What’s In Our Snow?

There is no natural weather at this point, the entire climate system has been completely tainted by the climate engineering insanity. Artificially/chemically nucleated snow storms are a major component of the geoengineering programs. The observations and photographs below are yet more documentation of the all out chemical assault being waged by the weather makers.

By Laurel Blyth Tague, Ph.D., contributing writer for GeoengineeringWatch.org

Christmas Eve, 2014

I live in western NYS – in Wyoming County, elevation about 1200-1700 ft. Today is Christmas Eve and it is warmer here for this date than I can remember since I moved to NYS in 2000.

My husband just called me out to the garage and said to bring my camera: there was something he found that defies a logical explanation.

Here are the photos I just took, with my Nikon Coolpix 7900 digital camera. It is 51° outside today. The garage door is open, to let in a little “warm” air. All the snow we got in the last ten days, a smidgeon here and there, is mostly melted, with the only exceptions being small spots in deep shade. My husband had to use the snowblower over a week ago but not more than two weeks ago. After he used it, he parked the snowblower in its present location in the garage (slab concrete floor).

Remember, it is 51° right now. It is supposed to go up to 60° today. Temps were mild the last couple of days. No snow for at least a week and it melted when the sun came out. I can post the temp statistics if you want.

These are photos of the “snow” that fell off the snowblower onto the garage floor. At least a week ago.

Look closely at the images below. What you see there that resembles dandelion fibers, or feathers – that is leftover “snow”, that fell on the concrete slab. Over a week ago. After it was caught in the snowblower shield.

You can see in a couple of these photos the rust that looks like cinnamon powdered lightly on some of these “snow” fibers. You can also see the surrounding mud that dropped to the floor is not wet any longer, supporting how long this “snow” has been laying there. These fibers remind me of a product sold around Christmas many years ago, called “angel’s hair” – it was actually spun fiberglass, much like cotton candy comes from melting sugar that is spun at high speed. In fact, I described these fibers as “like white cotton candy that has been chopped up in small pieces.” We scooped up a sample of it. Strands of it easily folds over across itself, like strands of cotton candy can be folded – resembling  a skein of embroidery floss.

Obviously this is what is left when the true, water-based snow portion of the “snow” melts and evaporates. Looks to me like plastic hairs or feathery down.

We do see chemtrails just about every day, some days worse than others. Everyone knows how the weather in this part of NYS has been since the week before Thanksgiving 2014.

Laurel Blyth Tague, Ph.D.
BA, MA, and Ph.D. in math, German, psychology, statistics, and psychometrics
EPIC Voyagers
Vice President & NY State Director










13 Responses to What’s In Our Snow?

  1. Luna says:

    not cool. Snow with feathers? And I always used to eat it when I was little. Uh oh

  2. theresa says:

    You will need to.IMMEDIATELY, heavy metal detox. Chem webs are potentially deadly, eventually. PH balance your body, far infrared saunas help. Magnets are.your friend. Good luck. Never touch them

  3. Greenmountainman says:

    We have seen the same thing in the mountains of southern Vermont all of last winter and on Christmas Day this year when the snow melted off of our kids snowmobile due to the 50° warm windy weather. Please, don’t let your kids eat the snow!!

  4. Randy Hanson says:

    I invested in a good microscope and camera, so I could personally explore what was in our snow, my blood, and anything else that peaks my curiosity. What I found far exceeded any notion of what I would find. What I find varies with every sample. I have no regrets about the money spent on my microscope and camera.

  5. L B Tague says:

    I am planning to have a sample tested. After seeing 15 years of lake-effect snow, I know what real snow looks like and how it acts. It melts once it warms up. I bring up chemtrails often, even being overheard standing in line at a department store talking to my husband about the excessive trails one day. Woman behind us informed me they were contrails, any other theory is pure drama. She also said her husband disagrees with her, but she “knows better”. ????

  6. Sr. Gladys Marhefkaj says:

    The left over snow to me looks like the lint that you scrape from a dryer after drying clothes in a dryer.

  7. witness says:

    Polymers or copolymers. Not from commercial air traffic but rather gray unmarked refueler looking aircraft with a spray nozzle out the tail or the newer models look more like batman wings with nozzles in the wings. Able to disperse in different patterns. Can spend many hours in flight. U.N. program. Usually fly out of international airports or large runways.

  8. Teri says:

    Back in 2003, location Columbia, South Carolina, we had these fibers after mass ChemTrails spraying. All the neighbors were talking about them.

  9. Grant Loyd says:

    True story. I have on my iPhone a video showing snow that will not melt that fell in Idaho last January…did not really believe it until saw it myself..was infused with plastic and left a strong plastic odor which filled the house….

  10. I have some good friends in NYS Wyoming County. They are somewhat skeptical, but they may have a way to connect with Laurel…after seeing her photos. you can reach me at the FB link on my blogtalk station.

    I am also a long time evidence-gathering investiGator; one of the co-founders of OILSpill InvestiGatorz after 2010…wishing we had listened to the Rachel Carsons and the Helen Caldicotts when they tried to warn US and the rest of humanity, back in the 80’s.

    My area of expertise includes some hands-on experience with acid and FRACKing rigs in CA and NV…and how it causes and will cause US to lose our water-shed, by fracking UN-der the pipelines.

    Regrettable that we have had to learn about geo-science in this manner; so much better to read about ancient disasters than to watch it turn into future-shock. Not sure that we will have the will to stop the global O-genda, before we lose our water supply…Gracias a todos quienes de esta revista por linea de la RED.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Vinn, thank you for your efforts toward the common good and for your interest in investigating the climate engineering insanity further. Yes, fracking is one more pinnacle of human insanity. I recently posted information from a contact I have at Cal EPA which documented the dumping of 3 billion gallons of fracking waste by pumping it into empty wells in the central valley. We also have data from the same contact proving that the waterways in Northern California are flowing with aluminum. Of course Cal EPA does not know the source and they have made it clear to me personally they are not going to test precipitation. You can not find what you are not willing to look for as they say.

  11. Marc Garibaldi says:

    why dont you have this “snow” tested by a laboratory? After all, it should be oxygen and hydrogen, nothing more. If people start sampling, collecting evidence, and submitting the findings to a single location or source, we can begin to “prove” that the weather is being manipulated!
    Does Geoengineering watch offer something like this?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Marc, snow has been tested many times by many people. The same elements listed in various climate engineering patents do in fact show up in the snow. Some of the tests had shocking quantities of contamination, one example of many is in the attached link, it covers many forms of testing including snow. You can search this subject on line for much more information. http://uncensored.co.nz/2011/03/07/chemtrail-lab-reports/

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