Whistleblower Exposes CDC Cover-up On Vaccine Dangers


All too often the primary role of the CDC (Center for Disease Control) and many other agencies is to hide the truth. They exist to pacify the public and to cover up the crimes of those in power. As the power structure pushes to make vaccinations mandatory, there has been at least one in the CDC who had the courage to come clean and expose the dangers of vaccinations that government agencies have tried to cover up. The narrator of the 9 minute video below is Dr. Andrew Wakefield, a courageous physician that has had his career destroyed for telling the truth about vaccinations. I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Wakefield and was very struck by his presence and demeanor of sincerity. The theme of this presentation of facts should be deeply considered. The government agency lies exposed in the video are not just the exception, it is the rule.
Dane Wigington


6 Responses to Whistleblower Exposes CDC Cover-up On Vaccine Dangers

  1. Boyd Campet says:

    I live in Montana and spraying is multi times daily.  Is there a place on the planet or in the US that is not sprayed?

  2. Jennifer says:

    There are Facebook groups where people are working together against the vaccine issues. One is Michigan Families For Vaccine Freedom and  another is Michigan Opposing Mandatory Vaccines. People meet monthly, and many are working together to get the State to repeal the new rule that the Health Department implemented. 

    • Kim says:

      Thanks Jennifer for that information.  Thanks Dane for answering my question.  It is much appreciated.

  3. Kim says:

    I'm glad that you posted that video Dane.  As of December of last year, here in Michigan, we now have to go have a meeting with an RN at the health department before they will give us our vaccine waiver. Like that is going to change our minds about giving our children vaccines. Not a chance in hell.  I've also read that they make you sign a form saying that you are knowingly putting your child and others at risk, or they won't give you the waiver, and thus will not allow the child in school.  I was bullied by the health department years ago when my oldest started school also.

    Dane, can you help me here…do we have to sign this form that clearly states something we do not agree with in order for our son to attend school?  

    I also wanted to comment on the changing spraying patterns of the geoengineers. The last two days, I've noticed that the trails, instead of lingering and spreading out,  break into very large chunks and dissipate quickly.  It was so bizarre looking, by the time I got my phone to take a picture they had already spread out.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kim, I would never sign any statement that you don’t agree with, never. You are trying to protect your child from known and verifiable risks, do not incriminate yourself by signing a statement that is not true. On the spraying, yes, we are seeing what appears to be an effort by the climate engineers to be more covert.

    • Susan says:

      Kim- I was expected to sign a similar waiver.  I simply put a line through all the language that I disagreed with.  Of course I would not knowingly endanger my child or the children of others.  That pretty much admits guilt to a crime.  Sign the waiver after taking your Sharpie to it- cross the whole thing out! My pedo's office didn't care that I did it and hopefully yours won't argue about it.  They'll have a signed form in the file so your kids can go to school.  Good luck!

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