Where The Apocalypse Came Early


Water is the foundation of all life on Earth. Global climate engineering has completely disrupted the hydrological cycle on our planet. Though the human race has inflicted immense and incalculable damage to the biosphere as a whole, the planet would have been able to respond much more effectively to this damage if not for the all out geoengineering assault against it. The 6 minute video below is  sobering and should be carefully considered. The whole of global civilization is on the fast track to become like the region this film portrays. I have been to the place highlighted in this video as a boy, I saw it as it was. Now I see it as it is, a metaphor for what is to come. The illusion of industrialized society as a permanent paradigm will soon be shattered. Take note of the skies in this short film, you will clearly see the telltale signs of the ongoing climate engineering insanity. Geoengineering is the greatest assault against life on Earth ever launched by the human race. Global rainfall patterns have been completely disrupted and the entire planet has now been contaminated by the geoengineers. The ozone layer has also been decimated. The most critically important accomplishment we could make at this late hour is to expose and halt climate engineering so that the Earth can respond on her own to the decimation of the human race. Make your voice heard in this desperate battle.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Mother Nature says:

    Here are a few ideas: target the NWS and all meteorologists and weather reporters; they are complicit with their fake reporting of the weather that is becoming easier to see every day. They appear to be reporting from info just handed to them here on the east coast and are having difficulty finding words to explain the weather. Call out the meteorologists who know the lies they spread. …and 2- start a campaign targeting local Agri. Co-op Extensions to get the word out. Stir them up to act because at the rate we are being sprayed on this continuous schedule, very little will survive this assault against the entire planet. …incoming planetary bodies to disrupt Earth is the only theory that makes sense of all this global manipulation; and we surely cannot see them through the milky white veil…call them out anyway!  Remember people, living in fear is not living.

  2. Mother Nature says:

    …more attention is an understatement as I have observed all living things dying from the constant aerosol spraying; over the last 3 years it has really been accelerated. Even the microbes in the worked soil are dead…not even growing weeds, fewer flying insects every year. A nasty black fungus is attacking almost all plant life. Observe produce in stores and notice how many now have ugly black spots and small indented specks, etc. The whole ecological food chain is collapsing around us at a rapid pace and here we sit, most convinced we can do nothing about it.

  3. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Here is another great six minute video covering how controlling the water is the goal. Check it out. Pass it on.


  4. Diana Moss says:

    It is not hard to imagine what earth will look like after the apocalypse, similar to what this video depicts, except that after all of the trees are cut down for profit, after all of the coal has been mined and burned, after all of the earth has been polluted with pesticides below and chemicals from above, both polar caps have melted and all of the water has evaporated due to the intense heat of the sun it will be a dead body circling around the sun. Maybe this is just an imagination run amuck but I have to wonder if any of the paid deniers have ever stopped to consider the consequences of their actions and exactly what would it take to change their minds and/or their conscience. If they understood that they are living on a dying planet and that there will not be anything for their children to inherit would that change their mind?  Somehow I doubt it.  But, after the world economy collapses the money that has been socked away won't be much good except maybe to burn.

  5. simon says:

    Simple Minds – Alive And Kicking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljIQo1OHkTI had to show you this dane, chem trails behind the scary drummer and the lyrics send a shiver down the spine. This song is from the 80s. Even music today hints of an apocalypse, for example katie melua if the lights go out and the flood. Ive noticed a lot of the music and film today hints to something bad coming. 

  6. Cori Gunnells says:

    I posted this article elsewhere, and commented on the YouTube with this: 

    This film was so well done – evokes a lot of emotion. I hope people who view it notice the geoengineered sky shots – many aerosol trails of toxic particulates, intended to modify and control the weather, amongst other things. If we don't expose and stop it, this could be the outcome for all. Please look into it like your life depends upon it… because it truly does. It's already doing incredible damage to California, the rest of the USA, and world in general. Every life form, including us, is harmed by it. (linked geoengineering watch website).


  7. Rita Brown says:

    Lets organize a HUGE MARCH IN NY at THE UN

    • Cheryl Webber says:

      Great idea, Rita! It's time to try for more attention on the National level.


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