Sam Chaney interviews Dane Wigington for WRC TV Fresno, the lethal issue of climate engineering is discussed at length

Sam Chaney interviews Dane Wigington for WRC TV Fresno, the lethal issue of climate engineering is discussed at length.


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  1. Frustrating for everyone aware. Possibly the chemicals are making people docile why people don’t look up or see what’s happening to nature. We’ve had two extremely large fires here in Kelowna,BC, Canada. One in Aug. 2003 and one in July 2009. The trees are so sick. I’m going to have to have at least one or ? Taken down as it’s a safety issue. It’s costly and not everyone is going to be able to afford it. In west Kelowna we were almost trapped trying to escape the flames in 2009. I think I need to move away from the large pines. I’m sure there will be another fire soon. Who’s responsible? My heart breaks for humanity.

  2. Mark Summerville says:

    I am seeking some guidance and possible information on a Solar System for a house I am trying to purchase in Arizona. You may have some ideas and information that would be very useful in restoring this place to its original/ intended Glory. I spotted this place on some photos my Mom had been taking of her surrounding area and contacted the local relator about the place. She said the people had lived there for over 12 years but they did not build the structure. Relator sent some photos and I made an appointment to visit the place when I returned from working overseas. So the Visit was more than interesting to say the least , the house was fantastic although not to well kept up on the maintenance end and the owners did not know much about the place or how it functioned ? the owner said ” I have a VHS video somewhere that explains a lot of stuff about the house”. I watched the video and seen a Contractor / Engineer that was very enthusiastic and very intelligent trying to explain the reasons why he built it this way and the back up plans / systems that were installed. This man was named Dayne Wigington ? The house I am looking to buy and should go into escrow is:
    4902 E. Buckboard Trail, Lazy YU in Kingman AZ.
    Any Information you can pass on would be appreciated.

    Mark Summerville

  3. What a great interview. Thank you so much for your hard work and all the facts you had to back the degree of this damage. I live in White Rock BC, Canada and the spraying here has left us in the dark so much all the plants are a month behind. We have rain storms and snow storms and unusually cold weather. They are obliterating our spring. The trees are falling at record numbers and the amount that are still standing that are clearly dead along roads is appalling. This year, something is going to give here because it’s becoming too severe for people to keep ignoring and going about their greedy way. Pray for God’s Kingdom because this is bigger than any of us!

  4. Mike Demeusy says:

    I have a picture of an Emirates Airbus 388 flight #215 from Dubai to Los Angeles spraying as it passed overhead. I have taken numerous pictures of con trails and chem trails over Yosemite and Oakhurst. I have a picture of the same airliner with a con trail two days later when there was no spraying going on.

  5. Valerie says:

    Tammy, which is it – were they “fighting” the new bill or “passing” it? Big difference.

  6. Philip says:

    So many of our fellow Americans have slept through what’s really happening to the nation, and the world, that this information has to be quite shocking for anyone just recently waking up to it.

    As always, Dane continues to bring forth truth in such a knowledgeable manner. As he and others have stated: one of the problems is that many people don’t even look up.

    Philip Dec

  7. tammy harrison says:

    I watched on Christian station 57 in dallas ft.worth , and the conservitives said that congress and Obama stayed up all night trying to fight or pass a new bill that virgin airlines maker of virgin phones can not spray or dump nano particles upon the us ant more !!!!!! is this true?

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