Who is Stealing our Sunshine?


This is a MUST see video, it names public agencies and private companies involved in controlling the sunshine and even the air we breath.

Weather Modification is Big Business

Cloud seeding is almost unregulated

Here is a paraphrase from July 2012 issue of Popular Mechanics under Atmospheric Science titled: “Government Chemtrails (Really!)”: “On 3-27-12 NASA launched a volley of 5 rockets … released a chemical tracer called TMA … Trimethylaluminum aluminum oxide, …can burn skin, but NASA says it poses no threat.” Written by Alex Hutchinson

This video names public agencies and private companies involved in controlling the sunlight and even the air we breathe.

Links cited in this video:

Weather Modification, Inc.: http://www.weathermodification.com


NAWC, Inc.: http://www.nawcinc.com/photopages/flares2.htm

What in the World Are They Spraying?: http://youtu.be/jf0khstYDLA


Ice Crystal Engineering LLC: http://www.iceflares.com

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