Winter Soldier (1972)


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  1. Dear Dane

    We are loosing the battle to halt geoengeering

    The population is too far gone I have children

    and even they have tried to silence me and feel I am not in my right mind. I just see thing others do not.

    Forty  years ago the forest on the east coast was lush with plant life 

    moisture dropped off of the foliage , The animals were abundant and the SUN was golden perfect circle setting on the Rampo mountains .

    It is all gone now only a memory in my mind.

    i won’t give up but as Steppenwolf lyrics song 

    The people grew fat and lazy and the head is in a noose and the monster is on the loose.


    Kind Regards Ted Brois


    • Randwulf says:

      I also have been shunned and disowned for what I see and talk about to others.  Basically, knowing all this has ruined what I perceived as my life.  I don't think it can be fixed.  I guess it is just "TIME" … go.


  2. Dana MacCuish says:

    I finally made myself sit down and watch 'Winter Soldier' last night.  Some part of me had a strong suspicion that was what took place during war…. to hear those men speak of their crimes so unattached to the horrors they were committing….  what a sad point we have come to as an intellegent species in the Universe.  Hope we survive this reawakening to who we are on a scale much larger than a bank account balance.  Thanks for offering this Dane.  It was tough to watch at points but necessary for learning from those that experienced and participated in those murders.  War is no exemption for taking a life.  Murder and rape of woman and children and 'Here is your medal.'  Unreal.

  3. 'a' simple horseman says:

    Dane, you mentioned this video in last weeks broadcast. I just finished watching winter soldier. That was one of the hardest to watch videos I have ever come across. To me, it is unreal how malleable the mind of of a human can be and how easy it is to turn brother against brother.

    "War is over, if you want it". I've been wanting it all my life.

    • adam says:

      This is about people speaking out against a politic they feel is criminal. This is our right, and duty, as Americans and free people.

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