ALL that you do to expose this insanity.

    Until my last breath, without fear, trepidation, timidity or anonymity!

    Never, Ever, Give Up!!!

  12. sheila eckel says:

    Marc- glad to hear you are back.I had the same response from many of the people in the Santa Cruz area when I lived there for about two years…it always set me back thinking- whoooh thought this was the place that people cared about the earth and the people.We all learn that the uniform doesnt always match the person wearing it.That can be the surprise that we dont anticipate, someone that we least expect is ready to receive the education about geoengineering is ready to embrace it!

    So glad to read your posts…glad you are ok.


    • colin crisp says:

      In regards to people on the street I live in Byron Bay Australia were people are said to be the most  Green  in Australia  What a joke they are mostly indifferent What is going on Or blind What to do I will never give up I will be out there Telling who ever wants to listen  CHEERS

    • Donna-AZ says:

      We all learn that the uniform doesn't always match the person wearing it. Well said sheila eckel. Many Military, Police, Pilots, Politicians, Actors etc..

  13. Blue Sue says:

    In response to Danny Mandryk – Calgary AB's post regarding Lionel's interview with Dane (thank you Danny!) and his comment about enjoying Dane's laughter, I had to check it out straight away.  

    Well, having watched many of his video's, I've never seen Dane laugh, but indeed, Dane did almost crack a smile at one point, and oh how I would love to see him really smile.  Yes, Dane is "stoic" and admirably sincere, genuine, erudite, enlightened, and courageous.  I can understand why Dane reserves his smiles (and any outward displays of lighthearted levity) for times and situations that aren't focused on the intensely dire issues of geoengineering and other related tragedies.   

    I loved Lionel's questions and Dane's excellent answers in this terrific interview. I posted the link on my Facebook site, which really doesn't have anything much on it except for links to Dane's site here and other videos he's made. 

    This site is my anchor to sanity and hope in a crazed world.  It always does my soul good to read the compassionate, intelligent, and heartfelt comments shared here by so many caring and awake individuals. In addition to many valuable leads for further research, you all help fortify my resolve to never give up (my friend Steve Chamberlain never will! ). 

    DANE, like so many here, I THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for all that you do, and salute your passion, thorough commitment, and unwavering perseverance to the cause that you have dedicated your life to.  I know your personal sacrifice to this endeavor has been enormous. Thank you to your wonderful family also.  May you all be abundantly blessed.

    • Danny Mandryk -Calgary AB says:

      To Blue Sue: You’re welcome! I too use this site as my anchor to stay motivated and sane in this most important battle we find ourselves in.

      a poem for you and all who read this, entitled “RESURGENCE”.


      Out of the earth, the rose,

      Out of the night, the dawn:

      Out of my heart, with all its woes,

      High courage to press on.

          – Laura Lee Randall

    • Blue Sue says:

      Danny, I will be sharing this lovely poem with my students. :-)

  14. trish says:

    well- here in new jersey- the snow melted- and there is a layer of black gunk on my window sills–this is worse than i have ever seen–i don't even want to go outside anymore..

    also- to add to this– when the sun is shining– it is getting so intense, that  it reflects off my electric meter on the side of my house- and has burned a perfectly round brown spot on the arborvitae on the property adjacent to mine-

    and when the sun shines thru my car windshield,  it has burned a line straight thru a wall of ivy–

    so- to add to all the other quotes by wise ones–




    and i agree with the others about oprah— forget it — she's one of them.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Trish, New Jersey, You mentioned a black goo on your windows. I say ,please do not touch that stuff. No pets near it too. Use rubber gloves, can be nasty toxin in it! In the lated 190's my friend and I observed in Oakland/San Francisco area a black fungus growing under the back porch wooden steps that ugly black fungus. I ate up the wood. And we had replace those stair 2 years prior. Second repair, we used an outdoor industrial acrylic paint.  No problems after. Now what we heard from the local paint contractors supply store, was many similar people were reporting and asking for paints, etc too. Wood with black fungus..   So, the chemtrail sprays had that fungus in it. You may have another compound or ?? as those spray devils change the  compounds over the years. As to the Sun, I am in San Francisco, CA the intensity of the sun is extreme. Yes It diffinitely is. Of course no snow in San Francisco..If so EVERY ONE will notice..Not a natural snow as you have experienced the Geo- engineered type.

  15. tzuper fly says:

    Question fight flight or fight my quest leaves no time for rest im stuck here .  Time is short about a month and my patients running out.  Despite my shout and hard work the juniors dont go out . They never hear wish you were near .  Heads in phones and specs dont see how much this all means to me .  No one here is listening you sea. Saving earth not drunk mother is never taken seriously despite end ever and boring clever all titilation and internet obsession tinitus has taken over me . Mitigation require please rewire or kataya wire will fail.  Water and time are running short and my pup is gone .  Resources scarce and scaring me.

  16. Eric says:

    Excellent interview Dane! You and Lionel's energy, " Sparkled"!!. The passion expressed by you both..in balanced harmony, so very  powerful. So, great, to have Lionel as an ally in this battle. And thanks for introducing Lionel, .I hadn't run across his work before but I was very, very impressed with his intelligence and his " common sense" delivery.

    Area report for Humboldt county, Ca…. heavy spraying today and almost every day over the past two or three weeks. Of course my nightly satellite and Nexrad observations clearly show almost non stop spraying over the Pacific, Northwest, just off the coast and I've been watching this insanity for many years

    Best to you and your family, Dane



  17. horsegirl says:

    Dane and Lionel, thanks for this superb production.  And like someone remarked elsewhere, good to see Dane laugh.  This is a stone lobbed high-speed at the head of Goliath.  Square on.  Hallelujah!

  18. Larry says:

       This is great that Lionel did the interview as I Really like this guys opinions. He questions every mainstream narrative with the bulldog persistence of a great attorney. His animated rants are my favorite part and this interview is no different . And I also once had all the same questions as he does with you on this interview. "What the hell are they spraying"? "Why are they doing it"? " And of course How can a worldwide operation on a scale as large as this remain covert and unknown to so many people from civilians to government and remain a well guarded secret among those that actually could effect change by coming forward and exposing this aerosol crimes that take place in plain sight in our skies.  The sad truth is what you already mentioned that if they come forward they either get killed mysteriously or risk being ruined socially by some ghost in the closet of their past and also lose their job and pension. This fact is how the shadow deep state keeps secrets and controls EVERYTHING!!  My guess is it will never stop until the ocean dies. It's gone on for far too long and it's Too the point now that "THEY" will never admit that these operations ever existed as to protect the guilty from prosecution after they have completely destroyed every living thing and every natural ecosystem with their Geoengineering operations.  We can continue to try and wake up the sleeping but it will be an uphill battle with all cards stacked against us. ☠️

  19. WILLIAM says:


    • horsegirl says:

      Why not Jackson, Wyoming where the central bankers live and meet? Jackson has hosted the meetings of the Fed for decades.  Home to Darth Cheney.  Don't believe me, google it. They live there.  Commute to New York and not the reverse.  Or Bozeman, Montana, locus of the Billionaires' Club (the Montana Club) where Gates, Turner, current and ex-presidents and all the cabal keep their Armageddon bunkers?  I'd love to see Bozeman call them to the carpet.  Run the Sky Feckers out of the greater Yellowstone area.  Rumsfeld, Kissinger and many others have ranches in the vicinity.  I was born and raised there.  Friends have constructed their ranch-fortresses, worked as waitpeople at the Montana Club and I could stuff a post with anecdotes about these bloodsuckers.  Come on Bozeman and Jackson, wake up and speak out.

  20. Gregg says:

    Dane, This was so good to see another powerful warrior for the truth come on board in this fight for the survival of whats left of the planet when we win. I am still here and I am still fighting along side with you. Thank You Dane for never giving up – for always staying on course in this fight and for being a great example of what we all need to be learning, teaching and doing to make a difference every moment of what is left of our lives. You have my greatest respect as always

  21. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane and ALL my friends I haven't met yet,

    I watched this video when it was posted here by a contributor. Interesting interview. I respect Lionel's approach to exposing Geo engineering. Obviously he has done his home work. Good job Lionel!! Gotta say, the contrast between these two was of note. There was good energy going on there. I hope Lionel keeps this topic at the forefront of his broadcasts. I liked the way he asked complicated questions. We can all learn from how they were answered.

  22. Doonby says:

    First, I'd like to thank Dane and all the people that are onboard and helping to unveil/unravel and hopefully stop this dire unnatural and unethical poisoning of the planet and it's occupants. There are a lot of things that bar "our" path, mainly the government(s) and the laws that protect them and allow them to do this. As such, I feel that Charlottes' post could be an avenue to be traveled that could continue, go further than the one(s) "we" are on now (if it hasn't been). Oprah does have her own TV network, and very large fan base and of course money. As I, nor anyone else could know the outcome of attempting that route, none the less actually going down that path, I feel that it is a great opportunity. She could say "no", we don't know what drives her nor what holds her, but she could say yes. There's nothing to lose, only gain.   

    • Paul Tarsuss says:

      There's an old joke that goes something like….

      "Two blondes were taking a walk in the country side, enjoying the view, when they cam upon a set of tracks. They began to argue as to what made them, "Bear!" one would say, "Deer!" Exclaimed the other. On they went, "Bear!" "Deer!'….right up until the train hit 'em.

      Obviously, one could substitute one's favorite current stereotype for the subjects in the joke above, and it would still remain relevant as a meaningful metaphor to one of the greatest problems vexing our planet today. The enemies of personal freedom, the rights and responsibilities of the Individual, are master 'side takers'. In fact, I'm certain that behind the scenes, they've cast lots as to who is taking who's side on a great many issues. They are quite accomplished at controlled opposition, group dynamics, group psychology.

      The advent of reality "tv" shows are profitable experiments by which to hone their craft, while conditioning the last generation to adopt ever more primitive group rationale lifestyles. What passes for rational thinking today, is a far cry from even a few decades ago, much less as far back as the founding brothers of these disjointed states of America.

      Take the highly politicized "climate change" debate…..the powers the be ensure that both sides can rail one against the other to no end and no avail, just as long as the real and critical issues are avoided. This is the same everywhere with all big topics throughout the 'developed' nations today. 

      It is as if our world is careening out of control like the city bus in the 'Speed' movie, only instead of a Sandra Bullock type bravely taking the wheel, we've got a thoroughly corrupted cabal at the wheel, smiling ear to ear as the rabble scream and shout about their shared predicament…..only in this scenario, anyone happening to notice or mention that there's a bomb on board, is thrown under the bus.

      This is happening all across the globe. Many scientists, teachers, reporters, and hapless citizens have lost their lives talking about that which is now 'verboten' (forbidden). Christ warned against a 'beast' back in the day, that beast was the roman army, and it fulfilled Christ's prophecies to the letter. He warned that there would be a 'beast' in our day, seeking to take dominion over the whole world. It has learned many new tricks from and since the first beast…..and is nearing the conclusion of it's last meal.

      And the blood of it's many victims will be demanded back from them, especially those giving the orders behind the scenes.

      Use the time remaining friends, to make a positive and lasting difference!

      Good Journeys

    • Dale K says:

      Was something sprayed in the upper atmosphere that caused the snow in Kazakhstan to turn black?

      Mysterious ‘black snow’ in Kazakhstan sparks investigation 
      RT | Jan 13, 2018
      Authorities in the central Kazakh city of Temirtau have launched an investigation after a mysterious dust turned the snow black. Local residents have blamed the metallurgical complex in the area for causing the strange pollution.

  23. Linda Lee from Sirius B says:

    Lionel and Dane:  This is an awesome video…I took careful notes and will send them around to all friends & acquaintances after I listen a 2nd time to make sure of info.  No way to adequately thank you for this alert at almost the 11th hour….and all the work you both do with such high awareness.  60% of wildlife gone, 200-300 species lost every day!, our precious bees dying of aluminum (& alzheimers/dementia).  I love them so much, and the farmers call them the "angels of the crops and food supply."  I told my own angels that when I die, I want to go where the bees go….crazy probably but a world w/o our pollinators does not seem inviting.  They pollinate, make wonderful honey (so healing), and work together in perfect harmony. They are quite spiritual and will gently land on fingers of people who are kind-hearted (have seen this many times).

    The betrayals by the "climate experts", the govt, the weather people makes the heart weep.  There is no other planet like ours…the beautiful blue-green water planet, and to treat her so badly, along with our wonderful creatures, birds, insects who all contribute to a full life…there are just no words.  

    It truly is "abrupt climate shift" rather than global warming now.  Planetary omnicide for sure.  May we please all share this info in any possible way…if we make it concise enough, others might hold it in their awareness and it will be passed along…even telepathically!  (which is happening a lot now more than we know).

    And may we stay steady and persevere, with the wonderful examples of Dane and Lionel, who have been at this for so much of their lives.  We honor you and your generosity to the stream of life.  May the love and sacrifices return to you tenfold….and to all who truly care and ask for guidance and help as to what to do….including so many who tune into this website…all angels of the Earth for sure.  May honor and courage guide us.

  24. marc says:

    Fantastic interview, Dane. Lionel's crazy, animated style made for an interesting contrast to your no-bullshit, shall we say, stoic demeanor. Lionel's emphasis on the penultimate importance of this one issue above all others was music to my ears. As you say, if we had an army of warriors for truth such as he, we may have already defeated the bastards behind all this. 

      I had the great, good fortune to meet "Horsegirl" and her husband for lunch recently here in Tucson. Fantastically great people and the conversation went fast and furiously for almost two hours. For me personally, it reinvigorated me to be able to flap my gums with like-minded souls for, you see, my experience has and continues to be one in which I am surrounded by slumbering, deeply uninformed, and/or deeply DISinformed humans who apparently could not care less that their entire experience on earth is about to descend into unimaginable chaos, starvation and murderous anarchy. And those who think I am exaggerating here can kiss my…..blankety-blank. Dane himself took off the gloves a long time ago as it relates to the fact that our future could not look more dire if we remain on this course.

      Went shopping a few weeks ago at the grocery store and after putting my stuff in the trunk I noticed an "old hippie" in a tie-dyed t-shirt nearby. On the front of his t-shirt was a large, blue planet earth almost covering his entire front. Silver hair, long, pulled back into a ponytail, a little bit pudgy. He approached my car and started squinting to read my anti-geoengineering bumper stickers. I was standing right there. He asked me what all "that" was about. As soon as I opened my mouth to explain something about the massive aerial dispersions he snapped back at me yelling "bullshit" and "It doesn't matter, we're all gonna die anyway" etc.etc. I kept my cool but must confess I was astounded that some old dude who at least appeared to be "earth-friendly" (hence the shirt) was as vitriolic and cynical as any I've encountered the moment I tried to explain geoengineering, etc. I used Dane's phrase on his sorry ass: "Don't believe ME, my friend…see that bumper sticker that says geoengineeringwatch.org on my car? Go there, check it out, it'll give you everything you need to know about…." He broke in yelling: "I ain't gonna go there…I don't wanna know anything about this bull*hit.." etc etc grumble, snarl, hiss…etc. And he stormed off. Either he's had a rough life which made him this way, OR, he's just another garden-variety a**hole but in this case masquerading as an old flower-child/ tree-hugging/earth loving hippie. I can only hope that maybe, just maybe, the little encounter in the parking lot might get him thinking…

    • 'a' simple horseman says:

      marc, I had a fellow that fits your hippies description to a T, stop by the booth at least ten times this last summer. Only this guy had, once upon a time, tried to make a difference. He had grown bitter, belligerent and willingly ignorant over the years. I learned through horsemanship that the "energy" of two parties interacting must add up to only 10. If the other party takes their energy to say 8, you must bring your energy level to a 2 in order for there to be balance. Energy levels that add up to more than 10 become a problem in their calculable ways. The same holds true in human nature and our interactions. By the way, I've freaked out a lot of horses 'and' people by maintaining a combined energy level of 10. A practice we don't see much anymore. The goal is a desired outcome that is good for both parties. Horses understand this and learn to trust it. So where does that leave us humans?

      I'm envious of your lunch date you had. After reading years and years of horsegirl's contributions, as I know you have, what a grand time you all must have had. It was good to read that the meeting picked up your spirit. I wish you and I could share "lunch" some day.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Great to Hear from you Marc.

    • horsegirl says:

      Marc, back at you!  Still over the moon to have met you. 

      Your hippie?  Spooks come in all disguises.  Or as drunks confess, was it the aluminum talking?

    • Dennie says:

      marc:  I've seen the kind of behavior you're describing from similarly appearing people and it is a real shock.  I knew a guy who wore batik and tie-dyed T-shirts, had long hair down below his waist, a big ol' beard, Birkenstock sandals and all– the ZZ-Top Look.  I started talking politics around him once– B-I-G mistake!!!!  He went off on a rant, turns out he's totally pro-military, "rah-rah, sis-boom-bah," "Boo-yah-Boo-yah," etc., votes Republican, which, in his case, is a vote against his own self-interests.  Hails from southern Illinois, probl'y one of those Ohio River Valley Hillbillies whose families got recruited out of Virginia and Kentucky to go to work in the Midwest factories back in the 40s, what else could be expected?  We have right-wingers hiding out in Hippie bodies, just proving it's true, you can't read a book by it's cover.  Well, you can take the Billy outta the hills, but you can't take the Hills outta the Billy.

    • barbzi says:

      Nice to see you back marc, have missed your comments……az neighbor..

    • Donna-AZ says:

      marc, you have a way with words like no other, and you were greatly missed. I found myself revisiting some of your older comments. Good to have you back.


    • Larry says:

         Marc I what in your frustration with the sleep walking populace. In nearly 15 years since my awareness and first observation it has been nearly impossible to get some of my friends and acquaintances to look up and see for themselves the blatant aerosol operations. Only a few are now believers but even those will not do any research to learn more .I have sent dozens of links to this site which is the best and informative but they are still too lazy and apathetic to learn more.  I am not sure what has caused the mass apathetic response to those of us that are believers and can clearly see with their own eyes and have the initiative to do our own research. I just do not understand why nobody cares . For me the most frustrating part is my oldest and best friend who I have known for over 50 years and is quite intelligent and a psychologist absolutely will not even read anything that I've sent him and everything that he does read if he does he looks for ways do you debunk any information that I sent him but quite honestly I don't think he's even reading it. He is a diehard conservative and as soon as he sees the word Geo engineering or weather modification he thinks it's about some kind of global warming lunatic in being a psychologist they are trained  to try to debunk anything that they have never heard about or that sounds so incredible conspiratorial that they refused to acknowledge. I've come to the conclusion that there is some form of mass Hypno sis going on either through the cell phones or  television that is numbing the mines in creating this mass apathy. Stupid people are extremely frustrating .!!

    • Greg O. says:


      Great to see you back on the site!  I, too, took a break from posting but kept up the work on the ground.  Good to know you are still out there.  I hope we all get to meet in the near future at an event/march.  Later will be too late.  Greg O.

  25. joe Strauss says:

    To all of you reading:   Of course Dane has exposed it all. The tragedy is the one's killed by the chemical compounds did not know what happened. I suggest a read to STUFF.CO.NZ WEB SITE reprint from USA titled :   "Days after being told she the flu, girl dies of cardiac arrest, septic shock"' date: Jan 11, 2018 A Visalia, CA 12 year old was a totally mis-diagnos with a flu.  four days later dead.   Now…a 12 year old would survive the flu easy. I connect the dots as, the Geoengineering is the cause. Visalia has  had heavy spraying, Farm area of California. And..Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports state since Oct 1, last year 13,400 confirmed  flu case.. 6 X over the 2016 flu reports.  use your common sense on this one… A tragic event for us..Note: strange illness your Doctor may not understand is at root of it all.  Those doing the spraying including all technical suppliers and ones loading the aircraft for spray are not kind, compassionate people, soled out to  Corporates and blind military patriotism.      

  26. Gina says:

    Fantastic interview which was just what we needed to keep the spirits alive and the  fight going! With more exposure at this level, who knows what can yet be achieved.

    Regarding the comments above about contacting Oprah Winfrey, I wouldn't bother folks, she is a complete fraud with a lot of skeletons in her own cupboard. A tool of the illuminati, she is a member of the bilderberg group and fully on board with the depopulation agenda.  Forget the 'celebrities' they are just more of the lying pockets and paid liars who didn't get to where they are now by honest living or leading good lives.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Here, Here Gina. I think you have seen & read what I  have about Oprah, the real woman.  Many see her in another light then she deserves.  I think she is a female, Bill Gates in reality.  She knows & supports these many programs. She plays with the Big Boys!

    • Dennie says:

      Gina:  Yes, Oprah's on board with The System and is being used by it for a variety of reasons.  There is no doubt in my mind that she has plenty of skeletons in her closet, some that she's confessed that are supposed to make us more sympathetic towards her, therefore trust her more readily, others that we suspect, and more that we don't hear about. And now we're hearing a drumbeat in the Democratic party talking up a run for president– "Zut alors!!!"  Have we not had enough of entertainers pretending to be "leaders" with the public's best interest at heart?  The Oprah Winfrey Show was a place to go for people to figure out what's wrong with them and a platform for The Wronged to voice their pain, and start a movement to right the wrongs.  Later, she became a vehicle for Wrongdoers to confess their sins against their fellow humans, or crimes against society, maybe (I'm thinking of Lance Armstrong, who went on air there and apologized for blood doping, but hey, never mind everyone else who competes at world-class level sport is doing it too, because their fans want "super heroes," what else?:  http://www.oprah.com/own/lance-armstrong-confesses-to-oprah-video).  Oprah's interviewed confessionals functioned as a "Court of Public Opinion," which is often more damning than any actual legal court trials.  And just what gives Queen Oprah this so-called "right?"  Should we trust such a person with the office of the Presidency?  I think not!

      Oprah the "Truth Teller" won't touch this subject, not even with a 29-and-a-half-foot pole, as the song goes.  Nope, nope, NOPE!!!  

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Powerful words Susan.  Thank You.

    • Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

      Have you heard? Oprah for President.  She is denying it, but, the word is, she will run in 2020. So much negative towards Hillary. Oprah would be a sure win. They will get their women in there come hell or high water! Then a soft kill with everyone. Oprah loves everyone, she is so generous, blah, blah, blah. Many would be giddy about her at this level of power, & another financial wiz!  She will surely know what to do to get rid of the Trillions in deficit!  Who could run against her? The World Loves Oprah!  HARP O ???

  27. Nick says:

    Last week Lionel brought up geoengineering on 770 WABC in NY.. The station reaches alot of people along the eastern seaboard. Thanks Lionel!

  28. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    "The lesson of that history is that you must not despair, that if you are right, and you persist, things will change. The government will try to deceive the people, and the newspapers and television may do the same, but the truth has a way of coming out. The truth has a power greater than a hundred lies. My hope is that you will not be content to be successful in the way our society measures success; that you will not obey the rules, when the rules are unjust; that you will act out the courage that I know is in you." 

    Howard Zinn – Address to Spelman College, 2005

  29. Abigail says:

    Thank you Lionel Nation and Dane Wigington. This information can NOT be denied.  IT IS PROOF!

    Sharing with Russ Tanner at Global Skywatch. We really need all this information.  It is totally LUDICROUS to think it is contrails. Catch this interview please and pass on what you can. This must be stopped. Geoengineering is destroying our planet Earth and animals and fish in the rivers and oceans.  KEEP IT GOING!

  30. Joseph L says:

    Lionel used to be on my local T.V. news at night in NYC.  He was worth watching his commentaries on topics and years ago mentioned the garbage in the skies .   He has a good sense of humor too.

  31. Gail Yellowhead County Alberta says:

    I Love this interview!   Wow, I learned so much more about you Dane through Lionel's questions than other interviews you've had. Loved your answer to the question, what would you ask Trump? Lionel is a bundle of Positive Energy & You flow so smoothly in interviews & are so easy to listen to. Great job Dane.  You always make Us Proud of You.  Pride in a Brothers accomplishments  Always giving Light &  Positive Energy to a very dire state.  Through Mass Awakening, We Will Achieve Our Goal!   Thank You Dane.

  32. Karyl Maier says:

    What has happened to the 747's?  Why were they discontinued?  Did the government need them for chem trail spraying?

  33. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF: Listening to this man, Lionel Nation, express his total support for Dane's many years of hard work and sacrifice made me so happy! Another person has come to the realization that Dane has always moved to "higher ground" – and kept his integrity and commitment to his Line-in-the-Sand of credible data regarding geoengineering and the spraying of our skies with toxic nanoparticles that are destroying our immune system and killing us. I was especially impressed with what Dane said towards the end of the interview around @1:06:00. Dane is a first class act, a man of impeccable integrity and adamantine courage. I am honored to be on his side. Dane is a prayer in my Heart, always.
    Also, please do note that the New Zealand blogger, Seemorerocks, has come around and because of the above video, has at last understood Dane's value and importance. YAY! Here is one quote and the link:
    SEEMOREROCKS: “I listened to an interview of Dane Wigington of Geoengineering Watch by Lionel.  With that combination I was expecting an insane denial of anthropogenic global warming of the type I had become used to. I have to say that I was surprised. I found Mr.Wigington to be not at all unhinged but quite sober, and he did have an argument to make. … Boiled down to its essentials he was saying that we have been subject to a multi-decade experiment in using weather modification in an effort to reverse the greenhouse effect and that that has been an abject failure and has made things much worse. Mr. Wigington says that chemtrails are that way because of the presence of particulates such as aluminium, barium etc. As someone who has become seriouslly-ill because of previous exposure to dangerous pesticide toxins I am very concerned with the health aspects of this. Thus far no one has come up,with a serious explanation of why, for example, we are seeing such an astronomical increase in the levels of aluminium (which directly contributes to Alzheimers which in itself has seen an astronomical rise) in the environment

    • Pedro says:

      we are not living longer. We live less time with good health and the last 15, 20 or 25 years of our lives we are having is due to the money we spend with the big pharma. The epidemic of Alzheimer's disease is connected with the aluminum we are breathing, not forgetting the vaxxinations ( the health issue connected with the aluminum exposure was underlined in the video, I know ). Even this important social cycle was stolen from us by the MFs; the possibility of knowledge transferring from the older generations to the new generations. There are archaeological evidence to prove that 150,000 years ago, in all human populations of all African and Eurasian territories, human beings lived (in all these vast territories) reaching and passing the age of 80 years.

  34. Craig says:

    Someone should write a proposed bill that we can all support and then we can fax this proposed bill to our legislators.

  35. Charlotte says:

    Dane, first of all, a big thank you for what you do.  My husband and I have lived off grid since 1983 @ 5,000 ft.above Big Valley in northeastern CA. on 360 acres. Like you, we have witnessed the decrease in our solar uptake, especially these last 5 years with the spraying accelerating.  Not only the solar issue but while exploring my autoimmune disease with hair testing I discovered aluminum, barium, strontium etc. in high levels.  I have spent the last 40 years gardening, landscaping, etc. outdoors. All of us are being poisoned, there is no escape! We are watching our trees die, our garden plants sunburn, and our sunny mountaintop view streaked with trails too many to count. Very rare now is the sky that beautiful bright blue that we remember. Your interview with Lionel was hopeful as so many have already watched.  You mentioned yesterday about "Oprah".  I am not saying this because of the recent presidential hype, I am saying everyone should use their social networking to contact her now.  She literally has it in her backyard  at her residence in Monticeto because of the horrendous fire and inevitable mudslides.  She has interviewed "Marial Hemmingway" on "Super Soul Sunday" and Marial is featured on the "What in the world are they spraying" documentary about the spraying in Maui. Oprah must be aware of it, and perhaps she could be persuaded to bring it to light to the public.  Again, my point is now is a great opportunity to bring this geoengineering to the public in a big way through Oprah.  If she could interview "Dane" critical mass knowing could be unleashed!!!  Please Please, everyone who social networks (I choose not to for personal reasons, but, I introduce geoengineering to all who will listen), please get on it now. For once I am feeling hopeful, this could work people!!!  Dane, your passion to this issue and sacrifice is inspiring.  You are a man who walks the walk and a person of great integrity.  You have provided the education we all need and the leadership in this fight for our lives and the earth.  I hope to see you interviewed by Oprah in the near future if somehow we could all reach her and help make it happen.  NOW IS THE TIME 

    • Nigel says:

      Charlotte, I completely agree with your idea. I used to live in Montecito and seeing the destruction there is nothing short of apocalyptic. If it's possible to connect the dots with someone like Oprah and Dane, maybe some other heavy hitters that are not afraid to take the heat that would be great. I seem to remember the previous mayor of San Francisco also being one of those who are "awake", to whats going on. Politicians, or those running for office usually avoid anything that's been labeled by our corrupt media as "controversial" however.  

    • Terri says:

      Charlotte I love this idea.  Strike while the iron is hot!


    • jan Simonson says:

      f**k Oprah… she knows…

    • Dennie says:

      Gavin Newsome (former mayor of San Francisco) knows– we heard about it here. While Newsome undoubtedly has a way of getting certain progressive issues brought to attention and moved upon (gay marriage) I haven't really seen him consistently exhibit what should look like an ability to grasp the Much Bigger Picture.  Maybe he does, but it appears that he gives off an air of lacking in a certain type of wholistic understanding of the situation on Earth, as well as the character and the grit necessary to get real, stand up and speak out (a la Jerry Brown, who called out Trump as not being a God-fearing man in a recent interview on climate change on Sixty Minutes). Newsome very likely wouldn't go against the establishment grain on certain hot or taboo topics, including geoengineering.  

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Dennie, about Lt Gov Newsome, he knows about climate engineering, for sure, and has done absolutely nothing. I had a private meeting with Gavin and his top aid over two years ago, in the capitol, in Gavin’s office. I presented irrefutable climate engineering data and photos which Gavin and his aid could not (and did not) deny. To date he has not lifted a finger and will no longer discuss the issue.

  36. Nigel says:

    Great interview. In the sierra foothills of northern California the tree death is absolutely horrific.

    Massive sections of the forest are dead or dying. But lately ive noticed that all the beautiful oaks are dying, at the tops of the oak trees large clumps of fungus/ or "mistletoe" are completely consuming these trees. I have to wonder if the spray coming from the jets contains fungus/ virus and other pathogens. 

  37. Toby says:

    The Bay Area in California has been under heavy aerial spraying for some time. I was very sick after a carpet bombing of chem trails. 29 people under 65 died of this flu in California after this latest assault. Makes you wonder if this is not a population control test.

    • joe Strauss says:

      Toby,   I too am in San Francisco, Ca Bay area.   Yes,….. more intense spraying than prior 6 months. And I noted today FRI, two types of spray lines. One at 1:30 PM spread out form the original wide pattern all those ugly wavy lines after 45 mins .   And a long thin line started to disappear after 10 mins. I looked to that aircraft with long line, it continued with a stop and go  pattern again.   I say one line (thin) has the chemicals to make us totally sick The wide lines streatching  out for the HAARP  generators.

    • Dennie says:

      There was sooooo much spraying in the Bay Area today, I'm coughing and hacking tonight.  My throat is all dried out and last night I could not keep up the hydration for having to keep drinking and drinking and drinking water.  Then today, they ice-nucleated us again here and it took all evening just to get thawed out and warmed up.  When I went to get soup there were people walking around in shorts and shoes with no socks and it felt like it was about 35 out there.  I hope I am not going to come down with some crappy illness.  People are crabby and mean, irritated from the sandpapering of the respiratory tract from the spraying, and we're hearing the near-constant drumbeat of flu terrorism, that this is a very bad year, it started early and it's in full swing, how we need to get a flu shot, never mind it is only 10% effective against this year's predominant strain.

  38. Toby Dent says:

    Whatever they're spraying is poison to human life and the earth. Trees here on the West Coast of Canada are dying with leaves turning orange early in the spring. There is very little sun any more but rather white skies and fog.

  39. Jonathan says:

    Here in Quebec we had about 80 to 100 cm of snow so far but oups? Today, heavy rain and all of a sudden, barely any snow left. Ring a bell people? Haven’t been on here for a while so thought I’d drop by and say hello to Dane and the gang at GW. I keep distributing credible info I gather here to the most people around. Keep fighting strong.

  40. Wendell Belfield says:

    This was a fantastic interview with Lionel Nation. I have said this before, Dane Wigington deserves the Nobel Prize for climate science. 

  41. Doreen Glienke says:

    …thank you for this open interview , spreading the truth on and on ! and thank you Lionel for having the courage to open up the gate of the topic geoengineering !…. thank you Dane for  pulling more and more the curtain where the criminals hide and poison our  skies and planet since a long time . i observe it every day here in germany  and i see people running around not believing that  geoengineering is going on and on over their heads with weiird cloud formations -chemtrails  and daily haze that i can´t remember the last clear blue sunny sky . – let us go on and fight against this criminal forces and keep us updated, Dane ! wishing you always success and strenght . 
    best regards 
    doreen glienke

  42. Richard Doiron says:

    Thank you, Dane, once again and a big thank you to Lionel as well. We need all the credible information we get muster, and the more prominent – and insightful – the voices the better!

  43. Susan N says:

    I may have shared this before. It's from PubMed, a government site. It at least confirms/acknowledges that there are substances added to our atmosphere. The problem is that there are no acceptable ppm levels set for the population. There are occupational exposure limits for whoever manufactures the mixture.


  44. Laura Kilpatrick says:

    This stuff is frightening and I'm pissed.  I can't walk out of my apartment without seeing these jets spraying whatever it is they are spraying.  Some days the air is so hazy and fogged up, it's difficult to take a clean breath of air.  Someone needs to take a stand against this crime to humanity, please!

    • Lawrence Goodwin says:

      You just resolved to take a stand, Laura, much like everyone in this forum does. In so few words, you very eloquently describe why we all oppose this weather-modification tyranny, which increasingly dominates  our lives. Please do stay healthy and safe in your comfy abode. Feel free to confront others with your demands–as we do–for these environmental crimes to be stopped and properly prosecuted.    

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