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Silver Generator


Heavy Duty Colloidal Silver Generator - Silver not included.
Make Your Own Colloidal Silver For Pennies. Priority Shipping, Lifetime Guarantee. Comes With 3 Nine Volt Batteries. $59.00

99.99% Pure Silver Wire With Assay Certificate Best Silver Wire Money Can Buy. Use For Making Colloidal Silver. 14 Gauge Thick.

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Beginner Colloidal Silver Generator With 6 Inches 99.99% Pure Silver Wire With Assay Certificate A great way to introduce yourself to the benefits of Colloidal Silver. $25.00
9 Volt Battery NOT INCLUDED. Lifetime Guarantee.

Colloidal Silver was used extensively as an antibiotic, antiviral, anti-fungal, and for other related purposes before the invention of prescription antibiotic drugs in the early 20th century.


Colloidal silver has been proven effective against a variety of bacterial infections. Current estimates put the number of types of pathogen that colloidal silver can actively fight at over 600, including E. coli.


It is beneficial for dealing with colds and flu. It can be topically applied to yeast, fungi, and fungal nail infections.


Colloidal Silver can be used as an antiseptic for sterilizing wounds. It can be gargled to reduce the bacteria that causes bad breath, and to improve gum health in people and pets. It can be used as an eye wash and ear wash for cats and dogs.

Colloidal Silver can kill beneficial as well as harmful bacteria. So it's a good idea to take probiotics during internal use.

*This information should not be considered medical advice and is not meant to treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure any ailment.